Sex neighborly

I came home after school. At the entrance, I went along with my aunt Ira, a neighbor from the top. She was always excited my imagination: 26-year-old brunette with a fourth the size of the chest and taut ass ... She was in jeans and a bright orange blouse. Her husband went to work, so she missed. So, we went to the elevator.
- Hello - she looked at me kindly. - You're out of school?
- Hello, yes.
- And you ... - she bit her lip - computers are well-versed?
- To understand ...
- Well then, you can come and see me now? You just leave the bag at home and come ... look - she looked at me slyly. - If you have time, of course.
- Of course there are, Aunt Ira! I'm right and I will come.
- Well, well done. Waiting.
I stepped out of the elevator and ran to his home. His heart was beating very strongly, just now I noticed that my cock bulging out of jeans. I threw the briefcase pshiknuli of deodorant. The phone rang and I had to take the time to talk with friends. Then I went down to the floor below and called. Aunt Ira revealed to me ... in a light translucent robe!
- Come, - she said quietly to me, I went into the room. - Are you hungry?
- No, Aunt Ira, - I replied absently, looking at her bare feet, and then caught himself. - What do you have a computer?
- Now I looked, nothing special - she reached out, her large bust surged up. - So, - she playfully looked at me - I have another request for you. Can you help me with the clothes to remove the balcony?
- No problem - I was very tense at the moment.
We went to the balcony. Ira stood on a stool and began to withdraw and give me things. When it comes to pink bra large volume, I have reached the limit of excitement - my cock was trying to tear the fabric of his pants. I accidentally pressed against her body ...
- Sorry, Aunt Ira ...
- Nothing, baby. You are so cute and sweet ... just call me and Ira "you".
- You too .. rather, you also look gorgeous ..
- Oh, thanks. Hold my legs, and I'm afraid of heights.
I could not believe his luck. I hugged my knees for Ira, then raised his hands on hips, could not resist and kissed her thigh. Ira gently stroked my hair, and then ... she spread her legs invitingly and looked me in the eye!
- Honey, you all understand correctly ... courageous ...
I got up and took her ass in his hands and face pressed against her supple breasts. She came down from the chair, and we started passionately licking. Kissing and caressing each other's hands, we moved into the bedroom and lay down on the big bed. I began to knead her big breasts and benefit from this strong buzz and Ira at this time stroking my dick hand through his jeans. I pulled her robe and easily coped with a black lace bra. Ira asked, that I sucked on her hard nipples.
I am happy to take them one by one into his mouth and sucked, sucked them, fiddling language showered the entire breast with kisses helped himself with his hands ... Ira at this time pressed my head to his chest and moaning loudly. Her body shook with each my touch.
Then Ira told me that she also wants to do me nicely. She took off my jeans and touched his lips to the head of my penis.
- Wow, what's your ... a barrel in 16 years ... and what a big head ...
She took the cock in her hand and began to suck him. Encircles the entire tab member in a spiral, sucked it as deeply as possible. Then Ira squeezed it between his sisyami and causes the nipples on the head ... It felt unreal! I such has never experienced!
- Lick me now, kitten, - she said, pushing her plump thighs - and then I was so drenched ...
I do not have to wait long. I pressed my nose to the hairy pubis, and language conducted along the lips of her vagina. She immediately screamed. But this was only the beginning: I ran tongue in pussy and began to rotate them in different directions. Ira began to moan and pull my hair, begging me not to stop. I sucked her swollen pink pussy lips and licked them, then I began to caress her rather large clit. It made her hips move in the direction of my mouth. Suddenly she gripped my face between the thighs, pressed her head to her pussy and began to violently finish. Ira cried, and poured me into the mouth of their juices. Then she leaned back exhausted on the pillow and whispered:
- Baby, you're just super ... so well I was never ... My pussy for the first time felt the affection of the male tongue ... and I want more ..
- You are very passionate and tasty, Ira ...
- I Konechno..ved - your queen, - she said, sitting on my cock. - We have completely forgotten about your the friend! Do you have it?
- No, I'm a virgin.
- Ooh, another word. You are my.
Slowly she planted on my penis, and with a sigh, let a member of the full-length. It was a new feeling for me: the warmth enveloped her vagina a member. So we began to move it in a given pace. Slow, deep trunk included in her pussy.
She asked her chest bruise. We will accelerate the tremors, and I squeezed her nipples pinched and sisechki. Gradually, the movement has become faster, our moans were heard throughout the room. She jumped on my cock with all the strength, slapped his buttocks on my balls. She slid her fingers in my mouth. I broke down and began to finish, Ira also immediately huddled in orgasm.
We went on a wet sheet and began to lick.
- I see you are not exhausted, the giant? - She asked, patting my hand again standing member.
- With this sexy babes hard to get tired!
- Then the march with me to the kitchen. We will continue to charge.
In the kitchen, Ira got cream smeared their swaying breasts and sat on the table. She pulled my head to her, and I will gladly licked her sisechki throughout the area. She held me closer and closer, and I rubbed them on the face.
- Well, how do you like my melons? - She asked.
- They you have such juicy, elastic!
- I saw the way you want them every time you see me. Now, fuck my ass, sweet ... But first moisten her tongue.
Ira lay chest on the table, and I got the language right in her sweet hole. "Ltd, is now a member of the baby, but I can not stand!" - She sighed. I took her by the hips and forcefully entered member. To develop a strong and deep fuck Il, she gasped with each thrust. Her hole was small for me, but very moist. The table shook from the ever-increasing pressure of my penis. Ira suddenly released from my vagina and sat forward, I went into it and continued to fuck hard. Her screams were becoming stronger, she dug her nails into my back ... and finished! But not forgotten about me. Ira took my trunk in his mouth and began working language.
I finished almost immediately, there were a lot of sperm: Part Il swallowed, and some vt¸rla in their nipples ... We utterly exhausted, fell to the kitchen floor.
- I think you tomorrow after school, help me zaglyan¸sh neighborly? - Ira smiled when we said goodbye.
- Well, if only in a neighbor ...- I replied. We kissed goodbye, and I went to do my homework.


I want to share a story that happened to me. It is about 5-6 years ago when I knocked on 25-26 of years old. My wife went to the session, she was studying by correspondence, and I stayed home with my daughter ... We lived with his wife is not bad, but it's not that. It was close to meeting prom-ing and I was going to participate in it because Long time no one met his former classmates and graders, respectively .... Passed daughter and mother-in school.
It was boring as usual, then went to the pub, the signature and the time flew more fun. Among the pro-chih in our company was a girl, call her Lena, with whom the school in the distant past I was not novel, of course, but she sympathized with me that's exactly what the results-which were obzhimalki in the dark corridors of the school. But unfortunately after the 8th grade went our separate ways she left to study in medical school and I was left to finish the 10 class-owls.
After that we saw of course but then hello how are conversations did not go. She was a girl, and then at least somewhere, and now but still under the influence of alcohol consumed was about one hundred divine. The figure is very appetizing when it was all as it should be according to the canons of the genre: a large chest, the waist thin, swaying buttocks when walking so that his eyes were in tears, in general, the years have gone for her. After the feast as usual started dancing, and dancing with her after the first joint movements began just is infinite-controlling-excited and cling to her thigh as a member.
She could not help in feel and ...... reciprocate, laid her head on my shoulder and hugged me ... ..I do not know why, but suddenly offered her to me and she nodded. Further as in a detective story, they went separately, met came up to me. I will say that I have simply exhausted with desire. By the way this is my first betrayal and inner-ny restrain me, but not for long. Removing the cloak went to the kitchen, poured the wine and all ... .. on a blur just attacked her. Kiss my hand under her skirt right on the kitchen sofa pull together stockings and panties .... And eagerly bites tongue in her pussy, it's probably something that I just never dreamed in my school years.
She sits in front of me stretched out his legs, and I varnish her pussy, I caress eagerly panting with passion overwhelms me. Her hands on my head and pushed me into itself. Enough to get drunk her children preles-I rose from his knees giving her the opportunity to show their abilities. She froze Vila persuade himself. Deftly pulling my cock she immediately put it in his mouth, and she'll tell you honestly know what to do. I did not finish in her throat.
A wider spread her legs and put in, I think we both cried and finished in a few movements. It is time for a break, she went to the bathroom and I took a sip of wine each. After that, everything was like a fairy tale, I did not expect that I finished so many times I probably 5-6 and whence da only forces were taken that night. I think we tried everything known to mankind poses and ways to fuck. But more about that in the next story .......
Continuing his story, or rather try unfolded tell everyone how still spend time with a smart woman. As we started our sex with Lena-cial adventure it was described in the first part. And now I want more-Ost novitsya some memorable moments of our conversation. While undermining Lenka-las I as mentioned above sat and sipped wine each, but she soon reappeared but the kitchen did not find anything better than to wear a robe of my wife on her beautiful naked body.
Took a sip from his cup she brought me her lovely lips and gave me a wine from the mouth. I was like a shock struck ...., I was sitting in the half-mast trousers and a member, and bent her head down. For a few moments, and my dick was again in half-term readiness. I picked her up and carried her to the bed. Stretching fun we've been, by turns, and together sucking and licking each other. I choked on the flavor and tenderness of her pussy licked petals and clitoris, anus and massaging delicate thin bridge between do by a pussy and ass.
Lena, in turn, did not let me relax for a minute ... is not. Her mouth and hands gently and passionately worked several times I was ready to explode called it mind-lo stopped me. Asking her to play when I was lying on his back, his hands behind his head, and he could not touch her, and she caressed my body with all his strength, just brought me-nya crazy. In the end, I was just furious, put her on her stomach and fuck her wet pussy. As she writhed and moaned with pleasure! He raises his elastic ass on vstre-chu my shock and moaning. I do not know how many times, but she had finished several times and co-GDS received my charge in my pussy I realized it to the top.
He spreads his arms and gave me half to lick up all dry. After lying a few minutes, we went to the kitchen to moisten the throat. She put on her robe, and I have gone naked. After the first sip, she sat down on her knees on the floor and started to play with my member. Gathering at a time in the mouth the wine, cola, sham-Pana, in all this, and dipped gently suck her tongue caressed my dick. This is the first time I did, I baldel by Lenka. I put her back on the kitchen table and selling-lal is the same as changing their drinks filled her pussy greedily drank the fragrant mixture.
The culmination of the mutual absorption "cocktail" was a great table sex. And the bed again, caress, lick, posture changed quickly and unobtrusively. I had my school girlfriend in front and behind, by themselves and on themselves. Her sexuality did not have borders, we must have realized all our sexual fantasies and opportunities. After a stormy night, we fell asleep in my marital bed. Waking up in the morning I pressed his cock to her ass and the response came immediately.
Her still sleepy and fragrant sleep after I put to one side and slowly introduced the dick even dry after sleeping pussy. She almost did not stir occasionally clinging to me. This morning sex was long, not as rapid as in the night but incredibly sweet. I slowly moved to her, clinging to her ass, and her hands stroked charming form. Only here in the ass Lenka has not agreed to, I just do not persuade. But even without that time has flown by quickly and beautifully ... ..

