The history of this is my first sexual experience. It began in the village of Fedorovka, where I was sent to work after medical school. I arrived there in the month of May.

I became acquainted there with Natasha, my assistant, and together sney poshel avoids the villagers in search of shelter. Going round the village the floor and did not find anything suitable Natasha invited me to stay with her, so she lived with her mother in the house and summer kitchen was free. I dragged things in this small house standing five meters away from their homes and took up his duties. Natasha's mother, Natalia was a woman 38-40 years after suffering a stroke, did not speak, but with a crutch in his hand moved around the yard. All questions and answers she just nodded her head. Acquainted with the farmhouse I worked fished evenings wandering by the river, in a word skukota was full.

One day before the end of the work, Natasha slipped me a note and left. In the note was written, -Prihodi night, I'll wait -Natasha. I'm dreaming of the impending sex could not sleep, and somewhere at 12 o'clock in the morning went out of his kennel and went, and her house. The door was open, pushing it I went into the house, going inside, I found almost touch the bed, whispering Natasha you zdes.naschupal it.

The bed was very narrow and I put his hand under the blanket tucked her right between her legs, Delicate hairs touched my fingers, I prov¸lpo him, put his palm and fingers More glubshe entered her schelku.Povodiv in it I felt her pomokrela and I pulling off his pants climbed on it. She sent my cock hand to his inside. I started to fuck her, kissing her breasts and sucking nipples.

After a time I felt like she squeezed me and moaned, I realized that she had finished in a couple of movements, too, I began to pour it in your hot sperm. After lying on it, then I got up and quietly left the house. In the morning at work Natasha did not speak to me. the view was as if she was mad at me.

I thought that it was necessary not to go so fast. But when she said I did not come to her at night, I was surprised after work Why. Do not dream the same to me. Only after their reflection I realized who I fucked that night.