Creek soul growing up girls

Once upon a girl, she was 15 years old and already at my age, she realized that she was special. She liked to spend their free time in the company of adults and beautiful girls. But in a society so not supposed to, so it is impossible. And she decided to do so: it was convenient to be in the company of women.

She decided to look for them on the Internet. She was looking for girls aged 26 to 40, and began to get acquainted with them. She's been looking for the right girl: smart, beautiful, kind, affectionate, but most importantly, that she was beautiful. She talked openly with women. I told myself my family, pro-life and a woman answered her in return.

They spoke so emotionally, as if they know each other's life. And this little girl fell in love with every woman with whom communicated by correspondence without seeing her. The more they talked, the more she herself fantasizing how she makes an appointment of one of the women, somewhere in neutral territory as it will be nice to her smile.

As they walk in the evening on the street. As a girl will be all the way embarrassed, afraid to raise his eyes to look at a woman (she liked the tall blonde girl with blue eyes does not even matter whether it has a good press with cubes or a simple tummy) and when they will come to the house of a girl, she will offer to visit a woman to her house for tea.

When they are rising to the desired floor, smiling at each other. Take for garments and will be in the kitchen. They will talk, laugh. Will open a bottle of champagne, pre-cooked girl. And the woman take the initiative put his hand on the girl's arm. Girls take a pen in his will and stroking each finger. And look at her tenderly.

Seeing that the girl was shy like that to show his affection for her, she offers her "wish I undress because when they talked to the intern, they talked about everything and did not have this embarrassment," the girl almost fainted, and finally raises his head at the woman and nods .

The woman gets up, puts a glass of champagne on the table, and takes up the scarf around the neck, it unleashes. Then he takes up the blouse and quickly unbuttoned buttons of her for pugovichkami shoots and hangs on the back of a chair. Take for business buttons of his trousers. Just take it and unbuttoned and the zipper pants and removes them.

Below them hid the beautiful legs, and she was blown away by such a spectacle smiling woman she knows how it all much like this girl. Hang pants on the same chair. Casting handle to the back of the bodice and unzips and removes the straps first one, then another and completely removes the light appears the second breast size.

Slightly standing, but it is visible, that it is not young, but still amazing breasts with nipples standing. Lays down on a chair and takes up her panties, not her thong, I told her that I do not like them, and it took into account my wishes, dressed tango. He pulls down and the girl sees the shaggy bush that was so cute.

She did not shave, but just a little bit has cut. It is very well maintained and it smells delicious it, as if nothing had happened to sit down and take a glass of champagne making a small sip, and the girl dries entire glass. And a few hours later the girl was accustomed to this kind and has ceased to blush and look clean, but the woman did not hesitate to show it.

And so they stayed up all night and talked about, though the woman was cool and she wrapped herself in a sheet but still the girl saw everything. By morning, tired of communicating they lay on the bed girl dressed in shorts and T-shirt home and the woman lay naked and as soon as they touched the pillow, they both slept soundly.

It was truly romantic. In the morning she dressed, kissed the sleeping girl, and left. That's what dreams this girl more than anything else when once again meets a beautiful woman. Once all this is just a dream until it communicates on the Internet and often she caught the girl, who can not understand it.