Turkish gambit

We arrived with his wife once again in Turkey. Not that money in Europe is not enough, but in Turkey as it is accustomed to, and know where all the places in which the pub is good to take a walk and go to the mountains for trout, and some disco in Alanya off. Yes, and what must be confessed, in the hotel for a 4-star apartment penny I pay as a regular customer.
The guy I'm sociable, looking for some love is easy, here and at this time met at the beach with a very young couple. He, Denis, twenty-something, lean, tall, athletic, and she, Dasha, in general, in the view of eighteen years. It turned out to be the couple from Moscow. Honeymoon at them, that's come off in full. For me, of course, when a strange young wife topless sunbathing, but that's their business, I do not climb the affairs of others.
We must, of course, to say that my wife and I got married five years ago, when she was eighteen, and I'm older than her thirteen years. Kate, my wife, of the fashion business, where I worked for a while. When met, I pulled her from there, and now live happily as an exemplary couple. Of course she's not my girl went at it the parameters. And, as hobnob, I became her second number. Yes me then that his little woman 177 cm in height and volume of 92-58-90 I loved and had a regular, and she answered me in the same coin. Himself in the model hit by accident, a friend asked to replace someone at a photo shoot, so I try. In the army, he pumped up, and with the growth of 193 cm and was even more photogenic. And I have my own business and all the benefits that are attached to it.
And now look, my, Having seen the new girlfriend, also took off her bra, well, I do not mind, there is something to see. Chest rounded, but is primed, the papillae are small and looking up defiantly. I'm not jealous, nigogda wife on a short leash is not held, I wanted topless - please. Just notice that our new acquaintance more than on the breast of his young wife stares and stares at zhenushkinu. Well, let him, but then I look at it more closely molodushku.
Of course quite a child, skinny, baby skin, with a gun, breasts, though decent, but without any roundness, these two solid mound with pink nipples. Tummy resilient, navel piercing, thighs bulging bones, so much so that you can look under her panties and curly dark to see the beginning of the strip. Ass accurate, long legs, stroynenkie not even seem to trim them again. Mordashka clever, with large gray eyes, plump lips, and why it temnovishnevye, thick hair to his shoulders. In short, the two become a real beauty.
So we got into the habit to walk on the beach to sunbathe together, and in the evening went to a disco four. Sit in a good restaurant and dance. How slow dance, so more and more partners to share. Dasha dancing is great, but I do not a bad dancer, and I understand that, as she dances something wrong, well, obviously trying to make me, a hand to hold where it is not necessary, pressed against the breast, then pubis mazanet. And my Denis in full off, shoved his hand under his shirt, and he was not in debt, I do know on my bra not, he znachet her bare breast strokes. Here is a disco all started, but before that we went to the mountains ...
The idea was mine, rented a car, and had given up in the morning in the mountains, in Sanchaa in a seafood restaurant. We sat very well, kind of like back early, well and went on what that mountain taller sunbathing. The people there, and before I knew how Dasha took off from all but her and my expose. Denis somewhere way behind, and I stood alone in front of two naked girls funky. His I had studied, and Dakshin lobochek do not want, and stare. He was her little chubby, sparse hairs still do not cover the top of the slits, where you can guess her little button of. And how his back turned so general mortality. Round ass, tough, untanned, between the legs seen two folds.
While I considered Denis basement and also threw the trunks. Nothing so he, with my unit does not compare, but still respectable. And here I see that my staring at Deniska, right eye tears, and indeed how it selected a whole, pulled belly, chest raised, swollen nipples, lips straight licking. Well, clearly, it was got in sight. Here I think is interesting. When it subsided in the blanket, he puts his hand on her pussy and she was all mokrenkaya. Twice a hand through his lips, and she bent arc, moaned so softly and froze. I look, and next Dennis has full Dashka pyalit and looking rascal, pussy to my wife, and she has a special leg slightly parted. Well, what to do, sit, admire the opponent's fuck.
Sam is not going to show to show, not that age. And then Dennis threw his wife's legs on his shoulders and I can see how well his penis enters her little pink hole, the lower jaw is slightly turned inside out, then dragged inside. About two minutes later Dasha began to moan and actively podmahivat his ass. The spectacle even then, I could not resist and started with one hand stroking pussy Katie, gently touching the clitoris, and the second lightly squeeze her nipple. Orgasm overtook them three at a time. Dasha groaned, my groans, Denis porykivaet, I silently matyugayus. Soak up the sun and then an hour for decency and returned to the hotel.
...Well, after the disco came back and decided to sit out a little more in our room. Music, dancing going on, girls topless again exposed, already like all his, not ashamed. Denis my paw to open his chest, I gently caress Dakshin papillae. But in general I think you need to stop the brothel. I'm not a Puritan, but his wife share with anyone not Nemerov gruppeshnik and no I do not need. Spirnogo sea, but I notice that I do not like that anymore poured, it became even more interesting, did conspire and want me spait.
I do not resist, drink, and not designed - for a while passed out. I come from a caress. Someone gently stroked my breasts and sucking my eyes chlen.Otkryvayu - naked Dasha folded his lips and childish clumsily trying to swallow my machine, but it turns out not much as he at me simply huge, and even his wife almost a year to get used to it. Step back and Dasha interisuet where my half. She's crying, they say love is there, and they went to the sea, and it left me to guard and humor. Why, I ask, do you need a young wife. And I love him and want what would it be schasliv, well, I like you very much. Well kindergarten. Angry I'm serious, I ran to the beach, and there's my naked lying on a lounger, feet hung up, lifted her ass, and she passionately Denis pussy licking.
So, the game ended. I take by the scruff of both, I throw into the water and begin to sink. They fight as they can, but where it against me. Suddenly I heard a plaintive voice - do not touch them, please, please, I'll do it for you. I turned around, it's Dasha me ran to the beach. It is worth shaking, crying, but to me does not fit in the water. How all the same I felt, the rage has passed, but the kind of cold anger remained. I pulled them ashore, brought to life and pulled back into his room. Sitting naked puppies, shaking with fear.
Well, for about a couple more times Dennis moved, and then put his wife with cancer and put her in the pussy without any preparation. She whimpered in pain as much. Dennis began to cry and began to stroke her hair, and began to stroke Dasha Denis. Love. I have a couple of minutes, fuck my wife, I pushed her and she fell to Denis. He sat down on a chair, summoned Dasha, turned her face to Denis, spread her legs and began to get into it on his penis. Dasha wheezed, her hole was very narrow, I saw her lips were stretched almost to the ring, trying to miss my dick, it was almost dry, a member went only halfway, but I continued to put pressure on her hips. In Dashki tears flowed while my wife and crawled over to her and began to lick her clit.
Gradually I was completely immersed in another man's wife. Dasha stopped crying and began to fidget on my ass, pushing his feet on the floor. Dennis stared as I rape his wife, but then his interest switched on ... the magnificent spectacle which represented an open crotch of my Katie. On the beach he could not finish, and now his swollen penis and raised eyes. I was found which is blurred and I ordered him to lick Katka. Feeling in her vagina a foreign language, Katka froze for a second, then even wider spread her thighs and ass sticking out. Denis simple fucked her with his tongue, trying to shove it as deep as possible. His face was Katkinoy lubrication.
Grasping another man's wife by the hips, lifted up and pressed her legs to the chest, I lifted her above him and removing her from a member inserted into the mouth Katka and Denis told Dakshin licking the anus. Dasha realized that I was plotting and began to twitch, but I squeezed the nipples of her breasts, and she froze. Vytavschiv member of Katka sponges and ordered to keep his hand vertically, I began to slowly lower Dasha's ass on your dick. As soon as the head rested on the brown ring Dasha screamed and then Denis himself fingers began to plant it in hand, trying to ease the suffering of Dakshin.
I felt the head went into something inexpressibly close and warm, felt a wave a wave of languor, and I started down clutching Dakshin twitching and chest. At some point I felt that a member falls deeper and deeper into Dakshin ass. She was shivering and her whole body shook. Prior to this, a relatively small clit suddenly inflated and came forward almost a centimeter. Not removing a member, I began to stroke it gently and then moved onto to Dashka sudorgi orgasm, she cried out thinly and cut. From these spasms of my cock again I scored full force and I'm not in a hurry to leave the cozy nest.
Somewhere in a moment she regained consciousness, and I slowly began to peck her ass, the benefit of my sperm was used as a lubricant. First, Dasha did not move, and then put his hands on my buttocks and began to gently press down with me to the beat. Listening, I realized that with moans she pulled out the word love. What is love? I have not decided anything.
I looked, and my lyubovnichka emboldened and on the couch facing each other gently caress. I growled and they jumped apart. Here Dashutka head turns and tries to hum the type to allow them, they are good, they fell in love. Yeah, well, a little horn did not urge me quietly. And Dasha booty increasingly active podmahivaet and has herself pussy laskaet.Ya honestly feeling like it, ever, to anyone, even with Katka experienced. Such sweetness waves runs. And Vidocq top crazy.
Halves ass apart, I can see how my piston comes, waist bends, shoulders shaking, swollen breasts, nipples shriveled and stand pegs. And me all the prettier and prettier, and even cock and clamped tightly in a small Dakshin the hole, but from the "grease" sweeping movements are obtained, almost the entire length of the barrel. Sometimes I pull dick, and then re-insert it into the anus. He first, a moment stuck in the beginning and then rapidly falls to a depth of shu. Dasha is not even grunts, no groans, and wheezing, squeezing my buttocks with their handles so that nogotochki dug into the skin. Feeling "coming", I gripped the slender body and became literally vvinchivtsya in Dakshin ass, feeling the tremors spills seed ...
2008-11-09 8:17:46

Ah, so this Aunt Nina. Part 5

Yes, surprisingly, I felt some relief from what was happening, was glad that my favorite was from me, my actions satisfaction that, in spite of everything, he did not reject me. It seemed that the disposal of me, my body, in the presence of his friends gives him great pleasure, elevates him in the eyes of his comrades.
Well, she certainly had an extraordinary pleasure. I received a discharge of sexual tension, which in the morning is not bugging me to fill my whole nature and could not find a way out.
The truth is it was a strange feeling, which I have never experienced. Enjoyment of shame and disgrace, humiliation and helplessness accessible to all women.
For the first time I felt the common whore, lewd current female longing for pleasure and passion. It was from this terribly ashamed and voluptuously nice. It's nice that young males are languishing in the queue and the impatience and passion that I so desirable for them and their loved one.
Panting, I raised my head and saw the protruding member of one of the friends of Vitina in the opening of the box, who it was I could not understand, as he came very close, thereby closing my review. But to be honest, I did not care, just do not care, I'm going to suck someone dick who give pleasure, who after a few minutes of petting my convulsively twitching and throw a jet of sperm. I thought only of the Vita, but it represented. It defiantly stuck his cock, trembling with tension, such as high pole.
A member was quite large, larger than that of Viti and my husband, with a large head, flowing in anticipation of caresses. It seemed he was going to burst. Large droplet secretions hung on its tip, which I neatly licked tongue nezhnenko spent his tip on the bridle, making young stallion suddenly jerked, heaved a prolonged roar, and immediately the fountain jet of sperm hit me in the face. Then another and another ... adhesive spraying me, nice-smelling liquid ... even I was taken aback by surprise.
- "Suck bitch, suck in your mouth ... take in your mouth ..." - he cried hysterically young libertine, realizing suddenly how quickly finished, and not feeling female nezhnenko and gentle lips.
From the sudden cry, I quickly plunged his cock in her mouth, wrapped around two fingers over the barrel, and strongly pressed the head of the tongue to the palate, making time to translational movements of the head.
- "Oh, let me hurt ..." - he shouted and jumped out of the process of me leaving on the lips flocked chin drop of sperm.
Bounced off the box, he with genuine joy, in a trembling voice, spoken:
- "That's class, I've never so did not finish. Eggs almost turned inside out. She and the spinal cord can suck ... Baba simply class ... Where did you Vic and only found ... "
With the second playboy took the same picture, only semen, he poured out a lot more than the previous two of my lover, I smeared her from head to toe.
Well, that seems to be all. Now they are gone and I'm back home, only home and that's enough me all sorts of adventures. my, soon I will have to come at this time to forget everything, everything that happened to me once again become a decent, respectable woman, an exemplary wife and mother. Everything, everything to an end. More than anything in this direction, even any lustful thoughts will drive away from you. No love stories, all natrahalsya ... enough ... I sit like a fool in this box ... ... As the last whore pleasuring youngsters ... Who would have learned from girlfriends, laughing would have died, and her husband probably killed kakie-to ... For three days I was so humiliated himself , has become accessible to all women ... Now, anyone and everyone can climb into my hole than any anytime and anywhere without asking my permission ...
All have enough, nothing like that ... And all of this should be forgotten as a nightmare ...
My heart happily beating, I felt that it was all over ... I get out of the terrible situation ... And suddenly, through a hole in the cardboard, I saw that these rascals wipe its members my dress ... What am I going than cover their nakedness ... In consequence of this procedure, it has taken a terrible look.
- "Victor, well, let's let it by Razik we suck!" - The boys were not appeased.
My heart ached with foreboding. Is the nightmare is not over, and again I will now need to appease those idiots.
- "No, as agreed! And then it will not give you more than ever. Rouse any inexperienced mokroschelok fuck, suck that it really can not, not to mention other things "
Guys like yet, but contract is the contract, but still may be something in the future that a break off ... No, not break off, and do not even dream of, I will no longer such dhurra, not to see you more than my charms, but feel my velvet sponges, caressing my tongue ...
They reluctantly got dressed, one of them casually pocketed my rosy, favorite panties and went accompanied Viti output from felling. I was in seventh heaven, all ended my suffering ... But now in front of me all the clearer it became guilt and shame in front of Victor and I ... I told him swore in love, saying that he and only he alone will touch me, and here I am as available slut sucking all members of the row. How did he react to all happened. A great sense of guilt and shame engulfed me. There is no excuse for me, as I could roll up to this ...
According to my cheeks softly flowed tears ... Poor me and poor, all well and good started and what happened ... As it is now, Vitya will treat me as accessible to all women ... Yes, after all that has happened, he has every right to such an attitude to I ... I was morally crushed by their own thoughts ... With these terrible thoughts, I began to wait for the return of Viti and his sentence as a slave waiting for his master sitting on the chain ...
Steps were quiet, and I made an attempt to free himself from his hiding place, but because of this I have none of this happened because a low ceiling and lack of space in the basement would not let me do it. Without help, I could not find long-awaited freedom. If Victor does not come back, then I probably until the end of life will have to live in this box.
But finally in the doorway there was my favorite, my heart ached with premonitions finding a relationship with him. How it will behave as after all he would react to me ...
Victor slightly tilted towards the box, pulled over, and I was free. Type I had terrifying. All in semen, wet with sweat, a dirty bra, to tear off the floor and knees black from dirt.
Homeless at the bins and they probably look decent, though they are dressed.
I stood with her eyes on the floor, arms crossed just below the stomach, thereby covering the vagina and trying to keep a certain chastity and purity. I was ashamed and afraid to raise his eyes and look to meet with his beloved.
- "Well, Vidocq you Aunt Nina" - through a veil of fear and humiliation I heard.
Every cell in the skin I could feel his eyes on me. It is with obvious curiosity, and I do not understand a sense treated me from head to toe. I just lifted my eyes and saw that his pants near his fly something suspicious stick. He took a step towards me ... I joyfully beating heart ...
Now he will embrace me, caress, affectionate say good words to say that he loves me in spite of everything ... Everything that happened to me today, this is a dream, an ordinary dream ...
And his hands were on my shoulders. Heart sank in joyful anticipation. Another second and I'm in his arms ... But suddenly he strongly pressed on my shoulders, thereby causing to stand on his knees. I obeyed without a murmur, without a sound. He unzipped his fly, pulled hard dick with a shiny head and put it to my lips ... They parted without a murmur flowing inside this natural wonder ... Yes, I did not expect at all ... And what, after all that has happened ... I should feel attitude. Thank you for another home does not shrink, no name-calling whore ...
And I am submissive resignation began to meet him. My fingers touched the trunk, ran on its bumpy surface. But in response to my actions, I heard:
- "Hands behind your back, thrusting where they ..."
My pen obediently were crossed at the back, thus giving him complete freedom of action.
He grabbed my head and started to drive to force his penis into me, trying to penetrate as deeply as possible.
Startled, I have begun to retching, to little eyes filled with tears. I tried to pull away from him, his actions have some resistance, but his shout stopped these feeble attempts. With the frenzy he drives the his penis deeper and deeper, and I humbly endured. Well, finally, tight jet of sperm hit my throat. I can not even swallow it herself without any effort on my hand slipped into the stomach.
The movement of his pelvis stopped, limp dick, and he reluctantly slipped out of my lips.
- "Yes, you're a cool chick Aunt Nina, just super. Fuck you and still want to and not slazil with you for days "
I'm like a faithful dog lifted his face and finally decided to face the host. He looked into my eyes, full of love and devotion, passed his hand over his cheek and said:
- "And how do you go in such a home? All the dirty, dirty clothes. Suddenly someone from the neighbors will see that then. You'll have to sit here until the mother has not gone to work, and I do not bring some water to wash and something to wear "
Just now I heard that he was to call me "you" as equal to or below them. It jarred me a little, but what happened, happened. I have nothing I could do. We had only to meekly accept everything. And I answered him humbly nodded, not having the strength and courage to speak.
- "Okay, I went. As soon as my mother gone, I'll come at once. What do you bring to dress? "
I rummaged in her purse, took out a key from his room, offered him and said:
- "Get in the closet any light dress, and on the top shelf bra and panties"
- "Well, the dress is understandable, but why panties, and without them you are well. Even better, "- he chuckled.
- "Yes, I'm going to close, and the neighbors, too, go to the basement, you see ... Well, I think you do not mind, and the light is off, to attract less attention"
And so I was left in total darkness in a dirty basement with his bitter thoughts. Completely naked and utterly defenseless woman, waiting for something unknown.
The end of the fifth chapter

