My first experiences of undressing in front of strangers occurred at home, and the objects of my exhibitionism were boys 6-7 years. I also wanted to try to show himself to girls. Such an opportunity came to me when I was 15 years old. That summer to visit us began to drop my second cousin sister. Diana (name changed for obvious reasons) was that time of year 4. Naturally, it came not one, but with his mother or grandmother.
As in my previous experiments, our parents had a nice conversation in the living room, not paying us attention. The difference was only in the fact that due to appreciable differences in age, we would like to Diana had nothing to do with. Therefore, Diana led not to visit me, but just took with them, so that it does not remain alone at home. Therefore, in his first visit to us, Diana was just sitting in the living room, and this time I was lying on the bed in his room and read.
Why I decided to strip it before Diana, but not to someone of his other sisters? Firstly, in the case of her circumstances were quite successful. Houses in the day it was just me, Diana, my mother and her grandmother, and no one bothered us. Secondly, the nature of Diana was quite playful and naughty girl, and she immediately supported the game imposed by me. But both before and after the events described here, I tried to undress in front of his other sisters, but these attempts were unsuccessful.
In any case, the day lying on the bed with a book in hand, I suddenly noticed that Diana roams the corridor and looked into the room. From the living room came the rhythmic hum of voices of parents. I guessed that she just got bored and she decided to find yourself some interesting occupation. In my mind quickly I born of action.
I put the book down, and getting out of bed, walked along the corridor. Diana at this point returned to the living room. I mentally cursed himself for being slow. Standing in the corridor, I waited, listening to the voices from the living room. At this point, Diana left the room again, heading in my direction.
I quickly turned and walked toward the bathroom. When he reached his door and turning corner of my eye, I said that Diana should be me. Then I quick movement pulled off his pants and underpants and pretended that I was going to go to the toilet. Suddenly I turned "surprised" the presence of Diana:
- Oh! Diana! What are you doing here? And I was going to go to the bathroom ... Oh, I'm no panties!
Then I made a stupid and confused expression on his face and pulled his pants. At the same time, I continued to stand with his back to Diana. Just my naked ass was right in front of her face. Diana looked treated me without saying a word. Until I suddenly realized that she was still a child and I was afraid that she may not be able to react. In the end, it can be even and did not understand what was happening and did not realize the situation.
- Diana, I'm so ashamed, you probably saw my bare ass ... - I said, as if probing the soil.
hearing the word "ass"Diana smiled. That smile provoked a storm of emotions in me. Firstly, I am partly reassured. Diana responded quite well. Secondly, I'm terribly anxious to grab his penis and began to masturbate right there, in front of her. But I restrained myself and saying something like: "Oh what a shame, oh what a shame, please do not tell anyone, do not tell anyone ..."I went to my room. Diana just walked into the living room.
Then I stiffened, listening to the voices coming from the living room. I was afraid that she would tell her parents about what she had seen me naked. In this case, I had an excuse in store: "Well, this is your restless Diana! I climbed to the toilet, when I began to undress!". However, nothing happened. Diana did not say anything to anyone. On the contrary, a few minutes later I again heard her footsteps in the corridor.
This time I decided to go ahead. Once again heading to the toilet, and making sure that it was me, I pulled off his pants and opened the door went to the toilet. Without closing the door behind him, I was standing with a deflated shorts over the toilet, back to the door, pretending to write. Of course, neither of which "writing" speech could not be. My penis, swollen to enormous size sticking almost straight up.
Stroking him, I slowly began to rotate around its axis. When I completely turned my flushed and ready to burst from the strain member was just on Diana's face level. She stood in the open doorway and otrvyvayas looked at my penis. Again I started the "the old record":
- Oh, Diana! You're here again? Oh! Where are you looking at! I wrote here .... Oh! I have the same pipe naked!
Then I began to pretend to try to cover his shame with his hands. However, I do, however, "could not". I spent a long time, hiding "naughty" Member of his hands and saying: "Oh how I feel ashamed, do not look at Diana, please!". Diana watched the whole process with great interest. Finally, her lips played a smile. It affected me like a red rag to a bull. Unable to hold back any longer, I shut the bathroom door, and remained within a single, finished sperm fountain splashing the toilet and even the walls.
Catching his breath and wiped his semen traces of toilet paper, I quietly sneaked into her room and shut the door. Diana was not there, it seems, was in the living room. I listened to the voices of parents. Finding no change intonation or some other suspicious factors, I calmed down. Diana again not told.
I can not get out thoughts of what had happened out of my head. I just showed the little girl his penis! From these thoughts, I wound up again. My cock throbbed and stood up. I wanted to continue the job.
Opening the door, I went out into the corridor. Diana probably waiting for me at the door of the living room, because she immediately appeared at the other end of the corridor. I went to the toilet, and going up and closed the door behind him. This time I wanted to do things a bit differently. Hurried down pants, I sat on the toilet facing the door and spread her legs wide.
He pulls the door I let it unfold itself. Old wooden door creaked open. At the same time, I pretended that I was looking somewhere to the side. Diana stood in the doorway. After waiting some time, and allowing her plenty enough of my wealth, I "I noticed" her and oyknuv once again, he reached out and closed the door.
Massaging aching from the strain member and after waiting about five seconds, I repeated all over again. "Accidentally" open the door, Diana, would consider my dick, I "notice" it closes the door. This was repeated several times. Until finally, Diana did not opened the door herself, and was not included in the toilet.
I did not expect such activity on her part. A little taken aback by what is happening, I have again rattled about that as I am ashamed, and hid his hands behind his back, arched legs trying to cover member. Diana also came close to me and leaning his hands on my legs, spread them and stared at my cock. In surged a new wave of excitement. The little girl, my legs apart, arrogantly considered my penis while I whisper asked her to stop.
Now the next orgasm. I again had to expel her from the toilet. Leaning back against the door, so she opened it again, I came for the second time.
On this day, the adventure was no more. I'm too exhausted ... 2 orgasms to undertake new attempts to demonstrate his body that day.
In the summer of that year, Diana brought to us a few times. Her presence affected me as a Viagra tablet. I completely lost his head and was taken to undress completely forget about caution. Fortunately, I managed to keep all of his actions secret. Diana is fully seated into the role Watcher. She openly stared at me, bringing me a lot of pleasant moments.
I adapt to different scenes with disguises. So I again "I go to the toilet"Then I had "urgent change"When Diana was in the room. Every time Diana would find me naked member, and I asked her not to tell anyone about it.
One day I was emboldened to the point that fully undressed when Diana came out into the corridor and went into the bathroom, closing the door tightly. I spun in the shower, taking a variety of poses, while Diane looked at me, put his head through the open door. Parents can go out into the corridor at any moment and to see it in the bathroom doorway. I got out of the bath and run it inside, closed the door. I could not stand it any longer and started to masturbate right in front of her. After a few hand movements, my cock shot sperm. Ejaculation Diana caught off guard. Her eyes widened in surprise. And I got one of the most powerful orgasms of my life.
Since then, I began to finish with her. In one of the subsequent visits of Diana, I had a cold and was lying in bed. Entering the room, I found Diana "sleeping". I was lying on his side and slightly opened odyalo bares my groin and my proudly erect penis. Through narrowed eyes I saw how Diana came to the bed and stared at my cock, then a little pause reached out and touched a finger to the head. It was beyond my strength. Kochil I think one of the children's touch pen.
Our "novel" Diana lasted all summer. Then began my studies, Diana's parents came to us in the morning or afternoon, and I was at that time in school. True, we are faced with it a few times, visiting relatives, but there were too many people, and I have not ventured to undress there. If I were given and the cases show a member of Diana, they were so fleeting that they are not worth remembering.
Then the father and mother Diana moved to work in another country, and I have not seen her for 3 years. Our next meeting took place when I was 18 and she was 7.
When I learned that Diana and her parents came to stay for a month to the grandmother, and they are going to visit us, I have mastered the different feelings. On the one hand I am afraid that at this time I just do not get out and I finally disgraced before the whole family. On the other hand, my cock instantly hardened, and his head filled with memories of the events of those days.
Sunday afternoon they came to us. Diana grew. It was not nesmyshl¸ny child, and yet small, but understand perfectly the girl.
As usual, the parents were in the living room, and we talked with Diana in my room. I asked her about how they live in a new place. She told me something, but her eyes occasionally slipped on my shorts, lingering on the very spot where I under the influence of her gaze was already beginning to be drawn mound.
- Can I ask you about something? - Suddenly I asked Diane and smiled apologetically.
- Yes, of course ... - my voice trembled. I guess what now will be discussed.
- Remember when I was little, you showed me their tune? - Diana asked. Her eyes stubbornly looked at my shorts bump.
- Yes ... I remember ... - swallowing saliva, I said, - But it's not, I did not show it to you. You were such a minx that she spied on me.
Until that moment we had never discussed our game. Now the situation has changed a bit. 4-year-old Diana silently stared at and even touch my personal belongings. 7-year-old Diana was ready to talk about it. I asked her if she did not tell anyone about this. She said no. She spoke the truth. I could see it in her eyes.
- And you can show me its tune again? - Diana asked, smiling again. It was evident that she was a little shy about his desire.
Of course I could show her a little, I was ready to rip off his shorts and let her fondle and touch his "tune" as much as she wants. I would fully and completely hers. I wanted her to be my mistress, and ordered me to undress.
- And you will not tell anyone about this? - Just in case I asked.
- I promise
I took off my pants and stood in front of her at attention. Her eyes lit merry twinkle. She was clearly pleased with his power over me.
- Can you show me your pussy? - Now, I already asked.
I imagined how I lick her virgin sch¸lku and I have dark eyes. Blood pounded in my ears. As in a dream I heard her answer:
- But I have the same little pussy ...
- Just a little?
- Yeah ... not so much like you ...
- Show me all the same, please ...
She suddenly lifted her dress and panties pushing for a fraction of a second it seemed to me his sch¸lku. I have not had time to see.
- Can I touch it? - I asked again.
I stood with a deflated shorts and sticking member in his hand, and Diana was standing in front of me, smiling stupidly.
- No...
- Oh, please ... I once touched a finger ...
I took a step in her strontium. Suddenly Diana loudly shouted:
- No! NO! Nooo! - She shouted even louder, moving away from me.
Diana screamed pretty loud and I was afraid that her parents will cry in the room. At the same time something unusual was this cry, something that excited me. I started with the power to drive his hand over his penis and quickly reached orgasm. When he finished, I turned away from the Diana and grabbed a scarf from a chair, finished it, and then quickly pulled the pants and shorts.
I still do not know why is it no one heard the cry. If her or my parents came to this point in the room, I could not explain his behavior. At that moment I was determined to stop all their further adventures of Diana. I really was frightened.
Diana soon left again. We saw her later, but I did not dare to do more than anything, and she no longer speaks to me about what happened.

