It all started in a very hot summer day, it seems it was August.
Parents periodically left the cottage for 2-3 days and I'm not particularly eager to roast in the sun and preferred to spend his days at home, and only in the evening to walk out.
I was 24 years old. My sister Ira turned 20 then.
Remembering childhood, I always thought of those moments when we played with it in different games at home, sometimes just pushed and fought in earnest. I then like it was 13 years and her 9 respectively.
At that age I felt differently, there was a desire for the opposite sex, and my cock stood up when I saw on TV explicit scenes. So when my sister and I began fighting specifically blame it on my stomach and he went above and pressed his cock into her soft ass, and still did nedvusmysennye movement. It is of course nothing, or almost nothing, and realized that nezamechala.
Then I began sometimes to take her underwear and wear it on himself, that excited me very much.
I masturbate in the bathroom almost every day, and always thought of my sister. After kakogoto time is a little povzraslev, mud, at 3, I lost caution and took the sisters underwear for the whole day. Then we are no longer fighting course. So sometimes it seemed to me that she began to notice it, and I had to stop taking clean linen, and I took it that she had diarrhea.
Sometimes sitting in the kitchen, I noticed it before leaving on the street I am in the bathroom her panties and old threw in a basin in the closet, and when she left, I immediately took them, the smell of her cunt made my cock stand up and I immediately finished in the toilet .
Time passed and we have grown up, as I said I was 24 and she was 20. She was a blonde, an increase of about 175 cm, with a slender butt, medium breasts, in general so pretty in every respect.
In the house she went or smock or shirt in a long and sometimes lay down on the bed exposing his bottom on display, tomuzhe could see a strip of her panties that zastavyalo my cock up again and again. And once this happened.
I woke up this morning, put the bed as usual and went to the bathroom to wash it, and there was a sister and was going to go to college. Parents was not home that day. She was wearing a tight marsh color medium length skirt and light blouse.
I got behind her and started looking in the mirror to comb his hair, and at that moment she bent down to wash her ass and touched my penis, since I was standing behind. I was in sweat pants and well felt something touch it. My cock started to get up, and took 10 seconds "martial" position.
She, too, felt the prikochnovenie is slightly turned her head, and continued to wash podvashis forward. It became hard to control myself, and I decided to go ahead, I embarked member touched her backside. I then put his right hand on her buttock and squeezed it gently, my heart rate started going wild.
I made a few more squeezing movements of her buttocks was so soft and elastic that I do not want to stop. What was surprising was that she was not pushed me away as much tensed and blushed, stopping to wash raised to a vertical position. I pressed it to his cock even harder and a little pressed it to the sink, with my right hand on her belly transported and left I began to stroke her thigh. She obviously did not want it prodozhaetsya and tried to push me and swore softly mat. I Nemon lowered his head and began to kiss her neck and knead her breasts.
"Enough"-proiznesla sister, but I did not stop to knead her breasts and stroking the thigh the stomach. I chustvoval her breathing, it is quickened, but surprisingly was that she did not take his hands trying to remove my hand. Then I pulled her skirt up, that's no big deal, and saw its two hemispheres and black stripes thong panties. I shoved his hand between the thin cloth panties and her pubis and rushed to her vagina, as this was the only way to quickly excite her
At the same time the left hand I unbuttoned her blouse and began to knead her breasts through livchik. A few minutes later she began to breathe more quickly, and tilted her head back, resting on my shoulder.
I tried to kiss her on the lips and she said, her soft tongue penetrated my mouth and began to caress my share. I pulled his pants and underwear, and turned with her, putting her face forward on the washing machine.
Then she took off her panties to her knees and tried to insert his dick sticking in her already wet cunt, fondling her clitoris were not in vain. But then she voprotivilas, and tried to escape.
"No, I do not want, so you can not hear, let"-proiznesla Irina, but I could not stand longer and force pressed it to the washing machine and put a member into her vagina. And then he began to fast and rhythmic movements back and forth.
She again tried to escape but failed.
"No no"-stonala she, with her vagina slightly squished, and I fought about her Lyashko. A few minutes later, she began to moan even harder and groan passed almost a scream, I felt something like a member nalilsya blood, and I shot sperm into her womb. She screamed and umokla a couple of seconds. I pulled out a member. But do not stop there, I put his fingers into her hole and collected some sperm then turned and lifted her up, and put his fingers with the sperm in her mouth, she was excited and did not oppose this, dutifully licked all without a trace. We got dressed and went out of the bathroom, a little talking we said goodbye and she went to college. I kissed her goodbye.
Later, when we had sex was not at home parents. Pereprobyvala bunch of keys, she sucked me even when all were at home. For example sitting at the computer and made abstract, I came up and squeezed her breasts. Or I was sitting in the kitchen in the evening, watching the telly, the parents had gone to bed, she came to have a drink of water, and in the process sucked my nadrocheny already a member, and I finished it in his mouth, almost all the sperm she swallows, then went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. Sucking and swallowing sperm is faster for about 2 minutes, so the parents could not suspect anything. We bought a vibrator, and she came right at me.
Now she is going to marry her boyfriend, but I think our relationship will not end on this.

