As Vitina sister deprived me of virginity Light (Part 2: The rape of Julia)

In the first part I talked about how Vitina sister Sveta deprived me of virginity, so I said that then, after these events, we were married, and that then the two daughters were born.
(Part Two rape Julia.).
When our daughter prevented us at the right time, after that, she got a good belt.
Years passed and times, our Julia was older very slim and beautiful girl of 12 years, Julius was already the third breast size, became rounded ass, long hair and dark brown eyes common girl that is necessary.

This is how the time Julia came home from school, all in tears and torn me at work and calls youngest daughter says dad with Julia, something happened!
I ask what happened? daughter did not answer, the phone gave Julia, and that's what I told Julia.
Teacher raped me on the history of the things I got an F !!!
I said so just sit at home, I'll be right there.
I forgot to tell you that I am by profession a gynecologist.
When I came home I say, Yulia You must not be afraid of me, you have to trust me, Julia asks what do I do? I say go to my office, I'll see a doctor.

Julia says it can not! I calmly and gently say, my daughter afraid of me because I do not need a female gynecologist who treats women.
Julia for some time resisted and then he said ok go, here we go to my office, I include all the necessary equipment, and say let's take off your clothes and sit down on a chair.

Julia fulfilled all my instructions, I began viewing and immediately realized that the girl is very great damage to the vagina as well as being intact uterus, I say Julie, we need to go to the hospital, because I'm not here to help you vsilu.

That's what I liked what I saw Julia a big girl.
We come to the hospital, I show a certificate in his own name, and say that there needs operational help my girlfriend, but the doctor asks, wrote a statement to the police?
I say no.
That's when the doctor said go to the police first, and then to me.
My brother works in the police and helped to turn the whole thing.
Here we wrote a statement on the day of the historian was justified, and the goat, duck, he not only broke my daughter there anything you can duck it before it heaps AIDS infected.
As time passed Julia recovered by the rules and went to another school.
That once I go home and I hear such groans suspicious of Julia's room,
I forgot to say that at that time Julia is 18 years old.
That opened the door and saw a picture of Julia meanders under a former school teacher in history.
I yelled for you Listen dirty spidozny schmuck get out of here while you are alive, it is not paying attention to me continues to ram I ask Julia, Julia, is that it? Julia could only say so
Let's go on, I could not stand, and that was what the teacher threw it on the ladder and then flew to trace all his clothes.
Julia then withdrew for a whole month, with me she spoke not, under any pretext, that this was a story. If you like it put huskies.