Payment of tuition

Anton studied at the design faculty at the 4th year, when it happened to this amazing story.

It all began in the fall, and, as usual, because of the money. Anton rented a room, and he paid for his studies, so he lived back to back with a salary. And how many paying students, part-time plowing. Naturally, the guy ran out of money, and he had already delayed the payment of the current semester at the university. How to make the required amount, he did not know.
I must say that Anton classmates were not poor - design faculty is considered one of the elite at the time. Almost every (well studied mainly the daughter of wealthy parents) went to his car, they all hang out in the elite clubs and the money was not considered. The required amount was spent by some for a week and a half. Borrow a couple of months, the money could a few people. On one of these girls and the major was chosen Anton.

Light was not very tall, about 1.65, a dark brunette with straight hair and bright blue eyes. Regular features, chiselled figure with breasts third the size and elastic seductive ass were excellent. The guy basically to look at it, but that's as far as it went. With Anton they are killed together in pairs, and the Light Man skated around the city and the region in its bright red Honda or favorite coffee shop where fed cakes. All his attempts to pay by credit card and replied, laughing. Dad-oil tycoon gave her daughter everything she wanted.

After a couple when they all went out into the street and rattled signalization, mountain-student jumped to the girl in the car.
- Well, you are now free? Let's go to drink coffee? - She asked.
- No, Svetik, I was not up to the coffee, thank you. I wanted to ask you a favor. I have nothing to pay for a semester, and you give me this money will be easy to borrow for a couple of months. Can you?
Light nodded.
- I can. Return.
She turned on the music and set off. After 2 quarters was the ATM. Light removed the required amount, and handed to Anton.
- Learn student! Metro throw?

The next day, leaving the porch, Anton saw a familiar red car. Light, seeing Man, powerfully showed his finger, "sit down." He dutifully climbed into the car.
- Well, I am paid?
- Yeah. Thank you!
- How to give something going? For I know how you live. You have nowhere to take money, and so barely make ends meet arch.
- I do not know. I come up - Anton frowned. Recognize the inconsistency he is not used.
- I need money in a month. And I know you can not get them. But I have a way out for you.
Anton puzzled looked at the light. She looked slightly narrowed eyes and sly smile.
- This amount, whether it is spent on entertainment, it would not have meant to me. I kind of money I spend 2 weeks. You will accompany me to clubs and do what I say. Then, 2 weeks later, I forgive you the debt. I agree?
- And what I have to do?
- All I'll say. Without exception. I want to - in the voice of Amy flashed metal and facial features manifested rigidity - for you to become my slave.
Anton was silent.
- Come on, go. Choice you have not. ll pick the evening. We begin today. Here - Light gave him a dark bundle from the back seat - How to use it to understand.
A guy came out and walked unsteadily to the house. Behind shrieking he tore the car, taking with them a mysterious friend. What did she want from him?

The package he found: tight-fitting T-shirt, leather pants with zipper through the crotch and two locks, one on each side, heavy shoes with rings, necklace, mask, leather bracelets on your hands with rings, razor, enema and kakoy-to strange thing . The club, which has a light, sexy fetish club was apparently bdsm. Anton Member tense tore up, because to miss a girl as light, no sane man could not. After half an hour of studying forums and sex shops, it became the object and purpose - anal plug. Later in the afternoon, the guy started cooking. Completely shaved crotch and crotch, made enema, put on pants, shoes and a T-shirt. The collar and bracelets, he also wore, but the mask with gag is left. And waited. Its a bit worried about the use of unused items, and the rest was rather curious.

An hour later, the doorbell rang. Anton opened and was stunned. Light was dressed in style. High heels, boots up to the thighs, stockings in a large grid of black, leather mini-skirt, corset, and under it a semi-transparent red jacket through which clearly looked through the breast shape. Black latex gloves to his shoulders. Behind him could be seen a black leather backpack. Makeup was bright red-and-black style. In his right hand was a whip.

-On knees! - She ordered. - Calling me Lady will, okay? All questions to answer, "Yes, Mistress." Without my permission can not be nothing. Answer me!
-Yes Milady. - Servant fell to his knees.
-Are you ready to go?
-Yes. Ms.
-Do not lie to me, slave! - Mrs. bitingly struck him on the cheek. - Where are the remaining attributes?
-In the room, Madame.
The hostess took the backpack from the chain and attach it to the collar.
-Behind me! - Light paraded into said room, dragging a slave for him. She sat down on the chair, spread her legs and lifted her skirt, showing the absence of panties and shaved pussy.
-Do mistress nice servant! Lick!
-Yes, madam - and he set to work. He diligently worked tongue, opening her lips, tickling the clitoris, delving deeper. She enjoyed a moment, then threw a kick in the direction of the slave.
-Get cancer!
-Yes Milady.
She unzipped, exposing his crotch and erect penis. Then she took the gag in his hands, and brought it to the face of the victim.
- You will wear this anal plug, I'm not going to fuck you! Your ass is that a virgin?
- Yes Milady.
- It's not for long.

Grease and strap were recovered from the backpack. Madame put on a dildo harness and ring fingers caressed slave sphincter. She enjoyed anal virgin elasticity, its resistance, and the possession of this miracle. She would rather go inside, to be there to fill it, move inside. She put a finger covered with grease and ordered:
- Come on, work ass! I want to do it you yourself!
- Yes Milady.