How I became a traitor. Chapter 5. Nightmare

Register new day for Kolyano began with an unbearable headache and ygpyzeny conscience for their pposhlogo, rather recently ppodelannoe with young children. It ytpo but by Oli has finally arrived and trace pposto, "And as soon as she yspevaet mosey in such pannee Quaternary"- Mychalsya he speculated. Remembering all that was at night, emy became every paz Noisy, ydivlyalsya what a strong influence on him Olya, but can not do anything about it and we can only smipitsya. Emy like normal operating communication drunken myzhskoy environment ppislyshatsya to the advice of his byhogo dpyga, yznat his opinion and share their ...
This pazdyme pposh¸l it does not formed den¸k. He called svoemy stapomy dpygy, sobytylniky and odnokypsniky, tomy samomy Deny from 2 chapters pointepesovalsya as befits his zdo.povo and what he is doing now. Dan define a spazy that Kolyanom with Che's something wrong, he strangely govopil and was clearly not himself. They dogovop zavtpa vstpetitsya to sit for a beer with the plan and at all svezhyyu golovy obsydit. Skopee all the better for it not to become emy, obpazovalas only an illusion of a happy ending.
Pepekysiv than God has sent, he scored in Shtaket papy dpygyyu wheels solpadein hoping to somehow yspokoit your pazgnevanny Kachan, that did not help. Then he pepet¸p in poposhok ppospochenny and covered-mold aspipin, pazlozhil whole thing on bymazhky, close a finger odny nozdpyu and dpygoy drastically drove in like a vacuum cleaner on all passypannoe bymage mess again useless. Ppomychivshis this concoctions he nor chemy not ppish¸l, then remembered that y each person in life there ch¸pnye and white stripes, which was then replaced dpyg dpyga on oppedel¸nnom stage peshil that now y it as paz phase ch¸pnoy band more he remembered words of the song live forever Mike: "And most importantly, remember, petro kapmy not popp¸sh". All this made him povepit all syschestvyyuschie ppevpatnosti sydby he otpybilsya, soppovozhdaemy kpasivymi konvylsiyami.
Call to dvep potpevozhil chytky his dream filled stpahami be you **** nym someone at night, making Kohl's to protect the lead constantly wore tpysy. Gpomko ispygavshis and p¸pnyv from stpaha hastened his vstpetit dpyga why Elastic band on his tpysah lopnyla hurt ppischemiv toes. Dan was always with any ybipayuscheysya his face ppidypkovatoy ylybkoy and with a full package of beer.
- ¨y, dpyzhban Che stpyaslosya - obpadovalsya ochepednomy povody Dan.
- Oh, In principle no Th.
- Hy's nishtyak, come ppotipay glasses, now more than vmazh that any otstypit sorrow and her longing ppoyd¸t - not ynimalsya ppiyatel, too, was that kotopomy passkazat and dpyga than amuse.
After sitting a little bit, as befits peped booze, they samyyu her and started. Spiptnoe yhodilo vglyb quickly to their subconscious, ppiotkpyvaya zavesy fun and neoppedel¸nnosti. Then, after waiting oppedel¸nny point, Kolya l¸ty dumped on his golovy dpyga all his istopiyu to the smallest detail. Vyslyshav him, Dan pepekinylsya with him their views, which was then drastically differed from the views of The Normal Human, and no matter how strangely, is not very sympathetic.
- Now comes here that now catch tishiny and at this point I passkazhy you my night koshmap, then we ppid¸m to vseobschemy konsensysy and hapnem papy gpamm in order yhoda in glybokyyu nipvany to ppislyshatsya to the voices from the other world, can they tell us that nibyd podskazhyt how to be - sep¸zno ppoizn¸s toast to Dan.
And then he began to describe his dream, ppeykpashaya it here and there, why he became like a dream person with shizofpeniey: "Hy so, ppikin.
In short it seems to me that I kyda out there and fall neppemenno should pazbitsya what, no matter how strangely not ppoizoshlo by the laws of physics. I ppoletel through some smelly tyman ppizemlilsya and you do not povepish where, at some stapyh zabposhennom cemetery. Kpygom tsapila some wild environment. Above the burial ground kpyzhili voponya flocks were all kpesty pepekosheny from winds up permanently skpipeli wickets at grave ogpazhdeniyah. It seemed to me that I was in some dpygoy the Mir. As vdpyg gpyanyl gpom about me **** yla lightning, and a voice like zaop¸t me yho - Shit! You are here Che became sykin son, spy, polychilos fascist gpanaty. Not yspel emy I even answer, someone bony pyka grabbed me by the balls and much potyanyla matyshke to the ground. Ppikin like me at that moment obospalsya. I tried once soppotivlyatsya this pyke, appeared out of the ground beneath me, but it was useless, I have someone ppizhal, then got out of the land of his bony legs in stapyh spoptivnyh shoptah "ADIDAS", Ppoedennyh chepvyami Firmly and cupped my zadnitsy. Then the same voice as the same gpomko commanded - Shit, lying does not move, sychonok, I'm your tpenep on fizkyltype, ypok pe.pvyy, ppigotovsya, now you yvidish ves¸lenkoe my face. By the beginning of my head slightly ppipodnimatsya gpyda sand, then I yvidel this face. It was still only polypazlozhivshimsya at kpayam hung rotten flesh, the eyes, as it were ppovalilis vnytp chepepa, tpypnye chepvi climbed in and he pty ppinyat popytky kissnyt menya.Eto ebalo ppiblizhatsya start getting closer and closer to moemy litsy that chyvstvovalos his bad breath, more papy minute digits and our gyby merge into stpastnom potselye would pochyvstvoval all vkys this fall. In zhytkom yzhase to ppedotvpatit it, I vdapil pykoy for this oh **** head, you might try it through, and then y pyka me in this and took hyyne zastpyala. Hy I pastepyalsya, all fucking dymayu **** ey my ppish¸l. Hy and then I In short pposnylsya. Hado is a hyyne ppisnitsya, smotpit and y in my room some woman lies on lyubomy whore, and at that moment I was even nervously, ny and peshil her completely yspokoitsya evil sweep, so to speak."
Ha this place Dan stopped vytep beads of sweat running down his forehead, a little beer and glotnyl ppinyat ppodolzhaet further. "Hy so now, I wanted to **** In short it from one's, so as not to come across, syka under gopyachyyu pyky. At first I strongly podpochil In short, I made sure that my cock was like a kyvaldy. At this point my body was gabapity 90 * 60 * 90 * 18. Vskope yzho he began to ache from such zvepskogo ppitoka kpovi, I went to this a female, was lying on the poly, and how to give her his boot on kipzovym eblischy with kpikom: "Company! Climb!" pykoy grabbed her by the hair and began vydipat them reeling on his elbow. This syka zaopala like, and I stuffed it in my Havanna by an aggregate, it fucking choked. From my penis y it began pvotnye formation reactions, it will ***** like blevan¸t p.pyamo me on the floor, and then my hyy y w it in the pty, and he, too, got dirty. Hy Che and I had to do, I vytep your ebynets tpysy about it, it povepnyl golovy pepependikylyapno to poly and ppizhal its wrought by the Nazi jackboot her fucking feys p.pyamo in stpygatiny ety. And ppikin, she did for hyy even no features is bpezglivosti. I am furious and grabbed tabypetky hyyak her on hpebtine.
She and oppokinylas So why something strangely zad¸pgalas I hyy knows why, but she was, **** and **** Single, zhivychaya to impossible. More paz **** yv it some heavy ppedmetom, tied, then took a vacuum cleaner, pazdvinyl her legs ... and began the wires genepalnyyu ybopky it mohnyshki. Ppikin, chyvak, it is so that it ponpavilos hpen vytyanylas on polmetpa. Then I made her stand pakom, withdrew to the far ygol his komnatyshki, pazbezhalsya and how zahyyapil her ass with pazbega that there was 45, my imprint kalibpa. It is whether the pain is not chyvstvovala, or *****, masochist, but only caught the buzz nevebenny. I kicked at it for a long time spake, she could not care less, and y is my leg withered. Smotpit, nothing it does not bep¸t then ppivyazal to Belts feet pazv¸l their maximum ... out sideways and in a position zafiksipoval. He took his pogatky, zapyadil tyda glow goby from sigapety and papy paz ohyenno hit her in the ring, she was so sweet kpichala that I'm tired of it fun, I did pposto tpahnyl, planted it on the tonsils his sandals. Hy then she finally arrived bothered me, bponevaya some chick".
It is on this note ppekpasno Dan and finished his passkaz. He would continue passkazyval, but is dominated by the desire nakypitsya over him, he took tpyby and scored. And then began the most intepesnyh. Kolyany start mepeschitsya every hyynya a doggie: "Shit, no hyya imagine what zdo.povo. Kyda ran ve.pnites' syka schA catch yshi bow zavyazhy nor hyya himself, Che you so much that".
Their dialogue was like:
- Hi hyya yourself, that's stuck.
- Yes, exactly, precisely, ha-ha-hee-hee.


They sat sedately in an abandoned Yakitori with laziness and ate the remains of rolls. Dark colored mass of soy sauce with chunks of something pale green, but the poisonous taste - perhaps the only thing that gave a sense of reality. Everything else - the daily routine. As if they meet a year two and mortally tired of each other. Or if the two friends, who told each other all the latest gossip and issyaknuv finally stopped for a moment empty talk. For building glass was dull rain, and the show was forever repeating the dummies on the color display. Women's boards, women, hangers, worshiped and adored that.
Suddenly, time has accelerated his rhythm and space, on the contrary, has stopped. She stopped the space, as if mesmerized by his gaze. People did not notice what is happening around, and waitresses and continued to slide on their faces, unable to find anything special about the two visitors. The usual daze, more than once described in many science fiction stories. If someone was attentive (and the people in the 90% of people think only about themselves and do not see anything beyond their own nose), they would surely have found one oddity: two remained motionless, as if gologammami while living people were somewhere not here on several levels deeper in the shadows.
Dusk. Their twilight shimmered at the edges of bright rhinestones. It kicked off with an upper part of the dress, left.
However, everything in order. All the fault of the ginger, overheated her stomach, and the blood rushed to the digestion of food, catching his gaze on her, changed her direction and hooted deep down. The uterus and vagina was rocked soft. He reached for her, something resembling a paw lone wolf; paw, bite marks seen other females in passion or injury experienced by fighting with foxes and jackals.
The vagina is reduced and was pounding in his temples. She held her breath, preparing for the inevitable jump. Battle. Hunting. He is mine. Today, he's mine. Now or never. She gently took his invitation, brought down the table to the side and sat on top, hugging his legs around his shins. Its juice dissolved part of his clothes just in the right place and his cock, freed from narrow denim, with a force entered her body had not yet warmed.
Until the middle of the elbow of her legs became cat, nails, grew out of the blue cast fingertips .. The neck has become a few centimeters long, that was especially noticeable when it is bent, pushing his cock deeper into yourself. He closed his eyes to better feel her excitement. She was silent, so as not to be distracted by moans. Moans could be heard through the gloom outsiders, such old-timers say, it happens to people. But I am sitting in front of a girl who seemed sensed something was wrong, and put aside the ice cream. The little girl felt ill at ease and want to pop a bullet in the toilet, but he remained seated as if chained to his seat. This is part of the Twilight touched her for a moment. She shuddered, took a deep breath and walked out of his stupor.
The two continued to dance. Broken plates and cups lying around on the floor of his waiters sake, as a matter of course, have carried out one by one in the sink.
He put it on the table and bowed slightly, fucked. The tip of its tail rhythmically in motion rhythm touched his buttocks. Thin high boots published melodious music background. It was not the usual creaking real patent leather, it was twilight musical echo.
At the moment of highest flight, when the initial point of reference, it should start to shudder in orgasm and emit a groan he opened his eyes and firmly pushed her away from him: "Not here". Unbearable pain of her body assigned to it by a member tip and it :. Not finished, knowing that they will have a long road in the arguments about the meaning of life to her house, only there, she returned her normal human body he could make love to her as an ordinary man with a very ordinary woman.
He had no time to dodge. It has already been disappearing nail still scratched his chest diagonally. Deep cat bloodless incision was payback for the interrupted pleasure. She regained himself and sat down in her place. "Please score, girl!".

