Adventures of Wendy in the country Neverland. Part 3.

Adventures of Wendy in the country Neverland Part 3
From that day on the ship Wendy lives changed, and not for the worse. The first two days the chest with rags was her bed, and dinner - stale crackers with salted fish. Now, she slept in a dilapidated but charming seaside hammock and let not eaten their fill, but never been hungry. Particularly close to Hook pirates with the permission of the captain visited the prisoner.
Hungry for the female body sailors willingly brought only "lady" on the ship some trinkets, hoarded with another production, colorful cloth with merchant ships, sugar lumps and even real chocolate! Of course, pirates were alien to unselfishness, but Wendy did not resist, knowing that accomplices Hook will take all that will allow them to master, and James allowed them a lot, but you dare she resist - take power, evil, without gifts and rough kindness that they provided it.
So Fang liked to touch her. When this stocky, smelling the wind and rum man entered her cabin and sat down in a wide armchair, Wendy obediently sat on his lap, and a pirate, laughing approvingly, started stroking her small body, crushing big hands chapped white silk. She already knew - first stroking her Fang is with the neck to the knees, then begin, purring, kneading her breasts, panting stale in his neck, then his hand will move lower and lower, will begin to feel her legs,
Finally, the eagerly extend them ... Shirt creep up, almost hiding the big rough hands crawling up her thighs ... Finally, one of them will fall on the crotch and begins eagerly crush him like a soft little peach fruit, covered with a light fuzz, and breathing Wendy again knock and merge with severe wheezing Fang ...
Rogach loved watching her. Wendy almost glad when the door rang his heavy footsteps and mocking: "You let the ladies ..?" Rogach just sit on the chest and said, girl, what to do. Although Wendy almost learned by heart his preferences and habits, Rogach loved to talk to her myself. "Caress yourself, babe ... What's your small breasts! Come on, iron them, that I saw your nipples stand up! Now, between the legs. So, yeah ... Raise the hemline and push the knees! Now sit down and shove themselves between the finger biscuits. Yeah baby ... and drag-ka it back and forth, back and forth ... Good girl ... "Not immediately, but still Wendy stopped bashfully to study the floor during these merrymaking. Once she looked up and saw that Rogach not hesitate Fingering his humpbacked red horseradish, looking at how Wendy fingers stroking her naked pussy. Sometimes he would bring various objects and asked the girl stroked her pussy or pushing them between her legs - as far as he can. The sight Rogach groan, poured on a wooden floor, and this is also used to Wendy. During these games she could relax a little and dream about Peter - now she often dreamed of as a boy could kiss her and touch her between her legs ... Rogach not mind: he liked to watch as the girl covered languor, eyes clouds haze and podgibayutsya knees with excitement ... then he asked her to take off his shirt, get on your knees and keep stroking himself between her legs, showing his fingers wet with moisture.
The most unpretentious desire were Stallion. When the big man arose in the doorway, Wendy, gently removing hair behind his back, he knelt and opened her mouth. Stallion covered door, he approached the girl and untied his pants, and Wendy grabs the hand of his monstrous cock and carefully licked from the base to the head and back, walking the tongue on the excited flesh, licking the eggs and, clasping his lips trunk, slowly began to suck dick deeper, is a pirate with an impatient grunt did not grab her head and did his hips jerk forward, shoving weapon deeper into the warm moist mouth. After that, she could relax and obey his movements, feeling the tongue, as a member of the force is poured, filling his mouth as begins to pulsate and finally, trembling, salty seed fills her throat.
But at night, she hid the veil of hare skins, blond hair pinned up in the morning beautiful colorful crest of the turtle, and for dinner ate fish soup and a whole chocolate bar with nuts! Who would condemn her for it?
However, the pirates never go and see it at night, and Wendy was very frightened when the cabin door opened, and the pirates, someone threw on the floor beside her. That someone was a little lower than the growth of Wendy and furiously berated his captors (although Wendy this language was unfamiliar, intonation left no doubt). I snapped the bolt, and darkness engulfed the cabin, angry-sounding heavy breathing new victim. As the voice of Wendy realized that it, too, a girl, and, on reflection, to suggest that this native of the Indian tribe. "Tiger Lily?" - Wendy whispered, and something desperately and positively shouted from the darkness. As long as the Wendy's eyes became accustomed to the darkness, she distinctly different low skinny girl, which lay on the shoulders of black braids, and the whole clothing consisted of a small topic and funny skirts of feathers. Indian Princess softly, like a cat, crawled over to Wendy and anxiously stared at her a little slanting black eyes. "I'm Wendy! Wendy Darling! Peter Pan ... "- Wendy beginning, but Lily, without waiting, rushed to her neck and hugged, sobbed.
If girls are speaking the same language, they would have chatted until dawn, but that night they just slept, embracing tightly, and all the next day trying to reach an understanding by drawing signs in the dust. Wendy realized that Lily was kidnapped during the hunt and brought here on the ship. But even without knowing each other's Twitter, the girls were happy sudden meeting. Another nice change was that since the advent of Tiger Lily, the pirates no longer go and see Wendy and all the time she spent with a new girlfriend.
Sleeping girl decided together, adding all rags and skins on the floor, arranging a cozy nest - Lily was a master in this case. However, it was so comfortable! They smiled and said something to each other, both looking for familiar words, and only in a dream Wendy was left alone. In one of her dreams and I visited Peter Pan laughing and daring. They stood at the stern of the ship, and Peter tenderly kissed her lips, and his hand rhythmically stroked her mound between his legs ...
Wendy did not realize that the dream began stroking herself. When she woke up, her hand already crawled under shirt and sleepily wandered between the swollen folds. Froze, scared girl listened to the breathing girlfriend - if she noticed it ?! But Lily was breathing slowly and sleepily, and Wendy, emboldened, put her finger deeper. Now, in the darkness of a summer night, her little cunt suddenly demanded affection, which for several days had been deprived. Wendy, gently spread her legs and began to stroke his narrow crack finger rubbing clitoris swelling and protruding wiping moisture. She almost cried out in surprise when a hand Indian princess lay on top of her hand. Hiding it was too late. While Wendy was in disarray, thin swarthy fingers Tiger Lily quickly got into her already wet slit and began deftly caressing the girl, squeezing the clitoris, then describing circles around him, pinching the crease ... Princess definitely knew a good judge. Swarthy
young beauty, while continuing to caress Wendy put her sweaty embarrassment and fear on her pussy palm - the same smooth and beautiful, but a bit elongated and swarthy, and spread her legs. Wendy could not refuse a friend. Although it was a novelty for her, but Lily gave her such bliss that Wendy also wanted to please her.
Gently stroking her pussy, Wendy climbed fingers between velvet sponge and began to touch and stroke princess crack, trying to repeat her movements, and very soon in the dark panting girls interspersed with barely audible squelch two wet Pisek and muffled groan young lovers passionately caressing each other between the legs. And now ... chubby lips aboriginal merged with Wendy's pink lips and their tongues began a more inept, but entrancing dance.
The first orgasm covered Wendy suddenly and strongly. Tongue Tiger Lily just played with her lips and rubbed her hand for a very sensitive spot near klitorkom when Wendy suddenly clutched his feet and shivered. Tiger Lily accelerated movement and pressed her mouth to his lips, Wendy, and she screamed, feeling the sweet shrinks the whole body in the throes of pleasure. A minute later and she finished her friend, Wendy clenched hand hips and clinging to her fingers a little hard clitoris.
For a while the girls lay side by side, panting. Like a slumber through Wendy I saw the native like graceful shadow, rose and flowed smoothly down somewhere, and, sitting between his legs, slowly ran her tongue over the sensitive, inflamed caresses groove. Nimble tongue penetrated Tiger Lily girl between sponges and gently began to lick her pussy burning, tickling skillfully strained clitoris, from what Wendy went crazy and started to moan sweetly ...
Writhing under the expert tongue of his girlfriend and legs wide apart, and gave her love, Wendy did not notice that someone came into the cabin, and only cry Lily made her open her eyes and slightly raised. For Lily stood with his back James Hook dropped down his pants and gently pushed her thighs in the ass. Wendy's eyes widened, fearing for his girlfriend, but Tiger Lily continued walking tongue into her pussy ready for discharge, but now also start to moan in time with shock
Captain. Relax, Wendy, he leaned back and closed her eyes again. Her tight folds were burning under the caresses of an Indian princess, and she subtly moved his hips, trying to substitute his lustful clit beneath her tongue.
Apparently, the hook shoved princess stronger, Tiger Lily almost dug in pussy Wendy potrahivaya her tongue in time with the movements of a pirate, and Wendy, feeling girlfriend, screaming, bursting into her body as breathing heavily in the darkness of the captain, slapping thighs of ass naked girls, she became violently finish, generously watering them with Lily bed ... Soon shook in orgasm herself Lily cried the captain, and all was quiet. Exhausted by continuous enjoyment Wendy sobbed and fell asleep.
Continued Adventures of Wendy in the country Neverland. Part 2

Learning Russian. Lesson two.

Yeah, have fun with this perspektivka patsanchik I opened good. Not to say that I had no idea. But here's something that readers planted, so that the second scenario is the lesson drew exciting. But, as the saying goes, if fortunate, share it with a friend. And so I'm calling his late best friend Nastya, telling how it happened, and invite to the feast. At that already caught the spirit of delight. But the thing. She was eight tomorrow sister Katya sit. Nothing, I say, take your sister. It is necessary to develop the child. But do not tell what will happen. A young child comes only later that I could handle the client. After some discussion, they chuckled and parted until tomorrow.
The next day, I deliberately dressed stricter, in a suit with a skirt below the knee. Neither give nor take teacher pigweed Ivanna. Never mind, let the entourage will. In due time the doorbell. Came my Vanka. Eyes to the floor, all have red. Remembers, you see, yesterday's humiliation. Ah, Vanya, that you still have to!
I look at it strictly command to undress and go to my room. As at that time I did not give the sneakers. I sit down at a table and order the book to give me a job. He clearly trembling with fear, hands. It seems even paler.
- So so - I declare - for every missing comma two stroke belt by the pope. For spelling - five.
He shivers, but, with a sigh, nodding. Broken down, you see, already. I kind of emollient.
- Well, Vanya, much much got yesterday?
He nods and sighs again. On the face of the world's grief.
- Come on, show me - I command.
He blushes have a boiled rock, but the debate is no longer addressed. He turns back to me, unbuttons his pants and lower a little with shorts, so that the buttocks were visible. Bruises there is certainly noticeable. I strongly it yesterday. I do not deny myself the pleasure to hold his hand over his naked buttocks. He withholds his hand on her ass to feel like he was trembling shiver. Kaif, as a kid in the paint to drive. I say thoughtfully:
- Yes, perhaps you today is no longer nadoyu - After waiting a sigh of relief. I let enjoy the idea that the punishment will not be, and adds: - But no punishment can not leave you too. - I feel like he stiffened. Again, I catch a buzz from the authorities over the kid. - To do so. For every mistake shoot himself with something of their clothing. Then redo the job in the form in which find yourself when I finish the test. Well, if again there will be errors ... it will surprise you. Which, while I will not say. But I advise you not to find out. Come on, pull up the ports for the time being.
Easy to clap him on the ass, but exactly for bruises, so that he gasped and jumped. Super! He turns to me and quickly pulls his pants. On the whole range of feelings face. Of course he was ashamed to undress in front of me again. But flogging is not. It scared him happy. Oh, do not rejoice, Vanya, ahead of time. I delve into reading, and immediately the first victory. I declare:
- Expecting comma. Down Sweater.
He pulls a sweater and freezes explicitly excitement.
- And here it was necessary to select a comma. So two. The shirt and socks.
He seems to want to argue that this is a mistake, but not solved, and dutifully removes all that I showed.
- Here "about", but not "e"- I frown. - Pants.
Corner of my eye watching him, obviously embarrassed, removes trousers and keep checking.
- Solid sign - I strongly I mark with a red pencil mistake. - Mike.
And now he was standing next to me in shorts and with a clear sinking heart waiting if again have to undress completely. But I do know that it is necessary. And here under.
- And the fact that the quotation in quotation marks should we remember? Panties Down.
He's quick movement pulls panties immediately rectified, covering his farm and steps over the last piece of clothing. Eyes lowered. Shame on him! Well, then there still will be. Quickly I mark two more errors and turn to him.
- So ten hot even after you when Polly depart. I remembered where the error? Here's a blank sheet of paper and tutorial. Sit down and redone.
I move away from the table, passing victoriously viewing it from head to toe. He looked forward to a notebook in my hands.
- And it is possible to alter her?
- Those guys. Do it all over again. I and so all the bugs you tagged. And remember about my surprise. It is better you do not know about it. Come on, sit down, write.
He crimson as cancer, sits at the table. Hands have to put on his face, but his legs kept tightly and clamped between his pisyun. It's funny, really. All the same, because look, when I want. Slowly I pick up his clothes, locked in a closet and put in a jacket pocket. He watches my manipulations with longing, but afraid to object. I sit down on the bed and start to look at it in the open. Feeling my opinion, it is clearly nervous and in a hurry. I can imagine how many errors now!
But at last the job is done and hopefully he turns to me. I get up and go to the table. On the way, I draw the curtain. It was dark outside, it's true. But in fact it is the conditioned signal Nastya, who now plays, it's time in the yard with Katya. I sit down at the table and take in the hands of his creation. Again he stands next, covering his hands manhood and was looking forward to me. Hopes were not justified. In the second exercise, I mark error. In his eyes, the despair. In my heart rejoicing. Yahuuu, celebration continues! Quickly I note another error heels and condemning look at him.
- Yes, a severe case. We'll have to work hard with you.
He sighs heavily.
- Well, where is your surprise there?
- Wait, you'll see - I smile.
