There are times when you live expectation of a miracle. Wood, approached the house itself, it must necessarily be enchanted from the coastal reeds about to look out the mermaid, and in a dilapidated barn had lived a witch, and that is why parents do not allow you to go there, and not because there are rotten beams and barn may collapse on your head at any moment. This time is called childhood. And even if it is held under the guns of parental quarrels, still it is fabulous. You can always hide in this tale from my mother's tears and cries, my father's belt, grandmother nagging and moralistic. Suffice it to go beyond the threshold of the house - and you're already out of reach, in a completely different world, where adults do not have access.
As a child, it is always difficult to explain to myself quarreling parents. But as I grew older, it became more and more obvious that the grandmother can not stand my father; mom - very weak and dependent on the grandmother, lost a "science lady"; and the Pope - to exchange itself with trifles, "frustrated" man who hates the wife's mother, that is, my grandmother, largely because it is Professor and Head of the Department.
That is why the most peaceful time in my life was the summer holidays. In the country the whole family gathered very rare - parents tried to rest at different times, to have someone always stayed and looked after me. And my grandmother restless in general, all painted literally by days in June have to write scientific reports and plan the workload, in July to work with graduate students, in August - close the hole in the state and prepare for the new school year. Ella Arkadevna was not "typical grandmother" vykraivaya usually only two weeks on the seat with me in the country.
Although not abated intrafamily fights, I have always sought to surround with care and warmth. Especially increased level of attention and care in relation to my person after another quarrel. Although I really liked everything. One of the main reasons for this universal love, I realized much later - was just me: quiet, polite boy home to anybody does not cause much trouble. Here are just a weak health, "but the children are all now are frail," as my grandmother said. And for this reason for me to be "eyes and the eyes," and then suddenly a draft prohvatit or cold water, bread and bread! However, the Pope periodically started my temper and attach to the "healthy lifestyle", but these attempts somehow quickly extinguished themselves.
When to thirteen years, I evolved from a charming angel snub to normal long-legged skinny teen is waiting for a miracle quietly evaporated tale disappeared, and with it came increased irritation and a critical attitude towards parents. If earlier we boys could prove to each other that the father of the most powerful and can do almost anything, but now I realized that, at least, my own father can not so much. As for the mother, then the "first beauty" as it was not so long ago for me, it has become a normal woman and busty aunt with glossy covers, looked much better. Grandmother only as "witch snarled," I just did not call. For the eyes, of course:
Simultaneously with the way the fairy tale began to dissolve in the gray everyday life and plane, disappeared, and the charm of cottages. It turns out that a vacation with his parents in the country, when you're almost thirteen - extremely sad.
Days stretched unbearably slow. Dull my vegetable existence has been diluted in the week, when by chance under the same roof has a whole family, and the silence of the surrounding pristine nature began to explode parent screaming. Finally, came the fateful day when my mother was going to the city. Preparations for the journey took all day and made her extremely nervous. I was sitting in a deck chair and looked at his father, something fiercely
sawing around the barn. "He will stay until tomorrow, and then a week in general only with the grandmother" - this idea incredibly pleased me, because my grandmother immediately plunge into someone's dissertation, and I will be left to himself.
- Call him to dinner ... - Mom stuffed a rag in the last old shopping bag.
"He", "his", "him" - after an argument my father turned to my mother into something quite impersonal, foreign, capable only cause irritation. I've never been able to determine for themselves what scared me more - the quarrel itself or its consequences.
Recently, parents quarreled very often. When she was angry, it is usually broken on cry. I began to notice that if earlier the father gave her to scream, throw out the accumulated emotions, then with age become more and more responsible. It was very frustrating when dad started crying. Then mom was got even more, and the whole apartment shook with terrible cries. Even the dishes in the cupboard rang and rattled. Grandma pointedly did not take part in the family scenes, most often it is and provoked. With a degree in teaching and a doctorate in pedagogy, it is strictly adhered to the rules in the voice not to raise the house. Pursed his lips, his whole manner showing condemnation of what is happening, she proudly removed to her room. I took off her example, and also tried to hide at home, ride out the storm, but could not concentrate on anything, inwardly shrinking during the next angry outcries and involuntarily listening to the words of the quarrel.
But the argument could be quiet. The fact that the parents had a falling out, I'm in such cases most often learned the next morning, held usually in the dead silence. The parents could not talk to each other for two or even three days. And that was the worst. Therefore, I preferred when an argument took place rapidly, with my mother's cries and tears. Although the minutes "violent quarrels" and crouch in the darkest corner of the apartment and biting burrs, but this quarrel took place quickly, as if the parents were dissected energy reserve.
While parents quarreling this time, my grandmother, as if nothing had happened, cooking dinner, which is now stuck in the throat. The Pope refused to dinner and went to the river, ostensibly to fish. It is not known why suddenly want to cry in his throat locked up, and buried in a plate, I quickly began to swallow hot soup, burning throat and lips.
- Where are you in a hurry ?! - Grandma's shout startled me, the soup spilled on the oilcloth tablecloth - eat quietly poured out all around! Every year, Tatyana, it is more and more like his father. And it does not take over the best of its features. Do you hear what I'm saying?
- Hear - quietly, without expression responsible mother, looking over his grandmother's head on the lilac bushes of colored glass veranda - it is impossible not to hear you. If you can, tell me, please, hush - I have a headache.
- Maybe you should have a rest after lunch? - Carefully Arkadevna said Ella.
- Maybe - my mother's voice sounded colorless.
- I have everything! - Sharply pushing the chair, I wanted to jump out on the street.
- What does all ?! And the second one! - Grandmother rises from the table, as if to throw himself on the overcutting - and all you need to sleep in the afternoon!
- But I do not want!
- Tanya, tell your son!
- Mom, stop! I'm tired, I have a headache, let him do what he wants. Leave him alone! Leave me alone! - The latter refers to the father was absent.
Final skirmishes I could not hear - the legs themselves jumped over the stairs, plunging me into the still wet after a rain the bush.
I rushed to his usual refuge - the river. For the past year I have lived with a strange feeling - like I'm losing control of his body, I cease to recognize it. Recently, with me it was something strange. I was afraid of myself. He was afraid of his own unpredictability. Everything seemed against me: mood swings, sudden and quite inappropriately erection, the debt is not dense, hindering think constantly wet panties. I remember a month ago, I was scared when there was the first ejaculation. That evening, as usual before going to sleep, I rolled over on his stomach, pulled the panties and began to fidget hot swollen member on the sheet. I always engaged in masturbation, with ten years, and only after a few years, learned that many boys do it by hand. I liked to feel the warmth of the stomach and the elasticity of its members. Please slow careful movements hips, then faster, faster .... Orgasm pressed the me in a sheet, but this time mingled with something else. I suddenly realized that the bottom of the wet! Sticky fear paralyzed me for a moment. It's blood! I have something to hurt or tear! I felt sick. I turn on the light and pulled back the covers. No, it's not blood - a little grayish, thick puddle almost merged with the color of the sheets and quickly soaked into it. I know what is it! With me it happened! In memory came word recently read in the book, slipped mom - "ejaculation". In it I read that many boys masturbation causes first ejaculation:
I did not even notice that went out to the river. The father, in his shorts, was sitting on the bank and smoked.
- Hey. - I stood beside him.
- Hello - my father looked at me - how is it?
It contains too much in this regard to respond briefly. "As usual," and shrug - the only possible answer.
- Mom afternoon lie down to rest before leaving. She has a headache.
- So you can not rush. Go for a swim. Warm water.
For a long time I did not have to beg. Throwing off his T-shirt and shorts, I jumped into the water. Swim one was somewhat boring. I would like to join my father, but he called that only dried. Soon, I started to get out, and already on the banks of catfish slipped and flopped into the fatty coastal dirty slush.
- Legs are leaving? - Dad grinned, - Now take off your pants and go washed out.
I started to turn his head, looking bystanders. There was no one. After going down to the shore, I took off wet panties and started to rinse them. Even when I press them noticed scrutiny father. Embarrassed, I quickly tried to pull the shorts. Recently, I began to feel embarrassed to undress at his father, probably because it seemed to himself too thin and weak next to the inflated sporting father - he had long engaged in athletics.
For a while we sat in silence. Then, as if on command, they got up, got dressed and walked to the house, because the tradition had to see her off at the station.
My mother was standing on the doorstep with bags. All the way to the station went silent. I wished I had gone with them, but did not stay with her grandmother. The silence of the parents was unbearably painful, and it seemed we would never get to the station. Tension eased when his mother sat in the train, dry kissing turns me and dad goodbye. Until the last moment I was afraid that the tense silence explodes with shouts and accusations.
On the way home my father lit a cigarette.
- You got tired today? - His voice was something sad.
- No, - I shrugged - with what?
- Anyway, do not sit with a book until midnight.
Left, finally alone, I slowly undressed. He pulled up his pants and went to the cloudy mirror in the door bug-eaten ancient wardrobe. I did not like what I saw. The dark-haired, thin, narrow-shouldered, tall, if not the longest: Mom says I have beautiful eyes - bright green to yellow spots. From the contemplation of his own for some reason I always was excited: a few moments later briefs already heavily stretched. Member seemed to me too big for my age - I am terribly embarrassed to go to physical education because of it. As the body has passed a familiar thrill. Pulling panties, I slipped under the covers. His heart was beating in my throat with excitement and anticipation of pleasure:
Through the drawn loosely dark blue, heavy curtains made its way a thin strip of pale cold light. Round disc of the moon peeking through the window. Looking mindlessly wandering in a web of cracks in the yellowed plaster ceiling. Rather, it tries to guess the shape, so familiar on a slow morning awakening.
I did not sleep. It is very strange - do not sleep so late. Not knowing exactly what time it is, I guess, that it's too late - a puddle of semen on the sheet is almost dry. Tomorrow the constellation of white and yellow spots will be added one more. In memory surfaced quite inappropriately poem: "rain comes, the boy wets and boy peepka Fingering". Indeed, at this point it began to rain.
Monotone clock ticked on an old bedside table, causing a burning desire to look at the clock. Grandma probably would have been annoyed by the fact that I do not sleep. "That's what it means, do not stick to the regime!" - She said. But when my mother was away, so that always happened. Grandmother lay too early to follow me. Having laid his hand under the pillow, I looked into the villi threadbare carpet, woven into intricate patterns, invisible in daylight, and lost in the dusk of night. On the carpet embroidered with three deer - two adults and one deer on thin hooves. Now in the dark they are almost not distinguish, but if you stare long enough, until the pain in the eyes, we can see the hoof of one of them - the smallest. It was a deer family - father, mother and son. Just like my own family - father, mother and myself. However, there is still a grandmother ... As a child, I find it insulting for my grandmother - she did not have his reindeer. But the grandmother herself often used to say: "It's your family, here and do what you think best." This means that the grandmother did not belong to our family. Although I always had it not absolutely clear ...
Sophisticated twist twisting thoughts again returned to me that night. Eyes tired to look into the villi of the carpet, and look at the white ceiling passed rectangle. Although I was a grown man, but inwardly compressed by the mysterious play of shadows in the silver-gray cold light. It's just a shadow of the branches, excited by the wind outside, in the garden. But in the wrong dim moonlight, they seemed to visitors from other worlds, intertwining hands in a ritual dance. And from this unsteady dance back goosebumps, and I pressed deeper into the mattress, pulling the blanket up to his chin. Intense listening to the night noises - the muffled sound of the rain, the creaking of branches, rare barely audible voice drunk, intermittent barking yard dogs and almost indistinguishable voices of belated travelers, wandering on the blurred tracks of the village with the last train - curled up into a ball under the covers, pulling her knees to her chin and otklyachival ass. "Always roll up like a snake!" - I say in such cases, the mother, and slapped me on the ass. Suddenly, an unpleasant chill ran down his back.
