Roughly, boldly, suddenly

I'm studying at the University, I am 21. Recently, went to work in a fairly large company and began to meet with one of the employees, pretty soon relations reached very far. He was 30, he had a wife and two small children. As time went on, we were rare, because, in fact, there was simply no where! In general, he was very quiet, it was difficult to persuade to something sort of ... In truth, the truth, I'm a little masochist. No .. I have too much experience in this was not. But I plant the thought that I took without asking, do with me whatever they want without listening to my cries and pleas. I did not hide it from her lover, but then the words will not shlo.V one day he announced that he was leaving on a business trip abroad for six months. I went a few days is not herself. In me it accommodates hurt that he did not tell me about leaving early, longing and loneliness. The last days we spent were not divided, and he said that he has for me syurpriz.My went to a restaurant where we waited for his second cousin. I already knew him, he even once offered to work in his company, but no more. Although he was very cheerful, and there was a man kampaneysky soskuchitsya.Moy lover can not be said to him that his brother would look after me, and I must obey him in everything. If I refuse to carry out his wishes, you have to punish me. I took it as their stupid drunken joke, we sat some more, Maxim - was the name of his brother, went about his business. And we went to my house - an unforgettable last night. Tired we decently, energy drink and there was no longer there. I just wanted to lie in bed and talk about further planah.No ... he told me to undress. What does it sound so harsh and rude, I even a little confused. He told me to sit down and open your mouth. I loved to fondle his penis, so settled back to start small extravaganza ... but he grabbed me by the hair, held it to a member of my mouth and ordered a drink every drop. I just blinked his eyes and then my mouth start to pour piss ... I wanted to depart, but he only planted deeper than me and ordered a drink. I thought, I'll choke, I tried to swallow, but a trickle flowed from my lips. When the stream dried up, he took out from the bag fastened handcuffs and hands to the legs of the bed. I crouched on the floor not knowing anything. His eyes darted around the room in search of something interesting, then he went into the kitchen and returned with a box in which lay clothespins. He squeezed my nipples and attached by 3 pegs at each sosok.Bylo hurt, burned skin, but I just lay on her back with divorced feet. On my nipples is not stopped - he took my pussy lips and stuck them on the pegs 2, another near the clitoris. The latter, he put me on the nose and I involuntarily had to open her mouth. He stood over me and began to fuck in the mouth. He never allowed himself to this, all the more so rude. He fucked all the fiercer, deeper, sometimes pulling the clothespins on the nipples. It seems it will never end ... and I just thought about it as a stream of sperm was poured into my mouth. Without saying a word he went into the kitchen and brought out a rolling pin, she unbuckled my hands and ordered to get cancer. I still did not understand what had come over him, but inside I was burning with desire! It was painful and pleasant! I so wanted to thrust it in me rolling pin, though she was far from being small in size! He came up behind me and all the fluff I threw a rolling pin into my pussy. I howled in pain and surprise! He said that I did not drink his urine and sperm to the last drop and now I will be punished. Now I'm his little lustful bitch and he can do what he wants with me, and if I resist, he will drive me in this form into the street! He told me to repeat that I am a little lustful bitch and stuff without stopping! He fucked me with a rolling pin, and I stood with cancer and repeated that I fuck with clothespins on my nipples! He said that Maxim will teach me good manners, and that in six months I will be, the best whore in town and I'm not ashamed to show and give he borrowed a friend! He wound up in earnest! He moved with a rolling pin, and the other jerk off his cock! I have all flowed and he knew it! he took a rolling pin, a couple of times put my fingers in my goddamned pussy and began to introduce a finger in my ass, then another, then leaned his dick to my ass and slowly began to enter. He took the clothespin on my nose, I was asked to remove my nipple and as they burn incredibly, but he said that I was damn and do not have the right to ask. During my request, I will be punished! He talked and fucked me in the ass! I began to move with him to the beat, but he stopped and said that he would not let me go, and I have been waiting two penalties. He fucked me, pulling my nipples for clothespins with full force, with the result that they all flew off, and he began to twist the breast in different directions. I could no longer endure, it was terribly painful and I begged him to stop! He came out of me and made me lick his dick! But it was dirty, and I ducked my head. Then he really furious, got dressed, I got out of the closet collar with leash from my former dog and pulled me out. I got to my feet and started to take it, as it was already too much. But he took me by the hair and pulled out into the street. The weather was spring, but the cold, the night is very dark, and the people there. I crawled on all fours to the elevator and when to get up, he pushed me to the ground. I Said I was his dog and must comply with all komandy.My went for a walk to the stadium. It was terribly inconvenient to walk on all fours. We walked to our car, and he ordered me to lie down in the back seat with his feet on the front armrest - I obeyed. We went not clear where, then stopped, he called and said someone down. We stayed in the yard, there was a familiar place, but I could not figure out where we are! Suddenly the door opened and our car got Max. I immediately took her feet, but knew that still sit naked with a collar around his neck. My lover told me that I did not listen to him and he gives me the education Max. I tried to protest, but Max doused me a slap. Out of the car and pulled me by the collar through the back door. I was on all fours, Max took off his pants, lifted his penis in my mouth and told me to suck. I looked away, and then he pulled me to the closest ballot box, took out the first got the bottle of beer and put in the pussy. He took a second and began zasovat it in my ass. I begged him to stop and start without stopping to fondle and lick his penis. He just smiled and said quickly make me a whore. Less than five minutes when I felt a sharp pain. My lover has decided me again last fuck, and put his cock in my ass. He finished quickly. I licked his cock from its discharge, and the last time he pulled my chest with all his strength, I fell to the grass. He got into his car and drove away. And that was only the beginning ....

Floor Exercise enema

This summer I have lived my niece Tanya. In the absence of her parents, I had to look after her. Tanya engaged in artistic gymnastics in the sports section, and preparing for some kind of performance. I always liked to watch her perform different exercises at home; it is slim and flexible body caused great excitement in me. I have often thought, as it were, under the pretext to touch her private parts, and soon introduced such excuse me. Tanya once asked me how would it improve your athletic performance. I did not find anything more intelligent than advise her to spend "purification of the body"Without going into details. Later, I came up with the idea to put Tanya several enemas, and I began to prepare her surprise secretly bought the mug douches, petroleum jelly and a few special tips, which could not only put an enema, but also bring a lot of erotic sensations.
That morning, my niece was going somewhere. I suddenly asked her:
- Do you still want to improve your fitness?
- Yes, - I answered the girl, pausing at the door - but now I'm going with her friends to the beach.
- It does not take a lot of time, I can clean you right now, and then you go for a swim. I've read in a book that is - the last peep in the gym. I put you a few enemas, and you will feel better. Grow thin without diets and you will fly over the platform.
- No need an enema! - Scared Tanya - I put a candle and I poop!
- I am a doctor and I know better what you need! The truly clean your intestines can only enema! It seems that you yourself asked me to. Then your friends will die of envy looking at you. Let's go to the bathroom.
The last words apparently have effect. Girl resignedly trudged behind me. In the bathroom, everything was prepared: solution-filled mug hanging on a hook. I spread out on the floor of a beach towel. Tanya slowly pulled off her T-shirt, shorts and took off staying in one swimsuit standing in the middle of the bathroom. I smeared Vaseline tip.
- Take off your swimsuit and lay down on his side. - I told her niece.
Tanya trembling fingers pulled swimsuit, hang it on the edge of the bath and went to bed, as I asked. My heart is pounding because I had never seen my niece naked.
- Bend your legs at the knees .- I said.
Girl slightly tucked my feet, I spread her buttocks and saw a tiny ring of the anus, which is abundantly smeared with Vaseline. High patient lifting his buttocks, I put a tip to the anus. Tanya shifted slightly forward right leg and a long tip disappeared into her ass. I wiggled them a bit from side to side to tickle the testes through the intestines, and then took her by the knees and buttocks and gently turned back. Girl lying, lifting his legs bent and her baby nipples began to harden, giving great excitement. I ran a hand over his stomach, touching the pubic hair and opened the tap.
- Oh, it's cold! - Cried the girl, when the solution flowed into her gut.
- Do not worry, relax !, - I said, and began to massage the belly Thani, moving between the navel and cherished by clicking. Special appendage tip I casually touched the genital lips nieces and their little rubbed and moved the tip back and forth. Soon Tanya visibly relaxed and began to open and close the legs, and her fingers tightened on the towel. As soon as the solution enters the young gymnast, her belly noticeably rounded, and I looked without looking like my niece writhing on the floor with a red rubber hose, disappearing in the ass. Soon, Tanya let out a faint moan:
- Uncle, I just can not stand!
I closed the tap and looked at the bag. There remained about a third of the prepared solution.
- At first it will be difficult. The rest will go down easier - I said. - Breathe deeply through your mouth and I will continue.
Tanya breathed noisily mouth, and I again opened the tap. When the cup is almost empty, I stopped the flow, the girl turned to the right side, and gently pulled the tip of her ass. At the same time from the anus splattered stream solution. Admiring the young athlete lying with swollen belly, I squeezed her buttocks with one hand, and the other began to massage the abdomen. This went on for five minutes. Then I let her get rid of the resulting enema. Tanya, passing the solution, and jumped on the toilet with loud bunches pushed out the contents of the intestine. The bathroom filled with a heavy smell, and I had to open the window. Tanya, meanwhile, threw a portion of bowel movements after another, stronger stooping every time.
- Fantastic! - She said, standing with unitaza.- incredible relief. I am ready to fly! You will still put me an enema?
- Of course! - I said .- clysterize such an attractive girl was a real pleasure! I hope that your sports achievements surpass all expectations.
Tanya, without waiting for me, lay down on a towel for a new enema. That I did not expect. I did not want my niece noticed how excited I am. In her eyes I should be wiser uncle who reluctantly divorced from their cases to do with her boring and monotonous procedure. I poured a cup of water from the tap, trying to make it cool, dissolved in it a handful of salt and a cup hung in its place. For a second I decided to take an enema tip longer. Lubricate it with copious amounts of Vaseline, I sat next to Tanya and carefully smeared her anus, deepening finger inside. With difficulty refraining from having to bend down and kiss the damp crevice niece, I gently introduced the lubricated tip, trying to keep it pressed against the vagina and the uterus through the intestinal wall. Second enema Tanya took softly at first, but then again started to moan loudly, holding the thigh to the abdomen - she obviously enjoyed filling. She managed to take almost half a liter. For the third enema, I put her on all fours and looked with delight as her belly swells. After three enemas girl released into the toilet almost pure water, and I decided to stop "purification".
Tanya washed up, got dressed and ran skipping along the beach, along the way something animatedly chattering nowhere grafted friends.

Not pissing, boys!

My naked body, covered with a white sheet, being taken on a gurney down a long white corridor. Steps doctors loudly heard in concrete walls. Imported into the operating room, shift on the table. Make me anesteziruyuschiyu injection. Pull on the head lilac hat on his feet - the same "slippers". Ties the hands and feet - not to jerk and did not run away. Covered me completely, Navid only the term remains. Include shadowless lamp. Prepare tools. A chill runs through my skin. Someone gentle hands shave my groin. Neatly so. In any other situation, I would certainly excited, but not in this one. We are waiting for a surgeon ...
What the fuck I Ssali? What the fuck, I fucking Ssali these bushes? These fucking wasps. Why? What for? Just damn. Ohrenet. It happened this morning. In the village with my grandmother. With me was my cousin. Getting up in the morning is early, we went into the yard and began to think, what would this do today. I went to piss in the bushes and found a hornet's nest. From Figures do not, I did what I did on the hornet's nest. Wasps rebelled such humiliating actions on my part, and flew out of the nest. I barely glanced. But it was too late. A terrible pain shot through my body. One of the wasps stung me right for goloaku. How painful! Well, I think, will be held. Those guys. An hour later, my penis has increased to 5 cm in diameter and 20 cm in length. And before that he was only 3 cm in diameter and 16 cm in length. Fearfully. I called my sister, tell her - I was here a bee bite, want to show Sister, despite his 17 years, was quite lyubopytnoy.- Show - govorit.- And you turn away She turns away!. Then turns ... And there I was with his pants down and bitten pepper -! Oh sister already opened his mouth. But not for what you think, but from udivleniya.Chto do now? They write that it is necessary to suck the venom. But who is going to suck? Spread honey. Smear honey. Sense something. In short, shit, I'm going home in the city. Fortunately - hour ezdy.Priezzhayu home. I ran to the hospital to the urologist. I went into kabinet.- That - say, removing the pants - the wasp has bitten wild laughter in return!. Goats. Over stranger grief laugh nelzya.- So, so, so ... Himself normally feel? Urine leaves? It should be cut, and the skin lopnet.- What? So completely and cut - No, not at all, slightly trimmed-obrezat.- doctor, and it will hurt - 300 rubles - and you do not pochuvstvuesh.- Well, here you 500.Doktor wrote me directions to the nearest hospital on an unscheduled operation. Ida (! Hobble - Member interfere) to the hospital in ordinatorskoj loudly, losing all restraint say - I'm a surgeon. I was bitten by a wasp cock! Wild laughter. Bastards. What are you laughing at? I was taken to the preoperative. Stripped naked and taken to operatsiyu.I here I am. I am lying on the table, waiting for the surgeon. Two hours of the day. Pancake. And some dick I Ssali fucking in the bushes on the OS?
The surgeon came. Together with the assistant. She cried when she saw my body: "Wow!". She looked me in the face: - Young man, what do you want to reduce it? No need surgeon smiled: - No, he wants to increase it and began delo.Chem pulled something out there, something was jammed!. He pulled, cut. No pain. That tickles. He was fun. He asks me how it has managed since. Well, I'm told. From laughter surgeon he dropped the knife on the floor. I took another. Purely there something kovyryal.- Doctor careful - do not cut at all! - Cried I. Do not be afraid, cut off - prishёm on the spot, so skazat.Nachinaet doctor to tell jokes:"Marries swain. His father tells him: Go, my son, to the forest practice on hollow. I practice son. Married. On the wedding night my wife puts cancer and gives a strong kick. Ta: What are you doing? And he says: I am now smart - first you need to drive wasps!".Medsёstry Trailing. Bitch! It's time to sew. The surgeon begins to tell me the story of how circumcision has arisen: - One-suffering Abraham, the one who for the love of God, was about to kill his son Isaac, received an order for a new sacrifice. But neither a son nor a sheep was not at hand. Then God said, cut off from myself anything. Well Abraham figured this way: ear finger ... ... ... member pulled a little knife and slashed the stone for a living, and there was a cry evoyny even lions hiding in fear. And he threw a piece of flesh on the altar of Abraham, cursing everything. God is pleased. The next day, Abraham to share his secret with his neighbor. Neighbor delighted: Well this is what economy - a piece of skin instead of sheep. And they heard the sound of the knives of stone, earth groaned Jewish, poured blood Semitic - Jews began to do circumcision surgeon finished his dirty work!. I mend my body. My naked body shifted to the gurney and taken to the ward. Doctor quipped: - That Decide now who you are: a Jew or musulmanin.Ya thought: "Better - Jew will be richer!".
I hate wasps, bees hate. Two months of terrible suffering. Complete abstinence and repression of their desires. Any erection, as torture. Bintovka-perebintovka, ointment and Zelenka. Plaque-fly. Fucking! Now I look at his penis and think. How beautiful it once was. Now even ashamed to show girls. Two scar mark on the head. E-mine! Guys! Not pissing, boys! Especially in the bushes on the wasps!
Alexice Schneider © [email protected]

