Once in Armenia

I found a hole in a fence, and it proshmygnuv stealthily walked towards the village. Our military unit stationed in Armenia to protect Russian facilities was not far from Yerevan. The nearby village I separated the highway strip. Although it was dark, and I had to see the light from the headlights of the approaching car, after all, the appearance of right in front of me a Mercedes with dark glasses, seemed mysterious. Glass dropped and I saw behind the wheel of thirty Armenian.
- What are you doing here, soldier?
- Yes, so I went for a walk.
- And yet?
- We decided to have a drink with the guys Chachi, that I had the place to go.
- Sit down'll drive. I have a house in the village.
I plopped down on the seat, and aroma cabin engulfed me. We got to talking, and the driver offered to buy him chacha. Rolled up to the three-storey house with a high fence, Armen was the name of a man, he found a remote control gate and opened it. After parking the car, we went into the house. It was quite large, and it was felt the wealth of the owner.
Pointing me to go into the living room, Armen he went to the kitchen and soon returned, holding a few bottles and plates with a snack and a fruit bowl.
- What are we going to try? Cognac and wine? Or is it chacha? - Slyly smiling and throwing on the table a pack of cigarettes, he said. - Or maybe you want a cigar? And it is.
I, hungry to excesses soldier dizzy. Armen opened the brandy and filled the glasses. We drank to good fortune, and a snack of smoked meat. The conversation went about the service, and I began to suspect that I was offered that any part of the stand. Such proposals often came from the village. But I did not want to steal and not to use these proposals. In addition, the man continued to pour and fun to talk a bit mangling words and speaking with an accent, change themes.
I was quite relaxed, drunk, fun and whinnying of every joke. Finally Armen spoke about the love. He asked me if I had a girlfriend? I said that when he left the army, I accompanied one, but judging by the number of letters received obviously I had a girl there.
- And she has a narrow hole?
- Yes, I so much and did not understand, narrow or not. I had only a couple of times, and I is not had time to pay attention.
- Want pozov¸m slut with a narrow hole? For example, I like the narrow hole.
- Yes, probably not - for some reason I got scared and thought about the children remaining in the part.
- Well, then let's drink more, but let's try the wine - Armen poured into glasses of dry white wine.
After I drank it and felt a strong start to feel dizzy, I sat on the couch and passed out for a while. Waking up, I felt like sitting down next to Armen began to knead my cock through the trousers. My drunken brain, disable shame, did not care who caresses me a man or a woman and I relaxed, smiled Armenia. He saw the approval of my hand, pulled off my pants and underpants. When a member has resurfaced, he began swaying, surging. The man liked the size of my bolts, and he, holding his hand and began gently stroking it. He spat on the head and began stroking his hand. I enjoyed the way he does it gently. Armen slightly bent down, and, licking, started completed the head a couple of times the language. I have not the women having had abruptly ended, long cum splashing into the air.
- Well, you're sharp. Where a hurry? Maybe now you try? - With these words, he unzipped his fly and pulled the pants and underpants.
When Armen straightened up, I almost screamed in surprise. Before my eyes was hanging member of the sheer size. It was not yet risen phallus, 25 centimeters long and terribly thick. I'm looking spellbound at this hairy monster sat between Armenian legs and began to approach the person to him. I do not ever have sex with men, considering it unworthy, but seeing this giant, I would like to caress and lick it. I took hold of it with his hand and began to peel off his shift. He was more gentle and docile, but when I started to crumple, felt the veins on it began to throb blood filling the member why he began to harden and pushes up. When he finally stood, looking straight up at the ceiling, I wanted to lick his tongue, which I began to do, licking the barrel of this fine establishment.
I licked every millimeter, I passionately licking and biting eggs, delving into his hairline, which climbed into my eyes, but I still liked me. When it was licked, I grabbed a member of both hands at once, good length allowed, and sending the head in his mouth and began to greedily suck it so that my cheeks were formed dimples. Armen was visibly pleased with what was read on his face. At first, he stroked my hair, and then took over his ears, began to stick to your penis. A huge head rested in his throat. The man pushed harder on my crown and I felt my throat, expanding, taking it to absorb long guns. My breath sp¸rlos, but I was pleased, and I continued to please Armen.
- Teper I want to fuck you in the ass.
He pulled out of my mouth monster, and while I was "cancer" and relied on the sofa, stood behind. I felt my hole dripped saliva. Then Armen lightly massaged my ass and put a finger to her end. I was trembling with fright, and he began to press. His head still grew and grew, and I'm still relaxed. Finally, I felt a lot of pain, he realized that his head has already entered into me. He mumbled stopped himself:
- How narrow and cool!
Gradually, the pain leaving and coming buzz, fascinated me, and began to drive member Armen me deeply. I felt as gently pushes the walls of the rectum of his end, and he tried to take it with a kind caress. Who would have thought that a member of the pope feel so cool. I began to wag his booty and felt my thighs touched his balls. To drive the entire length of a club, the man slapped me a couple of times on the buttocks, bringing pleasure burning pain.
When Armenia began to move back, I realized what an unearthly pleasure can give each other a man. I howled with joy and asked him to continue, he asked not to stop. I hand he jerked off his dick, which was standing and was firm as steel. I've never felt it so. It seemed to me that it has increased in size and was ready to burst. And Armenia has made the pope a few jolts, shouted loudly and began to fill my insides warm sperm. This is even more excited me, but alcohol did not let me finish, although I masturbate furiously.
Satisfied Armen sat on the sofa, legs wide apart, picked up his feet and began to masturbate his limp dick.
Come on. Go ahead - it is second hand parted her hole and put your finger in there.
I absolutely ochumevshy approached his priest, and began to lick the hole language. I inserted a finger in it, then a second and violently fucked him while he jerked himself getting up member. Straightening up, I easily put Armenia in the ass her boyfriend, and, unable to even move a couple, feeling his muscles are reduced rectal finished by wild excitement. Taking a member of razdrochennoy assholes Armen, I began to lick the sperm flow from there. Orgasm ... Nakata on an Armenian, and he began to cum, semen filling his chest and face. He smeared semen on the face and licked her tongue.
Exhausted, we quickly fell asleep.
The next night in a hole in the fence portion, I was waiting Mercedes. Sitting in the car and greeted with Armen, I noticed that the back seat sat my aunt.
- She has two narrow holes - wink, he told me a man.
- Do we need it?
I do not wonder is asked, by the fact that the events in the future really evolved so that my aunt was involved only looking at us and masturbating in our copulation, or sucking dick to whose ass fucked right now. We did not even allow her to swallow his sperm, taking only each other's face. Sometimes a woman was allowed to fuck our priests hand turning palm straw and thrust it almost the entire length to the elbow after the pope has been a member of the other. Sometimes I let her deep thrust himself into the hole and tongue licking the inside of the priests. But her caresses and kisses were nothing compared with the pleasure I derived from Armen. Service was no longer so boring.
Author: Glory Pushkin E-mail: [email protected]