My job (continued)

Spelling author maintained
After six months, I became beremenoi, my husband thought it INTO UTB is a child, but he oshybalsya. Eto was a child of the boss, but I'm about to say Babe nemogla nicks. It remained INTO he my husband. When the boss found out I was pregnant, he INTO bolshii svoei palkoi not poked in the pussy and fingered her interpretation Paltz. He popped his Paltz my pussy, putting me on the sofa, who was standing in his office. A pile began to stick to poke me in the ass. At first he did UTB carefully, I lay down on his back, he put up a board or a skirt, pulled down my panties, rast¸gival blouse and started over the bra to knead my breasts. He squeezed them how to handle odnoi and drugoi my pussy fingered, popped Paltz in the vagina, where they cool. Then he removed my breasts out of her bra and began to twist the nipple. Then I bred legs removed his pants and started poking me in the ass. Ass I smeared the cream kokim svaevo began. And little by little began to take place in the ass. I have not talked to the chief Nichev, interpretation INTO did everything he told me. I UTB was nice and I did not tell him anything, otdovat him completely. And now he finished me in the ass. Bolshii I liked when he came into my vagina.
It took another few easy months, beginning uvelichivatsa my chest, my stomach grew. Every morning now is not enough to show him the panties, I had now fully razdevatsa, povorachivatsa before him, he oschyupival my stomach, breasts twitching in pussy finger zasovival and still camera where it took. And when I undressed and dressed all the time he was shooting me. I have something very nenravitsya. But he bolshii fucked me, and he is sitting rasmatrivaya me masturbate. I think he liked me so. After all, he was unmarried and pregnant women because the Beautiful town.
Poslednyi came a day before going on maternity leave. New secretary came to my place and I became ei, all show, where are what UTB documents and INTO have to do with them. As they say ei pass his place. INTO happened with the chief ex Nichev I did not say it just me kazhetsa itself should learn obovs¸m, koneshno if the boss wants UTB. The new secretary invited a Damo, I said INTO come, but popozhe. I finish the job, the boss vizvat to him. Well, UTB tva¸ etoi last day of work, and I give you hochyu shtoto. He put on the table a box for quite bolshii. Eto your gift. I razvezala box and opened it. It was designed to lower Bele beremenoi women. There was a bra spetsyalnyi for child feeding, he was very krasivyi. When it was necessary to feed the baby from single breast, and the second will zakrytoi. Also there were panties. They were also spetsialnye and strap poderzhkoy abdomen. Chef has become due and become podoshol room. Rastegnul buttons moei Dresses for pregnant women, she took it and began my rast¸givat livchik. He took off his drooping breasts, they began to knead and stroke my stomach. Then the hand skolznula my panties and started to rub my clit. I feel relaxed and he told me shtob sevodnya sat on the table. I went to the table, but the boss hands of the panties did not remove me. And I went to a handle that was lying on my pussy. He helped me zabratsa on the table, sat down and he spread his legs into my hand, scissors cut my panties. Now I was sitting on a table made bare, he started kissing my nipples, I felt so good. My husband and I as well as the nebyvaet sevodnya with shefo. Then I laid on the table, took the scissors and began Stritch hairs on my pussy. I said shtob etovo he did INTO INTO husband says. And he said shtob husband said butoh was a doctor and he told Stritch there. So he vows me, then I took the camera and took my tacos. Then I get up and put on Velez evo donated items. I stood up with TNT, took her bra and began to put it on slowly, and the chief was shooting all the time, then put on her panties out of the box, he lifted the board up from the floor and put her. So once again I was odetoi, the chief put the camera podoshol BR, hands obgladil me all. Then podoshol to the table and from the table finished off another box nebolshoy. Eto you open your home, and even gave me ETU video cassettes. Eto shtob have not scored, he said, and kissed me, and I left Domo.
On the way, he came to New secretary to visit. She put the cartridges in her hand, took off his coat. She noticed ETU cartridges and asked INTO there, I jokingly replied INTO wedding. And she stuck shtob I showed her. Since her husband nebylo home, I thought, let dialed experience and gave ex cartridges. She inserted it into the vcr and included. He came with tub and sat on the sofa. When the first shots went she saw INTO UTB is not a wedding, and there I was with the boss. I'm also looking at the ETU cartridges pervyi times, and I was also very interesting. She looked at me, but not Nichev said continued to watch her. Suddenly I pochyustvovala INTO her hand and turned me on the leg and began little by little to the top shevelitsa. I do not Nichev said, and continued to look dalshe. The hand stroking my leg and rising all the time Viseu, since I did not Nichev she grew bolder. She looked at me, I'm on it, and we both understand each other. Continuing smotre hand crawled under my skirt and began stroking my pussy, rose Viseu and was on his stomach. He began his stroke, then said, take off your board, pozhalsta. I looked at her, got up and rastegnula pugavki, board slid to the floor, I stayed in shorts that gave my boss and bra. She looked at me, then at the TV. It's sevodnya removed, I nodded my head, sat down, she slid to the ground and okazala peredomnoi. In each apartment voshol her husband, and if not the country right into the room where I was sitting. I was scared, wanted prikritsa than realties, but she said she does not scare and feel relaxed. Her husband poshol into another room, and after a pause nebolshoi prishol us. He sat down next to somnoi, began stroking my belly, my body shiver, rastegnul bra and began to knead my breasts, and then another. The nipples become hard and swollen, and she crawled into my panties and began to handle Paltz fumble on moei crotch. Paltz reached the ass, my legs parted to the side, but it has become a pull off my panties and they had to close again. When the panties were removed then it spread my legs as much as possible shyre, pussy was already bald. She began to get into Paltz nutria, and her husband, meanwhile, started kissing my breasts, nipples became pokusivat. He is one nipple into his mouth, then drugoi, I began to bite their teeth. I was so pleased to UTB, and she got up and went to the wang. From there, I bring a towel, put it under moei ass shtob neispachkala sofa, as I have already flowed as it should. She sat down on the floor and began to lick my pussy and a finger in the ass became probiratsa, cream nebylo no hard and finger his way. I started to moan as it should have one hand I poimayu her head and was creeping slightly potalkivat and drugoi wanted zales tusiki him, but I could not make UTB. Since I kryknula and finished, orgasm was dovolno dlinyi. And mokroi pussy was right, she told me to lick her kazhetsa underachieving. I weakened, and they changed places. Now she began to fondle my breasts, and he began to pull at my pussy Paltz. Then what is hard and cold began to climb inside. When I lifted my head and looked at the table was a box of which I was the chief of Podor, otkrytoi she was, and her husband is new secretary was holding metalicheskyi vibrator. He dipped it into my pussy, I saw UTB and my body shiver again, my body a wave of pleasure rise again. I put my head on the extremities and Sophie bolshii nesmotrel INTO they do. A vibrator is immersed all the time with me, there was all wet and he perfectly skolznul. When it was loaded as it is necessary to me they started to twist to the side, so it was perfect, especially INTO nipple she jerked Paltz, teeth biting, I bolshii nemogla zderzhatsa and so finished INTO disconnected completely.
When woke up, they were frightened. They were afraid, because I was beremenoi until the end of pregnancy ostovatsya not so much. But when I woke up they became trahatsa between sobo and I ostovalas ... shall be construed as nablyudatelnitsa. Odohnuvshis I got up and went vanuyu room. I had a little pomitsa but new secretary went somnoi together. I stood there and she had me soap. Then towel vitiryala. Pochli in komnotu and became odevatsa, dressed, I said goodbye and went to Domo.
That's the story happened with mnoi. Someone may not believe it, then you do not like me. My life is like, and I like it nravitsa.