We look at each other. I'm facing is not even the winner, and hostess positions. He's like a doomed victim. Extend the moment, you're great! But that's the doorbell. He looks around furtively and anxiously asks:
- Who is this?
- This is my girlfriend with her sister went to visit. Go and open the door.
On his face indescribable horror and despair.
- So!? Naked ?!
- That's right, - I smile mischievously. - And if you do not do what I say, now I get a spanking from both of us. And just naked in front of us resemble. So you decide. But in reserve you have three seconds. If I Nastya open, it will be worse.
- Oksana, well, please! - He whines hopefully.
I pause as strongly rise and walk to the door.
- Well as you know.
- Wait - he overtakes me. - I will do.
I grin triumphantly and then sit down on the bed, so to see the front door.
- Well, then go ahead.
Drooping slowly and deliberately he trudges to vzodnoy door. It sounds a new call and a guy flinches, as if getting hit whip. Slowly coming to the door, he takes up the castle, turning back to me, so I could not see his pussy and stopped in indecision.
- Come on! - I command him.
He pauses for a few moments, then abruptly opens the lock, pushes the door and immediately jumps again covering his palms jewelry. And then from behind the door came the voice of Katia's:
- Oh, Nastya, there is a naked boy.
- That's right, - she tells her sister. - His name is Ivan. He punished. And we are with you Oksana invited to look at him. Come on.
They come in a corridor and cover the door. Vanya is in front of them downcast, burning with shame and disgrace covering palms. Anastasia looks at him with a sneer. Her face plays a mocking smile. Kate sees a naked boy with wide eyes, his mouth open in amazement. I get up and go out into the corridor.
- Well how are you not living - I say to Van. - Come on hands zo head. Show the younger generation than the rich.
Vanya second range, but it seems not quite ready to resist. It performs my order, it seems ready to sink into the ground with shame.
- Oh, Nastya, what is it? - Quite woozy Kate pointing at Vanina pussy.
- This boys such pisya, - says Nastya gradually. - ... That's why they have so arranged, they pee standing up, does not like girls. Touch, do not be shy.
After standing for a few seconds in indecision, Kate approaches the stunned Van and gently takes his pussy.
- Oh, and it hardens! - She cries.
- This is when the boys are ashamed, they have that thing hardens - Nastia explains.
- And he was ashamed ?! - Exclaimed Kate. - That's great! - And then her eyes is another entertaining thing. - And what's that? - She was quite a businesslike enough guy for testicles.
I can see how Vanya surprise drawn to attention and even standing on tiptoe. It seems his breath. Nastia seems to want to continue the explanation, but I take the initiative.
- But let him tell. Well, Vanya, what have you got the balls for it hang?
Man swallows convulsively for breath and could not utter a word.
- Come on, say it - it seems, rolling several times pulled Vanya for eggs.
- This testicles - he managed.
Kate broke into a shrill laugh.
- Well, just like chicken. It is ridiculous. And why are they his?
- And he will tell us soon - predatory grin Nastya. - In the meantime, pick it from all sides. Can you feel. When still so naked man can command. Look how else can.
Nastya went to Van and pulled the skin on his penis, exposing the head.
- Wow, what! - Kate cried.
Onaya let go Vanina eggs, to the obvious relief of the latter and busily went around his circle, fingered her ass. Anastasia followed her, with interest looking for.
- Nothing interesting - finally snapped Kate. - Everything else like girls. Just why he had bruises on the pope?
- And it whipped, because he Losers - I explained.
- Serves him right - Kate giggled. - If Losers.
- Well, let's go into the room? - I turned to Nastya.
- Come, - she said, taking off his shoes and take off our shoes to help her sister. - By the way, Kate, you know how naughty boys lead.
- How? - Kate cried.
- But how - Nastya deftly grabbed Vania's ear, unscrew it and pulled up.
- Oh, it hurts - the howl, caving and climbing socks.
- And so it went - quickly turned him in the direction of Anastasia House.
We went to my room. Ahead of me. For me Nastya, taschivshaya the ear writhing in pain and had difficulty holding the balance naked Vanya. He brought up the rear bouncing with delight and clapping Katya.
When we entered the room, Nastya brought Vanya at the center, let go of his ear and plopped down on my bed. I sat down and Kate perched between us. It turned out that we have; Three girls are sitting as if in the theater and look at us standing in front of a naked boy. He no longer dared to hide behind, and only hand vigorously rubbing the ear, for which he was dragging Anastasia.
- So why did his testicles? - Katya asked, obviously not giving her a question of rest.
- Bad boys drochat her pussy - the beginning of her talk Nastya. - And then there is of these testicular sperm, which flies out of the pussy.
- And what is ""drochat"? - Katya was not appeased.
- But Vanya will tell us right now. After all, he knows how to masturbate, because he is poor.
His face reflected the horror of Vani. He even stopped to rub his ear and looked expectantly at me.
- Come on, show me how you do it - I leaned back and threw his legs. - And we will visit. I wonder the same.
Realizing that escape routes are cut off. He slowly put his dick right hand fingers and began to masturbate. We Nastya seemed spellbound follow the action. But soon we heard the voice of a disgruntled Katie.
- And it's all?! Boring!
- Did you help him - advised Nastia. - That's more interesting. Well, Vanek, hands behind head, feet shoulder-width apart. Now my sister will tell you the class.
On the face Vanya reflected fear. Still, he complied and took the required position. Kate got up slowly from the bed, looking at us, came up to the boy, clasped fingers of his penis and began to masturbate him quickly.
- Oh, what fun! - She cried.
In Vanya's eyes bulged and his mouth fell open. He breathed often.
- Look now to finish, - said Anastasia.
- You think so quickly? - I doubted
Groan guy summed up our conversation. Of its members in our direction I hit the white jet, but before reaching us, fell to the floor. Kate jumped back in horror, but then he laughed and clapped her hands.
- Wow, I liked it.!
Vanya stood in the middle of the room, all in the same shameful position neither alive nor dead. His cock slowly fall.
- Well, what you stand? - I shouted at him. - Rag carry it from the kitchen and wipe until withered.
The boy dashed out of the room, and we Nastyuha roared with laughter. The ecstatic joined us and Katya.
Vanka ran to the cloth fell on all fours and began vigorously to wipe his sperm from the floor. I enjoyed looking at me crawling on all fours in front of a naked boy. Nastia winked conspiratorially to me, reached into her purse, pulled out a digital camera and quickly removed her Vanka. Hearing the click of the camera, Vanka quickly sat down on his knees and stared at us, holding a rag in his hand. In this form it was immediately removed again.
- Do not! - He cried and then was photographed for the third time.
Beside himself with terror, Vanka threw a rag and darted out of the room. We rushed him. For us, with enthusiastic shouts: "Catch!" Kate rushed.
We caught up with the fugitive in the living room, knocked on the floor, twisted his hands.
- The tie him up? - Nastia gasped.
- Now I bring scotch - I said, and left the poor Vanka squirm under Nastin weight, rushed to him. When I returned, nothing has changed in the room. Only Kate sat on the foot of our captive fun screaming something triumphant. We quickly tied the boy's wrists with duct tape and put him on his feet. He trailed off and looked down.
- And where are you going to run naked? - I asked sarcastically.
He just breathed heavily, staring at the floor.
- Well, let's go to the photo shoot, you are our model - Nastia smiled.
She again grabbed the prisoner by the ear and dragged him into my room. There, again putting it at the center, she photographed him several times from different angles.
- Remove next to his trophy, - she said.
I eagerly went to Vanya and grabbed him by the shoulders, and then made him horns behind. Nastia has made two shots.
- Bored so, - she said.
- And this is - I'm a little bent, put her hand back, between the boy's legs, grabbed his testicles, and she with a charming smile emerged from behind his shoulder. He had with feet slightly apart.
- That's it - encouraged girlfriend and then repeatedly shot the scene. - Now, let it be in front of you on your knees.
Obviously, we finally lost the will to resist Vanya obediently knelt. I took him to the lady's position and issued a stern face. Again the camera clicked.
- Now I take off with him - asked Anastasia.
I picked up the camera, and her daughter again deftly grabbed Vanka's ear and forced to rise from his knees and stretch out on tiptoe. I filmed the process. Then, pushing the boy's neck, Nastya made him bend down, and I took them off again. Then Nastya stood for Vanka folded, pressed against his ass stomach and wrapped her arms around the hips. From the side it might seem, she fucks him.
- Let them look at the camera - she demanded.
Vanka did not have to persuade. He meekly raised his face and looked into the lens. I took pictures with several positions.
- My, my turn! - Katya jumped us.
- Well, where do without you - Nastia smiled, straightening Vanka. - As you want?
- So, - Katya decisive movement grabbed Vankin penis. We Nastya laughed, but I immediately took a few shots. - And so - Katka quickly bared head Vanina member. I took a close-up. - And so - Kate grabbed the guy behind the eggs and, obviously savoring, said: ... - Testicles. - Again, the camera clicked.
- Well, - I said, dropping the camera down - all of this?
- What more! - Nastya snorted. - For the fact that the run must be punished.
- Fight? - I asked - Yes, he has already got yesterday.
- What for? - Anastasia thought for a moment. - Do you have a candle? Long.
- Yes, - I nodded.
- Bring. And the matches.
I quickly ran to the kitchen and brought the desired result. Van pressed on his neck, she first made him get down on his knees, then pressed his head to the floor. Now it happened that he was holding up the ass. Taking me one from candles, Nastia began to get a job in his anus.
- Do not! - I squeaked guy.
- Shut up, - he shouted at Anastasia. - Oksanka, insert it a second candle in his mouth.
I quickly made the required and just in time. Nastya start screwing Van candle in the anus and he desperately moaned and clenched his teeth. However, he turn his back and did not dare to let him screw Nastyuha candle in the ass by a few centimeters. Katya never taking his eyes followed the manipulations sister.
- Take off - ordered Nastya and I quickly filmed the process of deprivation of virginity of our client.
- Now get up, - he told Nastya Van, be sure to put a candle deep enough. - And if the candle dropped, find out what's what
Very slowly, fearing to drop candles, Vanya rose slowly to his feet. It has been seen as strained his cheeks and buttocks. Nastya struck a match and lit the candles one by one.
- One, two, three, Herringbone, burn, - exclaimed Kate.
I quickly removed the guy from different angles, and then not have the strength to keep from laughing, collapsed on the bed, along with Nastyuha and Katka. Then we walked a few times with our Christmas tree dance, again burst out laughing. Then I ran to the kitchen and brewed tea. We drank it in my room and enjoy standing in the middle of naked boys with burning candles in the mouth and anus. He seems completely gave himself to our will, and stood motionless, staring straight ahead through the eyes full of tears. Only when we are sick of it, we pulled out and blew out the candles, cut and removed adhesive tape binding his hands and I threw him his clothes out of the closet.
- Now you are our slave - announced Anastasia, looking for a boy dressing. - The slightest disobedience, and the whole school will see pictures we have done today. Katya is silent. After all, what you're our slave, this is our secret.
- Of course - Kate nodded. - But if he does not do what I order, I will tell everyone.
- And tomorrow after school here. - I added. - Responsibilities for the Russian pull you to me has not been removed. For each mistake, as before, you will be punished.

Beautiful story

Marina setting the table, and Vick was leaning against the doorframe.
- Oh, Mariska - making terrible eyes, Vicky said, - thrown over your husband at night and rape, because between us will not be your heroic body!
Marina has been a long-standing friend of Vicki. Their friendship was pure and unalloyed. Guys from each other they are not repelled, envy was not, were both beautiful slim blonde. And when Mariska met Sasha, Vick was happy for her - was painfully good guy.
Broad-shouldered, handsome, suave. In any company, he immediately became the center of attention, jokes rolling in, not going beyond the limits of decency and caring for beautiful ladies, not passing that trait again when his companion began to feel uneasy. And in bed, according to Mariska, he was tireless and varied; then rushed at her like an animal, he was gentle to shyness.
Easy eroticism emanating from Sasha, did not leave indifferent and Vick. She enjoys flirting with him, constantly feeling his attention, and do not worry, when it was a male gaze slid, for example, in her slender legs. However, it never went beyond a joke, and, apparently satisfied with all three. And being a witness at the wedding of Mariska Sasha and Vika, seeing the happy newlyweds, I was terribly happy for her friend. On that day, as often before, Wick remained the couple to spend the night ...
- I'm not afraid - seriously Mariska said, then smiled. - In general, I'm tired of sleeping in the middle. Though our sofa and seems huge, three on it closely.
- Have not noticed.
- Yes? You did not sleep in the middle of ...
- But decency ... - she raised her eyebrows, turned Vick.
In response Mariska also raised her eyebrows, reducing the eye to the nose. Her friends laughed.
- No, I feel like I'll have to buy you a sofa in the kitchen ...
- No sofas in the kitchen! ..
Sasha came out of the back and Vickie arm around her slender waist. Vick did not deny myself the pleasure to also pull over to his strong body.
- You - my second wife, and on the status must be in my bed.
And he pulled her even closer to him Vick.
- Fool. - Gentleness said Mariska. - Okay, hero-lover, sit down at the table.
Vic could not sleep. The presence of a number of strong beautiful male body did not give relax. Previously, there was nothing like that. Sasha remained a friend, and an underlying eroticism never excited her to the point. In addition, (you have to be so stupid) it, holding Sasha, she settled completely naked - Woman always tormented pathological insomnia if her body did not feel complete freedom. "I'll have to go to Igor, a bit to unwind" - thought Vick.