He hesitated, and then began to move. It was terrible. He stood with cancer, put your finger in the anal Mistress yourself! Finally, Anton felt her buttocks brush and realized that her finger longer than two phalanges inside. He felt the movement. Light developed his ass, moving back and forth and occasionally rotating arm. Then, she added lubrication and repeated the order. Now it was much harder, because she put two fingers. Anton controlled himself, and gently put it on them. But Madame did not think to stop. She moved back and forth, rotating arm and is now at the same time moved apart his hole in breadth. So she came to three fingers. Deciding that ass is ready, she broke away from the exciting classes. Taking his hand, polulegla on a chair, holding a strap in the sky.
- Come on, bitch, come on. Come to me! I want to fuck you! You will work your ass!
- Yes Milady.

She watched as Anton sits awkwardly on her cock and trying to move. A member of his was a stake. Light grabbed him by the balls and start to squeeze until she heard a moan. After watching yet, she threw it on the floor, spread her legs and began to furiously fuck like demobilization, first saw the old woman after the service. Anton groaned, anal burning it, despite the abundance of grease. Natrahalsya it enough, Mrs. anal plug inserted into a slave, and she sat on his face.
- Lick my ass, slave. I want your tongue was as deep as possible!

He set to work, choking from a lack of air and choking on his saliva. Ms. struggling pressed his face into the floor, caressing her clitoris slave nose. After a few minutes of the action, Light roughly finished. She got to her feet and pulled the chain.
-Stand up, slave!
Then followed a kick in the genitals. Anton bent double. Madame pulled the servant's head mask and zipped his pants.
-Now we go to the club.
And led him to the car.

Half an hour later they were in place. Light stopped in a deserted side street and out of the car, dragging Anton. stepping up to one of the doors, she put her bracelet-key, always worn on the wrist, and the couple entered into. They were greeted with a nod a silent guard. The club sounded softly but heavy rock music, the walls were red and gold patterns, mirror completely. They headed for the famous Madame route through a maze of corridors. After 5-6 turns, the correct door was a decoction of the girl with the help of the same key.

She waited for the other three mistress with his slaves. Slaves were one dressed like Anton, and stood in a row along the wall on your lap. Lady were more varied. In the room were two sofas and between transparent table for magazines or utensils. Two girls hugging on one couch, and the third lying across the street. One of the two was a statuesque blonde with a figure and large breasts, 4th order size. She was wearing a skin-tight latex suit with nipples and slotted zipper on the crotch. The nipples were pierced, they were vdet rings and are connected by a chain. She hugged and caressed the fragile red-haired girl, with little or no breast. She was wearing a tight T-shirt, strap and high, from the waist up, leather boots with heels.
On the contrary lying blonde, wearing a jacket over his naked body, tie and mini skirt, flexing the fingers of one hand between her legs.
Light summed Anton to the rest of the slaves and ordered:

- Sitting quietly on his lap while Mrs. does not change the order.
She in turn welcomed every girlfriend, hugging and kissing and playfully tugged at the first chain between the nipples. Lady seated comfortably.
- Welcome to contact us, the Light! - Said the redhead - you finally become a full member of our close, but very friendly staff. The equals sign we do this ritual.
And she sank to her knees in front of the girl, lifted her skirt, spread her legs licked her clit. The same did the rest. Then Light and caressed each in turn in response.
- I have an idea! Lena, Nastia - said third lady, referring to the first blonde and red - let's "desire or punishment" to play. Sveta is now is a slave, and the four of us it will be interesting.
- Mash and what rules? 'I asked the Light
- Simple. spin the wheel on one of said first, he will think, to whom the second - to perform. The second says, if he fulfills the desire, or his servant would suffer punishment. After that, the first voice the desire or punishment. Another thinks of a second, and his victim chooses the lot.
- Great, let's!
Girls got roulette, chose a quadrant and unwind the wheel. First of all, Nastya fell. Masha was second.
- Desire - said Masha.
- I want you to ass sat on a member of my servant, and his crack's put this toy - maliciously guessed Nastya, stretching the victim dildo - At 15 minutes.

Masha took a dildo, stood up one of the slaves and unzipped his zipper. Then a little hand caressed his penis, to make sure that he is tough, juicy moistened with saliva machine, sat a slave but his place, and she sat on top, anal swallowing his staff. Then insert the vibrator, and, breathing heavily, he said, "as well note the time." They have marked time, and Maria, meanwhile, has untwisted wheel. The choice fell on the Light.
- Desire - to choose the light.
- You'll ankles chained to the hands of his slave for the evening.

Light took the handcuffs and told Anton to come. He got down on all fours, Ms. sat on his shoulders, and chained his hands to his feet. Kicking it now and then slightly pridushivala his chair, just for fun.
Masha, meanwhile, took out a member of the anal, and, obviously unhappy with this ass stretching, he called his servant and ordered him to lick overworked hole. Light led roulette in motion.
The choice fell on Nastya.
- Punishment - she decided.
Light fluctuated - it would be appropriate that correct? What penalties are taken?
- Come boldly! - Cheered her herself Anastasia. - All you want. We know yourself, people without complexes.
- Five strokes in the nuts for your servant. In my performance.
- Come here, scum! Now you'll be able to complete. - Ordered the servant Nastya. - Get on your knees in front of his mistress. Spread your legs wider. So. Now be patient. And do not dare to squeak!
Light struck over and over again all five strokes. It was obvious even through the glass mask suffering eyes, and hear muffled moaning after each stroke.
- Now crawl into place, thing! - Ordered Nastya and, in turn, launched the car desires.