I do not need to turn around and peered intently into the night, to know that there is someone in the room. With his back feeling his presence, I could hardly breathe, firmly pressing her cheek against the pillow. Yes, it is his steps - quiet, cautious, furtive, almost inaudible, and only unintentional floorboards creak betrayed his presence. For nostrils pulled tart fragrance cologne mixed with the smell of tobacco. Even if it were not creaking floorboards, the characteristic smell gave to his presence. I barely turned his head and opened one eye and is - widely shorts and slippers in the room wandering father. Heart pounding his ribs and his hands under the blanket nasty sweat. The silver-gray night dusk father seemed particularly tall and thin. He shifted magazines and books on the table. As if sensing my startled look, Dad left the table. Measure the middle of the room, he stared at the half-blind folds the blanket on my bed. It was not difficult to predict its future actions - now it comes to me. That's right - the smell of tobacco and cologne increased. Father lifted the blanket and looked at my crooked on the crumpled sheet naked body.
- What do you think, eggs Spar? - The father smiled; instead omit dressed, he stood for a while, and then a piercing bed creaked and bent under the weight of his body, - I lie down a little bit with you, do you mind?
- Good - although it was not well, and I do not like it, but absurd curiosity did not allow me to refuse. In addition, somewhere in my heart, I suspected that my refusal still will not be heard.
Taking a deep breath, I absorbed the light tart flavor Dad's cologne. This "Hattrik" - Aunt Galya gave it to his brother for his birthday. Dad often shaved in the country in the evening - "not to waste time in the morning."
Daddy's hand was on my thigh. Broad little wet rough hand rose slowly, sliding down to the stomach. The stomach clenched painfully for some unknown reason, if someone cold long fingers fumbling in the intestines. Oh, Daddy, what are you up to? If it had happened a few years ago, I would not even pay attention - small children often sleep in the same bed with parents. But I'm not a little boy
The clock continued ticking monotonously, measuring out the time allotted for sleep. And also noisy rain outside the window. He seems even stronger. Tomorrow in the courtyard will be a huge puddle, you may have to walk all morning in rubber boots, while the sun will dry a little path in the garden. Something has been bothering me. I wanted to turn over, but I was afraid to draw attention to unexpected neighbor. "If you do not want to sleep, it does not mean that others do not want," - he sounded stern mother's voice in my head. "Close your eyes - a dream come himself," - advised invisible grandmother. Yes, the best thing now would be to go to sleep, but the presence of a number of his father caused a strange feeling of unease and vague anxiety.
Suddenly my father's hand slid up to his chest and pinched right nipple. I startled:
- What are you doing?
- You do not sleep. Guessed? - The father seemed choked.
- I do not sleep - to deny there was no point.
Mentally, I watched my father's palm travel through his body. Here she crept down along the chest, stomach ... She crawled right up to this point! "He feels the my dick!" I was both funny and scary. Palm covered genitals and gently pressed the member. What was I to do? Can a father touching his son's dick? Probably can: In some special cases: If I did touch yourself, and Dad may be: pope's closest people, and to the same man. And it is something he knows exactly what you can do to boys and what is not.
Pope was breathing now often-often, and his heavy breathing hot on the neck and back of the head so that it looked like the hair is about to begin to smolder. The worst thing that my dick
treacherously swollen by careful and gentle touch of his father's, and spread all over the body a pleasant languor. And this after a long time I was not so good jerk! To my buttocks pressed hard hot object. I was old enough to understand what is behind the subject. The chest is something ached and ached.
- What are you doing? - I tried to not sound the fear in his voice. But fear and anxiety were in the question.
- Serge - his father's voice became very hoarse and sounded like a strangled voice - do you love me?
- Yes, of course - nothing I could not answer. I'm really fond of his father.
- Then do not be afraid. I will not do you no harm. Just to touch you, I need it, it is very necessary, please:
From frequent and rhythmic movements of the hands of my father's a real fire started there. Member swollen so that it hurt. Father is also, it seems, like - he rhythmically rubbed her thick pussy between my buttocks.
- What's my boy a big gun - the father spoke in a hoarse whisper tense, and most of all I wanted at that moment lose his arm to escape from the room.
But the whole body was paralyzed, from the occiput to the most heels ran willies. Perhaps I could jump out of bed, run away from home, but the thought of running naked down the street seemed quite wild. Father began kissing my back, sinking lower and lower, to the hollow between the buttocks. He pulled back the covers. With a sinking heart, I felt my father's tongue in a tight sphincter ring. Jerking convulsively, I lifted her ass, letting her meet unusual and pleasant caress.
A second strong paternal hands tore me from the mattress, and put in the humiliating position on all fours. Dad never for a moment left my cock. He put me in the ass than a lubricated finger, and a moment later I broke the terrible pain ...
Father pressed his face into my pillow, drowning torn from the breast a cry of pain. I tensed, leaned forward, wanting to get rid of the pain of the cutting.
- Do not make a noise, wake grandmother: relax the ass, relaxed ... - Dad stopped and began to massage my dick hard. Strange to say, the erection remained just as strong, despite the pain. At the same time there was a feeling that I'm crap one's pants. Pleasant voltage genitals distracted me, I relax the muscles so desired at that moment for my dad's anus. Taking advantage of this, he drove a member deeper
- A-A-A-th -o-o !! ..- I did not even recognize his voice faltering cock, tears streamed from his eyes, - take out, it hurts! Do you hear ?! Get off me!
Father did not hear me. Drilling, throbbing, hot pain penetrated deeper and deeper, and it seemed to me that a member of his father had already filled me everything and is about to break the stomach. My father did it confidently and quickly, and through the pain, shame and humiliation made it to the idea that it is not the first time for him. I shuddered from powerful short jerks, ass feeling the touch of his abdomen and groin tingling coarse hair. A sudden movement, he pulled me to him, put his hand under the belly, as if spitted on a stake. Dad went even deeper, and the unbearable pain made me scream again. It was such a strange feeling when in your rectum and rhythmically powerful, tearing the reins, moving back and forth the male member. The first cutting pain quietly retreated. Father stopped for a few moments, as if letting me get used to the new sensation. Skillfully wielding hand, he returned to the hardness of the elastic my start was fall off the penis. father's body was already somewhere very deep, I do not feel any pain at the moment. With me, something happened: a member of a completely derevenel, and I suddenly felt the approach of orgasm, a cutting-pulling sensation. When his father began to slowly remove their red-hot ramrod, it spreads all over the body a pleasant languor.
- That's better? - A myriad of broken thoughts rushed into my boiling the skull, but his cautious caress pleasurable itch spreads over the trunk member.
- Yeah, better-ee! - I do not know how it slipped off the tongue, but I seemed plunged in hot dark abyss. I am ashamed to admit it, but, feeling the gathering orgasm, I want my father's hand moved faster. But this bliss did not last long: the father's hands tightly wrapped around me, followed by a terrible jolt. Then another. And yet ... The tremors intensified all the time, sweaty, swallowing her tears, I feel sorry for twitching in the hands of someone who suddenly ceased to be my father. At the same time he does not lose its strength member rocked to the beat of this twitching. I was no longer ashamed or hurt:
- Oh, shit, what are you narrow ... Shit ... well ... well, - his father was obviously ecstatic - Good, good, oh, oh ... Be patient, my son, be patient ... Good-o- about! Oh shit ... oh shit ... oh-oh-oh ye-oh !! AA-A !! Now ... Now ... ho-ro-sho ... Oh-oh shit-AA !!! Shit-AA-A !!!
Pope frantically rummaged in my hands wet, flushed body. The nails dug into his shoulders, a member was a member for most root in the narrow opening between the torn muscle ass, and I caught myself on the fact that the bending and fed back to meet the onslaught, like sit down for the count himself. The slow measured movement gave way to the harsh and rude jerks.
Through the pain and throbbing in the abdomen blissfully fire, I felt as strongly swelled inside his father's penis, filling all available space, and suddenly began to shrink convulsively, splashing me with the poisonous seed. But to realize what had happened, I did not have time - painfully unbearable tension between the sweet feet exploded with bright lights. A powerful jet of sperm escaped, it seemed from the spine. There was no pain - only one endless orgasm and sperm waterfall. Daddy's hand froze, there was the last drawl "Fuck-a-ah !!!", he twisted, shuddering all over, finished, and helplessly buried in the back of my head, biting his neck and curls sweaty hair. Limp father's penis slipped out of priests.
For a while I just stood there on all fours, afraid to stir once again and listening to the nagging pain quickly returns. Throbbing dull pain spreads throughout the body, enveloping the eyes quivering bright pink mist. Then gently he stretched out on the bed, wincing at the sensation spreading thighs sticky moisture. There, in the back, I was all wet and afraid even to touch the pope, fearing to see his own blood. And the fact that it was the blood - no doubt. After a few moments it was total relaxation, as after a violent masturbation. Before I did not immediately realized that his father does - he quickly wiped the moisture from the sheets of my priests.
- And now - go to sleep - his voice again became smooth and quiet, went out of him disturbing tone. He kissed me on the shoulder, he climbed out of bed. This kiss was supposed to turn me back from his lover - in his son. But something prevented to do so.
Crushed and stunned, I was trying to realize everything that happened in the last hour. How can you then get a good sleep? Rollover and, propped on one elbow, I looked retreating father.
- Pa: - stuck in my throat lump of new sobs, tears and fear already treacherous trembling lips pushed out of me, perhaps the most stupid question from all possible - what now?
- Nothing, I said - go to sleep - without turning around, he said - unless you were a bad thing?
- It hurted me...
For the first time in all patients. You did and buzz words. I said that I will not do you no harm, because I love. A person whom you love - do not do bad. We just played. But only men can play this game. Now go to sleep and forget about everything. This will be our all-male secret. You're my man, right?
- Of course...
I wanted to sink into the ground. This searing, devastating sense of shame I have never had to experience. The sickening disgust wave coming right up to the throat. It was not a game, and you, Daddy, it should be well known. He talked to me like a small child. So, perhaps, talking with an adult uncle had just lowered their kid. Without power falling on the pillow, I pulled the blanket up to his chin. The sheet was wet. This is my father's semen. I almost threw up, and, after moving to the very edge of the bed, where the sheet remains dry, so as not to cry, he began to breathe deeply. "Dad dropped you. You're a fagot!" "Faggot" - I whispered the word, tasting it, the word is unpleasant, dirty. Tears flowed from the eyes themselves.
Simultaneously stomach cramped. Unpleasant sensations have long mingled with a throbbing pain. Now it zasverbilo in the ass, I knew what was coming. Hardly vdev legs in shorts, wincing at the sharp pain and clutching his hands to the priest, I jumped out of the house, and breaking through the dense wall of rain, a bullet flew into the dark closet. I was a terrible diarrhea. My torn rectum if burned in the fire, spewing all the new streams. Despite the coolness of the night, I was covered with sticky sweat, trembling, as if in a fever, and biting his lip in pain.
When this nightmare is over, and I sobbed as he walked in raskaryachku, crawled to the house, then stumbled on the porch smoking a on the father.
- Everything is fine? - He looked at me in alarm.
I stood in the rain and watched him. Dad was nervous. Sharply rising from his chair, he took a step toward me. I shuddered and stepped back.
- Sergey, go into the house. You'll catch cold.
I silently walked up the stairs, and walked past him.
My father went home the next morning. He came to me early, I was still in bed.
- Get up, - he held a fresh sheet hand, it is necessary to perestelit.
Moving like an automaton, I stood up. Indeed, to the white-yellow divorce - traces of semen, - added blood stains. This is blood from my torn ass. Father quickly crumpled up the sheet.
- Sergei, you're better off in the bathroom before going to bed Fingering, - he said, not looking at me - and then the grandmother of these spots is very confused:
We barely talked at breakfast, and my grandmother looked at me concerned:
- My head hurts?
- No, - I muttered, without looking up from his plate.
- And then what?
- Nothing! - That I have already snapped. This increased attention to my person and without that always infuriated me, but today I throw a plate on the floor and jump out of the house, never to return.
- Gene - Ella Arkadevna pursed lips - you son of a cad growing.
- This is the age of this - my daddy said listlessly.
- Not age, and education!
- So education, - he agreed.
- Spend father to the station - he said offended dear grandmother.
I started with a dull hatred looked at her grandmother's broad back. Oh, if only she had seen my opinion!
We silently, like yesterday, walked to the station, and rubber boots relish champs in oily, soaked overnight rain mud. I stole glances at her father sadly wandering. His yellowish fingers, gripping a cigarette, nervously twitching. I would like him to speak with me, but he was silent. Sometimes I caught his eyes on me, but when I look at it - Dad was lost, and began to stare intently into the wreath wet bushes along the road.
When the train approached, the Pope, after a moment's hesitation quickly leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, as he had done his father, saying goodbye to her son. His eyes froze uncertainty: he must have assumed that I turn away, and can even repel it. But I did not do either one or the other, just as a dutiful son her cheek.
He stepped into the car, went to the middle, where there were empty seats, and looked at me again. The train moved off.
For a while I just stood there on the platform, and then started warily down the badly weathered stairs - one is too sharp and careless step echoed in a dull pain the ass.