Kostik or folds on pantyhose

For some time now Denis liked walking on the city alone. In fact, he was a sociable young man, loved the noisy company with her friends and guys night party, had many friends. To him constantly stuck pretty girls, but he did not find them all that special and exciting. At this age, as often happens, especially the pampered attention. Most thought so that Denis "pretentious" and "snickering." But it was not so, there lived another man hunter loner who among the masses of peer not found or until he found something that is not yet conscious, but it is extremely necessary. He liked pretty girls, he could for a long time, silently watching a beautiful couple on the street. Several times he got acquainted with the girl on the street, was dating, courting beautiful, carefully hiding his affair from the usual friends, sought to quickly close and abruptly disappeared from her life. Most often, their "hunt" the guy started in mass celebrations, have been looking for your favorite "attractive face", and like a real detective long led his object, sometimes leaving his car and shifting her to another transport figured staircase, and finally trying to get acquainted. Bored Denis started quickly, kept, and sometimes not, lost time and a small desire to have sex, preferably with sadiskim bias, and no return address. For loyal friends and friends he remained glazed intelligent guy, in which the pronunciation of words of three letters was not the topic, sometimes excessively cheerful and witty, but often grim and even zlym.Odnazhdy, the object of his hunt Denis chose the visit of a traveling exhibition of rare paintings early Middle Ages. There were several reasons. He loved all the beautiful, medieval castles and dungeons, unusual clothing is not at all, where men wore longer feminine, and women are shown in a rather explicit poses, hairstyles, "like not all." He was particularly struck up punishment scenes, casemates with the prisoners in chains. In such views often go local instead of visitors, who mainly visit the permanent exhibitions. At the exhibition the audience specific, ladies, is not even middle-aged, very few explicit contingent of experts and a lot of school groups. Dennis quickly tired of it all, as with medieval erotica he clearly had no luck, and he was already headed for the exit. At that time, it attracted the attention of a teenage girl is very thin with a pale but pretty face, and seemed to not issue figure. Much of it was awkward. Hairstyle from long hair, was made, kak-to awkwardly, but most importantly, it was very short dark skirt, from which it is clearly increased, the same shade sweater and black tights thick as the girls that were too big and it even We have folds at the knees. The feet are very open sandals with laces. The girl is clearly embarrassed by his appearance and solitude and tried to divert his attention to view the gallery. Denis stared at the wrinkled stockings covered tonkovat and long, with a slightly protruding into the cups, the girl's legs and realized that "something" his capture. The very appearance raised questions, especially magnetically attracted face and long legs adolescent, hardly fit into the clothes of the young stranger. On the one hand open forms leg want to protect from prying eyes, as if required or desired to be "cover", but at the same time would cause the effect, rather euphoric, but whom? and even in such unusual meste.Molodoy man he proceeded to the top view and perched at a certain distance from the object of desire of a sudden. It came a small group with a guide, and the stranger quietly joined them. Lecture on the topic presented paintings was very instructive, but judging by - everything works worried acceding Denis, as if at the same time that he could not answer the question, what is it with him. Until now he had to deal with quite a respectable young ladies who dressed with style and if they had been very short, it is a very tasteful, and dressed so very rarely, preferring pants or jeans, and a mini leaving on a seed so jammed as he. In general, the longer he delayed girlfriend is amateur show her beautiful legs. Any deviation from the standard of his beautiful legs covered with exciting tights "with imagination" was allowed to cool him so much that he lost all interest in the "subject". But the case is quite the opposite - even pantyhose school is not called, feet clearly with a slight flaw, skirt as if from a rag doll, and her hair !? Perhaps this is a beggar who has run away from the castles of the Middle Ages, or of the present modernity, where the gloomy and dark are now abound. When viewing Denis tried to stay closer to the girl, as if trying to draw attention to himself. It seems to work, and she was not in a hurry to run from picture to picture. Sometimes the guy felt a light touch, the young person and the current passed through his body. The people in the hall were quite a few. Suddenly, out of the stupor brought his cell phone call, but not his, and her. She stepped aside and took the machine. Denis often changed the tube, trying to keep up with their peers and in general a fashion, on mobile phones, as other decorations, like the earrings in the ear or signet on his finger is not seduced, but this unit, with all its normal abundance zashkalival.Vo First, he shone the incredible rainbow of colors, in which there were, as it were, and sapphires, garnets, emeralds, shimmering and alternating turns. The girl was quite a deep voice, and the words did not make it out. Talking on the phone is delayed, the stranger departed. Going after a while around the corner, Dennis, not finding the girl, he pulled in wardrobe. Here he only realized that he had been robbed for the first time, there was no cell phone and numbered, to which was supposed to get his jacket and shoulder bag in which were the keys to the car. The wallet was in his pocket and the other remained intact. Nothing, not figuring out Denis pulled outside to the car. The fact that the machine code is required, and this time decided zavodki. To get to the car, it was necessary to run through the park. The car was on the ground, but subconsciously Denis realized that alerted the thief left the car just a second - the other. Since the line of sight was not fussy, Guy pulled to nearby bushes where faced with a "girl from the museum." Denis at the section did not attend, but a few "useful tricks" knew well, from his stranded environment. One of the most common and unpleasant he used in "situations" automatically, without even thinking. Receive load, and the boy in the female was sitting a few moments in the car Denis, carefully swallowing oxygen, or something that would have to repay the pain in the groin, and lifted her skirt, holding on to all the ... more crouched into a ball, pulling his feet under him and he looked as downtrodden and so ... - touching welcome. Since the keys and cell phone were found, anger at Deniska has disappeared, but the thirst for revenge was to take place. In general, it's much easier, he took the teenage boy in tights and a dress, though, seems to last dressing needed, probably for theft and distraction. But once caught, pay - law spravedlivosti.Denis started the car and drove off without saying a word. We drove in silence for a long time. The boy seemed to be reconciled with the fact that there will be, and even settled down and threw impressively covered with pantyhose legs on each other, which emphasized a desire to atone for the lad, in a certain way and asked to go to a deserted place. Making love with Denis did not have the guys, but the situation in a certain way and pushed him further, he realized that so long sought for themselves. We drove for about an hour from the city and, finally, the perfect spot. On the shore of a deserted lake, lying on the shore grass, Kostya long caressed ... naked slender figure Denis. The latter is not asked to take by mouth, not like Kostya fuck in the ass, it is the factory, that his caresses haired boy dressed girl. The first time he pulled quite literally at the touch of an experienced teenager worth Coste barely take in hand a member of Dennis. It was something like a powerful impulse coming from the cam has not grown. For the second time already needed a suction that teen nice arranged, perched on the chest partner, back to his head, so that the legs of both come into contact with both sides through the rough stuff thick tights, Kostya is its flexible figure perfectly reached for Denis members and all It rubbed and throbbed, causing a strong erotic energy. At the end of Dennis asked to undress Coste, his clothes put on. Since tights were large in size, they are easily hugged his legs and ass guy and, in contrast to the Bone, Denis looked pretty good, but the skirt did not fit at all. The absence of the skirt does not reduce the temperature and even has added convenience. Lowered pantyhose, Denis told Kostya settle back and start working "unconventional." No one hitherto did not let down, and then oh, how it wanted, and even forced, but exactly the opposite, how long have not touched the girl of marriageable age, ready to even pay extra for my torn down, that the expectation of a new feeling dizzy the mind, and Denis, lying on his stomach waiting .Kostik shouted that now runs for the lubricant that was natural, and ran to the car. After 10 seconds, there was a noise intravascular engine, Opel and carried away, more than wealth, honor, shame expectation - he carried away the unknown novelty and Kostya.

Valrisa. Compromise (Part 4)