Soon they got bored. Time was too much, and the girl, reviewing his "dogs", began to disperse.
- Wait. Let us not forget our traditions. - Said Anastasia, which was something of a fetish-chairman of a small crowd. - Tradition is - she told Light that we look at parting slaves game. They must form a closed circuit, in which everyone indulges previous orally. Concha eliminated. The first person to finish, becomes a victim for us, and having held high, gets a present - either Ms. implicitly carries out his desire.

Girls stripped guys masks and body laid out on the floor all around, to a member of his mouth.
-On the count of three you will start. Time! Two! Three!
Anton hesitated. Before his face was a member, a member of the man who he had to suck. But he felt his opponent from the bottom began to act quite cleverly and pleasantly swallowing. Guy hesitantly touched the body. Then, overpowering self, licked the head. Then he tried to move, in the manner of how the girls usually do it. However, he felt his own orgasm is not so far away, moved his head and therefore more active in trying to get away from the pleasurable sensations and not to lose. He did not know and did not follow the others. It seemed an eternity, he sucks somebody resilient member. But soon he stopped to think about it, because to him rolled a wave of orgasm. Anton fighting, but still lost the fight. Soon he had finished, and this stunned, fell out of the chain.

- That's a loser! - Joyfully exclaimed Lena. - Chur Me first!
- Wait, let's wait for the final - replied Maria. - I want to know who will win this time.
Soon the second servant also finished, and also flew out of the circuit. There were two, rolling on the floor in the position 69 and tries as far as possible to swallow a member of the rival. After a while, one finished, and the second, joyful, with falling sperm lips, stood up from the floor.
- I want to be pleasuring brand new! - He said. - Well come here.
Light came.
-Slizhov with my sperm to start.
She set to work. Drops ran down her lips and breasts, and she picked them, swallowing the salty, viscous liquid. Guy obviously liked, especially when rough tongue recent mistress slid on his left nipple, causing the skin in proper form.
- Now I want you to lick my ass - the servant said, sitting down on the sofa.

Light obeyed. She had not had to do anusling, especially men. The hand she caressed the head of his penis, tongue and tried to penetrate as deeply as possible in a well-designed hole. The answer is an unintended movement of the head toward the ass. Feeling that a partner ends, she held up a stream of sperm mouth and drank up a drop all that erupted from the pulsating member.

- Well done to reward - Nastya said. And now - the punishment of us all. Each orders and guilty servant performs. Lena?
- Rab, Arise cancer! - I ordered that. - You still a virgin ass for the hand. Now I will correct it.
Anton obeyed and got on all fours, absenteeism back and waited. Finally, out of his hole already affected today gag was removed. Nal has already been developed, but are not extended to an adequate size for fisting. Sensitive fingers latex queen slid on his anus, penetrating then one, then two inside, bringing a pleasant sensation. Then they become three and then four. It has now become tighter, and when joined to four fifth and palm relentlessly rushed inside - it hurt and very tight. A couple of dozen motions Ms. entered it. Then, she clenched her hand into a fist and began to remove his hand so. Rab involuntarily backed away on all fours, to somehow overcome the force of his anal pain burns. Then she straightened her hand and pulled her out. He was exhausted, fell to the floor.

-And you, Mary? Lena asked - what is your wish?
- I modified his ass, that's it - it showed double ended dildo. - I'm going to fuck him until the finish. - She lay on the floor, the perineum to the slave ass, and put a rubber dick into his hole troubled, and his vagina, and began sweet torture. The closer she has an orgasm, the more intolerable became a fever in his hole. Finally she finished and stood up, leaving the phallus with a flowing lubricant in anal tormented Man.
-Hmm, well, I'm not going to break his ass finally - promised World Nastya. - Crawl to me, slave! I'll spare your ass! Drink me, for you are only Mrs. WC.

Ms. removed the strap and sat on his face. Hot jet struck the servant of the throat. He almost choked, but swallowed time, and therefore managed to not spill the drops. After 6-8 sips pressure began to subside, and then completely disappeared.
-Now lick me clean! - And he set to work, carefully going through all the folds of her pussy. Especially is careful servant was with the clitoris, making Nastya something fairly purred several times.
- Well, now we can go home! Thank you all for this wonderful evening! - She said, when the servant stopped.

All the way home, they were silent. Before the car they were walking together, we sit down, too. We came to light up the apartment.
She lay on the bed fully clothed, Anton sat down.
-I'm an evil, cruel thing, is not it? No money is not worth such humiliation in the world. You hate me now, knowing what I am ..
-No. - Quietly he said in response. - I love tebya..moya Ms. I want to be your slave.
And, kneeling down, he began to lick her ass. Her, tired of the day, it will calm down and put to sleep. Then, when the light fell asleep, gently undressed her, hid with a blanket, he undressed and lay down at his feet.

Stranger in the night

Eagerly absorbing blood, girl covers different feelings: joy, happiness, abundance of happiness, her overwhelming nature. The thoughts were on the limit, everything was going around. The very fact, not noticing, she began to pull at his hair, which were so soft. The thought of his death seemed ridiculous. Why so soon to die, if you can crank out a lot of things. Surprised at his reflection ... Vendetta looked up from his neck, stepped back a pace. Jack's eyes were open, he liked the fact that she had just done, but only his mind clouded, but he sensibly perceived, all that happened.

Decisive step Wendy walked over to him, taking his hand, and led him into the house, near which intended to kill his victim. He did not resist, it fascinated her actions. Opening, massive door, they entered the large room, trimmed with deep red, like blood. In the center stood a huge, double bed, which immediately attracted the attention of girls. And close beside them stood a chair on which Jack down, pulled on itself stranger of the night.