Gradually she began to fall asleep. And then she felt her elastic ass something touched. Sleep flew from it. She froze. All of her erotic thoughts flooded with renewed vigor. She could not help myself, imagining that she could touch her buttocks. What was her consternation when hot man's hand, making his way under the sheet, confidence fell to a hip bend. At the same moment she was powerfully attracted to the male body. Thoughts, like a flock of fish, flew off somewhere. The nights have only a sense of solid pulsing masculinity nestled between her firm buttocks. But Sasha did not stop there, put his other arm between the bed and the woman's body, he gave the victory and went on the offensive. Hand lying on top, began to leisurely study. She slipped from the hip, confidently stroking a flat stomach. Fingers gently ran about a circle around the navel, and then crawled up and lay down under the breast, lifting it slightly, as if weighing. Vick felt the appraising crumples sure hand of its high elastic chest. And then Sasha with unexpected force his fingers. She felt a surge of voluptuous, tender pain, experiencing a series of aftershocks in the abdomen.
"Toy orgasm," as she called these feelings Vick, a little sobered her, but Sasha did not give her time to recover. He completely captured the chiseled chest swelled painfully missing nipple between your fingers, lightly squeezed. New attack voluptuousness forced Vick to issue muffled groan, and Sasha continued to gently tear the nipple. She was completely in his power, and when he pushed his knee between her legs, she dutifully bent one by pushing away the knee to the side. Sasha immediately went down a little, and turned his manhood against her wet cunt. Pussy love appeared completely helpless before the powerful aggressive beast ready to surrender to the winner. This vision again forced to moan softly Woman.
She grabbed the tide of sensuality throbbing rod of love. He was big, but not huge, and very solid. Under her thin delicate fingers he started, and Vic for a moment feared that Sasha will pour their juice ahead of time, but the only muffled growl. Check it out, Vic smoothly pulled the skin from the tops to the ground. Under her fingers with manicured nails I felt the steel on which gently slid the most delicate velvet. No longer able to tolerate the sweet flour, she sent a spear of love in his quivering trap, feeling pressed Sashka fingers into her hips, and his body drives his unbridled beast farther into submissive to his new master cave. The orgasm shook her body, and she buried her face in the pillow, drowning out the groans of rushing from the bottle. She expected that the partner is also available on its own juice, but it imperiously pulling her hips to her, continued strongly and steadily impale their prey. Vick admitted to herself that her traitorous body responsible Sasha. Her back sagged, as if to helpfully as possible submit a cave aggressor, her hips too lived their lives, meeting every thrust oncoming traffic. Her little foot, pulling the fingers, began to caress the male thigh. A few minutes later Sasha could not resist. A powerful piston is hosted in the cave of love, suddenly he stopped. She felt as he filled the whole of her, and then exploded. Hot jet hit Vick from the inside, like a burning, and a long lingering orgasm forced heyday night rainbow colors ...
When the girl returned to the ability to think, she realized that she would never be able to condemn himself for his cowardice. So what happened was delightful. However, Vick vowed, never again will not happen again. Mariska She loved like a sister, and her husband should stay by her husband. "I know how much they love each other. And I never saw that he looked at another woman with greater desire than to his wife. " Sasha moved and whispered a gentle tickling her ear:
- Listen
- I do not say anything - it turned to Vick. - Let's just agree that this wonderful night we just had a dream. Everything will be the same.
She did not see how Sasha shook his head, turning to Mariska ... The mood was not. Night adventure does not go out of my head. On top of Vic forgot Mariska have their makeup. We'll have to work today after a call in to him. Vika had their keys to their apartment, and she hoped, after leaving early from work, pick up her makeup ...
Opening the door, Wick went into the hallway and froze, rooted to the spot. In the half-open door, she saw Mariska and Sasha, making love. It was a delightful sight. Vick openly looked at the pair. Mariska, prognuv tanned back, standing in the classic pose ass partner. Her buttocks were shaking to the beat elastic movements Sasha.
And the growling of undisguised passion, dug his fingers into the thigh of his wife and pushed his staff love further and further. They were so beautiful in their unbridled passion, not hearing and not seeing anything around ...
Vicki's hand involuntarily crept to the edge of the narrow short skirt. Probably, it would look a little silly with battened down skirt in the middle of a small hallway, and even surreptitiously peeping ... for the intimate lives of their best friends. her panties were damp, and she hurried to run his hand to her eager pussy, demanding to swellable bud. Sweet languor pierced her whole being when nogotochki, tsarapnuv on delicate petals, framing a wet cunt, clenched concentrated pleasure. Biting her lip, not to moan, she pressed her fingers. The whole world is for Vicki curled into a small bud of passion. A wave of pleasure swept over her, forced to lean against the door jamb. Her back arched, rounded breasts rose high, touching the nipples of the blouse. Still holding on the edge of orgasm, Vic suddenly saw Sasha paused for a moment, and then rang his triumphant roar with woven into the sound lingering feminine groan. Memories of Sashka's wand, it fills the whole inside, and the subsequent impact of scalding juice was so fresh that orgasm shook Vick. Her muffled cry merged with the voices of lovers and they had not heard. She hurried down yubchonku. She managed to silently open the door and slip out onto the landing. Leaning on the outside, Vick tried to calm the heart to jump out of his chest. As soon calmed down a little, she lifted a graceful hand to the bell button ...
Referring to fatigue and asking Vic Sasha cook dinner, Mariska went into the room. Vic was alone with Sasha. She was trying to deal with him still, but now the joke sounded too ambiguous. "No, what insolent, well, how can you be so erotic" - thought the girl, breathing in the smell of tobacco graceful spout mixture of water and a good toilet has something aggressive provotsirueschego inherent in him alone.
It seemed, however, that sly glances at her Sasha, does not notice what's going on with her. He quickly ate cooked dinner, still rattling off jokes, and went out to smoke on the stairs. Vick sat down on a stool, looking thoughtfully out of the window. Her thoughts took something that it has never excited so easily ... corner of her eye she saw as Sasha came in and stood behind her.
- Thank you, Vic, it was very tasty. And now ... He gently but firmly took Vick's shoulder and turned to him.
- Sash ... Further the words stuck in my throat because the girl is right in front of her face stood a mighty hero that grew out of his pants unbuttoned. Anger swept Vic, what is happening is not climbed in any gate. She was about to make a squirt everything she thinks about it, but the spectacle reared before her in all its unbridled glory machismo would not let her. Gradually the anger flowed down the stomach is converted to sweet languor. Vic felt at the back of his hand, gently pulling her head to the eagerly trembling flesh. The elegantly contoured mouth opened, exposing the white straight teeth. Do not resist more than your feelings, Vicky has captured his lips gently tip of the spear. The tongue girl like tasting delicacy became lightly touch the folds around the tops.
To her delight, and solid at the same time gentle Sashka weapons echoed sweet ripple. Emboldened, Vick drew pommel deeper, causing a sigh of admiration from Sasha. Eager tongue, enjoying the salty taste, caressing the entire surface of the most delicate velvet skin he could reach. The head of the girl began to make leisurely translational motion, and her soft lips tight ringlet covered rod, trying to push the crease out of the tops. Sasha moaned softly, looking at going down the process carefully. Meanwhile, Vic, desiring even more to subdue the animal, took it into his fist and began to help tame your mouth handsome. Helm slipped from plump lips, but a magnificent beast remained in captivity gentle fingers. She held to the base of the tongue, and then began to come back, gently biting his skin, as if to put on a steel rod.
Her mouth again caught pommel, increasing the pressure, the hand slid faster. Vic looked up at Sashka's face radiated undisguised passion. Then her attention again shifted to a great love machine. Throughout her pussy action, despite the lack of attention, has not stopped the decline in the "toy" orgasm. She had never experienced anything like it. It took quite a long time, but in the end came the denouement. Sasha is already familiar froze, and delicious juice poured on rewarding tab. Vick had never attempted to try juice male, but now she was enjoying his taste, with incomparable and maddening.
Vick did not dare raise his eyes to Sasha, watching as his weapon disappears for zipper slacks. If not for the hot taste of its juice, remained on the lips and tongue, she probably would have experienced a strong disappointment. Her poor wet pussy begging for affection ... Chest heaving violently girl, she was shaking from unsatisfied desire. Never ask Sasha nor bring himself to touch her pussy with it, Vick could not. Sasha did not wait for when it will go unrealized excitement in anger. He jerked Vick, leaning against the refrigerator. She only had time to turn away her head, instinctively trying to hide her face behind a blazing wave of blond hair. However, half-open mouth sensual and trembling lashes lowered eyes easy to understand given the strength of excitation. Vick did not have time to recover, as her tight skirt slid up her thighs smooth and translucent panties pushed aside, revealing a swollen petals of the flower of love.
After an agonizing moment Sashka's hand found herself between her legs. Hardly restrain a cry, she threw her head back, arched arc. And Sasha, enjoying the sight of the girl covered with passion, slowly ran his fingers over soft petals. They were quick to respond, even wider opening the entrance to the cave. Bud of love, too, has received its share of attention. Men's fingers, feeling sensual bump, squeezed it and a little pause, began to gently pull it. Vic could not keep quiet groans, bursting out of his chest in time with the movements Sashka's hands. And his fingers for a moment frozen in the bud, as if giving a girl to feel the fullness of his power over her, and then the most nimble parted the folds at the entrance and slid into the damp depths. Not owning a Vick strained muscles her pussy to feel as much as possible inside Sasha.
Time stood still for a moment. The girl seemed to side saw herself - with upturned skirt on her hips, with half-open lips to retain the taste of fragrant nectar, a male hand, confidently staged between the long legs. And it - a little barred watching her sensuality. Immediately orgasm, like a mighty wave picked up the girl, and she fell, writhing in sweet convulsions ... Sasha's chest
As she left the apartment his friends, and how to get home, Vick later and I could not remember ...
On Sunday, the couple went to Vick. Marina occasionally looked at Sasha, confident driving the car. She loved her husband, she could not imagine life without him. However, his hypertrophied sexuality, sometimes deduced it from itself. Love Lessons every day, but still, as a rule, not once, gradually began to weigh on her. Approximately every three or four days she received a fantastic pleasure from his beloved, but in between she tried to get rid of their duties quickly. Mariska saw that Sasha suffers from an overabundance of his passion.
Once Mariska intercepted Sashka's gaze fixed on the open knees Vicki. Strangely, Mariska, terribly jealous of others, not at all jealous of her husband to his girlfriend. And arose initially thought was a very frivolous: that if Sasha would change her best friend? "I could rest a bit," - she smiled to herself. Representing the perfect body weaved his closest people ... Mariska suddenly realized that it is wildly exciting. She barely doterpela when leave Vic and seduced her husband in the kitchen. And only then, already asleep, she realized that the vision, provokes its rapid desire, even for a moment of jealousy inflamed. On the contrary, she felt some wrenching tenderness to her friend. Mariska settled, huddled close to her husband, and closed her eyes. "Yes, and Vick still can not find a normal guy - she thought. - Are we not divide Sasha? The two of us just enough to satisfy his appetite ... ".
During the week that thought tormented her. In principle, everything has already been decided. Confused Mariska only two points. Firstly, it was necessary to persuade Sasha, and secondly, how to react to all of this Vic, very meticulous in these matters. Finally, one evening, she expressed all her husband. At first, her words only laugh Sasha. Within a few days he had laughed, listening to the insinuating, then the sensible speech Mariska. She did not give up, and one day Sasha asked what would happen if he suddenly falls in love with her friend. "But it is well known that men may well love two women at once, I agree to share you with Vika, but with anyone else, you hear! Do not even think about others. " Sasha thought, and then said: "Well, let's say. And how are you going to bring us? This is not a mating purebred dogs! ". Mariska jumped up: "In doing so ...."
All evening with a concealed smile Mariska watched between her husband and his girlfriend skips sparks of passion. She herself was quite fed up with love joys, but yesterday her husband gave her a crazy night. Vick also delightfully embarrassed when Sasha, as if by chance, touched her high breasts, or gaze slid over her slender legs. However, the satisfaction was recognized currently Mariska, as he openly fingered view and its own figure, which does beat out Vick confused. Later in the afternoon Mariska pulled Vick in the bathroom, whispering in a pink ear: "Come on, I rub the back of you."
Bath in bedroom Vika khrushchovkas was small, so the girls had to undress in the crush. They almost undressed, remaining in the same semi-transparent lace panties, when suddenly their elastic breasts touched. Marina delicate skin felt hard cherry nipples girlfriend. These breasts fondled sure Sasha! His fingers squeezed the nipples ... Vic cringed, but if reading the thoughts girlfriend, was in no hurry to step back.
- Come on, I'll help you take off her panties. - Marina whispered, feeling the abdomen becomes hot. Wick and only nodded slightly leaning back, closed her eyes with thick lashes. Marina leaned slightly forward. Their breasts tightly pressed against each other. Marina, listening to the delightful sensations, slipped thumbs under the narrow ribbon panties girlfriend, her hands lay on the silky skin. Ass has what we need! Having experienced a fleeting disappointment when her breasts broke up with her gentle haven, Marina began to pull her panties with friends. Her hands, following the roundness of the buttocks, slid down, and she began to squat. When her eyes were on the level of pussy girlfriend, she froze, feeling the trembling nostrils, faint fragrance. Marina stood up and, looking mischievously at her friend and said:
- You really wet out there, so you Sasha gets?
Vick started and opened her eyes, which desperately thrashing panic. And Marina, unable to restrain myself, told her everything. Mariska, chirped, something like "Sasha will soon come out of the bathroom. Well, do not be afraid, I am with you mentally", He flew off in Vika's room and closed the door in front of her. Girl in the upset feelings sat down on the edge of the sofa bed. This couch is always sleeping wife when she was at a party ... And certainly making love! She is still fighting for pieces of shattered morale, when she heard the door open bath.
She impulsively jumped to her feet, but Sasha has already entered. When Vic realized that he was completely naked, she gasped. Her eyes, like a magnet attracted manhood, seductively swaying to the beat of the steps. Morality lost irrevocably. Sasha came over and took the girl's chin, looked searchingly into her eyes.
