Ms. Zulfiya

My name is Alex, I'm 25 years old. I live in Odessa. In 2006 I graduated from the Nautical School, since in our country you can earn an honest living only in the Navy. At the time I was 20 years old. Otplavav five years, I earned a small fortune and was able to buy a nice car, and the two bedroom apartment. After that I left the navy for health reasons. I have bad eyesight since childhood, and it is getting worse every year. But the initial capital I had, and I worked in the port of Odessa in tow in their specialty. Money, of course, not the same as under the flag, but still somehow have to live. As I wrote earlier, I bought a flat in a residential area.

This preface about my real life. In fact, I adored female domination and, in particular foot fetish, of course, none of my friends did not know about it. I climbed on the sites, watched the video, sitting on the forums, but Ms. find, like many of my "colleagues" did not succeed.

I'm not married, and the special needs of the 2nd room I was not. So I decided to take this room. I gave an ad in the newspaper, and just a week later I got a call cute lady female:
- Hello, my name Zulfiya, I have about the apartment.
- Good afternoon, but you called correctly. Let's meet and discuss the details.
- Well, at 18:00 you want?
- Yes where?
- Near the market Privoz, at the bus stop next to the clothing store.
- OK see you later.

Arriving at the venue, I why I immediately recognized her. She was of medium height, with the appearance of oriental beauty. She had great legs. She was dressed quite simply - shirt, shorts and shl¸pki through which it was perfectly clear her manicured fingers. She told me once sunk into the soul. I walked over and introduced himself, it turned out that I was not mistaken. She immediately offered to go see the apartment. After 40 minutes on the evening we reached Odessa. As we drove, I learned that she was a native of Baku, parents died, and she came to work here with her aunt. Powered by the market - selling clothes.

We went to the apartment, she looked her - and told her all happy. We agreed on a price, and she said she will drive here tomorrow night. The next day, I clean up around the home, especially in her room, bought food and a bottle of wine. Even then I wanted to impress her, and waited for her. She came in the evening with only two bags, placed in the room, and said that he wanted to lie down to rest. I was disappointed that a romantic dinner is canceled and sadly went to watch TV. An hour later, I went to her room - she was lying on the couch, as well as the room of the little I immediately felt the smell of her legs, dirty and sweaty. She was reading a book, and feet resting on the pillow - she was dirty soles. It has brought me, and I decided to do something. Just then I noticed on the floor of her shl¸pki, they were also dirty. I called out to her:

- A rest?
- Yes, the market today is very tired.
- Hey, why are you throwing your shoes, and also dirty?
- Oh, I'm sorry! So tired that even too lazy to wash shl¸pki.
- Well, if you're tired, can I wash my and bring them to you?
- Come on - she can handle.
- No, I still insist that you are my guest, and you're tired.
- Well, once you yourself want it, then wash yourself.

Having carefully shl¸pki it, I left the room and closed the door. I immediately began to sniff and lick her slippers - what they had aroma and taste! And here it is very out of place, she opened the door - and saw this picture. Her face was a mixture of surprise and disgust, and she said:
- Fu! What are you doing? I thought you were with water, wash your, not your tongue.
- Uh-uh ... it's not what you thought.
- Are you a pervert? I went to them all day long! They are dirty and stink, maybe you I still want to lick the feet ??
I shook his head affirmatively. She beckoned to look, and together we went into the room. She sat on the couch, his feet on the ottoman. And she said:
- Are you sure you want to do this?
- Yes, I want to be your slave.
She burst into laughter and said:
- Yes, you're absolutely crazy campaign. Okay, honeydew down before his lady.

I immediately fell to his knees. And immediately the cellar to her legs - they were pretty dirty and it smelled badly. I began to lick and kiss them. Every millimeter of her feet, I licked: heels, toes, between them. And 30 minutes later, they were clean. She looked at me with disgust and said:
- You're so pathetic. Of these only the slaves and to do. You want to be sure my slave?
-Yes, Mistress.
- Good! I declare you my slave! My first order: Bring me something to eat, and be sure to drink wine.
- Aye, my lady!