She did not expect such a little sigh, and the next second it with the force of her head tilted. Their lips have merged in a kiss, first softly and gently, but with every second more and more demanding. She gently biting his lip, and he demanded caressed her body, first the back, then the chest, which could not fail to excite the girl. His breathing quickened, in principle, like her. The sweetness of his mouth drove Wendy amount, and forget about everything. When their eyes met, that Jack thought if he did not take possession of it now, then just come down amount. As if reading his mind, he smiled slyly Vendetta, spending tongue over her lower lip, and abruptly stood up, after going up to bed, she turned and beckoned him with a finger. Jack seemed bewitched followed her, unbuttoning his shirt.

- This will not work. - She mused the girl came up to him and started to unbutton, a minute later, the shirt was already on the floor, and it was followed by jeans and underwear. Hand it defiantly held his chest, leaving white stripes on their claws. From his mouth sounded something like a growl. His cock, which with each passing second, more willing to taste it, filled with force. Seeing the same desire in her eyes, Jack slowly pulled off her dress, leaving the girl in a small thong. He kissed her neck, collarbone, firmer breasts.

His left hand gently lay it on the ass, right at the back, after they went down slowly on the bed. She felt the pleasant weight of his body, from the excitement skimmed over her skin tingling. Their lips in an irresistible desire to once again merged in a kiss that was burning from the inside. Deft movement of his hands, the man groped her underwear, and easily ripped it, making his way to her feverish pussy. His hand immediately went back to feeling the clitoris and lips again izvedyvali taste of her skin, sucking chest. She moaned softly, he reduced its amount, its unpredictable caresses.

His fingers, then slowly, do not penetrate deeply into her pussy, and then sharply to the entire length of the harbor there. Lips sucking nipples with such tenderness that she forgot about everything, but sometimes he brazenly biting them, causing the girl to bend over and publish animated moans. Exhausted languidly caressing Wendy, sitting up on the blades, he kissed his ear and whispered softly:
- Do it

Mysteriously smiling, he held his index finger across her lower lip, then bowed his head, gently showered face with kisses. When they reached her lips, he surprised the girl abruptly entered her, in reply, to which she gave something like a sob. Her eyes danced with mischief and his hands gently caressing his body. Realizing that he did not cause her unnecessary pain, but on the contrary, the man began to slowly move inside her womb overheated. Their warm, quivering body merged.

- Oh yeah. - Glad Wendy whispered, fingering strands of his hair. Velvet girl's voice made Jack accelerate their movement, from which it fairly smiled, and it seemed to him, purred sweetly. His rhythmic movements, achieved all of its cells being. Loud groans waves propagate through the room, echoing echoing back. He had never in his life felt so good as it is now. Some unusual warmth and joy, she evoked in the heart, but its appearance in his life. Sensing the approach of orgasm, Jack sped to the limit, wanting to do as much as possible to enjoy this extraordinary girl. And when he was ready to pour his seed, she abruptly leaned into him, hugging, making it clear that he did not leave it.

Surprised look Jack, slightly amused her, causing her face reminded him of the face of a little girl. Hot liquid powerful stream flowed in her womb, and from what she Wendy instantly reached the peak of pleasure. Her body was writhing and moaning turned into an inarticulate cry of sweets. He hugged her and kissed her passionately on the lips, gently running his hand over her cheek. He waited until she wakes up, Jack came out of it, hid with a blanket and gently hugged. Her face pressed against Jack's chest, and after a while their hearts beat in unison, and they fell asleep.

History masochist


My name is Ann. I am 18 years old, large breasts, slender legs, a pretty high brown-haired with long hair. I am very shy girl, but in the past six months, I developed a feeling of absolute obedience to the will of another. In connection with it now I can twist and turn as you please, that is, to mock and humiliate my dignity, and engaged than my classmates home almost every evening. I'll tell you the recent history and it will be clear to what extent can morally kill the young woman, and without feeling resistance on the part of prodelyvat with it all sorts of abominations and perversions, to bully her, to create unlimited violence against the body and morality.

They said that next week I will spend in the company of pretty perverts, rapists, they got me ten thousand dollars and, of course, asked me to them fails. Now they
enough to ask me, because it is equivalent to my order. Previously, the natural modesty gave me only trouble, but now they have almost all of the etched. Notice I said "almost." That is, some remnants of shame remained, and it especially pleases my tormentors. Well, I was distracted, however, it will be clear to some aspects of my behavior.

Today I put on my most expensive stockings soft flesh light, thin as gossamer, pleasant to the touch. Man, touching them, should immediately pull. White lace belt - very narrow, emphasizing my wasp waist, white, batiste, transparent shirt. Underwear was not me. The feet-high boots to the knee and a short soft coat, so short that little nagneshsya and immediately visible border stocking. And what to do, so had to dress my home. At 0 degrees outside, and I was almost naked. Who is interested in my women's health?

I went out and immediately felt stung my clean-shaven pubis. Resigned to the inevitable, she ran a stop. My torturers without reason chose this time of day. Peak hour. I sense panic light catching on myself interested glances Pillars of people at the bus stop. Of course, the slut and only. Suddenly I felt a moist sponge vaginal sex.
"You're a whore - I told myself - have flowed Lord that made me What a shame.!"
I notice three men embarked next, and then hear the obscenities they quietly say about me. Probably, I will feel in a stampede. The vagina is more moisturized. The bitch is a bitch, downtrodden, lowered morale, perverse person.