I was friends with them for many years and did not even know about who they really are! They were like older brothers to me!
All the time protected me from trouble, rescued, if that ... Though often joked as on the younger brother: I'm not offended, easily perceived, if I got it a little more work in some common cause ... well, everything was zashib! They - these are my friends. All a bit older than me, but we were friends! And one, and at the same time a terrible night ... We were six of us in my house. It was summer and very hot. Therefore, almost all were stripped to his underpants. I always hesitate to such moments, because bump in my bathing suit was always less than that of others ... That's why I wore a little family.
We sat and drank cold beer and chatted about life in general .. it bored ... started wih klatsat remote control, and stopped at some erotic channel. For a while all watched the action unfolding on the screen. In general, I was excited, and judging by the increased knobs at once, not only me. Suddenly, sitting beside Kostya, put his hand on my knee, and slowly led her up ... No, we used to joke, they say "Eugene, today there are no girls, so for them will be you". Well, in general picked on each other .... But I was all the time it seemed that it was a joke. I stepped back, but then I went to Victor's hand on the other foot, I tried to get up, but someone pushed my shoulders ... I cried ... In the meantime, the hands (which was already 4) closer to the very innermost ... I tried to remove their hands, but they were immediately pressed and not allowed to move ... Nogami I can jerk you like, I did not get one of ... hands slid under the little family ... I screamed! I was pleased at the touch, and at the same disgusting because it makes guys. Bunch easily slipped from me ... Seryoga turned on the music at full, and me, kicking, dragged into the bathroom ... Eugene tipped me over the side, who was holding hands, and someone pushed the bread ...
After adjusting the water, I was assigned to the pope shower and turned on the head !!! Enema I did before, though not as exotic way. I screamed and tried to wriggle ... As I pumped clearly more than 3 liters, and barely let me go, I slid down into the tub and relaxed. The procedure was repeated 7-8 times until I did not come out of the clear water !!! Then a couple more times, just in case ... The anus itched, and all because of these water treatments, I lost all will to resist. I washed a power shower, threw a towel, wipe saying ... I guess they want to, and begged them not to do so. Nevertheless, I was wiped, and he wandered them back into the room ... On the way through the corridor, I glanced at the front door. She also inside is locked, and the key has been removed .. the escape should not have to dream.
In the hall, Kostya, pushed me on the sofa and I stumbled and fell. Victor lowered his pants, with shorts, and came up to me.
- Well, that'll suck?
It was a favorite phrase of Nikita, but before I heard it only when talking to girls, and here .... Before me there was his penis.
I shook my head. Then I was seized by the hair, and someone's fingers pressed under the cheekbones, and I had to open my mouth. Immediately his cock was in my mouth!
- Hide your teeth, the nipple!
Victor shouted. Then he grabbed me by the hair, and took it over anywhere .... I am still here, I had, in obedience to his hands, moving his mouth back and forth along its stem ... After some time, I have realized that the sooner he finishes, the will lag behind me, and I started working the lips and tongue, which caused an approving pat on the head ... A few minutes later he even gave me to act. Well, I guess you will not argue that no one better than the man knows how to caress a man's penis. After a few minutes Vitin member stiffened his master groaned, and my palate struck first a trickle.
Sperm filled my mouth and I began to look through the eyes wherever it spit.
- Swallow, swallow!
There was a voice Bones noticed my intentions ... I was disgusted, but his eyes closed, I swallowed. - Well done! Now me!
Next dick stuck to my lips .. Here I was helping himself with his hands, and did whatever they could, so that he will soon be over: reduces the cheekbones, neck and very tired. Swallow the bitter cum I do not like and I cheated. He felt that Kostya ends, I let go of his dick out of his mouth a few times vzdrochnul his hands, as a result of my whole face was in the sperm. Remains of course had to lick, but when it is small, it tastes less bitter ... And even more so salty.
- Well, what have you done !!! He's now the whole obkonchany!
- And you his ass, it's clean, and has not yet unsealed!
- You're still a virgin? - Eugene slaver his finger, bent me, and quickly introduced him to me in the ass !!!
- AAAA! I shouted!
- Similarly, a virgin!
- Well kA let me! (Daniel is).
I put on all fours.
- Do not, Danka, let's better I'll suck !!!!
- It is necessary, Vasya, we must! Spreading rolls.
I continued to beg him not to do it, nevertheless obeyed.
Something warm and rounded rested my anus, Daniel pushed, but did not climb dick.
I screamed in pain, the boys mother ...
- That's fucking virgin!
Danil juicy spat on my point, squeezed my buttocks together and massaged so ... then spat again, and again put his cock. This time, he easily slipped inside! It is easy for him, as it seemed to me that I have inserted in the ass jack and pushed it as much as possible ... one motion he drove dick on the eggs inside as if planted on a skewer. He waited until I shall pass on shouting moans, he began to move his pelvis. Slowly at first, and then all the quickening pace. I groaned and tried to bite the carpet on the floor, but did not dare to resist ... Although I have not kept. After some time, the acute pain subsided. A feeling of fullness in the ass - a member of the rose ... also a member in the ass massaging the prostate, and I groaned soon from mixed with pain and shame, pleasure, rather than just from the pain. Ten minutes later, Daniel twitching, groaned and came, and his place was taken by another Daniel. Well, and then in a circle ... Fifth dick, already was like sandpaper wrapped ... Every move smacked of pain.
When the bones came out of me and I licked his sperm from his penis, leave me alone ... I even had no strength to change position, and I was standing with a raised ass ... I felt like thighs flows of liquid sperm and they could see on my unobscured point ... Jack took my camera and started filming ... He filmed me from all sides, both filmed me in the priest thrust a tube of deodorant, a mop handle ... Then he asked the guys, who still have strength to fuck me and my new fucked. They wanted to get to suck dick, but to me nothing could be achieved .... Then Nikita took the belt and began to whip my ass. I fell to the floor and crawled under the table, leaving the semen on the carpet track ... When I fled there, it was inconvenient to beat me, and they put off the strap and the camera, and went to open the vodka, but I was lying under the table, and quietly wept. .. in the face streamed with tears, and of asses trickle on the floor dripping sperm.
- ...Mom, today I will not be home. Spend the night at the Petit.
In my sleep I hear voices ...
- Yes ... No ... Yes, it is too late to go ... Yes, no money for a taxi ... What parents say? Yes ... ... left his parents. For a few days ... Yes ... That's why I stayed with him ... You never know what ... spend the night together. Yes some alcohol? ..... What are you !!!! ... All moms while! ... Yes, we have to rent a movie ... Let's see ... Everything! Till!
By the end of the conversation, I woke up ...
I was lying under the table, curled up ... Why the mouth was a nasty taste, and very sick ass ... How buttocks and inside. I was completely naked. And then I finally woke up and realized that what it was, was only a prelude, and that everything I have yet to come, since the guys are at night ... My parents will come only a week, and that means ... It is better not to think that the it means.
- Well, Petyushok woke up ??? Supper will be?
I nodded sheepishly.
- A Th so lazy ??? So wrong! Now run to the shower, brush up! You have five minutes! After that dress! Clothing in the bag in the bathroom! And ran into the kitchen!
I got out from under the table and went into the shower. The first thing I carefully examined myself ... Across ass adorned with strips of belt, the face was all dried semen ... Thighs too. I touched anuca finger ... It hurts, damn it !!! Quickly washed whole, dried himself and climbed into the bag with clothes !!!! OH GOD!!!!
- What does this shit ?!
From behind the door came the giggles, and Daniel's voice:
- And Lena This you borrowed! That is to say, WITHOUT AIR-MEZD-NO!
Lena is a girl Bones. I wonder how he stole her things?
- Dress-wear come soon! We are tired of waiting.
My God! What are these things ?! White topic, black miniyubochka, such socks with fingers: it seems socks, gloves called, and white panties. I pulled it all over and looked in the mirror. Well, exactly the girl with short hair ... just ... without makeup eyes and my hands just did devch¸nochi, plus all garment came on as I was sewn. In general, a nightmare. I opened the door, and then closed his eyes from camera flashes. Immediately I was seized and dragged into the hall. While his eyes came to life, I was already in the hall ... On the couch sat the guys and Lenka, and did smile at me.
- Is not that a cute girl, and, Len?
- Aha! You'll be my girlfriend? (It has been said to me).
- The girl, a girl and you can get to know you?
- Girl, girl, and you are giving in the ass?
- The girl and what's your name?
And I just stood there and smiled ... And what I still do?
- And let's call her Natasha! .... Hey, Nataha, come here! ... Come and turn around ... Well, you're damn right model! Right now you will arrange a photo shoot!
- Stand up straight, smile. Sch¸lk!
- Bite your lip. Sch¸lk!
- put your hand on his crotch. Sch¸lk!
- turn around. VIEW anything poerotichney. In! Good. Sch¸lk!
- And now on all fours. Sch¸lk!
- Otklyachila ass. Sch¸lk!
- Slightly Zaderey yubchonku. Sch¸lk!
- Dare to bare little ass ... Nuuuu Nataha, that's it you hairy !!! It is necessary to shave! Come on guys drag this slut in the bathroom, let her shave !!!
The whole process of shaving all parts of my body was accompanied by the clacking of the digital camera. And jokes guys. Himself brit¸m led Lenka. Eventually they got tired of me to take a picture, I was ordered to dress back and stomp into the kitchen to prepare meals. For dinner came two more girls and a guy. Guys were six girls and three ... As they joked, "including nats - four" Olka and Marinka looked askance at me, but it looks like what it was, she knew only Lenka. It all evening once slyly looked at me. At about nine in the evening, two guys with the girls withdrew from room to room, but the rest remained in the hall. When I endured the dishes into the kitchen, where I caught the hand of Jack, put it on his knees and said: "suck". Resistance was pointless, and it's too late ... I unbuttoned his jeans, pulled out a member and began to suck. I podrachival his penis at the base, tongue scurried along the trunk, sometimes swallow eggs, lightly bites her head ... well very quickly he finished.
Naturally it made me swallow. Then the situation was repeated with Victor near the toilet. But when Kostya and Lena began to kiss at all, the situation came off the brake and rolled into the abyss. I felt like my body is gone on a spree whose playful hands and kissing Daniel reached. Naturally, I told him ... and five minutes later was on his back, with his legs battened down-to-head, and the pope stoke its piston ... A member of Eugene was in my mouth. Kostya with Lena, not forgetting to caress each other, admired the picture. Kostya even made a few photos ... An hour and a half, has again become very painful ... When Vitek, sharply and deeply planted in my ass, I accidentally a little harder than necessary, gritted his teeth. As a result, he received a slap in the face of Daniel. And then whipped me and put in a corner. The boys were happy, well and Lenka with her interesting views on sex - was generally thrilled! The boys sat down at the table, and turned on the TV. And I was standing in the corner in Topeka, skirt and socks in one (second and panties somewhere lost) with a red ass and broken-down with a point. Thigh oozed semen. Everyone passing by, thought it his duty to raise a skirt, or a slap on the ass, or even poke a finger in the ass ... The finger passed quickly and in a big way ... And since all ass and thighs were in the semen, then later I was forced to lick her with his hands. It took two hours, and then the guys all together went to smoke, and to me crept Lenka. In his hands it was a banana on the table. She lifted her skirt, and slowly introduced him to me. I just sat down, so that it is easier climbed. Lenka thought he was there to stay, but I was not strong enough to compress the anus, and banana immediately slipped out.
- Come Arise cancer.
I obeyed, and banana again entered into me. At this time the butt is horizontal, and banana will not slip out. This picture and caught the guys.
- Lenka, and Th are you doing with him?
- Boys, Well you had fun, and I give them a loser ...
- Well, of course! Play about, and we'll see ...
The boys settled down on the couch, and even brought Daniel Lena mop.
Lenka took out a banana, and his place was taken by the handle of a mop. It was a little thinner, but much longer. In general, when Lenka splash around with my ass, it is firmly settled a stick of smoked sausage. Lenka herself so excited that did not hesitate to rest, took off her jeans, with shorts, under a storm of applause and whistles, and legs spread is located in front of my face. The boys continued to whistle and hoot and Lenka gasped "Lick!"