In its "output" I spent Oksanka to the entrance, where we parted, exchanging light kisses. I had time to clean up, listen to music and get to the venue. Exactly three I rang the bell at the door to the address specified in the business card. I opened myself Viktor Andreyevich Good day, Valentine. Prohodite.Kvartira was very ordinary, without any artsy trendy European style furniture. The apartment is a simple man with average incomes. The first room down the hall was furnished as an office. That's where I spent Viktor Andreyevich Sit down, - he pointed to a chair near the table. - Listening vas.- Can you tell me more about Valrise - I think you should still share the problem. Then perhaps in more detail to help vam.Opaseniya or expectations rather justified. I have half a day to figure out how I get out of this situation and this is the moment nastal.- I would like to know how it can be by looking at izbavitsya.Viktor A. menya.- Judging by your question, it is interested in vam.- can say and tak.- What is your relationship with her? I'm sorry, this is not an idle question. I would like to know how far all zashlo.- friendly - I finally found my determination with her hypothetical otnosheniyam.- She will not covet, do not do anything? Something unusual happened - No, - replied firmly I. You did not sleep with her? - Also firmly asks Viktor Andreyevich me She's trying, but I protiv.Snova pause fills the room molchaniem.- you very interesting answer. This is not true and not false. I would like to believe you ... feeling. What is he afraid of? Valrisy? Her power? Habits? What is she doing wrong? Does he mean to take? I fear that her agent? When they took me, I am devoted to her body and soul and is already helping nelzya.- She did not Vzyala.- you know about this? Very interesting. You know a lot as her friend. Are you devotes Valrisa such details? Straight to the point. Roller catch you - Valrisa. You have to think before you speak. And we need to figure out what to say. Maybe, just, and play on etom.- dedicated. So I turned to you and. What she said to me, it does not fit into the conventional framework and may lead to irreversible consequences. I do not know her intentions and fear for sebya.- In this case, you alone interesting lichnost.Ya said nothing that could be blamed on modesty, but I agreed with him. Everyone feels extraordinary chelovekom.- Are you interested in having a little issue otveta.- Why - First: if it was possible to destroy Valrisu, then it was gone. Those who tried to do so have failed. It has a very powerful and very well knows how to use it. Theoretically, it is possible to be surprised, or if she is not yet aware of its power. In this case, it is possible to get rid of, how do you want Valrisy. For this purpose it is necessary to destroy her body. Second Valrisy body almost as mortal as our, so to destroy or kill him possible by the same means, what people come up with for their own kind. But I think that this step you will most likely not poydesh.Chas no easier by hour. I propose to kill Valrisu. Because it's me, it turns out that he must kill himself. There must be another solution to this problem. Although, frankly, I have less concerned by the question of disposal of Valrisy. This would return to the old life, but also in the role Valrisy had a lot of interesting things. Life gets hectic, but opened up broader vistas for my development. Including in my current image Valika.- No. I can not kill her, - I agree with Viktor Andreyevich. - And there is no way to scare. Lock it - it does not belong to the creatures of Light, nor to the creation of Darkness, if you'll ponimaesh.- Da.- On Valrisu not acting normal, and not the usual, too, attributes and spells, which are successfully used against each other representatives of the Lord or the Devil. They are opposed to each other and basically learned how to work on each other's sight. Between them there is an escalation, if I may say so "armaments". When one of them is superior to another, we feel it for yourself entering a period exceeding sily.Razgovor activity began to leave aside. But I was interested in the opinion of a knowledgeable person on this voprosu.- I thought that the light is always stronger than darkness - we say it. Since childhood, we hear that it is good, and the evil and horrible disgusting. These concepts became common. Therefore, most of the people of this world maintain righteous side, but also a dark side as strong there, and among the people. Replace the promotion of good for evil, and here is his kingdom. At the same time people will take this situation right and will tear your hands and teeth, a piece of bread from his brother. Without thinking about nem.- But another person is bad -? Bad for whom I did not understand the question. Poor it is bad. If you are selected - it is bad ... But on the other hand, if you are selected, you can experience the feeling of satisfaction and enrichment of superiority. This person will be fine. It turns out that when facing two concepts of good and bad. As there said: "It's all relative".- For anyone otbirayut.- correctly. It will be bad. And why he was unable to defend his piece of bread - Because he slabee.- The law of selection. Who weaker - loses. The strongest survives. We accepted this law for the evolution of life, and we believe that the form of Homo Sapiens arose as a result of this law. In this context, the selection of the law is progressive, and in relation to people we consider it wrong. However, without knowing it, we continue to implement it in their lives. Man looking for beauty or mind or both. Girls prefer the power and security, taking care of the offspring. Both are trying to take a more favorable position in the society and to provide career. And all this at the expense of another. The more disunited society, the more pronounced this otbor.I the first time and now Viktor Yushchenko told amazing things. Besides, he liked to talk about it with a philosophical bias and moral aspect. Besides, what he said was true. Listening to his companion, I realized that the truth is not one that is relative. And the word Pravda became categories, word, sound, beyond which you can not hide everything and hide nothing. If there is true ... then it was broken, fragmented, broken down according to the circumstances, perceptions and desires to know it. Still, in a society subject to certain laws, which allowed him not to break up and develop dalshe.- However, we have also developed and mutual understanding and mutual assistance, - said I. 'All right, - Yushchenko went. - If a contradiction is found on the individual level, and can stand up to him individually. And if a large force is against you, how to resist it. It is necessary to unite with someone to get a more powerful force. Thus is formed a revolution, a revolution or just a change of power. Rises mass that sweeps away everything in its path. To restore order, you need to control weight, its strength. And the one who will make it, will stand on the top step. If he is also able to maintain this control, it will have all the power of the masses. Then it is necessary to raise against the weight with more strength. There are wars, revolutions and so dalee.- means that the power will be in the union - not always. Unity brings a sense of permissiveness for the elite and depression humiliation for the lower layers. Recent tend to occupy the first place. It begins the destruction of unity, weaken the structure. This very structure must be cleaned, and then come into force a law of selection, both on the level of individuals and on the community level. Here we are faced with another law - the law of cyclical development. To win - you must join together to use shared resources, and then there are the wonders of the world. But as soon as the company is rotten, it should again enter the selection stage to reject bad decisions and ossified ideas, and then come together again. But each time this should be done at a higher level, corresponding to the degree of development of society. But, it seems, we digress a little. Where was I? Thought thread Yushchenko took away me away from what I wanted to hear. I tried to find out about Valrise. For this situation came up, she sticks to me and I want to get rid of it ...- Ah yes, I remember - I was ahead of the official. - So get rid of Valrisy perhaps the easiest method. Breaking with all her relations and hide from it. True if it is really interested in you, it can not help but lead to the fact that it is you Vozmet.- you so calm about this govorite.- There are several reasons. I almost do not know you. Valrisa is a force to be reckoned with and if she wants to, it can not be stopped. Besides Valrisa it is part of this world, and even more - she participated in the creation of it, contrary to popular belief that all created one Gospod.- It turns out that it is the same as him -? Perhaps. Where did Kubis and what their capabilities - is still shrouded in mystery. You she did not say anything about it - No, - I answered immediately. Perhaps this was a mistake, because Yushchenko looked at me with his piercing eyes. - There, we do not touch. A Valrisa always lived here - refers to the basic world - Yes - No I. caught himself. Here she is reborn. If, for example, now to kill her, then she will be reborn in a new child, a girl in our Base world. When she grows up, she gains strength - she will leave him. The most dangerous period of its being here just before her first departure, as she begins to take a lot of exercise lyudey.- What it does Capture - you know, what makes a vampire with his victim. It does about the same thing. Therefore, those who are not privy to its essence or perceive it as a vampire or succubus. People change ... not outwardly of course, but get new powers and possibilities, and lose contact with his usual environment, falling under the authority of Valrisy. It is believed that in this way it is gaining them verbuet.- harem - I blurted out, under the influence of the desire to correct Victor Andreevicha.- Harem? - He asked. - What other harem where I could say something?. This possibility has pleased me. It turned out that he did not know such a thing, which I basically cost nothing and I had about her svedeniya.- his own harem. - How do we explain what it is. I myself was only a superficial understanding, and Viktor Yushchenko had to present it intelligibly. - These are the people whom it subjugates. They are loyal and obedient to her, carry her errands, provide convenience. They can be called servants. But I think that they are more than servants. They are her entourage, among whom she lives ...- I think I understand what you meant - stopped Yushchenko. - So, it's called "harem" and Valrisa recruit people by himself Vzyatiya.- Da.- This somewhat changes the impression of Valrise.- What she gathers himself a harem - Absolutely. She begins taking of people, not for some abstract evil or some entertainment. Valrisa gathers a team and, when finished, go. It comes, like all normal beings. He takes those who need it and does not touch the left ostalnyh.Uslyshannoe indefinite mark from me. On the one hand that does not specifically Valrisa Evil - happy, but the fact that it attributed to the potential danger to the public - upset. But it was a chance to rehabilitate himself, after all, Yushchenko lot, judging by conversations with him, did not know about Valrise.- What else is known about the activities here Valrisy or as she calls - Base - specifically very little. Lack of information creates rumors and myths. To isolate what was true and what is false - it is very difficult. For example, because of this, take her often confused with vampirami.- Vampires also exist - There is evidence of their direct presence among us. They are creatures of darkness, one of the options life after life, as opposed to the Light. They act as recruiters and how men so often killed in a battle with the opposing party. Therefore, large-scale and well-known misfortunes they nesut.- So Valrisa not one of them - Judging by what you said - no. She does not take life as a vampire. Those turn their victims into mere machines for one purpose - to sow evil. Valrise it is necessary to people's minds. By the way, and the myths associated with taking people Valrisey say that her entourage acts consciously, and some members are making a huge contribution to society. This was contrary to the picture of evil and puts researchers in tupik.Slova my companion echoed warmly at me in the middle. Not so bad my second polovinka.- What it produces to take -? Alas, the exact description of net.- A inaccurate Yushchenko smiled at my vopros.- In short - it is almost like vampires. This is ... the blood of the victim, her soul, and the podobnoe.Sledovatelno, information on how to take their exercise Valrisa nalozhnikov is minimal. And thanks for that. But Valrisa not alone. There Zora and his wife both Zongana and his father. They, too, have created their harems. Is of them left a trace in our history - Did the wife Zongana and Zora did not take over the Earth Question forced Yushchenko to pay extra attention to my own? "modest" persone.- Zongana have more than one wife? This time it was my turn to consider his interlocutor. He does not know that they have several wives? Truly, you do not know where you can win, and where proigrat.- Three - I said, remembering what I said Ira.- strange. On them it is not mentioned anywhere, so had the opinion that only in Valrisa Zongana. It turns out that it is the most active among them. Maybe Valrisa and oldest among them - it's how vtoraya.- - But it is the most powerful in strength. As Zora.- Zora? Zongana wife's father - and mother Zongana. It is also the second wife ... - I strongly recalled. Something was dropped in relation to the father Zongana. Remembered! - Bolgana! And also the most powerful among them Sile.- Therefore, it is they have taken three wives - turns tak.Vzglyad men migrated to the ceiling. He was thinking about leaving at this time I samogo.- Could you help us and show Valrisu ...- No! - I immediately blurted out. How can I show it as she sits inside menya.- Why? - Confused by my expression of Viktor Andreyevich Well-at ... - I hesitated, trying to think of a convenient obyasnenie.- Because he is unable to do so, - said a voice behind menya.- Keeper! - Said the man, rising from his chair. -? It's you ... What happened at the same time with the question of Victor Andreyevich, I turned around to see an unexpected visitor. The excitement of the sudden change of the situation was gradually embrace me as inhibited reaction due to delayed work mozga.K we slowly approached middle-aged man. His whole appearance expressed the confidence and peace of mind. His gaze was directed at me, ignoring Victor Andreevicha.- Or is it? - Guardian asked quietly, standing five feet from me. - A better way to say you're at it, he suggests? What does he know? What does it "he", "she" and "you"? Had he guessed about my dual existence - we should not look for her, Victor - although the phrase was intended interlocutor look newcomer remained chained to me. - A young man can provide contact with it in the most convenient for both sides of the form. Is not it? Doubt in his awareness of the fact that I have Valrisa, it became less and less. Just how could he know? Around me flocked puzzles more than I was able to resolve. These puzzles have tended to strengthen its mystery and undecidability. "The farther into the forest, the more wood" ... Seeing that I do not answer, and took it as a sign of my agreement, Guardian got me on the opposite chair, put his foot on the leg and cupped his hands clasped kolenku.- are any the forces want us to help you - continued his unhurried speech Keeper. Viktor Yushchenko, realizing that there is something beyond the understanding of it, did not interfere with the conversation intently watching us. Perhaps he knew about the essence of what is happening, because his older "friend" gave hint. - We are very careful about the information you have submitted, and how I see it has a tendency opravdyvatsya.Do So far, all that said, the Guardian, could be classified as a monologue. Anyway, I do not know what to say. His head spun just thought - "What is happening" - I understand that there is one problem: Valrisa can not wake up completely. It exists, but remain in a latent state, or, more simply, does not remember his proshlogo.- can call it so, - finally agreed ya.Pozhaluy lose me there was nothing, and also hiding. But to be completely honest and give their secrets I was not going to. If they have complete information about me, let them spread. I then decide what I should do next. And now we need to cautiously engage in dialogue. I ran into something that is still unknown to me by force. It is quite possible that this is just the beginning, as the Guardian mentioned aid. Help what or from whom? The imagination can paint incredible pictures, only that one is true - Valrisa not yet woke up and her mind is not fully formed. Logically, it is now solved the question of influence on it. This tidbit. The forces that it represents a very weighty in our world. Even more they mean to those who use it as their base rate and there is much greater, and the consequences strashnee.- you very well know how to obradovat.Ot rants Guardian inside me all was compressed into a tight ball. Have not experienced feelings of fear are gradually making their way into the soul, stretching the nerves and interfering dumat.- May - agreed Keeper. - And I can rejoice and grieve. Those games that involve me, like even less than you do. It is not our standard and not ours. I smear along the wall and decorate with colorful flourishes to better decor passing without noticing small fry. All this is well understood, but ... nevertheless, someone introduces us to the game. The only thing I can suggest is now, is the fact that events will unfold on the rise, and we have time to prepare is not yet in action stronger participants igry.Zapugivat can just. I have, it seems, has passed its border with fear and understand and perceive the words of the Guardian calmly, with a hidden rage seething somewhere in the middle, away from menya.- And what do you want to suggest -? To? You or Valrise - Start with menya.- You need to find your initsiatora.- A more lucidly as possible -? This is what it is asked to give tebe.- I do nothing govorit.- guess ... because I myself not all ponimayu.- So, explain to me this thing you can not - I can share their guesses. However it is better to wait. Perhaps something clear in the near buduschem.- But not too late to be - Judging by what is happening, if the time was limited, we would have hastened ... ... or you ... It is quite reasonable. I still do not know much and I can not judge where the real danger, and where scared to stray thoughts. If I faced a real danger in the near future, Zora, Zongan and the company would have taken precautionary measures and is likely to be pulled me out of this world. And Ira behaves as if nothing had happened, and there is no information from my "family". Especially intriguing to get a message sent via the Guardian. Only here from whom? I encountered only one other party - mother Valrisy. Perhaps this is it spins its story - Good. You can wait. What pass Valrise - Literally: "Sleep heals and transforms. Next to go to-date. " I think that the message is the same mystery as pervaya.- Tu you are right - I agreed. - But I will give him is my intention Valrise.Na Guardian just smiled I hope eto.On understand the current situation, but did not focus on it attention. I was the better for it, and scared, what the Guardian did not agree. And indeed his figure and behavior nastorazhivali.- Why are you so frank with me - I have fulfilled what I asked. We it is profitable. We are confronted with the fact that he had long wanted. Another thing - the continuation. It is necessary to make a decision - to continue or step aside. It is a difficult decision in our polozhenii.- Your position has always been conflicting feelings - the voice, uttered these words, did not belong to any of those present. I turned sharply to one side. Where he came, but nobody uvidel.- Darius I recognize the old days - with smeshinkoy Guardian said. - You can enter. All the same, because you have already zdes.- Thank you, - out of the wall came the same man of indeterminate middle age, as Hranitel.- What manners - Keeper teased newcomers. Good-natured, like an old friend, whom he knew well. - Since when do you got them - Time flies Valery. It is very fast, you can get involved in trouble, and I currently do not need them - arrived began to sit down on a non-existent chair, but he sat down on the chair is quite real, materialized in the last moment.- But it's your spetsializatsiya.- All the same yazvish. Your manners do not change as you sam.- your prayers ... But prayer seems to have not winced at the words chesti.Dary Hranitelya.- You know yourself, do not go to such gatherings, but at a small meeting to you I think I got vovremya.- It depends on what you nuzhno.- As obychno.- information, the most tradable commodities in our society. Can of gold, silver? ...- Can he share this muck. The only value in our world as you correctly noticed - informatsiya.- and soul - said Hranitel.- not without it. A good soul, like wine and intoxicating pleasure. But the fun will leave for later. I need informatsiya.- As usual - Is for two hundred years, something has changed - You or we -? We have only one general line. Range goals and methods of dostizheniya.- So how obychno.- agreed. What do you want to know the old store of knowledge - so quickly and not sorientirueshsya. Perhaps the purpose of your appearance - Sly fox. He wants everything just svezhenkoe.- And you are not for old information, please contact me. How am I going in the course of events, if no one skazhet.- Okay. Sorry. I know you, but your colleagues ... - Darius made a vague gesture of the hand in the face, as if the air collected in schepotku.Nablyudaya for a while, I realized that this seemingly friendly conversation is a cover for probing each other. The atmosphere is tense and the latent tension gradually accumulating in me, making focus on the conversation and getting ready for the unexpected. So when Darius made his gesture, my inner I reacted against my will. Sticking his hand forward, I blocked the action of Darius. It belonged to my inner self Valrise. I concentrated on the conversation, leaving her your reflexes, and she responded. Pink Aura Valrisy tossed, dark thread of Darius, so much so that his hand twitched. Noting that Yushchenko happily drifted off to sleep, he attentively looked at me, massaging his ruku.- I'm not familiar with you, - he said to mne.- I, too, - a reaction to his actions betrayed me courage bordering naglostyu.- Darius - introduced on.- Valentin.Pereotsenka my person lasted for several tens sekund.- long have you been here - Net.Voprositelny look towards Darius Guardian requested clarification situatsii.- Valentin came here for the same thing you are . He needs information. The only difference - he is interested in the past, but not nastoyaschee.- And who needs this information - to him - and on the question of eyebrows bend Guardian added: - He is interested in one girl, who lived in ancient times. Do not you -? In general, all well - I agreed, keeping the game Hranitelya.Vyslushivaya our explanation, Darius rubbed his chin Maybe this is the answer to my question - you have not asked him, - recalled Hranitel.- I am now thinking about what to ask ranshe.- seems here already planned party - from shining rectangle, we were joined by another muzhchina.- That's who I'm not so sorry about George - Darius slumped Dariy.- it a feeling you and I vzaimno.- What a surprise - said the Guardian - have gathered the most ancient druzya.- Century to me you do not see, - said in the hearts of Darius Georgiyu.- I agree on the couple - said quietly entered. - But it seems that our actions always intersect and do not give us pleasure not to see each druga.- So not only I have to swallow these pills - cheered Dariy.- in our close circle has a new man? - George has a hint of a bow in my storonu.- Valentin, - had again submitted mne.- ... George - He responded tot.- itself - began to explain, and this time the Guardian. - But it is also necessary informatsiya.- On the one girl - added Dariy.- I too would not mind to learn about one devochke.- Darius, do you? - Asked Hranitel.- Come tell me what you izvestno.- Where to start? Adam and Eve or the Primal Nether - Better tell him about the local girls - where, when and for how much you ...- not be corrected, - wearily said Darius. - Like all baby.- Now it is clear that it does not change - teased Grigoriy.- All the same and in the same words about the women - supported him Hranitel.- Although, I do not mind them popolzovatsya.- Only he borrowed, - I went to Darius sarcastic tone. - Give them the will for the most ... vlezut nikuda.- not nakarkat, voron.- With so - Sozovesh our witches - Grigoriy.- laughed when necessary - they are not dokrichishsya - In the hands of Darius appeared glass with crimson liquid. - But when they come, it is quite neploho.- main thing is that they then went vovremya.Dva portal opened up in the air and entered the room zhenschiny.- just mention ... - muttered Dariy.- Who is it we do not mention the evil, affectionate voice? - I asked the one that was levee.- As if you do not know Dina.- Darius, when you learn to be polite? - Asked vtoraya.- Hello, sister, - grinned tot.- He does not change - addressed to the Dean naparnitse.- Not a bit - agreed ona.- we have received the attention of the second round - said the Guardian. - You do not know how far it will go - What is it you so worried about? - Asked Dina.- Sit down girl - Gregory pointed to the space behind the women, where there were two kresla.- And Gregory same gentleman, as always, - said the second, prisazhivayas.- pleasant to deal with him. If you get nothing, then, at least, not mixed with dirt and offered a cup of kofe.- Always at your service - on the table were five cups of steaming drink. Darius rolled his eyes, wiggled his fingers and around the cups, there was a vase with a slide pechenya.- Look, Leah, Darius rasschedrilsya.- He is always acting environment. In the end he too become a good boy - the woman took a cup from the hands of Gregory. - What's the occasion Meeting - The same question I wanted to ask, and you, - said Dariy.- So far we are talking about the girls - said Grigoriy.- you miss? - Personally, I laughed Liya.- ...- Darius - reproachfully, stretching sounds interrupted Grigoriy.- If you do not mind, I still let go of his man - the Guardian pointed to the still Victor Andreevicha.- Do me a favor, - agreed Dina. - And in such a situation does not feel very uyutno.- Darius - asked Hranitel.Vzmahom hand, he took the results of its deyatelnosti.- I thought so, - said the Dean, while a man escape the burden squandered looked around a meeting in his komnate.- Victor - approached him Keeper. - Walk poka.- Yes - he stood up abruptly and walked out of komnaty.- All the same suspicious and cautious, - replied Liya.- cunning and slippery - added Dina.- And still want me to be polite - said Darius .- If you are polite, he does not take such komplimenty.Hranitel picked up one of the remaining cups, and held me. While the others continued their conversation, he said quietly: - Be nezameten.Kak if nothing had happened, he returned to the table, took the last, and the cup made glotok.- As always talking about girls - Leah continued. - All the same womanizer, and also short-lived, as the rtut.- But you have to still take? Otvalil.- have fun and not to run, but I also want to have fun and otvalit.- But it is not about vas.- And talking about? There was a pause. All looked at each other, trying to learn what all the same it. After all, nobody nothing mentioned, and no one is asking. The only girl who was referred to the Guardian, interested me. But it is recommended not to be put out, so I silently watched the meeting and drank kofe.- A certain young lady - answered the question Hranitel.- This one I think about? - Dean asked with a straight vidom.- A young beautiful girl - Gregory put his word. - In the last sixteen years, was the one that we all bespokoilis.- Valrisa, - said Liya.- very similar. Uncontrolled emissions energy ... chaotic samples ... it must now just enter the age stanovleniya.- A "Facilitator" so no one vzlomal.- not the first failed attempt and he poslednyaya.- we simply can not zubam.- A Kubis know where it is - you little of their worries - they have been recently some nakladka.- Who else wants to find her - Most likely, our party only nachinaetsya.- first level at full strength, the second - our respectable ladies. Where are your kavalery.- not yurodstvuy.- And yet it is strange that they have not yet poyavilis.- According to my calculation the wait is not dolgo.- you as always prava.Cherez as revealed portal muzhchina.- joined us late, sir .- Is yours theft. As the wind blew, and no connection. Well, for the sake of propriety, women miss vpered.- ... Notice appearances last meste.- The same place where room reaktsiya.V once again opened the portal. At this time, we honored the visit, a man dressed in a kind of uniform. Я так решил, поскольку его одежду, украшали различные висюльки и завитушки.– Добрый день дамы и господа, – начал он сразу же.– Здрасте, здрасте, наш умиротворитель.– Рейтинг встречи растет с каждым посетителем.– Что нужно доблестным органам надзора, от сей скучной компании.– Насчет скучной я далеко не уверен. Сейчас формируются новые порталы, следовательно, это совещание будет разрастаться. Здесь становиться тесновато, да и обеспечить полное покрытие лучше у нас. Так что, прошу переместиться в круглый зал.– А я думал только задать пару вопросов и свалить.– Потеря твоего неотразимого обаяния было бы непростительной ошибкой.– Но не очень большой.Все зашевелились, вставая со своих мест и формируя собственные порталы. От изобилия светящихся прямоугольников, рябило в глазах.– Самое удачное время покинуть нас, – раздался надо мной голос Хранителя. – Если конечно ты не искатель острых ощущений.– Не искатель, – согласился я.– Времени мало. Задержку быстро заметят. Поэтому разговор лучше перенести на потом.Хранитель покрывал меня. Из всего увиденного и услышанного, я понял, что какое бы низкое положение он ни занимал по отношению к остальным, они с ним считались. Возможно, помощь от него была бы небесполезна. Хранитель занимал, какую то нейтральную позицию, раз к нему обращаются все кому не лень из сил предержащих.– Вы уже приняли решение?– Нет.– Но вы помогли мне.– Потом.Он шагнул в свой портал и прямоугольник сомкнулся, оставив меня одного в комнате. Как оказалось, то и в квартире я остался один. И надо было срочно уходить, так как кое-кто мог заинтересоваться, куда это я подевался. Дарий мне не нравился, но был напорист и хитер. Or is it only seemed? Все равно надо уходить. моему великому облегчению, на дверях наличествовал защелкивающийся замок. Я аккуратно закрыл квартиру, подергал ручку, проверяя, не откроется ли дверь опять, и отправился в родные пенаты. Теперь у меня было намного больше информации. Увы – не той, которая все расставила на места. Наоборот, она даже вызвала целую гору новых вопросов. Самое главное что я вынес из своего посещения Виктора Андреевича – начинается Великая Игра, в которой ставкой является Вальриса. Так как она является частью меня, то мячиком буду именно я. А игроки задействованы не слабые. Они все из компании аналогичной семейке Вальрисы, использующих Силу, Энергию, Мощь и как они там ее еще называют... Да и сам я еще засветился. Станут ли они искать меня? Общая свалка отвлекла внимание от моей «загадочной» персоны, но забыл ли он обо мне или нет? На этот вопрос ответить может только время. Останемся оптимистами и будем считать, что я пока остался для них в неизвестности и выйдут на меня они не скоро. Значит, у меня есть время, за которое мне нужно подготовиться. Тут возникает вопрос – к чему готовиться? Опять надо искать ответы. Да и как готовиться. Честно говоря, моя реакция на действие Дария была и для меня самого неожиданностью. Именно я, в своем образе, использовал магию Вальрисы. Ее навыки проявились независимо от меня. Сработала реакция на уровне подсознания. Есть и радостная сторона в этом деле – я тоже могу использовать ее способности. Необходим только контроль над ними, а тот закрыт. Vicious circle. се-таки надо развивать эту способность. Жаль, что она связана с Вальрисой, с ее реакциями, рефлексами, подсознанием... А ведь это ее женские чувства. Получается, что надо развивать свою половинку, снова становиться Валей и пытаться вжиться в ее образ, и через нее получить контроль над Силами. Задачка. Даже голова гудит... В сторону! Будем решать проблемы по мере их поступления. Сейчас надо добраться домой.

