My favorite bitch

Just out of the shower, the smell of wheat thin hair tresses, lascivious gleam in his eyes, the young and seductive, his girl ... White shirt, slept with her arm under her breasts erect nipples delicious, stunningly beautiful, part exactly in the palm. Mmm ... what it is supple, soft and shiny from his kisses.

Go to the couch, his penis has got a stake, even under jeans noticeable. I would like to pounce on it, to drive the most eggs, but he feels that it is better to continue. A look whorish - bleary. She went to his naked torso, ran his hand from the neck to the groin, put a hot hand on his penis. Now pants burst.

Began to kiss his neck, puhlovatye pink lips, every touch - bliss, I want to feel them on his prick. The mind - the sun, I want to suck. He kisses the track to the pubis, stroking dick through his pants, unbuttoned his pants, he breaks free. Beauty.

Takes his mouth, he begins nadrachivat herself between the legs. Bitch ... Strokes hairy balls. It shifts the skin at the same time is pushed by hand and mouth. Hmmm ... how umatnaya ... Zvonko flies off his mouth, smacking with nadrachivat member is pushed again mouth. From the bottom to the head ... Sucks, juicy smacking head. Pats bridle his tongue. Bliss. Tremors in the body. I am sweating. Head barely fits in her mouth now finish. Ahh daaaaa shot a sperm directly into her fucking mouth, more, more ... a brackish taste, swallowed ... Bitch, my favorite girl ... Now it all!

Got up from the couch, picked up from his chair belt ... ... fear will hurt.

- I have to punish you.
She turned her amazing ass fucking, round, supple ... Wag ... she winced .. strike was not followed. He laughed.
- It will be very painful, be patient!

Strike hard, burning, more ... more ...
- Ahh ... it does not hurt more ...

Thirty Hard Knocks. He covers up the ass hands, bellowing. She turned her face.

- I told you - be patient!

I hit on his hands. Removed. Twenty strokes. Ass became red. Creek on each stroke!
Tired ...

Bent over her, and went on the eggs, he tore up quickly, took off from a member of the pussy, then entered the full. Vagina all wet, trash ... she also likes it all. Squelch, ringing blows on her pubis torn the ass. Arches and podmahivaet, bitch. Faster, faster. Bestial roar ... and her sweet cry. How umatnaya finish at the same time!