As I walked to the university

After school, I went to Samara to do in Medical University. Once I heard that girls Volga - the best in Russia. What and how - no one really can not explain, but all said so. I did not believe, better than our south, Rostov hardly find.
The first day went with his brother to give documents on receipt. When I saw the place, I was not alone - there will have to stand at least 4-5 hours, then I thought. So it turned out. But it turned out very nice and most importantly useful pastime in the future. When I stood in line in front of me stood kakya a woman, you see the nurse someone, so I took a seat behind her, she began to consider around me. My brother was out, and my eyes fell accidentally stood not far amazing ass. It was his short denim shorts and a topic from the top. She stood back, I did not see the face. It was the most stunning, sexy legs with ass I've ever seen, super-waist, and very, very small distance between the legs - where the shorts begin. Suddenly I felt my dick in jeans stopped listening and began to stone. I was scared - yet I still stand here and be like her, that is to proved it was by two men in front of me... The woman in front of me told me to keep watch all, and she moved away somewhere. I approached the beauty, I feel the excitement of seeing her innocent pretty face. She was a blonde a few centimeters shorter than me (about 175), with the chest slightly less than the size of the 2nd. Clearly, it was hot without a bra. I started thinking how to speak, the more she already saw my interest in her and she is not without interest began to look at me. Everything was simple, I quickly came up, asked about the photos that should have been done. We talked, I told where I was. She was a local. We talked so about anything. About school, little jokes, humor, as usual. Her name was Anna. Then came her mother, and began filing procedure. As it ended, we said goodbye. The next day was already the first exam. We met again. She was dressed in a rather original white overalls, which, though more than half is translucent, was still acceptable. She was wearing a bikini, and all the boys are standing around, just looked back. She was a beautiful posture, she studied ballroom dancing for a long time. And talked about the personal life. With his boy she broke up recently, but the romance was short-lived, and there is nothing interesting there, she said, was not. Exam passed, everything went well, I walked her to the bus stop, and went home. That evening we once again gathered at pre-examination meeting. She was dressed in a stylish strict skirt just below the knee, a belt hung very low and looked through the back of her little white panties. On top was a strict blouse chest was opened a little, I was very much excited, we sat side by side. She smelled terrific, in the previous days of the smell was not. She spoke hints that long ago did not walk out of this school in the city, I did not go to the Volga. I understood it all perfectly. Without waiting for the end of the meeting, we left. We sat in a little cafe on the waterfront, eat ice cream. She did not smoke or drink, and starred in commercials. Aspiring model. She was on the 1, 5 years younger than me, t. E. She was only 17, I also almost 19. It was dark, we held hands and walked along the waterfront. It was a beautiful summer evening Volga quiet, everything has to love. My dad left for 3 days in Almetyevsk on business, so I could come home late brother had been warned.
I do not remember how, but we sat on a bench, and her tongue touched mine. I closed my eyes, could not help my right hand began to fondle her breasts, her already erect nipples, it is very hard to breathe - so when the girl is already difficult to hold, and it can not help it. There was not a soul, the situation - what you need. We kissed some 20 minutes without interruption - it was the longest kiss at that time for me and for her. Blouse was half undone - I do not remember how it happened - it was like a dream. She was a terrific tongue, it seems to me one he could get the coolest orgasm. I reached under her skirt, came to her panties, but then she tugged me sharply. She did not want to continue in this location. Her parents went to Turkey for a vacation, and her house was left alone. By taxi we quickly covered the short distance, and I was on a bed of her parents. It was quite a large bed, even very wide, with silk sheets, with a floor lamp next. Just a terrific atmosphere. She pulled off me, she herself remained only in shorts. She had a beautiful body - a very delicate skin in conjunction with the best figure I've ever seen. My cock was already half an hour, I could not stand. She pulled off my panties and began to pull at the language of the testicles. It seemed to me that I was about to finish, but still managed to hold. Then she started kissing my head, then swallowed a third barrel. She had beautiful lips, tongue she drove along the lower part of the head, I began to moan from the buzz. She continued to suck, now almost all Member States to provide in her mouth. Right foot, I managed to pull off her panties, they were only on one leg. Anya all flowed, the right thigh to the inner part was very wet, she received from the process of unprecedented pleasure. I did not think that girls can get such a thrill from a blowjob. Finally Apogee began to approach, I began to finish. The first stream is sprayed directly into the mouth of my girls. Startled, she almost choked. Then he took a member and I started to cum on her lips, hair, nose, cheeks. Sperm were many, but as it turned out, this was only a prelude to our unforgettable night. Then she wiped the sperm and invited me into the kitchen for something to eat. In general, we were soon on her desk. It finally happened - I went between her legs. There has been quite narrowly. So I quickly moved her back on the bed and began to fuck right on the parental couch. She had a very tight pussy, at first even I was hurt. As it turned out, it was almost a girl. Her ex-boyfriend in the first in my life for her night did his job until the end, fearing large quantity of the blood, so after that, she with anyone until you love. Her cave was perfectly shaved, gave it excitement. I fucked her for a long time, she felt towards my orgasm his two. Soon I was brought to the fact that all my 20cm dick was placed first in her pussy. We see Anya was painful because she was screaming very loudly. She had a private house, so no one could hear us. Finally I finished, finished right in it. It was a wonderful orgasm. Anya was exhausted after 30 minutes of the first in my life "compound".
I moved closer to her and began to caress her breasts tongue, she was excited again, we suck, Anya his hand quickly pulled my head between her legs, and it all started again. It was something - so excited and my dick was hard never, Anya was excellent davalkoy, despite the lack of experience. I opened it, after putting on his stomach, and went back into the vagina, lifting a little ass. Annie began to cry as never before asked to enter more deeply, through the groans were heard declarations of love. Hands she held on to the back of the bed, so she went to shake. The bed has become no longer in bed - it was some kind of silk wad. I fucked and fucked Anna with all the dedication, clasping his arms around her slender waist. Her eyes rolled her, she could not control today. I accelerated the movement, then slowed and entered a jerk, touching Anya's back wall of the vagina. The sight of her buttocks, waist, legs, tanned body so strongly aroused me, I decided to extend this intercourse as long as possible. While Anya gets an orgasm after orgasm, I'm still a bit raised above the bed of her ass, and went a little lower ...- so as to cause her the greatest pleasure, so to get up to the uterus. I continued movement in this position I fucked Anna somewhere else for about 10 minutes, and finally finished. At this time, the semen was even greater. We fell asleep, exhausted.
I woke up from the sun's rays, luminous me straight in the eye. He opened his eyes - he saw his girl near completely naked. He started to drive hands on her super-body, and began to caress the inner thighs, Anna in a dream start to moan a bit of pussy once again began to secrete fluid. I broke down and bowed his head between her legs. First tongue licked all the highlight, the occasion along the vagina, then stumbled on the clitoris, and began playing with it. Anya began to moan even more, louder and louder. I do not know, she slept or felt all a dream, but, as I understood from her reaction, she had finished. Thus began a new day.
To be continued...

Old New Year

Valya and I are married for over 20 years. Sexually already seems to have tried everything but the Group. And now the time has come when we, or rather I, I wanted to have sex with one more pair. Actually, I wanted to caress and to fuck Valya alone with someone, but pure lonely man is hard to find. A single pair - Stepan and Maria - has tried to establish contact with us. As it turned out, Stepan still five years ago spotted Valya. We have so far only led talks "all near and around"But none of us dared to direct offer. In the New Year we Valya decided to invite them to her, but too late - they are already invited to a family. Then we invited them to advance to meet the New Year with the old, and they agreed. They came at the eleventh hour in the evening. Immediately we sat down and began to celebrate.
Stepan began to drink vodka and cognac, and quickly okosel. Val and Mary drank wine. All the talk revolved around "it"But no more. And so almost five in the morning. I have decided that sex is not, and offered to go to sleep. Bringing guests to lay on the floor in a small bedroom, and it is not clear, in jest or in seriousness asked - all go to bed together? - What if asked Stepan is either approved - and that can be (!?). Valya said - is necessary! We went to undress, and you undress. I went into our bedroom, undressed, put on a bathrobe over his naked body and went to the guests. From the bathroom came Valya, too, in his dressing gown. Mary was lying, and Stepan was standing in his shorts. - What did you take off your panties are not - said Valya. Stepan hesitated, and took off her robe and Valya appeared before us in all its naked glory - a small beautiful breasts with protruding nipples, slightly prominent belly of a mature woman, steep hips and great ass.
In Stepa jaw dropped, he looked at Valya and slowly took off pants. From this picture of my dick rose up, I dropped the robe and put his arm around Valya. We fell next to Masha, and our lips have merged in a passionate kiss. It seems, so we did not kiss ever! Finally, I pulled away from her lips, tongue walked on the chest, stomach and reached the pussy. She was already wet and longed dick. I like to bring to orgasm Valya language. But this time did not happen. Close heard characteristic sounds fucked and chug Stepin. That made me so excited that I immediately went to Valya. I do not remember which one of us so wanted, but I was under the Valley, and she jumped on me. To the left of me fucked guests. Arms outstretched left hand, I got on the car belly. Held on it hand down, he groped pussy. Stepa in it was gone. I opened my eyes and saw that he was standing over us and Valya pats on the back.
I think he wants to get into it with me, and the mere thought of this, I suddenly came. Valya slipped from me, and I found myself between her and Masha. And Stepan had disappeared. After a while I felt on my dick valine hand, she gently stroked it, and he stirred.
Suddenly dick lay one more hand, and also began to stroke it, then hands met, and I do not discern where whose. Here at us again emerged Stepan, he eagerly looked at Valya. And she suddenly pushed me to Masha, and said: - Well, go well, fuck it! I have something, did not want to, but Val insisted, and I climbed up on Masha. It is as if waiting for this, and immediately spread her legs. My dick went into her pussy, did not even feel it, as if in a hole failed. Maybe also because I did not feel that I looked like Stepan climbs to the Valya. She spread her legs and Stepan immediately fell on her. Val lifted her legs up and do not know how to Stepan, and I'm terribly excited and did began to fuck Masha. She became so podmahivat ass and twist my dick jumped twice from pussy, but Masha immediately grabbed his hand and dressed again in her pussy. Stepan reason not long fucking Valya, somehow posopel-posopel and stood with her. Then I also had finished, but somehow it is not so, there was no buzz. I was lying on Masha and looked at Valya. She was annoyed, it is clear that it is not finished. I sat down and began to stroke her legs. Here again he drew Stepan and Valya turned on its side. Masha, too, turned on her side and wailed: - Oh, what have we done! I, fool, it was necessary immediately to fuck Valya, and I called her into the bedroom, where we went to sleep. Here Masha was sick. She mixed vodka with champagne, and she felt bad. I once was naked, he went, got a glass of water and brought to her. She sat, and when I came to it with a glass, my dick was at her eye level. He may not lay down, and she stared at him, that, as it seemed to me, do not be near Stepa, she would have swallowed it for the most eggs. I brought his glass to her and went into the bedroom. It was about 6 o'clock in the morning. I did not sleep for a long time, up to 8 hours. I woke up and tried to remember what it was. Dick began to move, I moved to the Vale and began to stroke it and kiss. also began to move in the next room. I offered to go to Vale next to them and have sex there, but she flatly refused. And there already heard the characteristic sounds. I looked back and saw that Stepan has fuck Masha. I immediately returned to his wife. I wanted to caress her pussy tongue, but she did not give. She said she did not even washed after Stepa. It excited me, and I immediately went into it. Pussy was very pleasant, soft, gently enveloping his dick and grease residues Stepin sperm. I slowly began to fuck Valya, when suddenly she jerked and began to try to take cover with a blanket. Looking up I saw St¸pu doors. He looked at us, his dick polustoyal. I told him to join us, Valya, perhaps my words, tightened, and I had finished. Tears from her, lay down beside him. She immediately pulled the quilt. And Stepan came and somehow ducked under the blanket to the Vale under the flank. I pulled back the covers so that you can see his chest, he immediately put his hand on them and froze. Valia also did not move. Well, I think I embarrassed. I got up and left the room, looked into the room. Masha was lying face down under the covers, it is seen more bad it was. I returned to the bedroom, lo and behold, as Stepan already fuck Valya. Quickly, they agreed without me! I walked over and pulled a blanket with them. In front of me I opened the picture - Wali beautiful round his knees, between the up and down rhythmically moves men's ass, his legs slightly apart, and be seen as someone else's dick in pussy hosted by my wife. No, I did not have a drop of jealousy, on the contrary, I have this picture is so excited that I raised valine leg up and started kissing her from top to bottom, bottom to top. Then the finger began to stroke the anus Wali, put it in the pussy with Stepin by a dick, and then in the ass. It was nice to feel the movement of dick through the thin partition film. I started to move a finger and kiss the foot. Valya excited, he hugged St¸pu behind her and hugged her, and he immediately left off and immediately got down from it. I immediately took the vacated seat, and started fucking! Pussy full of sperm, took my dick soft imperious arms. And I, and Valya seen, we were excited to the limit, and she seems to have never ending. Pussy as a particularly exciting squelched under pressure dick, Stepan stood by and watched; All this together caused us a simultaneous orgasm that our moans and screams could be heard, perhaps, have been on the street. Exhausted, I collapsed on the bed with Wali. Something told Stepan - I have not heard. We lay there and did not want to move. But I had to work, I got up and got ready. In a hurry to work, I will continue. But when he arrived, the mood at all was far fucking, though women are still not dressed. Stepan was dressed only. Women also went dressed. Since there was no longer continue. It's a pity!