The road home from work

The road home from work ... Something about this is such a peaceful, relaxing. Despite the relatively late hour, cars on the road has been quite a lot. Printing from the fatigue of their respective owners working day imprinted even on the machines themselves. The four-movement friends of humanity felt the thrust to the owners home, warmth, comfort. Refuel at the last fifty rubles, I was driving home, fully sharing the desire for an early "arrival at the base", All other traffic participants.
She stood at the edge of the sidewalk at the beginning of Novy Arbat, on the border of the light emitted by the lamp and the crown of the night, already engulfed by the time Moscow. Five hundred meters from my house. Since most of my attention was occupied by the road, and the speed was decent, I consider it really failed. However, even a cursory glance was enough to fully appreciate her body and clothes. They were so spectacular that at first I flashed the thought that this girl - one of those recently divorced order of the central streets of the city, especially with the advent of "night time". She was wearing a very short black dress with a neckline, black socks (or stockings, their features and plead). Tall, slender. But the extended right hand eloquently testified to the other intentions of a stranger. "As I was tired at work today!" - I thought all of a sudden - "And certainly it somewhere far away. On fig me all this necessary? I was almost home, and there - a warm bath, cozy bed in the morning back to work ...".
I braked, turning to the curb, though, as a rule, are not prone to inconsistent actions. Apparently, I did it too quickly, because the girl drew back from the road, as the devil from holy water, while turning his back to me, all kind words about how I scared her his unexpected appearance. I reached for the passenger door and opened it from the inside, side view pointing to several machines, to attach me, with the intention to pick up the girl's voice, when suddenly I refuse to take her thoughts.
"Bummer, citizens"- For some reason I maliciously hissed through clenched teeth.
- Voikovskaya! - Loudly said the girl, looking me in the salon.
- Let's go - I say.
- How much money? - She asked, slowly sit down.
- Yes, let's go, tree-stick! - I eagerly utter, making head complimentary gesture.
- So how much?
"E-mine"- I think - "I can not stand to be on the road with the door open, feeling the wolf's breath back "bomber"Standing in eager expectation for my car."
- Sit down, sit down, free. - Heck, neck, she had a deep, opening two hemispheres well-developed chest and the valley between them. Look, my barely broke away from this gorgeous spectacle and climbed a little higher on her face. It was quite comely, to the extent made up, and by and large friendly. The hair is dark brown, short hair that always liked me, with quite demanding taste relating to the appearance of girls. Unfortunately, my taste (along with bouts of laziness, not often, but still covering me) played a cruel joke with me - in the last six months I have been deprived of female attention and affection. And, taking into account the nature of my passion and blood temperature, six months - a terrible term.
- It does not happen! - Confidently declared the stranger.
- Even as it happens - at least, I said confidently.
Apparently, my confidence has made a definite impression on her.
She smiled, and finally climbed inside, closing the door behind him. I closed my eyes - usually the passengers with all the dope shied car door, closing it. And such attacks for the driver - still striking sup. Oddly, the door was closed it without terrible rumble - one that could place the me even a stranger. Go.
- I do not believe - she said smiling. Her voice was high, but not annoying. The first moments of communication was enough for me to understand what it is - quite cheerful and cheerful person, open-minded, they say. Either simpleton or not a Muscovite, for sure.
- Why? - I said, surprised at the answer - why not?
- Well, sometimes not, and all!
- How it does not happen, that's when ... ... we go directly already. - A logical response, is not it?
- Listen, then, I'm afraid - whether in jest, whether she said seriously.
- Well, zdaste-come! - Offended I said, glancing at his house, which we at that moment passed.
- No, not really afraid - she smiled - just strange all this. Gasoline went up something lately.
- So what? - Although I somehow knew "what". Half an hour ago
my last fifty dollars sailed straight into the jaws of sharks to our oil business. It was a week to paycheck. I Do not Know "what".
- Well, how then free to carry someone's the point?
- And that necessarily need meaning? - Almost a challenge, I said. - This is my house, by the way.
She looked first at home, then at me even more aware of
comedy and even some idiocy of what is happening.
- Listen, why all this?
- Well, you wanted a ride, despite the fact that drove home, about anything that does not even dreamed of.
- Tale of some sort.
- Why fairy tale? Do I look like the sorcerer? Surprisingly it was, if I had someone took charge. And you wonder why something?
- I.e?
- In the mirror we have long looked for the last time? - Hard, of course, komplimentik, but she smiled, his whole manner implying that my "heavyweight" I came to her liking.
- Anyway ... Miracles do not happen.
It's nice to feel her surprise, in the shower, I was well aware of it.
Further conversation was conducted in a provocatively-naughty and very good-natured manner, with pronounced humorous intonations. I love this conversation.
- Who told you such nonsense?
- I do not remember, but I know - that's for sure.
- Then, let this evening will make you reconsider your view on the impossibility of miracles.
- Stunned. I have as far to go! - She did not stop smiling.
- The most offensive, that the reason this was considered strange if someone someone decided to ride for free. We conclude on this. - I said firmly.
- Okay! - Even more playfully she agreed.
- With so late from work? - I asked.
- Yeah, I stayed here.
- Where are you going next work? - In his head flashed images: office, desk, dial, "I look for us, please"
- In library.
"Those guys"
- ...Holy Mother, in the Lenin Library, what ?!
- Yes. In the dining room. I'm a cook.
"Well, it's still all right"- I thought. The fact that neither the views nor the (apparently) content, fellow traveler does not fit the stereotype of the librarian. Well, the stereotype of a cook I was not so stable.
- And to what the hours of work in the dining room Leninke?
- Well, actually six, but today with the authorities here have decided to drink a beer.
- Holy thing with the boss something.
- Well, like this!
- A boss is not hurting, paying regularly?
- The authorities have a normal, young Armenians ...
- Lenin Library bosses? !!!
- No, dining room.
"Thank God". I can not say that I do not like Armenians (very respect), but agree that it would be a sufficient reason for a surprise. I turned on the tape recorder, which was put on pause when stopped to "pick up" fellow traveler.
- Wow, even the music! - She laughed - and you can smoke?
- Necessary. - I said, glancing at his pack and opened the ashtray.
Usually after such a question, what do? - Properly light up. So, it is not lighted. "Damn it" - I thought he did not even end up not moving away from some of unreality. Or am I too sensitive? "Taaaak, OK"
- And still, - she said softly, - whether it is impossible to stop somewhere, I would imagine beer bought. Beer would be desirable, there are no forces.
- No problem, we'll see a tent - stop. "So, where do we have to be the closest?"
- Tell me, what is your favorite dish? - I suddenly asked - I mean cooking?
- You know - "Madhouse, I'm with her on you, it is with me - on the contrary". - I hate to cook. I have a dream - beautiful long nails. So, while I'm here, this dream - is not feasible.
- And that's the self-adhesive ... ... can not wear?
- So it's bad for the nails - she said in an instructive tone - and then I want to have her long. - Emphasis on "their".
- No nails in happiness - I spoke thoughtfully, - so still, what about food?
- Believe, pasta. Prepare them so as not to stick together, not dumped. That is - high. Oh, and that this is Belarus?
- Yes, why?
- Something somehow we quickly before it arrived.
- Normally we arrived - I replied, still flattered her involuntary (most likely) compliment my driving skills.
- No, I have a lot of time and so went, so we much longer before it gets.
- Well, I'm in the middle of live, all the same - their homes. Sin does not know.
- Really. And what about the nails you in vain. For women, this is important.
- I can imagine.
- No, I'm serious.
- I believe.
I took a pack of cigarettes and handed it to her.
- Thank you, I have my own, - she said.
"I wonder what?" - I thought. But she was going to light up even. Madhouse.
- I, by the way, Lucy called. - Suddenly, she said, and looked at me. Lateral vision I have developed normally, so I read the question in her facial expressions.
- Me - Murat.
sentence "Very nice" we simultaneously uttered. Fu-oo-oo, it's good, in fact, that she first introduced herself. I hate to refer to a strange girl with some idiotic question type "Devshki, and what is your name?". From this question, uttered in the street or in any public places, and reeks of banal vulgarity. And in general, I love when I represent.
- A-ah, Lucy - is, as I understand, from the diminutive Lyudmila? - I asked a question, which is banal to come up was difficult.
- Yeah, but that's not like when I am called Lyudmila. That's when I'm thirty, then I'll Lyudmila, as well - Lucy. I do not want to grow up.
- Similarly, - I supported the companion, as he held the same view. - Up to eighteen I wanted to grow up, and now - how to cut.
- Same with me. I'm looking at our chefs who forty - horror. I was there for a long time can not work. Because self-pity .Ty would see their feet, they are swollen, swollen veins ... There are in fact at all times be necessary.
- Thank God that is not seen. Not very appetizing, probably spectacle.
"Nails something really garbage, but the legs ..." - And I thought, that not
He wanting glanced at Lyusin knees. Her legs were zingy. In full measure, not skinny, slender and long. And, of course, black stockings (or all the same tights?), They gave more harmony.
- So after all - I decided to change the subject - I apologize, pay a lot of something in the dining room of the Lenin Library, if not a secret, of course?
- One hundred and thirty rubles a day.
- Yeah, I'm somewhere in the same way.
- And the prices?
- What are you so inquire, - she asked playfully, - a spy or something?
- Not looking for a job - including in the game, I said - a joke. Just, you know, I kind of graduate student thesis writing. So, it is quite possible you will soon announced. The department everyone says - Leninka, Leninka, and I have never been there.
- Come on, everything will be there ... - Lucy said thoughtfully and respectfully looked at me.
"Interesting"- I thought all of a sudden - "how many graduate students she knows?" Judging by her concerned look, I - first.
- Vaughn, shop, now we will rebuild - we were driving in the left lane.
- Oh, and maybe it is not necessary? - Frightened she faltered
- I.e? - I was surprised.
- So many works because of one bottle of beer. Machine as a circle.
- Come on, what could be there.
- Oh, thanks.
- It's my pleasure.
We stopped.
- I bag with the package you leave?
- To me, they do not interfere.
She gets out of the car with all the elegance of the women with long, shapely legs. First, short legs taken out to the outside, put on the asphalt, and already out of the car for the rest of them is removed. Damn attractive his ineffable grace of movement. Again, carefully closing the door, it is easy gait, without turning around, went to the store.
"Well, young lady"- I thought, when the shop door closed behind her - " I'm with you, as they say, go ahead. Come on, a bag left. Bury - I do not. Where is the trust? Am I so fascinated you? ... Or just nothing of value in her bag there? Oh, Lucy, Lucy ..."
I killed the engine, lit a cigarette and began to consider the billboard on the other side of the road. At night, the light yellow streetlights and private illumination, these panels look very different than during the day. Lyapotaaaa!
She returned five minutes later. As I understand it, without a moment's surprised to the fact that I'm still here, and do not rush home already, looking pretty on the bag with the sachet, grinning and humming something triumphant.
- All now exactly - kicks! - She said, smiling - Do you love beer?
- Hmm, but how to say. Already weaned. All the while behind the wheel, you know.
- I see. And I - I adore. Generally, only drink beer or vodka. Most natural products. And there are all sorts of liquors ... there's garbage, in short.
Just then I noticed that the hand she smokes a cigarette. she lit
it is most likely coming from the store, so that the brand of cigarettes could not find me. Nails with short, neat, painted some dark varnish - in the dark color is not particularly differences.
- But I love tequila - I confessed.
- Do not weak - surprised Lucy.
- In the sense of?
- Yes-ah, you know, it's not a cheap pleasure.
- Well, I do not every day, then it consumes. Once or twice a year.
- I see. But anyway...
- I enjoy the process of alcohol consumption rather than the effect it produces, - I said. - Generally speaking, the state of love "tipsy". "tipsy"So to speak. And, to be honest, alcohol is not compatible with the two classes, which for me are the most beloved one - driving a car, and lovemaking.
- Well, that - despite how much to drink, - said Lucy, - if you go through, then - what there is love. But if in moderation - even more desirable. - And he laughed.
- Glass of red wine in front of it - does not count - I corrected.
"Strange conversations we went"- I thought.
- You know - all of a sudden she said - and here I am afraid of cars. To go to them, that is. Especially at high speeds. I have a friend, so he drives like a madman. All cuts, squeezes in all the cracks, horror.
"Yes"- I thought with irony - "Would you, Lucy, swept with me when I'm late for work"
- I love my car. And take her love. Not now, now many cars the road, away from any pleasure. But on the night Moscow, three in the morning - this is fun. In summer, you go on the road you meet the dawn ...
With regret I have noted that we have already entered the bridge - right behind him was the subway station being "Voikovskaya". Interesting I had a fellow traveler, it was a pity to leave.
- If you can, I'm under the bridge, to the right, to the platform "Leningrad" - Pleading tone she said.
And she added coquettishly:
- Now, I - hussy, is not it?
- What might be questions where you say, go there.
I noticed that she stares at me.
- Listen, - she said thoughtfully, - and you're always so: good?
- Not only when not at work.
She laughed, but the sight of me not averted. Side vision - a great thing. We turned under the bridge and approached the platform.
- Now all the time right before the end, and to the left.
- Second Voykovsky?
- Exactly. Wow...
About Second Voykovsky lane I said at random. Simply the only name I knew from the local area. Just I know that this lane around here is. Shrewdness I do. From the word "skunk". We go further.
- Where do you work? - She asked, continuing interrupted by adjusting the direction of drive, the conversation.
I told her about the job, about the negotiations with Western partners, online, about all this crap, do not forget to spice it all tired tone and mention about trips abroad. All as always, in general.
- Language know? - She asked knowingly.
- Uh-huh.
- Cool. - Her voice became even more respect. Nice to hell, to impress the girls, especially pretty.
We drove up to the yellow two-story house with a metal fence around the perimeter. Lucy carefully peered into the dark windows of the house.
- Damn, in reptiles, closed today ahead of time - disappointed, she said, having finished studying lifeless windows, secure the curly bars.
- And what is it? - I asked, nodding at the house.
- A cafe. I'm going to sit in a cafe after work.
- You're with someone here to meet agreed?
- No, in general, I just I come here often.
- Ah, the familiar company often going?
- Yeah. And how much time something now?
- Half past ten.
- Bummer. Well, okay, what can I do something, let's go home, near here.
- Go.
Her house was in thirty meters away from the cafe. I stopped the car and turned off the engine. Enlistment snapped, looking up, tsentrzamok doors. Lucy looked at me. His eyes gleamed in the darkness, his face was a kind smile.
- Thank you. And good luck.
She picked up her bag and purse, standing at her feet, opened the door and went outside. I took the key, intending to start. And suddenly, she bent down to my cabin (the door she had not yet closed), and the light of his extraordinary charming smile, said:
- You know, you should lead in life. You're a cool guy and very kind. So you must lead.
I already zonked from all bloat tonight, he said:
- And so lucky any longer.
- Happily, Murat, may meet again. Thanks again.
- Be sure to meet - I confidently replied, looking into her eyes.
- Till.
The door closed. Roared the engine. Driving off, I noticed in the rearview mirror as Lucy waved after me hand.
Yes, that's how it ended. You're just elated, overwhelmed me until I got to the house. The mood, which usually happens after a chat with a beautiful girl, turned his favorable attention to you. And maybe they played a role laudatory words she addressed to me. For some reason I thought that said they were completely sincere, and not because I did not take her money. Yes, still have the desire to write this story down on paper, I do not know why. I thought a lot and then, all I did the right thing ... and so there must be a final that evening, and could it be somehow different. And quite unexpectedly realized that it was all right, everything is as it should have happened. Proizoydi something else, a sense from this meeting could be very different, and it is not known yet, it is better. Tell me, you fool, boy, do not miss this opportunity? May be...