* * * * *

- There appeared? - I met Ira when I crossed the threshold of her house, turning at the same time Valyu.- manifested, - I replied. - Where shall I go with underwater lodki.- Sense of humor always helps, - said Trainer, directing me to a room Valrisy. - Odevaysya.V Unlike previous times, no odezha not expecting me. Ira had forgotten to prepare? Cook another dirty trick? I went to the closet and opened the shutters. All the dresses were in their places, but here's a question - what dress - Ira, what to wear ?! - Scream mentor to another komnatu.- Choose your own. Is something catchy ... to walk on gorodu.Aga, here are the key words - "choose itself." I decided to impart flavor and the ability to choose. The most interesting thing is that it does not bother me ... yet. Come to the contrary. What are little girls, when just hanging around in the city? Something like a suit or jeans modest dresses. Humble - it is not to evening dress. The evening has not come yet, so all of these clothes with deep necklines bares otodvinem aside. It would be better, in fact, pull a T-shirt and trousers. Trousers were found, a light beige color with a flared skirt and a flower on it. Pure women's pants, which I used to ignore in the form of a roller. Now we have the most to try to lay off the bed ... ... and a T-shirt can be ordinary, which is not so exposes your body ... But the girls on the contrary, trying to just show a bare navel. Take yourself and such? What for? To look like a girl? I and so the female sex ... Okay ... poischem.V a small pile on the shelf, found something resembling what I wanted. No shirt, that's for sure. Not blouse ... What do they call it? Damn leg break in these names. Such an widget on the straps, virtually covering only the chest from the air opaque pink fabric. I like to dress up as their legs will put tsvetasto.Na sandals. The street is warm enough, and sandals, we already know. On bare feet? Socks? And do we have toes? And whether it will look under trousers and sandals? Do not go back to the proven methods? For stockings, naturally. Under their trousers will not be visible, but the legs will be packed. Yeah so they chulki.Vse? Undressing. And what to wear underneath. Again, going back to the closet and start searching for underwear. Need panties and bra. What for? The bodice under the straps? And this thing? Not appetizing. I would very first snorted. Going bare-chested? Show nipples? By the way, so many and come. Persuaded, I go without a bra. And cowards? Well them in the swamp. Another puzzle, what to wear underwear. It should also be horny and sexy. Who notices under trousers that I go without them? And if you notice - so what? My job, I want to - I dress, I want to - net.Pokonchiv thus with the choice, start to dress. Beginning with trousers, but then came to her senses. It is necessary to wear stockings underneath. We stretch stockings. How nice to feel tight, thin, a cooling cloth on his leg. And it kind of got a very eye-catching. Now we can bryuchki.Trudnost arose when it was necessary ... to pull them into his elastic ass. For some reason, they did not want to do that. Rather, they hugged her so tightly that I could barely buttoned the pants. Here I wished she had dressed her panties as Castle sought to capture the hairs on the pubes. But I still buttoned pants. They are snug hip and well-emphasized the roundness popki.Klesh was slightly above the ankle. So how should it be? What sort of fashion? Let us leave for later. It is necessary to put more and this shtukentsiyu. A head straps over her shoulders, the rest - on the chest, and pull lower. Do not go. "And then kolchuzhku bit short." The abdomen is open for all to see, as well as the shoulders. Here are the quirks of women - to expose themselves in public. But most like it. Beauty requires sacrifice. Come on, dear Valya, get used to the female suschestvovaniyu.Osmotr in the mirror showed that I do not look so bad. And if you add a little low-key makeup ... Oho-ho-ho ... Cosmetics ... I sit down for a bedside table and begin to bring "shadow on the fence" that is, on its face. Eyebrows, eyelids, eye shadow, blush, lipstick ... Well, that is already gaining experience. For it is quite modest coloring hvataet.Nadevayu sandals, I get up again and see myself in the mirror. With this clothes, it seems that I was topless, but the image and tissue touch point, I'm still covered. In addition, while I'm engaged "art" I had time to get used to a little bit. So, we are alive. To correct the disorder in the form of hair on the head and went to Ira in the "court" .Dozhidayas me Trainer leafing through a colorful magazine, which broke away as soon as I appeared in the doorway of her komnaty.- Not bad at all ... - she appreciated my work. Ira looked me from all sides, ran her hand over fitted by the buttocks. - Without underwear. I like. - The paint is poured over my face, as Ira was able to observe all my secrets. - Even it is not necessary to change clothes. Not afraid to go out in this way - No, - emboldened I. Then go. Just do not forget it sumochku.O I just forgot. I had to quickly collect it. When the band took a naked shoulder, I went to vyhod.- What are we going to do? - I asked Ira, when we went out to ostanovke.- Walk into magazinam.- What? - I not realized I. shopping - patiently explained Ira. - Learn how to choose and buy their own things. Then go on svidanie.- What date? With whom - on your first date. With a guy named Oleg.S moment I was silent, digesting heard. My first date with a guy ... With a guy !!! Yes, I'm still the guy myself. I'm just a girl about three weeks on the force. What am I going to do with him? She wants me to lay under it. By this I am not ready. I'm going to be sick ... - We did not agree - with the call declare mentor when settled in to catch taksi.- agreed. Day before yesterday. - It almost does not look at me ... or my whims. - You agreed to do myself what I potrebuyu.Byl such a conversation. But I'm not thinking about takom.- I can not - I try to find an excuse. - I'm not ready to meet with muzhchinami.- We're not ready. And when we meet, everything is happening as it should and with pleasure we arrange the legs. You are also very razvedeshsya not bespokoysya.Kak is not to worry? Plant my feet and engage in sex when I did not do it and besides, I do not want. Do not worry ... - But I did not think about it then. I ... - Stop whining - Trainer firmly interrupted. - Today you lie down in bed with a man, anyway. You have only one choice: she will go or I'll have you. Better herself - she graduated from Ira myagche.Vybor small. He has promised, that you ... again fall under the power of the Force? Even from Ira ... - itself - barely audible, I squeezed out sebya.- Well Okay. Sweeter budet.- How do you know? - Tsezhu through zuby.- He's a professional. Zhigalo. Excellent reviews. I hired him specifically. He will treat you like a queen, so you quickly potechesh itself razvedeshsya legs and get pleasure. We'll meet with him ... - Ira looked at the clock - minutes later, this time sorok.V car pulled up near one of the boutiques. While Ira was paying the driver, I got out of the car. His head was empty. And in this emptiness I rushed single thought - "I can not do it" .- I disgraced nim.- You're a girl from head to toe on legs. Follow your instincts and women will be all right - comforted me, Ira. - Women start Valrisy in you as much as these words muzhskoe.S Trainer has got me to the store. women's clothing store furnishings increased my confusion. I obediently went for Ira, considering the dresses, suits, skirts, blouses and other clothing accessories. As Trainer explained that she wanted me to pick up a dress for the main events: daily, business, evening, home and so on. I take it as another caprice mentor and almost did not participate. Ira dabbed me clothes to look closely to his mind and constantly interested in my opinion and the seller. I almost always shook her head, saying not suitable. In the end, she was tired of my detachment, and demanded that I myself chose a suit. Had podchinitsya.K colored or bright colors attracted me. Maybe I'm still not used to it. But the monotonous dark or light is fine. The saleswoman led between rows, showing me one or the other style. Abundance as detrimental as the shortage. A few minutes later, I accepted the offer of a saleswoman. Ira has selected the right size suit, and sent me on primerku.Yubku I pulled over his trousers, jacket slipped on her bare shoulders. Il corrected them for me, buttoned jacket, looked around me on all sides, turned to Versace zerkalu.- not of course, but for the first new things nice - it made its rezyume.V mirror girl standing in front of me with a tight skirt and a close-fitting jacket, and if would not beige pants, protruding from under the skirt, it would be quite good. Writing to another folder with papers in hand and you can go to the office. Jacket lightly pressed his chest, and when I moved her shoulders, her nipples rubbing against tkan.- Will your first business suit. Soon will it take its podchinennyh.Nastavnitsa very well understood me. If we continued to search for more, I would not stand it. Now, I was happy that with this costume epic ended, and did not oppose the further choice of clothing. At this time we do the selection of a pair of trouser. The three of us walked through the exposed samples, discussing their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, we stopped at a red pair, and Ira again sent me to the fitting. Specially arranged or not is Ira, but I had to pull off his pants to put on the new. It was a shame for the fact that I have there is no panties, but except for me and mentor in the booth was empty. ... Wearing a suit, I felt more confident, because by this combination of clothing was used. Type in the mirror, I liked - elegant young woman in strict suit. And the red color does not spoil the impression. But Ira said that things emphasize my figure, pulled them off me and went for a new suit, and I was left naked waiting for her return. Only on the third shift Ira was satisfied. The big difference I have not noticed, but those little folds and pointed to mentor probably played a big role. Without them, I looked better. It is necessary to remember it and pay attention, because this here and pulled me Ira. Returning to its original appearance, I got out of the booth and saw a young man of sports constitution, dressed with elegant carelessness, standing in the middle of the store, with a large bouquet of red roz.- Valya, meet, this is Oleg, - presented the Ira parnya.Serdtse beat both trapped animal, giving a strong blow to the head. It seemed to hear all vokrug.- Hello, Val - came up to me man. - Sonia said that you are attractive and forgot to say that you are beautiful. I think that this modest bouquet complement your beauty and make you more charming - and he handed the flowers ... roses mne.Tolko me now and not enough. Standing in the middle of the room in a puzzled way, everyone is looking and probably laugh at the naive fool. Vaughn's eyes pricked - afraid to miss. Language to show her, or what? No, this is childish and will cause more laughter. We must show them that I'm not the same as they think. Almost everything in the store watching us. We must decide what to do, otherwise I will stand here and on both the place of execution. Flowers me to one place, and Oleg, by the way, too. But if we take into account that now I do not Valya and Valentin? The girl has to take a bunch and be satisfied with this token. Therefore, it is necessary to pretend that I was such a gift priyaten.- Thank you - I took the hands of flowers. - What a beautiful ... more bad phrases I could think of. Nothing will come down and so., The main thing is that the other saw it as dolzhnoe.- you help us, Oleg? - I asked the young man Irina.- With udovolstviem.V arms crossed Man bags with our purchases. From this one won Trainer, as it got rid of the luggage, and I have remained in the hands of flowers. Ira has paid for the purchase and the three of us got out of the car magazina.- you? - I asked Nastavnitsa.- Yes. Here it is - have Oleg.- threw us back in a shop? - Not again asked Ira.- issues. Come, - invited paren.My went to the car parked in the store parking lot. Oleg, ahead of us, opened the back door and folded it our packages. Freed from the luggage, he stepped aside, allowing us to get in the car. I was about to sit down, but then stepped Nastavnitsa.- Sit down in front Valyusha.Chto this time she ventured? Why do I climb ahead - You now have the heroine of the day, so get used to it, - she answered my unspoken vopros.Izdevaetsya. Anger drove up to her throat and tried to splash taunts or rudeness. Why is it I always runs? I'm not a little girl? ... At least physically ... experience is not enough, but it all comes with time and there is nothing to push me all the time ... Oleg, catching a hint of Irene, immediately opened the front door in front of me, than to prevent splash emotions. I suddenly realized that I have a number of advantages that are inherent in the weaker sex, including me will open the door to shake hands, give way, skip forward, and so in his maiden incarnation. And if he wants to achieve my favor, it will be courted like a queen and "worn on the hands" in the literal and figurative sense. I think today I will be in the spotlight and perceive all these charms. We just all this correctly perceive and behave appropriately. If to be, be the girl to the end and all will be well. The mood lifted. I smiled to himself, and decided to ignore the banter mentor and enjoy their position. Looking at Oleg, he went forward, but it turned out that getting into a car with a large bouquet of flowers, to put it mildly, not very convenient. I have intended to wave it like a flag, and settle down on the seat, as Oleg beat my namereniya.- I'll hold - and this set of vegetation, cellophane and ribbons passed out of my hands to nemu.- Thank you - I smiled at him, nestling on the seat . Giving a bouquet, Oleg gave me a smile and closed dvertsu.Szadi could hear arranged Ira, but I did not turn around. Instead, he paid attention to the colors. The smell was mild and pleasant. I buried her face in the flowers, buds feeling light touch to his cheek and breathing in their scent. The world was painted in the colors of the petals with a glimpse of the setting sun in between. Why natural beauty locked up in such a technological package? That open them and fill all these colors and smells ... and drink a hundred grams .... Sound closes the door on the driver brought me back to realnosti.- Zayed "White Orchid" - he asked Ira.- well. I know where it is, - Oleg turned vyrulivaya with stoyanki.Poka we poured into the stream of cars, I arranged a bouquet on her lap. Strangely, he no longer seemed so magical like a minute ago. What happened to him? Where did his magic? The solution to the ordinary of our lives? Or I do not perceive it? Why is that? The second store that wanted to visit the Trainer, was not far, and we soon arrived at the scene. My attempt to get the most Oleg.- warned Wait, I'll help you, - he stepped out of the car, walked around the front of her, opened the door and handed me ruku.Hotela know what courtship - take anything for granted. I handed her the young man helped get out. Leaning on his arm, I suddenly felt the excitement, though it is not a simple touch, but something more. In the chest there was oppression, there beats a treacherous heart, hitched breath, as if something hurt to breathe. I stared at him, not understanding what was happening to me, and he smiled, stood in front of me and held by the hand Come, - came the voice Nastavnitsy.- Yes - caught on I. All right? - I asked Oleg.- Yes, - I answered, this time emu.- Can obopreshsya me? - Proposed on.Ya embarrassed even more. After all, it had to be nice, but I, on the contrary, drives into the paint. How can you behave? Turn around and walk away? Trainer me this suit ... And I'll have to try a lot of things with it, so why not go with him to hand? Instead of answering, I grabbed his forearm and moved closer. Oleg closed car, placed his hand over my arm, and led her to the store. Go, driven man, hand in hand, feeling the warmth of his palm, and the stiffness of the muscles of the forearm, it was unusual. My nature is to react to it appropriately ... way, suggesting that it should be, and should attract me. Subconscious Valrisy stretched to get closer to the man and the expected moment of intimacy. Because of the inaccessible depths of understanding surfaced that my excitement - a part of the excitement felt by the woman. My body and the subconscious is already preparing to close ... I will not go anywhere, and as said Trainer, "she Spread your legs," because I want it. My body, Valrisy body wants it. And we must achieve the desired, you need to entice him into the whirlpool of passion, so you enjoy the most masculine fury. I am a woman and should show him what - beautiful, seductive, sensual, sexy. Чтобы он был без ума и хотел меня безумно.Мысли пронеслись в голове как вихрь, сметая смущение, и, когда мы вошли в магазин, даже прижалась плечом к Олегу. Я была готова к действу, хотя и сама еще не знала к какому.Наставница помогла преодолеть неопределенность, предоставив мне самой подбирать наряды. На этот раз предстояло определиться с вечерним платьем и платьем для выхода. От перспективы снова погрузиться в примерку мне чуть ли не стало плохо. Придется снова одеваться, раздеваться, переодеваться, крутиться перед зеркалом, следить за складками, гармоничностью цветов и т.п.Почему надо все так скрупулезно подбирать? Чтобы выглядеть красивой? Чтобы быть привлекательной? А одежда должна подчеркивать мою фигуру, показывать его привлекательность, притягивать взгляды... Но ведь это то, что мне нужно. Я ведь хотела чтобы он увидел меня, так почему же не показаться во всех этих нарядах перед ним и не крутиться у него на глазах?Имея стимул, я принялась подбирать себе наряд. Отобрав платье, я скрылась в примерочной, быстренько скинула свою одежку и облачилась в новый наряд. В платье с широкой юбкой, обнаженными плечами и руками, без нижнего белья я чувствовала себя открытой и доступной. Откуда только появились такие ощущения, если я никогда этого раньше не могла испытывать?Уже без всякого внешнего побуждения я обращала внимание на складки, на то как ткань облегает моя талию, как выразительно подчеркнута грудь. Продавщица принесла еще несколько платьев того же фасона, пока я не осталась довольна и вышла на обозрение Наставницы и Олега.Первой отреагировала Ира. Она встала и подошла ко мне, рассматривая платье.– Повернись, – попросила она.Краем глаза я заметила, как внимательно смотрит на меня молодой человек. Теплая волна окатила меня и ударила в голову. Из озорства я резко крутнулась на месте. Юбка взметнулась, открывая ноги перед взором Олега.– Высоковато, – высказалась Наставница, поправляя складки, опавшего платья. – Лучше будет, если оно будет приталено пониже.Интересно, а заметил ли он, что у меня ничего нет под платьем? По крайней мере он не отводит глаз от меня.Начался показ мод... Я специально выбирала платья разного фасона, чтобы лишний раз показаться перед Олегом. К тому же это давало возможность посмотреть, как они подходят к моей фигуре, и как я выгляжу в этих разнообразных нарядах.Время бежало неумолимо. Вскоре я сама выдохлась и быстренько закончила примерку. В результате мой гардероб пополнился еще пятью обновками. Олег, не проронив ни слова во время демонстраций нарядов, внимательно следил за мной. Это я отмечала каждый раз, когда выходила в новом обличье. Кажется, мне удалось заинтересовать его. А какой бы Олег хочет видеть меня? Может быть, спросить его самого? Is this possible? Разве что в виде заигрывания... кокетств... извечного оружия женщин.По дороге к машине я набиралась храбрости все время колеблясь, спрашивать или нет. За все время нашего общения, было произнесено минимум фраз. Как вступить в диалог? Where to begin? Подойдет ли тема нарядов для разговора?– Куда теперь? – поинтересовалась я у Наставницы, пока Олег укладывал обновки в машину.– Хвати на сегодня, – решила она. – Завезите меня домой и отправляйтесь «гулять».Снова подшучивает... и бросает одну. Оставляет наедине с ним. А она должна нам помогать? Как говориться свечку держать? Наверное, так будет лучше. Если терять свою «девственность», то лучше уж без свидетелей. Правда, девственности у меня нет после свидания с муженьком... Зонганом... да и при свидетелях меня удовлетворяли да еще на фотосъемках... Ужас... Куда я качусь.– Хорошо, – дал понять Олег, что понял Ирину. Он помог нам занять свои места, устроился на месте водителя и вывел машину на проезжую часть. За окнами замелькали здания, деревья, прохожие. Вперед тянулась полоса дороги, по которой ехали автомобили.Пора было устанавливать контакт с Олегом. Сейчас Наставница покинет нас и я останусь с ним одна. Так и будем все время молчать? Предоставить ему возможность начать контакт. Что-то он не спешит обращаться со мной как с королевой. Наставница мешает? Она же организовала эту встречу, значит, он не должен ее стесняться. Стесняется меня? Это уже смешно...– Какое платье тебе больше понравилось? – решилась, наконец, я.– Пока я наблюдал за примеркой, то убедился, что тебе подходит любой наряд, – ответил Олег.– А костюм Евы? – расхрабрилась я пококетничать. Пока что это были одни слова, но означали они преддверие игры.– Я бы с удовольствием оценил бы и этот костюм, – улыбнулся он.Игра принята. Мы сделали первый шаг и я не ощущаю неловкости перед ним. Все больше и больше вхожу в роль Вали, которую ждет «романтическое» продолжение.– А что бы ты хотел видеть поверх него? – продолжаю я в том же тоне. – Я переоденусь и буду «роковой» женщиной.Тут я его поймала. Олег не готов к такому вопросу, сидит и размышляет что ответить.– Зачем же «роковой»? Твоя непосредственность намного привлекательней наигранной роли. Сейчас твоя грудь красиво просвечивается сквозь ткань и соски так пленительно выступают под ней. Животик оголен и дразнит бархатом кожи. брюки обтягивают ноги и бедра, подчеркивая их стройность и изящество линий. Ты оделась не для того чтобы играть роль, а под впечатлением своих ощущений. И выбранная тобой одежда наиболее тебе подходит, поскольку подчеркивает твою прелесть и непосредственность. Мне нравиться то что на тебе сейчас.Целый монолог, воспевающий мой вкус и привлекательность. Вот что я не замечала за собой так именно того, что он мне наговорил. Я одевалось в то, что попалось под руку и никак не думала, что это как-то по особенному оттеняет мои особенности. Очень похоже, что это комплимент. Наставница сидит сзади и молчит. Она сделала свое дело – настроила меня и свела нас вместе, а теперь предоставляет мне действовать самостоятельно.– Так поэтично описал мой наряд, что мне не хочется его менять, – ответила я с улыбкой.– Мне это не составило труда, так как это то, что я вижу перед собой.Еще один комплимент. Приятно, когда тебя хвалят и воспевают.– Тогда я буду сама непосредственность, чтобы очаровывать и дальше, – полушутя пообещала я.– Мне всегда нравилось женское очарование. Поэтому ...я только буду рад вашей непосредственности.Чувствовалось, что Олег привык расточать комплименты женскому полу. В ситуации, когда требовалось сказать приятное женщине он чувствовал себя превосходно. И это помогало ему завоевать наши сердца. Я чувствовала это по себе, так как ощущала удовольствие, слушая его ответы.Машина притормозила на нашей остановке и свернула в переулок, ведущий к дому Ирины. Прошуршав шинами по гравию, она остановилась напротив калитки дома. Стоит ли мне выходить, размяться? Олег выскочил, чтобы помочь Ирине. Та дождалась, когда он откроет дверцу, и тоже покинула машину. Оставаться одной внутри не хотелось и я собралась уже последовать примеру моих спутников.– Сиди, мы быстро, – предупредила мою попытку Наставница.– Хорошо, – согласилась я.Полученные указания сняли сомнения в действиях, но все равно, было непривычно сидеть в машине одной. Я открыла дверцу со своей стороны и ветерок обдал своей прохладой и свежестью. Зашуршавший целлофан цветов, напомнил мне о букете. Сколько мне еще с ним таскаться? Куда же его деть? Руки постоянно заняты.– Олежек, помогите отнести пакеты, – попросила Наставница.Сплавить ей букет? Why not. Пусть она заберет его и сделает то что надо с ним делать. Она лучше с ним управиться, чем я. Но надо сделать так, чтобы Олег не обиделся. Впрочем, ему, это, наверное, все равно.– Отнеси, пожалуйста, цветы в дом, – попросила я Наставницу и протянула букет.– Давай, – она забрала, наконец, их от меня и я почувствовала себя свободней.Она ушла во двор, а за ней отправился Олег, весь увешенный пакетами. «Как рождественская елка» – пришло мне сравнение и я фыркнула от смеха в кулак. Отсутствовали они недолго, всего пару минут. Я успела начать оглядываться в машине, рассматривая детали отделки, когда услышала голос Ирины, благодарившей Олега. Вскоре они прошли через калитку.– Что-то случилось? – поинтересовалась я, когда Наставница подошла ко мне.– Нет, – ответила она. – Пришла тебя проводить.– Зачем? – вырвалось у меня.– Хотелось посмотреть, все ли у тебя в порядке...– Да.– ...и напомнить о твоем обещании.– Хорошо, – вздохнула покорно я. – Я поняла.– Смотри, не балуйся.– Не волнуйтесь. С ней все будет хорошо, – вмешался Олег. Я резко взглянула в его сторону.Заступник... Не хватало, чтобы Наставница читала мне мораль при нем.– Езжайте, – снизошла Ира. – Утром созвонимся, – добавила она для меня.– Обязательно, – демонстративно растягивая слога, ответила я и захлопнула дверцу машины.Вместо того чтобы подбодрить и настроить меня, Наставница испортила мне настроение. А ведь начинало все получаться... Я почти настроилась на заигрывание...Машина мягко тронулась, оставив Ирину позади. Я сидела, смотрел

