Or maybe this is love?

He saw her first. Yes, it could not be invisible ... Bright letters her message clearly stand out on a black screen monitor. "Girl..." - Flashed through his mind. Of course, the girl. How could a man choose a such a great nickname like GreenLady. Yes ... The girls are clearly not enough to chat, and the emergence of GreenLady played a role. Immediately all we pay attention to it and began to send a bunch of messages. Lech first little bit paused, then decided to write something, and then began to think, what to write such an unexpected and unconventional, suddenly ... Yes, she turned to him. Addressed to one short sentence: " Hey ... Come pobaltaem ... Alone ... And then ... I'm tired of all these". Lech dumbfounded looking at the monitor and read the message several times. It has not changed ... And here they were naedine.Zdes nobody could see ... And they began to talk. More precisely, it is the beginning of a conversation, and he was just making conversation. They had a long conversation ... Talked niochem, just like that. But during this conversation, he learned a great deal about it. She, too, knew him well. They shared their joys and sorrows. Quietly opened to each other that do not say even a loved one. It was nearly morning. In Lehinoy ashtray already run out of space. And she said: "OK, see you tomorrow. I have time to sleep. See you ". I'll see you ... The last sentence really liked Leshke and silly smile, he went to sleep ...
The next morning he was awakened by an alarm clock. A few hours of sleep have affected the Alexis. He looked rumpled, headache. But he did not feel it all. All this was in the side. He recalled yesterday a stranger ... And then Lech knew she liked him ... No, he even fell in love with her. "Damn - I thought Lech - and I do not even know her name ..." And with the hope of meeting the night, Lech alternates to work. At work, all dropped from the hands. Ever coherence in the work, he accidentally delete the directory with the annual count. Then clambered all Norton mouse in search of the START button. Yes ... The working day has failed. The staff laughed at his misfortunes: " What Lesh, did fall in love ...". "Fell in love,"- I posted Lech, visualizing GreenLady. "And what is it?" Do not let up some. "She's ... She's a good, though I have not seen her, but I know it. We had talked a lot ... and I have never seen such a girl. We have no secrets from each other ... She understands everything and is the best ...". Everyone laughed. Of course, because they did not understand. They are generally poorly represented what chat, and how wonderful it is. But he knew it ... But time goes on and the working day is over. Soon night came. Lech waited for her in terrible agony. He was restless, tormented, dying of idleness. But he survived. Surviving helped him hope. Hope to see it again, read it funny replicas and rejoice with her. And at night he met her, and they talked again until morning. And again in the morning he had a headache. And he was battered, but happy look ... Again he braked at work ...
Night meeting lasted a week. It was a week of bliss. Life in Lehi turned into torment at work and rest at night. He only lived these night hours. The rest of it was no longer interested. He only occasionally ate and went to the bathroom, something to support your physical shell. At the same time his mind was somewhere else. Alex waited ... waited for the night. He talked and talked the night. While only with it. During the night talking, he realized that he loved her ... no ... lyubit- is little to say. He just obazhaet it and can not live without these nocturnal conversations here. Real life has lost meaning for him. Just chat only GreenLady ... For a week they exchanged photographs. Lech sent her a picture in which he is depicted in the dirty, worn jeans, worn woolen sweater and big glasses. Lech always ashamed of his appearance. He had never been handsome, but his girlfriend said he was very even nothing. The main thing - not appearance. The main thing that the person was good. In response, he received a picture of her. It was a little bit naked. For photos accompanied by a letter in which she said she loved to act a little bit naked. But the photos it shows only very close people. She called it a very close friend. He was flattered. quite a nice girl was depicted in the photographs. Light nudity made her more attractive and at the same time what - that is not available. She liked him. And looking at her bare breasts, he realized that he could no longer live without her, that he wanted to see her and say ... to tell all about his feelings. For the first time in his life he had a talk need. That is to say, not to stuff the keyboard words and sentences. She seemed to read his mind. By the way, this happened frequently. It is a step forward all know that he would say, and ahead of him. Itself went to a meeting. I take a step forward. And this time, she made an appointment. Meets at the metro station. He did not know where they will go on, and she did not even say. Ideas were a lot of money, as always, a little ... But no matter what he was waiting for her. I waited and hoped for the best ...
He appeared at the appointed place at 17 minutes earlier. He sat down and waited, nervously clutching a modest bouquet consisting of three carnations. He did not notice the time. his head spinning snatches her hand-written phrases. Then, before his eyes got a picture of her. And those bare breasts ... In this state, it seems, he sat doctatochno long time. Longer than he would have liked. From this state, it brought laughter. Looking at the clock, he realized that sat here for an hour, and she did not come. Laughing guy younger guy, but in the same large glasses. The guy had bad teeth, disgusting smile and bad breath. Yes, Lech even felt the unpleasant smell. "Also a computer technician, - flashed Lehi in the head - and over what he was laughing so?" Meanwhile, the guy neperestaval laugh, laughter echoing through the treasured word for Lehi: GreenLady. This bespectacled bastard thought his joke tupeyshuyu riding wit ...