Second birthday

-Hello guys! Sit down. - Greeted Elena, the class teacher, "10-B", included in the class, along with a charming blonde.
-This is our new student Katya. It is a long time with their parents lived in India, is now back in his native city, and yet will learn in our classroom.
At the blackboard, a little embarrassed, was a wonderful girl. A blond head, wavy lock of hair, almost hanging over the eyes, a slim figure, beautiful long legs, gave the impression that she had just gone on the cover of the prestigious magazine. Such admiringly say, "feet on the ears grow."
-Where put you? - As if to ask the class, Elena continued. Class agitated together.
-Let me. I freely and her boring budet.- with "Kamchatka" Loshkar¸v pulled his hand and broke into a satisfied smile.
-Sidi Loshkar¸v. Without you, we will understand. - She did not like Loshkareva for his daring character and hooliganism. Often he tore lessons. The question of his dismissal from school, repeatedly getting up on teachers' meeting, but after a call from the Education Department, he, as if nothing unprecedented, continued to attend school. Loshkarev was shameful spot for the tenth "B", yes, probably, and for the whole school. But at classmates, he enjoyed the special trust and respect. Who would think that no matter what happens, no matter how the tragedy has not occurred, all without a trace of embarrassment, went to him for help. He does nothing withheld. In principle, Sergey was a good friend and reliable companion. But with study, he had big problems. No, he wanted to learn the lessons spent most of his free time, but a lot of things he just does not give. The exception is the Russian language and literature. Equal, in these subjects, not only in the classroom but also in the whole school, it was practically impossible to find.
He ran his eyes over the class, Elena stopped their views on the third installment of the window, behind which, with an air of indifference, something carefully conclusions on the cover of his notebook, sat alone loved her student, Oleg Osipov, a multiple winner of regional Olympiads on chemistry and physics, the soul of the whole class.
-So. While Polubezhentsev sick, Kate takes his place. - Elena made it clear that the arrangements are completed, and it is time to begin the lesson.
-Can? - With a guilty smile, he asked permission of Kate.
Without a word, he took Oleg laid across the bench books and turned to the window.
Oleg was a very intelligent, handsome and strong man. I attended many extracurricular activities, and participated in almost all city competitions. Boxing in the sports school. And all he had time. Not refused to help, he and his comrades. Long and patiently explained the difficult material lagging, is not started until reach the meaning of the above. The only drawback was the external indifference to girls.
Even in the first grade, with Loshkar¸vym, he climbed into the basement of the building Research Institute, which is expanded, and a month ago moved into a new building, completely failing to bring their equipment. The watchman guarding the old building, was a great lover of alcohol and therefore biggest problems for young treasure hunters, did not create. And here it was full of treasures. The greatest interest for local children older were heavy, iron boxes filled with shiny metal pins. Sawed them, they recovered sodium metal, which threw commissioning watching a fascinating picture of a chemical explosion. But the boxes were not so many, and "rangers" extended neighborhood searches. Little Sergey also wanted to have the mysterious substance that inexplicably, in contact
with water, spontaneously exploded, resulting in the horror of harmless old women, peacefully rest on the benches in their entrances. Then he persuaded a classmate Oleg go in search of "magic" substances. On this day, our heroes found in the basement of the heavy door littered with old furniture. Padlock easily opened and they descended the steep stairs deep underground, were in a spacious room, littered with different stuff. Nothing interesting: paper, mangled appliances, broken shelves and lots of broken glass, that's all they could find. Annoyed, the guys really wanted to leave the dungeon, Oleg noticed in the corner under the stairs a small niche, which was a small chest. Excited children with difficulty dragged discovery and tried to pick it up the stairs, but the trophy did not want to give in. The box was very heavy and old. Metal packing, with some inscription has long decayed, and read anything was impossible.
-Let's see what there is. Suddenly rubbish any. And we will overstrain. - Sergey suggested.
Popyhtev little guys managed to open the heavy cover of lead, which fell with a thump on the floor. Deep disappointment swept friends when in the middle of the box, in the box with the expensive perfume on the decrepit, red velvet, they saw a small, silver tube with a metal hook on the end. Spin the discovery in the hands of Oleg shoved it into his breast pocket, and the guys left the institution. Sparkle, they have completely forgotten about the dangerous discovery, and only late in the evening, when in a dark room, Oleg went to the sideboard, he remembered her. Phosphoric "mermaid", standing on the edge of the cupboard, at the approach of Oleg began to emit a pale green light. Taking the tube out of his pocket, he brought it closer to the figure. That menacing lit bright green. The next day he showed the focus of local children. In the dark entrance, proudly took out of the pockets of two mysterious object and all children with bated breath, admiring the mysterious miracle of nature.
Helicopter, the examiner regularly radiation situation in the city, on Kirov Street, home of two, found "powerful" radioactive radiation on the next day. An hour later, he was found and the source of its owner. Reference ampoule with radium, was written off two years ago because of the high content of strontium, and be buried. But as always, the papers are not ready, there is no transport and dangerous cargo and lay in store, which is visited in extreme cases. Further, for Oleg, nightmarish days began. Investigators, prosecutors, questioning witnesses, greatly frightened boy with not yet formed mentality. His friends and well-worn on the clinics. Analyses followed one after another. Insuring, protecting themselves from the troubles in the diagnosis, doctors put a high dose of radioactive strontium.
-What have you done stupid boy? You never have children. - The doctor said it is thick, with an unpleasant, sweaty face and huge glasses on the tip of the nose. Looking over his glasses, she continued excitedly. -Devchonok Not you ever love, man. Forget them all. - It seems that it is even pleased with this circumstance.
-What children? What girl? - Blushing to the ears, I thought to myself, a little Oleg. He could not understand what adults say. But the words spoken by the doctor, stayed in the brain for life. At night, he often dreamed of a huge, fat woman doctor, who, bending over his bed, with a loud, terrible voice constantly repeating "There will be no love children !!! ever !!!" and burst into malicious laughter, covering it with a black sheet. Partly as a "mouse", with horror in his eyes, Oleg woke up screaming. Ran shouting his son's mother comforting a child, lulled, and everything repeated again. Later psychiatrists took off bad dreams, but still, these words are not allowed Oleg alone day or night. Only a few years before it began to reach the meaning of what he heard as a child.
In high school, boys and girls began to be grouped in pairs. At school, home together, dancing, festive evening. It awakens first love. Only Oleg, obsessed with his inferiority was alone. Clearly, he did not like discos, as well as loved all sorts of parties. But, despite this, he remained a good and loyal friend to both halves of the class. Many of the girls tried to attract his attention, but the result was always negative. No one remembered or did not betray much importance stories that happened many years ago. Only one Sergei knew all and strictly kept a terrible secret. The last straw was a feeling of inferiority by the fact that, looking at magazines with erotic photos, Oleg felt no erection, no excitement, at the time, as his friends "came off" buttons on the pants. Having thoroughly studied the conclusion of physicians, and turn over "a ton" of literature in medicine, he concluded, the life will be held in a terrible solitude. There was next to an experienced person who could help him, and he did not dare to seek the advice of elders. Does not he know that the dose received by a lot of years ago, would not bring significant harm even a small little mouse is not something that a healthy person. In general, life was over. No, he had in mind was not to kill herself. Simply, he decided to devote himself to science, nuclear physics.
The whole lesson Oleg sideways watching the new neighbor on the desk. Some warmth, kindness radiating it by their behavior. Gently bringing each figure, playfully looking in his notebook, it was more like unruly child than an adult high school student. 10 "B" is always a great pleasure to meet new students, so after calling the whole class together as one, surrounded Katerina. Questions poured in from all sides. Katherine, smiling, trying to answer all the questions. Soon it became known that she was an excellent student, she studied at a Soviet school of India knows English, parents, doctors, therapist father. Very interested in the exact sciences. Ten years in India has not passed her days in vain, but I did not know anything about the real life of young people in their home country. Only a television program, but the stories of parents, she learned about the life and problems of today's youth in Russia. To the delight of all the boys, she was not a Man. Indian friend stayed at home. Unfortunately, she was brought up in the old-time traditions. Surrounded by a dense ring of classmates, and, unable to get out, Oleg was sitting on the windowsill, and watched a funny picture. Katerina, answering endless questions, throwing a quick look at Oleg, froze for a moment, and lowering his eyes in embarrassment, continued the story. Catching himself on her shy glance, Oleg noticed some mild anxiety as some strange excitement filled his soul. But school bell quickly dispersed all places.
-Oleg Excuse me, if something goes wrong. - After school, said Katya guiltily and left the class.
-For what? - Oleg did not understand, looking after leaving Catherine.
Houses, rested for an hour, he sat down for lessons. An urgent need to solve the complex problem of physics. But the head completely refused to work. Before my eyes was a blooming Katerina. Cute smiling, it is something enthusiastically told him. Oleg shook his head, driving the vision, but it did not want to leave him. Again, for some obscure excitement took possession of his soul. It has long been accustomed to the thought of his loneliness, and apparently seemed quite calm. But sometimes it tears up getting hurt and sorry for myself. Then tears filled his eyes, he withdraws into himself. Only Sergei knew his condition. From him, he did not hide
nothing ever shared with him the pain. Here and now, suffocating lump to his throat, treacherous tears rolled down his cheeks. No, he was not miserable and slabodushnym, he was a strong and courageous man, but it was the only way by himself, take off stress. Closing the book, Oleg went to the balcony ...
Behind the scenes there were two quarters. Hooked on the same business, science, Oleg and Katerina became great friends. She moved to another school, and remained in their class. Polubezhentsev, who came to class after an illness, kindly gave up his place to Katerina, and he sat on the "Kamchatka", near Loshkar¸vym. Joint sessions with Kate, somehow diverted the attention of Oleg their problems. Together they went to school together home together attended extracurricular activities and the Olympic Games. From the side it seems that this is the perfect, inseparable couple.
Soon Oleg noticed for a strange thing. He began to slowly jealous of Catherine, that before for a never noticed when Petrov, with a parallel class, almost after each lesson met Katherine and her imposed its presence. Petrov and Sergei noticed. Sergey is also madly in love with Kate, but could not afford to cause pain to others. It's not even the fact that he considered himself guilty of another tragedy. After all, he then dragged him into the damn basement. Simply, Oleg was a true friend. A friend with a capital letter. But friends have to sacrifice. After a short conversation on the street Sergey Petrov, the latter quietly disappeared. Increasingly, Oleg thought he was hopelessly in love that he can not imagine life without Catherine. What's next? Unable to find an answer to your question, Oleg sleepless nights, goading the pillow of his bed, burst into bitter tears, persistently sought a way out of this situation.
Another blow was waiting for him in front of the Christmas holidays. The school was held New Year's ball. Little girls in festive costumes, wearing masks, charming smile gifts to not less attractive guys. It was fun and noisy. Continuously playing music. Dancing does not stop for a minute. Finally it was declared "white" dance. Ladies Invite Gentlemen. The boys quickly grouped in small bunches, with an air of indifference when discussing their problems, and internally, each waiting his darling. He is fond of the ladies, "a handful" melting before our eyes.
-Can you? .- Oleg involuntarily shuddered. Taking off the mask and smiling cute in a beautiful snow-white dress Snow Maiden, as the ice queen, holding out his tender hand, was charming Katerina. - You can not refuse a lady ... - she said coyly.
-But I ... I did not know how to dance. - Hesitantly said Oleg.
-It's scary. The main thing is to listen to me. I will keep you ... - and she was dragging him along, it was in the center of the site.
stumbling often, stepping on her white shoes, Oleg, as soon as he could, trying to imitate all her movements. Around it no one noticed. Often faced with the neighbors in the dance, he saw only her, only heard her sweet voice, counting down the time to the music for it. Her eyes were full of love and affection. Oleg became ill. Severe cramping breath, buzzing in the head, in front of his eyes floated iridescent circles.
-What happened to you, Oleg? - She asked, when the music stopped -You bad? - Her voice sounded the alarm.
Knights have long carried their ladies, and only two of them remained in the limelight.
-Come on ... look at us ... - embarrassed, she pulled it away. Get him in the far corner of the gym where the ball was held, and seated on a chair, Kate took his hand and squatted in front of him, he looked into his eyes.
-Well, what's going on with you? - In her voice was genuine alarm. - I see, lately you are not your own. Well, what's wrong?
Oleg looked away.
-I will never, no one could say this b. But I love you!!! Oleg!!! - And she was not paying attention to others, she puts her head on his lap.
New attack painfully gripped her throat. Blood flow furious rushed to the head, which completely refused to think anything. With difficulty holding back tears, suddenly rolled up to his eyes, Oleg got up quickly.
-Excuse me please. I need to be alone. - Averting his eyes to the side, he quickly left the room.
Taking guys cigarette, calmly smoked in the toilet, Oleg went outside. Protracted clumsily, he coughed heavily. Warm, winter night, gently falling flakes large, fluffy snow, soothing effect upon him. Few come to himself, Oleg found Loshkareva.
-Sergei! I'm home ... Be a friend. Spend Kate home.
-What are you talking about? Everything will be good. You then himself?
-OK ... Well ... If I went to that question ... Think of something. - And he disappeared into the darkness of the night.
After searching the school and not finding Oleg, Catherine went to Sergei.
-But at least you give me something to say? - She asked pleadingly. -I Do not iron ...
-Katyushas. It's okay. Just a little unwell. He was looking for you, but I found none. He asked firmly to kiss you on the cheek, and carry home ... - fun, as if nothing had happened, half lying Sergei.
Kate leaned over the bed, something gently whispered Oleg ear. Then she got up slowly. His face twisted into a horrible grimace and a terrible, harsh voice, she screamed.
-You're impotent !!! You'll never master me, you stupid boy !!! - Malevolent, nasty laughter instantly filled the small room. It is not Kate, and thick, wicked woman doctor, a black sheet laying his motionless body.
Tearing off his blanket in a cold sweat, Oleg instantly awake. He was all alone in his, painfully home to him the room. Every crack, every bump on the wall, a sign of him since birth. Over there, at the table, on the bottom shelf, she kept the damn vial. After drinking a glass of mineral water, he put his hand on the pillow. Like all the previous days, it was damp.
-Something lately I slobber. - He thought bitterly - It is necessary to seriously engage themselves. Ahead of vacation ... I corrected. - He reassured himself.
In the hallway phone rang, and a minute later the room burst into joyful Sergei.
-Hello! - Oleg slapped it on the outstretched palm. -Your Job is done. All in the best possible way ...
-She asked anything about me? - Interrupted his friend.
-What do you think? Of course I asked. - He answered his own question Sergei. We're all class, all the holidays, we decided to go to the "Astronaut". Will you go? - Specially I changed the subject, Sergei.
Katya goes? - Without raising his head, he said.
Sergei shook his head
-She has some business. She remains in the city ... Well, then I will not go.
-How does it concern you?
-Listen Oleg. - Sergei somehow immediately became serious. -I Have a familiar guy. It offers girls for money. A pro in their field, can be stunned. Should we try? A? Yes, I do not believe it.
.. We played together with this thing. This is the doctor you the evil eye. A "science" always tend to exaggerate ...
Oleg had already tried to make the attempt. But, in spite of the professional women of "leisure", it did not work.
-What are you talking about? What girl? - Breaking into a shout, quickly said Oleg.
-I love it !!! - His face buried in the pillow, lying on his knees, he went hysterical.
-I've never experienced anything like it. It is for me like a goddess. I am ready in the morning until the evening wear on her hands. If you only knew how much I want to kiss her from head to toe, every little corner, every cell ... - the approaches to the throat lump, did not give Oleg a complete thought. Afraid to break again to cry, it is firmly pressed against the pillow.
Sergei stunned, wide-eyed, smiling happily, looking at his best friend.
-Well, fool you Olezhka. - Himself, almost weeping with joy, he quickly rattled.
Nothing uncomprehending Oleg stared at him astonished eyes.
-If you love someone, to mean "looms". - Happily continued -So that does not happen ... If "not worth it", would never fall in love. Nature has arranged so human. I got it?
Frankly, Oleg did not understand.
-In general, since. You need a psychologist to a hypnotist ... ...
-Yes, I was a hundred times ...
-Trust me. Chur, face not be beat. I'm not a boxer like you. That I could not bear. - A friendly wink Oleg, Sergey ran from the room.
-Kate can be? - He asked timidly respectable men, fifty-five years, opened the door - I'm her classmate.
Sergei ventured on a very risky move. If that does not work, it nesdobrovat. He was not afraid mordobitiya. Prior to this case had not been reached. He was afraid to bring a friend and unbearable pain of losing him forever. But it was, as it seemed, the only real chance. If only Kate was not afraid, I did not turn away from him. She's smart and brave girl. She'll understand ...
-Come young man. - Politely invited the landlord. - Catherine ... well! For your guest.
Day by day, imperceptibly, passed the winter holidays. All day long, Oleg conducted for books. Sometimes he would go outside for some fresh air. And then, his feet themselves, carried him to the house of cathine. For all holidays Oleg never saw her. He did not know her exact address. Yes if I knew hardly used I dared to knock on her door. So he spent hours wandering from house to house, in the hope of seeing her. Enough to walk up, frustrated, Oleg returned home. The contents of long-familiar book, never came to his mind. Before my eyes always pops up the same picture. Sweet Kate, in a dazzling, snow-white dress, with a brilliant crown on his head, and he, swirl circle in the rhythm of the magnificent waltz.
School bell brought from Oleg meditative state. With noise and laughter, the guys remembered past holidays. Impressions were plentiful. For a whole week they were together in the winter camp, and it seems not at all tired of each other. As the white swan, all in white, Katherine "floated" in the class. Cute smiling and greeting classmates, she sat down at the desk.
-Hello Olezhek. softly, his head down, with some slight chill, she said
Internally, Oleg tensed, waiting for what will happen next.
-I'm sorry for that night. I probably said something stupid. Once again I ask. Sorry ...
"Stupidity" it hurts the brain. Oleg painfully heart sank. Blushing, stammering and confusing word, he quickly said,
-It's you I'm sorry dear! - And afraid of their words. - You know ...