- If you are against, then I'm gone.
Vic blushed and mumbled under his breath, feeling the abdomen hotter flame of: - I want you.
Sasha leaned to her lips. His kiss was tender, it was not a hint of passion. Pulled away, he whispered:
- I love you and I love Mariska, whether you accept it as it is?
Vic nodded, a little puzzled, and Sasha nodded and seemed to sigh with relief. Then he groaned and pressed the girl to the cabinet, stared at her mouth with his lips. His tongue possessively squeezed between her teeth and prudently examined the entire mouth. The girl, already all in the power of desire and happiness, grabbed the baby overbearing, not inferior in its insolence more lower brother, sensual lips and started groaning with pleasure, suck it. Meanwhile, her body also was attacked. Vic felt through the thin robe, her whole do not hesitate to feel. She felt that many-armed hugs her man, as an Indian god. Confident fingers, crumpling the fabric on the elastic ass, squeezed the buttocks. Then the prisoner got her breasts. After a moment, it appeared swollen nipple is found under a thin silk and cruelly tormented until the sweet, penetrating pain. Meanwhile, something is pressed against her stomach was rapidly acquire the hardness and shape. Delicate fingers immediately grasped his weapon. Vic felt her robe strung up on the waist, and has nothing naked ass again compressed. Do not know shame hand, walked through the slits separating elastic hemisphere and slid lower. The girl, unable to resist lust, shamelessly sticking pretty zadik to her languor pussy soon fell into the power of impudent finger. And they will not hesitate to stay at least a little. Wet swollen petals found themselves at the mercy of men's fingers. Vic moaned with pleasure, with his blond head on the man's chest. In her field of vision got terribly heaved the spear of love, held her own shameless fingers.
Sasha unceremoniously turned her and bent her imperiously. Once in this position, Vic, all trembled. Barely moments as directed with a firm hand a spear of love penetrated into it, causing a languid cry.
Sasha for a long time and tasteful possessed it in such a position. His hands grasped the prisoner breasts, swaying in time with the motion of bodies, then squeezing the buttocks. Vicki's body, humble man, shaking in continuous orgasm, and she could not stop moaning, sometimes jumping up to the cry of passion. Finally, Sasha stopped, that was supposed to mean a fast shot from his weapon, and the girl, turning cold on their own courage, wriggled out of his arms, sitting in front of a mighty handsome crimson. As soon as her mouth engulfed solid pommel as Sasha groaned, he threw back his head and arched his body, sending his beast forward, deeper into the prisoner humbly awaiting discharge lips. The juice poured into a sensual mouth, on the face of a girl happily receiving a treat ...
Exhausted, lovers sat on the edge of the sofa. Vic Sasha put her head on his shoulder. No words, they were not necessary. She closed her eyes and began to stroke his thigh manicured fingers. A few minutes later Sasha started, forcing Vick to open his eyes. And then her eyes are the weapon of love, once again ready to fight.
- ABOUT! - Girl admiringly looked at Sasha, and saw in his eyes flashes of passion, slowly lowered her head to the prankster. For a while, she, moaning with pleasure, would not let him out of her mouth, caressing tongue and helping himself with his hands. Then she pulled away and stood up from the couch, planted himself on a spear ...
All night Sasha gave Vick sleep having her different poses. They fell asleep in the morning, when Vetch asked ... for mercy to his master, who directed the so unceremoniously her submissive body.

My extraordinary 1 time in school - 2

Hi all - is Igor again. I would like to talk about their sexual adventures in the previous story about how I and Nadia fucked in school. After that, we'll direct again did so at a school in the school toilets in the locker room or just during class went to the toilet. But once we as usual after school went to the toilet I have a quick pulled off Nadi jeans, took off his shirt, bra panties and now she was standing in front of her completely naked sweet wet pussy and show off in front of me and her breasts have 3 size was so delicious and her swollen nipples. And I wanted to suck them right there what I did.
At the same time, I caressed her fingers her pussy so she started moaning and I was very factory and I immediately took off his clothes and once flew with my briefs my cock immediately struck by her pussy and she moaned loudly. We heard because no one at school and one nebylo we could moan loudly and no one could stop us.
I pressed her against the wall and began to slowly introduce his penis into her. She was very nice and I felt it. After a few minutes, I decided to change the posture I sat down on the closed toilet seat (fortunately in our school all the toilets were very clean and spacious) and planted on his dick Nadia in this position, she was very good, she could send my dick. She liked to ride on it, and then she had the first orgasm, and soon the 2nd.
We decided to change the pose, she got cancer, grabbing hold of the toilet I thrust my dick in her ass. At first she was hurt because I used it once in the ass fucked, but then the pain was gone and she was well again and that's an orgasm came again and she moaned as never before. I and she was very nice, we decided to rest for a moment, and then continued again. I pressed her back against the wall, we both really enjoyed this position, a few minutes Nadia glanced at the door, which was behind me - I turned around and saw our classmate Olya. She was very excited, probably it stands here for a long time and I could see through her shirt her swollen nipples, and she slowly and gently touched her pussy. I knew immediately what she wants, knows about sex and I said to her:
- Would you like to join?
She was shocked, she to me did not expect, but she continued to stand still and wonder.
- Well, what do you got !? Take off your clothes! - I shouted and continued to fuck Nadia and a few minutes Nadia finished and fell to the floor with pleasure. I turned back and saw a naked Olga, it was a surprise to me, I did not expect that it really undress.
Olga was our contemporary, her chest was the same size as the 3 and Nadi. Olga was as tall as I am and beautiful red hair, and the hair on her squeak nebylo apparently she shaved them.
And so, when he saw Olga naked, I was at a loss a few seconds, and then waking up, I fell on my knees and began to caress her fingers pussy Oli. She closed her eyes and began to moan when I'm stuck in her two fingers, she almost screamed with pleasure. Then I stood up and bowed her down and she put her mouth to my cock, she realized that it is necessary to do, and I opened my mouth there and then abruptly plunged into her mouth his cock, she liked it very much. It is with great pleasure beginning to suck and lick a couple of minutes, I asked her to stand up and pulled her to the wall and slowly slipped into it his cock and slowly began to increase the pace and after a few minutes she came and fell on the floor.
They both lay otrahannye on the floor and a few seconds later woke up and began to suck my cock dvoem. I enjoyed it very much as two tongue licking my cock, then I am no longer able to hold back and finished on both of them. They both liked it very much and they lapped it all. After that, they said that it would be fun to try to do it in Troy, and every evening we came to school and said that in one of the offices forgotten pencil box and a security guard gave us the key and we closed the offices and had sex in Troy. We loved it, and the girls have become interested to do it dvoem.
During this year, we had sex so many times and I still have a lot of sex stories that I tell you in the future.

The young blonde with a member

I was only 16 years old. Sometimes I liked to wear on Mother's underwear, beautiful and looked like a very pretty little girl. In addition, by nature I have almost no hair on the body, as well as a slim figure, skin tanned in the summer, make me a beauty, and I often when dressing, looking at himself in the mirror, masturbate.
In the summer at the cottage with a swim and sunbathing on the beach, I saw a couple of very spectacular. She was 22 years old, beautiful leggy brunette with a stunning figure, it is - about 30 years, a tall young man. After bathing, he came up to me and asked to smoke, and how it word for word, we talked. Igor I noticed that he had a very interesting companion, and he said that it now goes to the city and invited me to his house to have a drink, watch telly and relax. I agreed, and at 10pm he was.
We talked about life, he told jokes and it was all great fun, besides drunk wine did the trick. He turned on the television, asked me whether I like porn, to which I replied in the affirmative. The screen flashed scenes from classic fuck, but after some time the story changed and there was a girl who turned out to be the course of action penis. I was a little embarrassed, but my dick already being torn out of his pants. Igor noticed this and offered to masturbate together. It really was quite unexpected, but I soon got used our trunks were released out of his pants.
What is happening on the screen and his erection finally brought me and I do not hesitate to masturbate nothing. Suddenly Igor hand lay on my stomach and slid to a member, began to masturbate. I'm not surprised at anything and just relax, close your eyes and baldel.
But Igor hand disappeared from my penis and I felt some gentle touch to it, opened his eyes and saw that Igor took it into his mouth with gusto caresses. After a while he asked if I wanted him to do the same? We finished in position 69, we each other's mouths.
The most interesting thing was waiting for me to come.
Igor said: "Do you like this girl from the screen?"
- Very pleased, so I do try to dress - I said
- Nastya, from which you see me, sometimes likes to make love with the girls. Are you willing to stay a girl?
- Yes, of course - I answered without hesitation.
- It will arrive tomorrow, come just as it is today.
As agreed, I came the next day. Nastya was delicious: light blue skinny jeans beautiful ass, high heels, covering the topic high breasts and hiding a beautiful flat stomach with piercing in pupochke and thin waist. It was clear that she was aware of.
Nastia winked, smiled at me, looked away to the side and told me that I bathed and shaved itself downstairs. After some time in the bathroom knock. I cover myself with a towel, he opened the door - Nastia passed a set of lingerie, saying that if it will not turn out, you will call.
Linen was perfect, I have never seen. At first I wore thin silk strings that were attached zavyazochki on hips. They barely covered my cock. Then pulled the stockings. Shoes a little pinch, but it was tolerable. High heels increased the length of my legs in stockings and they looked amazing and my penis began to respond.
Next, I had to wear a corset, but one I could not cope and, embarrassed, called Nastya. Together, we have done it. My waist was to pull and become the same as Nastia. Rezinochkami with corset was fastened to the stockings and to mimic breast corset planted cotton. Top was wearing a dress - just above the knee and zayazochkami on his shoulders, and on her head a wig of white hair on his shoulders. After applying, by the present, make-up, I looked in the mirror. I did not recognize myself! The mirror was a beautiful blonde with long, slender legs and a beautiful figure. I would so if possible would definitely fuck!
Nastya was also delighted with my reincarnation. She kissed me on the lips, took his hand and led him into the hall. While I was in the bathroom and there was another guest, apparently a friend of Igor, a young man of his own age, Andrew. It seems, too, was aware of. When we Nastya appeared in the hall, young people zaopladirovali admiringly. All of this was unexpected, and I'm confused.
- This is Jeanne, - introduced me to the young people Nastya,
- Zhannochka, show yourself he plays.
Not so that it was convenient to walk on his heels, and I have not quite entered into a new image, but it was wildly pleased to feel like a woman, to feel the lingerie and greedy eyes on his body two guys. Turning that would go in the opposite direction, I turned sharply and dress spun, revealing what was hidden underneath. The boys burst into exclamations of admiration.
We sat at the table, drink, music began. Nastya invited me to slow dance. Wine, my new position, the proximity of the beautiful devushki- from all this, I just lost my head. We swayed to the music, Nastia hugged me, we began to kiss, she stroked my body, I did. My cock was on full blast, and she felt it.
Her fingers pulled the zavyazochki on the shoulders of my dress fell at my feet and I was left in his underwear. Guys obviously pants all was in readiness.
Nastya is also pulled off topic, jeans and shoes left in the, thong and bra.
- Lick my pussy - I heard in my ear her hot breath. She took my hand and we were on the bed. I pulled off her Strinko and clung to her pussy. I licked her swollen klitorok, her lips, she moaned, she was beautiful!
Meanwhile, Igor lay near Nastya and kissed her on the lips. A palm Andrei lay on my elastic buttocks and began to stroke them.
- Now lick ass - said Anastasia, got cancer in his mouth and took a member of Igor. My reed caressed her anus, around it, dive into it, slipped on the crotch, fondled sponge diving in pussy back and dive back into the anus.
Meanwhile, Andrei pulled the zavyazochki on my thong and they easily fall off me, leaving his gaze my anus and releasing member. View should be behind me was stunning: Tanned blonde in a corset, with a thin waist, in stockings, in shoes, but no panties, ass licking another girl.
- I want you - prosheplat my ear Andrew.
I was not too against. His hands pushed my buttocks, his tongue slid between them, hand massaged testicles, foreskin of my cock and began podrachivat. I was on the verge of an orgasm! I bent back and stuck out his ass.
Andrew could no longer restrain himself and brushing than my ass, began to gently introduce his penis. Nastya, had finished again under my tongue and lips, he scooted to the side, fingers caressing herself and giving to me by a member of Igor. I was on the bed between the two guys, one I fucked in the ass and another in her mouth.
I would be in the top of bliss, feeling in himself just two male members.
Then I was told to lie down on his back, Igor, throwing my legs over his shoulders, came to me in the ass, Anastasia sat on my face is not pussy and I began to caress her tongue, and Andrew came into her ass. Nastya bent down to my penis, she took in her mouth and began to suck. All were on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Nastia moaned guys just growled.
Igor finished first. I felt his movements have become even stronger and more frequent, it is forced into the trunk of my own, beating balls on my buttocks and soon a powerful jet of hot cum poured into me.
Sensing this, my dick twitched and splashed the sperm in the throat Nasty.
Nastia and Andrei finished simultaneously. Nastya more tightly pressed against my face pussy vigorously pushes her hips, voluptuous spasm ran through her body and sweet moisture began to flow down my mouth out of her pussy, and his eyes and mouth ... sperm flowed out of her anus.
All were happy, drink, rest, and our games continued until morning. Were I in the future, and other meetings, but this is remembered as the most prominent.

Golden sun

I have a friend the sun. Why honey? Because when I close it to dissolve, but not like a flower, and become very uncool and it is ready to do anything with it easily and gently. She's just the sun.
We met as usual near the subway, she as always a bit of time, but not the essence, in the hours that we are together, sometimes I live most of my life, and certainly most of his life in fantasy. Drop into the shop, we took the beer, eatables and rode me. After a small snack and a bathroom I could no longer restrain himself and stared at her lips a passionate kiss. Oh how I love to kiss girls on the lips, especially when they are flowing and attenuate the mouthwatering scent of desire. There's something exciting and tantalizing. It's like a game in which the objective is not to reach the final, but try to inflame passions.