Film II. Continued ...

This looseness in the intimate life could not last long without radical changes. Elena stronger like various innovations and diversity in sex. I, in turn, more and more interested in her adventures, the process of monitoring the fucking etc. Naturally I did not refuse, and only where it was possible to use the right of her husband, and sometimes walked about the left ...
Gradually, and very strange to me, Helen became alienated. This was all the more surprising because I could imagine that with such a freedom it does not cost anything to let me know about their new adventures, and where possible to give and I "feast" and eye and deed. But it so happened. It has become a frequently absent from home and less likely to stay with me for a single or spending time with me in the company and give "simul" In my presence. Sometimes it some days not even sleep at home!
One day, I received by mail a videotape that was a surprise for me, because I did not order! Naturally inserting it into the VCR I almost from the first scene realized that it pornushnaya videotape, which ... in the title role (ie in a few episodes) was shot by none other than my beloved wife! As soon as she did not get up on the screen and how only by the amount ... Suddenly, the front door bell rang, and I was thinking that it was she - my wife went to open the door, not even bothering to stop the videotape. But it turned out to be the mother of Elena, who came to visit us. She was about 40 (or over 40), but it looked fine. Slightly more complete, with large breasts held high, and a huge, neobhvatnoy ass. It quickly became clear that Ellen is not home, she went into the room (without asking) and without visible stared at the screen. I was confused at the entrance to the room and saw the only television angles. Irina (as her name) after standing for several minutes became visibly nervous and shifting from foot to nogy - she still stood. Then she resolutely took the chair and put it in front of him and turned his back to me began to lift her skirt underneath ... nothing! From where I could see the dumbfounded bare ass my wife's mother, I hide behind the TV. It was cancer so a dozen seconds, leaning on the chair arms. Finally, she broke down and said loudly enough: "Well you stand? Come on, start!" I just ofigel .. Mechanically pulled off his pants, and I myself were surprised obnarzhuil vyprygnuvshy stake sticking out a member - he reacted quite adequately and in their own way! Fast approaching, I made out the juice oozing out of her cleft, and not becoming to spend more time on idle speculation and observation, a member brought to her vagina began to enter. To my surprise, a woman of this age was rather narrow pussy, even longer than my wife. When I went Irina moaned, and that I was very surprised at all, as you can see, she began to stop at the first my frictions. Her ass swayed to the beat of my movements, which was very nice for me. I Participation movement, which caused quite loud groans, and after a few seconds, Irina had finished very violently and shouting, I strongly podmahivaya sovey ass. Moisture from it is no longer dripping, and much dripping on the floor, and for some reason I wanted to try this moisture is so soposobom. I stopped and pulled out a member of her pussy, which caused a groan of displeasure, because she felt that I had not brought the matter to an end, but I'm not giving her a chance to say something quickly dropped to his knees, and began first to catch his mouth falling drops - for this she watched through the hands, which rested on a chair, and then I stared at her lips, of course sex! I've been licked this already clean, plump pussy, from which it did not decrease in the flow of liquid, and in the end, Irina moaned again and said quite clearly: "I want you! I want you back inside me!" And I fulfilled her wish is ... When I finished, she joined me for the fourth time, with a loud groan, still strongly cling to my twitching and pours sperm member. Then she quickly turned to me and, kneeling, efficiently, quickly licked my cock. Then he stood up quickly, accurately recovered, straightened hair, and said nothing more, just walked away ... and kaaseta still going on - and there began the most interesting - the climax, when six guys on triples do everything they want with my wife.
Returning from work the next day, I opened the door, and from the doorway he heard loud moans and cries coming from our bedroom. I was very surprised, because nothing was negotiating with Helen. Quietly put his bag and walked through the office to the bedroom (not to go down the hall, where you can meet someone). Carefully opening the door, I looked in komntau. There on our bed for two men "writhed" my dear little wife!