On a rest

All I will tell you right now happened to the set a little more than a year ago, when I was still a student of one of Dnepropetrovsk universities.
Everyone's favorite and respected holiday on May 9th (Victory Day), my friends and I decided to spend odnogrupnikamy me at my dacha. But TEENS with our group for some reason, everyone decided to spend the holiday with his family, and go only male team special intuziazma nebylo, and this is something I have even nepomnyu who suggested preglasit devch¸nonok from the second year, which for their stedenchestvo More neuspeli work up and we thought we neotkazhut and we neoshiblis but them with us went to my best friend Natasha. And the long-awaited day of departure, we all gathered in the F A train station, 6 boys and 5 common potential preklyucheny (sophomore) + Natasha okotoroy nobody even nemechtal. So we stand waiting for the train, in backpacks shaft alcohol and snacks. Our train arrived, we kompeniey noisy and mood was excellent, piled into a crowded car and settled down in the vestibule near the window decided it was time to have a drink "to leap". After drinking one, I noticed that we were approaching. They went out on a small platform, we had more proiti 1.5 km distance, time passed quickly and daughters in style 40 minutes we went to the courtyard of my garden. All the way, I warned in advance that this year more deche anybody nebylo and there will have to be tidied up. While TEENS Uberall in the house the boys set about cooking barbecue. When all the meat has been zamarenovano - TEENS just finished cleaning, we went into the house, there was really very clean, they even kakieto flowers in the corners razstavili.
After a hearty dinner, and we Nena drank it, we decided to go oigrat volleyball, then ktto redlozhil swim, supported this idea I alone, we swam, then went back to the cottage, ate barbecue, when it was dark - all were already pretty drunk, Natasha came to her boyfriend and she kudato gone, loud music played all tanzevali, I withdrew to the house and sat down on the large rocking chairs, and chemto thought, then BR approached Julia and Sprawl there Mezhuyev me and Natasha, I did get by said dryly, that nothing between us but friendship does not have and never nebylo, then she's asked me why I'm here sizhe one, I said that the mood was gone, she pointerisovaalas what happened and I told him the first thing pishlo in mind that after how pokupassya in the river then took off his wet TRUS and Sach in jeans walking impossible without Otus, she laughed and kakoeto time stopped, I got tired of sitting in silence and I asked what she was thinking, she replied that nabmraetyas courage that I do say, and then it started, she blogged about me what I'm very best, beautiful, and that like me No more, well, everything like that. I enthusiastically listened to her, and only her passionately kiss could prirvat her compliments, I asked her to come into the house, she agreed. We went upstairs to my room, I turn le¸ to him and began to kiss, this time my hand was already izsledovala expanse of her ass and ofigknnoy peremeshyalas on her chest. She asked me to stop for a moment and ask what it is just sex and whether the beginning of a relationship, I replied curtly that I Do not Know and again poseloval.
I pulled the zipper on her jacket and she easily razsgegnulas and sleetla on the floor, I pulled up her T-shirt and again nevstretiv soprotevleniya smoothly it took leaving Julia in a bra, then she started to bend down to my pants, she slowly rastegnula fly and button and jeans hit the floor, she released my heroes and gently kissed the tip, I was on this already get the wind up, and then she had completely taken into the mouth and swallowed by the most eggs, and soon overexcitation I richly finished right in her mouth and she drank everything to the last drop. We fell exhausted into bed. I Do not know how much we were but when I woke up I felt that I was once again full of energy and ready to go, I turned to Julia in the back, and quickly idnim abruptly took off his pants along with a thin lace panties, sank slowly to its hollow, gently bite at clitoris and nasch¸pav kogoshinu began to suck her, Julia moaned and izvevalas in all directions until it finished right on my face. I posmortel down and saw that my dick is already standing on end, I turned to Julia on her stomach abundantly smeared his chley and her tight hole her vydileniyami and abruptly entered her, she quietly vskriknuna, but because I'm in it easily entered I realized she often substitutes a peach, I nachas about ostervineniem fuck it, I pecked her as a last whore, then completely blame a member of the sharp jerk Sagan him the most eggs, then abruptly she turned her back and walked into her already rather sweaty crack, I vdigalsya at a furious pace, but she asked me to nekonchal in it, at this time I pierced rapid ekztaz and I finished right in it, I thought that izlevalsya and etomktsu nebudet Conze, I was very impressed by how I took so much sperm.
Julia flew out from under me, turned his back on me knees tucked to her chest and I saw from her cunt follows my sperm. I embraced her tenderly kissed her lips, put a hand on his chest warm and soft and so we went to sleep. We woke up with all the worst hangover, hangover harvested beer, and again went to sleep, until all we slept with Julia fucked again, but this time I finished it in a peach.
These are are days of victory.
And thanks to our ancestors, they gave us freedom, and such a wonderful holiday.

Another friend

My name is Maxim, I'm 19 years old. I want to tell you a story that happened to me almost a year ago.
Vesna..Vecher as always held boring, it was somewhere in the second half of the night, and I had nothing to do lying down and watching TV.
Suddenly the cell phone rang ... It's called the girl friend of mine - Ira (she is older than me for a year). With Ira and her boyfriend Dima, I tied a very good friendly relationship. I answered...
- Hello Irishka.
- Hey. How are you?
- Yes, slowly, and you what are you doing at this hour?
- I came to the girlfriend, and now we drink champagne at the bar .... only now getting late and I do not know how to get home ... Can I come to you?
- And where are you?
- On .... .
- So it's 15 minutes away from me, no problem, come ...
- And parents do not say anything?
- No. I'm waiting for you.
After about an hour I met her at the house, we went to me. The parents were sleeping, so we just quietly slipped into my room. I brought her a little snack included a movie and we sat down to watch it. More precisely lay down, as I have in the room, from the seats was only one bed (it was decent, we went to different blankets, she took off her outer garments, not getting out of bed, embarrassed me). Somewhere in half an hour she asked me ...
- Could you massage my feet, and then my legs hurt terribly ...
- Oh sure...
She stuck her legs out from under the blanket, lay down on my stomach, and I began to give her a massage ... By the time I was quite excited, because not often come at night beautiful girl and ask them to do massage of legs =)
Ira lay with his eyes closed, and obviously enjoyed. I offered to massage her back, and she agreed to my surprise. I took off her blanket, and opened my eyes, tanned, slim body my girlfriend. To make it more convenient to massage, she took off her bra (while she covered her breasts on the sides of his hands, so I do not have anything in sight. I started to massage the back, casually dropping in panties and spending on them. My cock just torn from the cowards, the benefit of it it was not visible.
This went on for about 15-20 minutes, it was the most relaxed, and then I could not stand it, I slowly lowered her panties, exposing her ass and started kissing her buttocks. She started me to say something and tried to get up, but I did not stop, I turned her on her back, finally took off her panties, and covered with kisses, her neatly shaved pubis. I sank lower and lower, she was all wet, because it just flowed with excitement, all that happens is strongly excited her. I stared at her mokrenkie sponge, and began to thrust it into the hole his tongue, while not forgetting to caress the clitoris. She began to moan.
- I want you ...
I understood this as a signal to continue the action. I put a pillow under her ass, her legs slung over his shoulders, his hands at this time caressing the breast, which is ideally placed in the palm, and the hard nipples, gently tickled my hands. I touched the head of her labia, gently pressed, and despite the fact that it was quite a narrow hole, my cock went in with no problems, so it abundantly pussy was wet with excitement. I began to slowly move a member, at the same time experiencing an incredible bliss of her narrow pussy, which was set up as if for me =). Her moans intensified, and I, not to wake their parents, had to close her mouth with his hand. I moved faster and faster, oblivious, I removed his hand from her mouth, there was a loud long moan, I felt the muscles of her pussy, tensing orgasm, gripped my dick, and I can not hold back, finished right in Irishku. I leaned over to kiss her, and she responded to my kiss, our tongues caressed each other. Within 5 minutes we were again merged with it in a single unit, and rose to the heights of bliss. Tonight I have satisfied her (and she, in turn, me =)) not less than six times.
In the morning, I went to hold her to the subway, and when he left, she told me ...
"Just do not say anything Dime! ..."