I make the bus. I see the trio perched behind and already have tentative attempts to raise my coat. Are small efforts and now, at least two hands on my thighs. One fumbles on stockings, the other has discovered the ass without panties. I have already begun to feel seriously. Lord, stockings uncoupled from strapless, and they hang on his knees, his fingers crawling in the anus and in the vagina climb unceremoniously and brutally. I tweaked for shameless sponges struggling, and I should much effort not to scream out in pain. Guys downright torment my insides, grabbing a handful labia and tucking in the anus for three or four fingers. I'm hurt and offended. These feelings mixed with a sense of shame and even slavish despair. Everything else CURRENT, like a bitch in heat. Everything begins to slowly silent roar. At this point, I somehow in an especially painful clitoris are clear, and I sobbed. I turned to face them.
- Stop bawling, whore - there was an ominous whisper in his ear. - And unbuttoning his coat.

- I'm so ashamed, - I whispered, beginning to the first button.
There was a chuckle and then formed into the cut one of them put his hand and grabbed me by my big elastic teat fifth the size. Generally, without false modesty, I must say that I figure Centerfolds and face a very comely, but the breast is much knocked out of the classical parameters. Now imagine a beautiful girl standing in front of the three guys squeezed and crying bitterly, her coat wide open and her breasts nothing overt brutally compressed men's fingers. It pains me to squeeze the skin silky, twist the nipples.
This continues until it stops.
- Boys, I go to the next one - I muttered. - Maybe you got me spending.
- Of course, damn.

I was like a blow, but what do you say against the truth.
- Please fasten my coat and hook the stockings, but how can I go. Especially because in the place where I was waiting to pay much attention to the appearance of the sluts.
Then I sniffed again. I was completely helpless and submissive any fate.
- Are you a masochist?
- Yes, - I whispered. - Sex-slave. Do you know how to make fun of me!
- But you also love it when you fuck in all the cracks?
- Like. But still, when hurt, it is a real pain.
- Need to think! Okay, we will put you and hold up the place. And there we still razvlechesh. Agree?

- Yes. - I said with doom in his voice.
As they walked to the right home to me, I calmed down. I was no stranger to violence against them, and I guess about what will happen in a few minutes. They call the elevator and, of course, went to the last eleven floors. As soon as the four of us went into the booth, guys jumped on me. Again coat was unbuttoned and dropped to the floor. In my sharp, like a goat, breast sank four hands, two more began to tear the perineum. The anus poked fingers tormented lips and clitoris. I stood there blankly, and then began to breathe loudly, pretending that excited, which, incidentally, was not far from the truth. Actually, I'm abundantly flowed. When my unexpected torturers realized it, surprised.

- Here are a masochist, - with a sense of said one of them, it hurts to pinch my nipple and twisting it.
- Painfully? Answer me!
- It hurts very much - I wailed. - Have mercy on my body, I beg you.
These words acted on them like a red rag to a bull. The elevator stopped, and I was thrown to the ground. I fell and hit my knees and elbows. Stockings ripped. I fell to the side. Then I picked up roughly and forced to take off stockings and boots. I was left completely naked. They began to get its members rearing. I leaned against the wall, but I grabbed his chest and dragged him to the stairs leading to the attic. The door was open, and I was pushed inside. I fell back on the dirty floor. They stood over me with naked already members.

- Get up bitch - scared they shouted in unison.
I fussed and stood on all fours. I opened my mouth and hands, nearly breaking the full sensual lips, stuffed in his mouth a huge dick. He immediately began to peck at my throat.
All at once we calmed down. I continued to feel, trying to hurt. Five minutes later, I was breathless, but suddenly in the throat spurted a powerful jet, and I began to swallow it because nothing else was left to me. Dumps the owner of the first term immediately replaced by another, and then my pharynx was packed to overflowing. At this time later, wiping his dirty dick of my freshly washed hair chic.

- Go down on her face, Serge. Do you want to cum on her face?
I nodded and then took full charge of the viscous fluid in the nose, cheeks, eyes. I had to pull the nose and swallow the sperm of her. They noticed it and neighing. For some reason I was unbearably ashamed, and I roared out loud.
- I shut up, bitch, or get!
I continued to cry, wiping his face and tears sperm. Suddenly, I saw through the veil some quick movement. And then he felt a heavy blow to the stomach. Beat foot. I gasped in pain, my legs parted, and I fell I hit a few times down, then grabbed by the hair and hauled in a humiliating posture cancer.
- You have to suck and suck, understood, and not roaring. You huesoska, damn.

I obediently nodded and took the third member of his mouth. To my ass already fell in, and now the second term bursts into me. Sealed on both sides. It fucked me in the mouth joined by another, and here I suck two members, and the third tormented me from behind. They brutally raped me another half hour. Then, almost lifeless, all in the semen, forced to lie on the floor and began to poke shoes in my genitals, vagina thrusting boots up the middle. I did not have the strength to scream. I just moaned in pain and humiliation. Quite unexpectedly, they were gone and I was left alone on the dirt floor of the attic naked, wear out before the loss of pulse and morally spifflicate. Wailing, I found scraps of stocking, somehow wiped from the face of sperm (still dried stains left) and went to the top floor landing. We had to go down to the fifth. Imagine my state! On foot you will not go, I stayed the elevator, and there may happen. I called the booth and walked. On my floor elevator I stopped and I waited in horror that now someone sees me standing in front of the doors. And so it happened!