Stasik X

X. X is not the first letter of the surname, name, I did not change, for greater proximity to the action. Who knows, he will understand and confirm. Let me forgive Stas, but the story I have to bring to the people.
I do not even know where to start. Whether with a history of Stace, or with how we met. I'll start from the beginning.
Last winter, I happened to be in my, in part native, northern city. The road I chose not fast, the train went through almost the whole of our vast country. Before Yekaterinburg drove the car in full, fellow travelers in the compartment were replaced as gloves. Well, that was a change in Ekaterinburg and I could relax in the hotel midday. The next train, departing in the evening, was almost empty, and I thought that my compartment remains only for me. As the door slid open and he first poked a huge bag, like a shuttle, and only then frail body, I began to rejoice that this fragile girl that I have to while away for almost two days. But it was a guy, and even got accustomed to it, I recognized it, his classmate, who had not seen since the day of release from the school. It was Stas, he has not changed.
- Stasik! - I cried. - What a meeting! Long time no see!?
- Roma? - He was surprised. - Where are you from here?
- Yes, for the food in your region, and you?
- So, I do not much and never left, that's how I'm better, it turns out that something is not, but the bread and butter enough.
Stas began to undress, putting his trunk under the shelf, along the way talking about his life. After two hours, we drank the first bottle of brandy, eaten a hearty dinner and chatted about who got what, who saw that he had heard. Normal conversation classmates met after a long break. The train sped us through the snow-covered fields, the car was no more than seven people, some slept, someone was smoking in the vestibule, lazily walked the waitress from the restaurant, with a straightforward set of eatables. We loaded it for a bottle of cognac, and she quickly returned, expecting either a tip, or our offer to share our table and the bottle of brandy. Which, judging by the exorbitant price it was more or less true of all of the proposed range in the restaurant car. I looked at Stas reaction to the waitress, and without seeing the interest in his eyes, politely said goodbye to her, with instructions to return in the morning with breakfast in our compartment.
Razomlev of cognac and heating, we dimmed the lights and began to prepare for bed. I took off his clothes and left in his underpants crawled under the sheet. Stas stripped naked, and rummaged in his bag, or slightly embarrassed me. I looked at his tanned body, and so tanned by nature, with no white stripes. From the back, I would have taken him for a girl, became a member of the treacherous swell, but I drove on my own vision and thought of the conductor.
- Are you on the nudist beach sunbathing? - I tried not to give themselves a voice.
- Well, yes, and I go to the solarium. - Stas turned to me. And I saw that he did not fully ensure that shaven and seemed proeppilirovan. Smooth thin sinewy body, with such a good medium term. Stas muttered something about the things that can not be found, and wrapped in a sheet. Spilling more.
We started talking to family issues. Stas had a wife, but she went to study, not returned, only sending the documents for divorce. Our conversation became more acute affect intimate topics. About tendencies and orientations. I wanted to tell something so ordinary and intimate, but Stas ahead of me.
- Rum, and you know that most people are bisexual by nature, but some do not realize it or do not want to show it. Afraid not be understood. Wear it to myself, to hide. Because of this crumbling family relationships do not add up, so not a certainty to some sexual camp breaks life.
- Well, I have this calmly. Everyone chooses his own path as a vital and sexy. We do not despise those people who have chosen to work the seller, military, working, driver. Why, then, the man who has chosen the path is not as sexy as most, driven by society. This, I think, speaks in our Soviet past. To be like everyone else! Think and live the same way.
- Roma Here I see that you are a normal person. Here you would have thought that I was gay or bi?
- Stas, you are always different in this regard. Do you remember your speech at the after-school hours in the school? We then all thought you were queer. But when we were kids and we did not understand everything.
Here it is necessary to step back and tell the backstory of Stas.
In our school loved to do outside school hours, from 4 to 7 class somewhere inclusive. Under the guidance of the class teacher and some of the parents we were going on the weekends at school, in class. Namyvali it were tables, the girls baked pies. There were various competitions and performances classroom performances. One of the rooms was the performance crown Stas. He was dressed in women's clothes and singing to the sound recording, posing Pugachev, Rotary and other singers. It is now popular and known all these parodies, and then it caused laughter and admiration for the skill of Stas. He used all the female parts of clothing, a few dresses, even a stuffed bra. We certainly felt it in blue, or simply by a fag, but until the moment is in high school, he did not attract the weaker sex. Even they said that a couple of young teachers went through his penis.
He looked, as it is now fashionable to say, as a metrosexual. Watched and cared for him, he was a dark by nature. Long curly hair framed his face, with refined features. By constitution he was thin and even wore insulting nickname, something to do with the plant. With parents and teachers was polite and courteous, which did not prevent him from being slobs and truants. At that time I met him, he did not change much. In the army he was not taken due to health problems. His parents have been divorced for a long time, he lived with his mother and sister. She Stas was beautiful, the same dark and slender, his senior by two years, in relation to the brother she was without complex and gave him a lot of advice in dealing with girls.
Continuing our conversation.
- But with that it all started somewhere probably from the 7th grade, I was 13, however, is not to disguise themselves but ...
He moved on my shelf in shielding the sheet and shaking hands with a glass of brandy began to tell. Then follows the story of Stas in the first person.
Although there was a case when I changed clothes in the hallway on the third floor, where there is usually no one there, so even on weekends. There were two of them, how the wind has brought them there, I do not know. But just at that moment I was in some pantyhose and bra, bending down, trying to pull over the head of a narrow dress that stuck and I just heard a noise and rough steps, approaches me. I was standing with his back to him.
- What's a girl to help? - I felt a cold hand on my ass. Trying to twitch and turn, I was immediately imprinted in the wall face, dress hurt to breathe. His hands were chained above his head. Somebody's hand reached into her tights and lapaya my ass started to move, he probably thought, to the crotch, hoping to find there a virgin pussy. My penis and testicles had been raised to the stomach, so as not to interfere with the dance in this dress. At that time, the genitals were not yet fully developed and more .... I jerked and dress ripped, flew down from the head. At the same moment his hand, finding no sexual sponges, rushed up and stumbled on the testes. The man jumped back, and I took advantage of it.
- You Th, assholes? You do not understand - I turned two PTUshnik stood in front of me.
- Fucking fag! What are you, bitch? Ohrenel? - The largest swung, the second not so did not understand, was drooling.
At this point, the call came from the bottom of the classroom, was my way out. The guys got cold feet and having time, goodbye, kicked me with his foot, fled. I realized that if you do not stay alive, unharmed. In their wacky world do not forgive people like me, brought up on the street and zonovskih laws, but does not happen in prison, teenage substitute the concept and this happens a lot frostbitten actions on their part.
This incident prompted me to think that my transformation happened a hundred percent. And I decided to be neither more to get used to the role, to experience it to the end and not be recognized. The right moment was not, I copied the behavior of the sisters, she tells me, not how much surprised I transvistizmu. I dreamed of becoming an actor and dreamed of entering the MAT. So I trained for a year, watching all kinds of movies and tutorials. Sometimes I went on the streets in rags with sestruhinyh daubed face. And although I can say he lived a double life, I'm not a bit lost his heterosexuality. I Met, or rather, just friends with girls drank vodka and smoked with boys. But something seemed not completed in my way. When I stood in front of a mirror in a short skirt and fishnet tights. I shaved all the hair on his body, so that at the crucial moment I was not given any hair. I thought that my ability to play the men and women who play no small role in theatrical revenues. In our province there was not some circles, except the school theater. But I was afraid it was a play female roles, unless there is fairy-tale characters, Baba Yaga, and others. Since the school and so almost reputed by a fag, and a lot of effort had to make, to fling away the shadow of suspicion.
Ended Grade 8, the street was already summer weather, the girls walked in the short skirts and all thoughts were on the street. The school was learning from scratch, especially German. New lecturer was angry and did not like slobs like me. At one point, after the lesson, he left me a long time and chastised, I was broke and insulted him. The German immediately when I wrote a paper on the director's name, written out all my grades and truancy. He said that today is waiting for my parents, and then tomorrow will be a paper on the table with the director, and I was waiting for the imminent expulsion. How evil mother left behind belongings in the Baltic States, and we lived with my sister. It may have been for the better. I told him that I could after school to call his sister, who was a student in the 10th grade our own school. When I told my sister Angela, that I want vyperet from school, she was in shock. Because his mother would not survive this. She said that I was waiting for her at the German cabinet. Having come to the office after school, I went to him, since it was opened. It was dark, and only a single desk lamp was burning, illuminating a pile of notebooks with the control. Nearby stood a thermos and lay two sandwiches with cheese. I swallowed hard, (we learned in the second shift, due to the overcrowding of the school had three shifts) and I have not eaten. I went to the end of the class, to the shelves with books, taking some work on the German philosopher, I began to leaf through it in the darkness. For rack were two chairs and a table, where sipping tea, our German, when we wrote the pilot. He usually looked back at us from behind the books, I watched someone withdraws. In the hallway, he heard the conversation, German and Angela went to class.
- Oh, please, well, he corrected. - Aching sister in the back of the teacher.
- What are you shouting for the whole school. - The German went to the table, without turning on ambient light. I'm going to go out and join them, but he thought that he had missed time. Okay, I sit, listen, sister can soften him with his whining. The teacher sat down and continued to leaf through the notebook. Angela stood before him, her hands folded on his chest. In his small, almost flat chest. How many times have I helped her with the clothes, and she did not nearly embarrassed. And I did not consider her as a girl, even when she was standing naked, begging to fasten a bra that has significantly increased, something which was not under it. Soon she refused, wear them, as her chest was very hard nipples, which made their way out of any fabric. Angela seemed to be so much more erotic and noticeable breast, even so small.
This evening, Angela was dressed like all the girls in her class, almost over-year. Flared skirt and blouse, like the Chinese kimono top lightweight jacket. Though school uniforms at that time was canceled, school officials required to adhere to at least: black bottom, white top.
- Well, you want to talk with their parents, so were not going to give the director a piece of paper? - In the room was stuffy, Angela took off her jacket on the desk.
- I waited for someone from the adults. - Nudil the teacher, not looking up from his notebooks.
- I graduated from school a year later, and quite an adult, give a report of their actions, bear for himself and his full responsibility, can affect a brother and he will learn. - Next Angela started a song about the fact that my mother did not survive, and that it is so hard, and the other will not take me to school. And naturally I began to cry.
- Well, let's still there to roar. - The German stood up and walked over to his sister.
Angela turned to the desk and reached for a handkerchief in his jacket. The teacher walked right up to her and took her shoulders. Sister started and stopped. It is evident that the teacher decided to finish off the poor girl.
- What, do you love your mother and your brother? What do you stand here to humiliate? And I still will achieve its contributions out of school. - He went to the table and took the memo to me.
- Here, everything is written, how ugly your brother. I'll take the right Wait director. - The teacher went to the door. Angela threw her cutting off and blocked the doorway. Arms outstretched to the sides, and she did not notice that two hooks blouse unbuttoned.
- Please, what are you so hard?
- What are you here to arrange a circus? - He did not take his eyes off the piece opens, delicate skin. Taking her for it collar, lifted, he dragged her away from the door. Matter cracked, hooks, buttons flew in different directions, and a blouse was flung open to the waist, revealing a flat chest and sleek tummy. My sister wanted to smell, but stretched to the top of the blouse, clamped in his fist, did not allow this possibility. The teacher pushed her on the desk. Angela turned and tried to button, but the hooks already rang under his feet, then she rushed to the jacket and pulling her blouse and tried to wear a jacket. At this time the German had time to close the door of the castle, one jump was my sister. He pushed Angelou person on the desk and pressed one hand to the table.
- If you want everything to be okay, shut up, bitch.
- You what? Release. - Angela tried to do something, but the big guy put his whole body fragile tenth grade to the table. I do not even try to do something to help, just stood and watched. Already skirt was Zadran and panties lowered. German with one hand quickly freed himself and his sister of clothes, foot stepped on her panties, and Angela's legs were tangled. Her mouth was stuffed by hand while holding the chalk duster. Member of the teacher was in full readiness. It was his short and thick, a sort of sausage. The head, like a mushroom cap, dark blue cast. Red hair groin, scrotum ... completely concealed. He fell in and despite the attempts of the sisters to escape, tried to insert it.
At first I did not understand why this sister cried because she was not the girl for a long time, met with the boy. The German was looking for something on the table, pitting thermos and touching the lamp. The lamp has improved coverage of what is happening, I saw he was holding a sandwich, with which he smeared butter fingers, and began rubbing the crotch Anzhelka. As it turned out, he rubbed her ass and stuck to its process. Through the fingers and cloth covering the mouth of my sister, I heard her muffled wail. Tears flowed and snot and all Germans pecked her ass. His belly was on the back of Angelina and hairy buttocks to make quick jerks. Benches, one after the other drove away in the end of the class. And in the end, just two meters away from me they stopped. The teacher is simply pressed into her sister's face in his jacket and with the other hand paw her body. Short thick fingers fumbled all the hiding places, thrusting her vagina, he massaged his cock through stenochku. Tingling clitoris. And more and more I entered her ass. The amplitude increased, heard the sniffles, a member of the full display and re-immersed up to the eggs. Angela lost her mind and went limp, I was scared. German without taking out a member of the flipped her on her back foot hooking, and put them on his shoulders. Rag pulled out of his mouth, and began to thrust his fingers stained her secretions in her mouth. Lipstick, and all cosmetics, chalk, were smeared on the face. He thrust his thumb into her vagina, he lifted her pubic bone, and slipped under the thigh, crumpled jacket. Then he pulled her legs knees to her chest, as if trying to fold it in half and pulled her by the hair to his head. Well that Angela was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics was plastic, and the muscles in the body of an unconscious were relaxed. Otherwise, a German would break it in half. He ended violently, without removing a member from the ass sister. He waited until all the sperm will not leave his cock. He made a couple of moves.
Throwing it on the desk, he walked over to the sink and began to rinse his drin. Then he picked up the memo, crumpled it and tried to stick as far as possible, into the vagina unconscious body. Then he put on panties Angela lowered her skirt, and wore a buttoned jacket, blouse tucked inside his jacket. And let her lie.
The German villages is gone to check on the control. Ten minutes later, he heard a groan, Angela slipped from the table and got on all fours.
- Oh, you bitch, like it? Now also obvaflyu your muzzle. - He got up and came down on his knees in front of her sister. Taking limp dick began thrusting it into her mouth. But Angela shook her head and clenched lips. Strong teachers hand fell on the delicate neck and squeezed it. Sister gasped and immediately choked member. No, she did not make him a blowjob, teacher silently fucked her in the mouth, is not fully embarked member. He has not wanted to stand, it was necessary to lower the girl in full. Angela was doomed cancer. From under Zadran skirt could see wet, dirty panties and a piece of memo because she made all this horror. According to the shin dripping semen and blood.
Stas finished the story, omitting what happened next. Yes, and I did not ask him too much he said resignedly.
- I see you like it? - He nodded toward my cock, I heard a that did not notice that he was sticking, ottopyrivaya cowards. Stas sheet slid to the floor and he sat naked, cross-legged. Member he is resting on his legs, but as soon as Stas noticed my erection, his penis swollen and markedly raised. He pulled by mistake, my bedsheet covered.
- Yes, now I do not sleep all night, and another two days on the road. - A member of my standing pillar, and did not want to deflate. I'm just waiting, when it is possible to glue the conductor very young.
- This night has just begun and it is not the last thing I wanted to tell you, let's pour more and listen more.
To be continued .. (Stas sorry again and write to me!).

My neighbor Irki

My neighbor IrkiZachesalis both dyrkiLegche her someone datChem hands to scratch!
I grow my godaBudet 17K Navodvorskoy I'm going to engage in sex!
With Matvienko I buhalMngo drunk and vomit, but it could not make a drunkard then to love the whole night!
In Volodka between nogTyanetsya large shnurokEsli possatMozhno wants to tie the knot!