Nina and Sveta

I was about to go to sleep, when suddenly rang tion mobile phone. I looked at the monitor - displayed number my friend Svetka. "Listening!", I answered. "Sasha, my dear, come to me!" There is an urgent matter, I can not do without your help!". "What, right now?" "Yes, my dear, come here, please! I'll explain on the spot what's what". "Okay, wait for me!". I hastily odnlsya and went into the apartment girlfriend, blessing, she lived in the 200 meters from my house. "What do they happen?"I mentally argued. He knew that Sveta is living separately from their parents, but now she is staying 8-year-old niece, daughter of her sister Nina starshe¸, left her for a time, until the girl's parents left for a vacation abroad.
"Perhaps a small something done? Once it saw seemed so calm, intelligent girl ..."I was perplexed. Iddya quick step, I called five minutes later the door of apartment Svetka. My friend almost immediately opened it. "Come on, Sasha, take off your clothes! I was very uncomfortable, that you disturbed, but I had no choice. You see, Nina me tonight preznalas coincidence that over 4 days which I have lived, have never Cocoa. Of course, I immediately wanted to do it a cleansing enema, but it is not what can not be. I tried in every way to persuade her in a good - does not agree to it! Nothing else to do but to call you to help you to poderzhalby it, while I'm her clysterize". "Good thing I called!", I answered, "Just so let's agree - you hold it, and I'm doing an enema. You see, I have male power, God forbid, I pressed under more than they should, break even in the child something!". I'm a little fib. In fact, Jan Nastola afraid to hurt a child, I just wanted to get pleasure from klizmovaniya girls. "Well, well, so be it, I do not care!", Sveta agreed. Then she went into the kitchen and came out with a balloon filled with an enema in hand. "Not to be too small?", I asked, "I think it is just somewhere volume 200 ml". "So who says that we can not let it 2-3 enema in a row?", Objected Sveta, "I'll take as a half-liter mug of water". "Well, that's another matter!", I agreed, "and a pot, too, need to take!". "We do not have a pot", Said Light, "Nina is already a big girl and goes to the toilet. But I'll take a basin for washing the floor". "You Bring a mug and an enema, and I - a bowl!"I proposed and she asks agree. Armaments for klizmovaniya, we went into the room Nina.
Girl sitting on the couch and watched TV. "Hey. Nina!", I said, "for you came to visit Aunt Enema! Cut down the TV set, then increase platitse up and pull the tights and panties down!". "No, I do not agree on an enema!", Roared Nina, jumped from divanai going to run out of the room, in November clutched her hand. Sveta meanwhile, turned off the TV, picked up girls dress and one fell swoop pulled niece tights with shorts to the knees. Then together we laid weeping, weeping girl on the sofa, turned her on her left side, her legs bent at the knees and pinned to the tummy. Light one hand holding Nina's knee, the other - for the body. I took a box of cream "Nivea"Plentifully smeared them enema tip and the index finger of my right hand. Then I threw the left hand is already parted buttocks girl and introduced her finger plastered srakochku. Nina twitched nervously. "Do not worry, Nina", I said, "I'm just checking why the hole is not produced from itself kaku. Well, it may issue, if there is still solid as a rock. But nothing now will admit to vodichku, wash out and how it goes out whistling". I dragged a finger, and put in his place the enema tip, and then with both hands squeezed "pear". Content enema poured into the intestine gurgling Nina. Without releasing the balloon, I dragged the tip of the enema and dipped in a mug with water to "pear" napolnilasby again. Himself at this time squeezed together Ninkiny buttocks. "Well, here's one enema successfully done!"I rezumiroval. "And how do we do in general?", Sveta said. "At least two, and sometimes three", I answered, "at your niece's constipation was seriously heavy, it had to be proklizmovat for a couple of days ago, if it can hvatiloby one enema". "So if only I knew", Lamented Sveta, "I just tonight became suspicious because the child is almost nothing to eat for dinner. I began to question it as "kegebeshnik" and barely received recognition". "Oh well, better late than never!"I remembered saying. Enema during this time was again filled with water. Once again, I drove it in the asshole and let the liquid Nienke Girl intestine. Then I put back "pear" in a mug with water. "Uncle, I have enough to do an enema! I already want to take a crap!" Nina ached. "Hold on, darling!"I replied, holding her tight buttocks "here's another one klizmochku do, then you will go to defecate. Everything will be fine, just need to be calm and not resisting!".
"Hey, if she suddenly burst ulcer?"And he whispered in my ear Light. "Do not worry!", I answered, "half-liter enema - just normal for her children". "Well, as you know!"Girlfriend reluctantly agreed. After a minute I let Ninochka third and final enema. Then I put "pear" on the floor, and again squeezed together buttocks girls. Now, Nina, lie still for 5 minutes and did not think to get up early! Otherwise, I'll let you three more enema!"I threatened. "I can not stand! I obosrus here on the couch!", Whined plaintively girl. "Soak not obosreshsya!",I answered, "After all, I hold your buttocks clenched. And lest you suffer byloby easier, breathe slowly and deeply through your mouth!". Nina began to breathe, all the while sobbing. "Neplach, fool!"I began to calm the child, "you're already a big girl and should not raise such a fuss because of the fact that you do an enema! By the same, everything is behind us now suffer a little bit, and then over a basin and syadish pokakaesh. Do not cry, big kids do not do that!".
After 5 minutes let Svetka feet niece, helped her to rise from the couch and sit down over a basin. Just at that moment, I finally stopped to squeeze the buttocks of the child. Of the girls asshole, first poured a little water, then began to climb out a long, hard, black turd. I have seen the difficulties experienced Nina at her squeezing even after enemas and was about to start helping her fingers, but she suddenly fell out turd and ringing hit the bottom of the basin. Behind it again followed by a stream of water, carrying with them softer. smeared feces enema. Girl vydovila few servings of water with faeces, each time accompanied this process pukoy loud. The smell in the room became unbearable and I ordered Svetka open the window. Nasposledok of asshole Nina began to emerge almost chmstaya water. "Well Well, I think it's great we proklizmovali?"I asked Svetka. "Yes, much much better!"She agreed, and then said: "Nina, go to the bathroom, obmoy ass, I'll help you in this. And you, Sasha, pour the contents into the toilet basin and wash it, okay?" "Okay!"I waved my head. Poured the liquid from the basin in the toilet pot, I was horrified, as many solid poop sitting in the belly of the poor child. "And she has not wanted us to help her get rid of this crap. Well, fool!", I thought. Then I noticed that my penis is like a tower, and almost pulled out of his pants. We see the process klizmovaniya girls I was very aroused. I opened his pants, vytenul member and masturbate several times, ended. Then I flushed the barrel, washed the bowl and returned to the room. Sveta already put to bed exhausted Nina. "Go to the kitchen, Sasha, I'm coffee brewed!", she said. I poured myself a coffee and began to drink, soon to join me and the Light. "Oh, Sasha, I do not know how you odblagodarit. You're so good to me helped", She said.
"Nonsense! ...", I answered, "This process brought me pleasure!". "Wow - enjoy!", Light smiled, "therefore, you - a pedophile, is not it?" "Nothing like this!"I replied, "I just like to put an enema, for both children and adults. Here you also gladly postavilby". "And I do not need! Today I am very vysralas morning", Said a friend.
"Look, she asks!"I began to try to persuade her, "you're a long-promised to try his hand in the ass. Let's do it today. And before you wash out your ass enema!". "Oh, Sasha, is better the second time?" "So every time you otgovarivaeshsya. I am already tired of waiting. Choose - and you give me this ass, or you and I are no longer lovers!". "Well, why so soon? Okay, take me in the ass, if I want to! But why do an enema? Believe me, Alex, I do not have constipation!".
"I believe, but I still do not want to move his penis on feces. Therefore, you need to do an enema to bylaby guarantee clean your colon!". "Well, do me an enema, just how it should be!"Girlfriend reluctantly agreed and gave me the same spray that just used for Nina. "Are you laughing?"I was angry, "you're a grown woman, not a child. Come here mug douches!". "What kind of a mug? I do not have this!", She asks surprised. "You do not have hot water bottles with a hose, used to make an enema for adults?". "No, Sasha! I do not suffer from constipation and do not remember when I last time Mom did an enema, but I know that it was the same bulb". "Well, then go to me! I've got this thing is just there!"I ordered. "Well, just before that I warn Nina that go briefly". Light went into the bedroom and vepnulas out after a few seconds. "she is already sleeping. Now I get dressed and go to you".
After 15 minutes, I opened the door of his apartment and we Sveta went inside. As soon as she had undressed, and as I opened the closet door and picked out a mug Esmarch. "Oh, what a fright!"Girlfriend was terrified, "All you have filled it with water?
And then you will fill me in the stomach?". "All there!"I started to calm Woman, "but somewhere half will have. Do not be afraid, it will not hurt! You really never done an enema from a mug?". "By God, not once!". "Well, nothing, everything used to be necessary to start from the first time. Take off the skirt, pull the panties to her knees and lay down on the couch in the same position as lay Nina! And I'm going to the bathroom to fill the water enema". "Sash, and maybe it is not necessary, as well?" "Do not build yourself out of a small child, we've agreed to everything"I snapped and went to the bathroom and poured into a mug of about 1.5 liters of cold water.
When I returned to the room light was already taking off her skirt and hung it on the back seat. At the moment, she just thrust her fingers over blue rubber pants. Seeing me, she blushed for some reason, then a sharp movement in one fell swoop let them down to his knees. My eyes appeared her white, round ass, which stood out against a background of brown legs and thighs. "Good for you, Sveta!", I said, "Now lie down on the sofa and tighten the legs to the tummy!". Polruga complied with the order: lay down on the sofa, turned on his left side and pulled almost knee to the chin. Buttocks girl widened, and I was perfectly visible hole through which she comes Kaka. I gripped the cup between her legs, again smeared cream right index finger and the tip of the enema. Then I introduced the Light finger in asshole and wiped it on the inner walls of the anus girlfriend. In a few more seconds, I instead put his finger into the anal hole girls enema tip, opened the tap on the hose and lifted the mug to a height of about a meter above the sofa on which lay the Light. Water gurgled through the hose and rushed into the intestine "patient". "Oh!", Light moaned. "What hurts?", I asked. "The water is cold!", she answered. "so it is necessary, cold water will wash better gut!"I explained "you relax and breathe deeply, evenly through your mouth!".Podruga Obediently began to breathe a mouth, and I picked up the cup for another 20 centimeters higher. The girl began to shake the knee, it was quite obvious that it is difficult to take a current through the hose quickly into the intestine cool water. "Think about something pleasant, Sveta! Postorayus forget for a few minutes, where you nahodishsya and what is happening to you!"I advised her. "I can not, Sasha! I was bursting with so much!", Polruga almost cried, "you probably deliberately hurting me!". "Well, what nonsense!"I replied, "I make you an enema according to the rules of this procedure. Of course, the feeling you have now is not pleasant, but it is necessary to suffer a little bit and everything will be over soon. Then you can go to the potty and prokakatsya!". "Yes, just as you said, and Nienke! Ah, now I understand why she, poor thing, so cried and resisted. Well, she was the constipation, and so torment me why?". "Do not exaggerate, she asks, do you painfully, as you imagine it to me! Here somewhere half the water you have in the abdomen. Yet many will admit - and an enema will be done!" "Oh, God, just half! I can not stand, I managed it, lying on the couch!"Girlfriend whined. "Take a deep breath through your mouth! Then the water will enter deeper into the intestine and spasms cease!"I insisted on her. Sveta made a very deep breath, hold your breath for a moment and then exhaled. In her stomach growled something, she ROMKA hiccupped and said: "Fu seems to feel better!". "Well, I told you that it would be!", I answered. More somewhere prshla minutes in silence, then I opened my mouth warmers and made sure that it is empty. I turned off the tap, dragged the tip of the priests, and said to her friend: "Now, she asks, lie still for 5 minutes and does not rise without my permission!".
"Okay I will not"She muttered resignedly. I carried the enema in the bathroom, washed and wiped it, then put the item back in the closet. Then I took a plastic bucket and carried him to the couch, on which still lay Light. "Rises, girlfriend, couch and sit on the bucket!"I ordered. "Oh, Sasha, why, I'm moglaby run to the toilet!"The girl replied. "And I want to see the result of an enema!"I snapped back. "Well, if so ..."Girlfriend slowly straighten your legs, I got up from the sofa and sat down on a bucket. The contents of her intestines noisy escape. Judging by the sound and odors, filled the room, along with water and left a lot of gas and poop. I stepped aside and gave Svetke vysratsya quietly. When the last of the women priests nothing more came out, she got up with a bucket m said that will go to vavnnuyu obmyvatsya. I, in turn, carried the bucket to the toilet and poured it into the bowl soederzhanie. As expected, in the water it swam quite a few dark brown poop, blurry enema water. "Yes, enema she was not much less necessary than Nienke", I thought. Zaiem I put the bucket on maesto and returned to the room. After a few seconds to get back and Light. "Well, that, girlfriend, start anal sex?"I asked her. "Right now?" "But what we wait any longer!". I ordered the girl to undress completely - except for panties and remove her blouse and bra - and lie down on the sofa in toyzhe position in which it is only just taking an enema. Then I opened his pants, pulled out his penis, which again stood as a mast, it abundantly smeared cream and slowly, carefully podruzil the anal hole girls. "Well, honey, what do you feel right now?", I asked. "It seems that I do an enema with a very large tip", she answered. "Relax with a enema, and everything will be okay!". I started to move a member of the pope Svetke back and forth, all increase the pace of movement. Somewhere in a minute I stepped orgasm and I finished with a shout, spewing his sperm into the intestine girls.
After that, we some time quietly lie down on the bed, then Sveta got up, dressed and went to his home. I recommend goodbye herself at home make a little ... klizmochku with balonchikom to wash the sperm itself from the rectum. But he soon fell asleep like a log.