A man in his forties in a light jacket, standing in the doorway with a trash can in his hands. Incidentally, I have had time to jump out of the elevator. Silent scene lasted for about a minute. Beautiful naked woman with disheveled hair, with traces of semen on the face and body and a man, whose first glance was taken aback, began to fill frank lust.
- What happened?
- I was raped, beaten, taken away clothing - I rattled. - Help me please.
- The same girl, to help you, - he said sympathetically, already forcing my eyes.
- I do not know.

- Okay, let's go to my apartment, and we'll see.
I had no choice but to follow him. Already in he hallway, as if by accident, touched my hand and tits without feeling resistance, sharply turned to me.
- Listen, dear, but what are you going to pay for my care?
- Body - fell out of me.
- So you're a little blyadushka, not the victim. I suppose you have sex with children on their own.
- Well, in general, it was. I am a masochist, and with me you can do what you want. I will repay you for your kindness, but do not throw them out on the street like that.
- So, do you like it when you do hurt.
- In general, yes.

- Oh, and I like to bring pleasure through pain, little bitch! For a long time I was waiting for such as you!
- I all agree, not only uvechte me, please.
- By the way, how did you get here?
- I sold a week sadists who live in this house. And I have to be with them.
- Never mind, a night they will suffer.
- But my home, got money from them for me.
- So you worse. A practice torture you will only benefit
I hung her head and nodded meekly.
For today's variety host made me thoroughly washed away with it, of course, so that I wrenched my shameful lips. Then he gave me a five-liter enema to humiliate me this to tears. He laughed mockingly, watching from my anus gushing water.

He decided to feed me from a bowl, and I bare varnish some porridge while he dryuchil at this time in my anus. Have you ever tried to eat, while you fuck in the ass rather unceremoniously? My tears dripped into the bowl. Without giving me straighten up, host, turned me over and obstruhal entire face. He pulled out a box of cutlery, laid me on my back and sat down on my stomach and told me to screw up and widely legs apart, keep them well. Putting a box somewhere between my legs, he began poking around in my vagina forks and knives, pinched big shameful lips tweezers for chopping nuts, thrust into the anus can opener, corkscrew, rolling pin. Rolling pin he put very far, and it seemed to me that she stabbed the inside.

It was only a prelude to the main action. What awaited me, I could only dream of
nightmares, but I survived and now I will describe all that he did to me, as a mocked and humiliated young masochist.
He took me to the torture room. Across the room space have been sunk into the hooks on the ceiling, walls and floor. Everywhere lay coils of rope, barbed wire, clothespins, mousetrap, tisochki and clips.
- Pray bitch - ominously said the host. - Let's start with your fucking tits.

I begged him to spare me, but it only further inflamed the man. He put his hands in my leather cuffs with rings, stuck in the ropes of the ring, and handed them to the hooks on the ceiling. He pulled my hands and fixed them. It is specially made so that I am now standing on tiptoe, almost on the tips of the nails, almost hanging on his hands. With nasty lustful grin, he took a coil of thin nylon cord. He started to pull the left teat, not just wrapped, and on each pass made knot, pulling it tight. At the turn of the tenth I screamed in pain, the skin is rapidly stretched and crimson, chest and poured tyazhelel. I lost count of the turns, but my chest from the actual breast flesh separated a layer of rope, I was horrified. Tits hurt, aching dull pain, and I almost did not feel it. Those manipulations he did the right tit, and now in front of my tearful eyes sticking two huge crimson ball, tapered at the bottom - my beautiful breasts. But, it appears, he has prepared a test. As you can imagine, my nipples are quite large, looked now as two dark red spots.

The owner pulled from some white tube of cream and grease nipples. A minute later I felt a sharp burning, and my eyes began to harden nipples until they turned into two the cylinder filled with insane desire. In the process of curing them even more stretched the skin of the breasts, and the feeling of lust mixed with a feeling of intense pain. An amazing combination! My torturer took a thin twine and pulled my nipples. Then I lost consciousness. I woke up in pain. I felt that already hang over the floor, and hanging from the ceiling of my legs wide stretched to the side. Just now a man once pierced nipple ring to hang it-ounce slug. One nipple already had got his load. Again, I was forgotten in the delirium hard tolerable pain.

Once again, my eyes opened when I looked at his chest, brought the curtain of twine with little weights, fifty grams each, which went around my breasts suffering. Now, on each fixed on breast hung, probably for iron kilogram, assuming the load on the teats. In my eyes, there was flour. When he finished with ropes and weights, he took a handful of linen clothespins and ...
I woke up when the torturer went to my crotch. The entire surface of the blue-balls of red breast was filled with clothespins. How he managed to pinch the skin stretched impossibly two dozen clothespins, for me remains a mystery. Even nipples were two pieces. It seems that my disgrace awaited the same test. Only by touch and I knew by outbreaks of pain, what it does, fumbling in my vagina. He pulled with pliers portions of the labia majora and over-tighten twine. Then he proceeded to small and clitoris. God, he pulled my clit, I'm to the great shame flowed abundantly and obsikalas. Then he arranged in the crotch of a hedgehog pegs, to complete the execution.

If you say that those parts of the body that differentiate women from men, brutally hurt, then do not say anything. On top of this sadist nasazhal my pegs on the lips, ears, nose and pinched two pieces of language. And then ...
Then he took the camera and started shooting. I cried the last effort. At that time, while he was filming, he iskhitryalsya whip me with a whip, falling on the buttocks and abdomen, breasts and crotch. I lowed and bellowed. Half an hour later he took up the release of my authorities, starting with the pussy. He fussed for another half hour, eventually leaving the rope on the breasts.