It all started with a hike

All the stories that have been published - were written by me in the conventional series "sexual bondage". Reading the numerous letters and responding to readers' feedback on their work, I realized that it was time to explain this preference for the present "genre". What I am doing. As usual in psychoanalysis, it all started from an early age. You know how it is .... first sense, the first tentative touch. Someone earlier, someone later, but all this happens. I have it started quite late, in 15-16 years. This is the time when it wants to, but still do not know exactly what and from whom. It was in those days I used to go camping on the PCB. These are tourist rallies where hundreds gather in the suburbs people with backpacks, guitars, strong drinks, which are resting and singing around the campfire.
Naturally the girls also attend trips and do not give up the other glasses. In those years, my "use" is reduced to one, maximum two, a glass of port or diluted liter of beer cans from Stallman and after that I felt "drunk" and fun, and made various silly, harmless "feats". At one of the rallies with me I met a girl that was very surprising to me, but as it turned out, she did it because of unrequited "love" to my friend, and I decided therefore to find out their preferences and somehow influence the situation. I did not mind and agrees to help her. It elicits a long time I have everything I wanted to know about my friend, and I told her.
Communication with her gave me pleasure. My friend of hers in emphasis not notice, but the girl was not a very ugly and are also smart. By the way it is possible that, having seen me with her, he switched to the solidarity of the other girls. So we talked for quite a long time, meeting in the woods every weekend.
Gradually, our conversations became more explicit, and I began to look at her as a woman, that would not be bad to drag into bed (and what else to think at my age), when she proudly stated that even a virgin and is going to give his innocence future husband after the wedding. It was a bummer! I just got to hope that maybe I can finally sleep with a woman, but, alas, it seems my hopes did not come true. Katya (by the way, her name) was really good, a little plump, well, just a little bit little dark, with long hair and green eyes. A girl of medium height, with lush, prodigiously protruding breasts. Especially cool it looked in tight youthful, slender body turtleneck in which her breasts swayed invitingly. And yet, somehow, I saw her in a bathing suit, um-m:. !!!. In general, then, against the background of the lack of communication with the opposite sex, because pimply youth, shyness and tide hormones, it seemed to me a goddess, who came from heaven to talk with unworthy: .bla blah blah (Ah, youth ...). Although now, after a decade, I still adore her and keep her picture on a single computer. As I said, from the beginning of our conversation was held for several months, we have a couple of times even sleeping together in one tent, and embracing (cold still night). Although the arms of those still resembled more friendly, because when we found ourselves face to face, Kate immediately crosses his arms, not letting me pull over to make room (and I have liked the most). Although, to be honest, at night I still could not resist a little elastic body felt the sleeping girl (but I could not resist - honest pioneer). A pat on the ass, and felt a little firmer breasts. I really liked that feeling. And it wanted to feel her body without clothes.
Surfing continued. Gradually, our conversations have become more outspoken, and I began to hint that it was nice to have to try a little cuddle (for more, I almost did not dream) and somehow try "poudovletvoryatsya" (It was on the brink of general fiction). Do not forget that it was the 90 th year, I was 16 years old, and she was 17 - the age when more than: By the way, my friend all the time and did not make her way no pretensions, it is already and forgot to think about it, but I did not stop to talk with me. Listening to my entreaties, she myalas, she hinted that she, in general, and she did not mind, and she also wants to, told me that she even tried to somehow poobzhimatsya with her senior man who trusts, but fears for that we can not stop in time and is afraid for the safety of their virginity. I did not know what to say, the argument was more than substantial. More on this topic, we did not talk, but we were going to sleep together in one tent, two sleeping bags for the truth, that is, again in an embrace. When we calmed down, I began to discuss this topic again and got the same soft failure. But I did not rest on it. When we lay persons to each other, I began gently stroking her back and whispering in the same ear (talk to women like that, and men, too), what is the word that I say, I can control myself, and when I finish then generally I lose all interest in the case (and it's true). Kate said that even if I really think so, it is still not sure that I will be able to restrain himself. And then I blurted out that she can give the guarantee only if it tightly bind my hands and then I can not forcibly deprive her innocence. Katya and I stopped, fearing that she was not offended, decided to turn their words into a joke, when she said that this option could try. I was taken aback by surprise, the blood rushed to my head (and not only to the head), and I realized that I wanted to accept.
That's what I said. Kate probably too pleased with the idea (as it was then she told me later, she longed to try, but suppressed the education of all desires). We began to look for a rope and then I gutted the side braces of his backpack. It turned out lasting about five meters thick cord. Katya took him in his arms and said: "- Come on, take off your clothes". - "How?" - I did not understand. - Well, how? Take off your shirt at least, not in the clothes should we embrace?". It's not believing his luck, I took off my shirt, and a little thought, a T-shirt and was naked from the waist up. Hesitantly, I reached out to sports pants, but Kate stopped me. - "No, it is I myself. Good? Come on, turn your back". Herself! The last word still sounded in my ears, and I did not once hear the rest. Kate had to take the initiative in their own hands, to turn my back to him and pull the hand. Pure I automatically reached for her hand and she carefully tied them crosswise behind his back, he tied a rope around the chest ring and after a pause, firmly tied wrists to the waist, tied a big bow in the front. -
"Get down!" - Whispered Katya and uneven breathing, I realized that she too was very excited (I've read some things about it). And knocked me on my back.
I lay there and waited, but nothing happened. - "Where are you?"- I asked.
- "Now, - he said, and after a pause, she added, - you know what, I probably will bind your feet, yet for the first time, who knows what. You do not mind?" Still, I was against it. Kate took the second rope and wrapped around the shins. Eyes blinded me to the light. It turns out that Kate lit a lantern, then covered it with my T-shirt, it would have remained only a dim light. Our tent was made of thick canvas, well buttoned and I'm not worried that we will see from the street. Kate took off her pants and stayed in some white panties. My eyes immediately stared Cate between his legs, to take him, I was not able to. Katya noticed this, smiled and said: -
"Like?". - "Yes!" - I said, barely holding his breath. But for a long time to admire this spectacle I could not, because ... Katya threw one leg over me and sat on my stomach, or rather a little lower and touched solid as ever member. - "Oh, a fig yourself: Are you comfortable?" - She asked, settling more comfortably.
- "Y-yes. - Only I could answer" Kate put her hands on my chest and said:
- "Well, what would you like to do first?" - "You can now kiss your breasts, even just once?" - "Oh, I guess she would. You know, you tell me what and how to do it right, okay?" - "Okay". Kate took off her turtleneck, so that her body was stretched and habitual movement undid her bra, then hesitated, holding the cup with his hands and exhaled as if for courage it took off, exposing his chest. - "Class!!!" - I could not resist a sigh of surprise. Her swaying in time with the movement of the chest and looked just breathtakingly Katya, emboldened by my exclamation, began to stroke and knead them. I looked into my eyes. [email protected] - "And now what?" - Kate asked. I'm already a little bolder, and asked him to give me a kiss so much beauty. Katya again put her hands on my chest, sat a little higher, and bent so that her breast was in my face. A moment later she had touched my lips. I kissed her, then licked his velvet skin, then again, and finally I was able to grab his lips nipple and draw it into his mouth. Kate took a deep breath, but did not pull away, but on the contrary pressed harder. - "Oh, - she said - cool. Now kiss on the other hand". And again, she clung to me, now she trying to get in my mouth nipple the other breast. I caught it and properly sucked by voluptuous sighs Katie. - "give me a hug"- I said, and Kate lay on my hot pressed elastic breast. I enjoyed her touch. Katya rose slightly and kissed me on the lips, then again, more confident and finally fell on me with all the accumulated passion, getting tickled, persistent tongue in my mouth. Stop further it could not and began to slide down, still kissing my lips, chin, then the neck. Reaching the chest, she wrapped her arms around my body, squeezed me and grabbed his lips to the nipple, then another, began to pull and suck them one by one, what drove me to distraction. Then he suddenly went limp and stopped on my chest. - "What happened?" - I asked. - "You know, - she said, getting up to me - I can not, I already want, but I do not know how you otneseshsya this". - "Do not worry, do what you want, I'll be only too happy" Kate turned off the lights, lay down next to me and pulled me to him. When I was lying on her side, she put her hand on my shoulder, threw her leg on my thigh and put his hand between her legs. Katja quickly began to rub between her legs, with much hugging me. Her breathing was as fast movements to the beat of a hand.
Again she clung to my mouth, and I helped as best he could. But it seems that this was not enough. Then she got up and without ceasing to excite himself, brought me to face bare chest, jabbed hard nipple in my mouth and I immediately grabbed it with his lips and began to passionately caress. After a while, Kate strongly tensed, jerked several times and went limp, releasing me. I rolled over on his back, still not believing what is really going on.
I was lying or not thinking about anything, just resting and even scrolling in the memory of the last half hour. Suddenly I feel the next move is Katya lay on his side beside me, put me on one leg, put her head on my shoulder and whispered: - "How can I feel good, I have never experienced such, really can be something better". - "Sometimes - I say - guess when you marry, you will experience the one-and-Kie sensations:" In this spirit, we talked for a couple of minutes, and all the while her hand wandered over my body. I gave it unimaginable pleasure.
Suddenly, her hand bumped into the waistband of my sweat pants. Kate paused, hesitated again, and finally, gradually, to my utter delight began to penetrate deeper. That's already passed and panty elastic arm came across have long standing member, has not lost during this time elasticity. - "Wow, - said Katya - a big one. I wonder how he can climb back?" She began to pull his pants, but it is not immediately received, so she stood up and pulled off their shoes with shorts to the knees. I froze. Kate gently took cock in hand and began to feel it. Not one girl (lying, as a child playing in the hospital with her sisters) did not touch my penis. Kate walked her fingers along the trunk, felt the head, I enjoyed her caresses. Splash around with a new toy, Kate asked me how to do, so I came. I was able to, and Kate told her as a good student began to gently and evenly stroking my penis, gradually brings me to orgasm. A minute later I tensed his body and fired inside a portion of the accumulated semen. Kate was amazed at how rapidly I had finished and that sperm splashed on her face. I asked her to untie me and Katya asked if I will stick to it. I assured her that once finished, I do not want anything, and she can easily check, touching my dick. Kate touched and saw that he was very soft, just somehow calmed down, very struck by the transformation occurred and untied me. we fell asleep, almost no dressing that night. Kate, do not obstruct me hands and I in all its glory, knew the feeling of a naked female body and that feeling never left me for a long time, and the other women, I subconsciously compare with the feeling of the first time.
Just a month our meeting ended, and a year later, I learned that Kate got married and moved to the glorious city of St. Petersburg. The truth of the month, there was another, the last meeting with Kate, and if I can, then I will tell you about it. Later.
2004. [email protected]