I ... Well, as you say?
Oleg felt that weight class fell silent and strained to listen to their dialogue.
-Hello guys! - Saved position Zinaida G., professor of chemistry. -I Hope for the holiday you are well rested? Well, let's start the lesson ...
Days stretched as usual. Katya and Oleg have remained good friends, and Sergei was their constant companion. Not so long ago, Sergei was friends with one girl. They had even love, and not only the soul but also the body. But they soon fell out, and he was alone. And find another girl for the soul, it is not so simple. All was still: with homework, walked together. Just never Katya no longer betrayed his feelings. And it scared Oleg. These days, some unnatural state, some new, unknown feeling filled his heart.
Once in one of the warm, winter evenings, parting from his entrance, said Katya.
-Olezhek! Tomorrow is my birthday. I will be very happy to see you in this celebration. After all, I am turning sixteen. Failure does not crush it ... and, smacking him on the cheek and disappeared into the entrance of his house.
Oleg was a big puzzled. Yet never in my life, except his mother, he did not give away gift girlfriend, the more beloved. On March 8, the boys collected money, and two three people buying gifts for all the girls of his class, freeing it from the need to rack their brains and rummage shopping. Council was unable to help and Sergey. Then he turned to his mother. His mother, the natural man, immensely fond of his only son, vaguely suspecting his problems, was pleasantly surprised. Finally, and her son had a girl. Strongly not asking about her, she enthusiastically helped his son to choose a gift.
With a bouquet of red roses, with a shiny box in his hand, with a pleasant excitement, a little embarrassed, Oleg pressed the doorbell button. Pleasant thoughts were in his mind. "And then what ...?" - Suddenly short-circuited ... he opened the door culprit celebration.
-Hello Olezhek. - She kissed him on the cheek. - Oh !!! How lovely. - Taking a bouquet of red roses and Oleg dragging behind him, Katya entered the spacious hall.
-This is my ... Olezhek - a gentle, affectionate "my" as a balm for the heart and acted on Oleg. But, still embarrassed, he remained standing in the doorway doors.
-Very glad to meet you, sir. - Friendly shaking hands and smiling broadly as a father, Yury, Katya's father, seated at the table guest.
A glass of light wine, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, instantly removed all the stress. Katya's father much like Oleg. Attentive, good-natured, he talked a lot with him, was interested in his hobbies and he told me many interesting things. The evening passed quickly. With high spirits, Oleg returned home.
-Well, Dad? - Kate sat back in the chair next to his father.
-Lovely ... Very nice, well-mannered young man. - He smiled slyly, looking at her daughter's eyes.
-Sin does not help this ... Do you like him?
-I love him, Dad. - Sob softly and she buried her face in his shoulder. Treacherous tears slid down her cheeks.
Well ... Well ... Well ... Do not worry. Everything will be good. I believe my experience. We'll come up with something. - I calmed her father,
gently patting her daughter's shoulder.
. In February, all the gray hair of boys was summoned to a medical examination in the military enlistment office. And, two days later, Elena gave Oleg agenda in hospital. It said that Osipov Oleg K., must, without fail, appear in an advisory clinic, the first city hospital. Oleg did not like hospitals since childhood. Still fresh in the memory was the lack of attention when he was just a child, and that brutality and indifference with which he was greeted at the age of fourteen. But we had no choice. The army is the army. He was sure that voenkomatskoy clinic, found that something was wrong.
-Come in, young man. Sit down. - Gentle, good-natured voice, asked, pointing to a chair, bald old man in the pince-nez.
-Do not worry you. - The same good-natured votes, he replied to a glance of Oleg.
-A simple formality. Now I will examine you, surrender Coy any tests, and you are free.
Carefully, slowly, the doctor from head to toe looked muscular figure Oleg.
-Good!!! Very good! - The doctor was satisfied.
-Give up the blood from the veins and urine samples, as long as go behind the screen. We need to do a small procedure. Helen ... well! You are free? - He called assistant.
The pretty woman of about thirty-five, wearing a mask on his face, wearing rubber gloves and with a long, well-turned, a small glass in his hand, and offered to remove the melting get on all fours on the couch. Oleg stepped back.
-Do not hesitate to you. Take a look at me like I'm a doctor, not as a woman. - Did not expect such treatment, Oleg unconditionally obeyed her.
-So ... relax, arch your back. It will be a bit unpleasant. Be patient.
Unpleasant, dull pain swept through the perineum. A few drops of muddy liquid fell on the glass, just-completed doting sister.
-Well, that's ... Be sure to order go to the toilet to urinate. - Placing the sample in a glass jar, she advised.
-A result of the analysis, when to come? - Oleg curious.
-It is unnecessary to come anywhere. - Said the same old man. - If all goes well, we will not bother you anymore. In which case, we'll call you.
Oleg was shocked ratio of medical staff. He even wanted to write to thank, but the book was not appropriate on the spot. More it will not cause, and soon he forgot about it.
-Hello dads! How are you? - Katya, smacking her father on the cheek wearily collapsed onto the couch. -Any news?
-Hi! What are you talking about? - The father apparently mocked daughter.
-Whom ... About Oleg course. Of whom else? - She knew the character of his father, and therefore strongly not to rush things.
-I mean, daughter. I have the right not to disclose medical confidentiality. - I smiled slyly -But he'll tell you a secret. In principle, everything is fine with your sweetheart. However, much reduced hormones. But, I believe the problem can be overcome. He has a slight mental disorder, a consequence of the nursery trauma. Hypnosis is not an assistant. Only some severe stress or love can bring him out of this state. Believe in yourself. And it had not enough. So much for the cards. - Bless her father.
-Thank dads !!! - She put her arms around her father's neck. - I'm proud of you!!! - And she kissed him on the lips.
-But what's really there. - Father buried his eyes in the newspaper.
Gradually flew winter. There was a long-awaited spring. Fry, the spring sun melted the remnants of last year's snow, dry land. Light, green haze covered trees. Match the end of the school year. Oleg had long since become a welcome guest in Katya's apartment. If it is some reason did not appear for two days, Katya's mother began to worry and "torment" Katyusha various issues.
-Yes mom! It's okay. Cases had today ....
And Oleg great respect for her parents, these good, dear "old".
Catherine's father, too, adored Oleg. A lot of time they spent together, playing chess or debating on various topics, while the women cooed in the kitchen. He was amazed by Oleg phenomenal abilities. Very I respected and believed in its future. Often in the evenings, finding any test in the magazine, he gathered all around and, "for the sake of entertainment", has tested the whole family, including Oleg, imperceptibly changing questions. Many different stories, funny and sad, funny and instructive Oleg told by Yuri. But he did not even know that it's not just entertainment, and a difficult, painstaking work on his personality, his future. Slowly but surely, his oppressed zhel¸zki, day after day, hour after hour, began to produce testosterone, a sex hormone, so necessary to men.
The last bell of the school year was greeted with general rejoicing. In front of a great time, summer vacation. Relax! - I do not want! The guys were making plans for the summer. Who where. Who on the south, and some abroad.
-Well, what we're going to deal with the whole summer. - Hung on the neck of Oleg schalivaya Katerina.
-To begin with, parents can help on garden plots. Then we descend to the mountains. Maybe in the Teletskoye Lake, to go with the kids. You do not mind, my dear?
-Of course not! - She stood on tiptoe and pressed to his lips. - And then what?
-River, beach, fishing, all ours. You know what the pike are found with us? Here .. - Oleg and spread his arms wide.
-Liar ... - Katherine laughed.
-Well, that's so ... - Oleg brought closer the hands -And you? What can you offer? - In turn, he asked.
-And I have no alternative. I trust you. - And she again, happy and beautiful, began to strangle him in his arms.
Silent, starry night. The shortest night. Night summer confrontation. New moon. Stars favorably settled in heaven. Today come true "Miracle". "Miracle," which Oleg desperately waiting for many years, the whole "eternity". But for now, he unsuspectingly, embracing Catherine, lying on the couch in the corner of the garden, under the open sky. They believe rare meteorites, which now and then, unable to resist the sky, little star, rush down. Stars, winking merrily, happily looking at them. Heat! Good! Grace!.
She had all decided ... It was ... It was here today ... Right now ... While the stars favored them. It is terrible and embarrassing. But it's going to happen! Oh! As he needed ... the eyes were unbidden tears. My love!!! My fate !!! Gathering all the courage, breathless with excitement, she quietly, almost inaudibly requests.
-Olezhek. Kiss Me...
The dramatic surge of blood does the job. Inside Oleg something boiled, bubbled, a sense of the Unseen
quickly spread to his strong body. Pressed against Katyusha lips, it feels like the energy of the stars quickly fills his soul.
Trembling, fossilized hand, Kate took his hand, and slowly, painfully biting her lips and tightly clenched his eyes, she puts on her beautiful, firmer breasts.
Inside Oleg something exploded, his head began to spin wildly, chest filled with warmth and tenderness, lower abdominal swept pleasant, warm wave. For the first followed by a second, third ... His "hopeless" flesh began to slowly come to life, fill with hot blood.
Katherine felt it instantly. Terrible shame ... Just not to be frightened. Only a coward would not. As if by chance, she touches his hand hardened flesh. " Happened!!!". Joyful moan involuntarily comes out of her chest.
Oleg does not believe his senses. It can not be ... It's a dream.
Caressing each other hot kisses, they are completely disconnected from the outside world. They were good. But we need to proceed. Hardly breathing, timidly, she gently lower a little of its melting, releasing his "friend" at will.
Again, a strong spasm binds his throat, he fancies it, he does not believe ... this is a dream.
-Do not be nice! - He kisses her cheeks wet with tears, eyes, lips.
-It must be nice ... I must! - Has completely forgotten about the fear, it is fully given to him.
The surge of passions and emotions, over the years not to see freedom, digging out the storm and an avalanche came down on the lovers. Stars fade against the background of their happiness. And it seems no power, even God Himself, is not able to stop them ...
Bright sunny day. The longest day. The summer of confrontation. A quick step, Oleg goes through the streets of his native city. He was good. Today he has a double celebration. An hour ago, the State Examinations Commission, appreciated his thesis on "excellent".
The "diplomat" all necessary purchases for the festive table. Champagne, chocolates and more ... You're the most important thing to buy, a large bouquet of red roses. Nervously, as in the first date, but he, Oleg carefully open the front door.
-Mom ... Mom ... Dad plisol. - At the hands of his throws blond, blue-eyed Tanya half years.
-Dad! A Th you bought me. - She pulls his cheek and looking into the eyes of peers.
-Trrrrrr. - In a helmet with a gun in his hand, from the bedroom runs four Sergey.
-Hi, Dad! And Tanya included your computer again. - He complains, and shows little sister language.
And in the living room doorway, smiling, is a charming creature. During this time she has not changed. The same slim, beautiful, affectionate. Admiration smiling Catherine receives a gift, red rose, and gently hugging, kissing her beloved husband.
-What to congratulate?
-With "excellent."
-Happy birthday to you, dear!
Closed flowers, they fade in the long and tender kiss.
Holding hands, slapping surprised little eyes, the children look at the happy parents.
-But why have two dads birthday? - They do not understand.
For the past six years, every year, the summer conflict, the Osipov family celebrates second birthday, their favorite Oleg ...