Dreams Come True

Petechka 12 years. 12 and a half. Even 12 and 8 months. He was more interested in my thoughts. With each passing month, added to the twelve, his buttocks all rounder and harder. I briefly, quietly, mow look at him, talking to his father, standing with his back to me. Not quite back, and slightly in profile, twenty degrees. In this position, the light box every shovchik contoured back pocket of his jeans. It seems to me that young blood, bloodshot, like watermelon August, the muscles of his buttocks, is now torn jeans at the seams, and I see the unearthly beauty Ephebos in all its glory. Once I had seen him naked. At this recollection, my heart trembles pounded bird, and a member of tearing his pants. But even the magnificence stored in my memory, in relation to the fact that I could see now, he suddenly take off these damn jeans, no more than a weak reproductions of great paintings. Then he was 9 years old. I know many people like it is this age. And I understand them, the boy is always great. And then, three years ago, I nearly died at the sight.
I stayed with Ivan Mikhailovich, father Petya, my boss at his dacha in Zhukovka. Ivan Mikhailovich invited me to the sauna, to talk business, drink beer. I came, as if nothing had happened - I did not know about the existence of Petya! We sit at the edge of the pool, a little tipsy, interpret, how will sell a new type of steel products of our company. And then I see in clouds of steam, running out of a Russian bath, a boy of unearthly beauty. Thin as a reed, with muscular, with very delicate features, cornflower-blue eyes, over which several surprise rise chiseled like a pencil drawn by dark eyebrows. Straight black hair cover a high forehead, all this splendor is crowned by a sparkling white teeth boyish smile. My dick nearly popped a towel, which was covered when I looked down at the protruding bones of his pelvis, virgin stomach on a flat muscular stomach and a small segment of a lean, small testicles. The boy ran up and jumped into the pool, his joyful, ringing like a bell, voice struck me to the heart. It was Petechka. He did not know of my arrival and thinking in the pool only to see his father, did not put on swimming trunks! Its still very small, but even then a strong muscular ass played glare under water, his ribs and spine furrow shook graceful movements of an experienced swimmer. I had to add a beer vodka. Having described intoxication, I hid my culture shock. The boy finally noticed me, a little embarrassed, went to the other side of the pool. Then we saw only at the table. I had to go to the bathroom and jerked off my petrified member, is again, perhaps five, not finished. If not for that, I do not know how to finish the evening.
Since then we have met many times, but without clothes I had already seen. Petya early mother died, and many of his friends Ivan Mikhailovich his carefully guarded. So I, a family friend and deputy Ivan Mikhailovich, often had the good fortune to communicate with him. Father, I and my friend had his usual society. I love my Masha, I think she would be my wife in the near future, but I do not like Petechka less, maybe more, because, unlike Masha, them I can not have. How many times in my dreams I married both of them, and we had a total bed! But only in my dreams. Masha of such dreams, of course I could not give a hint. And now, looking at it not even adolescent, still baby figure, I praise the football, which Peter has been very seriously. I do not like football, I do not watch the championship. But I see that this game generates two elastic soccer ball from Petit buttocks, slender waist, muscular stomach. His shoulders still as a child, and the ratio of waist and hips almost like the girl on the cheek is already playing a teenage blush. They say it is linked to female hormones, which a lot of boys that happy age when testosterone has not yet had time to change the voice of a gentle and cause vegetation on the body.
- Peter, I said no, that's impossible. I can not go with you. One thing I will not let you do not ask.
- Pa, well paaazhaluysta - Peter sang one of his most charming groans when children are woven treble notes of a female contralto - a boy's voice is also the prerogative only of this age - I do kraaayne important! This is my destiny!
- , Say no. One you will not go to Kiev.
I shuddered. Tomorrow I have to go to Kiev, to audit our Ukrainian branch. But there Petya forgot?
- Peter, what are you going to do in Kiev? - I asked, barely suppressing a tremor in her voice.
- Uncle Fed! The day after tomorrow is a great game! Ukraine should reach the final of the championship! Our it does not shine, if only for friends to see the Slavs!
I have, so to speak, choked in my craw.
- Well, let's say, I'm going tomorrow to Kiev. But I am going to work.
- No, Fedor, I can not ask you about this service, it will drive you crazy, and you have to work.
- Having been brought, I promise. Word futbolista.- Suddenly serious, sincere flashed cornflower-blue eyes, Peter said.
- Do not know how to be, Fyodor, you go almost a week, it is a serious burden, I can not ask you about that. - I could not believe my ears. Ivan Mikhailovich already asked - it was his way of asking for, not quite directly.
- Ivan Mikhailovich, I do not think that Peter can be a burden. It's pretty serious young man, and may be responsible for their promises. In addition, although I and Vice-President of our company, not much older than I, in his twenty-eight, and his interests are clear to me. I think we'll get along.
- Fyodor, you know, not what he can not refuse! I do not know how grateful!
Under the eyes wet with tears Ephebos flashed a happy smile. In my heart, too, there was something similar.
Moscow. Kiev railway station. Coupe-suite with two sofas, shower, bar. Our company to reserve it for themselves on a regular basis. Is not this a dream? Happy Pete sits in front of me, something I excitedly talks about Zidane, I do not understand, I enjoy every movement, every cute grimace its rich facial expressions. I notice how the muscles under the shirt playing like a zipper of his jeans, it seems that something has given rise first - there was a small bump, before I did not really notice. And he sits on the sofa, legs apart as if something was to him to interfere between them. The train started moving. Peter fell on his stomach dangling his legs, bent at the knees, flipping through football magazine. For a long time in such detail and for a long time, not afraid to be opened, I was unable to watch the game of his gluteal muscles under it, and of course, my favorite light blue jeans. As he lay on his stomach, footballs his buttocks seemed just huge. I was trembling with joy that he saw them in such detail, and suffered from the inability to touch them. I closed my eyes and imagined what I was doing Pete massage. Massage the buttocks. I presented and almost did not finish.
- Uncle Fed, what's wrong? - Looked at me, flashing a youthful glow, astonished face Petit.
- What's wrong? - I asked, frantically trying to figure out what made the mistake.
- You groaned. Do not you hurt?
- Yes, yesterday pulled back in the gym. - I have found.
- Can help - Peter smiled - our coach at the training camp taught relieves muscle pain, let me see.
I have not had time to say anything as Peter pulled off ... my jacket and shirt. I had only one thought - that he did not notice that my standing as tall pines, a member.
He ran his hand over the back.
- You're tense, as the tire. Coach thy Fedik, a unit of a minus. Of course, it is you in good shape holding, and the measure you need to know the back of the athlete must take care. Lie down on your stomach. Take off trousers, pomnutsya. I'll do the relaxation.
- Let pomnutsya, so painful that I can not remove. - I thought only of standing member, and quickly lay down on his stomach.
Pete expertly rubbed my lower back. Indeed, I would feel the relaxation, if my idol was not a physical intimacy with me, I have not seen before.
- Easier?
- Much thanks.
- That's it. We coach a lot to learn. - Said Peter and paid for my fragile psyche of a new blow.
He took off his blanket laid by his bed, and then starred opposite jeans and T-shirt. I saw Pete in one, ending a little above the knee, tight elastic shorts. Tubercle codpiece now I could see very clearly. Segments and testicles for three years, undoubtedly grown. I, like a fool, lying in trousers, carefully covered with a blanket, and watched the slow motion, in which Peter turned to the luggage rack, took his suitcase, took out a fresh underwear, put them on your sofa. Then, with his back to me and began to take off pants with himself. Removing the panties, he leaned forward, lowered them to the knees, I saw a meter away from him so coveted ass for years. I was not breathing. He took one leg of the pant, standing on the other foot. I opened shockingly beautiful buttocks, one straight and the other bent at the hip joint. I surveyed all of their curves and roundness, hollow, large and small muscles. Under the bent leg were seen significantly increased, but still children, hairless testicles. All Repeat with the other leg and buttock. He took off his pants.
- I dush.- As if nothing had happened, Peter said, and disappeared behind the door.
It seemed to me that the heart will jump out of my chest. I knew what was going on with difficulty. Previously, Peter was shy. Then it came. Ever since I saw the first time Pete, he was an athlete. And in the football locker room shy of nudity is not accepted before the other men. I quickly took off his pants. Tight pants tightly pressed to the member of the stomach to hide it at all, I wore a long shirt.
Shower door opened.
- I look you feel better! - Pete said. - Listen, Uncle Fed, do me the same favor, remember me back.
And without wearing pants, Peter lay on his stomach in his bed, covered with a blanket ass. Shielding is not quite on the surface of the sacrum were divine, the upper third of the buttocks and incomparable running from the coccyx Amazing furrow Mezhuyev them. I went up to him, sat down at his bedside, and is himself on the excitement and fear show this excitement, began stroking his back.
- More active, uncles Fed to wade.
I began to massage more active. First the neck, then between the blades and the blades themselves, along the spine and sacrum. Massaging the sacrum fingers, I relied on the buttocks with his hands, and as if involuntarily, and pressed upon them. Then, from top to bottom the same thing happened, but this time on the buttocks, I pushed harder and touched the fingers of the upper part, as if by accident.
- Oh, Fyodor, cool, let's once more, and then the lower back quite stiff - and Peter squirmed under the covers, stretched, and most of the ass was on the surface.
It still burned, resulting in the energy of the soul, was hot, and apparently rubbed a towel. I could not control myself, and with a vengeance began to smooth his skin and flexes his muscles from the neck to the hips, feeling his ribs, and muscular side of the body forming the waist, pressed his thumbs on the buttocks, the other grabbing the front of the thigh to the groin level .
- Fed even lower, and the ass is very stiff, while riding in the car.
Do not fulfill this desire, I could not even be eaten on its execution, I executed. I put my hand along the neck and vigorously, vibration, led them along the spine, stopping at her ass. Then I was not confident. I stroked, squeezed, rubbed his ass, the boy sometimes blissful shudder, said:
- Yet a little, very good.
I like .. I was good! I have not thought of caution. Or almost no thought. Otherwise I would have thrust his cock in it for the most eggs. But for now, our relationship, though purchased hue sex, they were not formal - yet it was still possible to refer to massage weary boys' bodies. But one is not quite the massage movement, I still made - my hands were on the buttocks, and thumbs, finally pushed them. I first opened the virgin dark pink hairless anus Petenka. And do not hold back, I put pressure on him and rubbed in a circular motion. Petya opened his eyes in surprise.
- Thanks, helped me a lot - he said, - cover me, and that you did a good warm-up act, it is necessary to keep warm.
I do not know whether he understood the essence of my actions, but the night I did not sleep, and Petya sweet snoring, and forgetting to wear underwear. In the dream, he got out of bed, and saddled his horse, half-turned his back to me - as it turned out, he loved to sleep in this position. You understand. I jerked off until morning. To Kiev.
Morning. Kiev. We sit in a limo service, he takes us to my apartment. A couple of years ago, when real estate prices in Moscow and Kiev began to set record after record, I invested surplus funds in various, mostly built, facilities in several cities. As in Kiev, I often visited, and the hotel even known world networks, did not satisfy my comfort level, I bought a ready apartment in new building and finished it to your liking. As a result, I got a two-level penthouse with roof exploited, razed from prying eyes - only the stars above. The house has its own customer service, I have had no problems with the cleaning, and I ordered lunch delivered to the apartment. That is my passion to invest in square meters, it has given the opportunity to retire with Peter, which was at the hotel and you can not dream. That's what I thought, sitting in the backseat of the car and cut off from the driver's automatic shutter. I saw before me a picture of how Peter sports in my mini-pool and sunbathing on my roof terrace - of course, all the scenes he was a negligee. Clearly, a member stood again, and Peter fast asleep, overwhelmed with his head on my shoulder. So he got better, I started a hand behind his waist and put his hand on his thigh. Dreams Come True.