In a crowded tram about Misha rubbed the girl in a miniskirt. Examining the hand of her hip, and back of the front, the guy saw that she was without panties. At this time of his start to rub against one another. Quick survey revealed that her panties, no! Leaving the girls winked at him, they already had three. They promised to give Misha a way, just in the park. Misha went behind them, met on the road. One name was Julia, nicknamed Fish, other - Lena, nicknamed Birdie, a third - Shura, named for the lynx. In the bushes the first two girls allowed him to screw up their skirts, squeeze the chest and ass, stroking thighs and pubic hair, introduce a finger into the vagina. When it came to the third minx, Lynx, between her legs instead showed PEACEdy # uy.
Fish and bird stripped crazed Misha and put it on a soft grass cancer, Lynx raised to his mouth nalivshiysya your penis.
- Suck.
- So, right?
- Wow, immediately! Girlfriends my paw-paw in a tram, then here. You work mouth.
- Misha took a member of the hand, tongue licked his head, and began to suck. The girls were discussing his physique and action, stroking her arms around his body.
- Look, he ass and thighs, which are round and plump. It would be nice girl turned.
- And it sucks bad.
- Look-ka between his buns.
- Hole ma-a-vermillion!
- This is easily remedied, was a small, becomes large.
- Hey, kid, and you would like to be a girl? You have our constitution, madamskaya.
They guessed. Misha had long dreamed to his chest, thighs and ass were women. It is not just a pleasure to imagine someone else's terms in his mouth and ass. He wanted to wrong hands oglazhivaet his thighs, ass, fingering her nipples. Misha was a transsexual, who dreamed reincarnated as a woman. He stopped for a moment sucking member of the Lynx and whispered hoarsely:
- Yes I would like to.
- Well done, I approve! So I dream that you buffer and thighs namyali and fucked? Do not get distracted, suck on. In the mouth you I have, and so I have. Fish, squeezed his ass, and you, little bird, nipples remember him.
Mike could not resist such an attack, he came back shaking, poured out of the penis sperm flow. Lynx made a few more strokes a penis in his mouth Man and businesslike, but broken voice, said:
- Cumming, swallow.
Sucked and licked up to shine a member of his nasilnitsy, Misha wanted to rise from his knees, but he was not allowed. The girls caressed his threesome. A member of the Lynx again strengthened, she smeared anus Man gel.
- Do not worry, I'm a big specialist in anal. You've got a hole undeveloped, and I love to deprive the priests of virginity, especially for men. Relax and trust.
Skill Lynx really turned on high. She seemed to feel that the oppressed will be hurt, pause, slow fuck, tasteful, not leaning. From fun Misha finished again, Lynx still played with him like a toy, and flooded with sperm ass. She threw him a towel taken from the bag:
- Utris and rest. Girls, show future babe lesbian play.
Bird Fish and kissed passionately, their hands wandered over the bodies of each other, penetrating the intimate towns. The girls moan with pleasure. Meanwhile, the Lynx took a cell phone and dialed a number:
- Hello! Professor, hello! We are in the park, where you would normally. Please send a car, boy-girl ready.
Bird and Fish finished on time, caressing each other, when the car stopped behind the bushes. He slammed the door, through the bushes was a hefty man. Misha tried to cover their nakedness, but the stranger grabbed his powerful arms, turned, looking around as a commodity, the front-rear.
- Do not worry, I'm yours. Hi girls. Indeed, the good stuff found. Thighs and ass that is necessary. A doctor will construct his tits feast for the eyes. Let's go, babe, ride.
He embraced Misha and held it to his nose and mouth strongly smelling cloth. The boy lost consciousness. The man turned and looked into the body between the buttocks.
- Butt already printed? Lynx, you're always svoevolnichaesh. You know because the professor is also a fan of this case - the virgin anus.
- Sorry, could not resist.
- With a doctor now explains.
When he came to, he saw a mirror attached to the ceiling, and in the mirror - himself lying on his back and nestled sheet. The ceiling was high, all clearly see it was impossible, but something seemed odd Misha in his mirror image, and what - is unclear. Out of the corner of his eye he felt sitting at the nurse bed in her robe, which sticks out from its rich body.
- A wake up! Who will call the professor.
The nurse rose from her chair and walked to the door. Opening it, she called:
- Doctor! Masha woke up.
In the study, thin tall man entered.
- Hail, Mary! My name is Valery Semenovich, I - your godfather.
- I do not Masha and Misha. And the godfather of my other hand.
- Yes, Misha was another procession. But Misha confessed my girls - naughty that dreams of becoming a woman, and we are his dream fulfilled. That is why I, as a person who has turned to Misha Masha, am your godfather. Now we'll show you.
He took from the nightstand remote, pressed a button, the mirror from the ceiling was lowered slowly to the bed. Misha's face was always effeminate, but now that feeling has intensified: the nose became thinner lip - plumper, neatly plucked eyebrows and blackened lashes, like lengthening. He breathed heavily from premonitions, slowly lowered the sheet with both hands, and his eyes introduced nipples sticking up. Professor lowered the sheet to the ankle. Hips Misha became a little wider than they were before, but the member remained in place.
- Why did you do that to me?
- You yourself admitted my women that want to be a whore, but I'm a specialist in the transformation of men into women. And vice versa. We have left you # uy. Pobudesh Woman, man-like Lynx. In the future, if you want, and do cut off PEACEdu desired depth and width. They call you now Masha, in Kish named.
- Yes, but I'm working as an engineer in one of the well-known companies, how can I show up there now?
- Do not show up. We found the homeless about your complexion, washed, fed, watered, dressed in a suit, put it in the pocket of your documents, sat in the car and gave him a crash. The corpse was burned. So Misha already buried, buried, and wrote the inscription. And you have the documents in the name of Maria Petrovna Kuznetsova, lime biography, passport, birth certificate, divorce, a diploma, the right to drive, all the cases. That is, to "kill" Misha and "give birth" Masha was worth the money. Now you exhaust their own handles, mouth, breasts, belly, thighs, penis and sing in the company of lovely sluts who lured you here. As long as you - my slave. And after a while I was selling you, if you demand. Do not be afraid, do not be offended ... I carefully study the dossier buyers. Important for me to get the most benefit, of course, but so that you are adequately settled and moved permanently abroad. So I did not hear about you anymore, and that was not by me you headaches and hemorrhoids. At the beginning of my work I had a puncture: Man made of the girl, but, unlike you, the sexual organ he immediately altered, sold, and her body found a week later. With a bottle of champagne in torn PEACEde. As I pulled the morgue for identification, the investigator zae # al interrogations. With difficulty otmazatsya. So I am now your sister, as his own daughter married the other day. Although selling. Let's make your professional education.
The professor stood up and gently turned over the body on the left side of Masha. With one hand he took hold of an object, and Kitty felt that in her ass came dildo. At this time, the nurse sat on the floor and took in his mouth a member of Kisa. The doctor took out the newly-minted female anus manual vibrator, unbuttoned pants, rubbed his penis, lay on the bed, clutching the back Masha, and introduced her to his instrument. A few minutes later the nurse sat on the floor, licking the remnants of sperm with drooping penis Masha and the doctor fills the back of his sperm Kitties. After another 5 minutes, during which the professor soothed raped, he got up and ordered the nurse:
- Wash it properly. Thoroughly rinse inside. Today, the bride. Wear her panties only. In the evening, watch the order in the living room. Allows the client to be blown girls in all holes. Well, Woman, male, Lynx, and Kish, let the work of its members will, if they wish. Itself did not let anyone. If someone you like, you can have sex in his spare time. Or permit any BDSM. We need an unspoiled goods. No bruises, abrasions, bruises. If anything, call security, they soothe any big boys.
Bride were successful, Pussycat mainly used as a woman in the mouth and in the ass. Only at the very end of one of her customers want to suck. Desire customer - the law!
As the months passed, Masha Kuznetsova had already forgotten about the time when there was Misha. Work prostitutes was sometimes difficult, but the food is tasty and hearty, dressed - just gorgeous. The only thing that did not like - was not allowed outside the closed area. Mary remembered that when she was an engineer, you've been on a business trip at the closed landfill, and feeling returned almost the same. However, at its present "test site" beautiful flower beds were broken, in the warmer months, working fountains. It was possible to use the swimming pool, sauna, fitness center and solarium. However, the security alarm is not allowed to leave the territory of any of the girls. Exceptions are made only for the duration of operations, such that during Misha and Masha got into this upscale brothel. Escape during transactions for the supply of new whores, which attracted Pussycat was not possible: there are no documents in bra ladies' breasts, and shorts - manhood. With the economy at least you will get to the cops, even to urkam - will not find it. In addition to their institution appeared a man who has gotten a time machine and dreams. Tall, intelligent, not skupyaschiysya on expensive gifts: a ring with a diamond, such as earrings, a mink coat. Somehow, he was like a person with Masha. The bed is incomparable. In his hands, under his lips Kish really felt like a woman, but he had a prosthesis instead of a penis. But Michael Smith (so called guests) enjoyed the various "toys" that clips to your body. Member of Masha he ignored, she was interested in him only as a woman. One day Michael came in with a big bouquet of roses, and said:
- I'll be going home in the States. I love you and invite you to marry me. I promise that I will always gentle and considerate. Well, from a material point of view, you've had time to evaluate my options. There is only one condition: I want you to be completely changed her sex. The professor makes such operations, it can easily replace your cock on soft PEACEdu.
With these words, Michael put his hand in the underpants of Masha, and penetrated between her thighs, stroking her balls and barrel member.
- Just imagine that instead of the male organ here is tender, moist silk, and my fingers will dive right into you.
Kish has long been prepared to ensure that lose manhood. How many times in my dreams she imagined how Michael's fingers pushing her labia and enter deep into his "toys" is easy to sink into it, "the girl." The material well-being of her husband she had no doubt. The professor agreed to do the operation (of course! For such grandmother!). So Masha Kuznetsova lost # yn but acquired PEACEdu.
When she regained consciousness, she saw a mirror attached to the ceiling, and in the mirror - himself lying on his back and covered the sheets. Masha threw a sheet, picked up the remote, lying side by side on the nightstand, and control buttons mirror made to move downward. PEACEda was new and, by car look beautiful.
"I wonder where my virginity he did?" - She thought.
A few days later, Michael had to pick Masha from the medical center and bring to the United States. The professor said that everything is in order, the stitches healed as it should, after surgery, is possible and necessary already in e # atsya. Morning friend, bird, fish and Lynx came to say goodbye to Kisoy. It was kind of a bachelorette party before leaving Masha married and going abroad. The girls started to kiss, kisses made all the more passionate. It started playful fighting and scuffling. Yulia, Lena and Alex, referring to the heat thrown off skirts and blouses, they were followed by bras and panties. Member of Shura has strengthened and stood. Girls, continuing to kiss and squeeze Masha stripped her naked. She felt embarrassed and fun at the same time. Shura said:
- Today, your dedication to the women. Big trahalovo, terrible Gang bang. You should feel a member of the three at the same time. A fourth would later join.
Bird and fish fastened artificial penises, Lynx lay on her back, Pussycat laid on her. Member of the Shura was the first brand-new in the hole Masha. Julia Masha introduced in the mouth, and Lena - in the ass. When they began to move in all her holes, Kish received several orgasms only one feeling that three of its own. Suddenly the door to the chamber opened, entered professor with three assistants. Women have gone from hand to hand, artificial penises were removed, as was sufficient and natural. The professor continued from Lynx case. Mary felt for the first time in her cunt real man's penis. Today was a day of discovery for her. Group sex lasted long enough. When tired, the professor said:
- Well, now you're a woman. Girls, wash it properly. Especially wash the vagina, from the hose. In the evening she was leaving. Good luck to you and the good life in America, Mary.
The girls parted friends. They even cried to the track on the hard female share. The same evening, Michael Smith and Masha Kuznetsova served to the United States.
Several years have passed. During this time Masha Kuznetsova became Mary Smith. Business Michael was good, the couple owned a house in California, Michael became a millionaire. On a hot summer evening, Michael and Mary swim naked in the pool, and then he held it near the wall and introduced a finger into her cunt. Move a little, he took one of his "toys", strapped it planted on her husband. Fuck, standing in the water, it was easy. Then they got out of the pool and sat in a chair, resting.
- ...Listen, my dear! It has long wanted to ask you: why do you speak so well in Russian? And, I'm sorry for the indiscreet question, what kind of injury you received when lost a member? And I wonder why we are so similar to your face? You do not know?
There was a long pause.
- Respond to your questions are not so easy. However, I've long wanted to confess to you. I loved you, but to hide the mystery no longer have the right. Now all the talk, just pour myself a whiskey. You pour?
- Juice, please.
Michael brought the whiskey and juice placed on a chair, took a sip from his glass.
- So. I was born in the USSR. Here is the answer to your first question: why in Russian speak perfectly. My name was born: Maria Kuznetsova.
Mary choked juice.
- You were a little girl?
- Yes. But I was transsexual. Or was transsexual. I wanted to be a man. In addition, in my adolescence I showed criminal talent, and I began to become a swindler ... on trust. Just then the USSR and gave oak, speculators divorced - the darkness! I rubbed people, Lohamei, entices and grandmother - bye-bye. And yet somehow I met with the professor, who often pulled me into revealing the secret that I want to be a man. Professor of you know well.
There was a pause, Michael took a long drink from his glass.
- Well, go away.
- Not so easy. Okay. The case helped me to learn that a rich American uncle left a great legacy nobody Misha Kuznetsov.
- Wait, wait ...
- Yes, it is you. I persuaded a professor at the expense of the future of my wealth to give me the operation and turn into a man. In addition, it was necessary to make a plastic face that you and I are not distinguished. This is the answer to your question: why do we like? Fake documents I got, so I became Misha Kuznetsov, and later - Michael Smith, and take your place. Everything went without a hitch. If the course does not assume that a full-fledged member of the professor I could not prishpandorit. This is the answer to your question: why do I have dentures? I got a huge legacy in America, but the sense of guilt in front of you has never left me. I flew to Moscow with the help of old friends got into your apartment. I do not know what prompted me to this act that I would find there. I found the diary and realized that you want to become a woman. Then I decided to realize your dream, you fork out bucks, and that's that. I thought that guilt go away. I turned to the professor, he organized the m-th-th, the event in the tram and park, you became, uh-uh, was a woman with a male member, woman-man. When I began to visit you, I realized that I fell in love. I like to you all: face, body, character and intelligence. The only thing prevents me your stick. I explained to you the love you reciprocated, you cut that hurt me and you did in the hole, which was not enough. You have become my beautiful millionaire. That's all.
Michael took another sip. Mary silently sipped his juice.
- Do not be silent, Mary. I ask you, if you my story shocked if you feel anger towards me, do not make hasty conclusions. Mary, I really love you and I wish you nothing but good.
- I have no evil to you. Our history, of course, wildly, it is better to about it, no one knew. Michael, I love you too, I am satisfied with everything. The only thing I would have wanted us to have children. But, as you can guess, I have them I can not. Can not you?
- Already humor? As with the soul stone fell, thank you. Interestingly, I've also thought about the children. And something that has already taken. We found a two nominations: a boy and a girl, who lost their parents. If you do not mind, we can meet them next Sunday.
- Wow! You anticipate my wishes! Husband and wife, one of Satan. I do not mind, let's get acquainted with the guys. Well, as long as we do not have children, I want to fool around. Hey, Masha Kuznetsova, go-ka in the room, I fuck you in the gentle ass! You will like it, tonight you will be my whore! Yes, you did not fight back, probably for ages, it's time to fix it.
With these words, Mary Michael led into the room, put him in bed with cancer, anus lubricated with gel, strapped his favorite toy, gently introduced her husband and grabbed him around the waist.
- Masha! What's your ass gentle! Know podmahivat, my sweet girl!
Playing up to his wife, Michael moved his ass, saying:
- Fuck me, Mishka! The girl belongs to all your boy until the morning.
- What are your whorish movement! Hold on, bitch!
And Mary Smith Michael Smith began to fuck in the ass. Or Misha Kuznetsov - Masha Kuznetsova? And then she - him, or he - it? And, they went on ... I confused with them completely, try to understand themselves.