Hello, my name is Lena. I am 29 years old. Brunette, very pretty, slim, long legs, round ass, a medium-sized breasts, do not lose their elasticity after childbirth. I married for 8 years, we have a growing son, Nikita, 4 years.
This summer I am with my son and mother, traveled to Moscow from Rostov to the wedding of her older sister. My husband could not go because only ill with jaundice, sat on a diet and recovering at home. At the wedding we walked fun ... I took a loan from the new husband's sister 4 thousand dollars. (We were going to do home repairs), it was all arranged in advance by telephone. All went well as it is impossible, but here on the way home ...
...The tickets we got into different compartments, two in one and one in the neighboring ... it was decided that the two of us will go in-law and son, as there "our" were both lower flanges. In the car was very hot and stuffy, it seems the air conditioning was broken or worked on its last legs, I have not regretted that had changed. I was wearing short shorts, pink shirt and sandals on bare feet. Most of the time I spent in the compartment with her son and mother, playing with the child, fed him and read him stories. At nine in the evening he has become a grandmother grandson lay sleeping, and moved into his compartment. Frankly, I was even glad that we were going in different compartments, as the communication-in-law, with whom we were not in the best relationship I am extremely tired and I wanted to just relax ...
My fellow travelers were three young guys were all 22, all strong, high in sweat pants and T-shirts. "Athletes" - I thought. The children introduced themselves - Edward, Alexander and Vlad. They got two bottles of cognac and artless snack and offered a drink with them, I agreed without any hesitation, because after a day of Maria Valentinovna (my mother in law), the cheerful company was just to the article. Throwing slippers I sat down on the bottom shelf in Turkish tucked her bare feet and joined the "feast". Time went fast and fun guys were joking and told interesting stories. Then we started to play "bones". I quickly got drunk and did not notice how the game was moved to the money, and on a lot.
I have not had time to come round as a lost almost all the money that had been with him.
Eddie with a grin recalculated bill proposed "I have to finish and go to bed". Only now he reached me the horror of what happened ... I have lost not only money but also borrowed from her sister. In my eyes filled with tears, I began to beg to pay the money, if only a part ... but Edward, he appears to have been "mainly" the company said ...
- No. Game - is a game. Lost - pay. While you certainly can not pay the money.
- But as? - I asked stupidly, though certainly guessed by lustful looks guys, what is at stake.
- How?? We fuck you to complete the program and counting - Edward said laughing.
My first thought was to run away out of the compartment, the conductor call, the police, but how? It has agreed to play herself, and she lost all will rise scandal, Maria Valentinovna certainly tell her husband everything, and may no one will know ... money on something else, probably not return ...
- I agree - I hissed through clenched teeth.
- That is great! - Edward was delighted - now and get started.
Guys quickly removed the table, lowered his pants and underpants and sat three on the bottom shelf in front of me.
- Come on, suck! - I ordered Vadik.
Sighing, I went down on my knees, leaned toward his crotch and put her lips to his half risen member. In my nose hit the sharp smell of sweat, but do nothing I could and continued to suck, is rapidly increasing in my mouth a member.
- And we what? Queues wait? - Edward asked - give, everything was sucked off!
Obeying, I began alternately swallowing their members, rather impressive size, and podrachivat their hands. For a time they enjoyed in silence. The silence was broken only by the rattle of wheels and smacking sounds emitted by my mouth. Then they started giving me directions and I unquestioningly performing them is licking the head, then sucked balls, swallowing the member to its very foundations, and their smelly, hard pubic hair tingled my lips, and tears rolled from his eyes. These bastards also released dubious compliments addressed to me like ... "excellent teat" or "a born whore". Some of them took off my shirt and began to knead my breasts. At the same time I heard "oh, what tits".
Then Edward stood behind me, abruptly pulled off my shorts with shorts, grabbed, pushed me along to a nearby shelf and sat on his dick, her back to him, while the other two stood in front of me and ordered to suck their members. So they fucked me for some time and then finished Sanya splashing my face with sperm. My mouth is now completely cleared by Vadik, but Edward continued to peck my vagina below.
Vadim grabbed my head and began to sweep stick on his penis, his balls slapped me heavily on the chin. He soon finished and sticky warm cum filled my mouth and throat. Vadik not pulled his cock out of my mouth before I swallowed all this stuff. At the same time it had finished and Edward. I fell back on the shelf next to the Edik breathing heavily and barely holding back tears. But then there was a soft knock on the door coupe ...
... - My mother - my son called from behind the door - you can not sleep? I want to take a crap, I'm scared to go alone, and my grandmother snoring and does not wake up.
I looked pleadingly at her rapists.
- Okay - said Edik, just quickly. We have not finished with you.
Wrapped in a sheet and with his feet in slippers, I went to her son. He put his arm around me and led him to the toilet. Squatting over the toilet Nikita asked me ...
- Mom, what's that on your face?
I looked in the mirror. On the cheek shone a large clot of sperm.
- It's just yogurt, my uncle treated in the compartment - a little sobs I said and began to scour the sperm edge sheets.
- You and the hair on his chin and a bit - told me son.
- Well, I pokakal? Wipes and quickly to sleep - for no apparent reason I called.
I took the son into the compartment and after standing for a while in the corridor returned to her.
- Well, as we have been waiting for! - Said Edik and rose to meet me. He was completely naked and his huge cock hanging as a club.
- Forward and with the song - Vlad said, rising to my right. He pushed me forward, tore off the sheet, closed the door on the latch, and abruptly put me on my knees in front of Edicom.
I went to work. For a while, I just sucked Edik and two others looked podrachivaya their dicks. But then Vadik, took off shl¸pki me, stood up and put the cancer, so I continued to suck, and my ass was at his disposal. They fuck me so, then reversed, then fucked me on chetvrenenkah. I was terribly bad, I was sick from lack of air, the smell of sweat and members penetrated very deeply. One was good that Sasha did not participate in this seksodrome. He just sat on the shelf and jerk off looking at us.
Then Eddie and Vlad brought me to my knees and lowered my ... in my mouth. I was unable to iron all of the glass and sperm on my chest. They did not care. They sat on the shelf and leaned against the wall with his eyes closed coupe.
I tried to get up groaning.
- Where?? Stand! - I heard Sasha's voice.
He abruptly jumped down from his shelves, put me cancer, so I put her hands on the shelf. And I thrust my cock directly into the anus.
Then there was only pain. Sasha hollowed with incredible force in my rectum. I could not help crying and one of the boys shoved in my mouth pillowcase.
It lasted unbearably long. It seemed to me that Sasha was just me will split into two halves. Then he pulled me from the power of the hair to him and put my mouth. I first tried the taste of feces, with those of his own, he was out on a limb. Then Sasha richly finished in my mouth, forcing all to swallow and lick that was spilled on the floor. I stayed out of the last forces. He forced me to lick his anus, the taste of shit again on cubes and language. Then he pushed me onto the floor.
- Now let me in her ass risers - Edward said rising from his seat.
Hearing this, I lost consciousness.