The door opened cautiously.
- Can?
Vadim reluctantly closed transactions disclosed in the middle "Playboy" and he looked up. At the door, huddled two still very young creation. Pretty brunette with big brown enormous eyes and haircut a la Mireille Mathieu and piquant blue-eyed blonde, downright radiant children's purity and innocence. Both were not bad shape and the legs from the ears. Tidbit, no worse than girls Hefner.
- We need fellow outbuildings.
At the word "friend" Vadim chuckled, but then still give birth politely bored "I'm listening".
- It is you? - Clarified brunette.
- I - nodded encouragingly Vadik.
- We were told that you needed in the second part of a violinist with the pianist.
- Suppose - Vadik began to like this game.
- Here we are, - concluded with disarming simplicity brunette.
Digging with a straight face in front of him the papers (not see something, how busy I am), Vadim paused and with deliberate indifference forced a brilliant in its simplicity and capacity phrase:
- In fact, with dressed girls I do not talk.
At some time in his office hung a tense silence.
- In the sense of? - Finally responded fearful question brunette.
Not deigning to answer her, Vadik again plunged into the paper.
- Do you want us to share? - After a pause; swallowing, brunette spoke up. She was obviously bolder girlfriend.
- I do not want anything. And for a place in the orchestra, I also do not pretend - spoke Vadik second brilliant phrase, with apparent reluctance, looking up from his papers.
The girls looked at each other. Hands brunette uncertainly crumpled skirts mini skirts. In addition to the skirt, she wore a translucent blouse, through which peeped lace bra and shoes on high heels, stilettos. Slender long legs were covered in black patterned tights. Blonde wearing modest: the same shoes with heels complemented her jeans-var¸nkoy and most ordinary blouse. The latter, however, heaving such seductive roundness that looked no less attractive than the translucent blouse brunette.
- I will not keep you, - Vadim muttered, burying his head in the paper.
- This is so unexpected - timidly hinted brunette. - Can you listen to us first ..?
But Vadim was very adamant:
- Sorry, I'm busy. Bye.
- No, wait, you have not understood - finally deciding, brunette began to hastily unbutton the zipper on the skirt: Blonde blushed to the roots of the hair, but hardly hesitated, yet I still followed her example: In a minute the two girls faced Vadik completely naked.
He studied with pleasure their beautiful young bodies. Nature has endowed both very seductive figures and is not even bad boobs. Do they ended blonde with small pink nipples, and generally look more attractive and elastic. Tits brunette but it was larger and hit a huge maroon areola. Such udder was simply created to someone clutching it in his hand.
The fact that the blonde was quite natural, without all sorts of tricks, showed, in addition to the nipple, and gentle colors vegetation pubis. Hair at this point she almost was not - just fluff, light and easy. A narrow strip of light draws the lower abdomen and goes back between the two kinds of adorable legs. Easily discernible and has a narrow slit of this wonderful creation. As far as the pubis brunettes, then he was clean-shaven, though it is specially prepared for this appointment. Quite respectable size clit bulged between the bare lips of her pussy.
Pause dragged. Already Crimson blonde blushed as cancer, more and more, pouring red saturation and density such that it became is simply unthinkable. Redness at the same time extended not only to the face but also on the ears, neck, chest. Vadim pulled out a specially prepared for such cases and the camera quickly before the girl had time to recover, took a few pictures:
Removing the camera back into the drawer, he cleared his throat and gestured hand. The gesture was graceful and elegant. Vadik daily coached him before a mirror, bringing it to perfection.
- Well, the show is now what you can do. Piano in front of you. Fiddle, I'll get right now.
Going to the closet, he took off his dusty, forgotten God violin case. Hoisted the case onto the table, Vadik gently wiped with a damp cloth and only then slowly extracted the tool.
- Can we be clothed? - Imploring blonde stammered, crumpling hands into her panties.
- No, no, why, - gently, as if to calm unreasonable child, said Vadim. Deliberately slowly approached, he opened his convulsive grip on the girl and taking her panties and threw them on the sofa: - Let 'em while there. But you can wear shoes. I do not want you to catch cold either: - And other, more rigid tone finished: - Disassemble instruments and forward.
Blonde was a violinist, brunette - pianist. We played both not so much, but on the other hand, all are still quite decent. Blonde terribly worried because of their nakedness, edgy and sometimes stray into the most innocuous places: Brunette also adopted the proposed rules of the game is fairly easy, and the nakedness of her did not seem to interfere too much. Vadik happy looking at towers over a stool milky zhopku; watched her play and poured dimples in time with the movements of slender legs, presses the piano pedal.
Do not endure, Vadik touched zhopki this plump, gently stroked her. Then his hands, going back, battered, estimating tits girl, and finally on the way hug the hips and stomach, crawled between her legs. The first time you touch the brunette started, jerked, but then again pulled herself together and began to play as if nothing had happened.
Blonde watching them in utter confusion, and then hiding his eyes, but then again every time involuntarily raising them. When Vadim had tried hugged her, blonde jerked so that almost skovyrnulas from their heels. Dropping the bow, she whispered with tears in his eyes:
- I can not do:
Vadim decided for the time being leave her alone:
Suddenly the door to the office without knocking and opened the doorway there was a thick little man. At the sight of his brunette gasped and crouched on a stool in an incredible acrobatic attempt either to hide, or hide behind. Blonde and did the same petrified shocked, he dropped from the hands of the violin and froze like a statue so. Scared, it seems, and he went down. He backed away and dumbfounded, muttering something like "I will come later", I tried to withdraw the door. Vadik stopped him.
- What are you, in fact, Alexander Borisovich, how small. These are just two novice whore, eager to get ... a place in the orchestra. They do not bite. Come in, come:
While Alexander Borisovich sideways pushed his way back into the room, Vadik turned to the girls:
- Well, well, how much can you ape. Keep playing:
Brunette uncertainly straightened. Blonde is also beginning to show signs of life, but at the same time so raging, that it seemed a little more and she was simply will smoke. Again sounded the melody was interrupted. Alexander Borisovich approached and frightened looking around and handed the paper to sign Vadik. He mischievously looked him in the eye.
- Do you like girls, Alexander Borisovich? You do not want to be indulged?
Alexander B. recoiled as if bitten off.
- No, no, sometime in the next time:
Barely had time to put down your Vadik romping monogram on the final paper as the fat man quickly grabbed the paper from the table and trotted away. Three minutes after his first appearance, he has again left, firmly shut the door behind him. Vadim could not help but laugh:
Continuing started the game, he sat on a stool near the piano. Pianist Vadim sat on his lap. Anticipating his possible desire, she reached for his lips, but Vadim coolly pulled.
- Do not amateur. You will do just what I tell you: Now keep playing.
Brunette shrank, blushed again and reached for the keys. She looked quite perplexed: Girls played Mozart. Do not waste time, Vadim began fiercely kneading charms sitting on his lap brunette. The scent of an experienced fisherman told him that sat on the fish hook firmly. Way back she was gone, and, hence, the ceremony could be set aside. Brunette was completely at his mercy. Under the touch of his skillful hands she was breathing more and more often:
- Well, so be it, - Vadim relented a while later. - Come here.
He pulled her to a standing in the corner of the sofa, quickly knocked back down and fully clothed (only unbuttoned his pants), nal¸g on it from above. Acting skillfully and slowly, inflamed, teasing, and at the same time not letting come, Vadik soon forced brunette moaning and squirming from lust, screaming from unsatisfied desire. Finally, he felt that he himself really ready later, Vadim extricated his penis from oozing, pobl¸skivayuschey slime pussy and put it in his mouth obligingly the substituted brunette.
Grabbing his hand member, she immediately sent a swollen head deep into her mouth. In the desire to penetrate as deeply as possible Vadik involuntarily made a push forward, but overdone. Brunette choked, coughed. For her, it was too much. I had to back off a little bit ago.
Thin fingers of pianist passionately oglazhivaet male member. Small, densely pomaded mouth, smacking his lips with pleasure, moving rhythmically in his trunk up and down: Finally Vadik pulled. Brunette made gulp. To prevent cheating, Vadim insisted that she opened her mouth and carefully inspected it. The girl swallowed everything, really everything. Only a thin stream trickled out of the left corner of her mouth.
Only then Vadik let her finish. Brunette spread his legs apart and pulled them to his chest. Vadik watched with interest as her hands between the widely-spaced bright-eyed, shiny with sweat and moisture, heat bursting thighs. One hand on the brunette drove the clitoris, while the fingers of the other (three at once!), She slipped inside. Vigorously moving them back and forth, brunette whined, moaned, howled with pleasure: When he had finished, she let out a long sigh, and stood in blissful languor.
Sensing that his penis begins to show signs of life again, Vadim recalled the existence of the blonde. Now it was her turn. It all crimson, in spots; eyes dale, still standing in the middle of the room with a violin in his hands and tried to portray something. But her hands were shaking, and from under the bow came out as a result of something completely absurd. Vadik intercepted a couple of quick glance towards her still prostrate on the couch girlfriend and his own.
- So how did you like it? - Imposingly, as if oblivious to her embarrassment, she asked Vadim.
Caught by surprise blonde finally mixed and lowered her head. Bow and violin in her hands helplessly fallen fell down.
- Pussy something wet? - As if nothing had happened continued Vadik. - Flowed?
It is business-put his hand between her legs. Blonde not only resisted and even lower bowed her head. Hand lay almost devoid of vegetation pussy. Pussy was wet, though not so much. Vadik began to bring it up to full fitness. Revived by the time the brunette squeezed in order to avoid misunderstandings, thin wrist girlfriend.
Blonde continue to make no sound, and only occasionally twitching with pain and humiliation. In her chubby sch¸chkam tears flowed abundantly. However, the hand did not know Vadik rest and little by little, regardless of their desire, the blonde gave a leak.
Vadik put her cancer in the middle of the cabinet. Silly girl still tried to resist their nature. She did not give up, even on all fours and the brunette even had to push her legs apart. Slowly he opened golden grove. One more effort, and - that's it, pretty little pussy with a pink nose sticking out over sparse hair curls.
Hole was extremely narrow. Vadik several times, assessing, inserted and removed from her finger, and touched the clitoris. The last touch of light caused the blonde moan. She was ready. Having ordered to do by a pussy brunette girlfriend Vadik tits blonde clenched hands. It was nice. Strong fingers squeezing the nipple, it is with pleasure drove him from side to side. Blonde groaned, twitched. Now, between her legs she did not squelched, but Vadik and now not in a hurry.
- I do not start until you yourself are not going to pray about it, - with a smile he whispered in her ear.
Resistance Forces have blonde no longer exists, and a minute later she gave up.
- Yes, yes, I want it - barely squeezed it out yourself.
- You want what? - Responded with feigned incomprehension Vadik, never for a moment ceasing to handle it bursting with heat and moisture oozing body.
- Take me - barely audible whisper blonde.
- I can not hear. Louder! - Vadim was adamant.
- Take me - she repeated louder.
- More louder! I can not hear! You want me to fuck you?
- Yes, yes, fuck me - blonde finally cried. On cheeks from her tears flowed:
Grabbing blonde for thighs, Vadim even wider spread them apart. Pressing her thighs knees so that she could no longer move them and hold two fingers slimy moisture pussy in the open state, he abruptly entered her head member between his legs.
Blonde was damn narrow. When Vadim drove her, she cried and trembled all over. Then, with a groan, she threw her head back, and, panting, began to observe how Vadik stringing it on ... sticking your dick. Gritting her teeth, and making at the same time almost twine, she helped him to squeeze deeper completely razmyagshey pussy:
When he finished, he and allowing cum blonde, Vadim straightened and slowly buttoned his pants: Tidy clothing, he stretched in his chair and began to lazily watch the girls.
Brunette began to dress immediately. Blonde, on the contrary, some more time was in the position in which he had left her. Then he finally got up, slightly parted legs, trotted to his things. From pussy dripping from her intensely. Vadik, pity, threw her his handkerchief. Picking up a handkerchief from the floor, blonde absently pressed it to his sparse hairs:
When the two girls were finally ready, Vadim chuckled smugly and clapped his hands.
- Three minutes and fifty-six seconds! Hopefully, over time you will learn how to dress quickly. And the rest of the lads: - deliberately fast so as not to stretch this procedure for all eternity, he protaratoril. - Leave me your name and telephone number. I see what I can do for you. I think we can meet again in the next week:
Without giving the girls time to recover, Vadik summed them to the door.
- And now excuse me - things.
Dumbfounded similar pressure from girlfriends and could not utter a word. Closing the door behind them, Vadim lit a cigar and again with pleasure stretched out in a chair, the American his feet up on the table directly. Today, he has worked on five points. The speed and the onslaught. Well done, keep it up, praised himself Vadik.
Among other papers under his feet lay forgotten for the time being "Playboy".
December 1991 - April 1994