So, the game. I do not know, but I always think that women feel false at all, especially when you lie between her legs and lick, so to speak for form's sake. No, for me it's just a pleasure, I love Cooney. It allows you, and to know the woman and reveal her to be said in the literal sense.
Well, I was between her legs, slightly conducting tongue on the lips, I taste the delicious taste. It attracts and excites, not possible to break away from him. Velvet skin and lack of hair makes the process as pleasant as possible. Slightly spending on the lips, tongue find the clitoris and start to play with him, lightly touching the tip and slightly warming it with his breath. The sun leans forward, she wants more affection, but I tease her, she almost does not feel my tongue, only mild movement close to the clitoris and the warm air caressing all around. But then I dug sharply kiss on the lips, you can simply say passionately, sucking in the clitoris. I continue, then, fondling and sucking sponge, then I pull away and barely touch it. Sun sharply sighs and starts to hyperventilate, I leave the sponge and begin to move in a circular motion around the clitoris, gradually expanding halo effects. Here I have my tongue from the entrance to the pussy, then up. Linger on the clitoris, a little caress his tongue sharply drops down to her ass. But then I step back and begin to carry out his tongue lightly on the rim of the anus. The sun breaks on appointment tongue, she loves to feel it inside my ass. But not now, later. I'm going back up sharply again weightless touch touch the clitoris, then gradually like a butterfly fluttering its wings around the lips, tongue touching the elusive go down to the entrance to the vagina.
Then, abruptly introduce into the tab on the maximum depth of a cave dug into the aroma oozing desire. The smell excited pussy, in my opinion, can drive mad rhino, not what I have. I enhance the movement and try to penetrate deeper into the language. I bite lips lingering French kiss. Slightly moving away, going back to the clitoris, a little sucking him go down to the ass and reinforcing a circular motion, gently pushes the tongue anus, trying to get inside. Sun first squeezes his hole, but then relaxes me, rushing forward to the tongue, trying to uncover the ass.
- Ah, says while it is, deeper, deeper.
I can not refuse her, and gradually penetrate further, pushing the tongue sphincter and not forgetting the finger caress the vagina entrance.
- I can not, I want you, too - she says, and pulls the
I turn, and here we are in position 69. returns to her cave and begin to caress the clitoris and wield fingers in the vagina and ass. The sun is just trying to string on fingers, but do not forget about me. Few caressed the head, it is spending on the trunk latch, he starts licking my balls. She knows that I like it a lot. Then he swallows whole dick and starts to suck it. I have guns and the language on the top and three fingers in the pussy and two in the ass, mimicking a double penetration. Sun and I'm almost at the peak. So I feel like it szhivaetsya vagina my fingers and I while trying to increase pressure, not ceasing to caress the entrance and walls of the clitoris and tongue. Caressing tongue balls and playing with a finger in my ass, it makes me twitch in time with the movement and I'm not holding back, I spill into her eager mouth my seed and immediately feel like she huddled in orgasm. I'm a little slow down, letting her come to his senses.
Then the classic posture missionary, then I enter the back in the ass. The sun is very fond of, when it is taken there. After half an hour changing positions and holes we are again at the peak, and I poured into her ass.
We lie, relax. She petulantly says:
- I want to write.
We were discussing something with her theme pissing and both were willing to try.
- Well, not in bed, I tell her
- Come on, she said, and held out a pen
We are in the bathroom, standing pressed against each other. She puts one foot on the edge of the tub, take my cock and inserts it into itself. So she can pee on him and bit me.
- I want to write again, she says, looking me in the eye
- Wait a little, - I say, and go down on his knees in front of her. I dig into the pussy and begin to caress the little legs and crotch.
- Oh, - she says, and I feel timid trickle, hit me in the chest. Gradually, the pressure increases. I do not know that at the same time feels the people, but I really wanted to priniknut to the source of the solar rain. Simply irresistible urge to touch the golden stream, and I could not help myself. Priniknuv a pussy, I sent a jet in his mouth, muting all sounds. Sun felt that pisses me in the mouth and the most arched, trying to fully enjoy and see the process.
After filling in all, I was unable to keep her here and juice drip down my chin. At the same time I did not forget to caress the tongue clitoris and vagina. Sun wrote a long time and felt that she likes it.
When she finished, I licked his lips, sat up, she entered her lips at me and said it was simply delicious.
- I hope that you, too, want to, she said, and knelt down, absorbing my boyfriend himself. It was hard to restrain myself, feeling her lips and caressing elastic tongue. I asked for a little more careful, and the excitement overpower me. The sun lowered the tempo and after a while I started up a small trickle of her caressing her mouth. Sun increased the affection on the penis and then a powerful jet broke me. She could not help it, continued to suck me, she let out the excess out. The result was a very exciting mix of sounds. When you have finished writing, I felt that my penis is a stake and excitement growing in me. The sun just milked me a new portion of sperm.
resting a little bit, we went back to bed and continued to love each other.
Suddenly the sun squinted slyly and said: -I want to write
- What - I asked innocently
- You're in the mouth - and innocently looking at me she seemed
- Come, - I said, and we went to the bathroom
I knelt down and approached the pussy opened her mouth
- Shalunishka, - she said - Lie
I lay down on the bottom of the tub and thought that she would write standing over me. But it was not there, she went on, pussy closer to his mouth and took my cock his mouth. Play a bit, she said that she wanted me to pee too. I continued to caress pussy and tried to concentrate on what on what day detached to pee. Slightly squeeze out what you lapped up instantly, I felt that I hit the golden waterfall on me. I just basked in it. Here's something to let go, and I began to write the sun in the mouth.
So we were, I reveled in her gold, bathed in it and caressed the tongue, and she held me in myself and reveled in the fact that I give her. It was delicious and finished, we have merged in a passionate kiss yourself and trying this delicious cocktail of lust and desire. This excitement, I never experienced in my life, and I realized that much earlier lost ....
- I have to go, - said the sun and, smacking kiss on the cheek, left.
Here I sit, look out the window, waiting for the sun, and understand why it is still golden.
I hope that it is still to come.
PS. The first pancake, I hope not a success, I will try to write again soon.
If that write alehe @ bk. ru


My name is Max. I'm in Kiev. I am 18 years old. But I excite a woman older than me by 24 to 45 years ... Having spent the whole night on the site read stories on the theme of incest ... I also wanted to experience something like sex with his mother, but with the birth mother as you do not want to ... Well then, I decided to find a woman of 30-45 years and to realize his fantasy with her ...
Climbed on a dating site ... Posted by several women since then and so ... Like, let's have virtual sex ... and went to bed ... In the morning I decided to check who responded. It turned out only one answer - a woman 37 years old, pictured pretty, sexy ...
By corresponded, I sent her a couple of their stories, decided after a meeting in advance to discuss the legend, well, they say she is the mother and so on.
Met ...
- Hi
- Hi,
- Let's go, fantasize - she said with a mischievous smile ...
- I'm a little embarrassed - send ...
Rose, went into her apartment. Well, she said, will begin ... Make yourself at home she said ... Yes moms - with a smirk I replied. I was full of excitement already overstrained ... And so it began: Andrew go rest, watch TV, while I take a shower ...
I sat down in front of a TV set, my cock was ready to break the jeans with excitement, his head is already spinning a fantasy that I'm doing it ... I unbuttoned his pants and wanted a little bruise member (and that he was ready to explode ..) I sat holding in his hand risen cock and then she entered the room (forgot the towel) I was terrified (imagine a situation unknown woman, much older - and I'm sitting in her apartment and masturbate ..) she too was surprised with a smile looked at me and said how if in jest: - Son what are you doing here? Let's not start without me! I took a towel and went into the shower. I quickly put the dick in his pants, zastignul pants and pulled him on top of his hand.
After a while she came out in a short robe with wet hair right ... ahh ... and sat down, looking at what my son? Oh Mom, nicho .. (pause, stress ..) I could not bear turned on her hand on her thigh and began stroking up and up ...
- what are you doing son?
- I want you mom ...
- You want to fuck my mother?
- Yes mom...
She paused ... Slightly closed eyes .. I second hand began massaging her big breasts, and in the meantime their way closer and closer to her pussy ...
- Yes...
I felt that her panties become wet, pushed them and his fingers began to penetrate into her pussy .. She began to moan ... Then I untied her robe and pulled it off. In front of me brought her large breasts with large red nipples and white panties shifted to the left and did not hide it mokrenkuyu neatly shaved pussy ... I rastegnul fly and dumped right in front of her face his penis,
- you want to mother you sucked?
- Yes mom..
She took my cock in his mouth and began to suck, I grabbed her head, her wet hair .. I was going to come right now, she began to stroke the head of the language faster and drive head .. I pulled her, a member of the cotton flew out of her mouth he was covered in saliva on her lips, too, dripping drool ...
- You do not like?
- Very I like it, but I can not anymore ..
- And, then it is clear ..
She stood up and said, let's go .. We went into the bedroom ... Naked woman 37 years is close ... I was just overexcited ... I hugged her ass ..
Well, here we come ... She said, take off your clothes .. .. I stripped completely naked with unrealistically excited standing member standing in front of it .. You can not imagine what a wonderful feeling .. She asked with a grin you sure you want to fuck a mother .. .
- Well, Mom. Blinking, I said.
- Well, while we fuck? She asked?
I said the first thing that came to my mind ... - Cancer!
- Wow .. What I brought vulgar son - said smiling she climbs onto the bed and parted wider legs got cancer ... I stood and watched ... You know just super ..
- Well, what do you got there? You'll be or not to fuck your mother today?
- Yes mom!
He took a condom from the jeans, and went to her. I climbed on the bed ... it is more convenient to attach on perched unearthed prezik put it .. Fingers parted her sex lips and introduced the term ... I started to fuck her slowly ..
- Yes son fuck mom fuck .. she moaned ..
I began to fuck her harder and faster. I bumped hips with the force of her ass ... to receive such spanking .. I drove her completely his dick in her pussy .. It is from this start screaming ... We're so Dolby some time ... It even seems I had finished .. also began to cum, I pulled the dick out of her, took prezik, quickly began to masturbate ... After I it .. on her ass and back .. it was all in my semen .. Then she turned, I went to lay down beside.
- Well mommy?
- Great I said ...
Then I left ... Soon we shall meet again.
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Perhaps I'll start with the fact that in short tell you about myself. My name is Denis, I'm 27 years old, height 180 cm, weight 70 kg, black hair, green eyes, pumped up, I go a couple of times a week in the gym, if you are interested, a member of 21 cm. I put me in decent things I buy mostly in Europe, during their endless trips to work-related. From the perspective of my friends and acquaintances, I am quite attractive, and he did not notice the time on themselves indifferent glances of passing girls and guys, with views of the past, I was interested more in what follows, I'm gay. While this does not mean that I mannered (I do not like it), and the first sight guess my orientation is impossible. I want to tell you one incident in my life. When I was 22 years old and I have finished our Moscow University, he decided to visit his aunt, his own mother's sister, who lives in the town on the Black Sea coast, during their studies, and this for five years, I have never not been able to go to her rest and there turned out to be a chance that does not want to miss.
And now I have to train "Moscow-Adler ", Landing at the car I was met by a young and very nice guide that I was not a little pleased by checking the ticket and offered me a certificate, he invited me to go into the car and take his place in the seventh compartment. When I entered the compartment, where I waited another surprise in the compartment was a young man, about my age, and flipping through a magazine kakoy-to saw me he smiled toothy smile and gave his name - Maxim, I, in turn, is also introduced. We began to talk about who is going where, for what purpose, and it turned out that we go with him to one city, during a conversation, I furtively looked at Max and realized that I like it. He was one with me height, dark hair, blue if not blue eyes, beautiful, podkachennoe body, light jeans snug his slender legs, between the legs stands out a good bulge, which clearly pointed to the fact that there lies no small size penis, what I found a little later, but I will not get ahead of ourselves, the conversation, we did not notice the train moved and became in quietly gaining momentum carrying us from Moscow closer to the sea, the sun and the south.
We sat together in a compartment that was pretty weird, usually at this time of year in a southerly direction to get tickets, but there was still Kaluga and Bryansk, where the passengers could sit down. The compartment door there was a light knock, then seemed to face the conductor, who had come to collect the tickets and do not want to clarify whether we are anything to drink, offering mineral water, beer and smiled added that there are also stronger, we exchanged glances with Max decided that for familiarity can and stronger and clarifying whether there is a cognac, asked to bring a bottle of "Koktebel ". Do not ask for five minutes, Igor, was the name of the conductor brought cognac and two huge red apple, which is the best suited for brandy snacks, as opposed to the erroneous opinion that brandy should be a snack lemon. When the door closed behind Igor, Max, we decided to change clothes in a compartment was hot, I began to get out of the bag shorts, T-shirt and flip-flops, Max did the same thing. And the long-awaited moment, Max unzips belt, then begins to unbutton the bolts on the fly jeans when he lowered his jeans, I froze, but did not indicate the species, continued to look not his body, he was very sexy, I quickly pulled off his jeans, trying to max did not see my poluvstavshy member pulled shorts, a member in the garage was located vertically and therefore the erection was not so noticeable.