The photo

It was like this: Irina sat in an empty classroom and homework checked his pupils. She wrinkled her forehead beautiful, green eyes peered in scribbled lines and tried to find at least one error in Yulechka Smirnova. Bugs was not, and Irina put her five sprawling handwriting, making five was tilted so much that it seemed as if she decided to relax. Taking the next book, she looked up the name of a disciple - Ivan Zotov. Ivan was an excellent student, study was given to him badly, but he was a very good artist and photographer. And she had, then, to see this.
So, opening a notebook on the front page, she looked inside. In all of its notebooks on crust was something written, here and now: "And we have a pretty biologichku !!!" - The inscription. Exclamation marks were beautifully painted calligraphic handwriting. Looking down, the teacher choked with indignation - under the inscription was written image of a naked woman in profile. The woman in the picture was a little bent forward, making her ass sticking out seductively. she Hand holding pointer rather ambiguous gesture.
Angrily, but at the same uncertainly, snort, Irina, fear of further illustration, once turned the notebook on homework. Ivan was a very beautiful handwriting, but the cloud was error. "Features of some bird species" - the name of this work. How can I make this work in at least one mistake ?! Well, Ivan, to, receive dvoechku: no longer going to draw me on the cover of notebooks! After Ivan needed a break. His notebook always beat out Irina poor from the track.
And the point is not that she was angry at Ivan - they had a very good relationship they greeted, smiling at each other, and even to pull any was not among them - and it was even in the fact that she liked the grader. Nice guy, intelligent (of course in certain areas) and to some extent talented. She just thought he was a friend, and she was once ashamed to think that between them that something might happen. In general, it did not take him seriously. But the fact is that his writings on crusts of notebooks it's very exciting. And wanted to undress and is now, sticking out the ass, gently stroking pointer. After overcoming this desire, she went to the mirror near a window. Not every school classroom was a mirror, but Irina loved the mirror, and specifically one dragged out of the house.
From the mirror looked at her beautiful face, framed by dark hair. Her hair was her pride, and Irina care much about them. They are well-combed, just did not reach the shoulders. Eyes are the mirror looked lustfully.
Slightly posomnevavshis, she lifted her skirt and pulled down her panties to the floor. Quickly bent down and, lifting them off the floor, put in a drawer. Sitting on a chair, she shyly parted legs, and began to drive his finger in the groin.
But after a couple of minutes, excited, Irina thought that skirt she made it. And, glancing at the door, she took off her off.
Now the fear of being caught off guard even more excited her. Sassy turned to the door, and beautiful legs apart, she was moaning, bring themselves to orgasm old as the hills, way.
And at this moment ...
Ivan took the camera home and went to school.
Sport has long been over. I ended the day and extended day at junior school. So first he did not want to miss school, but he persuaded the janitor, saying that he was asked to make a couple of shots of native school. Each and every one, not excluding the lower classes knew that Ivan makes great pictures, and
Ivan is very often seen with a camera. Therefore vahtersha missed it.
Climbing the stairs, Ivan thought: "Why do you need to make this whore to fuck husband she had no good-It lacks the simple ways of courtship Well ladnenko?.?."
At seventeen years old Ivan was well versed with respect to the sexes. However, he remained in the second year, he had time to learn.
He came to the office of biology with the hope that everything will be resolved today.
The castle was a great keyhole, and Ivan put a curious eye to the hole. Irina (slut !!!) with an angry face painted in the notebook. Sixth sense, Ivan realized that the teacher in front of his notebook. He grinned.
The camera he kept at the ready.
... the door opened. And before Irina knew it, her camera flash blinded.
Shyly hiding behind his hand, she saw in front of Ivan Zotov, whose notebook it so carelessly threw on the corner of the table.
Ivan smiled and shaken the teacher, as if nothing had happened, sat on the edge at the desk.
- And, Ivan? - Stammering, the teacher asked, feeling the paint is beginning to fill in the face. - Wh-what are you doing here?
- Oh - go, I take pictures! - Ivan grinned.
Irina terribly embarrassed. And then I remembered that she was sitting naked in front of a pupil. With trembling hands, she picked up her skirt to the floor. But Ivan's voice stopped her.
- Wait, Irina! - Exclaimed Ivan voice of Adolf Hitler. - I would like to make a couple of shots! By the way, congratulations, you have passed the selection of models and go into the second round.
The teacher looked with horror at Ivan. Dumb question froze in her eyes, and his hand fell limply by opening thirsty affection, inflammation of the vagina. Ivan did not fail to take advantage of it and then clicked the camera. Following the outbreak of Irina he jumped up and with trembling hands began to pull her skirt. But the relentless voice said.
- Well! Irina! I thought you were more than obliging. Undress!
- And why is that? - The all harried teacher.
- Stupid question. - Again he grinned pupil. - I already have two incriminating picture. So you're caught in the act. And stubborn very foolish in your position. - After a pause, he added. - Besides, you like it, right?
The skirt fell to the floor again. Overwhelmed by Irina looked at Ivan. And he's not kidding. But what he can do with a pair of innocent pictures? He seemed podglyadel her thoughts.
- It will be enough to hang them on the ground floor on the bulletin board. And everyone will know what you are doing in the classroom after school!
She blushed, and slowly began to take off her clothes. After some time, to the skirt and joined the rest of the things. Irina, completely naked, standing in front of Ivan greedy eyes. The teacher beat shiver.
- Ivan! - Imploringly she said.
But the student is completely intoxicated with power over the woman began to speak.
- That would be so, and at once! And yet stubborn girl! Did you like my picture?
The teacher was surprised to feel that she is excited, Ivan nodded.
- That is great! This I drew you. Now put one foot on a chair and dismissed bit ago. And look at the camera. Come on, smile! You do not kill! That's good.
Irina stood as Ivan said, and forced a smile.
- Good. Now come here.
She dutifully went to Ivan. During this time he closed his classroom door of the castle. Ivan went to Irina and stroked her buttocks. Irina was a shame. Then the hand climbed Intermedia her feet. And she could not help but moan. Stubby, but groan. He then slapped her aloud and pointed to the desk.
- Sit on it and put it on the desk legs. Yes kindle wider!
Submissive teacher climbed on the table and spread her legs. Now the front of the lens Irene was in all its glory: the vaginal lips bulged, and were temptingly ajar; they gathered in small droplets of juice. She tried to close, but Ivan said, "no, no," and she took his hand. I clicked the camera.
- Now spread your fingers her pussy!
Irina blushed even more and looked down, but follow the instructions. Click!
Ivan began unbuckling the belt. Irina horror, mystery and joy, looked at his manipulation. But still I tried to argue: "No: it is necessary to: Yves ..". The student looked at her calmly and said:
- Come on, help me!
She could only obey. Teacher gracefully climbed down from his desk and settled down on his knees at the feet of Ivan. With trembling hands, she began to unbutton his pants on the pants. She felt under the fingers throbbing young cock. She found herself thinking more exciting feelings never experienced. She pulled hard dick Ivan out of his pants and touched his hand.
- Suck, Irina, suck. - Commanded Ivan. - I have long wanted to see it: you will be standing in front of me on my knees, and work mouth.
And she earned. She did it so that he liked. Lisa head and swallowing as she could, deeply. At this time the camera is clicked. But Irina did not pay attention to him.
Ivan pulled the cock from her mouth and her going forward a little, put the camera on a desk, the lens Irina Petrovna. Then I put on the self-timer, and went back to the woman.
- Now, take it in her mouth and looking at the camera. Hand touch himself for the chest. - After the flash, he said again. - Now Arise cancer and suck on. - She performed. His hands pulled her head to his penis, and after the camera flash, finished it in her mouth. Sperm could not help her in the mouth, and a thin trickle ran down his chin. - Look at the camera! - The camera clicked again.
After that Ivan took my camera and took a few shots as the teacher semen finger to hook and sticking out tongue licked. She liked the taste.
- Like sperm? - Irina dropped her eyes. - It's good. I'll give you a lot of sperm.
In his words there was some cunning and Irina looked blankly at Ivan. The look was obedience. But he only smiled. He buttoned his pants and started to leave.
- Till tomorrow. - And he left.
She was horrified waited for the next day, thinking about what he will do with it. Did he let her go. She hoped so: but only surface - inside she had hoped that he will make it in the revolution, which she had dreamed of sleepless nights, craving male affection.
The next day, Ivan did not go alone. Irina Misha saw with horror from the eleventh grade, complete Losers. Not letting her speak, Ivan said:
- Undress.
She performed, praying, and at the same time, lustful
eyes looking at the tormentors.
Before she knew it, Ivan ordered her to kneel. After Irina execute the order, Ivan ordered:
- Now go on all fours to the party - Ivan pointed to the front row - and lay down on her chest.
Humiliated, Irina crawled on the dirty floor to the desk. There, she leaned on the desk, in the words of her disciple, making her ass had the look of the two friends. She tried to stand up so that friends could be seen as little as possible of what they had hoped to see. She knew how it was useless, but the shame was still sitting there. She knew she turns to debauched women, and understanding it still jarred her conscience. But somewhere inside she wanted to put it this way on all fours, and forced to show their charms, leaning on his desk.
Therefore, it is a little Podmokly, thinking that the students have prepared her.
Misha did not wait and went back to the woman. She tried not to pay attention to him. He stroked her buttocks and spread them apart. Index finger, he began to play with her shameful lips, sometimes inserting a finger inside. Despite all of his conclusions about how it should be impregnable, Irina leaned toward him and moaned softly.
- Well, would you like me, huh? - Misha said, leaning. - But first, I'll give you a little spanking.
Irina was frightened. Once upon a time, as a child, her father smacked of bad grades. It was in the fifth grade so, and the only thing she remembered - is that spanking is very painful.
- No! Do not, I beg you! - Misha, she pleaded, but he and his ear is not conducted.
He undid the belt and started to pull it out of his pants. The sound of creaking leather almost threw Irina in a panic, but this agile Mishin finger was back in it, fanning the flames of passion.
- You'll like it. - Sweetly he drawled.
- But for what? - She pleaded.
- Because I like you. - Misha grinned. - I have long imagined a first repulse you, and then use. On the whole hog.
Finger Irina walked inside, and so she said nothing.
Suddenly a finger sharply and came out of it in the air came whistling belt. Blow lies flat across the buttocks. Irina screamed and tried to jump, but Mike held her desk.
- If you're going to resist, you'll get twenty blows from above.
She shivered, but fell into place. In the air there and then he began to whistle strap, heaping on her ass blow after blow. At first she tried to get used to, but it was the screaming and moaning after the tenth strike.
Ivan at the time rented.
Irina thought about how humiliating it is when you smack a pupil, who are you trying anything to drum. And it happened that they were beating her. Then the thoughts began to get lost in the flares of pain.
When Misha slept she was twenty-five strokes, Irina has no strength left. Misha again had a finger between her legs - she was all wet. Sexual lips swelled and began to exude a mouthwatering aroma. If we move a little further away, you would have thought that between her legs juicy apricot. Popa glows red like a traffic light. But in contrast to the traffic light, red light is meant "you can go."
Which he did.
It is inserted into a member of her with all his strength. I beat her in, pulling the teacher's weak moans. It was not very wide, and the vagina nice, tight, tight barrel Misha's arms. When her lips touched his groin, it was an indescribable feeling. As her body went trembling and Irina came. Then her back Misha finished. Streams flowed sperm on her buttocks, and sometimes will reach even to the neck.
Ivan took a few pictures and changed the film in the camera.
Mike wasted no time, the teacher smeared anus own sperm and her juices, and drove back embarked weapon in a defenseless overcrowding. His hands held her hips. She was hurt and is good at the same time. After a while he pulled it out and allowed Ivan to photograph the scene anal defloration. The picture went on a film, and then Mike started again enjoy the benefits have not yet stretched ass.
They moaned and growled in unison with it, bringing himself up to ecstasy. At this time the jet of sperm flew to her luxurious hair, lying flat along the fiber.
Ivan then jumped up on the desk of an exhausted, Irina, and quickly fastened on her neck a leather collar with bright metal buttons. He specifically took it by hook or by crook to Irene. This fetishistic symbol slave immediately cemented her reputation, and produced in the soul of Irina complete revolution. "Well, I'm the one who wanted to be alone in my thoughts," she thought, "slut, whore most natural - not even a whore, and litter, because the whores are doing it for the money, and I was just for fun."
Then he and Misha had her so long until we dropped from exhaustion.
Yurik was a good friend of Ivan, and was in the tenth grade. Now he was standing in the hallway with a video camera in his hands. The film was received very well! Ivan at the time explained Yurik how to shoot, what to shoot and how to find the best angles.
Finally, the doorbell rang. Ivan opened the two locks and ran into the hallway that whore. Closing the door, he turned to her. At this time, Irina looked at with embarrassment camcorder viewfinder. Enjoying her embarrassment, he looked at Ira from head to toe. She was dressed perfectly. Ira had beautiful legs, short skirt and now emphasized this beauty. A small chest heaving under the blouse seductively.
- Do not worry. - Ivan said, patting her on the ass, noticing that under the skirt she did not - as he had ordered. - I decided to shoot on film, how are we going to fuck you. This is a great tape! In addition, you do not lose anything by.
Operator muttered: "chic chick", and continued to shoot. Ira depressed silent.
- You're wearing my gift. - Ivan pointed to a leather collar on her neck Irene. - Perfectly. And under the skirt did not put on you? And I do not put on a bra?
Irina shook her head.
- Well and good. Now begins the fun, and then you will like sugar. You did do everything that you ask for?
- Yes. - Replied Irina, like a slave.
Ivan put his index finger on Irinin tab. She began to gently suck it, remembering how he likes it.
Skirt she wore tennis, and very well raised, showing all the charm of a teacher. It is a small proof of the power of her pupils, lowered her to the rank of a true slave. They had authority over it.
The operator followed closely by the slightest movement of the two: how Ira gently suck the index finger of Ivan, and he meanwhile stroking her breasts with the other hand. He pulled his finger out of her mouth, and put his hand under her skirt. There, he became convinced that it was all wet, and again put his finger in his mouth beauty. Ira licked its own juice, even more aroused.
- Sit down on his haunches, spread your legs
front of the camera and say, "Now I will have to fuck in all holes - watch and enjoy!". - Ivan whispered in her ear.
Accustomed Ira squatted down so that her pussy become clearly visible, and said: "Now I will have to fuck in all holes - watch and enjoy!".
Ivan took her hand and led her into the main room. From there came the uproar excited teenagers. Ira's hand trembled slightly. She was afraid she did not know what she sees in the room.
There were six people. Who on a wide couch, who is the chair, and some simply on the floor. In view of all of them it was from sixteen to eighteen. All of them were from different classes of her school. With a shudder she thought that now her twenty-seven teacher will fuck eight teenagers. They, meanwhile, something bickered, but as soon as Ira entered the room in such a seductive, the noise stopped immediately. Everything seemed a bit confused. But then one of them said:
- And here is the queen of the evening! Come to me, heifer!
Ivan let go of her hand and she took it as a signal to act. Ira went to the guy (he was sitting on the couch), and legs spread, sat on his lap. All looked at her fascinated. A couple of people have already started to unbutton his pants. the young man's hand did not fail to take advantage of women, and then was between her legs, stroking the intimate places. Ira moaned weakly.
- Yes, it just flows, guys! - Happy guy - you want to look?
With these words, he lifted her skirt and bent il yourself. At her ear, he whispered: "Spread my ass." She obeyed, and the eyes of all the children presented itself show that they can never forget in my life. The swollen labia lined the vagina, and above them was dark ring anus. The picture fascinated. In addition, Ira completely shaved before coming, so touch and look at it, it was a pleasure. The operator meanwhile excitedly puffed filming. Sitting next to a guy loudly slapped her on the buttocks, after she took her hands.
- Undress. - Said a voice behind Irina. Long did not tormented thoughts, Ira decided to rush headlong into the maelstrom. She stood up and quickly took off her clothes interferes. The procedure took a bit of time in the absence of details in the toilets of many things.
Whoever told her about it, he was already naked, plastered and now the head of his big cock with Vaseline. With some fear she looked at his manipulation. Probably it is going to hurt.
- Come here, filly, now you're on me poskachesh.
She walked over to him and knelt, helped rub Vaseline member, gently rubbing his hands. At this time it came from behind one of the guys (probably the same), and several times with relish slapped her on the ass, why she blushed. Ira gritted my teeth and did not utter a single sound. The pain increased arousal.
Those who have not yet undressed, got down to this procedure.
Finished rub Vaseline, Irina, led by a guy stood up on the sofa so that the back stand to the guy, and his legs were between her legs. She sat down. The guy waited a long start, quickly comprehended the penis into the anus of Irina. Vaseline rubbed, it is easily penetrated into it. It was so nice to feel the elastic ring sphincter her teacher, and realize that now you his power natyanesh it over to its very foundations. He started it stick. At first she was a little hurt, but the buttocks tightly pressed against the boy's groin, and the pain gradually subsided. Again raising her out on a limb, man, this time, drastically lowered her to the very end. Ira screamed.
After some time, Ira began to receive from the racing fun. The operator continued to shoot with one hand holding the camera and the other trying to free the will potverdevshy body.
Long penis pierced woman in the ass, and the man groaned with pleasure, helping Irina to sit down until the end. Sometimes he screamed something like, "Well, bitch!", Or "Deeper, whore!".
To finish, he stopped her and began to stroke the woman's body. Ira was breathing heavily. It was obvious that she wants more. He got his hands to the vagina and opened his hands as much as possible. Camcorder greedily sucked in a scene.
One of the young lovers came up and began to stroke her clitoris, why Irina moaned and began to squirm, trying to get on a finger.
Fingers were buried inside the female essence. He then again, even wider spread labia in hand, with the words: "Well damn!".
She did not mind. Ira got off the guy penis and turned around and helped him finish. All of it spilled semen is collected in a glass, carefully handed her one of the guys. After that, the glass was taken away and put on a table in the corner of the room. A satisfied man began to excite yourself again. He is able to quickly, but the teacher was already in the hands of others.
Her meanwhile pyalil cancer little boy, happily vdvigaya term in the excited vagina. He has never been a woman, and he went quickly to orgasm, making her part of a glass.
Immediately she was approached by two others and began to beat her members. This back slapped her on the ass. Irina is very excited, and she tried to lean back, to better "catch" a slap. Popa she already had tomato color. The guy seizes the opportunity, with a groan: "uuu, slut," stuck a member of her ass. Irina moaned with surprise (because her mouth was also a member), but quickly got used. Camera intently followed the movements of the participants in the scene.
Ivan all the time watching the scene, and waited filled glass. He still has time to play with her. He it is still good to play. But he wanted to keep the promise. And he promised Ira lot of sperm.
When the glass was a little more than half of the content, and all the rest of unbridled sex (Irina at this time licking the eggs one of the guys helping him relax), Ivan came to the operator, who has himself had finished, never touching a woman, and took his camera. Taking the cup, he gave it to Ira, and sat her in a chair. And he fell in front of filming.
The woman chatted contents of the glass, and bravely held it to his mouth.
- Not a drop by! - Shouted one of the boys, as soon as he saw that the droplet dripping down his chin teacher.
Irina small sips finished her all to the end and put the glass on the floor, breathing heavily, but smiling contentedly.