You are a modern man, modern girl. We met with you in the spirit of the times, in the same network toy. Exchanged ICQ. Swing. You're funny and smart. Are you good to talk. Even to talk well. You understand and know everything. You rarely, however, talk to me. You are young and energetic. You learn and work, and you do not have time to talk to the old man, even though you were born, when I was not even pioneer. Suddenly it turns out that you have a photo, but I somehow did not think it to look. On it you are very beautiful, and it's done well. You are told that this is you need to immediately sort out the men who have only one thing on his mind, and for some reason right there and me to him canonized. But then I calmed down, and we agreed to meet, ride on a rainy spring town, just us and the rain jet and flying towards the lights. What it is not grown together that day, and the issue is no longer up. You've got one hell incomprehensible, something almost intangible, that I want to find out. It's personal, it's a problem, I think I can learn and share, may even help, but certainly not on ICQ.
In life, you are a hundred times more beautiful, and it turns out I have not seen up to a personal meeting with snowy fall day. You're just as sparkling and sociable, intelligent and sympathetic. You do not bother me a serious conversation on the road, I still lose, and we're going to the alternate point. You are sitting in a cafe at a respectful distance from me, and I, and so comfortable with you, only a couple embracing under pressure slants on the odd couple, but you do not notice them. We confidently and boldly flirt, talk about any nonsense, reading between the lines and listening between the letters. You do not ask questions, you understand everything. After discussing the main thing we insatiably yap, Measured phones. You are the tip of the tongue licking my old machine: "Mmmm: Ooooh: What you got big!". We did not notice that went for five hours, and it's dark and you can and go home. You promised to bring me your other, more explicit photos, but my it was possible to look directly at my house, and you agreed to go with me.
You watched all my albums to and from, you were here, you're trusting with me. The longer we were on the floor and sat on the couch, you are increasingly losing confidence. You began to ask questions requiring a clear answer: "What are you doing?" "And how do you think you call it?". But just call me to check whether I normally drove up to the house, after you spend, you asked, that she decided not to ask the eye: "You play well with me or stick?". You got an honest, besides a detailed response, but still agreed to meet the next day.
The next day you were in the sports trousers and even took the rolls, but we went to inspect my albums. You're lying next to me on the couch unfolded, you were so close, so close to me. I looked at you, admired and enjoyed. Your almost black with a reddish tint hair that day smelled differently. You were not like that. You are asked precise questions, I jumped. Then you first briefly but tenderly responded to my kisses, and then you do not withdraw, when my hand accidentally at first, and then as if by accident touched your luxury chest. You're always going to the home, to her friend, then play sports. But each time you give in to me, and stayed. You are in full swing. You are torn, and I wanted to help you. Help came, and you blew up and spilled. You tear off my clothes, and the same thing I did. You're in a strange way, on some fantastic legally non-Euclidean geometry was just inside and around me, I got into you, to take you around to merge with you. Even when we were both exhausted they fell next, you're still coming over me, whatever their super-duper, astral body.
You leave. Although you in our space was not more than a meter, in fact, you were far away. Did you say something to yourself understood. Did you know that you are - do not like it.