He coped with a quick change, we decided to begin the feast, after washing and cutting the apples, we poured the brandy into small metal cups and drank for friendship. We sat, drank brandy, talking about life, unnoticed by both brandy for us has ended, but oddly enough, neither I nor Maxim were not drunk, is that quite a bit, because it was decided to take a second bottle, the more that was nearing evening and will soon go to bed. Maxim is gone, I'm in his absence, decided to improve his penis, which stood for about an hour and started to ache a little egg, I just finished this procedure, and in the compartment back Max, we continued to sip cognac and I thought came to mind that for all during our conversation, Maxim have never started a speech about the girls, I was surprised, because all my friends straights after the third glass started a conversation on this subject, here I first suspected that Max, as I then thought "little purple "But I decided not to rush things. He finished his second bottle "Koktebel "We decided it was time to go to bed, taking water treatments, I came into the compartment, and Max proceeded to the toilet when he came back I had to undress and whisk under the sheets entering the compartment, Maxim closed the door and began to flutter in the light of a small nightlight at the head, I still pretended to have fallen asleep, he slowly took off his shirt, revealing at the same time beautiful torso, then pulled off shorts, neatly folded them, while I was watching him, and especially for the fact that the secret of his trunks, then what I saw made me excited, his penis is easily viewed under a layer of thin material heats, he lay up and slightly to the left, it was clearly seen that even in repose he was not less than 13 cm, below the melting delayed the rather impressive mashonki sizes, Max, meanwhile, lay down and turned off the lights, coupe filled the darkness and I could safely open the eyes after a while his eyes adjusted to the darkness and the light penetrating from the corridor into the lower part of the door helped to see the body of Max, who was lying on his back, his sheet lying on the side of him, I was lying, busily sniffing and examining the body of Max, is like a magnet attracted to him, like a hug, hugged her and do not let go, but only to caress him from these thoughts my cock got all its 21 cm and has demanded discharge little povarochavshis and realizing that I did not fall asleep, I quietly so as not to make noise shorts pulled, he straightened his indefatigable friend and decided to go to the toilet, to somehow relieve the tension.
The toilet pulling off his pants along with the boxes, I unleashed his handsome and took him in a fist of his right hand began to masturbate, recalling the beautiful body of Maxim and the contents of his heats. Minutes about ten I drove by a member of the right hand, for this time the orgasm rolled up several times, but I deliberately delayed the denouement knowing that while the final will be brighter, the left hand, I stroked his balls and pinched her nipples, and then came the moment when to hold back no longer had impossible, I began to finish, from the member became to shoot sperm big splash she flew to the bathroom wall where the slow down, leaving a wet footprints when I sdaival with the last drops of members and looked at the wall and saw that the semen stain was quite large and the first batch has already reached to the floor, rewind from the rolls of toilet paper a good pile, I wiped the wall, covered his as it marks, washed member of sperm and devastated eggs went into the compartment where sleeping peacefully subject of my violent masturbation in the toilet, entering the coupe, I saw that Max also sleeps on his back, but it heats the hill has become much more I realized Max stands.
I cautiously approached him and looked at the hill of his heats, it was evident that there is no longer 13, and all 20 cm away from it all I got up again, but to go to the toilet I did not dare again and began cautiously through shorts kneading member realizing that m Maxim can wake up at any minute, but he was asleep, it seemed dead sleep, I cautiously sat down on his bed, took off his pants and lowered the boxes began to fondle his penis, which was already in full. Gradually, the excitement came to a point where in the brain a thought - come, I have forgotten that no one in the compartment masturbate cock and looking at a member of Max, who was a few feet from me, an orgasm to delay no longer wanted, and I began to finish, stifling moans on his chest.
Sperm was again a lot, and I quickly wiped it with a towel and tucking the chest ... a member of the boxes lay on the bed, and having covered a sheet, decided at all costs to get to sleep. I woke up from a bright light in his eyes, opened them, I realized that the train is in the window with a street lamp light falls straight into my eyes, looked around, I saw that Max is not a coupe, I began to wonder where he may be, because if the parking lot, then taulety closed, perhaps, I could go to the platform? With that thought I fell asleep again. I woke up again, we passed a certain locality and again street lights cast light in the compartment window, illuminating him, Max's compartment was not, I thought, it's been enough time for about an hour, and its all there, where it can be? I got up, put on shorts and a bare-chested in the left aisle of the car with the intention to clarify the conductor Igor if he saw Max.
When I came close to a compartment of the conductor, I heard the whisper of two people, one voice belonged to the owner of a coupe, t. E., Igor, and the second WHOM? I learned of Max's voice, and he asked Igor to do something deeper, I realized, but they're getting fucked. I vividly imagined picture of how our dear conductor pulls Max and my cock immediately got up and be at the door and listen to what is happening it was dangerous, but also to leave do not want, I have heard the groans of Maxim and pant Igor, deciding that it is better leave, I returned to the compartment, a member stood like a pillar, I decided to finish once more can not hurt, and set to work, remembering the oohs and ahs in the compartment of the conductor, this time I jerk off with gusto smakuyuya the process, the left hand caressed eggs, right fist clasping member rhythmically moving up and down, thereby bringing me pleasure.
I finished again on the chest, wiping cum from his chest and a member has decided that you need to lie down and wait for Maxim, and then tell him what I had heard, and I know all about it and Igor. Without realizing it, I fell asleep. I woke up from what I was someone stroking cock and balls, opening my eyes, I saw that it was Max. We began to kiss, then Max began laskat my nipples, slowly sinking to the penis and finally took it into his mouth, gently at first, then more boldly, he began to make me a blow job, with his left hand he massaged my balls, which have already caught up to the base member and a steel strong as golf balls, a few seconds I started to cum in her mouth Maxim, who barely had time to swallow the fact that he gave my dick. At that moment I realized that Max comes, is he all this time masturbate his penis, which was disposed of the sperm portion just at home, sperm flew to my feet, the bed on Maxim's chest. When he had finished, I kissed Max, hugged him, and he lay down on my shelf next to me, resting for half an hour, I decided it would be nice to have a snack, Max supported my proposal and after 15 minutes at the table had two cups of hot coffee, ( Igor found a coffee and organic coffee that was just super), four cups of yogurt, chocolate bar, breakfast with such a set of products we are quite satisfied, and we began the meal. Then, when it was the turn of coffee, we pacified sitting on a shelf and talked with Max, I got the impression that I know Max is already a hundred years, all of a sudden there was a knock on the door coupe, it opened in the doorway appeared a pretty face of our conductor, Igor archly smiling asked how our affairs, and received the answer that everything is super, he said that if there are problems, you can ask him and he will do everything that we in no need, and indeed, we are to the end of the path did not experience any problems, and reached their destination.
As Maxim turned out there was no place to stop, he was planning to rent an apartment on arrival, I, in turn, offered to stay with her aunt, knowing that she had a large house near the coast, and place it there exists, Max has agreed to accept my offer and we caught a taxi rushed to the aunt. Aunt Natasha greeted us with great joy, Maxim I she introduced as his friend and said he would like to see it stopped us, objections from ttkki not followed, given that she is a widow, her husband, was a sailor and died in one of the voyages, and now she lived alone with her son in a large two-story house, she did not mind. She showed us a large room on the ground floor, with windows facing the garden, the room was very bright, nedovno home good repair was made, there was nice furniture, the room had a large TV, in short, we enjoyed it with Max. Ma began to unpack their things and offers you, aunt, meanwhile, went to the kitchen and set the table. 20 minutes later we were called to the table. I asked my aunt, where is Daniel, her son and my sobstaenno, cousin? She replied that he and his friends went on a campaign and have to go back tomorrow, I'm a little disappointed, very much like to see Danica, as I called him, I think he has changed a lot over the past five years, the last time I saw him he was only 15, but even then he was very attractive, broad shoulders, narrow hips, but still it was evident that it is still a teenager, I think now it has become a real handsome, he had blue eyes, light, color, rye hair, long eyelashes and generally he was like the ancient god. My aunt became my rasprashivat of home and parents, Maxim thanked for lunch and saying that he wanted to take a nap, went to the room, we stayed with my aunt in the kitchen and continued to talk about my home. After some time, I also began to blink slowly and aunt noticed it sent me into the room, insisting on the fact that I had a rest from the road.
I came into the room and lay down on the bed, after 10 minutes I fell asleep. In the evening, when we woke up with Max, we decided to go to town to walk, especially since the heat subsided, it became cooler and sit at home is absolutely not desirable. We dressed up and went to the city, take a stroll along the promenade, went into a small restaurant, sat, drank a glass of wine, attend any entertainment activities did not want to and we decided to go home on foot, on the way we admired the sunset, the mood was just wonderful, I on holiday, near a nice guy who really like, for a moment it seemed to me that I'm the happiest man on earth. Gradually we came to the house, the light in the windows did not burn, which meant that the aunt was asleep, careful not to wake her, we went to his room, undressed, and decided to bed, turning off the lights Max asked not mind if I, if it lie to me, I said, that only, and he climbed into my bed. The door to the room was closed, aunt slept on the second floor and we are observing precautions have sex. Maxim was very gentle in bed, I wanted it to last forever, he caressed me just trying to ensure that no part of the body did not remain without attention. Finally came the moment when the only caresses it was not enough, I asked Max if I could get in it and received consent sent his penis into his anus, but it was not so easy, I had to take a little more lubrication and that's the head of my penis overcome resistance entered into the anus of Max, he made a slight groan and asked to enter at once to its full length, twice did not have to ask me, and I'm moving his hips, committed jolt through which all member of the most eggs went into Max, here I made a groan of pleasure, I was very nice, and the realization that lies underneath me Max doubled pleasure. I gave time to Max to get used to his penis and began a cautious move back, leaving only the head of the anus Max I began to re-enter, five minutes later I was without fear to hurt Max started to fuck him, he was lying on my left side, I was behind him , such a posture I have tired and I raised his right leg Maxim and placing it on his shoulder to his knees and began to fuck him in this position, caressing member Maxim from which the lubricant flowing creek, five minutes later, I again decided to change his position and not taking member not put Max and knees, he laid his head on the bed, I got up on him from behind and began to make deep thrusts member massaging his prostate, Max at this time his left hand caressed my balls that ... I really liked it, I realized that the approaches the moment of orgasm, and became frantic portions wash away the sperm in the ass Maxim, at this time he also began to finish on a T-shirt, which is not known when the time to put a member, I collapsed on the back of Maximus, he could not resist collapsed on the bed, and I'm not taking out a member of his , lay on his back, breathing heavily from the experience of orgasm.
Gently biting the ear of Maxim, I asked him how he felt. Max his breath said he is very pleased to have sex with me, yet he added that he liked the massage, which I as a member has done for his prostate, I, in turn, said that the dream of full sex with him from the time when I saw him for the first time in a train compartment. I stepped carefully out of it, Max said that he would do well to take a shower, I also did not mind and we went into the shower, he was on the ground floor, next to our room, Max took a shower first, then went I returned, we Max kissed each lay in my bed and fell asleep. The next day Daniel returned, and all day long he spent with us. Sometimes I noticed that he was looking at Max with a certain interest. He really changed and became damn attractive, as I expected. One day, when we went to the beach, but not to where we relaxed all the time, and in another place that suggested Daniel, referring to the fact that it is possible to sunbathe naked, we Max took his offer, I really wanted to see Daniel naked and especially wanted see his penis, when we arrived at the scene, Daniel unashamedly took a T-shirt, shorts, and then melting, revealing an impressive cock and shaved scrotum, we Max also began to undress, I dragged out the process, because my dick on the type of Daniel began to get up, I did not want to Daniel saw my erection, Max realized it is only a sly smile and told me to take a position on his stomach and buried his farm in the sand, I sent him to the devil and said that I will come back to normal, when Max undressed then my cock was already up on the whole and go not going, I was left on the sand, Max and Daniel, meanwhile, splashing in the sea, I kind of became complacent when they began to emerge from the sea, I could not help admiring their bodies, they were just fine ideal proportions of the bodies were so attractive and pushed such thoughts that a member stood up again on all cylinders when the guys came up to me, I lay back down on his stomach and looked at the landscape, trying to bounce back.
Daniel began to talk about how cool the sea, and I lost a lot, do not swim. Max glanced at me, said I was the type of the fault of natural legkovozbuzhdaemosti could not "frighten" brother his erection, Daniel did not believe him and asked if it was true. I am at this moment turned on his side, Daniel and Max saw me standing at 100% member. Daniel already whistled when he saw the penis and said that good in my unit at this time he had near the cock began to rise, and we are with Max witnessed as a member of Daniel mild sausage began to turn into a thick Dibina 20 cm in length, he stands proudly on the shaved scrotum, we are fascinated by Max looked at his penis, Max was also a riser, and now the three of us lay on the sand, and our members proudly looked up. The first to break the silence of Daniel, he took the term in his right hand and said that the riser is now just does not take place, such as until the end, he did not lie, I said that this is our family, Max said that it is easier. Then Daniel smiled and said that he wanted to finish and if we do not mind, it is possible way, not hesitated, we agreed, and soon the three of us finished irrigate jet sperm sand beach. When after we lay, I asked Daniel if he often practiced masturbation with guys, he smiled, and his recognition of kicked me out kalei, saying that he was gay, and then Max told him that we are too. Daniel admitted that he had long realized this, by the way we look at each other, how we treat each other, but it is not the type to stick us because we are a couple and are unlikely to want a threesome. We agreed with him, he said, he is sure to acquaint us with her boyfriend.
Daniel, as promised, introduced us to her boyfriend, his name was Vadim, he was his age, a handsome guy, all day long they were together with us. We walked along the beach, walking around the city, went to the disco, but it's time to return to Moscow, Max accepted my offer to move me, and now we live together and often remember the south and our holiday.
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The story told by my close friend of her best friend. Some intimate details were added by me, and the rest of the story played back for sure.
After talking to two little fool, that is not to go to an Arab country, without being accompanied by a person of the opposite sex. But no, Helen is not accustomed to retreat from their plans. In general, look at your ass adventure she was covered in blood. Not only is it discouraged all familiar, it also persuaded to go with a friend. The host country was represented it perfectly safe and perfectly respectable.