Dew Splashes tickled his face. Dumpty occasion. In damp earth gave a muffled dawn forest - tight PLUNK hooves. From the ground up the smell, he tickled the nostrils, making his way deeper into the throat, the lungs, the lungs were filled with the smell of rotten ground, matted black foliage, muddy mushroom caps. At the top of the wind sometimes accumulates on top of the big oaks, tightly closes the top tier of the old forests, but underneath it was quiet, only PLUNK, PLUNK, PLUNK hooves on the wet ground.
He overweight soft body fatigue flowed from a sleepless night and a long transition, she aggravating circumstances eyelids trickle ran down, it accumulates in the waist area, lapped in narrow socket joint leather boots. His head was thoughtlessness fatigue, only the sound of hooves grimly pushed his way through the head bone, sounded remotely and lonely ...
The brigade stretched him not long chain. All were silent as silent everything in nature at this hour between night and the sun, when he sleeps all should sleep all, only people in the eternal vanity and chasing ghosts violates sometimes this hour of rest, but he feels in the depths of his wrong, he because numb and stiffens at this hour of silence and immutable calm ...
In the forest moving squad. The sound quickly died down after him, but the swaying branches for a long time ringing in their wake, scattering in all directions thin dew dust.
To him rode a pop.
- Soon more? - Without turning and breaking his posture relaxed, he quit.
- It must close.
- And surely say that yazychnichayut in Dubrischah?
- Believe prince word. Confused people there the old Sage Yarila, they bring the victim vile idol Perun, Horsa, and praise, undermine faith and sow distrust Princely power and princes as an apostate from the old faith.
- Coley's true these things - bad they be able to punish the prince sternly suprotivnikov faith in Christ, - he answered, and relapsed into slumber. Approached them senior Tiuna Dryga filed his voice.
- They say in Yarily daughter - the most beautiful woman in all the land dryagovichey.
No one answered, and the voice was silent.
Suddenly the forest parted.
A narrow strip of molten metal toward the rising sun shone. The sun and the air, saturated with them transparently, blinded the eyes of riders after the semi-darkness of the forest deaf. Gradually, when the eyes of people have adapted to the new world, their vision appeared a narrow picture of the river, gently meandering amid the soft green meadows, and in the distance near the sprawling oak could see a large crowd of people - men, women and children in motley dresses and white shirts. They slowly moved rhythmically around a decorated tree and festive song of a wide fan spending in height, only the corner brings to their ears. It was an old pagan hymn to the sun.
Vely Horse
Vely Horse
Give presents we love you
Give presents us you beasts
Give presents you stomachs
Older, I could not hear a child words, the old, familiar from childhood melody grandfathers and ancestors did not respond in the hearts of all these people, even if they received the new faith, brought from Luxuriously shores of the Bosphorus, even if they drowned the sacred grandfather Perun in the waters of the Dnieper but not themselves be undone at once, not all at once threw away his memory ... She woke memories of childhood and warm, soft hands of the mother, mumbled Hovorka lohmatoborodogo grandfather telling tales and old legends about Rurik, Svyatoslav and campaigns against Constantinople, funny popevki and praise Boyana. The new faith was cold and harsh, she went to the expanses of fields, from the gloomy forests of comfort, withdrew in stone cells dazzling white lifeless churches, where a person with anger and reproach looked slanted faces vengeful patriarchs, and even the look of the Virgin was not the kindness and comfort, and the baby had never smiled on her hands ...
He looked at the satellite swept their eyes tightened face veil memories under his gaze they shrinks as if resorts to something unforgivable and put his horse forward.
The brigade screaming and shouting ahead of him, scattered across the field, surrounding the Gentiles, who at the sight of them fled to the forest, but when he saw that the path is cut off, gathered around tall old man in white, and with a long white beard expanding.
- The water them, drive them into the water! - Excitedly yelled pop, rady that so successfully caught yazychnichayuschih.
- Riders and horses, spears began to drive people into the water.
- Prince, that he Yarila chief horovodchik - pop cried, jumping to the prince.
- Seize and bind.
Some time - and the whole crowd was driven into the water. Frightened, they stood chest-deep in the water, close to each other, the women raised children, they loudly crying with fright.
Several warriors, glittering axes and white cut chips, began to cut the sacred oak, and pop, and stood on the shore, waving his cross, throwing angry words.
Oh, steeped in sin Gentiles. For you to death he received a divine son Jesus Christ, and you worship oaks and chumps. Let there be no other god except you triune in nature - God the Father, God the Son, God - the Holy Ghost ... otherwise his wrath will be on you in the sky and the Revenge of Prince of Peace on this earth. Do not sacrifice to any Perun or Horse or other Baals, tokmo is one tenth of works and trades on your holy church. Let it be so on this and forever. Amen! - Flourish and waved twice in the air a dark crucifix. Then have a businesslike tone. - Suitable for one to be baptized by the Holy Cross.
The guards, drove into the water on horses, spears began to push people, they one by one came to the cross, and standing in front of the priest combatant with his head dipped suitable in warm milk is water under the loud cries and laughter standing on the beach, cleaning them with water from the contamination of the demonic errors of the pagan faith.
Pop gave the Gentiles to kiss the cross, baptizing them in the air, continuing to say some terrible speech about hell, eternal torment and harsh prophets.
Yarila was bound under a tree. He rode up to him.
- Mail, old, old-fashioned pobaskami embarrassing, that turn them from the faith in which we are all told to believe?
Yarila cocked his head. In the eyes had no fear.
- Sedition and discord sow on Russian soil, the prince. With this faith, our grandfathers fastened Russia, beat the Greeks, Bulgars and Pechenegs, and Russia was strengthened.
- That was all before. A former faith was a folly and stupidity, insensitive worshiped idols. Today a new faith in Jesus Christ and how it is said, and it is necessary to believe stinks.
- Avenge the old gods - furiously hissed the old man why the prince was not alone - oh, bitterly More avenge insult and reproach Kiev Perun, many tears spilled Russia, bloody tears Feeds, red water wells pozalivaet Christ your not Russian god, Greeks invented it, and fools of you.
- Put him to death, the prince - jumped pop - unforgivable blasphemy is the son of man.
The fear of this man bound himself suggested.
- ...For your suprotivstvo bitter death I commend you, man, that was a lesson for all. Tied to a tree.
In three vigilantes smartly get off on standing next to a birch, bent tops and disputes tied to him by the feet Yarily. Several people held off the trees, so they never stood. Cleaned and christened people in wet dirty clothes miserable crowd was crowded around.
- So it will be with anyone who suprotivitsya churches and princes, - he preached pop. - Blow in your hearts to the penalty, and remember it.
Choke the word ass, shouting loudly Yarila.
- Be solid in the old faith, Russian people, it is true.
He wanted to order the old man shut his mouth, but then changed his mind - let the screams die all the better with a shout.
- Everyone looked at him, waiting for a signal. He raised his hand.
At this point, there was a cry, to keep her from falling.
- Vaughn Jadwiga, daughter Yarily.
Not dropping, he turned and saw leave the woods on a horse young woman hesitated Odal. Should really beautiful, he thought, looking at her figure, confidently and freely sitting on his shaggy ridge - and lowered his hand.
At once tops have been omitted and the two white-red half of what was still only one body of the old mages and soared straight into the depth of the sky, sprinkling the blood splatter all standing and enveloping everything around smelling pair of human flesh. The breath of horror and fear burst like from one breast. Women wailed, wept children ...
Inner strength again forced him to turn back toward the daughter torn Incanter. She sat motionless on his horse, apparently before it came the terrible significance of what happened, her shoulders slumped, hands gripping a reason limply fell to the horse's mane.
Hot whispered in his ear Dryga.
- The girl - the most beautiful woman in all the land dryagovichey.
Unconscious movement he pushed his horse towards the woman, looking at her relentlessly. Her face has grown, it began to appear separate features.
She woke up, sharply turned his horse and rode into the forest.
Spur, he flew after her. Branches whipped his face, he evaded them mechanically, staring at the flickering in front of the back, which is either approaching, but not moving away, no matter how hot it is a horse, nor his spurred boots forged. Its strong point was, you see, is hardy and fast.
Thirst chase captured him, woke hunting passion. They rode already far cries subsided after Empty retainers, and he still could not get closer to racing without looking directly through the thicket woman. The horse began to tire, his face flushed from the gushing twigs.
And suddenly the horse stumbled under the woman, she flew up and having made a wide arc, fell to the ground.
He jumped from his horse.
Scattered on the ground, there was a woman who lost her from hitting the ground unconscious. Matted hair covered her face. He sat down beside her and suddenly emerged timidly parted hair. Before him there was a vision of a strikingly beautiful woman's face. It was beautiful ... his every line, every essay that person had their final and complete form, and they are all merged into one indissoluble unity of beauty - the very beauty, some features of which he watched sometimes on the icons, brought from Byzantium, but there it was all scattered, each artist has caught only one of the perfection of lines, but here before him, it was a full and final expression.
The girl was still alive. It was clear from her breathing ... He gently held her face with his fingertips like a blind man. The girl did not move. He bent down, as if for a final certificate referred to kiss her lips.
She trembled and opened her eyes. He relentlessly looked at them and saw them slowly into memory arises.
- What is your name?
She shivered and apparently under the sound of his voice came into her memory permanently.
- Go away, go away ...
She wanted to shout, but his voice rose to a dry whisper.
She made a move to jump, but he stopped, force nalegshi on her shoulders.
- Let me go, monster, blank ubivits, ubivits ... - all the same dry whisper she said, wriggling under the power of his hands.
It's writhing body suddenly awakened in him a sharp flash of desire. Unable to resist, he threw his body on women's breasts and bit her lips to her lips, trying to keep her hands shook from side to side of head. She yelled something unintelligible into his mouth, and the flow of hot vibrating air penetrated his lung and caused all over his body wave running through a burning feeling, intermittent numbness spasms of all muscles. He frantically began to tear off her clothes, nails scratching her body, his eyes at times flooded the yellow veil, it was hard to breathe, he gasped, but can not break away, he continued to swallow her hot breath. She beat his fists on his back, writhing under him all the folds of the body, it turned into a bear impotent protest against violence ... but suddenly fell silent. Continuing to tear off her clothes, he bared her breasts, which flashed across the dazzling beauty of its whiteness. His hands eagerly pounced on these beautiful hillocks with dark spots more pristine childlike mouth nipples, incessantly moving their languid rounded surface, the crushing, the whole plane caressing hands, then rubbing the outside of the brush, mouth, cheeks, eyes and every ... movement, filled with sweet silky friction, was his sudden trembling heart tremors.
Suddenly he noticed a residue of like waved her hand and something dumb struck him in the side. He twisted her arm. It was caught a little dagger. But the woman did not have enough strength to break through chain mail.
- Uh, she-devil - he prorugalsya, and plucked the dagger, throwing it away into the bushes, he was viciously attacked methodically on her body.
The woman fell silent. her strength to finish, only in the face slowly tears flowed. He moved over it smoothly and carefully, trying to penetrate deeper and deeper, the burning sense of dazzling left his left one mechanical stubborn, fierce rasprost¸rshimsya limp body beneath it. But gradually the rhythm has become more and more fascinated him, through the cold and indifferent in his body again from time to time began to emerge and fade hot spark, he tried to catch it and stop, she came more and more frequently and have heat again took possession of his body. Suddenly, he felt for a woman's body passed light shaking, the first timid response, and then it is against his will become more and more to respond to it, became more and more to merge with it, and here they are a hedgehog become a single entity in a painful trembling under the striving to resolve their condition intolerable. His body enveloped sweet, painful pressure, it still grew, grew, has become intolerable, unbearable, more traffic and will not stand, will explode, but do not move more unbearable and impossible. The wild cry of the suffering of the flesh burst from his chest, breaking the silence of the forest, and something broke in him with such unbearable pain that he lost consciousness for a few moments ... When he awoke, he felt in his mouth warm salty taste of blood, a woman ... teeth in impotent languor tormented his lips like a hungry wolf on a piece of meat. The last time he squeezed, squeezed it all in his arms and was still stretched out ...
Then they lay side by side, looking at the sky on it tirelessly slid ghostly fluffy clouds, how much time passed, whether it was moving at all at this time, he did not know. He only felt a dull emptiness inside, as if he was aboard, from which all the honey hunter pumped ...
He turned to her.
- Will you Love Me?
- Never, never ... I hate you ... - she said, and turned to face the ground.
Burying her, she continued to sob.
- The murderer ... a murderer ...
He jumped to his feet. His tall stallion grazing peacefully beside the shaggy skate girl. He walked over to his horse.
At this time I came out of the bushes Dryga.
- Prince, a messenger rode from Kiev, said that came to Kiev Izyaslav your brother, besieged it and wants to sit on the Kiev throne instead of you.
- Where the squad?
- In the village of mead drinking, girls probe.
- Christian prayer taught them ... Urgent gather. Yes, and take the woman.
- Get up, - he said to Jadwiga, who all just lay there, his face buried in the grass.
- I will die here. I'm not going anywhere.
- Immerse it in the horse and see her in two.
He mounted his horse and rode to collect the squad.
Next was a wild ride through the forest, sutoloch battle fraternal troops banging swords, blood splatter, neighing in terror horses, joyful fatigue win entry to Kiev at modest screams of joy of the townspeople, who are increasingly becoming indifferent to these endless princely sedition for possession of gold Kiev table finally everything became blurred, dark ...
And he woke up. It was dark. The head More images seen by rushing, rushing krutovert seen scenes, but they are my heart was dull and joyless. Some sort of nonsense, he thought, and turned on the light to the touch. Illuminate hidden irradiated with ultraviolet emitters and air narrow tight chamber in which he lay. As in radio tubes, it flashed through my head. He stood up, nervously pushing food from the mouth of the hose nozzle and furiously tore off the head electrodes magnosonarnoy network. The cell was almost empty. Only lines livelihood wrapped around her walls, so a small composing Booking magnosonara enliven it.
He went out into the street. The head intrusive knocked some simple little idea - a dream a reality - a dream - a reality - a dream - a dream - a dream - a reality, she moved on some hackneyed melodic passages in the increases, the waning rhythm, finding its final and the final note. He walked around the city. Long rectangular with blind walls of the building were drawn on both sides of the street. Each brightly burning room - it is only possible to navigate in the gloom of hard consistency. People were not. It was empty. Sun was almost overhead, the sky clouds floating liquid, they move slowly and indifferently one they need and the famous road - somewhere there - somewhere there - somewhere there ... - but this idea could not find her authorization. And again he went to per¸d, slowly moving the legs, to the beat of what the brain dangled some ethereal little thought, but tired of the same undecidability, he did not even try to cure it, pull it hard to outline mental fact ...
On beam the street he went to the main square, the center of which stood a single great building architecture round. There is a central control computer - the main town of the brain. One for all - one for all, one on everyone - absolutely vulgar rate of a rollicking dance whirled in his head.
He went to the building. I opened the door. I entered the room. Along the entire periphery ran a solid matte-gray panel. Here, too, it was empty, only a vague murmur betrayed occurring behind the operation panel.
- What do you want, man? - A voice of a dull rusty tone.
He looked around, trying to determine the place from which comes the voice, but I could not identify. We could not solve this riddle, he began to think why he came here, but I could not think of anything to answer. Something important pushed and brought him here, but ...
- Yes - once again he repeated the same rusty voice coming from somewhere unknown.
- A-25, tell me, why are we?
- What meaning do you put into this matter, man?
- Well ... well, that's why I ... people ... why ...
- Maybe you got a bad woman, a man? Cleopatra - T-3827. Brigitte Bardot - T-4135.
- No, no, she was quite ... I do not like - he started quickly, killing a rusty voice. - Because I'm a man ... my hands, legs ... why ... Look at me and muscles disappear?.
- You want to be strong, man? Good. I'll have to make you into the nutrient mixture was added adenomiltriofan. What is your number?
- My room - YUVM-937. But it is also not that ... why would I muscles, I still only dreaming ... dreaming so I eat, I sleep so balanced digest protein blend ... If only meat just once to try ...
- Peers Lukkula - T-1101.
- All in a dream. But why then the mind ... why should I be a man? ..
The voice did not answer immediately.
- You - the person. And I - the car. Can I answer you - why did you - a man? After all, progress is not I created. It's you people, all sought to create, to meet their needs, strive to make new pleasures. Books, radio, TV, golazory, magnosonory here today. And you should be happy, you can satisfy any need. Choose and go to sleep.
- I wish I could fly anywhere, on any planet ... to learn ...
- Venus - the T-3167. Magellanic Cloud - T-3189.
- Open a new law to become a scientist ... suffer ... look ...
- The theory of relativity - the T-5168. Null transpartirovka - T-4199. The laws of heredity - T-6699.
- But they are already open.
- Man, you can open another nobody open. It is available to you. Perpetuum Mobile - T-1768.
- Not ... not ... the truth ...
- Unless you can, man to distinguish truth from sleep?
- When I magnosne - no. But when I wake up ... I always think about it here and here went - too thought ...
- And what did you come up with, man?
- Nothing, A-25.
- Look T-8760.
- Oh, again, again, but I did want to. This is unbearable ... Can not you understand this, A-25?
- No, man. I believe that you should be happy. You are fed, shod and warm. You can do everything. To love and to kill, conquer planets and travel through time. You are great and powerful. Before you open everything. What else do you need, man? ...
He did not answer. He tried to find, at last, the main answer, but it is not all so blurred, unable to solidify, and swept down somewhere in the region of vague movements of thought is the main idea, which is relentlessly tormented him for so long. Now it has become unbearable torment.
- I do not want the A-25. I want to die.
- Death on the cross - T-1631. Death with a grenade under the tank tracks - T-1639 - flatly replied rusty voice.
- Ah, it's all a dream!
- You want to die in reality?
- Yes.
- In fact?
- Yes Yes.
- T-1639-P.
- Again, in the dream is again! Damn you, dreams! - A tearful voice he cried. - Damn you, A-25, Provisioner merzavyh these dreams.
- Do not forget, man!
- I'll kill you, vile poisoner!
- Ha ha ha
- Do not laugh, A-25!
- The man - slowly rumbled rusty voice. - What can you? After all, I - MACHINE! Split tranglyator - people will come - to insert another. Go to sleep better and see Brigitte Bardot - T-4135.
- Are you kidding ... you're kidding ... ah well ... ah well ... wait ... wait ... - delirious, he pushed out again, looking around at the same time, looking for something. He noticed a thick pipe lying near the entrance for some unknown reason. He ran up to her, grabbed her hands, she gave a heavy and hard-swinging, struck the first blow to the dull gray plane of the panels.
- Human! Come to your senses!
But he did not remember anything, and continued in the intoxication of anger vomited uncontrollably strike after blow, running farther and farther along the arc of the compass. On each shot, he had heard all the same hateful rusty voice, repeating one - man! Come to your senses! - Human! Come to your senses! - Why it inflames stronger. Finally, the voice faded - That's where you're hiding, he thought with a vengeful grin and continued to strike, dokolachivaya what was left by a first pass ...
In complete exhaustion, he sat down in the middle of the room, stared at his handiwork.
From oblivion it brought the noise and the voices of the people who came from the street. He slowly climbed the spiral staircase to the ground under the dome, which had a balcony hanging over the area.
Kicked out of their cells discontinued dreams, people gathered near the building of the A-25 and without noisy enthusiasm when discussing the reason for the sudden mass magnosorirovaniya stop the normal flow of the process. They were all dressed alike and seemed on top here, everything was even the same height.
- People! - He cried, and all turned their heads up.
- People! - He repeated. - Look at the sky!
The crowd fell silent, looked up, hoping to see there is remarkable, but the sky is still so tirelessly and calmly floating clouds.
- And the sky - broke finally silence lone voice. - What is the sky, when I just saw the sky of Austerlitz.
- And the sky, - he repeated the other - when I'm admiring the sunset on Venus.
The crowd rustled all of a sudden, everyone told me where he was ...
- People! - He cried again. - Are we still going to live in a dream? After all, it is wrong to live like that!
- What does he want? - Screamed the voice below.
- People who do not live in a different way, remember how our ancestors lived, dreams that we eat?
- Do not listen to it, it enraged the machine, and not man, - cried the same voice. - He wants us to be hungry again, again began to fight for the titles and locations, so we began to compete with each other, and then to kill each other - it does not want. Do not listen to him!
- People, I pitched the A-25, you can not live like this! It should be different, in a human.
But the crowd did not listen to him, and a shrill voice continued to excite the crowd.
- Our ancestors were killing each other in wars - he wants to. Now we are all happy, we have everything, what could only dream of in the past. We can satisfy all, no pushing, no quarreling and competing with each other, just clicking. And without it again will begin strife, and perhaps war. He wants it, do not listen to him. He enraged the machine, it must be killed.
- And suddenly this man, how to kill a person? - I heard a lone voice doubter.
- No, no, I know this is probably not a person, it's automatic, and let's go ub¸mte it - frantically yelled all the same voice.
- People, I am not a machine, I'm the same as you, I'm a man - but he could not drown the noise of the crowd.
- It's automatic, automatic, because how can a man give up the happiness to have everything !? - Stirred the crowd's voice.
- I am a man, listen, listen to me ...
The crowd cried out in one voice - Automatic! Frenzied machine! - And I rushed into the building. Dense mass rushed to the balcony, and a hail of blows frail hands hit him. He covered his face with his hands, then fell and felt the crowd kicked his feet and danced on it, but still a lot of pain caused helplessly flailing in the brain like a bird, they can not find a way out of the cage, thought - How so ... in fact people. .. people ... then the pain began to move away to the side, a red veil became, thickening slides over the inner sight ... but suddenly ... very clear another thought flashed in the brain, as it were cutting through the veil -
And yet it is better than the T-1639-P
She lit up for a moment it disconnected from external forces intelligence brightest light became visible some impossible spatial and temporal distance, but the light still continued to grow and grow, slowly turning into the absolute blackness of nothingness ...
And he woke up. Long could not come to his senses, the body still sensed the blows sounded cries of the crowd, flashed the last phrase, slotted on a red background, the endless vistas. Finally, he regained consciousness. At the touch of the button pressed.
- A-25 listens - proakustirovala darkness.
- What a dream I'm watching?
- T-6666 on product V.Yurovitskogo "Dreams".
"What's a V.Yurovitsky?"He thought.
- Erase, - he said briefly.
- It will be done, he said the voice of the A-25, and he flicked a switch.
"Once you can do is to write"He thought, lying in the dark. "Nonsense". Gradually, however, the irritation was to fall suddenly from memory floated -
CLEOPATRA - T-3297. Brigitte Bardot - T-4135.
"Perhaps ... perhaps Cleopatra", He decided to touch type on the keyboard room and stretched out in bed ...
- You are my! Oh, the Great, Napoleon, the French leader! - Cleopatra exclaimed, throwing herself on his neck, and he felt on his lips the hot, passionate ...