Growing 2

Dima easily entered the Pedagogical University at the Faculty of Foreign Languages. To study it had German and English. Since he was an orphan, and that naturally orphanage, he was given a room in a hostel without any problems. In this regard, he even luck, most of the rooms in the hostel were three and four local, he also got a double. True, he did not yet know who will be his neighbor. On the day of the settlement he came a bit earlier than the rest. The commandant gave him the key to the room and told him to wait for his neighbor, as one key to the room. Dimka walked into the room. In principle, it was not so bad. The room has been refurbished, the furniture was at least ... two beds, two bedside tables. It was pleasant, you can include the presence of a shower and a small kitchen. Dima did not have time to spread my things as a knock on the door, and without waiting for an answer the door opened. Behind her stood a young man 16-17 years old with dark blond, close-cropped hair. The boy had an athletic figure, and immediately noticed how Dimka, considerable size hump between his legs.
- Vanya - Immediately introduced the stranger - apparently we are neighbors?
- Yes, I Dima.
- Nice to meet you. Well, show our possessions, you're here for a little longer.
Soon the boys found out that they have to learn in the same group. Vanya ran to a nearby store and brought out something to eat and a bottle of vodka. A few hours after talking, and after eating a little hopped, both went to sleep. Entering the room, both began to undress. Undressed quickly, Dimka quickly ducked under the blanket, trying to do it as quickly as possible so that Vanya did not see who gets Dimkin member. Quickly sheltered Dima turned to Van, he just has almost completely undressed. From the clothes on it were small trunks. From what he saw, at Dimka suddenly dry mouth, strong beautiful body was so exciting that he felt his cock just numb with excitement. Convex muscular chest, strong arms, relief press, slender legs and powerful package between them admired. Dima himself, too, looked good in the last days of life in the orphanage spending much time in the gym, but his body has never excited him so much. Vanya as if on purpose, long time walking around the room and at every step, melting much snug his cock, which swelled like a hernia on hips boy. Vanya stopped in the middle of the room and stretched from it all his muscles are so well marked that the sight Dimka nearly finished. Finally this torture over and put out the light Vanya padded barefoot across the floor and lay down. For a while the boys talked in the dark about any nonsense, suddenly said Vanya ...
- Damn, dick is already no strength! Listen and you masturbate?
- Sometimes. - Trying to speak as much as possible indifferent said Dima.
- And the women you were?
- Not yet, but do you?
- Also no.
- And let's masturbate together?
- It's like - did not understand Dima.
- Well ... you tell me ... and I'm ...
- Come on.
At the same moment he heard a rustling Dimka swing out Vanino blanket and he padded barefoot stopped near his bed. Pododvinuvshis toward Dima Vanya pulled back the covers and lay down on the vacant place. Since the bed was narrow, both of them were tightly pressed together. Dimka just burned hot Vanino body. Timidly, ready at any moment to turn everything into a joke, he reached for Vanina member. And almost immediately I stumbled upon it. Member was hard and at the same time soft. Dima took it comfortably in the hand, and at the same time felt the touch of his hands Vanina to its members. Timid, afraid to bring another unpleasant sensation, he began to move his hand up and down at the same time Vanya snorted in his ear, more clinging to Dima and also began to move his hand over the penis up and down. For a few seconds the room nothing was heard except the creaking bed and noisy breathing of two teenagers. Suddenly Vanya Dima whispered directly into the ear ...
- Wait, wait, stop - and he stopped masturbating Dimkin member.
Dimka stopped but did not release a member of the hand. Vanya lay panting and closing his eyes, he finally opened them and whispered ...
- Almost finished, too early ...
- And you yourself came up with it together to do?
- No, we in my town with a friend so often did when slept together.
- And you do not fuck with him?
- What are you, stupid?
- And I want you suck? - Dimka himself was taken aback by his words
- Come on.
Vanya lay on his back, and Dima moved him between the legs. From what he saw took his breath away ... hard slopes, along the abdomen Wani was just propped his cock. He was 20 centimeters long and 5.6 thick. Two eggs are laid in neat trim the trunk member scrotum head was almost bare. After looking at it a little more, Dima took the cock in her hand and kissed her bent head. The fact that Van liked witnessed his breath. Dima opened his mouth wide and swallowed deeply as he could dick planted on him to such an extent that the head buried in his throat. Then, little by releasing his mouth Dimka began to lick and suck it, tickle the tongue and lips caressing, so not particularly surprised when Vanya short cry profusely finished him in the mouth and face. Ivan closed his eyes and leaned back breathing heavily. His chest rose and fell. Taking advantage of the respite, Dima put his hand down and felt some kind of cloth, he began to wipe her face. The smell hit his nose inveterate semen, Dima realized that wiped Vanin cowards. For him, this was the last straw and he is unable to withstand the finished without touching his penis. He leaned back against the wall, and only then noticed that Vanin is not a member of opal, but on the contrary became as tight. At that very moment Ivan himself confirmed this ...
- I want you in the ass.
- I'm tired
Suddenly Dima Vanya grabbed it and turned the bend under him. One hand crushing Dimkinu neck so that he did not fight with the other hand began to attach his penis between the buttocks Dimka.
Dima felt the blunt head of the penis found his anus froze in fear, so many members it has not had to make, the members of his lovers from the orphanage were a maximum of 16-17 cm, but here he is expected to meet with this term. Without giving recover Dima Vanya made a strong push forward and broke into the anus Dimka. Dimka pierced severe pain which he experienced after the first sexual intercourse. But Van to delight the feeling of his cock moving in the ass Dimka. On all sides it clung hot supple flesh, trembling and responded to his every move. Like a veil overshadowed Vanino eyes, growling like a wild beast, he began to hammer his body strength in Dima's ass. Dima soon ceased to feel pain and to adjust his ass even began as before to have fun, like Dime that fucks his roommate with a beautiful and exciting body, he began podmahivat Vane, trying to satisfy his raging flesh. As if sensing this, Vanya began to move even more ... and soon screamed Dima finished in the ass. He ends long. Dima felt in his rectum beat tight jet of sperm, of this feeling he himself finished. After Ivan came, he did not take out a long time member of Dima, just lying on top of him, both rested from just held on tight to love each other. Member Wani quite limp and taking their normal sizes he slipped out of the well-oiled ass Dimka. Ivan wiped it on Dimkinu sheet and got out of bed.
- Cool have sex, well done fagot.
And without looking at Dima went to bed turned to the wall.

In-laws. Part 1

It was like a dream, like a hallucination. It was impossible, but it happened. I am 35 years, 16 of them are married. Lovely family with two children, beloved wife, life is provided and arranged. And still....
The younger sister of his wife invited us to his third in marriage. The only invited, we were naturally and witnesses.
The road to the nearby town in which to live the bride and groom, took no more than 2 hours. Arriving, we found a bride at home. But it turns out, on "program" I still do not know, I had to go to the groom (by the way, is still unknown to me), and together with him to come to the registrar after 4 hours. His wife and sister will come to themselves by taxi. Propetlyav not less than half an hour on a city unfamiliar to me, I finally parked in front of the desired 9-etazhki. On my call to me for a long time I did not open, so I even wondered: if I was wrong address.
Suddenly the door opened. For it turned out to be a nice guy in white t-shirt and the same family of white underpants. He was soaking wet, as if he had only that a bucket of water poured over. We hastily introduced themselves to each other. And Igor briefly explained that he had just broken shower and the water gushing in all directions. I agreed to help him, but of course I had to strip down to the cowards, not to wet parade-off suit. After going into the bath, I saw that out of the shower hissing splashing water in all directions and on the floor already formed a decent pool.
Igor took the instrument and stood on the edge of the tub, and I asked for stronger hold his legs, so he did not fall. I grabbed his wet thighs and my face was exactly at the level of its economy between the legs plastered with a thin wet cloth pants. Only now I noticed that this was not an ordinary farm. And honestly, after seeing his dick in front of his nose, I was simply speechless. Yes, that was something! Not less than 10 cm. Length in absolutely quiet state, impressed. Moreover, its thickness was the same as at me at the oak riser, ie, At least 5 cm. And the knob on this hose was appropriate proportion. It is a miracle of nature, curving gently resting on a slightly dropped due to the severity of the massive eggs.
When Igor collapsing under whole body on not giving in shower, all this impressive design hard rocking right before my eyes wide open. I did not understand myself and could not explain why the normal male sexual organ, even much more than any I've seen so far, brought me into such an excited state. I just was unable to take my eyes from this fascinating view.
Suddenly, I suddenly discovered that a member is not swinging from side to side, and not hanging quietly swinging. I looked up and caught the quizzical look embarrassed her future brother-. Of course he had seen my ecstatic eyes when I looked at his dick wet, and probably guessed about my strange state. I was confused even more and looked down. And Igor as if nothing had happened asked me to keep it tighter. And although in this there was no need (I kept it firmly enough), I grabbed his hands higher, it would be hard to take it right up to the ass. This is my maneuver forced me to bring my face closer to the subject of my surprising interest. And Igor in turn moved its before the powerful forward, but then I thought, I just thought it.
Now, even if I wanted to move away, I was no longer a possibility. The resilient hard dick swaying dangerously close to my face glowing. And at some point it healthy dickhead, of course through a wet cloth underpants finished her cadence on my chin. Igor froze for a moment, and looking straight into my eyes said:
- Sorry, I did not want!
- Not scary! I replied with some neuro-idiotic laugh.
After this short "incident" his wet dick and eggs became a drum in my mouth, nose, chin, eyes whenever Igor lean on the shower. It ended all that in the end everything turned its economy simply held tightly to my face. His dick began to grow faster and faster, and took almost a horizontal position. His head through a wet cloth underpants I put her on the lips. And just at that moment I realized that the water is no longer pours from a faulty shower. We both froze motionless. I did not know what to do next. But I just do not want to stop this madness. I had the state of some of unreality of what is happening. As if it was not with me. And as if this is not in my lips burning with fire was a hefty hard-nosed prick my future brother-.
Igor did not move for a moment, apparently waiting for what that initiative on my part. But just as I was paralyzed all the while, he had to make the first move.
Probably not daring to pull pants completely in the face of the future relative, he just pulled one of his pant leg up, and his heavy balls hard slipped out of her down, and behind them, and his mighty dick was freed from a wet tissue. Now it healthy dickhead uperalas my lips no longer through the fabric. I froze, unable to decide ... I realized that I still remained in reserve a tiny chance to turn it all into a stupid joke. And what if I do not otpryanu, and open my mouth, then nothing will be impossible to fix. And my whole life changed from that moment ... But Igor did not let me take my last chance. Apparently deciding that everything is quite obvious and clear, he aggressively pushed his battering ram on my lips and they parted involuntarily, passed into the wet and hot depths of my eager mouth it impatiently twitching with impatience healthy zalupentsiyu. My mouth was forced wide open and my lips, well stretched, tightly curled around the thick trunk. And since I am again, this time because of the complete hopelessness of the situation made no movement. Igor did not hesitate longer over what had happened, simply did not hurrying to fuck me in the mouth.
His fat dick grease-lubricated on my saliva, piston slowly slid my lips stretched to the limit. I began to suck and my smacking sounds were heard probably even in the hallway of his apartment. My first in my life sucking in truth was very short-lived. Literally what some 2-3 minutes dick in my mouth tensed up rock-hard, and he began to shoot from one another such portions that swallowing is not more than one-fifth of this eruption I had to pull away, he would not choke, and the remaining shots abundantly I filled my whole face.
Without saying a word to me, Igor jumped from the bathroom, pulled on his pant leg as if accidentally dropped out from there farm and left hurriedly. All sluchivsheese did not last more than 10-15 minutes. I was completely taken aback by what had happened, and drops a thick fragrant semen slowly dripped onto the floor with my face obtruhannogo.
Gradually coming to himself, I washed and properly rinse your mouth out of the bathroom. All further it happened as if nothing had happened. I was silent, and the conversation kept only short interjections. And Igor as if nothing had happened told about everything and nothing, and even in his tone did not feel any excitement.
...The wedding went perfectly. Then there was an expensive restaurant, and then Igor apartment where the four of us continued our meal. When the young woman excused went to the toilet, Igor also apologized followed. Their unjustified nothing prolonged absence has caused ... my wife is enough get drunk a lot of sebaceous jokes and all sorts of silly comments. As a result, their appearance dispelled the last "doubts" in this respect my wife. It was obvious that the young retired, that would simply have sex.
Fifteen minutes later, Igor asked me to not smoke the landing, not prokurivat living room under the pretext, which my wife had to spend the night.
On the landing, I crouched against the wall, and Igor was left standing. We smoked in silence. Suddenly, Igor unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his dick held it to my face. I froze. His dick groin just ended ebley. This smell was so familiar to me ... And again his dickhead, this time confidently buried in my mouth degradability. I sucked his head without unnecessary doubt, but then suddenly slammed the door downstairs. And I jumped up out of his mouth released its brother-dick.
As soon as I pulled back, releasing his mouth, not even had time to swell in my mouth prick, Igor immediately hurriedly shoved his fat little wet from my saliva sausage in place and buttoned his pants. And in my mouth was the taste of dick was recently in hot and wet pussy juices from heavy bride. By the way it is with my wife up the stairs to smoke with us.
The night was fine. All Bran here as lay in bed.
In the morning, too, nothing special happened. My wife and I went home at eleven o'clock. With Igor we parted like good old friends. He simply gave no sign that we are bound by something more than just a family relationship.