We arrived. In my penthouse led a separate elevator from the underground garage, but we went to the reception, I introduced Pete butler. He was extremely happy to get acquainted with his son Ivan Mikhailovich. We go upstairs. Delivered breakfast which I ordered by phone. Peter was eating croissants with coffee and saw the tickets for tomorrow evening match, which brought the director of the Kiev branch of the seed.
It is regrettable, but at the time I would have to leave one Petenka. Not everything was okay in the Kiev branch. A week, a group of auditors shaking their accounts. I had to check the results of this work.
- Peter, have a rest, you can use the sauna, swimming pool, a rooftop sunbathing, no one will see. Juices and drinks in the bar ..., whatever you want to contact the butler. By lunchtime I arrive, we eat together.
- And no one will come here?
- Not until someone at home, the staff comes only on call.
Mood engage in securities at me, of course, it was not. The blessing of auditors led by the Head of our switchgear Edward Levin, from which no penny not hide. And cynically, having passed most of the work on it, to the hour of the day I entered into your house. Having instructed the butler with respect to dinner, I hurried upstairs.
Petit was not in the apartment. But the anxiety I did not have, an inner feeling tells me where he is. The pool is clearly someone recently got out - at the edges there were two small pools. On the terrace, set in a tub under a palm tree, he was completely naked and wet, sitting in a deckchair drinking beer, watching the dome Kiev Lavra. Seeing him naked, I like drinking beer there.
- Peter, I think you still too early to run on alcohol.
- You said that the drinks at the bar, I chose to your liking - it seemed to me that Peter smiled, not quite sober smile.
- Peter, you razvezlo, what do you think, for an athlete such a lifestyle is normal?
- And maybe I'll be the star of rock 'n' roll, Fed, I'm still on the guitar quite well.
For a long time I grumble at him could not. Especially when the clothes he was wearing only a baseball cap.
- Okay, Peter, let's have dinner. I think we have covered the bottom.
- Feeed, look, what there the grace, come to dine here, you're just on the Dnieper see what there "bottom"!
Grace was indeed, and the Dnieper was good, but it is eclipsed in my mind way naked and intoxicated Petenka.
- Good. I have, as you noticed, on the terrace lounge, I use it as a summer dining room, have lunch there.
This room, I called the "panoramic" I liked to spend time there with the girls behind the desk in this case was a huge bed. Only one wall of the room was actually a wall on three sides of the world, it opened the huge sliding glass walls. I vividly suffered a dinner there. Peter did not think to put on. I do not mind.
- Fyodor, nothing I freestyle? I will not embarrass you?
- Please only eggs do not freeze.
- Believe me, you're in a parade suit looks much less natural.
I could not agree more.
After dinner Petya quite worn out, and his attention was drawn to the bed.
- Fed, come a little to lie! - And without waiting for an answer, he jumped into it. - Come here!
Petya calls me into bed. Lived. Domechtalsya. Not for sex calls, but lie in the same bed with a naked Petya - is something unrealizable.
I ran to the shower, put on a robe, put on my pants tightly and climbed up on the other side of the bed. Peter lay on his side facing me, this situation is particularly emphasized his narrow waist and broad, with respect to her thigh. The shorts I have long been a log.
- Fed, tell me how you and Dad firm control? You take me to the vice-presidency, when I graduate?
While I was pondering this difficult issue, Pete crept to me, climbed hand in the coat and began to tickle his stomach, shouting:
- Will you take? Will you take?
"Yes, beer is not a toy baby" - only I had time to think, his hand grabbed my cock.
- Fed, you like me.
I habitually think the answer, but it was not a question. I noticed that a small segment of Petit increased significantly and became upright, out from under the foreskin seemed a bit reddish head.
- Relax Fed. I know all about it for a long time and see how you look at me. And how do you jerk off the train I saw. Do you think I go for fun naked? No, you I like you too. Because of you I am in Kiev and asked for something.
Petit's hand was already in my shorts and tightly clutching a staff member.
Such frankness boys discourage me.
- Peter, you already have a similar experience? - Only I could ask.
- Not really. I just have a friend there, he sleeps with our coach, he told me everything. Sometimes we had to suck each other. But with a man I did not. And, in general, do not want to. I want girls and Fed with you because you love me and I love you.
In bed I invited Peter still sex. And he calculated all much better than me.
- Yes, you are the uptake beyond her years. Be your vice president. - I said and pulled Petya to him, kissed him on the lips, he said.
I sucked it into his mouth plump lips, put it on and, while continuing to kiss and began to knead his buttocks, anus massaged, pressed his pelvis to its members, beating in his shorts. I took off his robe, he turned Petya on his back, spread his legs and did what thoughts went through with it thousands of times - took him stood a small peg dick in your mouth along with the eggs and began carefully they suck, carefully stroking tongue head, bridle, foreskin , on the trunk of a member to the testicles. Peter groaned - his little friend so obviously could not. Continuing to blow, I moistened with saliva index finger and stuck it in the ass Pete. Ring nesverlennogo his anus tightly gripped my finger. Then Peter arched, moaned particularly loud, it became a member of the twitch in my tongue fell a few drops of semen child.
"As long as enough" - I thought, deciding that excessive pressure can scare the timid child's feelings.
Undoubtedly timid, despite all frankness Petya offers - on the train, when I touched his anus, he asked to stop the massage, probably still was not ready for such a close relationship. I put it next to him on the stomach, gently stroked her back and buttocks, the inner thighs. He lay with his eyes closed and a beatific smile.
Finally, he regained consciousness.
- Thank you, Fyodor. This is cool. Now I can touch you?
- Peter, you, whatever you want.
- Then lie on your back.
Fyodor touched my belly, ran his hands over her hips, through the pants gently probed staff member touched the eggs.
- Can I have them take off?
Peter did not wait for an answer, and seizing briefs for gum began to pull them. I helped him, and cowards flew away from the bed. Pete opened my big already a member of a bare head. He took it with both hands, touched with some mistrust.
- Fed, he is great! How do you insert it into Masha?
- Believe me, though, that she was a petite girl, he fits perfectly into it, and she is really like.
- Fed, I can suck it.
Again, not waiting for an answer, Peter leaned over to my unit, and, chasing the skin on the shaft, gently sucking and licking the head. Of course, swallow it all, he could not. ... Some girl drove it into his throat, do not know how not choked. It was nice, but do so with a boy I could not afford. In addition, my goal was different - his ass, but here I do not rush things, enjoying the moment, which so far only dreamed of. Oral Peter did not very skillfully, but with so much love for me, I give birth one of the most outstanding of his orgasms. Pete Cum gushed into his mouth, he recoiled in surprise and got even more ample portion rasteksheysya across the face. He stunned touched his face and saw the sperm on their hands. A portion received in the mouth, he apparently swallowed.
- Peter, do not be frightened, it's sperm from her children are.
- I know. But you like a fountain! I do not think that can be so much.
Puzzled stain on his little face was replaced by enthusiasm.
- Its exactly as Peter, how much I love you. You all got dirty, let's go take a shower.
And I brought myself one more fun - wash Petenka. I put it on the shelf bannuyu, watered with warm water, lather gel, with alternately different fingers, covered with foam to penetrate him in the ass. Pete is incredibly loved. Me too.
- Fed, Kostik, my friend said that his coach fucked in the ass. But such as you in the ass, in my opinion, not fit.
- Masha breaks and her ass is not much more than yours.
- She was not hurt, she likes it?
- Mary is beside himself with pleasure. Ever since the first time I did this to her, she was already a classic little vaginal sex. And that was not painful, but nice, the priest must be prepared to this.
- How is it - to cook?
- Have you noticed that my penis is much thicker than the entrance to your ass. But be careful to stretch the hole, it will be more, and then the pain will not be the only pleasure left.
- You can do it with me?
- I already do. See, I smeared fingers with soap and slowly stretch the muscles at the entrance to the ass. If you do it gently, but pleasure you will not feel anything. And you know that I love you and do not hurt.
And I began to caress the anus freshly washed language. Peter groaned better than a lot of girls that I was doing it on the same shelf. In my opinion, on the same shelf, the same procedure, I fall in love with my Masha.
Working language, I took a lubricant, they smeared thumb, introduced him to the Petit anus and began to gently stretch. Fortunately there was a special lubricant with anesthetic. The case has gone, we both were in nirvana. Soon I was able to enter into the hole specially selected small dildo that I had a whole set. Then the dildo more. I worked on Petya's ass for two hours, made two of his orgasms and significant expansion holes. Further, according to the technology of waste on girls, we again moved to the bed. Now I smeared ass and cock, sent the head on dark pink circle Petya anus. Of course, I still could not enter into it completely, I was limited to two-thirds of the head, and this led us both into ecstasy. Sometimes I come out of it, I put the cock between her buttocks and between her thighs and crotch by producing active movement, finished several times. Lubrication is not required - it lacked my sperm. After supper dinner remains, we continued and exhausted fell asleep in each other's arms after midnight.
In the morning I called and Levin said he was ill. He was not angry - and he checked quite well, I would have called him just an annoyance. We Petya was the time until the evening before the match, not to go on that we did not allow elementary conspiracy. I spoke on the phone with Ivan Mikhailovich, convinced him that the test goes according to plan, with all Petechka good night go to the football. Order breakfast. We have swallowed him in a minute. And immediately for the cause! To bed! Again useful lubricant with anesthetic, at this stage, I added a candle with lidocaine. Along the way, I made a couple of Pete blowjob to support morale. It's time. I gently insert Petya in their entire head. He moans lasciviously, then everything is according to plan, it will go. Another 15 minutes of patient work and I am a member of Petenka entirely. He wants a bit crap, but there is no pain, he was surprised and happy. I am delighted. We lay on his side, and Peter planted on my dick like a count. A pair of motions and I finish the thought. I came out of it, turn over on his back, his legs are located in his shoulders and slowly re-enter in the ass, do slow movements, stroking his cock, this time I achieve simultaneous orgasm. We lie, relax, it is not clear which of us is more than happy. I see in Petit bliss eyes replaced by desire. I put him on his stomach on the bed, his legs hang down. Massage the buttocks, presses his thumbs on the anus. Petechka excited even more. Gripping his cock with his left hand, poddrachivayu, my cock already in his ass. Our eyes closed, we felt each other, produce a rhythm, pleasing both of us. My sexual energy is directed into a meditative track. As in a dream I was already enough both of us are interested in the football game. I left the house only to accept the results of the audit and sign the acts of inspections, and we were going to Moscow. We are waiting for Kiev last night.
I come home, grab Petya, dragging him into the pool, I plan to play with his ass in the pool. We frolicked, I can see under water ass, strive for it, take it, and then realize that this magnificent little elastic ass, turning up in an incredibly narrow waist, belongs to Masha. I am seized by exposing the horror, but Mary laughs and pats member quite burgundy from embarrassment Pete. Masha had keys to the apartment, why she came - a separate issue, but that it wants to become a party to sexual trio, was a complete surprise for me. A pleasant surprise. She asked no questions, put Pete on the edge of the pool, and made him a blowjob, ordering me gesture come up behind her and took turns to fuck in both holes as she liked. My cock walks into the vagina Masha, she sucks Pete, he squeezes her small elastic chest. We are all happy, dreams can come true, but that's another story.