- Well, as my dear, I liked it, - he said to me, breathless lying on the floor.
- Yes, sir, it is only Titi hurt.
- Hurt, I say. Do you want to make your boobs are that you will get stuck in the doorway. And, in general, they have you, normal, good working material. This is what I came up with. It is necessary to pull your lips sex that hung somewhere between the thighs. How are you? Agree.
- Even if I do not agree, how can I object to you, sir. If you want to do with my body whatever - I hated myself for saying this and saying, crying.
- Why are you crying? - He asked.
- I'm just a whore - I said. - Fuck - masochist. My body is no longer ...

- ... belongs to you, - he concluded. - Correctly.
He suddenly kicked me in the stomach, and when I bent over, I walked back and shoots directly at the crotch sharp shoe.
- Come on, pussy cutting something.
I obeyed. He brought the shoes to the pussy and put the sock inside.
- Climb on the boot, blyadina, and to reach the uterus itself. How to get, say.
I tried, really tried. I dreamed that my uterus touched his shoes, my most intimate places - dirty item of footwear. I myself spreads her legs as she could and climbed cancer. It worked only when I just sat down by a pussy on the shoes, and he came at me almost on the very heels. I experienced such bliss and poured, of course, his slime.

- I pulled up to the uterus, sir, - I whispered happily. - Oh, well, when you can to please you. Unfortunately, I soiled his skin secretions, but I lick, but do not kick me, please, for my mistake. I can not control my pussy.
He impressively sprawled in a chair, and I clung to his leg mouth and stuck out her tongue. He shoved the shoe in my mouth, and I continued to lick. Then he lit a cigarette and ordered me to serve as an ashtray. That is, I lay back on the couch so that his head hung down, and put her ass in the back. I lifted her legs and lowered them to the shoulders. He went for the ropes. Tormentor handed rope under his arms, sealed unit, then pulled her legs to the shoulders and pulled them. I took a vise, put in the vagina, secured them with ropes. He began to turn the handle, and cheeks Tizoc began to push the perineum, before a narrow because gives me pose. Between the legs soon formed a gaping hole where he began to shake off the ashes. All ended up on my urethra put out the bull. I screamed in pain. He left the room and returned with a cleaning brush for cleaning the toilet bowl. Not removing the vise of the pussy, he began to push brush into it. I fainted from shame.

I opened my eyes in the process of the liberation of my breasts. My poor tormented sisechki had the color of ripe cherries. He took me to the mirror, standing on the floor, he sat in front of him and forced to spread her legs. O Lord! In my labia are sewn into the rope at both ends ending scorched nodes. Now my pussy could fasten or tie, to close, in short, in the style of the shoe.
- Oh, - I whispered. - Now I do not need panties, huh?
- Of course, damn, - neighing tormentor. - Look, any more rings on your lips. Four on each. Like?
- Yes, I like it. And also the anus.
- That's clever. Now you only attach bells in the crotch, and you can go.

- Thank you for everything, sir, - I said with tears of gratitude - that is not particularly crippled me.
- What are you, my dear, so little had fun. Will you come yet?
I wondered. But not for long. It's like a drug, I thought. Of course, I come, what is there to think about.
At the door, when I was on my knees, sucking his cock, lastly he made me take the vagina shoes, lick it. I stood up, stood on tiptoe and kissed his cheek. He jerked and hit me in the stomach with his fist, but then, realizing that I really thank him, almost in tears, pulled out the oath that I will return as be free. I left every conceivable coordinates of its location, the names of my hosts. Now he could me even from the ground to get it.
At the parted. Humiliated girl went on, looking to satisfy his perverted lust.


I have three days staying with sadists. Their two healthy men. One by the name of Nikolai, a huge cock that he immediately after my arrival, began dryuchit me in the mouth, the lips tore. They closed up the corners of my lips plaster that did not disperse and fucked in the mouth more cautious, more precisely, a hammering in my throat, so I kept choking sperm if they are not willing to lower face.
My stay they started with a set of rules, which I should not have been broken. If I violated them, the penalty should have. Although my life with them, and one was sheer torture, punishment particularly brutal. Here are some rules: absolute obedience, quick execution of orders, not to look into the eyes of men, cleanliness, body shaving, not a hiccup, not defecate one, etc. They took my receipt that I voluntarily let do with me,.. what they want.

The third day I go to overtensioned breasts. Ropes are not removed either by day or night. I almost did not feel the breasts. Their color has become dark purple and already afraid that they will never become a pleasant pink color. At night, I hung from the ceiling, stretching arms and legs wide apart, and on his chest hung five-kilo dumbbells. In the vagina and anus tuck thick and rigid plastic members, and the mouth is sealed gag soaked in alcohol. I hang out, not feeling his body. Now the pain in my genitals and breasts with me always.

Sometimes I pray for mercy, but get on the tits and genital whip or whip. Today, my breasts were released. I had time to be guilty and subjected to flogging. I was tied to a chair and put a dog collar. Then are clear upper and lower lips with six wooden clothespins, three on each, tied a rope to him. Clothes pegs on the lower lip pulled to the collar. They put me on the head with a metal hoop rings. Pins on the upper lip pulled to the hoop. My mouth is, of course, was wide open, and I could feel the divergent ends of unhealed lips. My gums were bared. I was made to show the language. Nikolai Ivanovich put me spacers between the teeth, then picked up the tweezers, pinched tongue to not removed until Sergei Stepanovich, put into the language of five wooden pegs. In my eyes, probably frozen meal such that the torturers began to scream, so I tried to smile.