FinKa Sabbath

I read a sign.

Hello, Your Prostushestvo! How is his otherness? All traveling with his beloved little wife? I hope, for him there is not sweet. The last time I danced when I was a little girl. Have you ever seen such a sign?
-What are you staring at me like that?

-Okay, you, Vanya, - she pulled lazily - enough to break the humpback, let's suffering, took out a hedgehog from the vagina, let's see what he's snorting than breathing in the honorable-month period. Come on, drag the tabs of his illness, but he did not disturb the eggs:
I obeyed. However, it does not matter. I did not bother her presence.
Once again, crossing the border metropolis, drunk, rashristanny, goads his batman kicks for nothing that quite iznylsya - tryapnina - under my pile of drafts and copies, I assumed that it is meeting.
Firstly, when -So long, on the waves of my mother's whims, I had the opportunity to serve under her father. Services that State Councilor and Cavalier full of stars, and that even heterosexual as mother shewed. Set yourself, nablazhit well and villages in the ride to trample so that children coming down on the ground. While the natives flee, casting components and packs, fright-hysteria tychas under bushes in search of caches, it poplyuet his arms - enough - and know throne in the upper room to climb ispolat: - yawn! Take the trophy!
Ladies, those who are younger, the banner thing fainting da frills on Perino lie, well, the older generation, prim eyebrows knitting, groans reproachfully from a height kozlevisch some lunch, it's time to supposedly straighten bonehead broad-shouldered, but only for him so much copies, which stars on the shoulder straps, and Mammy, knowing that one of these copies bears on rapids battle Dolov her foolish son is sometimes a flash of the diamond fixes, but will keep, grab, hide in the palm of legitimate pride, and here, as in factly, with gossips sitting on a siesta, and the servants ndtsatuyu change dishes were pleased to make.
Secondly, where is neither here in the middle of the world, the navel of the universe, in the heart of tamuetomu-can of the band could still pools overlook their exquisite taste and zravy meaning two veteran Thirteenth named Brer Rabbit Imperial Keying, Smarter Kids Flamebringer Drum, overtake flying bullet, two glorious - tribe living dead - darn brother-God forgive me-fate-will.
I was glad to see. I except it was empty.
- But you came, really, nothing. I wanted to look again at the girl that keeps your alarm clock on the lock, and lock - in a cat? Just Do it often disappears for several days and has hair on end? As soon buttons lightweight standard diaper?
- You'll laugh, grants wishes! Aloha, Edge Vechnozreyuschih Finns and light beer! To live well.
She laughed inwardly:
- What the heck! It's unpleasant to come back empty-handed? Good, though, you have Vanya, orderly, Vanya, prizhopisty - like you know the person for a long time, but once - once! - And he will surprise you again, revealing a hitherto unknown side of his "I-dot-ru".
To tell you the truth - I muttered in extreme confusion, - I, I, how shall I put it? Speechless. After all, as far as I remember in the historically correct night in Baghdad - The smell of old flower honey! To hell with my mind! - It was a woman, No, Woman with a capital Or the woman: and her business acumen we fell asleep to the music Hey, hey - almost aloud I pulled myself - stop, you fool!
- You Vanya, say surprisingly briskly for a person who has lost any signs of human speech, although I have to admit, somewhat incoherently. Are you fond of literary researches?
- Exactly. More please. At the most, so to speak, the anus, the root of all, the cause of all ills. You want it to say? Yes, I'm drunk. I feel in myself exactly the same thing that had stood at the northern edge of the Grand Canyon and looking down. No, no, this comparison should not hurt you, but if you do not talk to me, I'll go crazy.
Now she is amused, but I felt her subtly pulled away, she moved away.
- No, no, all this is now trivial, it's all far-fetched, but "I-Dog-Roo" I need to hear your voice. I literally bathe in it. Even whack it on -other looks. God knows, I need something good after all that I have experienced in the tub with mud, called the Celestial Empire. You someone already said, that the sounds of battle - a humble imitation of your voice on these fyuordnyh open spaces?
And I noticed that her cheeks flooded paint. And for a while I could not believe that this is a balanced, strong-willed, intelligent creature can be something to fear. Vymoeshsya all. You are joyful. You are cool. You are beautiful.
- So this is your batman: I must admit - she said with a pleasant smile, - that he was a decent person than you. Anyway, he does not show his "I-dot-ru" in public places. For God's sake, Hussars! not here!
- This minute fix that !!

