Custom steam

There have been all morning in the Lord. They came at nine, left for about an hour. With up to nine hours did not exist as a people.
Forums on orders, as always, in the hallway. I went to the toilet and the bathroom, and put collars naked and then went into the room. My husband and I looked at each other there and then hit each stack on the rump. "There are no names of things! And things do not look at each other without an order! Is that clear?" Yes, sir! "This is the table - he had no name, and he has not exchanged a glance with the chair you too -. Only thing, nothing more you -! Things with nipple holes, next time I will punish truly understand.?" We nodded and said, "Excuse me, Sir. Thank you for punishment" He pushed us down on his knees and put his penis in my mouth, I sucked until the member has not hardened, introduced after the cock in her mouth to her husband.

Then he ordered us to stand in front of each other and come closer so that her nipples touched. He ordered us to pull the nipple, so that they are swollen. Then he gripped our nipples in these clips, which we have not seen before. As much as two flat plates, screws are tightened - with such eared heads
He put my nipple to nipple husband, inserted between the planks and very painful tightened the screws. Nipples very crumpled and push each other. So he did to the other nipples. We have become, as it were fastened nipples. Lord has ordered us to pull over the nipples and lift arms horizontally. He brought the rope and began to connect our bodies. When this function is ordered to breathe deeply and close to each other. Nipples and breasts hurt, but I did not know what would be even worse.
He tied very tightly holding the rope under the armpits and over the shoulders and around. We became as one. He ordered the lower arm and tied our wrists, her husband with my hands .. and along the sides.
Then he ordered a very wide open mouths and brought our heads as if in a kiss ... But it certainly was not no kiss, but simply depressed each other two open mouth. And he still pulled our heads in some bandage. We stayed in this "kiss". Very unpleasant condition.

Mr. walked around us and admired the deed. Then he picked up the whip and thrashed us 10-15 minutes. I am most afraid that we would lose his balance and fall down, as both strong twitching from the blows, and the posture was inconvenient.
Then he stopped thrashing, ordered down on the floor. I was at the bottom. And once howled in her husband's mouth in pain. He pressed on my chest and crushed her nipples all over. Mr. legs spun us so that I was on top ... now howled husband. He shook us up and down, until we gradually got used to the pain.

And so - I'm on top, it is the top - we were two or three hours ... I can not say .... I have very bad to think, what's going on ... And he tortured our asses ... and husband, it seems more and anus. It delayed us all that we can cling pegs are inserted in our fingers and objects; moved apart our feet and smacked his scrotum, my vagina, and our asses.
The end we were already in a semiconscious state, and only howled ... In the mouth still drooling husband (and it is my mouth), and sometimes had to swallow that are very uncomfortable and unpleasant in open-mouthed horror .... ....

At the end of Mr. become a member to insert into our anal hole ... make a few movements and translates into another ass .... and again so long .... Then he came .... not me, but him ...
More we drank tea with her husband in a large bowl, in which he crumbled cookies ... like dogs ...
At the end of the session he pushed both of us in the shower ... then bare collars pushed onto the street re alone We were so exhausted that they could not just go home and sleep a bit after driving in the car than we were ...
There were no orgasms .... was absolutely not up to them and not to the general pleasure ....
I do not know whether it is that we are looking for and want to .... Today's session was too heavy for us .... behinds all bruised nipples bardovye .... If only the work is not noticed