I was the twelfth year

Long winter evenings. Sit "hang out" at your favorite geyskoy site and remember how it was with me the first time ... There were summer school holidays. Me and my friend Valera was at the time the twelfth year. We lived with him in the neighboring houses, were in the same class, and free time to spend together almost always. By Valera ran frequently to visit his cousin Gene to get worn on different topics and teach us "malyavok" wits. He was already 15 years old and, of course, he told us first about sex. It is already hard fucked with the girls and willingly shared with us about his adventures. He said that we would have time to become men. Once, Gene came to visit Valera when we have it at home doing new model kite. At home we were alone. Genk, unable to enter the apartment, began to speak passionately about what he has today, "riser" that his girlfriend had left him and now no one to "relieve pressure". And then govorit.- Guys, and here I want to masturbate with you, and that one is somehow not interesting - How's that? - We asked one his voice And you what else about it do not know anything? I thought that you already vzroslye.Posle these words Gena took off his shirt, then light knit shorts and stayed in some batches. Of course, we saw that he was really a "riser" that the head of the penis swollen climbed out of the heats, showing us all its beauty. And I must say that a member from Genki has a decent size it was 15 years old: 17h5, no less. I and Valera were spellbound and watched with interest what will happen next. Genk, as if nothing had happened, pulled melting to his knees, took his unit in the right hand and clasped it with all five fingers, and began intensively to drive back and forth, then, exposing, the closing head of the penis. - Well minnows such sport has not seen? And he continued his action for some time. Silently, without a word, looking at us with some posolovevshimi and sparkling eyes. Then suddenly he caved in back, as if pushing his cock forward, tensed, trembled, and from the opening of the head of his penis began to be fired whitish liquid color. A grunt from Genk continued to masturbate his "buddy" until he no longer shoot and began to fall slightly. Carefully squeeze out his penis every last drop, Gene finally said: - This is what is called a "jerk." Now we know -? That's great! - Valera said, bewildered. - And we have too so can get - of course - replied brat.Posle he got dressed, went to the bathroom, took a rag and wiped the floor with their tracks, as he put it, "delight" .- If you want to try? - I asked Gena.- And it does not hurt? - I ask I. 'You what? It's ochchchen ochchchen and nice - and he's just as it did when he finished, made a contented face and rolled up his huge blue glaza.Valera began to get his pisyun of cowards, but the door at this time of the call. It came out of the store Valerina mama.Genka quickly goodbye, ran away on business. And I Valera after all seen it was not up to the kite. And we went for a walk with him in dvor.Cherez two houses from our yard was building. Builders have erected three floors, and we boys loved to run to play on weekends, when there were no builders. It was a hot summer Sunday. The courtyard was deserted. I suggested Valera to hide from the sun and prying eyes on a construction site. We quickly domchalis there and climbed to the third floor in the room, which the builders have adapted for their rest, erecting shop there from the boards. Valery and I say: - Come and we podrochimsya.A he replied: - Let's poebemsya.Chto it is, we already know the stories Genki.- And how can fuck a guy with a guy? In our country there is no pussy! - Said I. 'I have heard that men can to fuck each other in the ass, - he said. Razdevaysya.My stripped naked. We look at each other - pisyuny stick. Valera went on the bench, stomach vniz.- Now - he says - to climb to the top and metya insert your pisyun me popku.Ya perched on top of him and began to poke its sticking segment of its hole. But the segment did not want to climb. Then I realized that it would be good to grease it with something. And I came up with a simple idea - to grease it with his saliva. That's exactly what I did. He spat on his palm, rubbed pisyuna tip and again began trying priniknut inside his friend. And I started to turn. Pisyun first reluctantly and then suddenly fell into Valerkinu ass, from what he twitched slightly and cried out neozhidannosti.- hurt? - I ask I. Few. And now there's fuck-me syuda.Ya slowly began to drive his segment. As my body began to pour incomprehensible and not feel I still have a pleasant sweet languor. A member of my burning pleasure. And the deeper and sharper, I pushed him, the better I felt. Valera under me just loud nozzles. Suddenly my body pierced by lightning, I trembled, my heart pounding breathing quickened and I felt out of my pisyuna something pops up. I abruptly pulled him out Valerina ass and saw that he shoots him in the back of a liquid, similar to the one that shot Genkin member. Then, suddenly, everything stopped, and my penis began to gradually become soft and reduced in size. I embraced weakness, and I fell exhausted on his back to his friend, his buttocks pressed against his cock. To my delight there was no limit. So that's why Gena said it "ochchchen, ochchchen nice" !!! - Hey, what was that? You finished? It's really nice? - Asked Valera.- how! - Hardly said I. And I was also very nice in the ass. Let's change mestami.- Give breath snachala.S though these words, I sluggishly got off Valera and sat on the bench. He, too, he stood up, sat down next to me and we embraced, began to kiss each other on the lips. They were simple children's kisses. We did not know how to kiss passionately, but it was very nice, and we were happy. After a short rest, I plopped down on the bench, back, bent his knees, and spread them in storony.- Wahler, fuck off me in this position, - I whispered. - Only pisyun saliva to moisten snachala.Valera poslyunyavil palm, then rubbed his saliva pisyun and began to master my hole. He also, like me, did not work at first, and then I suddenly felt that he penetrates me. I felt a little hurt. And when he started to drive back and forth, I felt that it makes me very pleased. I told him: - Come on, push harder, but do not pull out your pisyun from me until the end of sovsem.A Valera did not think to pull out. I looked at his face and did not recognize his friend. So I'm pleased and happy he had never seen. He just ... did his job ... My cock again stood stake. I myself baldel pleasure ... Suddenly I felt a pleasant warmth in my ass and realized that it was me in his warm liquid flowed. But he continued to fuck me. And I felt that my dick shoots again, I'm trembling all over and ready to die from happiness ... A few moments passed, and Valera, sniffing loudly, fell on my stomach. We hugged each other in silence, I grabbed his waist with his feet, and he - my shoulders, hands ... So we started with them muzhchinami.S author can be contacted at [email protected]