And now imagine. With the ramp down two girls: blonde (Lena) and brunette (Julia), prominent figures are covered with T-shirts and jeans. Their pale, untanned face and hands, rather sharply contrasted with the locals. Observing religious etiquette, the girls easily get to their hotel. There they were briefed in detail what can and what can not. By discouraged girls relax freely, they could only on site. No you sparkle with their naked charms of the beaches could be no question.
Of course the hotel was also excellent. Pool and other pleasures were in abundance, but it's skukota. Having spent the day at the hotel, our traveler rushed to develop the country's unexplored. Exotica was more than enough. For two days all the attractions were inspected and sealed in the film. All impressions spoiled continuous wrap in a cloth, as well as the heat was incredible, the girls came in foaming hotel as horses.
And here, on the third day forays into the city, the ladies went into one of the stalls with souvenirs. Courteous Arab gladly advertise your product, constantly glancing at the bulging chest of shoppers. They were passionate about rare books, they did not notice the two men entered the shop. They spoke with the owner and began to examine the goods, occasionally glancing toward the girls. When Lena and Julia came out of the store, they suddenly picked up by the arm and shoved into the back of the van, who was standing at the entrance. Girls do not even have time to be afraid, as the door closed behind them cars.
They rushed to the door, but inside there was no handles and the body inside was lined with a soft material. Their screams and knocks firmly jammed with soft walls. The car moved and the girls had to sit on the floor to keep from falling. They drove for fifteen minutes. Finally the car stopped. Girls ready for battle if the door is open, but nothing happened. There was a soft hiss, and the ladies became sleepy. "We were euthanized to pull without problems" - Lena thought, falling asleep ...
The first thing I saw Lena - a brown ceiling. He gently rocked from side to side and her little nauseated. Sense of reality slowly rolled to her. She felt that lays on something soft and fluffy, which tickled bare skin. Lena gently sat down and saw that her feelings are not deceived. She was completely naked on the couch, covered with a carpet with a large pile. On the next couch lay Julia, also completely naked.
- Yuille - called Lena - Wake up.
Julia got up slowly and looked around the room blearily. Then she focused on the Lena and said:
- We seem to be caught in some kind of mess?
- It looks like it. The absence of our clothes tells me that is still to come, - said grimly Lena sat down to her friend.
- Well, we will not give up so easily. I am not so easy to use, against my will.
- Interestingly, we were in a harem or we noticed a local gang of robbers?
- Soon we learn - Julia got up and started looking around the room.
A quick inspection revealed that the room had only one door. There were no windows, but there were a few air vents in the roof. The room was pleasantly cool. Girls repeatedly knocked on the door, but there was no answer.
A few hours later, the door suddenly swung open and entered the room two elderly women. They put on the floor a tray of food and immediately retired. Girls gladly indulge in a meal with stuffed bellies contentedly lay down on his couch. Here again there were two female figures and quickly removed the remains of the meal. Some time passed, and the old woman came into the room again. They stretched girls thick capes and said something. Lena realized that they want them to put them.
Cushions were almost monastic robe with a large hood. When the clothes are put on, one old woman went ahead, pointing the way for them. Lena Julia resulted in a huge room with a large swimming pool. The girls did not have to explain anything. They threw clothes and artless screeched rushed into the water. Water pleasantly cools and invigorates the body. The ladies frolicking in the pool, like little children, until they got tired and lay down on the edge.
- If this is slavery, it is very pleasant, - Lena whispered.
- Let's see what will happen next - grinned Julia - It seems to me that we have got to some sheik. big and rich buildings. But at the expense of the harem doubt. Most of the female presence in the house is not observed.
However, as opposed to her in the pool includes four women more than young. These signs show the girls to follow them. In the next room were two tables on which friends and lay down. Every girl in the four hands began to knead and massage. Their bodies anoint oils and even some liquids. Lena almost purred with pleasure. At first, she kneaded her back, and then turned back. Gentle hands gliding over the body, chest, thighs. Lena nipples stood erect and spoke pleasant sensations massaging hands to caress.
Suddenly idyll ended abruptly. One of the women has got his hands behind his head and Lena fast movements strapped them to the table. While Lena was trying to understand what was happening, her legs spread his ankle and brought under the table. There's quite a fast ankles were also tied to the table. Lena tried to protest, but her mouth pasted some cloth. She moaned with displeasure, but then he heard the lowing of the same from the next table. So Julia was in the same position as it is.
Soon it was why the girls recorded in such an uncomfortable position. On both sides of the Lena stood up women, their hands were small tweezers. Fiery pain shot through the armpit. Lena tried to get away from the pain, but the pain did not recede. Women methodically plucked hairs from the armpits girls. From the eyes shed tears, Lena mumbling and twitching. This torture lasted for a long time, until from the armpits are also uproot all the hairs.
With terror in his eyes, Elena watched as she one of the women placed between the legs. Premonitions not deceived her. From the pubis have also methodically pull out hairs. The pain became unbearable, when the hairs began to pull out of the labia and perineum. Lena howled, crying, twitching, but the women were deaf to their sighing.
Finally, the last hair was pulled out and there was a small respite. Here in the crotch and armpits women began to rub some ointment. The feeling of heat and the pain began to recede, the skin has calmed down. Lena breathed with relief, hearing the gentle fingers to rub ointment. Slippery fingers slipped on the labia, sometimes penetrating between the slats. It was so nice that Lena has even become a little excited.
Finally it unleashed, and gently put on the table. His head was spinning a little. Lena threw robe and took his hands. On the next table brought Julia and carried them to their room. The girls sat on the couch in relief.
- I thought I would die, - Lena groaned, - How are you?
- Dogs, just not pulled his soul, - groaned Julia - Come on, what was done to us.
She got up, went to the mirror hanging on the wall, and took off her robe. Lena was dumbfounded by kind friends. She had never seen such a nice body .... Of course, she could see Julia nude before, but there have been quite a dramatic change after the procedure. Body as a friend whether it is lit from within. Swarthy skin suffused light and force. Breast filled with power and nipples sticking straight up. Completely naked crotch shamelessly bulged forward.
Lena jumped herself in the mirror and see the same picture. Her chest became round and dense skin was supple to the touch. Loboc became completely naked, like a girl, and between chubby sponges stuck out the top of the clitoris. pubis skin was smooth and velvety to the touch. And absolutely none of irritation.
- We are prepared to intercourse, - said Julia, turning the mirror.
- Well maybe. Painfully eloquent cooking.
- Well let's see what will happen next. If we are to fuck, I will demand money.
- Alive to leave - sadly whispered Lena.
In the evening they brought a good dinner and the girls gladly give him credit. The remaining time they have spent in anticipation of the continuation, but nothing happened. The room was dark, and they brought a few candles. No one else appeared and the girls decided to go to bed. Surprisingly, Lena quickly fell asleep.
At night, she woke up in a languid state. Chest nice ached, her nipples hardened, became wet between the legs. Lena touched her nipples and then groaned involuntarily surging emotions. They have become very sensitive and every touch causes a return in the form of heat waves in the stomach. Lena put her hand in the crotch of her fingers and immediately sank into the wet cavity. All lips were wet with grease and finger and begged the body in depth. With the neighboring couch sounded languid moo. It looks like Julia experienced the same feelings.
- Girlfriend - called Lena - whatever you feel.
- It seems we were fed some filth - languidly whispered Julia, - I have half a year was engaged in masturbation.
- So good - Lena groaned, running his fingers to himself.
Julia moved silently on the couch and Lena ... None of them have not yet engaged in lesbian sex, but nature tells them what to do. Their excited hot bodies rubbing against each other, fingers searched sensitive spots, his lips caressing the body of a friend. The first orgasm shook them almost simultaneously and only momentarily stunned. Excitation not subsided and affection continued.
First they tried to pose "Diamonds", Then take turns caressing each other. In a sop and excited vagina has climbed four fingers, and discharge has not occurred. Without saying a word, the fingers of both climbed into the anus and they got a pair of excellent anal orgasms. Now each caressed both holes with your fingers (two fingers in every hole) and suck swollen clit. Only a high degree of fatigue forced the girls to stop. They were naked, glistening with sweat, body froze and they fell asleep sleep satisfied woman.
Awakening was just excellent. Lena felt just fine, and Julia flew, whether it be on the wings. They were fed and sent to the now familiar pool. Girls splashing and rested. Dinner was served in the pool. For the first time the girls were eating with dishes, floating along with them. But soon he is bored and again taken to a room.
In the evening they went through the procedure of cleansing and massage. Women critically examined their crotch, armpits and were satisfied. Now they have smeared some thick ointment and forced to stand for some time smeared from head to toe. Then she washed and rubbed the body with incense.
- It seems that today all happen - winked at Julia.
- I want to quickly look at the house owner.
But they were divided. Lena was taken to a room where the situation was out of bed only. The floor was covered with carpets, a nice tickling pile. In all corners of the large burning candles, creating a romantic shade. Lena understood everything and lay down on the bed, waiting for the visitor. But he did not go, but the body was very excited. The skin was burning with fire, and was born laughing desire between her legs.
The visitor appeared, when Lena, lying on her stomach, massaging the clitoris with abandon. He quietly walked over to the girl and stroked her thigh. Lena bit startled, but not frightened. Her desire was such that there was a company of soldiers in the room, she would love to give it to them. The man was naked, between his legs softly swaying dark cock. Lena pounced on him as a coveted toy.
The man calmly accepted affection of women. His unit has grown up quite a decent size. Lena happy caressed the male organ, smelling so nice and exciting. The man put her on his knees, took his head in his hands and began to lead the movement. Lena obediently stood and tried to swallow a member as deeply as possible. Sometimes the head is penetrated too deep, but it only spurred Lena. Finally hands gripped her hair, and his mouth was poured a thick liquid. Helen swallowed and excited almost to the peak. The man did not release it until it merged all the seed. Then he released her head and twisted her nipples breasts with both hands. Lena gasped and immediately finished. Exhausted, she fell to the floor.
Lena woke up already in bed. The man lying next, clinging to her with his hot body, and gently caressed her breasts and nipples. Occasionally a hand penetrated in the crotch and elastic mound plucking the clitoris. Helen again became excited by the increased pace. She reached out to a man trying to kiss him, but dexterously evaded and has stuck to its elastic nipples. Hot Lena wave struck in the abdomen, legs themselves opened wider. Fingers men fingered clitoris and sometimes got into the middle of the thirsty body.
Every time his fingers sank into the hot depths, Lena involuntarily throws hips up, trying to spread on fingers. She had longed for penetration, but the partner is clearly not in a hurry. Caressed her fingers, he took the girl between the legs and began to lick her crotch. Helen immediately moaned loudly, holding his hands a man's head. Naturally orgasm was not long in coming. Waiting for the end of its convulsions, the man got up and went into the vagina Lena immediately to the full depth.
Lena remembered intercourse difficult process itself. Tender and resilient piston men can reach the most sensitive areas. He filled her completely, forcing flex wet excited body. An orgasm brought some relief, but did not remove the high degree of excitation. Lena was at its peak, and the man is not going to lower it down.
When Lena came up to the discharge, the man immediately reduced the pace, changed position, began to caress other body parts. When she calmed down a little, he immediately returned to the previous rate of intercourse. Lena moaned and screamed like crazy. In which only poses she visited and each gave her an indescribable pleasure.
Finally the man too tired and allowed himself to be discharged. He penetrated as deeply as possible into the vagina, the longing and finished. Lena felt the tremors in her partner takes off the seed and with a groan she finished. Exhausted, she fell into a light sleep.
Lena came to, lying on her back with legs spread wide. Nice body ached with fatigue. From holes softly flowed hot seed. The man was lying beside him and rested. She gratefully embraced him, clinging to his side, and he held her hand, gently stroking his chest. So they lay some time in the half-asleep. Finally the man decided to continue their dialogue.
He turned to Lena stomach and began caressing the buttocks. Lena knew immediately that will test the penetration into the narrow hole. Of course she had already had experience of such relations, though did not use it often. However, when tested, she decided to surrender completely to the man and let him do with it whatever he wants.
Language men penetrated into the narrow hole of the anus, causing it to relax. Thumb he fingered a button clitoris ... that made Lena again excited. Hot tongue bursting ass hole so that Lena already breathtaking. Then language has been replaced by the fingers. How many fingers he inserted into the anus Lena did not know, but perfectly felt like bursting its opening.
The man stood up, took the girl's hand and made her very well push the buttocks. Then he put his penis into the anus and began to penetrate. Lena many times experienced the sensation of penetration in the ass, but such feelings she had ever experienced. penis gently parted the elastic opening and gently penetrated inside. Once the head has penetrated into the anus and hugged the trunk, the man stopped.
He took Lena's hips and lifted her up, forcing her adopted dog pose. His hands immediately began to massage the nipples and clitoris girl. Lena began to be excited and to feel more a member of the pope, she began to move. The man did not prevent her continuing affection. Anus was well lubricated and a member easily slid into the hole. Lena felt literally every millimeter of the barrel, slide into the hole. And here was a shock when her buttocks rested on her hips man for her. He fully entered her.
The man immediately took control of intercourse. He put his hands on the girl's thigh and began to swing it on the penis. Lena bent once and wailed in a voice as a member inside her body began to balk at something exciting pleasant. Partner increasingly penetrated into the intestine Lena, powerful thighs pressed women and meeting the movement of hips thrust. Exhausted Lena dropped her head on the bed, sobbing and wailing in a bed sheet.
This went on for some time. Anus Lena began to burn with fire, and everything inside ached and asked again. Suddenly, a member of the priests went to squish. The man abruptly turned the girl on his back, put his feet up and hugged her knees to the head of Lena. penis entered again into the anus, but this time the angle of penetration was completely different. Lena thought that he planted her ass on any count.