Strong woman

My favorite stroking my inner thigh, rising higher, his fingers gently pinching the nipples ... Ah-ah-ah! What are his fingers ... how many years we live together, and his hands able to excite me at any time in any mood ... I start to go ... But-oh oh-oh-called same-ee-o-in to a-ma-Andes-and-ir-of-the-application. In about-what-have I-I-I N-ee n-of-the-mu-yu-yu, a-a-a-a oh-called p-p-p and and -ehal ?! Uh-O-C-O-O-H ... Stop! This is a dream! We all went on a picnic by the company and is now back, I fell asleep on the bus in the back seat. Yes, I hear the steady hum of the motor and the bus wobbles on uneven road ... and I continue to feel someone's hand between her legs. I finally wake up and open my eyes ... my God ...
- You'll end up at all, bitch!
This verdict came from the lips of my boss two months ago. Then we had a corporate party in a Moscow restaurant. My boss had never concealed his lustful relationship with me. My reputation iron business woman plus attractive appearance for a long time did not allow him to rest: I'd like to entertain the male ego, splitting a toughie. At the party he got drunk and went from words to deeds. I'm not touchy, but to get under evening dress, under which there is nothing, you must obtain a special permit.
I had to make nachalnichku hurt a little, I have a hobby - martial arts. All our office breathlessly watched as I slowly, cocked his thumb, pulled his hand out from under her dress. To complete the humiliation, I poured him a glass of champagne in the pants. That's when he gave me and "sentenced".
We have such trouble in Russia: some bosses believe their fundamentals subordinate their own. Particularly unlucky in this respect, a beautiful girl, you want career - who to go to sleep or stay and small fry at the beck and call of silly, but less principled colleagues. However, times are changing, experts began to be appreciated, to whom I am. Chiefs of tyranny does not apply to me, I'm at work is indispensable. If you do not like it, she'll go and mounds will beg me to stay. I can afford to be principled.
I have long forgotten about the threat of the boss - I'm not too impressionable and the real way to carry out its threat, I have not seen. Well, do not rape me, he will at all, but where is the guarantee that I finish during the rape? Brad, in short. The guy on offense blurted.
God !!! My legs wide apart, inserted between the knees any case, the right and left of me sat two strong girls - colleagues, which has this morning considered her friends, and now they have their backs pressed against my divorced hands to the backs of the seats - is no way out .. . My short summer skirt Zadran, cut panties lying between my legs, I have a bra on the same not only shirt ... Neighbor pat me on the inner thighs ... In the dream, I ran down ... In the space between the front seats there the boss's face with a mocking smile:
- I woke up bitch!
I want to scream and squeeze his feet, but here come running screaming the whole bus, they do not appear the same in such a way as to move the legs makes the suitcase ... Quietly. Deep breath. Calm down, think of what to do.
Here, he crept up to me. Unlike me, these two hands and feet are kept for their work. They are ready for everything, but the boss hint. As I had not thought of that? Okay, calm, to breathe, you have to relax and no fuss. In this position, to do this is not easy, but a habit to break the task into smaller and solve them one by one, beginning its work.
It goes from girl to pose themselves and panic. Every was ever in the cards on the strip losing herself drunk as a student striptease on the table in the bar suit and boys in school as something in the gym have a girlfriend have caught, spread out on the mat, slowly stripped, and then a long groped . Oh minutes, do not think about it, then it was a shame, and now exciting. It's all garbage, that I was on the bare face of the probe and it was in my life and now survive, the main thing - not to come at all.
And so: in the back of the bus sit only four of us, I close vperedistoyaschego chair. The people on the bus, mostly tired and dozing so if you do not make a fuss, then no one will notice - it is good. The bad news is that with my breasts and genitals these two girls can do anything they want, and that the same one does not see, but they seem to know how to work with your hands. But what they will do ... h-ee-Hg, so I have not had sex and the city go about another hour-and-a-sa, it's bad. My God, my clit not sustain such caresses. So, I got lost when I will finish, probably ... what difference does not make a noise I do not succeed, and they certainly know what to do. But the one on the right, tormenting me with only one hand because sitting in the aisle and did not want to, that would be all to see what she was doing, it was good. Actually, what I decided that I finish, I Come posorevnuemsya, take a deep breath, relax, think about abstract, breathe deeply, exactly, it is necessary to recall some funny song.
So I managed to survive fifteen minutes, but the two girls at the age of thirty is not under sixteen boys who just rudely crushed my charms. The two are working with knowledge of the matter: the finger in the vagina, the finger on the clitoris, nipples under Teasing T-shirt. See, do not react, let fifteen seconds and over again. When released, blood rushes to places that just caressed, very strong feeling.
Hooked me they simultaneously hit upon a point on the clitoris and vagina, I squirmed and bit her lip. More I could not switch me and they drochat without interruption. Boss happy. The city has about forty minutes - do not hold out. I never thought that I could be forcibly brought to such a state.
With my husband, we played different games, I'm on the leader, but I loved to obey her husband. The company my husband and I had a rest from the leadership even loved being humiliated. Surfing the bar around the short and transparent without underwear began our usual entertainment. I felt very excited by humiliation, when I had to sit in the chair too low or lift the leg too high step. One day we went with her husband to bathe in the river. On the shore stood a horizontal bar, around which swirled guppies boys. Besides us and them on the bank was empty. Boys often glances in my direction. When they started to go home, I wrapped a towel over his chest and removed the swimsuit. My husband looked at me and asked: "A little?" "No, not weak!" I replied with a call and immediately heard the horror sequel: "... Shape up three times on the bar, as it is - in a towel".
I trudged to the horizontal bar. The towel was rather short, the hands on the bar will be raised, so the towel will barely cover my bottom. Before the bar still have to jump, and some boys lie on the grass as they will all be seen below! Pull-up should be exactly straight and legs crossed. Damn, what they all looked at me like that? Yes figs with them, we are the first and last time, let obkonchalsya his pants! But the worst thing is not the length of towels, that all these gestures may fall completely ...
I jumped up and hung, trying not to look at the boys and not to think about where the bottom edge of the towel, turned three times to catch up is not kicking, jumped and felt the towel begins to subside. I pressed his hands on the sides and padded feet to doplelas husband. I sat up so that my husband is a hefty ... shut me from the boys, gagged her mouth with a towel, do not know how I ended up quietly, and I shook the strongest orgasm.
These two know that I yell when I finish, she said. Memories of the bar worked against me. All I can no longer, clitoral orgasm is on the way, I hear a chuckle contented boss, I stuck in the mouth student's line that it can not bite my lip and screamed louder. It's a pity to have to leave work ...
Salvation was unexpected. One of the girls cell phone rang, so much so suddenly and loudly that we are all afraid. We like hand caught in the blood stood out adrenaline and stopped me on the edge of a precipice. My tormentors same huddled together and for a while could not get over it, which gave me a chance to catch their breath. When they resumed their manipulation, they long could not catch the rhythm and get into the most sensitive point. Boss looked out the window and noticeably nervous. It took another ten minutes of fruitless attempts to bring me to orgasm. I sat there all wet with sweat and quietly looking out the window. If only cease to flow, then they would very quickly rubbed my sensitive areas and could put an end to their venture. But it happened more.
The one who sat on the left rummaged in his bag, and, embarrassed, pulled out a vibrator running on battery power.
- Yes, a very useful thing for a single mother.
I quipped. In response to this merzavka turned the vibrator on high and with force drove it between my legs. Toady wants a beast. Never mind, look at your faces when you lose. Cum on this thing, of course, impossible, but, as a stimulant, he was a very even nothing.
For five minutes the girl did not touch me, hanging all the hard work on the excitation on the vibrator, and when my breathing quickened, they again climbed his hands under my shirt and began to massage the clitoris. This stand, I could not. Yes, what is it, I was angry at myself for the second time in a row can not meet, the same me, the iron lady. Two months without sex is not an excuse to finish under duress. Meanwhile it excites one thought that the iron lady can be omitted. I would be touchy or hysterical, one would have no interest in, the career would not have developed, and would not be sitting here now with her legs spread. But I was used to force the power to answer, but I'm weak and can do nothing. At the entrance to the town, our bus got stuck in traffic and I have almost no chance.
My husband, a former champion fighting on weekends worked with me individually. In the summer we trained in the Botanical Garden. One day before training on the TV show transmission on the topic of rape. One of the points to which the authors paid attention to the transfer, lay in the fact that if the victim tore clothes, it becomes more concerned with his modesty than defense. Naked victim loses self-confidence and can completely stop the resistance. Some girl who introduced the master of sports in sambo, sitting with his back to the camera, told the story of how she was raped three bastard. They are much inferior to it in strength and size, but she hesitated to raise high the legs in a short summer dress. It is a ball without a bra and was afraid of sudden movements of the chest will pop out. When one of the attackers ripped her dress, she became only hide behind, forgetting that can easily fight back ... After that transmission, my husband told me to get dressed for training in minimum: kimono jacket from his naked body, and the belt. .. ordinary white panties, even melting of swimsuit did not give to wear ...
In the botanical garden around us the crowd of onlookers formed pretty quickly. And the husband, as the evil forces kicked in the head level. Breast and strive to jump out from under his jacket. Begin moonlight: Practicing hand kimono kicks I try not to do it at all. My husband comes up with a new exercise: sit-back-to-back, holding each other by the elbows. At the lowest point of his legs spread wide, kimono chest odds and nothing can be done - the back of the elbow pulls husband. Then I remembered the rape victim from the telecast. "No never!!!" I thought, and his hands began to fill with warmth. I am a beautiful woman anyway, these people would not be staring at me. Calmness and confidence began to seize me. We squatted and squat, but the breast and has not fallen out, but that my panties are visible, so at the same tennis players. Then we worked a long time on the throws, as a result of my kimono vybilos from under the belt at all. But I do not even corrected. And after training, I quietly took off with all the kimono and changed.
From these memories of my hands began to fill with a warm, breathing became even, I gradually ceased to feel the vibrator and other hands on his body. I opened my eyes and smiled calmly in the face boss. The girls felt the change occurred, panicked me.
Five minutes later, I pinched his sides both girls and dramatically pulled his hands out of their backs. Very threw his left arm forward straight into the nose boss, there was a crack of breaking the nose, the boss grabs his face and folded in half. She looked clothing, panties, bra and skirt cut on me just drenched with sweat shirt. I stood up and pulled the bag from the top shelf - in her short summer coat. The girls are shocked and do not try to stop me. Hats shirt, well, let the driver see in the mirror, the main thing that a pole from it not entered. I wipe vest crotch; it is very wet. Wearing a cloak over his naked body, I collect the broken things in the bag. I repellent maiden right and head for the exit. Passing the boss, I find out his unfinished jar and poured the contents on the pants. I ask the driver to stop at the nearest metro. In me is still running a vibrator. On the way sdyhaet battery vibrator. I won.
Coming after a week's holiday to work, I was pleased to learn that the boss and the girls and left the company, the boss is now the place I occupy.