Lord, what a laugh, if only through her tears. I could not say anything, only mumbling and moaning. Sergei Stepanovich began to beat my chest with his fist with all his might, trying to hit the exact center of my suffering charms. Breast only began to depart from the shackles and very sick.
Nikolai Ivanovich brought from another room a pile of long thin needles. I moaned more, but only monsters whipped my cheeks. Nikolai began to pierce through my boobs. He's been doing this for half an hour. During this time, each boobs got thirty needles. They were uniformly distributed on the surface of tits. Women's breasts have become hedgehogs. They went to admire his handiwork and smiled with disgust. But the execution was just beginning. They take pictures of my poor sisechki and suddenly I began to pull out the needle. They asked me to go to a special pedestal and go to it.

It was made of neobstrugannyh boards, and as soon as I lay down on my back and ass dug splinters. Screaming, I could not because of the employment of the mouth. On their orders, I lifted her and spread her legs wide, knees bent. It was the turn of my most intimate places - pussy. Sorry for being rude, but they made me call my pussy and so, to be honest, I was incredibly excited. They walked around the girl exposed on display and discussed what to do with my genitals. My hair stood on end when I sluschala their sweet conversation. But what could I do supple and horny slave bitch! My vagina was enough extended members, but it was a little monsters. The large labia were pulled out of the rope, shoelaces, and in places were holes vdet thick rings. Then both my thighs dragged several layers of rope, threading a pre them ring, equal in number to the labia lips.

I already guessed that follow these simple devices, and shuddered. By this time they had to fix my body and legs, so that I could not have her antsy prevent abuse me. To ring in the labia tied rope. Then each ring began to draw to the rings on the thighs. They pulled so hard that the tears from his eyes and streamed. Incidentally, each lip had six rings. When they have completed the process of showing the innards of my pussy around white light, I just woke up from yet another shock fainting.
I must say that I was a great shame, I'm abundantly flowed. Men did not like it, because to continue the play, needed dry maiden pussy. Sergei Stepanovich brought hair, turned it on, putting on the most powerful speed, then, as soon as hair dryer heats up, held it to the vagina asunder.

If my mouth was not packed with clothes pins, I would have screamed. Hairdryer was damn hot. They gathered to dry up my insides skukozhivaniya. I'm still poorly understood, which I dried labia. But doubts quickly dissipated Nikolai Petrovich. He picked up the scotch. In the end, without stopping the drying pussy, Nikolai Petrovich, nalepil Scotch on the small lips, then she struggled and pulled them stuck in the groin area. I could uglyadet that the tape was a special moisture-resistant and durable. All. The picture could be called the "Slave Anya shows her pussy" Suddenly I wanted to pee. What horror! I tried in a special way I grunted and seems to understand. He was released from the mouth of clothespins.

- My favorite man, I really want to write.
- Slut wants to pee. Hose? - He asked, alluding to the clear thing for all of us.
- Yes, sir.
They brought a hose. By simple manipulations one end of the tube inserted directly into the urethra another in my mouth. Sica girl his mouth! I managed to blush at that moment, for that end of the hose in the channel has been retracted even further. Painfully! They all liked the case, and after urination, they began to push into the channel dirtiest. How disgusting and embarrassing!
They perezakrepili me as to raise the pelvis higher. So I am going to use my pussy as a vessel. I really do not have the strength to cry and suffer, and for no apparent external influences, I fell into oblivion.

Something tingled inside the vagina. Oh, they filled his buttons. While there was no special
painful, but they began to release my lips! All sponges imploded, they put me in the labia majora shoelaces, not pulling the rings, and tightened. Walk, girl, with buttons in the pussy and rejoice. According to the team, I walked wagging her hips, squeezing pain lips. He came up to me and began Nikolai Petrovich backhand slap on the palm pussy. I immediately fell into a swoon.
When I woke up again, it turned out that I was standing. I lowered my head and saw the flowing blood on the legs of my entrails torn buttons. I was allowed to loosen the laces, and I began to take out of pussy button. I have long agony, crying and moaning. My mouth was free, and I could not afford women's weakness.

So, or something like this last week sadists.
When it came time to say goodbye, and I even touched enable them to prepare me to go out. The first thing that I was given, were stunning fashion shoes-studs black. Heel height was ten centimeters. I was allowed to look in the mirror. My long legs more
lengthened. Very sexy! Further. On top of everything else they are sticking large breasts threw light
transparent cloak of silk. She dressed over his head and lay down just below her shoulders. The part that was supposed to cover the chest, serve it, but the most minimal way. That is the end
robe barely covered her nipples. Outside sticking out, nothing overt, half of the breast!

Okay. If there is even a light wind, then everyone will see my beautiful huge tits! The skirt was a strip of light silk, two millimeters falls below the shaved pubis. It turned out that on display exposed half of my ass. Just great, if you remember about the wind. It turned out that I was going down the street completely naked. A good prospect! Small addition. The anus was inserted into a thick pin is attached to a chain belt under her skirt, and on the labia is stuck on tape, making the vagina gaping dyrischu! If I'm not zataschat in some basement in three steps from the door, I think that everything around impotent. Well, well, forward, whore, to meet new adventures.