What is our life - the game

Lucinschi called his former pupil Natasha Serov. At the time, Natasha, a student of one of Moscow's commercial high schools, the teacher recommended the notorious World Pavlovskaya. Protege Pavlov proved the smartest girl in all respects. It is not only well penetrated a foreign language, but also lured a couple of times loving tutor. That, however, did not resist much. It was painful to have to!
And Natasha again reminded of itself ...
- Andrei Mikhailovich, my girlfriend and I want to work out at you. Parents of my friends dream of a bright day when their child speak in inglish ... her brains for foreign not adapted. But you - special! Maybe bring forth the miracle of people, and Vera zalopochet in foreign? Her relatives did not stand up for the finances. And I need to freshen Inglish.
Lucinschi, without thinking twice, agreed.
As neighbors on the landing, girlfriends decide to do together in the apartment of Faith. And Lucinschi was comfortable ... saving time and effort. Faith was a slender fair-haired girl who is worthy to pose as a prude-A student. Natasha same - burning brunette with well-developed thighs and booty - hated the role of shy good girl ... goddamned nature and pearl out of it. Work out three hours Lucinschi with a sense of accomplishment and with the nth sum in his pocket already decided to go home, but Natasha stopped him.
- Andrew M., and you do not want "Hennessey"?
Lucinschi agreed with pleasure to drink for the road, as well, and the student themselves. One for the road was delayed. Alcohol was intense. Then the teacher, he felt a surge of sexual power, unexpectedly offered to female students.
- Let's play cards on the strip.
Drunk girls came to a complete delight from the idea.
...The game was in full swing. The case has entered the second bottle "Hennessey". Teacher and pupil of only cowards stayed clothes. At Natasha - black fishnet on her friend - pink with lace elastic. Look mentor and drilled pieces of thin fabric, cover girl's charms. That dark and stands out through the thin fabric Verunchik bush, sweating with excitement, but knocked out of the fishnet holes curls of black hair from Natalie. Lucinschi lustfully stare at the elastic balls, chest Faith and strong third dimension solid balls Natasha. Tantalizing, sweet smelling cherry nipples and asks in his mouth. Delicacy for gourmet sex!
Vera lost, but became restive.
- I will not undress.
- Persuasion more money - recalled the card rule its partners.
Stick It, hesitated, she took off her panties. Young blonde fuzz barely covered her crotch. Visible was reds lye. A member of the teacher became close in cloth shackles.
- And now on the desire - the teacher suggested.
- And no matter how it was not honest, it must fulfill, - supported Andrei depraved and drunken Natasha.
The teacher handed out the card. A few minutes - and Vera lost. Natasha triumphed.
- I want you to take him in the mouth.
- No - again became restive Faith.
But Lucinschi already pulled out his baton and Natasha forcibly summed up her friend to the teacher and put her hand on a solid, like petrified, pin. Vera looked touched the penis, squeezed, tickled testicles. I pulled back the foreskin. Red massive head glistened with transparent discharge. Vera flushed, she kept her from prying eyes reared, swollen veins, stem, occasionally twitching with impatience. Her fingers closed on her hot cock. Up and down, up and down ... Soft moist lips gently touched the big head. It was interesting. It is sucking it clumsily but energetically. Natasha, catching the falsity in the aria minetchitsa unsophisticated, could not resist and fell at the long-awaited eagerly source. She gave the case itself, playful hands, a magic tongue, especially his chubby and vlazhnenky mouth. But for some reason the teacher could not finish. It happens from overstimulation. Testicles raged from the sperm. It took something narrow and close.
- Play the game yet?
Trump the ace of diamonds king of trumps broke. Hooray! Teacher won!
- Get on all fours.
Vera lay on the sofa and breast otklyachila with fright his young zadik. Andrew felt Vera's mouth of the cave. The little girl was excited, moisture huddled in her crotch. Put it to the mouth of the womb and pressed ... Do not go. He again firmly buried his massive head in the vestibule, he took her fragile shoulders greatly moved her hips forward. Vera cried. Head just barely slipped into the fold, but not completely.
- Oh, Mom, it hurts.
- Be patient.
He moved forward a little member, and pulled back, but stuck it is not the whole, and to the head. The teacher noticed fresh blood on the skin of his trunk.
- Are you still a girl?
- No. Once Kolya tried.
"Clearly, no Kolya your dolman play the virgin, turned out to be inexperienced".
Master your colon "shovel" raskochegarit virgin "furnace". He was very nice! His tool cleverly warped in intoxicating cunt, still poorly designed, cramped and hot. Can not wait Natasha took off her panties and settled down next to his girlfriend, tempting lush twisted backwards. Lucinschi noticed a new object for the adult entertainment and switched to it. To bring down the power so to speak his phallus in the vagina aggressive. Of course, vagina, Natalie more than a friend, but also nothing. But the lass experienced and cool podmahivaet. Just super, if she prozhzhennaya and inborn whore. Vera, looking at the copulating partners, howled like a little dog and furiously masturbated - already red-hot clit! Teacher, plunging two fingers into her wet inside, help her to quickly finish. Natalie started and discharged. The teacher still could not. Then he squeezed his cock again into the narrow opening of the Faith and barely shook twice, quickly drew it. Whitish salute hit into the air and fell on the slender back ucheniitsy. Kaifa has failed. But not all cat Shrovetide. And contraception rules are observed.

Favorite mom

Marina was fast asleep when his son quietly opened the door of her room. He was very excited and know that not fall asleep that night. Thank stood a few minutes in the dark - not daring to come closer to the 14 years posteli.V Glory first felt sexual desire for his mother. Now he was 18, and all the time his feelings for her grew stronger. Marina was a very beautiful woman - tall, slender, with a stunning figure. Such beauty and femininity Glory noticed among his contemporaries, believed their little ones, and could not understand why he can not choose a beautiful, sexy woman - be it his mother or not. It is not as not reconciled with fate - is it all his life he will live with his mother, but did not taste the taste of it - only its content, the eagerly snom.U masturbating in front of them were very warm and friendly relations, as often happens when the child grows without a father. They have almost no secrets and constraint between them. Glory always shared his feelings with her mother, and sometimes talking to her, not as a mother, but as a friend. It is these relationships sverhdruzheskie largely caused complex of Fame. Every day, all the glory was more difficult to restrain themselves - blood boiling in his veins, every time he looked at her, her eyes, lips, volosy.V that evening Glory sat in front of TV, when entered the room his mother. She was wearing only a thin, transparent hand trusy.Prikryv bare chest, she lay down on the bed, ignoring her son. Before bed Marina sometimes went in a half-naked form, naively unaware of greedy son views. Glory, barely restraining the chair quietly watched her. What she's beautiful, he thought. He wanted to release their feelings, hug her naked body, and istselovat lips to toe. He continued to caress her thighs look and chest, and soon could not stand quietly got up and walked to the door. He stood behind her so that she did not see him, but he perfectly saw her long, bare legs. He quietly reached into his pants and began to masturbate his rabid member. Suddenly the telephone rang, and Marina turned. Thank aback, quickly pulled his hand out of his pants and ran out of the room ... She was lying in front of him - such a beautiful and defenseless. She was fast asleep, turned on its side - back to him. She was The thin towel that gently clung to her beautiful figure, emphasizing the exquisite hips and waist. Thank trembling all over, not because it was cold, but because he was going to do it - that the long-planned long ago. The flow of thoughts tore his head, he did not know what it can end. He became ill just at the thought that his mother woke up, and saw him - naked, standing over her bed. But young body hormones, overshadowed by the mind. He went to her - and whispered her name. Marina did not respond. Then the prodigal son gently touched her arm, pulled her gently, but then she did not wake up. Convinced that she is fast asleep, Glory gently pulled off his pants and freed his erection free. For a moment, he felt disgusted with himself - he looked like a pervert - standing completely naked on his sleeping mother and going to do the unforgivable and irreversible. But he did not stop. Barely suppressing his noisy breathing, Glory trembling hand touched her again. He slowly moved his hand lower and lower, until his hand has not reached her hips. He slowly pulled off her towel and then stopped - now at last he could see his princess, and now he can not hurt anyone. In the moonlight night Glory could see her lush, white ass - which were the same thin white pants. He continued to pull the towel, quickly exposing her back and chest. He had never experienced such feelings - wicked and incredibly sweet at the same time. The boy's heart was beating so fast that it seemed to soon jump out of his chest. For several minutes he stood over her naked body, and he could not enjoy this naked beauty. He could look at her perfect body forever, but he did not have and extra minute. Palm wrapped around his hard cock, Glory began to massage it slowly, not taking his eyes from his mother. Sitting on the edge of the bed, with the other hand he gently touched the ass Marina, and shivered with pleasure, it was so warm and soft, he wanted to kiss her. Glory continued to masturbate while caressing the mother buttocks. Then he patted her thin waist and delicate back. Marina just moved, when Glory touched her breast. But he was cautious. Gently stroking both breasts, he could hardly restrain an orgasm, wanting to continue this divine pleasure. Her breasts were so soft and elastic, so he wanted to suck them. But he was very much afraid to wake her. Gently leaning over her ass, he slowly brought his lips to it. Thank felt a gentle mother's flavor and much of his breath, kissed her warm skin. Lips themselves greedily swallowed her tender body, he covered with kisses all the ass mother, and then her legs. Thank worked so gently that Marina only occasionally winced when his wet lips touched her naked body. But he was not satisfied, as the voracious beast he wanted more of her. Thank slowly slipped his hand under the panties mother. He gently pulled them up to the knee, and when her ass was completely naked, he lay down beside her, picked up his penis and gently touched it to her. A shiver ran through the body of a boy, when his head is wet virgin member touched warm skin mother. He was wildly excited, his only thoughts were of her. Without thinking, Thank carefully and slowly stuck his male organ between her thighs - right under vlagalische.Marina jerked when a huge hard object touching her intimate place, but she was asleep. Thank felt more and more unique experiences, he could hardly restrain an orgasm - his penis was lying snugly between the mother's legs, there it was very warm and soft. The boy hugged his mother and grabbed her breast, he could now his whole body to feel it. When both naked body gently merged, he slowly began to move back and forth. Every member of the movement penetrated deeper between her thighs. He strongly pressed against her body, breathing in her sweet scent and stronger squeezing her breasts. He kissed her neck, noisy breathing and whispering in her ear - "I love you, Mom". Thank tiskatat continued his penis between the mother's legs, and felt that she was getting it wet. Marina began to moan softly, but his son did not care whether or not she woke up, he twitched in ecstasy - are increasingly pushing it. In the dark more often I heard the creaking of the bed and a timid young man moan. He voraciously "fucked" his mother, with every movement of her wanting more. Finally he gave up - the strongest orgasm ohlynul boy's body, sperm jet burst out directly between the mother's legs. Derge pleasure he bit her on the neck and strongly gripped in her hand grud.Marina moaned in pain, and almost did not wake up. Just a couple of minutes lying motionless Glory - strongly pressed against the mother's naked body. Then he slowly and reluctantly pulled out a member of the wet town and got out of bed. Pulling on her and on his pants, he kissed her on the shoulder and quietly left the komnaty.Utrom Marina woke up with a strange sensation in her chest and neck ached, but it was wet in the pants. She looked at the puzzled strange stains on the sheets and pubic. Sleepy she went to the bathroom, but even after a warm shower, a strange sensation continued to possess it. For a moment she thought she was sick, and she began to explore her reddened crotch. Only when Marina looked into the mirror, she noticed bite marks on his neck. Suddenly a horrible thought was stuck in her head, she turned pale and shaken. Quickly she went into her room she bent over the bed and sniffed something strange on the face of the spot. Marina ... I could not be confused with the smell of sperm than the other. The fear on her face gave way to frantic pain. Her child raped her. Reeling, she quietly came to the son of the room and went inside. Glory had just woken up from a sweet dream. Seeing a mother standing in the doorway of his room in Vannes robe, he was a little surprised. But looking at her, he realized all in the eyes. He will never forget the expression on her face. Pain and despair reflected in her wet eyes. "How could you" - Barely uttered it - " what have you done" - Bitter and humiliated voice, she whispered quietly left the room. Cold sweat covered pale face of Fame. Nothing was wondering a few seconds he did not move, but the waking from a passing stupor, he stood up from the bed. The poor mother, he did it hurt so much, he broke her heart, the heart is so tenderly warmed him as let.Slava pounding himself in the head, not understanding how takogo.No dropped to realizing that nothing has changed pangs, he decided once comfort her, somehow "return" her. Not dressed in shorts, he entered her room. Marina was lying face shrouded in the pillow and sobbed quietly. Drops of blood dripped from the son of the heart, it was not forgiveness. What he could do - anything, just ... just admit their deeply buried feelings. "Forgive me Mom" - He whispered softly - "I'm sorry, I did not want to hurt you, I just love you madly ...". Barely finish, Glory noticed how drops of tears rolled down his cheek. Suddenly he felt so relieved. He was very attached to his mother, but he never confessed his love for her. Marina was silent for a moment, but could not stand to cry even louder. Now her soul tormented by two opposite feelings - hate and love for her child. "I could not hold back my feelings, I know that he had acted very low ... - Thank continued, desperate voice - but please, get me". There was a long pause, Glory could no longer continue, choking on his own feelings, he just kept silent and wiped his tears. With each new word Glory I feel free and relaxed. He suddenly noticed that he was again drawn to it, he wants to cuddle up to her like never in my life. "Mom, because I know that since I left Dad, you've got no one there. But you're so young and beautiful - you, too, would like to male affection - continued Glory with a desperate voice - why you should not be happy, why we both can not be happy, why would anyone else's must caress you, not I - your loving son ... - here Glory could not resist, and moaning loudly, strongly pressed to her shoulder. Marina calmed down and gingerly turned and looked at him. She first looked at him, not as a child but as a man - a man handsome and strong. His eyes were full of love and innocence. All thoughts mingled in her mind, she no longer wanted to think about anything. Trying to escape from the harsh reality of Marina closed her wet eyes, leaned back and with all the love tenderly whispered "Caress me, my boy" - Permanently yielding to the temptation of perverse chuvstv.Slava was broken, but he wanted to do it in any way priyatno.Syn squatting crouched over her mother and opened her robe. Naked nipples of her breasts looked at him, asking him to touch them. He raised a hand to her chest and gently took her. Marina felt the first touch of his whole body shuddered, but did not open her eyes. Glory took the other breast and began to gently massage the two pinching nipples between his fingers. Breast her mother were quite bushy and does not fit into his big man's hands. He had already touched them, but this time it was different, it was the present, and now he was not afraid. Glory did not think about himself, now he just wanted to please his mother. Conveniently sitting on it, he bent down and lifted his lips to her nipple at a red elastic. Marina started again, and moaned as he felt the warm touch of lips to his son erogenous point. He took the nipple into his mouth and began to suck him, then opened his mouth even wider cupped lips chest. His aroused only the thought that he sucked the breasts when I was a baby, he thought that suck the mother's breast so innocent and natural. I thank tried to take in his mouth as much as possible the beautiful flesh. He continued to suck the mother's breast, first one then the other, while pinching their hands and caressing his tongue excited nipples. Marina felt like paradise in the wild, and without opening his eyes, trembling from time to time from mad caresses her son. She liked to feel young and desirable, she liked to be aware that his son is crazy about her body. Stay-feeding mother, Glory stopped, even more enthusiastically looked at her, and a little rested, went on his most memorable sex zhizni.Tseluya her stomach, he slowly descended down, is increasingly throwing open bathrobe. When he reached the navel, he just stopped - thrusting his tongue into the small hole. Then he went even further, and now his hands were on her hips Marina, and the language has reached the coveted tubercle. He could smell the life-giving water that flowed from the intimate cave. Slightly parted her legs, he put his head between them and gently touched his lips to her labia. Marina moaned again, and reflexively squeezed thighs, his head in his glory. He did not stop, but continued to kiss and lick her wet lips. He was so pleased with the taste. Then he stuck his tongue deep into the vagina, which made Marina shudder all over, and even stronger hold his head between his legs. She grabbed hold of the hair son, and moving the pelvis, beginning "fuck" over his tongue. Glory did not resist, catching the rhythm of her movements, he thrust his tongue deeply into her wet hole. Marina move faster, enjoying every movement. Suddenly she cried out, jerked, and with all the forces clamped feet. The jet of liquid splashed in the mouth boy, he brought his mother to orgasm. A few more seconds, Marina cat wriggled with pleasure, and then freed from the embrace of her son. She opened her eyes and a loving glance at him. Glory looked at her, wiping her wet mouth. He thought only of her, he brought her mother's pleasure. But Marina was still a mother and she wanted to thank her boy, she wanted to him also got weasels. She looked him straight in the eye, and then without a word looked down at his pants. Thank followed the mother and look too looked down and noticed that the head of his erection poked out from under the panties. Glory did not require words, he understood why his mother so staring back. He's a bit nervous, and even hesitate, not knowing what to do next. But Marina did not make him wait long. She rose to her knees in front of him and his arms wrapped around his hips pulled off his pants. Piece of excited flesh broke out and stood on end. Marina could not look at him, he was so big and strong, it is a bit surprised, once again making sure that her child has become a man. Slightly blushing with excitement she raised a hand to the penis and gently cupped ego.Drozh ran through the body of Glory, when his mother touched his manhood. He felt a bit awkward, and he tensed his body. Marina finally sorting out confusion, slowly began to masturbate him, raising and lowering the thin skin of his virgin penis. She liked this simple lesson, which gave an indescribable pleasure son. She wanted to make him all the more pleasant and enjoyable. Without letting go of the palm of his penis, she clung to the glory of his chest and kissed him on the lips of his boy. Thank closed his eyes and responded to the mother a kiss. They have long and eagerly kissing as a loving couple. After all, they really madly in love with each other, but can not admit it even to himself. He felt her erect nipples pierced his chest. Glory was on top of the world - his mother pressed his naked body ... to him, kissed him on the lips, while masturbate his penis. But he had no idea that it was waiting for more. Once again, smacking his lips, Marina looked into his eyes and smiled slyly."I'm your first girlfriend?" - She suddenly asked, knowing that her son did not have girlfriends. "I do not need nobody but you" - Thank sheepishly replied. "So you're still a virgin?" - The same sly tone asked Marina, still stroking his cock. "Yes" - Thank whispered, not knowing what she was getting at. "And you did with me "it" at night" - She asked quietly. Thank confused, and blushing with shame answered - "No, I just caressed you, and ...". Marina saw he was embarrassed by the topic, and not allowing him to finish just kissed him on the lips and said - "Do not worry my sweetie, are you all still have time".Slava Did not understand what she wanted to do this time. Marina gently tucked his penis between his thighs, and his body pressed against him. Slava liked this new position, he also strongly embraced her, her hands clutching her elastic buttocks. They again began kissing passionately. Then Marina released him and pushed back. Seated between his legs, she grabbed his cock with both hands and leaned over him. Glory shivered when he realized that his mother was going to do. She opened her mouth and lips wrapped around the penis. He could not believe it - his mother made him a blowjob. Having failed to win his embarrassment, he closed his eyes and trembling waiting for the next seconds. He wanted to stop her, but he did not dare - he could not deny nor myself nor her. Marina slowly sucked his cock, swallowing it deeper. With one hand holding the base member and the other massaging eggs, she tried to give him maximum pleasure. And she did it. Glory was in ecstasy, consciousness pomutnilos pleasure, he forgot about everything. Marina felt his enormous male body shook beneath her caresses, she felt how to manage it. Thank twitching all silnee Marina barely kept his dick in his mouth. Then she took his mouth tool, slightly raised and legs apart carefully "stabbed" it in itself. The solid member of the boy gradually entered the mother's body. Glory, flushed with pleasure, and did not see how it happened. Just opening his eyes, he realized that really fucks his mother. Marina slowly lowered and raised over him like a prodigal rider. Glory to put his hands on her breasts and squeezed them. He was on the edge of bliss, he longed to come, but he was waiting for her. After a few more jerks Marina paused for a second, and much moaning in pleasure as the tiger grabbed him. Glory also could not stand, and blew a seething volcano. He felt like a huge wave of sperm sprinkled into it. And by making a couple of jerks freed all the contents of his cock in her matku.Marina he fell on him and strongly pressed against his sweaty body, still moaning and writhing with pleasure. Glory stroking her tender body and her ear prosheptyval "I love you, Mom ..."