Women's revenge or retaliation

Her seductive gait, high breasts and curvy ass would not let him breathe freely. Tall, slender, black-haired woman walking on the sidewalk gait Claudia Schiffer and the man turned around after her. And he was no exception. For several days, as the thirty-five man was guarding the woman next to a jewelry store near which she passed every day. He saw from afar the one on which so aching heart. Legs instantly became cotton, blood with a centrifugal acceleration ran through the veins, and the phallus ... The body was eager to fight. In men's minds revolved only one thought ... he would now get their portion of momentary happiness. Woman farther and farther removed from the men standing near the store. He stood paralyzed, watching the silhouette of a female who is about to be hidden around the bend. The man made a tentative one step, then another. Some inner force pushed him, and he jumped up and ran after her. He was literally on his dream shared by a few meters. The man stopped and hid behind a tree. He gave the woman an opportunity to go forward. And then she went into the forest park zone, where some two hundred meters was her house, where she lived with her daughter. The black-haired woman came up to the gates of the house, took out her purse keys. Men's strong hand gripped feminine wrist. The keys fell to the ground. She's evil, like a hungry tiger eyes looked at him. Thirty-five man pulled a woman behind him. She stumbled. Unlocked the door, the man pushed the woman into the corridor, immediately pinned to the wall. Phallus was little room in his small cage. The body was eager to fight. The man was breathing heavily.
- Let go! - She cried wildly.
He lifted the women's short skirt, and a hand touched female lace panties.
- Take your hands off! Monster!
Women's long nails dug into the man's neck. Wild pain shot through the body further strengthened the desire to possess this woman.
- All the same, you will be mine! - Puffing like a steam engine, he managed his temper.
The woman tried to resist. But man's desire was much stronger than the female force. He grabbed the woman by the hair and pushing in front of him, walked with her in the spacious hall. No sooner had the hostess come round the house like a man knocked her down, and she fell to the floor. Their forces were not equal.
She pounded the cage sparrow fluttered under his weight. It was short-lived male happiness. Women's teeth sank into the man's shoulder, and he cried out in pain. That was enough to break free from his chains. It is a few minutes lying on the floor, arms spread wide. Then he got up and grabbed one arm standing a meter away from his chair and spread his legs wide, slow down on him. Sperm beat in the head. She did not allow anything else to think about. Clasping his hands back, he made a prolonged and heavy howl. Woman lying on the floor with his eyes full of tears. her chest heaving.
- Bastard! Rapist! - These words came from the lips of women.
- You're the one to blame. Is that you seduced me ... You wanted it ... Here's the result.
She turned her head and looked at the wild-eyed man. Then barely got off the floor and going to the chair on which sat a man, grabbed his thick black hair. She did not have time to recover as was again in captivity. His military weapons are still lying to the battle. Man once again he knocked the woman to the ground and threw it on a leather sofa. He pulled at her blouse with multiple buttons, and they rained down on the floor. The woman tried to resist, then he hit her in the face.
- Today I receive everything ... Everything that belongs to me by right! - Swallowing, choking overstimulation, said the rapist.
- It will cost you dearly!
- Not more than life!
- I will avenge ourselves! In the ran!
- Wait and see...
He parted knees female feet, and immediately began to perform the phallus is what dreaming brain.
The woman trembled under the onslaught of the enemy.
Woman's wet body turned into a big ball of nerves. Her hair and breasts with every second more and more excited man. It is in these moments was like a furious beast of prey, which is hungry for food, tore apart their prey.
The man kissed the corners of the mouth of the female, causing it to weaken by the touch of his tongue. Men's hands were strong, but not made gentle. They brought the woman in a terrible state. She was beside herself with rage. The blood is still boiling in a male body. He was unable to sovladet with him. Intellectually, he understood that his behavior disgusting, but sperm ... She would not let him think ... It was torn out and stop the flow of its powerful man was simply not able to.
- Monster! - Cried the woman and ran her long fingernails on a man's cheek.
- Do not wake the devil in me! - He cried out, and gave groan.
Turn the victim from the back to the stomach, the man again tried to enter it and take possession of the female body. But this time he was a loser. The woman jerked the man's hair, and he howled in pain.
- Lie down and do not rock the boat!
n pinned her with his weight and began to get comfortable. Rapist unconsciously pressed the woman and one of the decisive action was his cherished portion of the male of happiness. tremors speed with every second increased. After completing its work, exhausted man fell to the floor.
- Drink ... Drink ... I want to drink some water ... ...
- Now! I ran away! - Tears trembling voice uttered female lips.
- Please, - he said plaintively.
She scrambled from the couch, her hair and went into the kitchen. She poured a glass of mineral water and took a step, stopped. Female eyes fell on the kettle.
- Now ... now I love you I will make the water of life ... You filled this day for the rest of life ... Will you know how to inappropriately use your machine!
She set the glass with trembling hands on the table and poured water into the kettle. Tears rolled from the woman's eyes. She was aware that what he was doing. Women's anger and revenge knew no bounds. She's trembling hands took the hot tea and entered the room. Man lying on the floor with his eyes closed and lips licking tongue. She crossed herself trembling hand, and by bringing the kettle to the main manhood, accomplished their feminine revenge. The man cried out in pain. His cry, turning into a woman brought howling in terror. Before she began to reach a sense of what she did.
He was lying on a bed with a belly and burned the main manhood. The woman gave him a few shots and constantly smeared mutilated body parts of celandine solution. Men's eyes were full of tears. They stared into the void. He did not say a word. Only in the morning when the temperature, he slept a little, looking at the woman asked:
- Why did you do that? How do I go on?
- Not Noah ... For the wedding will heal!
- Which wedding?
- K gold ...
- Thank you, calmed ......
- Sam's all my fault ... It's good that not castrated ...
- Horseradish is not sweeter than turnips ...
- Who do I need this right now?
- This question is not for me ...
Woman sitting in the kitchen and smoked one cigarette after another. She did not even notice, like daughter entered.
- Mommy, what's wrong ?! You are ill? - She asked anxiously.
- No, Katya, no, my dear ... I was very tired at work ...
- Mom, I got the money ... Grandparents are going to go to the country ... My money ran out ... And ask them ...
- Of course, my gold, - the woman hugged her daughter. - How fast time flies ... You've become quite an adult ...
- Mom, I want to ask you - at a fraction of seconds, she paused, then looked at his mother and with his head down, quietly asked. - Masha said you were going out with her father. She said that she had seen Uncle Boris kissed you on the cheek. You're going to get married ?!
The woman smiled and stroked her daughter's hair.
- Katya and Boris for me the most expensive, most ... most ... How can I explain ...
- I do not need to explain anything ... just tell me: are you going to get married?
The woman smiled.
- Borka I went into the garden ... In the same group ... Then we were in the same class ... We sat at the same desk ... We even went to college together ... And then ... He and I met your father ... Borka like my brother ... He knows all my secrets, but I did ...
- Mom, but he has no wife ... Aunt Lena had died ... And we threw dad ... Maybe ...
The woman smiled and spread her hands:
- Boris is a very good man, a good father, an excellent surgeon ... The fact that she saw Mary - is quite another what she thought ...
- Mommy, dear ... let's just dad ... He was badly without us.
- I had already forgiven - the woman said after a long silence.
- Yes?! True?! Are you cheating me?!
The girl jumped for joy. The woman took the money from her purse and handed it to their daughters.
- That's grandparents will be happy when they find out that you made it up!
Two weeks passed.
The man hardly descended the stairs. A woman was sitting in the lobby and watched TV. He became a meter away from her and said quietly:
- I had a lot of women ... Why I chose you among the crowd ?! For me, the fact still remains a mystery ... Your seductive gait, appetizing ass ... A chest ?! You're just some delusion ... I always want you ... Day and night ... It's just some kind of horror ...
She raised her head and looked appraisingly at the man. Then he stood up from the couch and walked over to him. Raising men's shirt, she looked at the wound.
- Yes ... - with a heavy sigh, she said, drawling.
- I do not know what happened to me ... I never thought that I was capable of it ... She seduced me - a man's face contorted beyond recognition. - It is very good to dance striptease ... And I have presented how we make love with her. Two weeks later, my dream came true. Despite her youth, in this case it was a real ace ...
- By pumping out money or ?! - The woman looked at the man.
- A month later, she was tired of me ... But the way back was not, - man stopped, walked to the window and opened it.
Fresh air filled the room.
- It has been almost four months since I live in Svetlana E. ... Thank her that warmed ...
The room phone rang. The woman picked up the phone quickly.
- Yes, dear ... Yes, dear, - she said, and a smile lit up the woman's face. - As you say, honey ... No, it is not necessary to call me ... We meet near the cinema "Prometheus" ... As usual ... No ... Spend this evening in the restaurant! How much of this life!
The woman hung up and looked at the man. In those few seconds, he looked like a hit, a helpless animal. She went into the bedroom, opened the closet, and put a few dresses on the bed. Tears squeezed woman's throat. She tried to overcome itself. A woman wearing an emerald dress that clung to her figure, gold necklace and looked at herself in the mirror. These were the last gifts that her husband had brought from Paris.
She went to the bedroom ... legs give way ... Tears of crushed throat ... The woman slowly began to descend the stairs. She saw what plaintive eyes, he looked at her.
- You'll come home tonight? - He asked, leaning his hands on the table.
- I do not know - she replied briefly and briskly walked to the door.
She went out of the gate house and sobbed.
Bell worked well. She asked her friend to one several times a day called her, until a coveted result. She wandered around the city and thoughts were concentrated on only one man - the husband, whom she loved madly. She came home, went into the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed. The man was breathing heavily. She took his hand and held it to his lips.
- I bought yesterday Katya birthday gift. I want to make this gift to give you ... She was so happy when I told him that you're back.
- Our daughter will be twelve on Sunday. How time flies ...
She put her hand on the burned body. The man flinched. She smiled:
- Other times women do not joke ... Women's vengeance is always much more treacherous than men.
- I got it - he said softly, and smiled and looked at his wife.
Koblenz, Germany

This female orgasm

My name is Andrew. I am 21 years old. Last summer I was vacationing in the Crimea, together with his girlfriend. She is 20. The figure of her, I would say unmatched. The narrow waist, firm buttocks and a third the size of the breast. In the summer, especially in hot weather, it never wears a bra and prefers to wear white tops and T-shirts, so halos of her breasts always show through clothes. The first week of vacation coming to an end. During this time I fucked her in all the cracks. And in her behavior, I began to notice that she slowly tried to avoid another orgy. I'm the kind of person that enjoy when my partner beats orgasms.
At the beginning of our orgies I lick my pussy girls until the first orgasm will cover it. Then I start slowly introduce a full term in her vagina juices. First, moving slowly, I give her to recover, and when she herself begins podmahivat his ass to meet my cock, I fucked it up aggressively semiconscious state. When my girlfriend to wear out no longer understands anything fun begins. I like to fuck my girl hand. I put it in the vagina, first developed three fingers, then another one and now all five fingers inside her. Slowly I push through them deeper and deeper. She starts to moan: my hand with difficulty, but still the whole is inside. She starts to rebound, trying to break free, but it's too late, my hand deep inside her: little posoprotivlyatsya she resigns himself to the role of whores caught: During the attempt she gets punished resistance. Without taking his hands from her crotch, I spit grease hole it popochki and jerky enter into it as a member. When her body is exhausted once again beat in orgasm I finish with it in her ass: And finally, I will take pictures of your exhaust girlfriend lying on a bed with flowing cum from her ass. And after a week of rest, she began to get tired of this fucking.
And what we've found a way out of this situation, I will tell you in the next story. To do or have comments please write me an email [email protected] I'd love to know the opinion of the girls.

He and she. Start

Both waited for the meeting with fear ... it - in front of her experience, she - in front of his youth. The train arrived on time. His lanky figure could not be confused with anyone else. Flowers .. Awkwardness first embrace ... Then - eye to eye - and face blossomed sparkling joy of understanding. Home in a hurry as if he had to leave this minute. As stuffy in the car .. These damn lights ... He felt her timid hand on his knee, and the whole body pierced wave of wild passion, heart jumped to his throat, and frozen in anticipation, then start the countdown hectic new life. "younger"And so it was in readiness, he began to drool and very disturbed to drive.
She smiled softly to himself, sometimes coming back to the real world, and drowned him in his green eyes. Lips parted ... licked ...
God !!! Beauty! No, not a Hollywood star, but good ... real women! A bust ... Damn, do not look back - it's a miracle Drove home without crashing!
We arrived ... Hurry, hurry home! Elevator ... Key refuses to get into the keyhole ... Finally! God, from her stupefying smells !!!
Grabbed her in his arms ... "I want you so much!!!" She lifted her head, eyes caressed his face and reached up ... "I, too, very much !!!"
Before bed traveled without opening the lips, tongues started doing unthinkable pas in the mouths of both. He pounded trembling when her gentle fingers, ran over her shoulders, back and buttocks, moved to the chest and abdomen and teasing fluttered to the groin, squeezed a member at the head, walked up to the scrotum. He moaned and stronger pressed her to him, holding his ass.
Separated from each other to throw the clothes ...
God, why did she wear a dress? !!! This delicious !!!
Oh, mein Goth, as he is handsome, and a machine !!!
His unit is really good - thick, long, stubbornly staring him right in the chin - no foreskin could not hide it excited gun. It has long been wet with desire, but then he suddenly wanted to bring to a frenzy, zalaskat to cry. She took the initiative ... I sat down on his feet, allowing to caress her breasts. He enjoyed "weighing" breasts in his hands, kneading her fingers squeezing her nipples.
She suddenly freed, moved above - so that the breasts swayed over his face, and kissed pubis wet penis.
Uhh !!!! Not to finish ahead of time!
Melons 4th size dropped very low and started to face Iron-on transfer. He caught nipples lips and tried to keep his fingers fluttering. She sharply, but gently pressed her hands his hands to the bed, and breast spanked cheeks. Magically!!! Papillae slid below ... Member has not just stood and strove to break away from the body, but she did not seem to notice - and buds tickled very close ...
Oh .. touched the head ...
Let's go down the legs ...
Hot tongue licked the scrotum ...
Now the leg ..
Again testicles ...
Member throbbing with impatience, and was startled by the touch - and then gently slid into her mouth. AAAAAAA !!!!
He has had only one woman, very young girl, sad sack, so now he felt like a real virgin, crazy of pleasure pulled hard. Its aroma aroused His greater tuberosity member, but most of all - his eyes, his crazy with desire, and such beautiful eyes !!!
She clenched her hands her breasts so that cock slid between them across the length and caressed the head - with gusto ...
Domes ...
Bridle ...
And here ...
Again, completely in the mouth - to its foundations ...
Suck ...
Again lick ...
CREATOR, YOU knowingly deprive us of FIN !!!! LTD!!!
Then he lay down on it, by reaching the lips ... If "younger" could speak, it would have cried ... "Well, where are you? !!!! YET!!!! !" But she pressed his belly to the body, rotating the hips ... ooooooo !!!!
I pulled up above ...
He swung his legs on either side of his body ...
About MIRACLE !!!
Member buried in the coveted entrance, paused for a moment, and went ...
She felt like a hot thick trunk gently but demandingly mastered her vagina.
Sela, bent legs, and gasped from the approaching orgasm. He involuntarily moved forward, trying to get as deep as possible.
She stopped, biting his frictions and sweeping movements suddenly began to jump on a limb, feeling an increasing his tension. And from somewhere in the depths of her breasts escaped a groan, who went through the second animal cry. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!!! This was beyond him - her hot vagina, shrinking, not given "younger" keep seed. OOOOOOOOOOOO !!!! Ooooooo !!!!
Elastic jets hit several times in the vaginal wall, and, as if in gratitude for such irrigation, at Her freewheeling new orgasm.
Oh, neighbors envy !!!! YOU COULD NOT HEAR THIS!
Small break...
In his apartment, a new life began.
But that is another story.
To be continued.