My first woman

This story happened to me when I was 15 years old.
My friends and I went to the so-called children's summer camp. there were a few joys in life for us teenagers at the time - this drink and dream about women, which we never had. In general, we took the floor box of vodka and a few packs of condoms and went to rest with great hopes.
But it was not there as expected, no, of course we drank every day, talked with the girls, but then kisses a 15 year old girl did not call.
But one day, one day, my life was turned upside down in the camp. He was appointed day government, we rest in the senior squad put educators and counselors in a junior. That's me with my friend determined to children 9-10 years old. In this detachment counselor Vladmirirovna was Olga, she was 21 years old. We met, talked, I do not even what this and not think.
The day passed, two, three, we said hello to her, sometimes talking. But one night during a disco, she invited me to her, I went to did not even thinking what will happen next. We sat in her room playing cards, laughing and talking, I felt pretty relaxed, as he was a little drunk. Suddenly she stopped giving away and looked at me in a strange way, I do not understand, ask her why she does not continue. But she put the card and began to unbutton her dress, it is a n¸yu slept, she sat in front of me in a bra and panties. I looked at her, his head fled some strange thoughts, all mixed up, I felt like in my pants already at attention is my dick, but I'm all dumbfounded and can not move. She looked and looked and then said:
- Have you ever had sex with girls?
I like an idiot sitting there shaking his head.
- And you want it - she kept asking.
I nodded.
-Then just relax and lie down, I'll do it myself - getting up from the bed and knocking me to her, Olga said.
I lay down, all the while continuing to do not understand, it was like a dream. Olga bent over and started kissing me on the lips, neck, forehead, cheeks, removed the shirt, my excitement is already driving me crazy, my cock already tore my swimming trunks, she went below kissing my chest, abdomen, shoulders, I liked it very much , I took off my shorts with my swimming trunks. My cock was standing at attention, she smiled and looked at me, I'm about ready to finish. Now she stood up and began to move slowly, turned her back, undid her bra and turned to me, my gaze landed on her lovely big boobs with beautiful nipples standing. Olga came closer, took my hand and placed it on his chest, feeling it was perfect, firm breasts that was just fine, and I did not even notice that ended, my penis softened and sank. Olga laugh, I felt very ashamed in front of her so blundered in front of a girl. But she did not think it ends, began to calm me:
- Do not worry, it happens many for the first time, now would be all right. Again she started kissing me, I began to answer her caresses on her. We lips have merged in a kiss, my hands kneaded her breasts, stroking his back more, head. She picked up my cock, and he started to swell again and become as he was, and was again ready for battle. She moved away from me and said:
-Now we proceed to the main point.
She smiled and started to take off her white cotton panties, which were already quite a wet spot. Here it is a wonderful counselors Olga stood in front of me naked 15 year old boy.
She was beautiful: brown shoulder-length hair, sweet face, slim figure, big and beautiful breasts with protruding nipples, a perfect round butt, slender legs which converge at the top of the triangle neatly shorn hair. She was the first girl I saw naked, everything seemed a fairy tale.
I lay on the bed, and my dick was eager to fight. She climbed onto the bed, and with the words:
- Are you ready? - Start to go down on his haunches. And now I feel like my cock at the entrance to her vagina, and she quietly beginning to fall. Oh, it was lovely to feel her wet, hot wall covering my cock, he moved rhythmically to me goes down and rising up every time her movements became faster and faster, your lips a groan, I felt that it would end vot-vot I too, I was already almost ready. So she threw back her head with a groan behind him and fell on me, I kept moving her hands on her hips and a member too soon finished.
We were not mobile, it is to me my penis was still there, although he had softened from her vagina flowed our juices. Everything was perfect, I thought about what had happened, and I thought that at last it happened. She looked me in the face and smiled.
We are still so lay ten minutes. But I did not feel any fatigue, I wanted more, I wanted to try everything what I dreamed of for so long, that he had seen in pornographic films on video. My cock started to rise again from these thoughts. I got up, put Olga on her back, she immediately understood everything and spread her legs, bending at the knees.
I climbed onto the bed and began to examine her vagina. My eyes landed on her beautiful, gentle sex lips, parted them, I saw a small bump at the top - it was her clitoris. I started kissing him, touching him only, Olga began to move, I started to do it gently, but not development, as for the first time. He began to kiss her lips, lick, suck the moisture coming. Olga murmured something under his breath, but it is not legible, she moaned. I caressed her clitoris mouth, kissed him, biting, sucking, Olga pressed my head harder and harder between her legs, arched her back and roughly finished. I climbed on her and began kissing her breasts, rising higher and higher, until it reached the lips, kissing her face. Then he directed his hand has long been ready cock in her womb. And I started to drive inside the ...
In general, our night went a very long time, I went by Oli in their body is almost in the morning. My friends congratulated me with the "baptism of fire". I almost did not sleep and did not want to. On this day, I almost did not come out of the body, as for some reason afraid to meet my first in women's lives. But the next day in the evening in our camp was scheduled disco with my friends again fairly took to his chest, and went dancing. It suddenly came to me Olga saw her I'm all flushed and looked at her as a delinquent first grade, my friends stood by and laughed with a wink. Olga, as if nothing had happened, started with me normal conversation. At this time began to play a slow dance, and we began to dance with her, she whispered to me that's waiting for me in 10 minutes at home. I quietly left the disco and walked toward her. Once again we made love all night ....
So until the end of the camp shift all my nights were busy, I spent every Olya, she taught me, to know about sex, if you can call it.
After the camp, I met her a couple of times, but that was, we did not recollect, just talking about life, about how one lives. The last time I saw her five days ago, she was already married and waits for the child.
Now I have 18 years, I live an active sex life. But for me, my counselors - Olga, probably forever remain the most memorable girl in the world.

Holidays Christmas

Agnes entered the spacious hall. Vacation -Think it - as it should be great. Parents went skiing, the servants were released, and his brother in college. If from her boarding school no one was leaving, she probably would have stayed there all these cheesy Christmas holidays. Agnes went to his room, the suitcases were lying beside the bed. The servants go in the evening, and she would have to have its gala dinner alone. There was a knock at the door.
The housekeeper said that Alex, her brother would come in the evening. Agnes jumped up on the bed and began to jump for joy. Her little yubchonka takes wing, exposing the legs and revealing pristine white panties. Brother, then all is not lost. Alex was 10 years older than Agnes, he was 23. They tied friendship, brother always played with her in spite of the age difference. Agnes was very tired and fell asleep on the bed in his clothes. She woke up several hours later on that her someone slowly undressed. Opening her eyes, she saw Alex, he took off her shirt and skirt had already been removed, and she was in shorts. Despite his thirteen years and has recently started monthly, Agnes was not wearing a bra, her small slender figure is more like the boy. Flat chest, small nipples, narrow hips. The fact that she looked like a girl only a small chink, barely covered with fuzz, which was hidden is now under the little white panties. Alex slapped her on the ass and told to dress for dinner.
Descending into, living Agnes saw richly laid table. Alex helped her to sit down, and offered a few cold dishes. Agnes was impatient. She had not seen Alex for several months, and wanted to know what happened during that time. Alex lifted his hands from the flood of questions and began talking about his friends.
- By the way - he interrupted his story - I invited one of his friend on a visit, he will arrive tomorrow morning.
- And you will immediately forget about opinion resentfully handed Agnes.
- No you, we'll have fun together. On, drink champagne, you're a big girl.
Agnes took a big gulp and felt like champagne warmed her empty stomach. She ate almost nothing, and so the story of his brother took her that she had forgotten all about it. So she sipped champagne, and her brother entertained with his stories. The clock struck midnight.
- Oh, it's too late, you go to sleep.
- Well, no, I beg you, even for an hour.
- Well, let's loop through to your room. You go to bed, and I'm still that be tell.
Agnes got up from his chair and found that her legs do not obey. Alex caught her.
- Well, I got drunk, and I bear you - humorously Alex said and picked her up.
The room he put her on the bed and began to undress. Agnes writhing helping his brother. Finally on it were only panties.
- Now I sleep - he covered her with a blanket.
- No, - Agnes grabbed his neck - Stay - you promised.
Alex clenched his fists near her became unbearable. She looked like a boy - with his brother, whom he had first sexual intercourse, it seemed that a member would break. He pulled back the covers and ran his hand over his chest sister, she did not understand what was going on, but she had trusted
"Their" Alex. In the meantime, he has got to her panties and pulled them down. What a pity, he thought, not seeing the small segment. His hand moved between her legs. Agnes was floating on the waves, then one of the waves washed over her between her legs and she spread them wider. Alex immediately squeezed between them and opened her lower jaw. He tried to insert her finger, but silk was dry and tight. Then he started to rub her clit, Agnes arched toward him. A few minutes later, Alex felt her mink filled juices. He slipped his hands under her zadik and pressed his lips to the crevice. He frantically flailing it with his tongue, thrusting it into the already slightly stretched vagina. After a few seconds, Agnes felt that it rolls which is inexpressible shattering orgasm, of course she did not understand it. Alex moved away from her, he lay with his eyes closed and his hands clenched, the voltage covering it. Agnes gradually woke up and looked at his brother. He lay beside her on the back, was completely naked and his penis was in full readiness. The girl had never seen the male member. She reached out a hand and touched her head. Alex shuddered, and Agnes fright seized, and severely squeezed head. Brother again shuddered and began to flow out of the penis white liquid, filling the stomach and arm Agnes Alex. Agnes raised her hand smeared with sperm and sniffed, then licked. It seemed she did not seem nasty, she lapped up the cum from his hands and fell to the belly of his brother. Leading him on the language she involuntarily aroused Alex and while Agnes got to his cock, he was already in full force. The sister took him into her mouth and began to suck as a favorite ice cream. Alex felt the peak of its excitation, and moved away from his sister. He put her on her back and spread her legs wide. Attach the front of the entrance, Alex led his penis to the vagina sisters. He began to introduce a circular motion head between her thighs, advancing a few centimeters, he felt the barrier and stopped. Then, a strong impetus has torn hymen and moved another few centimeters. Agnes was hurt, she began to squirm, trying to free himself from the grip of his brother, but her vagina was so crowded and hot that Alex no longer control himself. It jerky slid his cock into her little vagina and began to peck up and down, up and down ... until he finally reached the tipping point and threw a seed in her sister.
Agnes woke up in the night because Alex stroked her pussy involuntarily she began again excited, despite the fact that previous experience has brought her great satisfaction, she allowed him to lift her hips and enter into itself. Her vagina was in semen, blood and its juices, so a new entry did not cause her pain with each thrust on the contrary, she felt all the new wave of excitement. Alex began to stroke her klitorok and Agnes huddled in the first orgasm. Despite that Alex did not finish, and continued to pump her. Second they experienced an orgasm together. Agnes tossed on the bed like crazy, howling and screaming as she loves her brother. Finally all was quiet, and they fell asleep.
Waking up the next day, Agnes gladly reached out, and stumbled upon the body of his brother. So it's not a dream - rejoicing, she thought, and reached out to a member of his brother. Here's how it all happens, that's what shepchu4tsya senior student. Licking dick brother, she remembered the friend who was supposed to come today. Imagining it, it has become harder to work on a member. Everything is just beginning - she thought.