History told me this herself Olga, my friend and I have almost nothing in it do not change.
Olga threw a blanket and rolled over on his side of the bed: "You again start to an old song" - She playfully tapped on the head of her husband.
- "How did you imagine it? How can you put a me to another man? You do not love me at all, and do not respect!"
- "Ol, if I did not love you, you would not have offered it to you: But understand this well will be wonderful: I will love you and another member: Understand "member", It's physiology :."
- "Physiology? And you think that I give myself to any first comer?"
- "Why anyone? You will choose the one who you like".
- "Well, at least on this thank you. But can you just not enough"- Olga and pointed to the shelves of videotapes - "solid porn".
- "Not porn and erotica".
- "Evrotika: I even agreed to appear in your private home video. Do not let your God who will see or have already?"
- "Ol, do not start. Of course, no one. You and against the vibrator was first against".
- "I am against Antoshka? Not at all. I for Antoshka, always behind .. Just you use the fact that I love the originality. And in the mouth you have taken the first time. And you also came me in the ass. And vibrators and dildos and attachments."
- "But it was great: A video? It's great to look at ourselves?"
- "persuaded".
- "Then I will give my ad?"
- "I make sure that look great on the part of".
Sasha got out of bed and put a cassette in the VCR. And quickly under the Blankets for his beloved wife. The screen captions ran. And the movie went. The plot is simple, but with the intent to put it precisely, Sasha. The film subtly showing how the couple came to the idea to invite a third double bed - a man. And the husband was initially against it, but my wife was able to convince him to have his own. And now the time of the meeting. When the close-up scene began to show a threesome, in which a woman gratified two pair hand in which she indulges two different member Olga squirmed and hand fumbled in her husband's pants his erect penis. Alexander spent between his wife's hand down, "you are my sweet flowed:" He took from the table a vibrator and inserted it between the legs of his wife, he stood up and held his penis in her mouth. Olga, immediately parted and bent at the knees feet, swallowed a member of the lips. Sasha began to move backwards, pushing member between the lips and energetic earned vibrator. Olga moaned. "So my dear: We both love you: .It front you, and I'm in her mouth. Do you want us to change?" Olga moaned stronger. After a while Sasha put his wife crustaceans, face-to-screen TV and pulled it to the member, and in her hands gave falloimmitator. Olga began furiously licking a toy, swallowing it deeper and deeper. To the surprise of the screen demonstrated a similar scene: a woman standing with cancer, moved behind her husband, and she sucked in a new friend. Sasha urged on: "See how he fuck in her mouth and pussy hubby in: We are you so".
Olga went crazy: She thought that what happens on the screen is happening to her, on their bed of Sasha. She clearly felt, as a member of her husband beating her back, and a member, a member of another man in her mouth. Orgasm after orgasm rolls. After removing a member from his mouth, she growled: "Yes, Sasha, Sasha: How well: Oh-oh: More - more:". Sasha himself, his wife obaldevaya reaction, almost believed that someone has divided his little wife. And he's looking at the screen with a vengeance tore her vagina.
Time score was lost, but Olga howled as a fighter at the peak and fell helplessly on his stomach on the bed. Sasha has finished in "half-dead" his wife's body.
"Oh, how good that children with her grandmother" - Said Olga, after a while. "Yes, your cries of them would obviously be interested in" replied the husband. "I go to the bathroom" - Said Olga, melknuv bare ass, out of the bedroom.
Processing by the husband went on for a long time, and I omit in his narrative that period. I can only say, that used different techniques and methods. The apartment, more precisely in the bedroom, and this place is sacred and forbidden to Eureka 11-year and 9-year-old Svetochka began to appear relevant journals. Olga wake in the morning to work the VCR on which, including a timer, was the film of the life of swingers. The computer is overflowing collections of photos MMZH, and outright MMZHZH Group. By entering ladies' sites and pages, Olga surprised to find pop-ups swinger sites with the revelations of women, couples and same pictures. But the most compelling techniques became Sasha antics in bed: he knew his wife especially, brings it to predorgazmennogo state, then took out a cock and brings it to the mouth favorite. Olga, thinking that everything ahead, caressed member, and her husband take and finish in the mouth or on the face or your favorite way between sisichek.
And he is saying: "But whether the two of us, he would have continued to caress you" etc. In short, Olga gave up, and neither because her husband won, but because the desire prevoznemoglo mind. I will not bore the reader, as it did with me Olga, a story about the search for a partner to suddenly arisen doubts Sasha and so on. and so on.
In general, there was Marat: Were the bride, meetings and negotiations.
And this June day Olga, take a bath, sitting in a dressing gown and her hair. Sasha was running around the apartment, prepared towels and bathrobes, wine, and snacks, condoms and cassettes. In the morning, as the wound has completely and bringeth. Olga, on the contrary, was calm. Brushed and imposing light make-up, Olga took off her robe and began to put on underwear. Sasha staring at his wife, of course it was not the same figure that in his youth, but also slightly plump body drew his eye. Sasha told himself podbrity pubis wife, lace panties. Bra Olga has not put. Prysnuv the spirits, Olga got into a theatrical pose and deliberately cast the voice said, "Sir, I'm ready!". Sasha pulled his wife to himself and stared with a kiss in the nipple, his cock already protruded from the heats. "Wait, wait: where to hurry and Maratika?" -Stop it Olga. "Here, already Maratika" - He straightened his wife Sasha. "Maratika, Maratika" -peredraznila his Olga. Their skirmish stopped doorbell.
Sasha briefly glanced at his watch: "God, the third hour of the night: We like crazy, tireless". Olya at this time rhythmically sucking dick Marat. Sasha, removing his penis from the vagina of his wife, went to the side and brought his instrument to his mouth Olga. She wrapped her fingers a member of her husband and now two heads in her mouth. Marat groaned and began to finish Olga's face. Sperm was already not the same as in the first hours of the meeting, not so sticky and white, and a smaller portion.
Marat arrived on time, with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of champagne. He looked good in white denim suit. Gone into the living room, complied standards, drank champagne and talked. Olga and Marat drank brotherhood and merged in a kiss. Marat, gently holding Olga's neck, kissed her, squeezing deeply interwoven with the language and the language of women. His hand stroked Oli neck and slowly slid below under peignoir found naked chest and pressed her nipple. Olga moaned embarrassment, temptations and sweet bliss at the same time. Olga really felt some tenderness for this young man, he liked her immediately, his modesty, and bursting with the desire to ... sex, but without vulgarity and vulgarity. It is at the first meeting in the cafe and the restaurant did not attempt to take the first step and Olga is impressed. On the other hand Olga felt that Sasha is nearby and it embarrassed and even hated. It is for myself to hate their animal instincts, you know, do not be near her husband, she would have ripped off his underwear and lying with her legs spread in anticipation of Marat. Between her feet all wet. She did not recognize herself. "God, I could meet with Marat and without Sasha" - She thought, but then he caught himself, because everything that happens is for the sake of her husband all her doing. With difficulty breaking away from Marat, Olga left the room to the kitchen. Sasha Marat suggested that it would not hurt to go to the shower. Marat agreed. Sasha went to the kitchen and saw that Olga standing at the window and smokes nervously. He put his arm around his wife and pressed it to: "What are you dear?" "Sasha, I'm afraid:"- Olga whispered. "What are you afraid of, you fool" Sasha smiled. "I'm afraid that, I like it and I want Marat" He replied his wife. "So cool" -uspokoil her Sasha and pulled into the bedroom. Having laid her in bed, he lay down beside her and began kissing her, stroking her hair and body. Pushing hips, he held between her legs, her panties were wet. "Do not worry everything will be fine" Sasha 'said his wife, seeing that in the doorway Marat is wrapped with a towel.
Sasha got up and, with a wink to Marat, he left the room: "I'm gonna take a shower".
Olga, seeing almost naked Marat, peignoir and smelled lurking. Marat lay down on the bed and pressed against Olga began stroking and kissing her in the neck, ear, lips, gradually freeing from peignoir. When peignoir slipped from the woman, Olga Marat turned to themselves, and they have merged in a kiss. Olga passionately embraced the body of a young man, clinging to him more closely. Marat kissed her breasts and hands have wandered in shorts hugging ass. Olga felt that excited more and more. Member of Marat by a towel pressed to her stomach, he, too, was clearly excited. Towel jumped off the thighs of Marat, and his handsome popped out. And there really was a handsome, 20 cm and not thin and not thick, but as created by sculptor and intended for public viewing, so a member of Marat was beautiful. Olga lay with his legs apart and allowing Marat fondle her vagina. Hand Marat wandered in panties Olga, and she knew that this undergarment becomes unnecessary obstacle to what is necessary, but the unknown disturbing. But the hands of Marat kruzhavchiki pulled down, Olga raised her ass to help a man and a moment later she had her panties recline foot.
Everything, no barriers. Olga felt helpless, and only slightly sweet expectation counterbalanced her anxiety. Marat, sliding down, showered kisses a woman's body. Olga, his eyes closed, to give affection and instinctively tried to squeeze the hips, where the person was located between Marat, but he gently spread them more widely and touched the tongue of her vagina.
When Sasha came back from the shower, his groans met Olga, which licked Marat. Sasha noticed zeal for themselves the power and beauty of Marat member who idly stood nalivshis blood. Sasha went to the side of the bed and held his penis in the mouth of Olga, she grabbed it like a lifeline. Opening her eyes, she smiled at him gratefully, and took the head of his penis in her mouth and began to gently caress. Now Olga was feeling much more comfortable and relaxed, because it was next to Sasha. And she gave herself to the senses. She was got stronger and stronger. Sasha, giving wife in the mouth and the moving member, squinting look at Marat. He was licking, licking all the folds and penetrating as deeply as he could. When he reached the clitoris Olga, relegating a member of her husband's side, asked: "Sasha, Sasha paste me, oh, please, I can not anymore, darling".
Marat lifted his head, looking up from his work and looked at Sasha. For a moment, Sasha hesitated, but then he put his dick in her mouth wife nodded Marat: "Go ahead". Marat, pulling his body taller, and took his penis in his hand, put on a condom and held between the lips of the vagina, Olga. It was swollen and wet from his own saliva juices and Marat. Olga lamented:
"No do not, do not, please" hands and closed her front. But Marat spread her arms to the side and groped in, moved his hips forward. Olga shuddered, groaned loudly as soon let her busy member of her husband's mouth. Sasha turned his gaze to the entrance to the vagina, Olga. Marat, putting his dick up to half, pushed him back. Member was a brilliant grease. And once again moving forward. And Olga moan again. Suddenly Marat threw Olga legs on his shoulders and started to vigorously fuck her. Olga earned more mouth and began to squirm under Marat.
Soon Sasha cumshot wife in her mouth. Olga swallowed all the sperm and only remained on the edge of the lips drop. And Marat still continued to batter Olga. Olga moaned loudly and podmahivala man.
Sasha lay side by side on the bed, exhausted and relaxed. His looking at how the fuck his wife quietly began to torment jealousy. And he pointed with glee as his wife writhing under another guy like podmahivaet thighs, lifts your butt higher and higher, as the voluptuous moaning as his fingers, almost tearing the sheet. "Yes, correct to say that all women - whores. That's my missus not long resisted, and that's a member of another man rests in the uterus, and her sweetly from this". From these thoughts, Sasha member faster than ever found its former shape. But the couple began to move faster and with a groan they both began to finish. Olga, biting her lip, howled and toss your hips toward the men's movement. Marat, after a few jolts, a woman's foot down on the bed and with her tears. The condom was full. Marat went to the bathroom. Olga, resting too, wanted to be washed away, but Sasha held her and pulled her face towards the bottom of the body. Olga, seeing her husband's body tense, understood everything and took cock in her mouth. He is sucking and licking a member of her husband she dearly, because it is not moved away from the previous fucking. But Sasha wanted more action and he put his wife on all fours and placing it under the pillow stomach, entered her from behind and began to slowly pump his little wife. Marat came into the room and joined the couple, first stroking and kissing the body of Olga and then exposing his penis to her mouth.
Sasha briefly glanced at his watch: "God, the third hour of the night: We like crazy, tireless". Olya at this time rhythmically sucking dick Marat. Sasha, removing his penis from the vagina of his wife, went to the side and brought his instrument to his mouth Olga. She wrapped her fingers a member of her husband and now two heads in her mouth. Marat groaned and began to finish Olga's face. Sperm was already not the same as in the first hours of the meeting, not so sticky and white, and a smaller portion. All night orgasm followed orgasm. Double-changed bed linen. Marat used the four packs of condoms. Shower, cold champagne and then to bed. Olga was a tireless and resourceful. Men, at her request, had her and between her breasts and armpits and between the feet and between the buttocks and between the head and neck. The vagina and mouth itself used for its intended purpose. Only in the ass she did not agree.
Olga, on his knees, caressed member of her husband, licking it to this length and taking in her mouth testicles. Marat, at this time, licking her vagina and perineum, then switched to the anus. Ole liked this weasel (husband never did). Marat managed to shove the language inside and rotate it there. Olga moaned and moved booty, swallowing a member of Sasha's almost the entire length. Marat, tongue relaxed anal ring, stood up and put his dick ... to the anus. Olga playfully indignant: "Maratika do not, well, I'm asking you". Marat forcefully moved forward dick in the ass. Head, overcoming the first resistance, went inside and has all the member break into ass woman. Olga first screamed in pain, Sasha began to stroke and soothe her. And, perhaps, the fact that a member of Marat was without a condom, and Olga is immediately felt, but did not say anything, just living flesh, without rubber, quickly settled into a tight space ass. And the pain gradually disappeared. Once again, licking a member of her husband, Olga offered: "Sasha go to me". Sasha put his foot down, fell in and introduced his penis into the vagina of his wife. Marat, waiting until that happens, he continued his activity.
It was an indescribable feeling, only hesitated, picking up the rhythm and range of motion, but got used to quickly and after a short trio began shouting stop. Marat on tight ass, Olga by two members of a Sasha by friction through the back wall of the vagina with a member of Marat.
Olga, when both members left her slumped on the bed. Sasha was lying beside him and stroked her. Marat went to the bathroom. After a while Sasha heard any extraneous voices in the hallway, he stood up and left there. The hall was already about five guys that went through the front door, greeting naked Marat. Sasha tried to understand what was the matter, but received a severe blow on the jaw and knocked unconscious. When he awoke, Sasha rubbed his head buzzing and heard the screams of his wife from the bedroom. Staggering, he went to the bedroom door. The cries were cries of lust and orgasm. Olga was sitting on one of the men lying on the bed, and the second to fuck her in the ass, she sucked in a third member. The other two sat on either side, and Olga wanker them members of his hands. Marat sitting in the chair and sipped champagne. Whoever I had Olga in the ass with a roar ended and fell off, and went in the ass sitting on the left and a new force began to act. I began to cum in her mouth which had Olga, Olga swallowed and swallowed, but the sperm was too much. At this point, the boys noticed Sasha, and free from exciting classes came to him: "Will you join?", I asked one of them with a smirk on his face. "You bastards :." The contract was not given. Again, hit in the face and kicking barrage, after knocked him to the floor. I woke Sasha early in the morning, his head resting on the knees of his wife, who was all in the marks aspirated, bruised tweaks, from the vagina to the floor flowed semen, hair and face were also covered with semen, but her eyes: The eyes of Olga shone genuine joy, peace and happiness.
"Sash, - said Olga - can them had just agree? They are so nice!"
(To be continued)