My name is Vladimir, I am 32 years. This happened recently when my neighbor Svetlana hurriedly went on a business trip and asked me to look after her daughter. Her name was Lena, she was 11 years old, she was skinny girl with awkward figure, hair the color of ripe wheat, and big brown eyes. In the evening I arrived at their home, said that his mother had gone on for two days and asked me to look after her. She met me in a tee shirt, shorts and socks up to the knees. I cooked her dinner, she was at this time made the lessons we ate, I went into the room and sat down to watch TV. Helen was doing something in your room, after a while I decided to see what she was doing there. Entering the room, I saw her sitting at the computer and stared at pornokartinki in which a man was fucking the girl on the desk. I stood in the doorway, she turned around and saw me.
She quickly closed the picture, I went to the desk and looking at her said:
- Helen, what are you considering?
- Oh, Uncle Vova is accidentally opened, do not know why .. - she blushed and lowered her head - You do not tell my mom?
I looked at her, I had the idea in my head "And if it attach to sex life? She has 11 years, interest in sex can be seen, so why not indulge?" These thoughts swirl flashed through my mind, and I decided:
- No, darling, do not tell, but on one condition, you tell me where did you get these pictures?
- I Natasha from third entrance gave - she admitted, embarrassed - she them at his brother downloaded.
- And you wonder what's happening to them?
She blushed even more and nodded. I put an arm around her shoulders leaned closer to her and whisper asked:
- And you've seen of the pussy in boys?
- No.
- And I would like to see?
She blushed again and said quietly - yes. I felt that excited, and became a member of the stirred up.
- And let me show you my pussy, and you give me my, do you agree?
She thought for a while and said she is shy and afraid that my mother finds out and scold her. I tried to explain to her that all embarrassed, and my mother, we did not say it will be our secret, she agreed .: moved to the bed, I stood in front of her, and he took a little worrying tights, and then shorts. My pretty big already a member, 19 cm, already half rose and a girl, all eyes staring at him.
- Wow, what a great - she stared at him and giggled, he went up and in a few seconds appeared before her in all its glory.
- Like? - I turned sideways, then stood up again directly.
- Yeah, - she admitted shyly, intently watching him.
- If you want, you can touch it, I allow.
Again she was embarrassed and giggled shyly reached out and touched her fingers head member shuddered she jerked her hand startled.
- Oh, he is moving, and why?
- You just really like him, do not be afraid to take it in the palm, touch, as you wish.
Again she reached out and took hold of the trunk of her fingers, I moved closer to her, these touches, I was excited to such an extent that the blood pounded in his temples. She continued to touch and examine my cock, quite emboldened and took hold of it with both hands, drove his fingers on the trunk, compressing his palms.
- Well, darling, it's your turn, I showed you, now you show me - I said in a voice hoarse with excitement.
- Okay, once you turn away, and then I'm embarrassed - embarrassed and she blushed.
I turned away, he heard rustling behind filmed shorts.
- All I'm ready.
I turned around, she was sitting on the bed in a T-shirt and socks, her slender legs with sharp knees were clenched and I saw only lobochek in which more hairs and it really was not. The sight made my penis stiffen sharply. I stood beside her on his lap and stroked her thighs tried to push her legs apart. After overcoming a slight resistance of her legs parted and my eyes appeared puffy soft lips sex. It was such a beautiful sight that I have already caught his breath.
- If you want, I'll give you a very nice? Only for this purpose it is necessary to completely undress, let's take off everything. - I took off my shirt and pulled off his tee shirt off her, he surprisingly did not resist. Under the T-shirt was found only small breasts began to form sharp protruding nipples, I nudged her shoulders, and she lay down on the bed. She moved closer and leaned held his tongue over her soft lips. She shivered and tried to squeeze the legs, but I did not let her do it.
- Quiet, small, relax, do not worry, I will not hurt you.
- She lay there, frozen, I parted the labia majora and began carefully to drive his tongue over her pink virgin pussy.
After a few minutes, she moistened and Helen, closing his eyes began to breathe heavily. I continued to caress her clitoris and the small narrow hole, she suddenly gasped and a shiver passed over her thin body, I realized - she had finished. I got up, she was lying, spread legs, his eyes were wide open, they stood in the mist and lips parted, the spectacle drove me crazy and I decided.
Sitting down, I framed a member to her hot wet pussy and began to drive them on her, she shuddered and moaned.
- Do not worry, darling, everything will be fine - I said, and pushed a little member forward. The head parted her pink lips, she took a deep breath. I lowered my eyes, and the blood pounded in his head, I saw my big dick looked tense next to this naked girl - a teenager. Tolerate already nebylo forces, I almost lay on her and put his hands on her shoulders under her, cupped her hands over her shoulders. She opened her eyes and looked at me.
- You are my sweetheart, Now you need a little patience, all right? - I said, and pushed a member of the stronger. She uncomfortably under me.
- Ah, ah - bit sponge - do not hurt me.
But I did not realize anything, I only felt a little hot schelochku and how my dick in it rests. I growled and pushed with force member forward. Head overcoming resistance came halfway. She screamed and twitched.
- Aaaayy release .. .. .. bolnooo mamochkaaaa ... - she clutched her fingers into my side and tried to crawl out from under me.
I again strongly pushed member forward while pulling her under him by the shoulders.
- AAAAAAAAAAA .... - she cried, and her eyes rolled slzki.
My cock, barely parting her crack, torn thin hymen entered her half and rested in the dearest. Oh my God, what is this feeling: it is compressing it so tightly that it seemed just about will tear inside was hot and very crowded. I clamped her mouth with one hand and began to fuck her. She was sobbing and calling the kettle black, this is only further inflamed me, and I continued to go to her ... a narrow tunnel with renewed vigor. A few more moves and I finished right in it. Very removing member, I watched from her vagina red from the friction follows my sperm mixed with a small amount of blood. She continued to cry and turned to the side pulled the legs to the chest. I lay down beside him and stroked his arm around her telling her gentle words and soothing.
Gradually she calmed down, I carried her into the bath, we showered, but more about an hour she did not speak to me. Then I was able to return to its location, and we went to bed together, talked a long time about the incident. We agreed that no one will know what happened and it will remain our secret. The next day her mother came back in the evening, I assured her that everything is in order, and everything went on as usual. A week after school Helen looked to me for tea and .... but that's another story.