Timur and his team I. Part 12. Sauna

This story is based on real events, although some changes have been made regarding the site of action, its participants and the duration of time. And, of course, for effect, made some literary correction.
Timur, accompanied by the girls, who have just entered the shower. At this time, the people there were little. They took the free stall and began to take a shower. Timur finished first and now wipes expecting his fellow traveler. Suddenly, he saw part of the elder sister of Thomas, Alex and takes his usual place in the center of dushevoy.- Who may be, the hymen fuck! - Leaving the booth, he said Tom, taking his sister's ruku.Vse turned on them, but volunteers, oddly enough, not bylo.- Let's go find you a guy - Tom pulled her sister to leave, she meekly followed her - I'll see you again, - said Tom Timur and Lara. And sister udalilis.- Well, how do you spot? - Lara asked her brother, taking him polotentse.- lot of impressions! And then there still budet.- That's right. Here like a sauna there, do you want? And they went to the sauna. The sauna was great, in the center of the tiled room was a round pool which splashed naked people. A stall located at the edges with a high temperature. They went into the booth, from which just came out a couple of young people. Because the pair did not realize who it was already nahodilsya.- Ljerka - suddenly he exclaimed Lara - Ilya, that's where you hid among the couple Timur saw two figures!. One belonged to Leray, and the second is to be understood, her husband, Ile.- That met, - said Lera - meet people, Timur, is Ilya, my muzh.Timur saw a young man of his age, who kissed his sister, handed him ruku.- Timur.- That means you're a - instead of answering said to Elijah, - see now though, for anyone being charged. I Lerka about you a lot rasskazyvala.- bathing? - I asked Timur.On slightly confused, met a guy whose wife he had not so long ago trahal.- Yes, it is time to cool down, - said Ilya.Oni with Leroy went to the door. Timur and Lara went after him. They all joined the couple in the pool. No sooner Timur plunge, as immediately felt that someone slipped his hand between the legs. It was floating in the pool young lady, with short, white hair. She slyly smiled at him then, diving under water, sucked his dick. Showed again at the surface, she smiled sweetly at him and, following her boyfriend jumped out of the pool, and wagging his booty, went back to saunu.- used to have? - Asked him Ilya.Ne waiting for an answer, he, too, dived into the water. Timur saw he swims up to Lara and clings to her crotch. Lera, after her husband, too, ducked, and a member of Timur was back in the women's rtu.- Welcome to the club - said Lera after they again climbed poverhnost.Timur decided to accept the rules of the game, and even thought it was not indignant against features. Moreover, they it completely ustraivali.- Malvina Who should appear, - said Ilya, - it has long been in the sauna sidit.- And what kind of Malvina? - Asked Timur.- Is there one person - Lera said. - Look! - Suddenly, quietly she said ona.Iz one of the stalls there was a fat girl. Although the word fat is not too fit. The girl was fat! This thick, which Timur had never seen. It weighed two hundred kilograms, at least, but it is a huge weight has no effect on its ability to move. Malvina, jerking his giant size, back, went to the pool. Going to the edge, and she giggled, his whole massive body collapsed into the water. The water came out of the edges, and Timur thought that space in the pool is left - all took Malvina.- Malvinochka, do Whale - shouted Lera.Malvina tossing in the pool, then lay down on his stomach on the edge of the pool, exposing his backside and, after a moment of She broke her vagina fountain. Not less than ten liters of water struck the Timur. Timur, flowing, watched as Malvina again puts his ass in the water, perhaps drawing water again. A new flurry of water hit Timur. Lera and Ilya laughed. Proud Malvina climbed to the floor and stood up on their feet again rushed to saunu.- Well? - I asked Lera.- Atas easy! - Commented Timur.- Have you been in an emergency room? - Asked Ilya.Otvetit Timur did not have time. He vibrated bracelet. He looked dumbfounded at nego.- Oh, my bracelet vibrates! - Lara said, as well as Timur, looking at ruku.- And I, - said Timur.- Then you should be in the hall, - said Ilya disappointed. - Privykayte.Timur and Lara hastily said goodbye to friends, rushed into the room.
To be continued ... Write to [email protected]

There was a meeting with a friend

It was last summer, I was 19 years old. I called a girlfriend and offered to walk with her through the city. It was routine. We agreed to meet her near a store. From my house to the store to go on the bus for about 15 minutes I was dressed easily: white thong panties, white bra, skirt and short white translucent topic. On legs wore shoes with high heels. View not fucking. These girls more than half the city goes. I make up and ran. Yes, even I took a bag with documents and wallet. I ran a stop, waited fifteen minutes a minibus, and its all there. Then came another bus, which travels on a parallel street to the store and you need to run through a small park. two o'clock time of the day, I have nothing to fear and go. Released at the right stop. And quickly went in the right direction.
When I walked through the park, there is a group of guys 25-30 years sitting near Eight tinted drinking beer. Walking past them, one whistled and called me. But I like the girl a decent attention to it did not pay and went proudly raised by the nose. When I walked down the alley, I caught up with the car with the kids, and they began to stick me corny. Well, like:
"What's your name, and do not want there to meet, ride, and give you a lift".
In short banal divorce. I went and did not notice them. Only with a smile replied that no I do not. It's nice all the same when you have signs of attention. 100 Meters through an alley to end and stop there. Here Eight sharply pulls forward and stops meters through 50. One guy came out and ran into the bushes to relieve himself. They drank beer. And the other was sitting behind out of the car and stood leaning on it. When I podashla he opened wide the door, and began again to offer a ride. Again, I politely refused with a smile. At this point, he grabbed my hand, and someone behind your legs and abruptly shoved into the back seat. There sat another guy, the first thing he gripped my mouth. Nearby sat another. The front seats are lowered and sat third. The driver pulled on gases. I was frightened in earnest. He was sitting on my right said: Well, like it or not and now you have to ride with us, we first you, and then you have. And all together neighing. Man's hand on the left was on my shorts. He crushed me to force it all. I was afraid, I did not know what to do. I am in the hands of these beasts.
The guy on the right groped me in the chest. Bra with a topic lifted and squeezed my nipples. Carried they are not far from me minutes on what that vacant lot behind the garages. When I released his hand from his mouth. I tried to cry out loud and was once the most powerful slap that desire still screaming at once and disappeared for a long time. The boys sat and looked at me. I asked to let me go, and that I or anyone that does not tell you. And they said that I and so or to anyone that does not tell you. I cried. One said: "not Noah pussy, poeb¸m you and even let go, that such. Have you had not eblas?" I was silent and wept. Then he again Zered slapped me and said that I was responsible. I said yes. He asked, yes? Say aloud that eblas. I told all of them neighing. The driver pulled out a bottle of vodka bardochka and offered me a sip, but I refused. He said, well, as you wish. pobokam Boys began to plant my feet in different directions, and lower a little thong. I became even louder roar. Then they abruptly stripped off my thong. Skirt pulled up like a belt.
And I stared back. One said: bald, well I love bald, all neat. (I thought it would be more bastard, I was tempted several times there per day). And he took me back, and spat. And abruptly entered the finger. So it hurt. Very painful. I quietly began to howl in pain. They again neighing. And he said that's fucking moan. He began to drive them there with a force that simply could not be hurt. The second he was sitting on the left, began to unbutton his pants, I understood that he wanted me to do. But I do not when before that did not, and neither podkakim views would not have agreed to do so. I began to hang back, clenched her teeth. He pressed my head to his smelly flaccid penis. Below me dryuchili several fingers. Pain has gradually blunted. I'm up turning his head, the front guys sit and cheer those who are behind. And then a guy will give me a sup. I already breathing sp¸rlo. Of course, I opened my mouth.
And he immediately shoved to his penis. At first, I almost threw up, the taste of saltiness me terribly much, drove to her throat nausea. I did not know what to do. And he, as zor¸t: Let's suck whore, and now as a ebnu Bosko on the asphalt and then say that it was so. I realized that these guys at nothing ostanovyatsya. And she began to suck it into itself. Like was obtained. The guy that was sitting in the front passenger seat got out of the car and dropped the chair. And the fact that my fingers introduced into the vagina, half-crawled, took off his pants and began to drive member on my ass and between her legs. I've realized that I can not avoid the full program and decided as someone when advised to try to relax and have fun. Postorayus simply disconnect. The guy behind the sharp thrust, but I almost did not feel or what, after his action there fingers. A member of that made me suck already firmly stood. He demanded that I licked his balls. The guy got out of the car said, let me also will take part in games with this blyadische. They pulled me out of the car and dragged him by the arm to the hood. They threw back at him, so that my head on the other hand was on the edge. One who had once approached me and put in my mouth and said, Well, bitch you already know what to do when you're a member of the show, how to suck ish began, and then broke all.
The guy who was sitting in the front introduced the term in me. He was really big and thick penis. I have never met such. Although I have had several partners. Again I was hurt. The guy who made me suck him in a car approached and began to knead the chest with the force of me. At this point, to his own surprise, I began to realize that this is all starting to like me. I do not know what happened in my head, but I felt like it. The guy who I had suddenly announced that the hole is too razdrochena for him. And there was perevarachivat my stomach. Before that I had not when I do not engage in anal sex. But I imagined that it would not hurt so much. He spat me there and introduced the head sharply. Then I screamed so I felt bad. The driver came over and poured vodka from the bottle in my ass. Still it was and burn. And it began to move. The pain was hellish, but gradually became more and more pleasant and enjoyable. I myself asked for vodka. He drank from the bottle with a member of the pope. Vodka has flown by so I did not feel that it's vodka. Then he pulled out and began to masturbate and almost immediately ended my pubis. Second, that I sat spravo ordered to suck him until the end and I'm standing on squatting sucked. It has turned out well.
He began to cum in my mouth. Feelings of disgust has gone, but I did not know what to do with the sperm in the mouth. It is apparently understood and not letting my head out of the hands putting it on the penis, saying: swallow, swallow suchyara, it's your goddamned food. And I as a team began to swallow it. Third to me no longer fit, and rummaged in my purse. And I was without panties, with battened down the skirt and a topic in the road. And I did not know what to do. Driver to me for all the time and did not touch. One said, thank you so damn good that has served the poor boy, I looked into the passport of your address if you want us, we'll come to you more. And you give us miserable. And then I said very unexpectedly, I'll wait. They are as much taken aback. One snickered and said, well pleased with such potsanami Faka, and no, it is not necessary, thank you, excuse me, I'm in a hurry. Go kiss my dick then goodbye. I walked over and sat down on his knees and kissed. ... The driver said that today it is not rushing to fuck, and at other times one on one, he will insert me. And I burn yourself somewhere my address. They got into the car and drove off. I straightened her skirt, topic.
I looked at myself in the mirror, all swam cosmetics, something like tint and went into the house. There was just 500 meters priest very ill, but I liked the pain. From the house, I called a friend and told her that she's a bitch and I'm no longer a friend.