Birthday Aunt Amy

Fifteen-year Gennady always liked his friend Igor mother, aunt of Light. Aunt light, so it called Gene, he was an adult woman sorokapyati years, with a fourth the size of breasts, wide hips and big ass, especially liked Gennady. Gennady was still a virgin, and so it is often jerked off, imagining how he fucks her in various poses. He even could not imagine that his dream will soon come true, when he agreed to come to the birthday of Aunt Amy. It asked him to Igor, to one not to miss at the festival which will be one adult.
Gene late birthday as buying flowers as a gift, and when he walked into the room, the room where the celebrations are held, his eyes appeared a strange picture: the middle of the room has a chic and festive table, the head of which sat himself hero of the day, as the later learns Gennady Light aunt turned sorokpyat, sitting at the table except for Igor (who had already sat down, after he opened the door) four more men and a single woman! Throughout Gene feast his eyes on the birthday girl. Aunt Light almost never for a moment ceased to drink, small glass of vodka first, and then, and brew from the glass tumbler. When the feast began to wane already pretty drunk guests began to sing a song, and Gena Igor¸m went to his room to play on the computer.
Two hours later, they ran into the roar of beating utensils. The room was completely empty table, and all that it once was, lying under it, starting with a half-eaten plates of salad ending with a white cloth. By Igor staggering drunk approached his mother patted him on the head and said:
- Go to bed, and you'll be late to school tomorrow - she said.
- Which school? Tomorrow is Sunday! - I said Igor puzzled.
- I said, go to bed! - His mother said sternly.
- And close the door!
They went into the room and began to lay Igor pastel, Gennady immediately guessed that it would be a continuation of the party, and he longed to take part in all of this. But this was not possible. They went to bed. It lay on the floor, and Igor on a bed, they still chatted, watched TV, and then Igor turned out the lights and turned to the wall, and the noise and moaning at the door continued. Judging by the reaction of Igor Thus ends the holiday is not the first time.
Gennady was very interesting what's going on behind the door, he waited for Igor zahrapit, stood up and quietly tiptoed to the door. Carefully opened it, waited until his eyes adjusted to the light, and looked into the hall. There he saw a table on which lay completely naked Aunt Light to throw on the shoulders ebavshego its men on both sides of the table were men myavshie her chest, stroking her stomach and possibly lower, and this time, Aunt Light was engaged in that wanker their half embarking members, trying to regain their standing state. She then took them into his mouth, then oblizavyvala, then leaned against his chest and did it so professionally, as if engaged in this lifetime. The fourth man was just sitting on the couch and watched, he likely could not do anything, or just waiting for their turn. Gennady was so fascinated by the sight that he forgot about the door and opened it too much. Suddenly, he saw a man sitting on a chair looking at the door and started to get up. Gennady left the door, and on tiptoe and ran down the mattress on which he slept, covered himself with a blanket and began to snore. At this time, a man came to the door, made sure that everyone is asleep, closed the door and left.
Gennady was overexcited by what he saw. He lay there, listening to muffled groans and slaps, the creaking of the table and jerked off. Then suddenly it was over. There was the sound fastening shirinok, the clanging of plaque belts, a few minutes later the noise of the door closing and silence. Since Igor is still snoring, Gene emboldened, rose up and opened the door, the room really was no one, only dimly lit room lamp. He entered the room, took a couple of steps and was stunned. On a sofa covered with a blanket on the couch lay the object of his erotic fantasies - Aunt Light. She lay on her back and snoring loudly. He reached up and rubbed her shoulder, checking how much she slept. There was no reaction. Then he shook her even more. Snoring at the time stopped, but resumed snoring a few seconds later. Then Gene completely emboldened and decided not to waste the time and finally realize their fantasies to life. He slowly pulled the blanket down, and now she was lying in front of him completely naked, he could see it, even the most intimate places. A second thought, he gingerly touched her breasts, as there was no reaction, he squeezed his chest stronger, and then with the force squeezed her breasts. Gene decided to use the chance to one hundred percent. He put his hand on her stomach and began to slowly descend to the bottom. Gennady always looked then at the woman's face, in the place where he fumbles hand. He did not know really what to do, I found a hole in the crotch and brought his finger back. A member of his already torn out and wanted to get to work. Then he pulled his finger, walked over and picked up both hands to her right leg, picked it up and pulled it's not much to the side. Now vagina mature woman looking into his eyes with a smile split lip. He almost went to her and put my weary waiting for a member of the opposite moist lips and his hands leaning on the sofa, he took a comfortable position, and then gently introduced into the vagina a member of the women and began to fuck her. He was not trying to prolong the pleasure and began with great speed moving member, and the sofa began to creak badly. Then he felt a heaviness comes to his penis and did not even try to get a member, finished right in it. Conchal he long continue to extract and retract member into the vagina. When he finally poured out all that was in it, he got up and holding both hands on the left side, a woman barely turned her on her stomach. But suddenly he heard noises in the bedroom where he slept Igor probably creak woke a sleeping couch companion. Gennady reluctantly covered his "sacrifice" blanket and went into the bedroom.
-Where have you been? - Said Igor with prosoni.
-I went to the toilet. - Gene said.
-A. 'said Igor.
Gene once again looked at the door that separated him and the woman lying on his stomach, took a deep breath and went to bed. And in the morning, he, as if nothing had happened, drank tea with aching "after yesterday" another mother.