Unexpected continuation

One day, when I went to the headquarters of the company with Mary, I noticed that the cut of her dress so that opens up her legs while walking up to the thigh. I was delighted with the site discovered her nakedness, but noticed her belt for stockings and stockings themselves are worn more than the other business women. During our movement opened her legs more and more. I could not overcome the temptation of looking at these beautiful thigh. Eventually, Mary noticed it.
Looking straight at me, she asked how I find it. A little pause, I said that from the point where I'm just fine. Mary laughed, but made no attempt to cover their nakedness. After some time, we arrived at the scene. During this time, I was very excited by the sight of these beautiful charms, and when we walked through the park, it was clearly visible.
The meeting was a success, Mary and I answered countless questions. I was a bit worried how well will the way back. When we got to the car, Mary gave me the keys and I got behind the wheel. Along the way she responded to various calls on the phone, I watched the traffic on the road, an unusually large at this hour.
When we reached the end of the line, I turned to her to ask about something. What I saw put me in amazement. Mary sat in a half-turn to me, and her left leg under the right. Her legs were divorced in hand, and I saw that Mary was not wearing underwear. I lost control of himself when he saw the lips of her vagina, which was slightly ajar. I saw a deep entrance to her cave and nervously quivering clitoris. Looking up, I saw her hard nipples show through the white silk blouse. Then I looked into her eyes looking into the distance. It is very tempting at the time, and I thought a hundred would have to get to know her better.
Mary told me that if I'm worried about this behavior, it is my boss and can do whatever she pleases. I told her that I was covering the excitement when I see before me naked beautiful woman whether she is my boss or not. Then I noticed he did not want a special relationship to itself, but would give a lot to see her in this position.
During our conversation, I found out that Mary as well as I have three children, she is divorced and lonely. Until we reached our destination point, Mary had finished twice from his hands and once on my own.
We arrived late and asked Mary to sit a little bit with it. She put my hands on his chest. I caressed her full breasts and nipples, when she took off her blouse. Lowering his hand to my pants, Mary undid them and freed my protruding member. Seeing my 10 inch cock, she leaned over and swallowed it completely his beautiful mouth. Member of stopped somewhere deep in his throat. Mary was sucking my cock while I caressed her full breasts swollen, and my fingers were looking for the entrance to her pussy. I could not endure this torture for a long time, and my cock began issuing portion of sperm, filling her throat and mouth. Mary swallowed everything I gave her. Without stopping, Mary continued to suck my cock, while I continued to study her body, and two of my fingers slipped into her hot slippery anus. Mary climaxed when swallowed my cum for the second time, and my fingers gently penetrated her anus and a slippery furiously moved there.
After taking a rest, Mary said goodbye, telling me to come to her home on Saturday for a more detailed acquaintance. I quickly agreed, because we were supposed to meet in a more intimate setting. I said that I would certainly Saturday.
As soon as the approaching Saturday, my excitement grew in the anticipation of interest. By the time I knocked on the door of the house
Mary, my cock stood like a stake, bringing me a lot of suffering. I was in for a surprise, the door opened a daughter, Mary, so similar to his mother, I even confused. I could not conceal his astonishment when he saw what Nancy was wearing. She was wearing a short white silk nightgown, through which were clearly seen her full ripe breasts with protruding nipples.
Nancy asked me to enter, and led to the kitchen, where Mary was. During our trip through the house, I could not take my eyes off her beautiful legs and fantastic breasts. When I entered the room, Mary came up to me, hugged and kissed the lovely kiss. I stood and watched as her daughter looks at me appraisingly. Then she joined us, uniting kiss me first, and then with his mother, while she tried to touch my dick like a stone.
Nancy thanked her mother, and when she found out my dick, unbuttoned my pants. When Nancy learned out my 10 inch cock, her hand went to her mother's vagina and began to stroke his lips, while her mouth began to fondle my boyfriend. I unbuttoned her blouse and Mary began to kiss her breasts and protruding pink nipples. All these events are so excited me that soon my cock gave a large portion of sperm directly into the mouth and throat, Nancy. Nancy took a few sips, while her mother bent down and drained the last remnants of my agonizing member, not allowing not a moment to stop his daughter, exciting her pussy. After I was completely milked, Nancy and Mary kissed, licked my cum from their faces and lips.
Quickly assessing the situation, I asked Mary if we are alone, and where should we stay in, so I can fuck them both. She said that her son was in college, and 16-year-old daughter Tracy is about to come back and join us. We moved into Mary's bedroom.
When I took the stairs, I noticed that they were both excited that their soft cave just expired juice. I quickly caught up with them and put each into the vagina by fingers. In this state, we got to the bedroom. There, I said that they undress himself, and then they will do it with me. Everybody liked my idea, and Mary said that I started with Nancy. It is hoped that by the time their turn comes will return her youngest daughter Tracy.
I did not hide my dick in his pants, and he stood and was ready to fuck both mother and daughter. Mary lay on the bed, while I brought Nancy in the middle of the room and began to undress. I glanced furtively at Mary. She was beautiful in that moment. She lifted her blouse fully opened pink lips of her vagina and clitoris excited. Mary began to fondle himself, inserting two fingers of one hand in his cave. Her other hand gripped her right breast and nipple twisting excited.
I kissed Nancy and began to caress her full breasts through the thin silk of her nightgown, the hardness of her nipples excited to feel even through the material. I lowered my hands below its elastic ass and delicate cave. Reaching the edge of the shirt, I gently lifted her, revealing a thin slender figure. I fell mouth to her breasts, my tongue started to gently tickle the skin around the nipples, while my right hand reached for her crotch. Nancy reached down and took her hand in my swollen member. My two fingers gently slipped into her wet pussy, I began to nibble on her nipples, while my thumb tickled her clitoris.
I felt the first approximation in the evening Nancy orgasm and gently put her down on the carpet. Nancy began to squeeze her breasts and twisting her nipples, while my mouth fell to her crotch. I began to lick and suck her clit while my fingers her pussy borer, one of them got into her anus. It was too much for her, and Nancy has filled my face with her juices, finished right in my hands.
Mary helped me to move my daughter on the bed and began to fondle her crotch with her tongue. I pulled Mary out of bed, because she was following. But she stopped me, saying that I drew his attention to Tracy, standing in the doorway. She went quietly, while I was busy with the vagina of her sister.
I saw a tall brunette appetizing. In Treyti was a great figure for her 16-year-old. She looked at her mother, caressing Nancy. Her skirt was Zadran, a strip of little white panties were pushed to the side. The fingers of one hand rubbing the clitoris and the auger cave, while the other hand under the sweater was clutching his chest. Approaching her, I pulled her fingers from the vagina and began to lick her juices, putting her hand to his penis. Tracy moaned and squeezed my dick when I kissed her and began to caress his chest. I brought it to the middle of the room, he took off his sweater and my eyes appeared beautiful breasts, hidden only a thin bra. Her nipples were hard as a rock, and Tracy moaned when I squeezed them through the thin fabric. I stood behind her and undid her skirt, slipped from her beautiful body.
Tracy moved closer to me and started to caress my cock his beautiful pen. I took off her bra and clasped his hands cupped her breasts, lifted it to his mouth right nipple. I kissed her protruding pink nipples. Then my tongue moved between her breasts and lower along her body to the panties. I cupped hands halves of her ass and pressed it to his face. I pulled off her panties, the last barrier on the way to her cave. Kissing thighs, I spread her legs apart, spread the vaginal lips and began to lick and suck her wet clit. Tracy began to move toward my tongue, while I put a finger in her pussy, not for a moment stop to fondle her pink clitoris. Looking up, I saw how hard she squeezes her breasts and twisting her nipples, and I realized that Tracy on the verge of orgasm.
I pulled out my well-lubricated finger of her vagina and put it into her anus, while in its place put the other two fingers. It did the rest, and Tracy started moaning and twitching in a strong orgasm. She as well as her sister could not move after such a climax, and I carried her to the bed where Nancy and her mother caressing her swollen cave, watching our show. Now they kissed and rubbed Tracy as long as it is not returned to a sense of reality.
While they were doing this, I got to Mary opened her skirt and penetrated with two fingers into her pussy, while his thumb caressed her clit. This aroused Mary to the limit, and I picked her up from the bed to finish the last strip. Turning her face to her daughter, I dropped her blouse and wrapped his arms around her breasts, pinched her nipples between his fingers. At this time, Nancy, and Tracy watched the show and caressed her swollen breasts and caves. Returning to Mary, I took off her skirt, giving a general review on its expiring juices vagina.
I spread her legs apart, Mary bent down and his head slipped inside her cave. Mary stood up, and I began to caress her breasts and kissing her nipples. After a while, feeling the slight trembling of Mary, I sank to her knees and began to lick and suck her excited clitoris. My finger alternately walked on her pussy and anus. Mary had finished, she dropped all the way to the toes, imbued in her vagina and anus, and flooded me with his juice to loud moans.
I forced Mary to bend down so that her hands were on the floor. I spread the halves of her ass, while continuing to explore her vagina and anus. My tongue started licking
puckered ring of her anus, while three of my fingers parted her lips to the side cave, holding this treasure in daughters Mary Ferris. After a few minutes of petting, Mary finished again, and her juices flooded my arm and down her slender legs.
I helped Mary to the bed and put it between her daughters. I asked them to caress her a bit. I enjoyed the fact they were caressing the breast of Mary, teased her nipples, biting them, insert a finger into her swollen vagina, clitoris fingered pink. Mary had already regained consciousness, his hands held out in the caves of children each put fingers into the anus and vagina, fingering the little pink clits. All three of them began to moan and amicably left off, dropping down on the bed.
After some rest, the girls noticed that I was still clothed, and that my penis sticking out of his pants visited only in the mouth of Mary and Nancy. Mary took me to the middle of the room and began to unbutton my pants. Tracy and Nancy joined her. Nancy began to take off my shirt, while the nipples of her breasts rubbed against my chest. Tracy put her hand my cock and pressed her hot body beautiful in my side.
Mary knelt and deepthroat my cock her beautiful mouth, while Tracy parted halves of my buttocks and her tongue began to caress my anus. Nancy joined her mother, she took in her mouth my testicles and started to caress them so well that I almost went crazy with surprise. I could not endure this torture for a long time, and when Tracy finger penetrated my anus, I broke out the long jets of sperm directly into the mouth of Mary. Mary took a few portions of my sperm, and then, when Nancy reached my cock, gave it to her. Tracy also wanted to receive a portion of my sperm and put her head between my legs. My penis penetrated deep into her throat, and the remnants of my seed, and got it.
Having experienced the pleasure, I lay on the bed with still sticking member, staring into the air. Mary and her daughters moved to the bed and began to fondle my penis again. Since my cock was ready, Nancy and Mary helped Tracy put it in his cave. Nancy parted lips of her vagina, and 10-inch my cock, grasped his hand, Mary is easily penetrated into the narrow cave Tracy. Mary helped her daughter up and down on my cock, hard hodivshem in her narrow vagina. After a while, Tracy began to moan, and Mary said Nancy lowered her pussy on my face. I began to fondle her crotch and fuck her hole with his tongue. My fingers caressed her anus and finally got into it.
Mary is located between the daughters. She caressed the tongue clitoris Tracy, while Nancy's fingers moved into her vagina and anus. A few minutes later we began to turn to finish. First it made Nancy bay my face with her juices. It gave me a push and started issuing portion of sperm in the vagina Tracy, while already bivshy in orgasm. When Tracy got off my cock, Mary began to suck the juices out of her vagina and put an end at the hands of Nancy Drilling her vagina and anus.
Not without surprise, I noticed that my penis continues to stand as a small tree. This notice and the girls, and I was again in the field of their actions. At this time, Nancy sat down on my cock. She was more experienced than her sister, and after a while all of my 10 inches up to the eggs were in her vagina. I felt the added pleasure when Mary put two fingers into the anus and Nancy began to caress my cock through the wall separating the two holes. Mary took her fingers and helped Tracy to stay over my mouth. She then returned to their former occupation.

Katya (part 8: Monochrome orgy)

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And yet it was already late. Night had long since past midnight. Tree branches dark legs still dangling over the trio of girlfriends, and overgrown bush hiding their gatherings from prying eyes. But all the same, and it's time to say goodbye.
- Sleep longer want - stretched yawning Galya, lifting up her nose.
- Yes, sat up, - agreed and Katya, whose story struck by its fabulous girlfriends - but what else to expect from the city? They've probably all quite different than here in the village.
And zasobiralis girlfriend. First Galya fallen off the path which lay in the opposite direction. From the support she refused and on and said goodbye. Katya also with Verochka before leaving the abandoned park-garden came together, and on the outskirts, and they parted ways.
Then each of them went his way through the field, moonlit, among tall grass and sparse spruce ...
"Where's my scarf?" - About half way suddenly roused Katya, remembering how to come to a meeting with friends with a slight air scarf and, alas, is not found him. Question - back or not - was not in principle. Scharf was one of the status of the attributes belonging to the big city and big fashion, because its value has not been discussed.
Rushing his legs back, Katya flew field, jumped into the trees, tangled among the bushes, surprised, as in this darkness they are with friends anything seen, ran to the bench and immediately found a scarf that once flowed down to his shoulders and threw for shop.
Sighing with relief, Katya tied a scarf around his neck and not so hastily went back. The park was empty and soundless soundless ... with one exception - somewhere on the edge, is almost middle of the field, one of the spruce, Katenke first heard a slight noise, and then a sigh, was transformed into a muffled groan.
Fear and curiosity for some time struggled in Vera, yet curiosity got the better and she carefully wading awoke among young fir trees, finding immediately comfortable mestechno and looked closely at what is happening there, just meters twenty, for spruce, under the guise of high herbs and a separate overgrown trees and shrubs.
There were three and the moonlight sparkled on their bare skin. Seated in the dark like a huge box theater space, hidden from the prying eyes of thick branches of a young spruce, Katya could consider in detail the trio of naked bodies have long surrendered bodily pleasures. Their bodies glistened with sweat, face Bouguereau voltage or fell back into a soft trance, muscles tensed, swam in the wake of the full body motion and decreased again, filling and passing efforts towards the partner. The partner was not inferior in agility, resourcefulness and development of the body to their companions. Strong hands-developed torso, cubes press, pumped buttocks, legs raised and the ability to flex position, inaccessible to the unprepared person indicated on its sports equipment, making it the excitement of partners, and at the most only grew Katya.
Katya was on his knees, one hand relegating to the side branch and felt as a condition of her body is beginning to change from a simple curiosity and released into the blood small amount of adrenaline for quite different. She felt a light glow that slowly crept over the body, causing Katya covered with small drops of sweat, his lips immediately filled with light and moisture fell on her panties. Katya looked at three not gymnasts, not the black servants of the cult, who decided to arrange this moonlit night his holy ministry, and each pose, each graceful movement of these three developed in monochrome moonlight bodies causing envy and a desire to join.
Developed physically lady came out without any effort on the bridge, taking a gray phallus, swallowing them simultaneously with both lips, crumpling, he rotated pelvis pushed forward partner and at the same time swallowing, sucked and it seemed that it is not enough, then, that she was asked to put in his mouth. Katya moaned and immediately recollecting herself, covered her mouth with his hand. The hand was wet. It is its own moisture. Not realizing, carried away by what he saw, she did not notice how her hand slid down, he crept under her panties and fingers found all that and had to find - and bump, turned into a stone of medium size, and lustful lips, desired to close around something solid and warm, mobility and ability to give pleasure. Hand massaging the lips, squeezing them that there was force, painfully, to the frenzy, to the state whose Katya wanted to achieve, and a triple in the meantime changed its position, the lady is now hung on one of the partners, tightly clasping of feet around the waist and hands behind neck and her gray-colored, like the photograph of a professional artist, buttocks presented the spectacle, which even Katya came in ecstasy, again running his hand between her legs and pulling out one of the breasts and the light of day, immediately passing the nipple that his naughty lips.
A young lady is not just love, so to speak, its tortured. Buttocks uncovered what we wanted to show a couple of the labia majora, the two ridges to issue against the backdrop of a developed, without a drop of excess fat, the body. And then, for a long time without thinking, her partner, put on your beautiful body. And not just put on, quickly strung. Katya saw how beautiful head thrown back as her curly hair hung down waterfalls as lips parted in a light cry not drive without the pain and then it all changed to a furious gallop, initiated by her partner. Belle tossed up, goes down, lifts the, then sit down, accelerated pace, why it seemed - that's quite a bit more and it will tear apart, slowed to a state of light relaxation, and then partner passionately kissing her rapist, and again, and again, and again ... Katya lost through this wild leap, immersing yourself in if not all of his fingers barely, pushing aside her yet sufficiently narrow passage, feeling her own wet rivulets running down her own hand and falls to the ground.
From time to time the pair joined a third partner, a member of the beauty behind. Come in with ease, as if there it was so spacious, lubricated and easily accessible. Monochrome beauty immediately threw up four pairs of hands and two members, so much so that she flew, barely looking up from popping up on light heads of the night, and then the same two pairs of hands to sit down, pushed, forced her to return. The lady screamed. Not loud, but still enough to make these cries drifted up Katenkinogo asylum and led her into a deep state is inadequate. And it seemed to already Katenke flowing moisture, submerged a five fingers, torn lips and bitten nipples have both breasts, it seemed to her that it was her, that it is now tied for the four points, and all the same restless machines tearing her crotch, penetrated in the ass , hustle and fail in his mouth, and his hands, hands crumple, tormented and torn apart her chest, grabbing her waist, compress the chest, buttocks shifted ... and fuck, fuck, clatter, chpokayut, fucked ... t ...
Woke its sun. Spruce though defended its dense branches of it at night, but the morning sun managed to squeeze a couple of his ray of among them of spreading legs. Nearby lay discarded panties, lay torn neck scarf, chest and lower lips itched terribly and looked like a battlefield. I wanted to drink and I wanted to warm up ... And as creepy like a partner. Immediately. Even if it all. If only he could try to please her. And more to her now and did not need to ...