The boat was a measured course was fifteen lovers of secluded relaxation in a narrow range and the crew on the water gladi.Na board. Five couples thirty - forty years of relatively young in Russia, but rather to strengthen the wealthy stratum of society.
Leaving the children in the care of nannies or just grandparents, they all went on a romantic journey through the expanses of water. He walked the tenth day of the journey, the ship crossed the Indian Ocean in the northern part. On the horizon was visible strip of land just behind the sun was setting. All disappeared in the cabins since the past few days under tired of this holiday. Yes, and tomorrow morning they had to dock in a port. They agreed to go on a trip for the whole day in the fortress for a pre-filmed bus with a guide.
Irina and her husband were on the deck to enjoy the sunset. She Brunette fragile physique and short stature kare haircut lightweight black dress above the knee. He is of medium height brown handsome. They stared at the glow of the sunset as it is not extinguished, the southern sunsets are ambulances ..... When darkness has captured the entire sky as a whole, Ira and Sasha got up and hugged went along the side of the entrance to the cabin.
Suddenly there was a strong surge in front of the yacht and boat engine roared again and then on the sides. They froze, and in the meantime what the people in camouflage climbing on both sides. Irina cried out in surprise, my husband strongly pressed her to him and they leaned against the wall trying to become invisible. The captain cried out and fell, did not even want to think because of what. And in general that all this ... There was a clatter, guttural shouts and screams of friends pulled out of the cabins, some directly from the bed. There was a splash as someone jumped off the boat and almost immediately two shots.
A woman's voice cried out "NO!"Everyone pushed onto the deck and assembled at the stern. One man was less Tanya prominent blonde in t-shirt and panties crying covering his face with his hands. Oleg Her husband could not be seen anywhere else. A warm wind blew standing on the deck, but no one noticed it, all watched by people in camouflage prowling on the yacht. After a while one of them called out to them in what is eastern language. All came up to him and gathered on the starboard side. There distributing any indication that this man turned around and walked to his captives. Apparently such is their present status.
- Listen! - He said in heavily accented English,
- I Jamal. From that moment, the owner etog yachts and all of you. Forget what you have been up to this point. Now you and your life depends on my decisions. Now all will go to the dining room and a cabin with the crew will be there until I decide what's next. Any resistance will be severely punished. I said everything.
Having taken all the eyes he turned and went up to the bridge, where there were several of his subordinates. The words of this strong-willed man with a scar on his cheek were all seven cold chest. Two pirates, and perhaps this is the correct name for all of them, began to push prikriknuv all down to the cabins, and after the latter went to the dining room door remains closed from the outside. All sat and whispered, discussing what happened and what will be wailing. Realizing that helpless to escape from this slavery so suddenly fallen upon them. Earned engines and with a slight splash yacht went into darkness.
It took an hour and a half, two. People lying on the floor or sitting on the couch. Probably it was one o'clock. Everyone was tired, exhausted. Suddenly the engines changed tone. And after some time, eventually stalled. Where it led it was completely clear. For there was a clatter and a door swung open with force. On the eve of melted Jamal behind him were several men in camouflage uniforms.
- "You are now my goods. I'll sell you. In the meantime, you belong to me!" - He said loudly, and in the silence of his voice as the judge's sentence.
- All stand in one line - he commanded and all obeyed without question.
He walked along the row of frightened people looking at them carefully. Reaching the end went in the opposite direction and suddenly stopped in front of Irene. Man standing next only managed to say that the way immediately received a strong slap in the face and fell back. Irina screamed and covered her mouth with his graceful hands with beautiful thin fingers and long nails, looking from the bottom up on a huge compared to her wide-eyed Jamal.
He took her by the wrist "will you go with me", He growled in a low voice, and turning abruptly striding out of the room dragging her behind him. Ira speechless trotted after him like a little dog on a leash and not uttering a sound, and without even trying to resist. Noisily flung open the door luxury cabins Jamal threw it on the big bed, she fell on her face down and battened down the hem of her dress revealed the edge of her lacy blue panties. Strong male, a female selecting from a weak, dragged her into his lair to enjoy prey.
Do not move otherwise kill - he commanded, Irina and remained lying on his stomach with battened dress panting and afraid to move. Throwing off his clothes, he briskly pulled up her dress, gentle jerk tore her panties and pulled her to him. Irina pierced shiver in anticipation of what was to happen. She tucked the legs that would tormentor did not hurt her, and he strongly entered her, leaning over the body and taking the hair began to fuck her strong shocks.
She could hardly breathe it pressed down to the bed. And with each dimensional impetus was heard her muffled whining. This is his inflamed. He bared her shoulder and took the hand of her small breasts squeezed tightly. However, his movements became more and more frequent. Irina began to howl even louder, and he held her by the hair and much to his chest began to roar in her head out. It seemed that it would never end. Finally he stood panting and pyshaschy heat. It seems a long time it was not with a woman, but also a nice and fully owned by him, conquered him.
He got up and went into the shower. She sat on the bed cross-legged in the ravaged dress izpodlobya watching his current host and bitterly aware that it is now wholly owned by him and her life before this became a distant fairy tale. How to get her back?
Jamal came out of the shower completely naked "I love cleanliness and advise you" - He said, a wry grin - "but not now...". Having said this, he went to the edge of the bed, nemorgaya looking at its prey. Irina picked up his feet and shivered from such a view. His cock began to grow in size and slowly rising, it is still not sated female flesh. Jamal took her head in both hands and strongly pulled him almost breaking his cock her mouth, she moaned with a mouthful but champing began to suck him, knowing that resistance would bring it just even more humiliation and pain.
With one hand holding the other leg took up its trunk, moving the handle on it in rhythm with his head. Bed tapping in time with the movements, the room filled with the sounds of sucking and breathing deep masculine. After a while he took her by the hair and began to stick her head on his penis. Irina grunted a couple of times, even choking him, but he was adamant from achieving her full satisfaction. Groaned, Jamal held her head without releasing the hair and discharged semen into her mouth. Irina surprise moment swallowed part, and the rest flowed from her chin. Satisfied, he leaned back and closed his eyes. She remained sitting on the bed wiping his mouth with the hem of her dress.
- Well done - he said - a good girl. Go wash your face and get back to muzhu.Ty I liked then you come yet.
Quietly weeping she went a little unsteadily into the shower. Quoting myself up and went out, glancing briefly at his tormentor lying on the bed, he slipped out of the room.