The head member immediately put her in something, probably the cervix, and began to push her. In Lena's stomach once all going down shaking. She tried to push the man, but he deftly caught her hands, pressed them over her head to the bed and fell on her whole body. Member powerfully and strongly penetrated into the body, causing Lena yelling loudly. Testicles men fought on the buttocks of the girls, the head strongly pushed everything inside. At first it was unpleasant and even painful, but then Lena was to cover such a strong feeling that became even catch his breath.
Lena was not enough air, her body was covered with a film of sticky sweat. A few more pushes and it picked up a huge wave of orgasm and dropped into oblivion. Stretched anus gripped the sliding member. Already on the verge of fainting, she felt like a man cums, pouring into it the remnants of his seed.
When Lena woke up in there was no bed. She was lying on a bed, gently nestled veil. The candles were extinguished, and in the ceiling holes penetrated the first rays of a new day. She lay relaxed, conducting an inventory of the used body. No global devastation she saw. The anus and vagina nice ached, and their gates were itching and a little sick. So she lay until they came for her.
She was taken to a massage and well rubbed. The long-suffering holes was rubbed some ointment. Then she was taken to a room where she fell asleep on the couch relaxed. She did not even wake up when brought Julia. She returned to waking only for dinner, when the stomach demanded food itself.
Julia stood before the mirror and combing her hair. Lena gently rose and approached her. Strange, but the body does not hurt, and even opening her body reminded him of himself.
- Well, like you, - she said to Julia, picking up the second comb.
- Nothing is normal. Only this idiot decided that I can use with one hand only.
Julia dissatisfied fingered his ass and made a face.
- He grilled me all night in the ass. I thought that the tear. And you?
- I'm OK. True, he used all the holes where he could penetrate. It was so wonderful.
- Well, it seems the purpose of our being here determined. Now to know how long we'll stay here.
- I think once they get bored.
Lena was not far from the truth. But as long as no imminent departure was not expected. Days flowed one after another, and daily routine was about the same. First, they were given time to rest. Then follow the procedure of massage and body captious inspection. Excess hair ruthlessly deleted. Lena had time to get used to this procedure, all the more so with each passing day the number of hairs unstoppable decreased.
At night, massage and rubbing stimulating ointments and oils. Then the night of pleasure and sex. Lena partner got resourceful and attentive. Three four orgasm on the night she had been provided. Style and methods of sex are diverse and unique. Sometimes they all night engaged only in oral sex and she eats the seed fill. Sometimes she had all night to meet a man ass and only then it is terribly sick all morning. Sometimes he tied to the bed and Lena literally raped motionless body.
Julia also got a true lover of women's asses. Some days she could barely walk, placing his feet a little wider, but then got used. Soon her ass presented first anal orgasm shocked and Julia went all day. Such orgasms become permanent, and once she had finished three times in succession. Julia accustomed to anal sex, her partner and switched to the other holes.
Both partners still had something in common. They never kissed girls. Always ends in them and made at least two orgasms. Regular, at first, the meeting began to occur with gaps. Sometimes, the girls did not touch on three days in a row. And then they indulged in lesbian pleasures. Girls suspected that they are fed stimulants.
In their room there was a TV and a set of disks with Russian films. There were books and magazines. There were also members of the artificial, they successfully used in the absence of men. Previously, Lena and Julia does not apply to sex between women. Now, regular petting girlfriend, became for them a vent. They passionately loved each other. Especially because regular exercise each other prepare them for the more serious sex with their partners. Days flowed one after another and the girls lost track of time. They became real concubines: sex and carefree pastime.
Lena noticed that has changed a lot. Now sex has become for her a welcome and necessary. She easily excited, her holes are always ready for penetration. The man noticed that too, reducing the time to caress and increasing intercourse itself procedure. Now in his repertoire appeared simulated group sex. He always took a dildo, which is inserted into the empty slot. At first, Lena was a little painful, but soon got used to it. Moving objects in both holes started to bring her pleasure.
It ended like at once. They brought clothes and told to dress. Then he sat in the same van and somewhere a long time carried. Then he landed at the airport, gave them things, documents and plane tickets. The van disappeared, but they were not understanding. Then they went to register and boarded the plane. Already on the plane, they realized that their detention lasted almost three months. In the passport, as expected, there was a record of the visa extension.
They flew home without incident and only home Lena found in his things pack of dollars. A stack of hundred-dollar pieces of paper it is very disheartening. She immediately phoned Julia and she confirmed that she had the same pack. We earn good money and had a rest. It took about two weeks, when Julia called Lena.
- Girlfriend how you feel?
... - Oh, nothing, work little by little, and how are you doing.
- You do not want an appointment to see a doctor? - Affectionately said Julia.
- No, but there are the symptoms?
- You fool! Have you seen their monthly!
Then Lena splashed cold wave. And it is true, she did not even think about such a natural process in a woman's body. Stay in sexual slavery completely knocked it out of the rut.
- You can rest assured - Julie hissed into the phone - I already bought the test, it showed a positive result.
- What to do? - Lena faltered.
- I wrote you a doctor with me. Tomorrow at ten, do not be late.
Naturally, both of them were pregnant. Thank God that they are not infected with anything. I had to quickly get an abortion. That's all the consequences.
Money girl successfully invested and now get good dividends. Julia married six months later. According to her husband from her just crazy. Still, this sexy preparation. In bed, Julia gets up such feints that her man just squeals of delight. That only is the ability to skillfully and with gusto engage in anal sex, which Julia loved with his whole body.
Lena is single, but also on the horizon, it has been a choice. He also wonders sensuality and ability to partner. Of course, the girls were smart enough not to tell them about his adventure. True traces of his past gone forever. The body of girls still do not grow any hair. The skin of the intimate place is smooth and gentle as the girls. The style of hair removal also remained the same. The desire for sex remains high. If they do not have sex with a man, then indulge yourself with them, and sometimes with the other sisters. Still best friends ...


Deep summer evening still stained a light blue sky and green tones. I looked at his companion. Large charcoal pupils with genuine interest she studied the structure of the planetarium dome and did not pay attention to the eyes. She was a little shorter than me and looked like an easy graceful butterfly. I froze for a moment and look thoughtful. She had a slender figure and fantastically thin waist - I could without much effort to close her fingers. I'm always amazed. For a moment, she somehow embarrassing quickly looking into my eyes, then turned away again, timidly, like a child asked about my meeting yesterday with classmates.
- How was it?
I knew and whom she had in mind. I did not want to talk about it, because none of that meeting did not remember, or rather, did not want to remember. Just cut it out of your life as redundant information from the text of the thesis. Silence. Her emotion was such that from kissing her dizzy - she was barely standing on his feet. And when I held his hand over her neck, this action caused almost convulsive tremors throughout the body. I wanted to argue with her, but it was impossible - she is always around agreed and reminded the girl from the eastern harem. And this time, pouted and stared at the tranquil flow of water under the bridge. She never protested aloud. Sometimes, just like that inflates and silent for hours, until he looks at me with his shiny black, his eyes full of sorrow, and I did not hug her. I'm not in a hurry.
We met when I was in the fifth year of the Faculty of Law. Once I replaced the lecture his professor, who wrote the thesis. He often ran somewhere in university affairs and I've more than once to act as a teacher. They were first-year students, among them - it is. Surprisingly slim, lightweight, with a quiet and not like a woman in a low voice. She was originally from Georgia, but has long lived here. At that time I had already gone through two months smooth, without a word of parting with his former girlfriend. We went to the same group and have been together a little less than five years. Truth be told, between us remained fairly warm relations, and something that makes us more lengthy exchange of views, filled with barely perceptible intuition proximity and affinity similar to that when you look at yourself in the mirror. I have long realized that it was not love. If between the former favorite remains a friendly feeling, the love and, therefore, was not. "Love does not blur the friendship. End is the end"- So wrote Remarque, and in this he was right. Margot and I immediately noticed after a few days we both went round the head with emotion. Serene dance whirled us all the colors of the world with such a frantic rate that was barely discernible face streaking past us, at home and in general the whole world ... And here has passed and a half years. Exactly one year, since last summer, as we have lived with me in a small two-room apartment. Future planned to get married in the spring ...
I embraced Marguerite waist from behind and gently kissed her ear.
- Let's go home, darling ...
I heard her quiet smile.
Tatiana barely audible came from behind and put his hands on my waist. The room was dark and the lights from the street only slightly illuminated floral wall. It was pretty quiet, which is why I came here to rest a couple of minutes from the merry and noisy crowds. The entire group of former law students gathered to celebrate their good meeting at the home of Tatiana. From behind the door came a drunken laughter and the clink of glasses. What a squealing hideously razveselevshie girl. Bass speakers gave a light shudder resonance in the floor. I knew that she, too, would be in this room. And he knew how it would end ... I tensed, thought Margot, to ward off unwanted thoughts, calm down, relax, opened his mouth, but it is ahead:
- Mmm. Are you here? - An emphasis on the word "you"As if did not expect to see me in my room, she put me on the chin there plecho.- terribly noisy, right?
- However, - I replied. Was silent for a while, he added - And where is yours? Just I saw you next.
Her hands closed 'already, and it is rastopyrivat fingers, then gently squeezed.
- Sasha left. We sent him to the grocery. They seem to have gone Shilevichem ... And you stayed. - The last words were spoken in a whisper.
- Tanya, I would not like to have someone saw. Even so.
I carefully took off her flexible arms and turned. We stood face to face. Her eyes looked straight and intently, radiating calm and confidence. "Good, she-devil," - Thought I. "Drunk. And I like too". The kitchen on the background of the overall buzz was heard the sound of breaking glass, followed by hysterical laughter and chatter excitedly. Tatiana smiled.
- Will kill me all right now. Ammm ... you know, honey, you do not be standing here right now, if ...
She slowly put her hands on my shoulders and leaned close. With slight embarrassment, I noticed that already hold it with one hand on her waist, the other - much lower back. I held his hand even lower on tight denim skirt and touched her thigh. From this Tatiana slightly bit her lower lip and smiled faintly. I stood there and felt it smell like an aura of desire, I was a prisoner of the clouds. More words were not. I came. I suddenly woke up in an animal, and all rational receded into the background. She probably sensed it, and immediately obeyed the beast without a fight. Stepping back, he rested his back against the wall. I have a severe and prolonged kissed her on the neck, from the shoulder to the ear lobe. Bowing her head, Tatiana loudly and fervently breathed on me. The charms of her slender body and stunt would not let me stop. Quickly and with a flourish, I undid the buttons on her blouse half, under which there was no bra.
Slightly stooped, kissed her hard nipples with excitement, while his free hand picking up a short skirt and stroking the back of the thigh. Tatiana bent leg at the knee and the heel pressed me to her. We started kissing as if they wanted to eat each other, eagerly and desperately clinging all over. The hand that was under a skirt, I pulled off her panties and thin fingers held straight between the legs, where it was still wet from the strong excitation - Tatiana with a strangled sob sat bolt upright and arched like a cat.
- Baby come into me soon ... I ... I no longer m-I-ah ... well ...
We fell onto the bed. She, legs wide apart, his hands clasped behind my back closer to him. I pants bursting at the seams with an erection and I pulled them a little bit. Member has long been hard and inflexible. Tatiana writhed beneath me, wildly shaking her, she clung to me, her hips and rubbed harder and harder. I decided it was time to start. Taking the term in his hand, I slowly began to drive them on the surface of the wet and hot labia, feeling their warmth.
- s-s-and-a-ccc ... I want you ... deeply ... ... IUU
Finally I put a member of the entrance and slightly nalg him. It is easily and freely entered into by half wet and warm vagina. At the bottom of the belly tickled strongly desire. I went out and came back, already a little deeper, and began to translational motion. Member of fell into it, and it was similar to what seemed to immerse it in a glass of hot water. His lips were fixed in a wild kiss. I easily slid into her, and she podmahivala me back to meet him.
- Mmmm ... mmm ... ah-ah-ah ... ah, um ...
The apartment still was music, laughter, voices excitedly, the clatter of dishes and someone running down the hall - to smoke. We could not hear and we were given the full passion. Bed beginning rhythmically creak, and Tanya moaned even louder, clutching the edge of the curtain, and my ass. I frantically grabbed her by the hips, breasts, kissing all over his face and neck the whole ... We are approaching orgasm. She stopped suddenly.
- Let's finish this ...
Raising himself on his elbows, Tatiana turned around ... and got on all fours, highly having lifted up her skirt. Then he turned his head and smiled.
- Come on, come on.
From this kind of in front of him, I have come into complete confusion: perfectly round, wide ass on a thin, curved waist ... I leaned close and rested her top surface of the member in the genitals. With a quick movement, Tanya took his hand out of his stomach and put to the vagina. I put my hands on her waist and drove a member in full, up to the end. Tanya abruptly screamed and began to move the ass, spitted it on my long piston. I began to move faster, helping himself with his hands. After half a minute, Tatiana has published a long muffled scream, trying to squeeze more teeth. She shook a fantastic orgasm. I felt as if it passed through ten thousand volts and myself flooded with ...
For five minutes we were hugging tight. From the first touch it took half an hour. We had to give himself up. She got the first, dropped her skirt, buttoned buttons on her blouse, before leaving with a smile, continuously looked me in the eye all the same, mirror-gaze.
- All have carried me here, chertyaka! - I heard her merry laughter somewhere in the depths of the apartment. On her face it must have been obvious that she is not up to this. She was happy all over, she saw in front of him ... I got up and decided it was time to go home - be here was uncomfortable. Any minute now it will come with a new bride drinking party. Poor fellow. I did what was not sorry - it, by and large, too. I had to leave unnoticed, it will not be, of course, easy.
Twenty minutes later, sitting in the car, I had forgotten about the incident. House Margarita was waiting, I blew a hundred cars. The streets were almost empty. The evening did not work ...