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Dense thickets of purple surrounded us on all sides. There were lying on the ground a lot of old cigarette butts, trampled and lost its original shape. My mother explained to me in a whisper that ran here often smokers as their shelter not disclosed and were not put here one of the nurses. And we have, by the way, noticed that their way here - he sat on a bench nearby, flipping through a magazine. His whole posture, especially elongated legs, saying that now he does not care at all, because there are only half an hour before lunch, and there will no longer change it.
Remembering the time, we too hurried.
I handed my mother a gray cloth bag where I put at its request, all he could hide from his father when he searched the apartment. Felt bag, mother smiled happily and immediately began to shove it up her skirt, exposing the grown thin legs to obscene heights. I was silent, not reminding her about it because he did not want to disappoint and, besides, I liked my mother's legs. I looked at them as long as did not seem familiar to mole on her hip, and then turned away. Fingers parted the leaves of lilac, I saw that the orderly is still here - he just laid his legs crossed.
- Done! - Whispered my mother, and I looked at her.
She changed in the last six months, while we did not allow it! When she appeared at the end of a long corridor, I wondered - how much they have left of my mother that I knew so well? Her shuffling sounds dull echo under the high ceilings were quite unlike the flying gait, which she used to come home from work. And then, when I saw her face, he almost cried, because I really missed. But I restrained myself then.
- Sasha! - My mother's voice suddenly trembled. - Son .. Give me a little bit right here ..!
I shook my head, biting his lower lip. The doctor taught me what to do if such a situation arises. And I moaned inside - out loud, smooth, like a hungry cow; and all that I was not supposed to hear, passed by the ears.
But my mother could not miss such an opportunity, and by your words went straight to the point. Her nimble hands quickly found a thick belt of my trousers and with a hungry determination began to torment the buckle.
Again I shook my head and felt the metal whistle around his neck, gave me at the entrance. Whistle if anything - it was now my duties, I certainly took advantage ... to be. If not for the indifference medic, who was sitting a few meters away from us and who did not care for all of my and my mother's suffering. I gripped the cold metal whistle, and at that moment my mother finally got to my crotch.
To say that she was very happy, to say nothing. It is quite growled and pressed her mouth to boldly leaning out the phallus. Sucking it always skilfully and cool, and even many months of therapy in this institution could not make him forget the obedient tongue and swollen lips. In Spyware silently she made me fellatio, and I out of habit began to "fly." But teperyashnih situation it was dangerous, so I gently but firmly pulled from the mother herself.
- We are caught, mom! - I whispered, and she nodded her head knowingly.
- But I'll be back soon! - Immediately reassuring I promised. - Or you have to write out this time ...
She smiled weakly and stood up. And while she shakes stuck cigarette butts and the ground, I stared at the deep cut hospital gown, where the big, exciting, beautiful mother's breasts were grossly hidden behind a special shirt. I wanted them potorogat not dare.
We came out of the bushes and went to the side entrance, where we are already impatiently waiting for the nurse to the list. The orderly was gone from the bench, after leaving only spitting on the pavement. A grimace of disgust, I carefully carried my mother to the porch, where it was immediately picked up the medical staff and pulled into a dark gloomy building, which sported a sign: "The clinic incest. 100% recovery. "
The last time I saw my mother's hair fluffy hair and waved his hand in the empty space in the closing door. Silence fell on me, made my hands clench into fists. But then he heard footsteps behind, and I turned around.
A tall, slightly stooped woman, led by the hand full woman of about forty. The stern woman's face was sad, and trod it firmly, resolutely sentenced to death.
- Well, Mom, - she said - here we are ..!


The service ended with the Pope and we were ready to go home. Dad and - lovers. I - six years, and when I lie in bed, my father loves me everywhere stroking and kissing my pussy and then I kiss this piece of his. I love it when it becomes solid and fills my whole mouth, and then ... and then again ... and my father's juice spreads in my mouth!
Today we will play a few father's friends. I never wondered why the pastor always seeing me, as if by chance, stroked my ass. Perhaps he is really like, especially when I wear his favorite pants. He pats them everywhere tickles me. Today I wore them specifically for him. Still, we are going to join Mr. Johnson and Mr. Kay.
For me light sweet yellow dress, yellow panties that are so fond of our pastor, stockings like Mary Jane. I brushed her hair in two small tail like a pig. Dad likes to keep me for tails when he puts his thing to me in the ass. I like it too. This piece is very large, and when the pope descends, I have all the inside is filled with juice Dad, oh-oh-oh, it's so nice!
"This is - my daughter Angela" - my father said, and I smiled uncles.
The pastor leaned over to me and patted my head and said:
"Hi, Angela. You're ready to have some fun?"
I answered:
"Yes!" - And I saw how this thing the pastor increases under apparel and become as big as the other men.
We went into a playing room where the floor was scattered a large number of pillows here and there. Immediately everyone started to touch me, kiss me and stroked inside my panties. Dad stood behind me, dropped his pants and began to play himself. "Oh, I love to watch my little angel playing with other people. Come and play well with them in this sweet game!" I smiled and dad climbed into his pants to the pastor. His penis was very big and was ready to release the seed, but the pastor stepped back, and then Mr. Johnson buried his face me directly in my pants!
"Angela, lower the zipper of your teeth!" - He hissed and pushed my face his crotch.
I was a bit scared before I never did, but my dad nodded, permitting, and I started. I took the zipper teeth and pulled it down. I liked the sound - ziiiip!
"Ooh, girl, now you get a big load!" - Mr. Johnson said, and then his cock popped out of his pants.
I took him in his arms and kissed him. I felt him tense and began to stroke him with her fingers along its entire length. Then, without warning, Mr. Johnson pushed his penis into my mouth! And I began to caress him.
"Oh, suck it, little minx. Yes, like that. Your dad told us a lot about your mouth, sweet little girl." - Mr. Johnson began to breathe deeply, but a member of his mouth did not take out.
I started to move his lips back and then forward, as it is I do best, I felt that soon, soon ... again! I felt again, again, again! - All inside, all in my mouth! These wonderful cream crammed my mouth! They are such wonderful taste!
"Oh, God, what a wonderful little sosalka you!" He took another deep breath, and the last time deeply stuck his penis in my mouth.
While this was happening, I saw the pastor, speaking with the Pope. I thought I heard the word "fuck" and pussy, so I knew he wanted me. After I swallowed the last drop of semen Mr.
Johnson, pastor picked me up and put on some pillows.
"My God, your daughter is amazing" - Mr Johnson said the Pope, at the time when the pastor was about to enter into me.
Before my dad to thrust his fingers and sometimes my mother's plastic toy pieces, but never before has there been such a nice big live rooster. I looked at my father, but he smiled and comforted me.
"You can do it."
"I'm going to lick you, a little wet angel I'll lick you through your little nice little panties!" - Said the pastor.
I soon forgot all my fears - I felt his tongue on her panties and round too. I jerked and began to push his hips closer to the person of Pastor. I still feel Mr. Johnson juice in his lips, and I was even more excited. Then I noticed Mr. Kay, who knelt in front of me. His cock was like a rock, and my mouth was waiting for him.
"Here it is beautiful. Suck it, suck, suck".
Everyone laughed, as he began to play with me, then poked a member of my mouth, and sank deep into his mouth. I soon got used to it and began to lick a member when he was outside and podglatyvat his code, he was far away in my throat. I love sucking male members and feel in the mouth the taste of semen. I felt especially by the fact that the pastor of our church so sweet sucking my little pussy. And the fact that there were other men, too. Mmm, but the sperm - is the most beautiful!
At that time, when I sucked Mr. Kane, I felt that the pastor began to pull off my panties. He was still licking my pussy, and I was already really wet.
"Oh, little angel, it seems to me, are you ready to receive me," - He took a deep breath and pulled out his gun.
He carefully put it to my wet pussy and made sure my ass lifted enough that he could enter me.
"Now you can enjoy that generosity, I will reward you now" - he said, and plunged it.
I did not scream, but felt as if I had everything cut. I lifted her hips and began to move them as fast as she could. Mr. Kay was so fascinated by this spectacle, which became a member of the move in my mouth faster and faster.
"Come to me, got it all, little angel!" - Moaned pastor.
And he got it! His cock almost completely fit me, but I felt that it there were more and more. Deeper and deeper he sank into me, and now I have moved with him. At that moment, when I went down, the two men began to bleed. The pastor wanted to see his sperm and therefore pulled out his penis and get down on my pussy and ass. Mr. Kay began to finish my "angelic" face. I took his penis in his hand and smeared his semen on the face itself.
"Daddy, Daddy, look, they all obspuskali me!"
"Yeah, baby, yeah. You like it?" - He said and hugged me.
He did not mind to see cum on my face. I nodded at him and whispered:
"Now, let's show them what I'm really capable of." - I said, and giggled.
In the corner was a special children's bench, and she's been prepared for me. I lay down on it, and my dad pulled me back panties and tied his hands with rope.
"Lord For your entertainment, I imagine anal show with Angela!" - He said the pope and everyone clapped.
After the Pope was convinced that my hands are tied, and skin-tight panties my ass, my father began to show.
"Angela, you are entertained today with men?" - Dad asked.
"Yes, Dad ..." - I said, feigned a frightened voice and tried to move his arms and a little pohnykat.
"Are you enjoying all these members, and each of them has left his seed in you?" - He asked angrily and slapped me on the ass, because I did not answer.
"Yes ... yes dad I loved it when these people were finishing me." - I said, and my head dropped to repent.
"Hmm, a call girl who does that? And Angela? How?" - He demanded the pope.
Quietly, only that we could hear, I whispered - "Uh .. well .. a whore."
"How?" "Whore, Daddy."
"That's right. A whore. Do you know what a whore like you get?" - Dad slapped me again, but this time not so much.
"Yes, Dad, I know" - I whimpered, but it was only a game.
"So what?"
"I want to get your penis in her ass, Dad."
"You mean, what do you want, what would I put my dick in your ass?"
"Well, then say it!" - And dad slapped me three more times, and then got a hand into her panties. There was already wet.
"I wish that you would put his dick in my ass."
"Well, you get it" - and he walked behind me said.
I felt his fingers on her panties and heard crackling. The breeze from the torn panties tickled my pussy. I knew that the men watching me, never forget this sight. In fact, I heard them playing with themselves.
"Gentlemen, come closer to this slut Angela" - and all three men came to me from the front.
"And now, slut Angela while I expand a small hole of your ass with his cock, I want to, no, I demand that you could suck a member of each of these people, like a little whore, what you actually are." - After he said this tirade, I felt a huge cock my dad came into my butt to the ground.
"Do you like your dad as a member moves in your small children's ass?" - I nodded and felt that the first term entered my mouth. Even though my hands were tied, I could still get in by every member. My fingers began to move them up and down.
"Hold on, little slut. Now you get all of my cock in her sweet ass!" - Dad gasped and began to push in even deeper inside me a member.
First I sucked Mr. Johnson, but suddenly I felt like the pastor pushed my face to his cock, and then Mr. Kay slipped me his. All three men simultaneously wanted to shove their cocks in my mouth, but of course they could not do it. At that time, my father had to back his six-year daughter, three men turn their cocks shoved in my mouth.
"Oh, so I'm coming, my baby!" - Dad shouted, and I soon felt his wonderful juice, overflowing my ass!
Since Dad filled me from behind, all three men began to do the same on my face and in my mouth. I was all just soaked it pleasant juice. Mmm, I hope we will soon be able to play again.

Prostitute on request

I'm a prostitute, and now it no one will be surprised, half the country takes the "honorary" position, but I wonder, since the choice of my profession is not due to material difficulties and the physical and the psychological needs. So what is "high", think for yourself.
Eight o'clock in the evening, the time of collection, the most important thing to define who I am today: an experienced slut, that slut in an appropriate outfit in the appropriate coloring, and most importantly with the appropriate vocabulary or elite confused, and perhaps least interesting role: inexperienced girl fated the remaining one on the street at night.
Today I'm a whore, with the one who will take me to fuck no more than a hundred (rubles, of course). The first thing that I do not wear panties, my firm buttocks barely covers her skirt with a smell incredible poisonous yellow and fall out from top tits incredible size. Red lipstick color nix fully complete the picture.
I go out into the street, fresh breeze caressing my crotch in his heart the sweet excitement, the anticipation of new sensations are not forgettable.
Voice, raising his right hand, and the ride up blouse, exposing upside upturned nipples, squeaking brakes, that's my first client. Question breaks from his lips as naturally as in our every breath of oxygen to the lungs gets:
-Young people do not want to have sex with?
-And give up the ass? Sounds question quite natural for the person who utters it, it's still a young man, almost a boy, it is obvious who took a car from the Pope for the night ride, perhaps even without permission, but how much arrogance in his boyish voice and how lit up the lust of his beautiful eyes . Well, I think, have some fun.
-For you, anything can and suck.
-Fuck you, you think I'm going to stick my dick in your filthy mouth, me, any girl will do blowjob zabesplatno and even pay extra, but in the ass, I have no one fucked. Sit in the back seat, whores, I can not stand, but it was too I want you to plant.
The evening promises to be fun, remember once served me the company of such youngsters, there were three or four, I do not remember exactly, but then I innocent girl pretended to, and represent me all this clean, little white dragged into the car, these assholes and right there , in the back seat are beginning to fuck the most perverse ways, still made blowjob traffic cops do that we did not stop in time, the rod stuck in the ass, even the guys we had fun, really well paid.
We left the city, the place is quiet deserted, the road turned into the clearing, the trees, the birds are singing, romance, and only.
-Come out, pulling off the rags himself behind cancer and machines stand up.
I unconditionally obeyed.