Turn off the rain and turn off the light

Our bodies are a little closer,
Our minutes a little more
Hands down below,
The fingers touch the skin.
Smoothly play shadow
The room is cramped and stuffy;
In front of me on my knees
Night fell obediently.
Clock is ticking quickly,
Between the lips lips
Wiggle gently - gently
And after - stubborn and rude.
Do you know what a pleasure? In opposition to the temptation and agony of the aftertaste of sweet flour and temptation - a female call manhood. And how to get the brilliant formula of sex? Perhaps start with the fact that the confidence - the sexiest male trait, but not to be confused with aggressiveness. The first thing you notice when meeting with a man, it is a smile, white, straight teeth is a sign of moral success, a broad back, and of course stunning, soft look, not brash and undressing, although some women love to be examined devouring gaze.
For example, I excite a trip on a train or a bus to the far distance, especially in hot weather, when the stranger sitting next to a man and looks at my bare feet, and then, as it were accidentally touches them with his foot. And I'm sitting in the dark glasses and chew the cud, lost in thought, back pain is unthinkable from a solid backrest. Then pull the orange carefully Cut off the rind, juice flows through the hands, starting to look a napkin representing the stranger licks the juice from my hands.
I worked as a journalist at a TV station, and in another city was our regional office. I am the director of our department, whose name was Andrew, went for a week on a business trip, to help with organizational issues of the new program. Late in the evening at the hotel, taking a shower, I sat on the bed and did the script outline, droplets of water dripping from my hair on the paper, I opened the nightstand to find another piece of paper and suddenly came across a little book of erotic content, maybe it forgot the previous tenants of the rooms.
The book was called "Total Eclipse", I lay down on his stomach and began to turn the pages, the text was actually written very exciting, with the deepening in reading, I felt my nipples harden, become hot, and I threw off her bathrobe. I rolled over on his back, wet hair pleasantly cools the skin, opposite the bed stood a mirror, I saw my reflection, shameless pose, her hand on flat belly, fingers pushed the sponge, slowly massaging across the crevice, I closed my eyes, breathing heavily. I heard footsteps in the room and jumped, zapahnuv robe, but it was too late, stood in the doorway, and Andrew looked at me.
- I'm sorry, - he said. In his eyes there was no lust or embarrassed by what he saw, as if it were a matter of course for him. Just honest, clean look, but it was worse torture for me, I was burning with shame, not knowing where to go. Just quietly confident and he left the room. I tried to reassure myself that the men are engaged in self-satisfaction more often than women, and that this is not such a terrible tragedy, but impotent anger at herself even more rolls.
In the morning, standing neither light nor dawn, I went to work on foot, without waiting for Andrew. The next day, at the end of the day, going down the stairs television, I saw him sitting in the car waiting for me, I demonstratively walked past him without even looking.
- Lina, sit down, please, in the car, I need to talk to you about the work - I heard a voice behind him, had to reluctantly comply.
- You're just going to shy away from me, I've already asked forgiveness for having entered without knocking, this will not happen again.
- And more and do not need to, and that was enough, now you will be at work to discuss and then laugh - my voice broke to cry, and her cheeks blush.
Andrew looked at me in such a murderous look, as if I had slapped him, he was driving at breakneck speed, the windows were open, from the wind whipped my hair across the face, he turned away and braked, I hit his knee on the door.
- Bastard! I hate you! - I jumped out of the car and walked quickly down dale.
I sat on a bench and smoking, praying that this hateful trip ended quickly, returning to Kiev, I ask, that I was transferred to another department. But rather, I hated myself for what I wanted it every day more and more, it's just an obsession burns inside. Every cell in his body exuded a sweet freshness that he wanted to kiss all brought to the madness of the lips and tongue, a discreet and quiet appearance, I know what it's like burning ice, his keen eyes, penetrating so deep that began agonizing tingling between feet.
Now More took two agonizing days, the evening Andrew called and inquired to come to his room with the script, said he could not make out my handwriting that I read to him aloud. I obediently sat down in the chair, my voice sounded like a muffled treacherous and haltingly, Andrew was at this time at the window, her back to me. I stopped looking at his broad back, with solid muscle, fitted by a t-shirt, posing as spend his fingertips on his sexy curved spine still lower until it touch his beautiful priests. Andrew spun around, realizing that I consider it, took my hand script.
- Do you mind if I will edit a little bit? - He said, and began to build upon it.
-Read more.
At the end of the text, his hand was written: «I dream to you», at first I did not understand that the phrase has something to do with me. I thought, he's knocked me down on the bed, tearing off clothes, but Andrew leaned back in my ear and said quietly:
- When in the evening I went to your room and I saw you with wet, scattered on the pillow hair with vanilla color, a delicate and touching, if it involved another girl, then it would look vulgar, but you as the epitome of discreet charm sensuality. The desire to have you brought almost physical pain, I can imagine how you're so hot and flavorful groan from my caresses ...
He's not one of those men who go ahead and even finger touches to a girl, until he sees a burning desire in her eyes. The deep voice of Andrei aroused stronger than any caresses, his lips touched my neck, hands gently lowered the straps sundress.
On it there was no clothes, he started kissing my belly hot mouth, while caressing the inside of the thighs. I feel unbearably wanted him inside her, tried to take off the last thing that prevented this - it's panties, but Andrew stopped my hands.
- Wait, - he said in a whisper, combining her hips with mine. - Exciting, is not it?
He was so close and yet separated from me a piece of matter, Andrew took my wrists in his strong fingers and started the overhead, slowly rotate the hips and caress my nipples. It was maddening, it was the most erotic and exciting feeling of all that I had experienced. After a few seconds, I almost start to choke on the steadily growing tension and helplessly responded to the rhythm defined movements Andrew. Unbearable to feel the hardness of his penis, burning body.
He frees me from my panties, but in no hurry to go, his tongue pushing the flap of my clitoris very gently draws, making me almost scream inflame passions. Finally, it fills me, his movements slow and shallow at first, then strong, rhythmic and ruthless, who shall communicate almost unconscious.
At night, the next day we sat on the balcony and drank a martini on the rocks, in the moonlight Andrew facial features look more manly, chiseled profile, so all-consuming inner strength betrayed a in all its form. I tried to incorporate all the romantic atmosphere ... this evening, to enjoy his every breath, every gesture, to feel all his most hidden fantasies.
Below noisy, Sleepless city, I close my eyes, feel the coolness of an easy on your skin, a little sultry breeze refreshes, bringing the smell of Mattioli and whetted anticipation of sex intimacy. I took a piece of ice in your mouth, and sat down on his knees Andrew, my cold, wet lips began to cover his neck with kisses, I pushed from their lips into his mouth ice tongue penetrates to the same.
Pulls off his T-shirt, moisten your fingers with cold martini and begin to gently caress his nipples, falls below, kissing the stomach, hand slides down the barrel of his penis, first touch with his lips, then dip into his mouth, still massaging his hand. Andrew abruptly pulls me to him, passionately kissing my neck, arms raised bottom dress and aggressively rip off my panties, so much presses me to her, clutching her hips, I'm starting to suffocate, feeling his hard dick into me. My long hair falling on his face, I like that he sets the rhythm of the movements, slips his hand between our bodies and begins to caress my clit, I lose control of such rapid orgasm, scratching his shoulders.
Long after midnight, we moved in bed, I feel that Andrew is excited again, I sit down on top of him, caressing it all again doing him a blowjob, more intense than the first time. I caress his entire crotch, while the language begins to touch his anus, feeling a soft, thin skin, it gets Now More more. Andrew could not finish for a long time, I ask him to move up to the edge of the bed, she sat down on the floor, taking a bedside jar of cream, I think he realized that I want to do and will protest, but there was no reaction.
Some men reject anal stimulation, not because it hurts, or how they feel - dirty, they just degrades the fact that they can enjoy the way in which it is produced blue. My fingers slick with cream massaged his hole, gently penetrating inside until completely brought them into the depths of his anus, while not ceasing to caress his cock. Inside is so slippery and hot, I push hard on the prostate, feeling Andrew frantically arches her back as the growing tension of his body, and the volume of groans.
I myself already beginning to weary of this folly, as you approach orgasm, anus wall so much shrink around my fingers, which are almost impossible any movement. I feel like shakes his cock in my mouth, sensual fever still shakes his body, while I slowly take out fingers from it. What could be more exciting than to keep full control of the man, to see how he is weak and trembling with your caresses, fully trusting you.
I wanted him to do with me the same thing, but this was already in the next story.

The first games

I was just a fifteen-year guy. Similarly, as well as many others. And I am every day more and more difficult to deal with his own body. Perhaps this played hormones. Maybe it's because I was still a virgin. My daily lessons in masturbation is not very helpful. I did not sleep well, a lot of weight, I was constantly tormented by depression. The desire to really feel his penis inside a girl's body has become for me a kind of obsession. My imagination, summer, girl on the beach, and my father's PENTHOUSE Kem Residence, helped me to represent the girls in my class naked. But I never saw a real naked girl and I was very depressed. Long nights lying in bed and onaniruya I imagined them one by one and all together, I fuck them, they caress my dick tabs, look at me with passion and lust.
I even remembered how once, a little boy was playing doctor with the neighbor's little girl, touched her small pisyulke. Oh, if I knew then as much as I know now, to fuck her or shove her small neat process in her mouth ... dream, dream. I finished, but it did not bring me relief ...
That summer day, I was, as usual lately, was sitting in the shade of a tree in our yard, dreaming of the impossible and once again excites your imagination.
"What are you doing here?". I already startled to hear the voice of our neighbor. Pauline was eleven years old and she was normal for her age body. Her hips began to slightly rounded, but she was flat-chested. I was a little annoyed by her appearance, but that does not seem too rude replied: "Oh, nothing special, blues devoured."
- What's the matter - she asked softly, sitting down beside him. Her short skirt rode up slightly, revealing her smooth tanned legs that made me look at her. I gave her a look. She was a very beautiful young girl with long dark brown hair that fell over her shoulders and breasts. Her innocent brown eyes looked very deeply and carefully, as if she was really ready to take to heart my problems. Suddenly I had a crazy idea, but if I did not take advantage of her maternal instinct. Of course it was not very nice, it was still small. But in my condition, I was ready to do anything.
" Well ... you know ... it's hard to explain - I said, - all my friends have met with the girls, some have even had sex." I stopped to look at her reaction. She sat cross-legged to his chest and chin resting on his knees. Her skirt is almost completely opened my eyes her legs, and I was sure that if a little lean forward, I could see her panties. But she did not pay any attention to this fact, apparently unaware of his immodest posture and listened attentively.
I continued - " And now it seems to me that I will never be a girl, and I'll never have sex with her". Once again, I looked at Pauline. She continued to sit and watch somewhere in front of him. Now it is possible, too, I thought that she had few friends, and she, too, will one day have to have sex. "You know what - sex?" - I asked her, hoping to turn the situation in the right direction to me now. She looked at me a moment, trying to determine whether I am sincere or mock her.
And a little pause, said: "So .... yes ... something .... but I no one has ever really explained. The boys in our class just want to play .... maybe I too will never have a friend .... or else ..."
- Have you ever thought about how to have sex - I continued to develop the theme.
- WHAT YOU !! ... NEVER !! - She said, raising his voice, as if defending.
- Do not shout like crazy, I'm just asking - I tried to save the situation - even if you thought about it, I still will not tell anyone.
We continued to sit in silence. She remained in the same position, his head resting on his knees and looking into the distance. Her skirt crumpled almost giving me the sight of her open thighs. Hoping to consider this under the best angle of view, I stretched and yawned as if really wanted to sleep. After that, he prostrated on the ground, stretching out his legs to a tree and his face turned to the girl. She only glanced at me during my travels and once again delved into his thoughts. Now I could see her completely naked, beautiful, tanned legs, which disappeared in a bottom of crumpled skirts. Between them could see the bright white stripe cotton fabric, covering what was her young pussy. Fabric skintight her sex lips and clearly delineated their contours. My cock began to respond immediately. I had to stick his hand in his pocket to fix it while his reaction did not become noticeable.
"I think a lot about how to have sex" - I said, and looked her straight in the eye. She stared at me. "True? And with whom?".
It was a matter of the nail. If I told her about all the girls in my fantasies, she would have thought I was a notorious scoundrel, and probably would have run away. I looked at her face, studied it. I noticed her eyes, which had never paid attention to before.
"I ... I do not know ... you'll think badly of me ... and maybe even run away and tell someone about it" - I began.
"No!! I promise!! I'm nobody, nobody will tell, oh please" - She asked.
"Well - I said, - you have only me firmly promise not tell anyone about this. After all, in fact I did not do it, but only dreamed".
- I promise she replied, with a dash of excitement in his voice. I thought that she likes our conversation.
- You know Jodie McAlister? I have often thought about having sex with her.
- Oh - she said, a little disappointed.
- What she beautiful body, blonde hair, blue eyes beautiful! And it would be great to have sex with her - I continued, hoping in the future to go to the description of Pauline's body.
She continued to sit in the same position, holding the femur together. Her head rested on his knees, and his eyes were fixed somewhere in the distance. Actually her whole posture was some very child.
- And did you think about? - She asked.
I hesitated - Yes .... so you'll think badly of me .....
- No! I will not think bad, oh please - imploringly she asked.
- I thought ..... I thought to do this to you - in the same breath I said.
She looked at me in amazement. Her mouth fell open and I noticed that the paint poured over her face.
- Larry !! ...- she said, not knowing what to say yet. - You .... you really think .... do this ... with me?
- Yes - I have already said more confidently - You're a beautiful girl, you have very beautiful eyes and a beautiful body.
She blushed even more nervous and began to pull at her skirt, as if wrapping her my feet. However, I noticed that she was flattered by my words, but at the same time, was clearly caught off guard by my thoughts about sex with her. There was a long pause before ... than any of us said a word.
- And you ... - I continued - Have you ever thought about sex with me?
- NO! What are you!! - She exclaimed -I never ... I can not ... and then to me it is only eleven years old ... and you ... is fifteen so you can ... In addition, because it is necessary to love ... before? doing so..
- So what, that eleven. I know some girls who have had sex in nine years - blatantly lied to me.
Yes? And who is it? - She said demanding.
- I can not tell. I promised not to tell anyone and I can not break my promise.
- Well ... I just do not think I like it - she said.
- Okay, but you at least thought about it sometime - I tried to develop the theme.
- Yes .... I think - she said, and blushed again.
- Thanks Pauline - I smiled - it was very important to me to hear it.
She looked at me and smiled. No, I definitely had something to get away from it all.
Then I noticed that she was looking at my crotch. During our conversation, my hand remained in his pocket and I through his pants stroking his cock. I had a feeling I've never had such an erection. I was not sure that he did not notice that I was doing something there with his hand, but stopped just in case.
- You know - I continued, - I can not even imagine how she looks naked.
- And your sister? - She asked, unless you've never seen her naked?
- I saw, but it was very long ago, when she was a baby. Moreover, it is not at all - when you see your sister, especially yearling. - I kept looking at Paulina. She is now clearly did not want to (or afraid) to look at me. I decided that I should at least see her pussy.
- How about ..... But do not let me see you nude - I asked hesitantly - and I'll let you look at me?
- I ... I do not know ... probably better not - she said, but her voice was not sure.
- Please Paulin - I asked - but then I probably never see a naked girl, not yet married, if I ever get married.
- Ya..ya right not to know, Larry - she said nervously.
She obviously varied. To see a naked boy, apparently for the first time, she, too, would be desirable. And I kept pushing.
- I'll make you some gift .... well, for example - I saw in the distance a man with ice cream - I'll buy you a banana ice cream.
She thought for a moment, biting her upper lip, considering my offer. This moment seemed like an eternity
- Well - I nearly jumped for joy - you have only to promise me, do not touch me ... and do not tell anyone. And promise that really buy me a banana ice cream.
- Of course, of course - I was trembling with impatience, - go into our barn, where no one will see. - I said, grabbing her hand and leading the other, until she changed her mind.
Our barn was a little bit away, and was surrounded on all sides by old, spreading oak. Its used mainly my grandfather to store there the hay for his cattle. However, in the summer it was almost empty and there is not no one would drop. Also there was our old car. Beside him I stopped with Pauline to fulfill our agreement.
- First, you - I said.
- And we can not do it at the same time? - She asked.
- Mmm..horosho ... - by force I agreed, because they do not want to lose a single second sight of her cunt.
- Just remember: you must not touch me and I have to buy ice cream - she said.
- I know all about it, Pauline. It is not necessary to remind me of this.
I started to unbutton his pants and saw that Pauline began to take off her panties under her skirt. I quickly coped with the buttons, and remained standing in his shorts, of which a large bulge looked through member. Pauline bent over, taking his pants down to the ankles, and then stepped over them. She straightened up and left standing in a skirt, piercing gaze my underwear. Knowing that her pisechka completely naked under her skirt made my dick hard as ever. Moreover, knowing that it will be very close to this natural wonder naked and not be able to enter into it, I just could not bear it. I have to get more than just a glance.
I frantically wondered how to persuade her to have sex with me, or at least touch each other. I slowly took the gum cowards and bent, dropped them to his knees. My face was only a meter away from the crotch Pauline. She slowly lifted her skirt. I could not tear his eyes away from her pussy. She was completely hairless, with rounded lips and a cool flicking between them.
- Okay, and now arise, so that I too could see - she said.
I straightened up. My risen member accurately pointed at her face. Paulina involuntarily gasped when she saw me.
- Well Pauline, take off her skirt - I said impatiently.
- I just raise it higher and you and so you can see everything - she said, and lifted her skirt up to the chest.
I was in such a state that I could not just quietly looking at her naked pussy. Although the spectacle it was for me a very fresh and delicious. But short legs did not give me the full review, except for the slits.
- Spread please little legs, so I could get a better look you, - I said, and my voice sounded unusually hoarse.
She hesitated, but then moved one foot a little sideways. Now I could better see her hairless labia and virgin crack that separates them. We stood side by side with each other and could not take the two kinds of eye opening. I broke the silence.
- Paulin - I began haltingly - you ... you do not let me stick my dick in you, please. The guys who have done it, saying that it's great.
- I ... I do not know .... you said all I have to do - is to show you, and then you buy me ice cream.
- I know, I know ... but it's your pussy looks so wonderful .... And then you like ... I have only one plug it once and then immediately pull out ... and everything, I promise. - I watched as she thought
- Well, - she said at last, not taking his eyes from my penis - perhaps I really like it. But only once. And then you buy me ice cream - she said petulantly.
- Yes Yes. And then I'll buy you ice cream at once - I agreed. - We can do it in the back seat of the car.
I opened the door and Pauline fluttered in the back seat, after having thrown off her skirt completely. She lay on her back and put her right foot on the back of the front seats. Now I could see her kitty ... completely. CLASS!! It began as a silk on the outside to the body and continued uninterrupted until the band ass. Her hairless lips were tightly compressed, not the slightest opening no holes where you could shove a member. I'm not imagine how it must be done, but followed her into the back seat and went to the girl. Pre leaning on hand to see her face and, at the same time, do not crush. At first, I just tried to stick his penis into her. But instead, he just slid down her lips and turned on his stomach. She giggled. Then I decided to take a left hand to help yourself and send it in the right direction. The second attempt was a bit more successful. My cock rested in her little clit. It was pleasant to me, but it was not quite what I wanted. I have corrected a little member, and again tried to enter it. Then I felt them something more hot and humid than it was until now. "Here .. apparently this is what I need," - I thought. I tried to fix the term in this position and push it deeper. But it was a very tight hole compressed lips, so that I was able to squeeze almost a millimeter. I could not stop, and repeated over and over again their attempts, I finally felt her soft lips tightly wrapped around the head of my penis. THIS IS IT !! I stopped and looked down. I saw her lips parted, and from this small slits sticking my stick. This kind of excited me even more. Step by step, like a piston, I paved their way through the hot and damp sponge Pauline. Her hole was so thick that I could move only a couple of millimeters inside at a time. Pauline was silent and breathing heavily. Maybe she liked it, but most likely it honestly rehearsed the terms of our deal. Then I felt that my cock rested in something tight. Virgin. Well, of course. The same should be the case. One more push and my cock was almost completely inside. It was cool. It was very comfortable to lie between the legs of the girl, stroking her, to feel his penis inside her young, wet and hot cunt. Feel how it slides back and forth. I paused, savoring the feeling, to be in eleven girly.
- Paulin - I said through clenched teeth - I'd love a little could move them back and forth inside.
- And how many times? - Almost as harshly she asked.
So I did not think about it. How many ... as long as it takes me to finish.
- I .... Well, maybe a hundred or so ... - I replied. - But it will very quickly - I hastened to add - I'll try to do it for a couple of minutes.
She looked at me and nodded. I started slowly moving member within it, back and forth, all speeding and speeding up the movement. Combinations of consciousness that I fuck eleven-year little girl, tight gripping her vagina my dick - very soon took their toll. I could not stop. I'm so broke that drives the dick in her insides on the same basis. And here it is. This orgasm I have not experienced ever. In I accumulated so much sperm that she rather quickly filled all the space inside the vagina and Pauline began to leak out. I felt it running down my balls in her ass. I finished and finished.
I spent so much energy on my orgasm that literally collapsed exhausted on the girl, feeling gradually subsides tension member. The last stream I already released, when he completely jumped out of her body. So that the sperm covered her hairless, wrinkled labia. All. The deal has been made. Pauline slipped out of the car. Cum dripping from her legs and ass, oozing out of her pussy. When she wore panties, I noticed that they immediately soaked.
It was already quite late. Man with ice cream was gone. I thought that to fulfill his promise tomorrow, but most have not seen Pauline. Then he told me that she had fucked almost every second in our district. But I was the first!