START. Aunt Masha.
- Well?
- Not bad.
The photographs were black and white, made in the form of maps. The deck was clearly not full. But does it matter? No one is going to play with them.
- And where are you nadybal them?
- What's the difference? - He said - You what?
- Maybe I would have bought myself whatsoever either.
- Buy from me.
I hesitated. Seryoga was pretty greedy type. This will not miss her. Obder¸t as sticky.
- And how many?
- Twenty two. In ruble apiece.
So much I did not. But it was useless to bargain. This I knew from his tone and stonily.
- I do not know. - I said thoughtfully. As if trying to figure out whether these photos are requested amount. For myself, I had already decided. They shall be mine. - Can you give it to me today? And tomorrow I'll tell you, I will take or not. - And he thought that the answer to it, if he asks, why do I need them to make a purchase decision. But he did not ask.
Seryoga my proposal had clearly not for everyone. It was clear from his face grimaced. But apparently there were pictures he had long enough to pall. And money certainly was not superfluous.
- Okay, take it. But only until tomorrow.
- Suitable.
Photos moved into my pocket. We talked for another ten minutes about any nonsense, and fled.
I immediately went home. The soul rejoiced. Somewhere in the stomach-tickling arisen painful feeling. I held his hand in his pocket, on maps. That squeezing them, trying to count the touch.
Once in the entryway and up the stairs, I took out a card at random. This ball eight of spades. With photographs, the light dim 60 fleece, hardly make their way through a dusty and spattered izv¸stkoy (traces of old repairs) ceiling, looked at me a beautiful, haughty face dark-haired brunettes. The narrowed his eyes, a smile bordering on a smirk through contempt. Even in her pose was a challenge.
"This woman does not, and takes" - I thought - "He takes what she needs, and then to throw, without any regret, boring "vesch".
Photography was done in some office. Woman sat on a chair. With one hand, by submitting a forward a little body, she relied on her knee slightly bent, left leg. The second hand, compresses the whip rested on the right. Hips were divorced. black triangle was visible between them. In the black-and-white photography, he represents a single dark spot. Over stockings were put on high-heeled boots. The chest was a small, regular shape, with small nipples.
The pants I instantly hardened. Before my apartment had two more flights of stairs. For me were wearing sweat pants and a shirt with short sleeves. The yard was the end of May, and the summer promises to be hot. Needless to say that my pants were a tent.
At this point, the lock on one of the apartment door, near which I stood, snapped. I only had time to turn back toward the stairs when a woman's voice called out to me.
- Maksim! What are you doing here?
It was Aunt Mary, sorokasemiletnyaya widow with six years of experience, from the fourteenth, one-bedroom apartments.
- Like what? Home go. - I said, turning his head toward her. My cock stood like a stone. He seemed to live its own life. And no matter how strong-willed efforts, he simply did not react on my part.
- True? Hey, I met you so well. - Fussed Aunt Mary - I like you now a little help. Good?
I tried something sluggish mumble about how I hurry home, and even put his foot on the rung of the ladder leading up.
- Maxim! You do not throw in trouble old woman who needs your help?
- Aha! Well yes! If you are old, I Napoleon Bonaparte. - I gave turning. - Let me introduce myself, I have the honor. - Hand I laid it on his chest, pretending to put his coat over her and stood in the half-bow. It is this posture, it seemed to me for the role of Napoleon's best.
Aunt Mary laughed.
- Come on - she said, throwing open the doors wide open and slightly moving away to the side, freeing me to pass.
Prior to that, she was talking to me, put his head in the doorway. And I saw only her head and shoulder region. Now I got a chance to look at it in full view.
The height of it was about 170 cm, at the same time weighed about 85-90 kilograms. Hair, a brown, slightly curly, little did not reach the shoulders. Chest big. I imagined how she swayed when walking, do not be at Aunt Masha bra. Legs slightly plump, but only slightly. That's it for her age. Smooth transitions, pedicure, no hair, varicose veins. Immediately evident aunt looks after himself. Bit fat in the waist, but the belly is not very big. Ass: No, no ass, and ass, was great. Dream, not pop.
Honestly, many times, locked in the toilet, I indulged in fantasies immodest content with her participation, ends up stained tiles.
She was dressed in a robe which reached to her ankles, and outdoor slippers on a small platform. Bathrobe swung open slightly ahead of presenting to review one of her lovely legs. On it I stared, frozen in "Napoleonic" half-bow.
I do not know how much time passed, probably not very much. But surely is indecent for a long time for this situation. Recovering himself, I looked up and looked in the face of Aunt Masha. She smiled.
- You're quite a big boy, Maxim. - Saying this, she looked at my pants, just below the waist. - Wow, I had not noticed. It seems quite more recently in shorts running with whipped knees. And now.
O Lord! I felt that I was thrown into a fever. How could I forget about the pants. Pro pants and my cock in them, so bravely propped discharge the same. Vanished. Just gone. To explain this is difficult. And there is nothing, in fact, explain everything so clearly. But her response: Do not anger, irritation or ridicule. And this incomprehensible female smile. There might, after all, to pretend she did not notice anything.
- Well, what are you? Come on. - Said Aunt Maria.
But what I still do? Do not run away, in the end.
The old domestic washing machine at Aunt Masha was not easy. The waste water had vych¸rpyvat, but that could not scoop, remove by turning over the bath this bulky unit. To do this, I needed to Aunt Masha.
A little tricky, I have successfully coped with this task. While I groaned, turning his this pile of iron, Aunt Mary sighed and gasped, standing behind me, and all the impulses to help me. But the bathroom was cramped for the two of us and a washing machine. Therefore, it was over a pair of her unsuccessful attempts to squeeze between my ... back and the door frame. Admittedly exciting for me to attempt. When she tried to do it, the bottom of her stomach came into close contact with my forced, due to heavy lifting, protruding yagodnitsami. I imagined that Aunt Mary wants to fuck me. And as a consequence of my penis was not slow Having reported to me their full combat readiness.
When I finished with a washing machine, attach it to the corner and turned to exit the bathroom, Aunt Mary looked at me in surprise. More precisely on the hill on my pants, twitching rhythmically in time with the beating of my heart.
- Maxim? What are you doing? - She said in surprise. - It's the washing machine so affected you?
Well what can I say? Do not speak the truth. After all, could I, coming out of the bathroom, put your hand in your pocket and keep it, so its not a measure of variance "eagle". Not that I did. In me as possessed some Imp. I imagine that it was, if I gave a phrase like: "Do you want to fuck me, Aunt Mary?".
- So in fact, Aunt Mary, you're a pretty woman, and I am a young man, so to speak in the full dawn. Hormones, you know, take his. - And silent himself, surprised at his audacity. Something has read, I heard something on TV. The phrases themselves jumped out of me. But in the end, this woman has twice seen me with a standing member, even dressed. And you know it, one way or another, but it brings.
- Maxim Thank you for the compliment. Man says - she said. - You won pants smeared with rust, probably on the bottom of the machine when turned over.
Aunt Mary took a step forward and held his hand on the bulge in my pants. Involuntarily I leaned back. Glancing down at his pants, I did not notice there is no stain. Looking up, I have opened my mouth to tell her when he saw her face close to his. She looked into my eyes, and her breath came to my lips. I felt that I was starting to sink in these two brown "whirlpools". Then everything happened does not seem to me. My mind is numb, not believing what was happening. It responds only body.
Her lips, her tongue in my mouth, chest and stomach pressed against me. That's my shirt fell on the floor, alas, no more buttons, her pants with shorts. I myself took only socks. Then bed. I lay on my back, and Aunt Mary on top. Bra and panties she took off, and I did not dare. She had just pulled her panties a bit to the side and straddled me. Then I remembered well only warm enveloping sensation on my cock and moans Aunt Masha. When they reached their apogee and went almost crying, I felt hot moisture in his groin, she ran down the inside of my thighs. It was so much that the sheets wet under me. Aunt Masha's body finely trembled and relaxed. Startled a couple, since she slipped from my side. With your left hand under my head and gently lifting her, she dug a long and insistent kiss me on the lips. Her right arm at this time caressing my cock. A minute later I had finished, the Gulf of your stomach and arm aunt Masha sperm.
- Wait, I'll go, including warm water, it is necessary to obmytsya. - Said Aunt Mary and slipped into the kitchen.
As she opened the water and lit column, I tried to understand what had happened to me. On reflection I was distracted in yagodnitsah cool feeling. Rolling over, I saw that I was lying on a large diameter of about 30 cm, a wet spot. My cock, who had up to this point has already filled up on one side, took a vertical position again. Without hesitation, I approached the spot of his face. It's hard to describe this smell. So smell female allocation, and that's all I can say. My nose touched the sheets. She was wet and cool the surface pleasantly excited. I spent on her lips, rubbed one cheek, then the other. Sticking his tongue, I touched them to the wet surface, then slowly held them in left, right. It was a beautiful, slightly salty taste. As I held his tongue over the sheets, the taste of Aunt Masha's selections in this place dull. I shift slightly his head, and all repeated:
- We can do it differently. - I looked up. Aunt Mary stood beside the bed and looked down at me. - That's when I, unfortunately, has already washed away.
She was in her dressing gown. From the way her breasts swayed as she took a step, I realized that she had to remove her bra.
I sat back to her. Slightly leaning forward, she put her hands on my shoulders and pulled over. As a result, I found myself lying on his back with his head hung over the edge of the bed. I looked at the standing outwork aunt Masha, and she looked at me. Her gaze was experiencing some, I would say assessor. Now I understand what she was thinking, how far he can go to their games with me, as I apprehend that it is going to do. Finally, slowly turned his back on me, she pushed aside the floor gown, opened my eyes a big ass. At a distance of 30-40 cm, it looks just awesome. Cowards at Aunt Masha was not. Legs wide apart, slightly bending the knees, resting one hand on the bedside table that stood next to it is located exactly over my face. Aunt Mary turned her head, and apparently convinced that I lie correctly, slowly began to squat. I was fascinated by watching how her crotch slowly coming to my face. Her clicking opened. Two dark-pink petals, the labia minora, swung invitingly. My lips as if by themselves, parted for the first in my life, like a kiss. I closed my eyes. My nose touched something wet and cool. Aunt Mary took her hips slightly, and her lips clung to my half-open lips. We froze. I could breathe only through the nose, and then only with difficulty. Loboc Aunt Masha was soft and plump, covered with dark, close-cropped hair and my nose drowned in it.
- Come on. - I heard her voice. - Lick.
I'm a little stuck out his tongue. He slid between her lips and fell exactly into the hole of her vagina. Aunt Maria let out a sigh of sex, sex moan.
I will not try to describe the taste. Compare I was not anything. I can only say that if this was the taste, well, for example any fruit, I would eat it did not. But it was a completely different situation. I was not at the feast, and tasted not some exotic fruit vegetable world. At the moment, nothing is tastier and more desirable for me did not exist. My tongue, at first slowly and then more confidently began to explore the folds of her crotch.
My experience is limited to oral sex pictures, relevant content, yard sversnikov stories and my stormy youthful fantasies. My tongue moved awkwardly and erratically, licking the moisture began to stand out. This went on for about three minutes. Then Aunt Mary told me to stop, and put out language. Hands on her hips, she began to shake her hips slightly. Back and forth slightly to the side. Her sex lips and clitoris slid down my face. The lips, nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and even began to cover her slippery secretions. The amplitude of its movements all increased. She's stronger pressed to my face his crotch. My tongue began to tire. From above could be heard rapid breathing Aunt Masha. It flowed so much that its moisture is beginning to flow into my nostrils. Suddenly she froze. Her right hand slid under my neck and forcefully pulled my head to his crotch. My face sank into her wet flesh flushed. Breathing was nothing. I started trying to turn his head, hoping to breathe a little air. Language while I still kept ... protruding. Aunt Masha is, apparently, liked. Her selection got my nose and then to throat and I was swallowing them. Thighs and hips Aunt Masha twice greatly trembled. Then she came to a standstill for five seconds. The pressure on the back of my head start to subside and I was finally able to breathe the air nose, swallowing while another portion of its emissions.
When I was finally released, I tried to open my eyes. To do this, I had to rub their hands. Eyelashes stick together by female secretions. I sat down on the bed. Aunt Masha, I saw lying next to the back. Her ass was on the edge of the bed, and widely spaced feet she put on the floor. Bathrobe was wide open, presenting on display gorgeous body of a mature woman. Large heavy breasts with large dark nipples, slightly flattened under its own weight and fell apart on opposite sides. Her face was turned toward me. It was the face of a well-fed, contented female. She grinned.
- So how did you like it?
- Yes. - I barely audible sigh.
- That's good. - She said. - Something very weak voice at you. Tired poor. Take the sheets and wipe your face. She still has zastiryvat have.
That's exactly what I did. He knelt beside the bed, and wiped his face with the edge of the sheets. I smelled the whole woman, and I loved it.
When I looked up at Aunt Masha, I saw that she was with a smile, looking at me.
- Maxim, and wipe me, please, between the legs. I've got all that wet. And then Mommy will make you feel good. Come on.
Her, legs wide apart, were close. Without rising from his knees, I got up and moved between them. One hand I put on the inside of her thigh, and the second took the edge of the sheet, about to wet her adorable pussy.
- What are you, stupid. Tongue. I brushed my tongue.
Once again, the second time that day, I fell down to this wonderful source. I licked her lips, thrust his tongue as deep as possible into the vagina. I clean it and b¸dryshki yagodnitsy. Lick matted hair on her pubis.
- Umnichka. Good boy. Sit down here on the edge.
Now we have changed places. I sat on the edge of the bed, and she got between my legs. My cock was standing at attention. The head suffused with blood and ached. With one hand, aunt Masha began stroking my balls and the other placed on the penis, revealing a crimson head. Her head leaned forward and my cock is half sunk in her warm mouth. Cloth wrapped around the trunk of a relief, and the tongue danced around the head. I was on the verge. Barely a minute later, I felt the approach of orgasm. Aunt Mary is understood and pushed his head. Instead, she held up her cupped palm of the hand, before caressed my balls. Second hand she continued to fondle my penis. I began to finish. The first stream was so strong that flew past his hands and fell on the carpet. Aunt Masha quickly oriented and tilted my cock. Her hand covered with my cum, forming at the bottom of a small white-transparent puddle. Aunt Mary a couple of times squeezed my cock, squeezing out of it his sperm palm rests. What she did next shocked me. Getting up from her knees, she put one hand on my neck and the other cupped, held it to my nose. I still did not have anything to understand, and it is already smeared my cum as my face. Her fingers glided over my lips. Then they pushed and got inside. After cleaning, so each finger she told me to open my mouth and stick his tongue. When I did, she wiped it on his palm. Then he leaned over and smacking me in sticky semen on my cheek went into the bath.