START. Aunt Masha.
- Well?
- Not bad.
The photographs were black and white, made in the form of maps. The deck was clearly not full. But does it matter? No one is going to play with them.
- And where are you nadybal them?
- What's the difference? - He said - You what?
- Maybe I would have bought myself whatsoever either.
- Buy from me.
I hesitated. Seryoga was pretty greedy type. This will not miss her. Obder¸t as sticky.
- And how many?
- Twenty two. In ruble apiece.
So much I did not. But it was useless to bargain. This I knew from his tone and stonily.
- I do not know. - I said thoughtfully. As if trying to figure out whether these photos are requested amount. For myself, I had already decided. They shall be mine. - Can you give it to me today? And tomorrow I'll tell you, I will take or not. - And he thought that the answer to it, if he asks, why do I need them to make a purchase decision. But he did not ask.
Seryoga my proposal had clearly not for everyone. It was clear from his face grimaced. But apparently there were pictures he had long enough to pall. And money certainly was not superfluous.
- Okay, take it. But only until tomorrow.
- Suitable.
Photos moved into my pocket. We talked for another ten minutes about any nonsense, and fled.
I immediately went home. The soul rejoiced. Somewhere in the stomach-tickling arisen painful feeling. I held his hand in his pocket, on maps. That squeezing them, trying to count the touch.
Once in the entryway and up the stairs, I took out a card at random. This ball eight of spades. With photographs, the light dim 60 fleece, hardly make their way through a dusty and spattered izv¸stkoy (traces of old repairs) ceiling, looked at me a beautiful, haughty face dark-haired brunettes. The narrowed his eyes, a smile bordering on a smirk through contempt. Even in her pose was a challenge.
"This woman does not, and takes" - I thought - "He takes what she needs, and then to throw, without any regret, boring "vesch".
Photography was done in some office. Woman sat on a chair. With one hand, by submitting a forward a little body, she relied on her knee slightly bent, left leg. The second hand, compresses the whip rested on the right. Hips were divorced. black triangle was visible between them. In the black-and-white photography, he represents a single dark spot. Over stockings were put on high-heeled boots. The chest was a small, regular shape, with small nipples.
The pants I instantly hardened. Before my apartment had two more flights of stairs. For me were wearing sweat pants and a shirt with short sleeves. The yard was the end of May, and the summer promises to be hot. Needless to say that my pants were a tent.
At this point, the lock on one of the apartment door, near which I stood, snapped. I only had time to turn back toward the stairs when a woman's voice called out to me.
- Maksim! What are you doing here?
It was Aunt Mary, sorokasemiletnyaya widow with six years of experience, from the fourteenth, one-bedroom apartments.
- Like what? Home go. - I said, turning his head toward her. My cock stood like a stone. He seemed to live its own life. And no matter how strong-willed efforts, he simply did not react on my part.
- True? Hey, I met you so well. - Fussed Aunt Mary - I like you now a little help. Good?
I tried something sluggish mumble about how I hurry home, and even put his foot on the rung of the ladder leading up.
- Maxim! You do not throw in trouble old woman who needs your help?
- Aha! Well yes! If you are old, I Napoleon Bonaparte. - I gave turning. - Let me introduce myself, I have the honor. - Hand I laid it on his chest, pretending to put his coat over her and stood in the half-bow. It is this posture, it seemed to me for the role of Napoleon's best.
Aunt Mary laughed.
- Come on - she said, throwing open the doors wide open and slightly moving away to the side, freeing me to pass.
Prior to that, she was talking to me, put his head in the doorway. And I saw only her head and shoulder region. Now I got a chance to look at it in full view.
The height of it was about 170 cm, at the same time weighed about 85-90 kilograms. Hair, a brown, slightly curly, little did not reach the shoulders. Chest big. I imagined how she swayed when walking, do not be at Aunt Masha bra. Legs slightly plump, but only slightly. That's it for her age. Smooth transitions, pedicure, no hair, varicose veins. Immediately evident aunt looks after himself. Bit fat in the waist, but the belly is not very big. Ass: No, no ass, and ass, was great. Dream, not pop.
Honestly, many times, locked in the toilet, I indulged in fantasies immodest content with her participation, ends up stained tiles.
She was dressed in a robe which reached to her ankles, and outdoor slippers on a small platform. Bathrobe swung open slightly ahead of presenting to review one of her lovely legs. On it I stared, frozen in "Napoleonic" half-bow.
I do not know how much time passed, probably not very much. But surely is indecent for a long time for this situation. Recovering himself, I looked up and looked in the face of Aunt Masha. She smiled.
- You're quite a big boy, Maxim. - Saying this, she looked at my pants, just below the waist. - Wow, I had not noticed. It seems quite more recently in shorts running with whipped knees. And now.
O Lord! I felt that I was thrown into a fever. How could I forget about the pants. Pro pants and my cock in them, so bravely propped discharge the same. Vanished. Just gone. To explain this is difficult. And there is nothing, in fact, explain everything so clearly. But her response: Do not anger, irritation or ridicule. And this incomprehensible female smile. There might, after all, to pretend she did not notice anything.
- Well, what are you? Come on. - Said Aunt Maria.
But what I still do? Do not run away, in the end.
The old domestic washing machine at Aunt Masha was not easy. The waste water had vych¸rpyvat, but that could not scoop, remove by turning over the bath this bulky unit. To do this, I needed to Aunt Masha.
A little tricky, I have successfully coped with this task. While I groaned, turning his this pile of iron, Aunt Mary sighed and gasped, standing behind me, and all the impulses to help me. But the bathroom was cramped for the two of us and a washing machine. Therefore, it was over a pair of her unsuccessful attempts to squeeze between my ... back and the door frame. Admittedly exciting for me to attempt. When she tried to do it, the bottom of her stomach came into close contact with my forced, due to heavy lifting, protruding yagodnitsami. I imagined that Aunt Mary wants to fuck me. And as a consequence of my penis was not slow Having reported to me their full combat readiness.
When I finished with a washing machine, attach it to the corner and turned to exit the bathroom, Aunt Mary looked at me in surprise. More precisely on the hill on my pants, twitching rhythmically in time with the beating of my heart.
- Maxim? What are you doing? - She said in surprise. - It's the washing machine so affected you?
Well what can I say? Do not speak the truth. After all, could I, coming out of the bathroom, put your hand in your pocket and keep it, so its not a measure of variance "eagle". Not that I did. In me as possessed some Imp. I imagine that it was, if I gave a phrase like: "Do you want to fuck me, Aunt Mary?".
- So in fact, Aunt Mary, you're a pretty woman, and I am a young man, so to speak in the full dawn. Hormones, you know, take his. - And silent himself, surprised at his audacity. Something has read, I heard something on TV. The phrases themselves jumped out of me. But in the end, this woman has twice seen me with a standing member, even dressed. And you know it, one way or another, but it brings.
- Maxim Thank you for the compliment. Man says - she said. - You won pants smeared with rust, probably on the bottom of the machine when turned over.
Aunt Mary took a step forward and held his hand on the bulge in my pants. Involuntarily I leaned back. Glancing down at his pants, I did not notice there is no stain. Looking up, I have opened my mouth to tell her when he saw her face close to his. She looked into my eyes, and her breath came to my lips. I felt that I was starting to sink in these two brown "whirlpools". Then everything happened does not seem to me. My mind is numb, not believing what was happening. It responds only body.
Her lips, her tongue in my mouth, chest and stomach pressed against me. That's my shirt fell on the floor, alas, no more buttons, her pants with shorts. I myself took only socks. Then bed. I lay on my back, and Aunt Mary on top. Bra and panties she took off, and I did not dare. She had just pulled her panties a bit to the side and straddled me. Then I remembered well only warm enveloping sensation on my cock and moans Aunt Masha. When they reached their apogee and went almost crying, I felt hot moisture in his groin, she ran down the inside of my thighs. It was so much that the sheets wet under me. Aunt Masha's body finely trembled and relaxed. Startled a couple, since she slipped from my side. With your left hand under my head and gently lifting her, she dug a long and insistent kiss me on the lips. Her right arm at this time caressing my cock. A minute later I had finished, the Gulf of your stomach and arm aunt Masha sperm.
- Wait, I'll go, including warm water, it is necessary to obmytsya. - Said Aunt Mary and slipped into the kitchen.
As she opened the water and lit column, I tried to understand what had happened to me. On reflection I was distracted in yagodnitsah cool feeling. Rolling over, I saw that I was lying on a large diameter of about 30 cm, a wet spot. My cock, who had up to this point has already filled up on one side, took a vertical position again. Without hesitation, I approached the spot of his face. It's hard to describe this smell. So smell female allocation, and that's all I can say. My nose touched the sheets. She was wet and cool the surface pleasantly excited. I spent on her lips, rubbed one cheek, then the other. Sticking his tongue, I touched them to the wet surface, then slowly held them in left, right. It was a beautiful, slightly salty taste. As I held his tongue over the sheets, the taste of Aunt Masha's selections in this place dull. I shift slightly his head, and all repeated:
- We can do it differently. - I looked up. Aunt Mary stood beside the bed and looked down at me. - That's when I, unfortunately, has already washed away.
She was in her dressing gown. From the way her breasts swayed as she took a step, I realized that she had to remove her bra.
I sat back to her. Slightly leaning forward, she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled over. As a result, I found myself lying on his back with his head hung over the edge of the bed. I looked at the standing outwork aunt Masha, and she looked at me. Her gaze was experiencing some, I would say assessor. Now I understand what she was thinking, how far he can go to their games with me, as I apprehend that it is going to do. Finally, slowly turned his back on me, she pushed aside the floor gown, opened my eyes a big ass. At a distance of 30-40 cm, it looks just awesome. Cowards at Aunt Masha was not. Legs wide apart, slightly bending the knees, resting one hand on the bedside table that stood next to it is located exactly over my face. Aunt Mary turned her head, and apparently convinced that I lie correctly, slowly began to squat. I was fascinated by watching how her crotch slowly coming to my face. Her clicking opened. Two dark-pink petals, the labia minora, swung invitingly. My lips as if by themselves, parted for the first in my life, like a kiss. I closed my eyes. My nose touched something wet and cool. Aunt Mary took her hips slightly, and her lips clung to my half-open lips. We froze. I could breathe only through the nose, and then only with difficulty. Loboc Aunt Masha was soft and plump, covered with dark, close-cropped hair and my nose drowned in it.
- Come on. - I heard her voice. - Lick.
I'm a little stuck out his tongue. He slid between her lips and fell exactly into the hole of her vagina. Aunt Maria let out a sigh of sex, sex moan.
I will not try to describe the taste. Compare I was not anything. I can only say that if this was the taste, well, for example any fruit, I would eat it did not. But it was a completely different situation. I was not at the feast, and tasted not some exotic fruit vegetable world. At the moment, nothing is tastier and more desirable for me did not exist. My tongue, at first slowly and then more confidently began to explore the folds of her crotch.
My experience is limited to oral sex pictures, relevant content, yard sversnikov stories and my stormy youthful fantasies. My tongue moved awkwardly and erratically, licking the moisture began to stand out. This went on for about three minutes. Then Aunt Mary told me to stop, and put out language. Hands on her hips, she began to shake her hips slightly. Back and forth slightly to the side. Her sex lips and clitoris slid down my face. The lips, nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and even began to cover her slippery secretions. The amplitude of its movements all increased. She's stronger pressed to my face his crotch. My tongue began to tire. From above could be heard rapid breathing Aunt Masha. It flowed so much that its moisture is beginning to flow into my nostrils. Suddenly she froze. Her right hand slid under my neck and forcefully pulled my head to his crotch. My face sank into her wet flesh flushed. Breathing was nothing. I started trying to turn his head, hoping to breathe a little air. Language while I still kept ... protruding. Aunt Masha is, apparently, liked. Her selection got my nose and then to throat and I was swallowing them. Thighs and hips Aunt Masha twice greatly trembled. Then she came to a standstill for five seconds. The pressure on the back of my head start to subside and I was finally able to breathe the air nose, swallowing while another portion of its emissions.
When I was finally released, I tried to open my eyes. To do this, I had to rub their hands. Eyelashes stick together by female secretions. I sat down on the bed. Aunt Masha, I saw lying next to the back. Her ass was on the edge of the bed, and widely spaced feet she put on the floor. Bathrobe was wide open, presenting on display gorgeous body of a mature woman. Large heavy breasts with large dark nipples, slightly flattened under its own weight and fell apart on opposite sides. Her face was turned toward me. It was the face of a well-fed, contented female. She grinned.
- So how did you like it?
- Yes. - I barely audible sigh.
- That's good. - She said. - Something very weak voice at you. Tired poor. Take the sheets and wipe your face. She still has zastiryvat have.
That's exactly what I did. He knelt beside the bed, and wiped his face with the edge of the sheets. I smelled the whole woman, and I loved it.
When I looked up at Aunt Masha, I saw that she was with a smile, looking at me.
- Maxim, and wipe me, please, between the legs. I've got all that wet. And then Mommy will make you feel good. Come on.
Her, legs wide apart, were close. Without rising from his knees, I got up and moved between them. One hand I put on the inside of her thigh, and the second took the edge of the sheet, about to wet her adorable pussy.
- What are you, stupid. Tongue. I brushed my tongue.
Once again, the second time that day, I fell down to this wonderful source. I licked her lips, thrust his tongue as deep as possible into the vagina. I clean it and b¸dryshki yagodnitsy. Lick matted hair on her pubis.
- Umnichka. Good boy. Sit down here on the edge.
Now we have changed places. I sat on the edge of the bed, and she got between my legs. My cock was standing at attention. The head suffused with blood and ached. With one hand, aunt Masha began stroking my balls and the other placed on the penis, revealing a crimson head. Her head leaned forward and my cock is half sunk in her warm mouth. Cloth wrapped around the trunk of a relief, and the tongue danced around the head. I was on the verge. Barely a minute later, I felt the approach of orgasm. Aunt Mary is understood and pushed his head. Instead, she held up her cupped palm of the hand, before caressed my balls. Second hand she continued to fondle my penis. I began to finish. The first stream was so strong that flew past his hands and fell on the carpet. Aunt Masha quickly oriented and tilted my cock. Her hand covered with my cum, forming at the bottom of a small white-transparent puddle. Aunt Mary a couple of times squeezed my cock, squeezing out of it his sperm palm rests. What she did next shocked me. Getting up from her knees, she put one hand on my neck and the other cupped, held it to my nose. I still did not have anything to understand, and it is already smeared my cum as my face. Her fingers glided over my lips. Then they pushed and got inside. After cleaning, so each finger she told me to open my mouth and stick his tongue. When I did, she wiped it on his palm. Then he leaned over and smacking me in sticky semen on my cheek went into the bath.