For the first time in a sanatorium

For the first time in a sanatorium It was 20 years ago-be. Then, still handed out vouchers for free, on the union line. So I got PUTEVOCHKA the resort. Years when I was nothing, full 23 years old. The guy I was always cheerful, thought Rock out on the full with the girls, and then in our factory all the old bag across. But everything turned out differently than I had imagined.
I came to the resort. The sea nearby, a double room. Girls full!
Beauty! Neighbor was a man about forty years old, Caucasian ethnicity.
He called Anwar. Ask who he is by birth, I was ashamed, and then there was no time. The man handsome, strong, shows that the former sportsman and heavily overgrown with hair. I am compared to him looked like a girl belyanochka. Although I have an average height, but I had him on the shoulder. Looking at him, I thought that such a handsome man will be my competition, but after seeing how many women walking on the sanatorium, stopped worrying. Enough for everyone!
He and I went together for dinner, they lie on the beach, then as
usual dances. But nobody zakadrit first evening, only hurt
We made the next day as I thought. They took with them a couple of vodka bubbles, and went to the room to fix so well begun dating.
Pili-pili, but I was no match for him. I have not been able to drink as
fell asleep, I do not remember. I woke up from what I rubbed all over the body! I
She is lying on its side, and my back pressed against someone's big and hot body! Hop in my head roared with might and main, and I could not figure out, not that who it is, but where I am!
Hands continued to crush me, sinking lower when my dick
completely drowned in an unknown hand to me, I realized that I was lying completely
naked. And then the fun began, my cock stood up! And I must say that I know did not know that a man can have sex with a man. Not that it was time, and not in the place I was working, there was no one to enlighten. But it is good to have sex, I loved. So when my
horseradish jumped like a stone, I do not think someone is hugging me, I would like to continue as an exciting and pleasant experience.
Hands continued to massage my penis, and lies behind became slightly
nibble on my ear. He rubbed his groin against my ass. And so I
was pleased by these movements, I began to meet the same. Invisible lover flipped me on my back, and I found myself face to face with his neighbor, Anwar. Although I suspected that I was not a woman caresses, but still see next to him in bed hefty guy was for me a few shokiruesche. And Anwar is not giving me time to recover started kissing me passionately, with naglazhivaya my nipples. I felt quite mixed feelings. On the one hand I understand,
I'm doing something wrong, but on the other! Stubble on his face as Anwar
scratched my skin, his hands gripping her nipples brought me such
pleasure that I could not stop. I started to answer him, first,
clumsily, then more passionately, surrendering to the power of his strong lips.
He almost lay on me, crushing the bed of his powerful chest. I began to understand that women feel for the guy, and inadvertently spread his legs apart. Anwar felt my movement, hugged my thighs with his hands and began to knead my buttocks tightly, dropping his lips all over my body below. It was strange to feel his hairy on my skin, his hard kisses did not go to any comparison with women. They were much more exciting. I began to softly moan with his caresses.
- Anton, I want you, - whispered Anwar.
How many times am I told the girls himself, and now he heard. But
I did not know what to do next!
- Anwar, I want you too, but how do we do it? - I asked.
- I will do everything myself, and you listen to me.
I just nodded my head, I was in a daze from his hands and words.
Anwar spread my legs apart and put it back under my pillow,
why is my ass rose high. I still do not know what awaits me,
for some reason it seemed to me that we would rub against each other and members of
Then it's over.
Anwar continued to stroke my body, more pressing on my
buttocks. His fingers stronger and stronger massaging my flesh,
picking up the hole. I started to pull away from the fun, trying
placate by his movements, and then felt a hole in something
Bound. I thought it was your fingers and massage Anwar holes around and go further. I continued the motion pelvis.
And suddenly I had something slipped! Startled, I screamed, but
Anwar has clamped a hand over my mouth and fell on me. I began frantically
twitching, trying to get out from under him, but to move a body was
impossible! I was hurt and I froze. Anwar released the hand and said:
- Everything, everything. Are you the first time or what?
- Yes, first I did not know that you do so! Are you crazy, that
- Anton, as everyone does. I am a man, you're my girl.
At the same time he began to quiet movements inside me. I involuntarily
I shrunk, as the pain is still not passed.
- Oh, you're my play the virgin. I am pleased that I was your first man.
Hold on, it only hurts today. You and I have still 23 days ahead,
I ofigel slightly at the prospect! Laski were very pleasant,
but somehow I did not think that the whole holiday I will tear your ass.
Anwar went quietly to fuck me. Since I no longer
twitching, he began to increase the tempo. I lay beneath him, legs apart, all in his grease, pinned to the bed and felt the last whore. My complete immobility led him further, he lifted my legs and put on his shoulders.
- Look into my eyes - he ordered. - I want to see you
like. I did not like too much, but I did not dare to disobey.
I looked into his eyes, and he pecked my ass, as I used to be
hollowed girls. relax a bit, I decided to surrender to the sensations.
Despite the pain in the ass, I felt like my movement Anwar
pleasant. He had a rather large member, but not so big,
to break me and I could feel it throb in his ass. Across
for a while I felt that Anwar rhythmic limb movements in
my pope have become my start. And I involuntarily began podmahivat him like a real girl!
-Oh, you umnichka! Come on, my girl, come on! I knew you
enjoy it!
From the fact that he called me a girl, I was suddenly broken through this
languor, I groaned and pressed his body to men. Anwar from such movement, sharply drove his cock into me until the end and pulled in
me. It seemed to me that his sperm burnt walls of my rectum.
The pulsating flow of his seed burning my insides and this feeling
and I began to cum!
- Yes, Anwar, yes! More more! - I muttered in a perfect ecstasy of
pleasure. The orgasm was so bright that I was poorly understood,
what happened with me. Anwar went to the bathroom, and I continued to lie on the bed,
and without moving his feet.
He lay down next to me and one arm, began to stroke me, and I
She clung to him all over, feeling his girl. Very soon I felt that he was excited again. Anwar took my head and just pressed it to its members. Honestly, I do not know what a blow job! I it never did, so I do not even know what I should do! I stared at Anwar.
- Take it in your mouth and lick like ice cream, but rather suck a cock on a stick.
I did as he told me. Carefully picked up in his mouth a member, he was acutely
groin sperm. Despite the fact that Anwar was in the bath. This smell
somehow excites me, and I began to lick a member of Anwar with real pleasure. I carefully licked him from the base to the head, then I ... tried to take it in his mouth and began to suck completely. It turned out not very good, but I tried that on the chin drool flowed.
-Well it sucks, how lucky I am to you. But it could get into the other room!
From his praise, I became even more try my own
sucking movements have brought me so that my cock stood stake. I sucked Anwar, and began to masturbate himself. Suddenly Anwar jerk tore me away from you, put on all fours and with a sweep thrust into me his penis. I just groaned with pleasure! This time the pain was almost no, on the contrary, I loved to stand in this position! To me she seemed wildly obscene and from exciting.
Anwar firmly grabbed my hips and began pulling on his dick.
I sit down on it like a real girl, but do not forget
masturbate his penis. I turned the ass and podmahivat him with full force. My hole is so stretched as if all my life fucked in the ass. I have not analyzed at that moment my feelings and I could not understand from what I feel so good. It was only later I learned that a prostate massage. And at that moment I just dragged a member of a healthy, hairy and passionate man.
We came together again! We were beaten cramps joint orgasm, and I think that is unlikely I want to fuck with women. This time we went to the bathroom together. Anwar was very tender and fully into the role of his girls. He himself was surprised by this, but was glad I did not refuse him.
- Anton, why do not you pushed me?
- I do not know, Anwar. At first I did not understand what was happening, and then I
- You're so fuckin 'eager. I do not believe you have not tried before.
- Yes honest Komsomol, I for the first time with a man.
- Even Komsomol! So you can not refuse me?
- I myself want you! Anwar, I enjoyed it so much!
- And no women? Just going to sleep with me?
- I agree with you only to sleep.
- You'll be my girl? I want to call you Helen.
- I like to be a girl. Only when all I do not
call! To no one here knew.
- Okay, okay, no one will know, let's go have sex once more. Very narrow ass and you sweetie.
He slapped me on the ass, and grabbed his arms. I surprise embraced his neck with both hands and screamed like a girl.
- You dropped me!
- I scare, Helen? I'm a man! I came to his girl
crib, do not worry.
He laid me on the bed, and we continued so wonderfully begun
evening. I completely lost his shy, so Helen Helen.
In the morning I awoke to the fact that Anwar has inserted his penis into me and
quiet fucks. I was half-asleep, but sharply excited and almost immediately ended. Anwar long fucked me and came inside, did not take out his cock until sperm almost absorbed. I really liked the feel of his sperm in my ass, I did not even go to wash. When we finally woke up, I started to behave like a real girl. I romped and frolicked, hung around his neck and kissed him passionately.
He played along and I was very glad that I found myself on the whole vacation a suitable boy.
On the beach, I began to ask him why he did not want to find yourself
- You know, kid, I'm married. I'm so fed up with women and. Boys
quite another matter! Firstly, you do not get pregnant, and secondly men
much quieter, and thirdly if anything, you will be silent. A woman once hysterical sunset.
- You're probably right. Maybe I'm with a man earlier tried to, but I was not with anyone.
- Anton, believe in the word, you're not a man. I at once saw it. You - the girl-Helen! You are created to give, not take. Such as you are called passive, and I'm an asset.
At first I was offended, but thinking about his words, knew that he
rights. I liked to be given to him, I did not want to fuck Anwar, I would like to push the legs in front of him and suck his cock, standing in front of him on his knees. From these thoughts I am so wound up that dimmed eyes. Anwar seeing my reaction, picked up our things, and we ran into the room. As soon popped into the room, I began to fold clothes and fell on the bed, will lay legs. Anwar did not even undressing, fell on me, and taking only the term quickly entered me.
I bit his hand to hold their loud moans. Wow, a couple
days ago I could not imagine that I will have to fuck a man and
I call her a girl. I almost lost the orientation of the resulting buzz, and therefore did not notice that the room is not a young man and quite stunned looking at us! He nervously swallowing and breathing often. I even had time to be afraid not, because if they knew what we're doing, be expelled in the two accounts or to the police surrendered. It's not like that now! Seeing him, I realized just what he sees me naked, a man, and the thought I began to finish. Groans could not hold back and I rolled my eyes. Anwar also finished almost immediately after me. When I opened my eyes, there was no man in the room. I do not know why, but Anwar I did not say anything. I thought that if the guy did not immediately yelled and police are not called, then all right. I met this fellow on the same day in the corridor. I wanted to sneak past, but he came up to me.
- Come on, let's talk, - he said.
I trailed behind him. He took me to his room and closed the door. Sel
a chair, and I stood in front of him, nervously wringing her hands. I thought
he would ask for money, but the money he did not need.
- I saw it all, - he said.
- I n what condition? - I was delighted. - Let's agree!
- You will come to me, and I will do to you the same as that of the man!
I was blown away. Yes, rest ceased to be weary.
- In a sense, the same thing?
- I want to use you as a woman. What is there to understand? So, under the black you can moan, but I refused, bitch?
From such rudeness, I fell into a stupor! Anwar was gentle with me, and
in general he a nice man! And then sitting some old fart and commanded me! Suddenly this guy stood up from his chair and came up to me, slap me close up! I have already reeled in surprise. My tears flowed from his eyes!
- Undress, Whore! Or do you want the whole resort knew who you are? Answer me!
- No, I do not want, of course - I shook his head.
- Then shoot all in bed!
I frantically began to pull off his shirt and pants, and quickly
He slipped under the covers.
- Blanket clean!
This old man commanded so that I thought there was no and did not
He was stripped naked. His body was younger than his face. pretty
sinewy, with strong muscles, although covered with gray hair. is he
He came to me and sat down next to my legs spread. Then he turned sharply
my stomach and began to feel my ass.
- Arch ass! And push the bread hands.
I got cancer and resting his head against the pillow and arched spread
buttocks. The old man abruptly entered my ass just three fingers and began
roll them inside me. I was very sick, but I was afraid of angering him. Plenty of bruising my ass, he again turned me on my back and put those fingers into my mouth, forcing them to lick and suck. I felt the taste of their own stool! I almost puked! But I
carefully sucked his arm, afraid that he hit me again.
Then he lay down on the bed and said:
- That's just my dick suck, fucking whore! Do not like it, I will beat on
fucking face!
I began to suck his cock. Of course, to Anwar, he was far away, but all the same size was not bad for his age, he was fine. So, after a while, I even got carried away. After all, it was the second term of my life! The old man grabbed me by the hair and began to stick sharply on itself. I almost choked, and he continued to hammer away at all ... my throat, but fortunately he quickly finished, forcing himself to lick the drops.
- Before breakfast come. I got it, bitch? And that without quirks, and then lowered to the entire resort! And his ink to a single word!
- I understand everything, I realized. Can I go?
- Pshel out, damn.
I departed from him a bullet! As I hid from her frightened Anwar
face, I do not know, but I was able to restrain himself.
It took several days. All night, I fucked with Anwar, and in the morning
I rushed to starikanov. Given that Anwar was very temperamental
and a man by night tore me at least three times, and even a couple of the morning, and then another, and my grandpa dryuchil, it turned out that I was fucked without
half-day stop! Santa so got a taste of that day and demanded more
parishes! I somehow izvorachivayas, ran to him at lunch and or sucked him or substitute the already well-developed ass.
My grandfather did not talk to me, just gave the orders. Get down! Stand up! Cancer! Foot push!
If at first it jarred me, then later, even pleasant. It was such a contrast to Anwar! I especially liked that the old me
insults. When he called me a bitch or a whore, it seemed to me that I flow in the legs, and I was almost finished by his rudeness. I do not know, the first time he pulled a Man or experience he had, but he spoke to me like an animal. And I am, after all, loved it! I began to take some perverse pleasure to run between him and Anwar. It seemed to me that I really damn real.