I run up

We are with my dear and beloved wife live for a long time, five years. She's a rare beauty. Feet from the ears, pretty attractive face, a second breast size, slim figure and clean-shaven pussy (she liked so much). But still, after so many years of living, I Therefore ryadochny man began to change, well, if not to the left and to the right, then quite often. I do not know how she wormed. I learn about a few of my sexual adventures. One day came home, my beauty met me and asked
- Do you love me?
- Of course, my swallow.
- Why do I need to change.
I was taken aback, let otmazyvatsya.
- She says if you love, then at least do not lie. And I raskazala me of my four girlfriends, how, when, how much, and so on. He says if you love it frankly, a scandal nebudet only to fulfill my wishes. What I want and what you do.
- I am aware of the scandal and the truth was not only strange smiles and says, my conditions are. Or divorce or do I sleep with men, at their discretion and taste.
- I hesitated, hesitated, what to do, divorce reluctance, because love and agreed.
- She smiled and said that I will attend
- And I think, well, to hell with it, I agree
The next day, came home from work, his wife came popozhe, but not one with a muzhik. Shit, just like in a fairy tale, sent him to the bath, she pomylas. The robes were held in our conjugal Kuyu bedroom. Robe on him mine. Section. wife says, preheat me for my amour Nitschke. Kneel down and lick my pussy. He got up on his knees, lick enjoy, and the sitting member rubs, then I pushed him invited. He ordered that I had a member of his put it himself, so did he. He otrahal it in full, but strangely I am very excited Silin, only a member squeezed a bit and once finished. My wife noticed smiles and asks:
- Like?
I did not answer anything.
- Another question. Like it or not?
- Yes, I mumbled.
- Well, that's chudnenko tomorrow repeat
It was ordered to undercut it, which I did
What could I do. Agreed. Tomorrow, everything was still scenario, only me is strictly forbidden to touch his penis without permission, and I had to look very closely as it has it. He came to her, fuck, I located and close look. Once excited, so close that I see as his piston hozhit a few inches from me. He withheld and licked her pussy, homo again and again. I do not notice how carried away and not only lick her pussy, and time to him and lick penis. He finished it violently.
I was ordered to pochiskt language of her pussy, which I gladly did. Then they ordered me to lick his penis. At first it was unpleasant, but controlled himself, licked and stuffed it into his mouth. Do not know what happened to me, but I began to suck until he again stood up, little man systematically rocking fucked me in the mouth is not finished. I tried everything to swallow, almost got it. The wife says:
- Now you're ready
- For what?
They sat on the sofa, I stand
- Listen to me carefully
- I'm listening to
- You attentively listen, come closer and kneel in front of us.
I hesitated
- Well, that you suffer as a member of suck, so do not shy, and is now on his knees to stand so steshshyaeshsya.
approached rose
- On this day Kiril will live with us. Divorced I'm not going with you. you will be our slave. I'm your lady, and he is your lord. If you do not agree, then your job to know everything that you sucked.
I realized in what trap I fell and nodded. In my assent, I kissed her feet and legs.
From that day my life changed. I became a housewife. Laundry, flooring, cooking. All on me. My ass thoroughly developed. In the mouth now I am taking on the orders and without brezg- mately. To me it was just like that. It's my master, and I have to make it enjoyable. Heels with my masters shining, my tongue worked. Ordinary sex I engaged in prohibited, one can masturbate on orders. Recently, they have done drinking beer and made my toilet, I went into the turn. I even learned to not shed no drop. It is very best, exciting. Early in the morning I get up, make breakfast and coffee and is served in bed. They took turns standing up and pee in my mouth. Utreshny longest toilet and long and of course the most pleasant.
The time will describe more about my life.

My husband is a strict

My name is Luba and I want to tell you a story ...
My husband Ivan live for a long time, though married only a few months ago. Ivan active man and I sometimes had a hard time to meet him, especially given his passion for unconventional sex. Of course, I also did not frigid, but when you are within forty minutes "in all the cracks"... It's intense. Quite a long time, Ivan suggested I try it a light sadomasochism me tied, spanked and all that - I loved it and I'm not just provoked him to such actions and it always ended with a wonderful night full of love. It happened in the evening, which I want to tell.
My husband came home from work early, he was not very hungry and we had sat down to drink tea. I soon moved to his knees and began to flirt with him ...
- You know - I said with downcast eyes - today I did not have time to do all that is necessary, do not wash clothes, left a mess ....
I provoked him and he was not long in coming hugged me and made his way under my shirt.
- Please do not punish me severely, - I whispered in his ear as he stroked my nipples and stroked his chest.
Suddenly his fingers squeezed my nipples, that was a sign that the bait is swallowed. I gasped in surprise and suddenly coasting drive.
- We'll have to teach you, - Ivan began to whisper softly, I felt tense in the pants of his instrument, and shifted slightly to podzadorilo him even more.
- Well, please do not - I played up to - I'm sorry ...
But of course, Ivan was ruthless and soon a little bit broken, I went to the bathroom to prepare for "executions"And it is in the room.
In less than five minutes, as I appeared in the doorway in a T-shirt that barely covered my round ass. In the lower abdomen nice suck in anticipation of something mysterious and doom. Before my eyes appeared her husband in shorts standing next to our bed, in the middle of which were piled on each other three pillows. In one hand he held a wide leather belt, and the other a gesture inviting me to lie down on the bed. Ego member was ready to break out of the pants.
Humbly bowed head, I walked over to him, bent down to his chest and began to babble, I do not want to lie on a high mountain of pillows, but he was merciless - he grabbed me by the neck and tossed across the bed. I plopped down on his stomach on the top of my scaffold. T-shirt rode up, exposing the buttocks and lower back. Behind my back I heard the rustle of a characteristic - a husband folded double belt for punishment ...
From anticipation I shamelessly flowed and she knew that her husband sees it - not that I'm embarrassed about it, but still unpleasant, when a man, even though her husband, staring you in the holy of holies.
- Think! - I heard the order. And right there on my ass down the first blow - it was great - not very much, but not suspended - as it is necessary in general. Beyond that followed the second, third ... Belt whistled and fell on me, each stroke bringing me to ecstasy. Sensations has added what I was counting out loud blows ...
-Five! Six ....! .... Th-th-th .. Seven!
I turned the head and looked at him, he pulled the pants and violently jerked off his dick, which stood as the count, and the other hand processed my ass belt .... Blows rained down more and more. I could no longer stand it and finished with a squeal, limp on the pillows .... But the punishment did not stop. Ignoring my orgasm Ivan thrashed me with a belt, blows became stronger - it has had a real spanking !!! I bit my lip so as not to become uproarious voice - my ass was burning from the belt, and suddenly a hot stream poured on my back, ass, legs ... My husband violently ended me and fell close to exhaustion.
So we lay there for about three minutes, I was about to get up when he abruptly stopped me and pointed me back to the person in the bed.
- To lie, to you I have not finished !!!
With that, he grabbed me by the ankles and painfully widely spread my legs apart. I screamed and clutched his hands in the pillow. Out of the corner of my eye I saw how he was massaging begins to rise again a member, and with the other hand he was unceremoniously climbed right into my vagina - he stuck to just three fingers and began to caress my pussy. I moaned again surging excitement and instinctively tried to free himself, for which he received immediately a heavy slap on my poor ass.
- Come on, - said Ivan, - Spreads ass. I meekly stretched her hands to the buttocks and slightly parted them.
- Shire, and then shlopochesh belt!
The prospect of a new whipping I did not relish, and I obeyed, spreading to failure aside their halves. Now both of my holes were in full view.
- Well done, and now we'll teach diligence. - With these words, Ivan grabbed a tube of lubricant from the bedside table and put it to my sphincter squeeze a little gel, then sent his instrument straight into my ass.
- No!!! Please smazh your dick, I will be very painful!
He slowed down, as if lost in thought for a moment, and then again took a tube, but instead, to lubricate its end it is one movement drove it to me in the ass .... surprise and pain took my breath away and I began to miss as the eyebolt will repay mouth and this asshole has bypassed the bed took me by the hair and with the words - smazh it myself! - I put his penis in my mouth.
I can not say how long it lasted. I lay in the very nairazvratneyshey posture of telescoped my ass is sticking a tube of lubricant, of my labia shamelessly betraying me pouring grease, and my husband had me in his mouth like a whore. In a sense he led me to a charge of sperm that filled my whole mouth. I had to make two good mouthfuls to swallow it. Vanya took a limp penis and began with a satisfied smile I get back, massaging your body, causing it to rise again, he sat down next to me and became my ass vyebyvaetsya a tube of cream. I could only moan.
Suddenly, I felt that the tube was removed from my ass, and his place is taken by a member of her husband's, firm and ready to re-g combat. Regardless of my protesting groans and pathetic attempts to escape, he threw me a member of the most eggs and became so furiously fucking my ass, we jumped, the spring on the mattress.
I openly cried in a voice - huge and hard cock pecked my gut, taking chyut not to the stomach - it was horrible ... but my body betrayed me - I felt a quick approximation of another orgasm. And the strongest ecstasy began to shake my hands ... my husband going in my bed, and his cock climbed nearly the very stomach .... And then he, too, had finished, hot cum filled my ass. Ivan took out his penis and collapsed next to me, he was breathing heavily and beaming smile on his face. He reached out, patted my hair, pulled himself up and kissed her on the lips ...
Half an hour later, by helping me to get up, he took to the bathroom, where I took a shower, after which I could barely crawled to bed and slept like a log.
...That happened to me this story, at first I pouted at her husband, but soon it's a strange feeling ...
... Today ... I deliberately did not washed the dishes! ...)