Went I somehow to Nastya. Went on business, or give, or take the abstract, I do not remember. She met me at the door, she offered to go inside and have a beer. I never gave up the slack, and happily agreed. I must say that Nastia apparently liked me a little bit, with its lush elastic breast, round ass, and with a thin waist. Nature play a bit on it, making put forward by the jaw forward, which slightly spoils it. It was not too noticeable in campaigns, a little shy and diligent in their studies. As they say, "I would have fucked her," but did not make much effort. Who could know what a passionate and sophisticated it was.
But all in order. I went into the living room and plopped down on a chair. Their apartment was well furnished, as Papa Nasti took a pretty good position at a bank. We feel the style and wealth. And indeed Anastasia dressed tastefully, but not sexy like the guys like. But this time she was wearing a very short skirt and a light beacon. I looked at her with interest slender legs, and that it seems to have noticed.
When he returned from the kitchen with two bottles of beer and glasses, Nastya filled their contents, and handed me, sat on the couch. We, drinking beer, began to discuss our institute proceedings. Alcohol almost gave in the head, and the conversation flowed quite lively and fun. I suddenly began to smile like Nastia.
When the first bottle was over, Nastia went to the kitchen and came back and sat on the arm of his chair, explaining that we were far away, and I had to speak loudly. Finally, her bare thighs were so close. While she was pouring the beer, I clung to their eyes. Suddenly my hand involuntarily reached out and laid her on the leg. Nastya did not threw it, but only smiled. A hand, meanwhile, began to move the thigh girl, caressing her soft and velvet skin. I felt her body ran goose.
- Can I sit on your lap? On the arm is not convenient - and it is not waiting for an answer, I sat down on his feet.
Meanwhile, I have one hand caressed her knee, and the other pulling her waist, he hugged her. Nastya did not resist. She wrapped her thin arms around my neck, and our lips closed. At first I felt it was what most delicate mokrenkie sponge. They were sweet and soft at the same time. We kissed tenderly, gently sucking. But in me is already beginning to play a passion, and I strongly pressed to a girl, and at the same time caressing her leg, has already entered the language in her deep mouth and examined its interior. Nastia was malleable, and I felt like herself. She sucked my tongue, she stroked it with the tip of his tongue, it is slightly biting it with his teeth. Her breasts pressed against me and betrayed a desire, by the fact that I felt her nipples tightened. I began to fondle them through the shirt, stroking gently. Having played with the nipples, I began to squeeze her breasts. It is pleasure released my mouth, threw back her head and closed his eyes, moaning slightly. Now my kisses have covered her soft neck. I easily kissed her, licked the ear, then began to fall and kiss the top of his chest. My cock is already stood up and strongly resisted in the thigh girl, she could not help but feel.
Leaning toward me, Nastia whispered in my ear that he had long wanted to please me.
- I'll dance for you - with these words she stood with me, giving freedom to my compressed member, and include slow music started back to me to make erotic movement.
She did not see, but probably felt, as I eagerly explored through the eyes of her chiseled figure. Her movements became more frank and erotic. Fingers she took the bottom edge of t-shirts, and, turning to me, began to raise gradually. When Nastia completely pulled off his shirt, my eyes had the views of the mesmerizing her breasts, which, swaying, forced the blood to fill the new member of the jet, which seemed to already about to tear the pants.
Nastya went on the strip, the sound of music, stroking his body and legs. She took her breasts in his hands approaching the nipple to tilt her face and licking nipples. Erotic moving, she again turned her back to me, she began to pull her skirt, bent and straightening the legs. The skirt is gently lowered on hips, freeing up the ass, and now I see a little triangle of her thin little white panties. Sinking lower skirt opened my view on Nastya's crotch panties veiled, but awesome looking between the buttocks and legs. I was trembling and shaking from the stress, I baldel and enjoyed both. Nastya, throwing off her skirt and throwing her leg, looked at me between the spaced legs. Her gentle smile struck me. My hand went to the penis and began stroking him through his pants.
- You're that cute? - She straightened up and walked toward me.
I saw that the front of her panties were lacy and even more sexy. Approaching me, Nastia quickly unbuttoned and pulled off my pants and underpants.
- This I want to do. Take off your shirt - she took my hand from the base to break out and hanging member.
It was red from the tension and tightness that which he had to endure.
- Poor. You probably did it hurt? Now I caress you, - these words were no longer to me.
She said this, looking at the head of the penis.
Girls licked a couple of times a member of the end. She moved his hand gently on my skin member, a second hand caressed my testicles. Then she swallowed the head with his lips and began to suck it. Feelings were funky and my breath stopped. Istuplno I looked at what is happening between my legs. And in the meantime Nastia really tried with might and main. She carefully licked the trunk and eggs, she gently biting and kissing the entire surface of the member. I both wanted and feared to come.
- Stand up, - she said, and I dutifully obeyed.
Now looking from below my eyes, she swallowed a mouth member of the full length, and strongly sucked it. Her nose rested against my hairy crotch, my head has penetrated deep into her throat, and could see the dimples in his cheeks from the strong sucking. Our views were inseparable, and we looked at each other with undisguised lust. I stroked her hands the girl's head, I caressed her ears, back, neck, cheeks. Press down on the head, I gave birth to a new Nasty action, and she began to move her mouth on the penis. Her lips tightly wrapped around my boyfriend, moving back and forth, I helped her, holding her ears. The tips of nails she walked through the skin of the testicles, gently tickling me. Continue so long could I have already lost control of himself, plunged into an orgasm while spewing semen in the girl's mouth. I was afraid to lower right in the mouth, and stuck his dick out of her mouth. Several spray hit her face. Nastya, abruptly grabbed my buttocks and pressed his cock and swallowed again greedily sucked all the sperm splashes me. ABOUT! What a cool buzz - cum in the mouth and feel as at the same time sucking cock. I twitched and screamed with delight.
When he finished, I stood and watched as Nastia continued to suck dick sagging. She took hold of the penis, and, thrusting his fingers of the second hand, I gathered from the face of a drop of sperm, and sent them in her mouth, sucking her finger.
- What is it you tasty!
Nastya, again taking in her mouth limp dick, start sucking on it, sucking the remnants of a thick liquid.
- ...Careful Nastya. And vysosesh superfluous.
- And what do you have too much? - Her cheerful smile made her smile in response.
- Well, actually, I very much wanted to write, after beer, - I answered embarrassed.
- And, you pee on me - she said suddenly, and his mouth wide open and tongue hanging out sitting on his knees, took his hands over his chest, caressing them.
I suddenly wanted to accomplish what previously seemed to me unacceptable and I am holding a soft member, and sending it to the person Nastya, she began to write. The first drops were not in the mouth and on the face, but she did not even stir, and when a thin stream of golden liquid, not touching anything, just flew straight into her throat, closed her eyes with pleasure. Once in the mouth, urine penetrated further and gurgled merrily, byas of the throat wall. I watched in fascination at this picture and baldel from coming into my head for new sensations.
The jet gradually thickens and Nastia did not have time to swallow it. The cavity of her mouth, too, are gradually filled with urine. Though her mouth was large, but still, it quickly filled, and now the yellow-golden liquid flowed from the corners of his mouth on his chest and the girl's feet. She rubbed its body while rubbing. Meanwhile, I have already finished and trickle, relax, hit the protruding tongue, and spray began to scatter in all directions, while remaining as small droplets on the eyelashes and the hair of the girl. I almost did not get an orgasm to stop writing, and her daughter clasped his lips, spit on my chest and stomach fluid gathered in the mouth.
I was stunned by the courage and recklessness of this girl, and sitting down on his knees and began to kiss her wet lips. It substitutes my face and neck. Reaching into my hair, she pressed on his head, made my lips pressed against her nipples cured. I began to lick their language, I, clasping their lips, sucking the hard berries. My hand was on her tummy, and began caressing his sink.
- Do not rush. I told you not all did - with these words she raised me and told me to be on the "cancer" chair.
Not knowing why it is necessary, I climbed up on a chair, and with his hands in his chair, put his ass high back, kneeling on the armrests. My eggs and hung member. Nastya meanwhile sitting behind began to lick them. She did this not for long, as they were not its purpose. This, I felt, and felt the tip of her tongue, looking up from the eggs began to climb higher. She hands gently parted my buttocks, and now I felt a hole in my priests, gently touches her tongue. It was a powerful experience. Warm it gently stroking the skin around the hole, presenting her warmth. Heat also felt the breath of her nose. rough language makes you feel every movement. There, I never experienced the sweet sensation. I looked at the girl's actions over the back, turning his head strongly.
Nastya, meanwhile, moved away, and a few seconds looking at my ass. Then he attaches it to the anus with his lips and began to suck him, as if kissing. I felt like in the hole trying to penetrate the tongue, and tried to relax the ass. But no matter what, to get him into the interior could not be me. Then Nastya put nose to the hole, and push, shallow entered them into me. It is free hand rolled my balls and a member of the wanker. Just moving the pope in my nose, she pulled away and put me in a hole the index finger. What great feeling flooded me, and I can not tell you. She gently and persistently fucked me in the ass with your finger while masturbate my risen member. Feeling that the ring priests softened, she added to the index finger middle, and have fun with two fingers caressed the inside of my priests. Nastya, pulling fingers and stopping to masturbate member, stood up. I slowly came to himself from the caresses that she gave me.
The girl went to the cupboard and took out a dildo medium-sized shelves, came back to me. Without hesitation, she drove it into my hole and began diligently to move them, hearing me moan with pleasure. She's increased tempo and amplitude, but I still wanted and wanted it to continue.
I touched his penis, and I realized that this firm I had never felt. I jumped up from his chair and put Nastya in the position in which was until now. Sitting down and pulling her panties, I saw before my eyes its tender buds of love, exuding a pleasant aroma and expiring nectar tkshim on hips. I licked the back side of her legs, I walked tongue over the inside of the knee. Looking up, I licked flowing on the outside of the discharge, rising higher and higher. When my nose Nasty reached sexual sponges, and parted them, stroked their internal side, the girl, biting her lip and moaned. She began gently wagging her ass. Meanwhile, I have to lick her pussy and inserting it deep into his long tongue, he tried to fuck her. My hands caressed her hips and ass. And my lips, meanwhile, found the clitoris Nasty cured and gently suck it fragile and eager process. Nose meanwhile plunged so deeply into the vagina of a girl that I felt it as her muscles moving, cutting and grasping that penetrated into it. Carefully licked pussy Nasty, I went to her ass, remembering how nice caress she gave me to lick her. I tried to caress her ass with no less zeal and diligence. Girls wagged her ass, getting me unearthly excitement, she helped me, masturbating, she fingered the clitoris itself.
Realizing that the time to act, I stood up and proudly sending their rampant member in the bosom of the girl drove it to its full length, so that the eggs failed to hurt her hips. Then I felt that I was not comfortable remembered that in my ass sticks out phallus, and pulled him and threw a chair. Nastya took it and stuffed it into his mouth, as if sucking the second term. I, meanwhile, grabbed her hands on her ass and began to fuck deeply will drive his weapon. I parted the head tightly compressed wall of the vagina, and, feeling the waves of pleasure walking through the body Nasty, increased the tempo. She snorted from the buzz, as her mouth was busy phallus. She held on to the back of the chair with one hand, and the other rubbing the clitoris itself. She turned her head back and looked into my eyes full of lust. I slapped her hand on the buttocks. It was a reddish trail. Nastya, sticking his mouth phallus, sent me a kiss, and I realized that she likes it. I began, still fuck, spank on her ass and thighs, and she screamed, so I did it again and again. It almost was all red from the blows, and I wanted to fuck her in the ass.
Pulling out of her cock, I moved his head on the hole of her ass, lubricating secretions. I put his head to the hole, and strongly and sharply pressed, entered her tight ass. I press down and move forward, overcoming a wild pain. Anastasia screamed hysterically, she, too, was hurt. Plunged his club to its full length, I stopped. Bending down, I began to kiss her back and shoulders. Clasping her hands, she was someone else I got to her breasts and began to fondle them. Their elasticity and large sizes pleased me. Nastia turned her head, and we began to kiss. Our tongues began to touch each other, intertwined in a mad dance.
Gradually, the pain goes away. She went and Nastia, I realized in her eyes decompress. She was breathing with desire. I began to slowly move the member in her ass. Initially, these movements brought me and it an easy pain. But we are gradually getting used to each other, and I gradually increased the amplitude and speed of movement, bringing joy to both of us. Nastya in a bun hair ... and holding them, I pulled her head back, and strongly pulling, play themselves. I slapped her a couple of slap. And it is only with approval requested:
- More more. Fuck me darling, fuck! Do not stop.
She put a dildo their pussy and began to fuck myself to them. But I wanted to fuck, and now catching it from her, I began to fuck her two holes. And she again began to rub the clitoris itself. I felt like the girl rubs inside of my penis dildo, and her daughter howling with delight. I took a second phallus, and at that moment his hand Nasty penetrated her vagina completely drowning in it. I felt this hand hugged the trunk of my cock inside the girl and began to masturbate him. It was too much, and I inadvertently inserting myself in the ass dildo and began to finish in the girl filling it with warm sperm. Our cries filled the room. Yes, probably the whole house heard us was good. We ended up at the same time, and we were absolutely indifferent to the rest of the world. Nastia squirmed and shook in convulsions. Her insides clenched strongly, stretching my orgasm. It lasted about a minute. For a long time, and rapidly I never ends.
Even when he had finished, I still remained agitated, and pulled out a squelch of Nasty ass dick, I saw how much was open her ass hole. From it flowed my sperm. Nothing is wondering, I have attached to this opening his mouth and began to suck hungrily arising therefrom viscous and salty sperm. My tongue penetrated deep inside, and began to lick her inner walls of the colon. From the way dramatically shrunk ring anus, and shiver ran through the body of Nastia, I realized that she repeated the word orgasm.
Again, it had to be removed from the priests difficult language. He was strongly compressed her hole and strongly stretched, when I tried to move his head back. Curled spring he jumped into my mouth, and her daughter looked at me apologetically between spaced legs.
- Now it's your turn - I said, and she knew what to do.
Heavenly purity and transparency of the urine of a young girl, splashed my face, showering him with warmth and moisture. The golden color glittered in the sunlight entering the room through the curtains. The smell, fell into my nostril spray mingled with the smell of its discharge and my sperm, it clouded my brain. I bathed in such a trickle, like soaping yourself. When you have finished writing, she turned to me and hugged, kissed. And I was finally exhausted, flopped down on the floor. Waking up, I felt like Nastya, lying on me kissing my chest, neck and cheeks. I turned to her and we kissed.
- Do you still have power? - She asked.
- If left, then just a little bit.
- Well, I'll take them, lyubimenky.
Rising, she began kissing my whole body. Do not leave it on site Never Been Kissed, Nastya has focused his attention on the penis, carefully masturbate and sucking it. I took her ass, sat pisey to your mouth and began to lick her crotch. Thus, in position 69, and we approach each other to orgasm. I sucked the clitoris and introduced her finger in the ass and then a dildo. My hands caressed her buttocks and thighs. Nastya legs bent at the knees, and I saw the side of his face her feet. Pododvinuv one of them to myself, I began to kiss her fingers. Reaching the thumb, I, absorbing his lips and began to suck it. Nastia liked it so much that she began to move furiously on my cock lips. She sucked very badly, and I quickly excited, finished her straight in the mouth. At this time the sperm was not much, and Nastya did not absorb it, and squeezing out of his mouth, he spits on the head of a member, on his hand, jerking off cock on my balls. Then she began to lick sperm. She did it so well that soon have all shone with cleanliness.
Immersed in a dream, I do not understand how Nastia shifted me on the sofa. I woke up a few hours later. From the kitchen came the smell of a delicious dinner.
- Nastia! - I shouted.
- Have you already woken up. Now we will have lunch. You need to gain strength, - heard from the kitchen.
I heard the clatter of heels. And now he came into the room Nastya. She was very sexy panties, white fishnet stockings with lace rezinochkami. On her feet were sandals dlinyuschih heels. From under the short and buttoned, light shirt, you could see her beautiful breasts. Hands girls and neck were covered with gold ornaments. A thin gold chain with a heart hanging on her leg. On one of the toes I also found a gold ring. Nastia was very nice and brightly dyed.
- Indeed it is necessary to eat - standing up and taking a towel from the hands of a girl, I said.
- Marsh in a bath.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]