It was a week of my vacation. Santa fortunately left, and I was
a little easier, but I strangely bored by the thrill. I
long ceased to think about why it happened to me. The main thing that I really liked my position! I wanted to try something else, I was excited danger. I would like to have more time anybody saw. And this case is soon introduced!
We drank Anwar firmly and rapidly began to have sex.
- Anwar, I'm hot, let's go out to the balcony.
- You're crazy, - he said, kissing me - we shall see!
- Well, Anvarchik, well, please - I said to him flippers. - Three
night hours. Everyone is asleep. ikomu not tell you, but on one condition.
I jumped up and flung open the door, went to the balcony, in the buff. I
He rested his hands on the railing and arched invitingly ass.
- Go to your girl! She wants you!
This spectacle temperamental Caucasian could not bear! He ran to the balcony and grabbed me zasandalil his trunk over the entire length. I just gasped! He began to tear me, and hardly was kept standing on tiptoe. We went into a rage so that did not notice that much shumim. The door opened on a nearby balcony and I saw a disheveled head. In the darkness, it was hard to see, but I soon noticed that two heads! They quietly about something whispered, bringing me additional pleasure. We are watching me! I this is what I wanted. Anwar did not notice the process of absorption fucked. He rapidly began to cum in me. And I turned my head toward the observer, and stared at them, letting them know that I saw them. They disappeared before my lover took from me my end. We went to bed completely satisfied.
The next day, two men came to Anwar on the beach of the same
nationality as him. He went with them and something long
I am talking. I relaxed lying on the sand. Let's talk, he lay down beside
with me and oddly silent. Usually we chatted with him, and here
- What happened?
- Anton, there is such a thing. I saw these two men?
- Well, I see. What's that?
- They last saw me you fucked on the balcony.
- So it was them?
- Have you seen them? Why was not I told?
- I did not want to interrupt. You're so cool doing it. Repeat?
- Anton, it's not a joke. They want me to give you to them.
- How is it given? I'm not a thing. Maybe I do not want?
- Baby, I can not refuse. They are my countrymen. And very dear
people. They think you're my whore, and offer for your money. I
I have to give you!
- And how are you going without me?
- Well, I'll use you. But not so much as
I would like to.
- And if you have a wife, they asked?
- Wife can not, is sacred. And you're a boy, you can be given.
- Anwar, but I do not want them.
- Anton. It's a done deal, do not resist. In the evening, go to
him, and is now going to spend the night with them. Do what you are told. My
Good advice! You do not know them, they are dangerous people.
I lay in silence for a long time close to Anwar and wondered how he could me
so give? After all, we were good together? About I recalled the old man,
after surrendering to him, I saved more and Anwar. And it is so easy to me
refused! I jumped up with tears in his eyes and without saying anything went to his
The room I threw myself on the bed and wept aloud. I did not
I expected that Anwar is so dear to me.
After some time, Anwar came and went with me next. I began
feverishly kissing him, pressing his body. He hugged me and
I patted on the head, and then we made love, as the last time. We did not even go to dinner, could not tear himself away from each other. Somewhere in the nine in the evening, Anwar took me into the room to the neighbors.
He walked into the room with me.
- That led. It is yours. He lives here another two weeks use.
I stood nearby, her eyes downcast and afraid to move.
Two men, low, very dark-skinned Caucasians, with a long mustache.
One fifty years, the other older. Strong, bow-legged, and as I later found out the hard way is very temperamental!
- Stay, Anwar. Have a drink with us, dear. You tell us that for
Boy, he can, he can.
Anwar sat down and began to drink, and I stood beside them.
- Normal guy, here for the first time tried.
- So you're at it first? Ha-ha-ha!
- And second, we will! Mash his ass, if you did not have time.
Boy, go to the bathroom and undress pomoysya. Who will be to fuck you.
-By the way, you're out of town?
- From N-ska, - I said.
- ha ha ha - just went in laughter Hachiko - countryman means. Where you used to be? We would first have you!
I went to the bathroom, and he was thinking about how I was! Leaving them
naked, I just hid behind his hands.
- Yes it is hairy! Whores do not have to be hairy! Go, sbrey
I trudged back to the bathroom, soaped and began to shave all the hair from the body. Very soon I became completely smooth. I smeared his advance
Vaseline hole and returned to the room.
- Come closer, darling. Anwar said he is calling you. Lie down on the table, stomach, girl.
I went as I was told. The older one came up behind me and
almost immediately plunged into me his penis. I lay there, his head turned to one side, and his eyes met with Anwar. I saw that he was really hurt by
give me, he was worried about me. And this bowlegged knotweed fucked me
- Ah, good slut you Anwar. The narrow!
He violently pulled me its not a small penis. I thought that here I was the third guy and fuck dick again healthy. So gouging a hole can! And that know, play me in the ass! Fuck, he was far and fucked me at least twenty minutes. Conchal it as actively as fuck. Trying to get into me as deeply as possible. And I lay there and cried!
The second man all this time sat side by side and watched as I squirm at
- Get on your knees and suck me. Sperm will flow out to fuck in the ass. In the meantime, suck.
I silently followed his orders. While I sucked ... his trunk, his legs in
I ran the sperm of his team-mate. Soon he had finished changed into his mouth and said,
- Fuck him in the end, will not soon get it. Good hole! We're going to visit relatives, take with you.
I thought that Anwar refuses, but to my surprise, he got up and
I knocked on the back table. Very parted my legs, he put in
me his penis and began to fuck quickly. He never left me
reproachful look. As if it was my fault that he gave me these freaks!
However, he deliberately tried to hurt me, tearing my
hole! I began to squirm beneath him, and these Hachiko happy laugh:
- So his friend, so! Know a whore of his master.
When he finished, Anwar, left without saying goodbye, and I was left with these mountaineers.
They moved the bed and put me An intermediate. As soon as they have not
fucked! They were simply inexhaustible! Either they have not had the women, whether
young boys were for them a special treat, but they have not
lowered from its members.
The next morning I almost went to breakfast. Legs I barely kept! Several
days, I almost did not go to the beach, released only in the dining room. we
lunch, then one of them, I went up to the room, went to the second
beach and fucked there before lunch. Then we had dinner, and I in the room
I tore is another. After dinner, at night they fucked me alone! I even
imagine in a nightmare could not imagine that you can screw around so much.
After three days of this life, I did everything on autopilot. I am lying on the bed
outstretched legs or mechanically rode on somebody's dick, from the constant sucking in my cheeks already drove. And these mountaineers, despite his age, was just tireless! Anwar, I saw only briefly, when you come into a room for things. With me he did not talk more than me and fucked.
A few days later, Caucasians, as promised, came to visit and took me with them. By this time, I became an obedient puppet. I did not care, I just obeyed. I saw the strange looks that were thrown at me rest, but did not pay attention. And the heads of the sanatorium have not touched since these Hachiko just littered with money. And perhaps because of this, the administrators at all turned a blind eye.
We sat in the chic Volga, in those days, cool car, and
I went in an unknown direction. The road was serpentine, went
for a long time and came to some remote village. But at home there were
good, large and well furnished. Arriving to this house,
Honk. He jumped out a bunch of men, and with loud shouts of joy all
began hugging.
We met them as honored guests. They talked in their language, so I do not understand anything. However, I realized that asking about me. My host said something and gestured that they pull me.
Owners of the house together neighing and some began to feel my ass and
member. I even scared! Really, I thought they would all be me
One of the men, beckoned me to follow and led him to a room
without windows, where the carpet hung in place of doors.
- There is live. When needed, will be called - he said, and left.
I was so tired that once lay on the couch and fell asleep.
How many I slept not know, but I woke up I saw a tray of food.
Quickly all ate and began to listen to the sounds of funk. Somewhere in the house was partying. I realized that just because I do not live here, be sure to fuck, but how much and for how long?
Soon I learned. Carpet leaned back and entered the room of a senior
my Hachiko, the owner of the house and a boy of 14.
My Khachik, something began to say pointing at me with his hand. Boy
He looked at me with interest. I hunted looked around,
knowing that I do not get.
- Lena, you were brought here as a present here this jigit! It's time
to become a man, you'll do this at the time. Undress.
First, all the guy explain himself, where and how. Then he will understand himself,
how to treat such sluts.
I undressed and stood up in front of them. They began to turn me and older, something sputter on the, poking me in the ass and mouth with your fingers. The boy nodded his head.
Then they left, and I was left alone with this kid. He is not
Wordlessly I showed that I should get cancer. Then quickly took off his clothes and fell in behind. He was so deliriously began to fuck me, I realized that the experience he has. Who is he here could fuck if I gift for his training? Then he learned - fucked goats! I, of course, better than a goat. They generally believe that if the guy does not fuck the guy, he is not a man. Women are only after the wedding, and they are necessary for procreation. A temperamental highlanders people, all the time want to fuck. That boys and amuse themselves. The boy quickly finished, but almost immediately began to fuck me again. He fucked and fucked me without interruption, where only the forces were taken. Cum in me no less than seven times, he was gone. I lay curled up, when his father came into the room of the boy with some man. They laughed merrily.
- You like my son. He said that you are enduring. Now we'll find out. Lie down on your back. Now we will have you.
I lay back and have a familiar movement, put a pillow under his ass and spread his legs.
- PhD, a whore - he said, and lay down on top of me.
His cock barely fit me, so it was huge! I barely comprehended
it in itself, and the Highlander, without even allowing me to get used to, began to fuck me with some kind of animal ferocity. He thrust at me with his trunk, like a knife. I was torn by pain, I cried, and he fucked and fucked changing, all quickening pace.
I fainted! I woke up from what I fuck again. Opening my eyes, I saw that it was another man uzhu. Fortunately, it was not great, I had hardly felt. He gladly finished with me, and they were gone.
Almost immediately, the room came a woman with a basin and a pitcher of water. About us
smile looked at me and walked out without saying anything. I washed and
I fell asleep. I have lived in this house for five days. And all this time I fucked different men. They brought their sons, to show how it is necessary to fuck guy. Someone fucked me and by their example clearly shows his son where to insert a member of the boy or immediately provide my hole. All fucked me with such enthusiasm that it was clear to them such birds do not fly frequently. Generally satisfied with the goats!
All these days I have spent in a daze. I did not resist and allowed
do with them whatever they wanted these men. Whether my feelings
dim, then I turned into a complete whore, but the result was
on the face. I regularly suck, swallow sperm and inserts its point, the heap
unfamiliar men. And I do not even want them to escape! With some
I even liked to fuck, and I ended up under them. If suddenly a
happened, I was fucked even more. Everyone wanted to bring me to
orgasm! But I finished only on the thickest and longest members, I
like the way they are pushing my point and rub the head of a treasured
point in my ass.
Five days later, I plunged into the Volga and brought back to
sanatorium. I dragged to his room and fell into bed exhausted, Anwar was not. I waited for him with impatience and fear. I imagine my surprise when he did not come alone, but with a very young boy! I sat on the bed and looked at him in surprise.
- Ah, you're back. Well, as you like it, slut?
I stared at him and could not understand why he had me so? For behold happened because of him! The boy looked from one to the other and frowned in confusion.
- Do not look at him, kid. He can not hurt us.
- ... Turn your back to the wall and keep your mouth shut.
I turned away and quietly wept. I thought, now that Anwar will take me back, and he is found yourself another. I heard them laughing softly behind me, heard the sounds of kissing, fuss, and a quiet sigh. Follow this sounds left no doubt that Anwar fucks this boy. I was jealous of him! He was my first man! It was he who taught me to love men, and he has a good time with the youngster! I lingered turned to face them and saw that the boy was sitting astride a member Anwar and jumping on it, clearly pleased that he fucks adult man. Now I understand that the whole situation at that time was a wild, but nevertheless it was. I think it would not have happened if I did not behave so obediently. Of course, willows Soviet times guys fucking each other and pulled young boys, just all this carefully concealed. This for me was the discovery that it is possible to engage in this sex! And in that moment, I silently wept with anger and resentment. But what I saw was very exciting. Thin, flat boy riding a hairy, burly men! I so wanted to be in his place! I quietly began to fondle his penis, looking at their fun. Anwar perfectly saw that happening to me, but did not stop to fuck the boy on the contrary, he put his cancer and began to fuck back, while looking at me. And when he began to finish his narrow hole, roaring loudly at the same time, I finished quietly on his bed!
They continued to fuck the whole night, and I, as well all night watching them and masturbate himself. I fell asleep all exhausted. The next day, I was called into my room my Hachiko.
- Well, then, girl. We thought to leave you here, but now that we have with you went so well, we will meet with you. Dictates his address, Helen.
I was so crushed by Anvar attitude to me that thought,
Now I do not care what will happen to me. I did not even think that I can go back to my old life and to meet with the girls, I needed Anwar and he left me. And I thought, since I fucked like a whore all 24 days, let him fuck the future. I liked it because in some places! Maybe better to go further?
I said I would meet with them, but not for free. Their is
great cheer, but they said that the price get together. I gave the address, and we agreed to meet in the city. They
It appeared somewhere in a week and since the beginning of my new life in
as whores for Hachiko. Going on vacation, I had no idea how to change my life, but it happened! I resigned from the factory, took
apartment and more than 10 years he worked as a whore. All their diaspora grazed me.
Unfortunately, 35 I did not have such success and a career prostitute
I had to finish. I'm 45 now, I am very far from those times, but often nostalgically recall the sanatorium. You can write to me at
E-mail: [email protected]