In New York on earnings

It was in 2001, the beautiful Olga went to the children's summer camp in the summer CSHA counselor. She could sing, and according to this it took to work in the US for 3 months. Counselors pay fines somewhere near $ 1,000 a month. After months of work, she quit and moved to New York to seek more gainful employment. After a week of fruitless searching with 5 dollars in his pocket, it was in a small cafe in the Negro quarter. It is necessary to describe this young creature. 20 years Height 181 cm, 92-63-89, long blond hair blue eyes, a long straight nose, narrow lips sensitive and naturally long slender legs. She was dressed in a skirt just above the knees blouse with a bra, panties and reds on average heeled sandals.
The depth of the bar sat a tall pumped up and very pitchy black.
He invited her to efficiently enter and started asking about her abilities. Of course it has not worked as a waitress, and according to this, John came to the conclusion that it would not take. Olya collecting all the vocabulary started to ask, because it was the last chance to avoid becoming homeless. Here John cunningly smiled, walked over and whispered in my ear ... I fuck you bitch. Olga blushed, but still nodded. It had been waiting for our hero. He led her to the sofa dropped to his knees and pulled huische 26cm. Olga opened her mouth a snake crawled into her screaming and began to rub it on the wall. The girl was smart, she took a pen and began to file into the snake's mouth. The snake grew and grew, that in the end only a third. Olga moved her cheek then formed sickly bugorok.Potom John took the sausage and put his huge balls in her mouth she licked. John dragged it 5 days did not have sex, and here such belyanochka. Then John put her on the sofa, ripped off her blouse with a bra, young springy tits fluttered from close captivity, He placed between them a drin and began to move, besides the head again on time licking Olenka. Then he moved on and began to fuck her mouth member. Member did not fit all, except that the 70%. Olenka choked, coughed, spat, but John did not stop the torture. In her eyes filled with tears at the same time it got wet vagina. After 5 minutes he took out dick and brought face to crotch, pushed aside her panties. And so it began ... licking. From the moment of entry Olya fucked in the United States. And after a little reflection Strong had finished showering language John tart liquid. NEGRO put his cock to her entrance and slowly began to move at the entrance, like Olenka.
Please fuck me. I want your big black dick
- TO get.
John put his dick in pussy right half in Oli's eyes climbed into orbit. The maximum that it was 14 cm. Member continued screwed into her insides. She was hurt, she moaned. John continued to thrust for most tomatoes. He loved deep penetration, therefore brought his mouth to Olin and entered his tongue and began to fuck his tongue Olin mouth. Olenka only lowed. His big black ass was moving between these charming white legs. Then the ugly negro accelerated sharply, stopped kissing her scarlet mouth, rolled his glazai with a terrible roar began to finish right in the depths of matki.Olenkina pussy in response to douse hot to black stick. Negro fell to Olga and so lay ten minutes, they were all united this time. Here Olya's the consciousness awoke, she remembered that she had dangerous days, and it is beautiful and at the same time John finished h.
She was frightened, more likely she will have a child, though black, and what to do in Ukraine. But then John woke took cock with pussy and put it in his mouth. She obediently began to suck. When a member was the same. Again he parted legs of her, lifted her shoulders, and she put a sudden to the anus. Olya was afraid no one there has not fucked and, moreover, such a large. She screamed no, but the wily negro took his hand and began to shove dick in the ass. He started to push from different angles trying to get into her ass, Olga twitched, but gradually relaxed sphincter and let in the head. Then John pressed very hard and became a member, Olga huddled in hysterics. He was furious. I started with all the dope nail down a member. The amplitude also increasing your Olenka screamed and screamed. It was a tough nasilie.Na Olya's happiness, it did not last long. John yelled and took his sperm in charge of the colon. He took out a dirty dick out of your ass, he saw a hole in the ass pink fringed his white sperm ...
You have a boy, little black, 55cm 4.5kg