Birthday Aunt Amy

Fifteen-year Gennady always liked his friend Igor mother, aunt of Light. Aunt light, so it called Gene, he was an adult woman sorokapyati years, with a fourth the size of breasts, wide hips and big ass, especially liked Gennady. Gennady was still a virgin, and so it is often jerked off, imagining how he fucks her in various poses. He even could not imagine that his dream will soon come true, when he agreed to come to the birthday of Aunt Amy. It asked him to Igor, to one not to miss at the festival which will be one adult.
Gene late birthday as buying flowers as a gift, and when he walked into the room, the room where the celebrations are held, his eyes appeared a strange picture: the middle of the room has a chic and festive table, the head of which sat himself hero of the day, as the later learns Gennady Light aunt turned sorokpyat, sitting at the table except for Igor (who had already sat down, after he opened the door) four more men and a single woman! Throughout Gene feast his eyes on the birthday girl. Aunt Light almost never for a moment ceased to drink, small glass of vodka first, and then, and brew from the glass tumbler. When the feast began to wane already pretty drunk guests began to sing a song, and Gena Igor¸m went to his room to play on the computer.
Two hours later, they ran into the roar of beating utensils. The room was completely empty table, and all that it once was, lying under it, starting with a half-eaten plates of salad ending with a white cloth. By Igor staggering drunk approached his mother patted him on the head and said:
- Go to bed, and you'll be late to school tomorrow - she said.
- Which school? Tomorrow is Sunday! - I said Igor puzzled.
- I said, go to bed! - His mother said sternly.
- And close the door!
They went into the room and began to lay Igor pastel, Gennady immediately guessed that it would be a continuation of the party, and he longed to take part in all of this. But this was not possible. They went to bed. It lay on the floor, and Igor on a bed, they still chatted, watched TV, and then Igor turned out the lights and turned to the wall, and the noise and moaning at the door continued. Judging by the reaction of Igor Thus ends the holiday is not the first time.
Gennady was very interesting what's going on behind the door, he waited for Igor zahrapit, stood up and quietly tiptoed to the door. Carefully opened it, waited until his eyes adjusted to the light, and looked into the hall. There he saw a table on which lay completely naked Aunt Light to throw on the shoulders ebavshego its men on both sides of the table were men myavshie her chest, stroking her stomach and possibly lower, and this time, Aunt Light was engaged in that wanker their half embarking members, trying to regain their standing state. She then took them into his mouth, then oblizavyvala, then leaned against his chest and did it so professionally, as if engaged in this lifetime. The fourth man was just sitting on the couch and watched, he likely could not do anything, or just waiting for their turn. Gennady was so fascinated by the sight that he forgot about the door and opened it too much. Suddenly, he saw a man sitting on a chair looking at the door and started to get up. Gennady left the door, and on tiptoe and ran down the mattress on which he slept, covered himself with a blanket and began to snore. At this time, a man came to the door, made sure that everyone is asleep, closed the door and left.
Gennady was overexcited by what he saw. He lay there, listening to muffled groans and slaps, the creaking of the table and jerked off. Then suddenly it was over. There was the sound fastening shirinok, the clanging of plaque belts, a few minutes later the noise of the door closing and silence. Since Igor is still snoring, Gene emboldened, rose up and opened the door, the room really was no one, only dimly lit room lamp. He entered the room, took a couple of steps and was stunned. On a sofa covered with a blanket on the couch lay the object of his erotic fantasies - Aunt Light. She lay on her back and snoring loudly. He reached up and rubbed her shoulder, checking how much she slept. There was no reaction. Then he shook her even more. Snoring at the time stopped, but resumed snoring a few seconds later. Then Gene completely emboldened and decided not to waste the time and finally realize their fantasies to life. He slowly pulled the blanket down, and now she was lying in front of him completely naked, he could see it, even the most intimate places. A second thought, he gingerly touched her breasts, as there was no reaction, he squeezed his chest stronger, and then with the force squeezed her breasts. Gene decided to use the chance to one hundred percent. He put his hand on her stomach and began to slowly descend to the bottom. Gennady always looked then at the woman's face, in the place where he fumbles hand. He did not know really what to do, I found a hole in the crotch and brought his finger back. A member of his already torn out and wanted to get to work. Then he pulled his finger, walked over and picked up both hands to her right leg, picked it up and pulled it's not much to the side. Now vagina mature woman looking into his eyes with a smile split lip. He almost went to her and put my weary waiting for a member of the opposite moist lips and his hands leaning on the sofa, he took a comfortable position, and then gently introduced into the vagina a member of the women and began to fuck her. He was not trying to prolong the pleasure and began with great speed moving member, and the sofa began to creak badly. Then he felt a heaviness comes to his penis and did not even try to get a member, finished right in it. Conchal he long continue to extract and retract member into the vagina. When he finally poured out all that was in it, he got up and holding both hands on the left side, a woman barely turned her on her stomach. But suddenly he heard noises in the bedroom where he slept Igor probably creak woke a sleeping couch companion. Gennady reluctantly covered his "sacrifice" blanket and went into the bedroom.
-Where have you been? - Said Igor with prosoni.
-I went to the toilet. - Gene said.
-A. 'said Igor.
Gene once again looked at the door that separated him and the woman lying on his stomach, took a deep breath and went to bed. And in the morning, he, as if nothing had happened, drank tea with aching "after yesterday" another mother.