Officer's wife

The conclusion of our troops from Mongolia was the most difficult period of my life. We threw habitable military town and leaving an unknown destination, well at least I got a Vogon-boxcar, as I commanded the Department of signalmen at the headquarters of the regiment. However, the department is called was difficult - only four people: three demobilization (Karasev, pay and Zhmerin) and one apprentice (Starks). And in this format, plus me and my wife Tanya, with all State-owned equipment and personal property, we had to make a trip across Siberia to the new place of dislocation in the Ural IN.
Handling doing all along, I picked up from the ordinary Starkov all his belongings on a cart to the car, where the other three soldiers under the guidance of my wife was charged with all inside. So rolling the truck from behind a corner, I stopped to rest and wait Starkov, who ran back for me had dropped in the confusion of things. Hence me a beautiful view of the platform, where my wife told three Dembele as the most accurate plunge cabinet with glass door, and they listened to her lazy, occasionally glancing at her fitted by sports tights body.
- Well, let the boys have! And you accept Valera!
Karasev jumped in the car, ready to accept the goods and pay and Zhmerin become awkward to lift the cabinet.
-Oh, be careful! - Tanya cried, rushing to hold the glass suddenly opened dvertsu.- Why are you so!
After most of the cabinet has been lifted into the car, the soldiers relaxed and peremignuvshis surrounded my wife.
-Allow me, here we Lift - said Zhmerin, as if by chance came up behind him and grabbing my wife at his chest, while the pay in a similar fashion paw her buttocks.
-Well let me go! - Strictly Tatiana yelled banging Zhmerina hand.
The soldiers immediately moved away from her, she hesitated.
-Look at your hands to dissolve! I'm not thinking long, and you can complain, and even whack anything!
"Well, it seems begins"- Flashed through my head, but think about what I could not start. Starkov came and we drove the truck to the car.
On this case, I thought already on the road when turning its screen from snoring men, my wife and I went to sleep on a mattress prepared for this.
"But what if we leave her alone, alone with them? They raped her or be afraid - but what I- thought of foolishness climb into my head off! This is probably from the fact that for a long time love was not engaged."
I tried to kiss her on the lips, but she turned away.
- Alex, do not! Near the soldiers of your sleep.
-Yes, they do not hear, sleep without the hind legs. Namayalis see much of the day. - I pressed forward.
- I also strongly ustala.- slapped my proclivities Tatiana.
But the case with the soldiers to leave his wife not long in coming. Upon arriving to the territory of the Union, we stopped at the location of one of the railway troops for an indefinite period. There was no place to place, so our continued living in cars. And that's how that one Sunday, I had to be on duty at the headquarters, located at the railroad. I certainly do not go there without fear leaving his wife in charge of the soldiers, but everything seemed to be fine, besides I stayed there for long. Came officer railroad which there were some paperwork and offered to stay with the staff instead of me, the more that hardly anyone bothers headquarters in output, after the move. I gladly took advantage of his offer and hurried home, but before reaching his car, standing alone in one of the dead ends, I suddenly found an empty bottle of vodka, was lying on the ground. That, and the fact that the van door was tightly pushed me alarmed. I wanted to rush back, but having overcome the excitement went around the car to the other side, where there was a gap through which you can see what's going on inside, while remaining unnoticed. Before me appeared the following picture: Karasev and Zhmerin held intense sniffing Starkov and pay trying to take off his pants. Around them I was rushing my wife.
-Stop right now - she wailed.
- Otvyan, fool! - Unceremoniously shoved her pay.
- Or maybe she instead wants to contact: - mockingly remarked Karasev.
- Shame on you, you bastards! When her husband finds out, you'll be sorry!
- Oh, and he did not know that we greenhorns dryuchit, for lack baby.- mocked Zhmerin.- And in which case, he was the first penalty and ogrebet.
Pay already pulled his pants with Starkov and prepared his rape when my wife suddenly changed its tone:
-Well guys do not, please! He's your friend.
- Won both sang. - Said the pay offer for a moment. - And who are we to fuck around here? You what?
-Scum - Tanya screamed again.
- Go here for a screen and stay there as long as my husband does not come back. - Pay cut and then dobavil.- Well, if you really want to, we do not opidarasili this sucker, it can work for us instead of him.
- Polunov what are you doing? - Amazed Zhmerin - The disciplinary battalion wanted? And then Lieutenant and you just shoot.
- Do not worry - reassured him pay - we will do everything so that no rat did not dig, and the guy in front of her and she will not disgrace herself.
Tanya thought. A payday prepared to extract out of his pants his cock and put him in the ass Starkov.
-Well! Agree?
My wife nodded and wept.
I have often asked myself why I was at that moment did not stop all this mess? And no answer. I continued to stare into the slot fascinated, just a strange chill ran down my spine.
- Well beauty, to its knees! - I ordered the ordinary pay and my Tanya sank to her knees.
He silently walked up to her and pulled off his pants, with his tunic. In the face of my wife hung his weighty "truncheon".
-Sosi.- abruptly he ordered.
-But I never:
-Then just open your mouth.
Tanya parted her lips and she rushed headlong into the soldier's unit. I pay my wife was holding his hands behind his head and moved his hips back and forth.
"With me, it never does not agree to, and then takes in his mouth of a soldier, my slave!"- Unexpectedly for myself, I became mentally savor what is happening.
Tanya gasped and moaned escaped from the hands of pay.
-Do not do it this way. I myself - she mumbled, trying not to look at the soldier's cock.
She began to lick it from all sides, smacking his lips.
-A! Well - Pay groaned, dropping in the face of my wife, juicy sperm jet.
-Next - he said, pulling on his pants.
Next was Zhmerin. He went to Tanya, and waited until she erases sleeve sperm from her face, then helped her to her feet and looking into her eyes ... slowly unbuttoned his blazer on her chest.
-Do not! Let me better, too: in the mouth take - scared my wife.
-Shut up bitch - hissed Zhmerin, lifting her shirt.
- Gelding see, to plunge. - Cautiously said Karasev
- Do not worry, break through - grinned ordinary Zhmerin and one sharp movement tore her bra with my wife.
Tanya started, trying to cover his chest shaking, looking anxiously at the soldier, but Zhmerin was not begging. He spread her arms to the side and began leaning to lick her erect nipples.
- Come, I pray: - Tatiana sighed, throwing his head back.
- Look, drags! - Notice pay.
- The women is nravitsya.- confidently said Zhmerin.
He again lowered my wife on her knees and set his penis between her breasts, and then squeezing them together, she began to move her hips. Ejaculation is not long in coming and the jet of sperm hit again Tanya's face.
"Is it really like" - I thought, looking at all this.
Above the fallen on the floor of the car Tatiana grew figure Karasev.
- Well cho, leytenantsha in pritiralochki still play? Only elsewhere:
Having said this, he took my wife's legs and pulled off her sports pants with shorts. Then ordinary Karasev knelt down and rubbed his penis between the thighs of tannin.
When the third stream of semen fell on my wife's belly and happy drunken muster collapsed on their mattresses, all of a sudden all jumped up Starkov and as he was with his pants down, fell on bare Tanya. She had only to cry out: "Oh!", At this moment it entered it. Their sex was short, but passionate. My wife was definitely very excited and has experienced rapid orgasm, I do not mistakenly identified by moans issued by it.
- Well, you, squirrel, give! - I found that to say pay the rest only gaped.
As a result, Tanya was raped by those whom she protected, and at the same time she experienced the pleasure of it! That's what really has been my faithful wife!
I could no longer hold back and let out my hardened member became furiously masturbate him, forgetting everything around them. When I had finished, came out of the torpor engulfed me, I saw in front of him greenhorns Starkov, guide me just horns. He probably went to defecate and very astonished finding me here for this exciting experience. He realized that I was watching everything going on in the car, but without saying a word, backing away, retired, and I was left to wander on paths into the night, captured the thoughts and feelings, and when he returned all were asleep in their seats as though nothing happened. I did not sleep that night, I thought about what happened and what will happen next.
The next morning, strangely enough, everything was as usual. We got up, had breakfast, and I have ordered the soldiers to check some devices, so they are not sitting idle. They behaved quite naturally, only Starks tried not to look me in the eye. While my staff cleaned and wiped equipment on the street, my wife decided to clean up in the car and when I came in, she was sweeping the floor, bending low. Her robe rode up, revealing her shapely legs. For me was a wave of excitement and I tried to master my Tanya, after covering it on the floor, but she had me stiff resistance.
-What's gotten into you? - She said, fighting - wild or something on the road?
-So to me, her husband, can not so easily, as these could last? - I answered with a question.
-Yesterday I saw everything. - I added after a pause, waiting for her reaction, but she kept surprising calmness.
- Then why did not intervene? - Tanya asked dryly.
- You also liked the buzz did not want to break.
- Do you like to watch how they make me do this?
I ignored her question and again asked her instead of answering:
- As we will continue to live?
- Lord, we probably arrived on the scene! - My wife and whimpered, crying, buried her face in my chest. I embraced her in silence. It was to me the way it is this infinite, humiliated and raped by my soldiers.
Later in the afternoon we were able to install Titanium and build some semblance of a hot shower right in the car. My wife went to wash first. I was sitting at the time outside the door of the car, once again thinking about what happened last night, and the soldiers something quietly discussed a bit further. Suddenly she separated from their pay and came to me.
- Let me refer, Comrade Lieutenant! - He said in an official tone, but in this situation I have never required them to these problems.
- What do you want? - I asked in a simple way.
- Starks told us all about you. In brief the commander, if you like to watch how are your wife, we do not mind, just let us today to her: wash.
I did not expect such a turn, and my voice began to tremble.
- And if not, then what?
- Then the whole band will know everything about her and about tebya.- he said brazenly.
I was thinking what to say, and pay have already made a mark comrades and they came to the door.
- The boys, climb, take off your clothes! - He announced to pay - Old down to ride, and so yesterday he more than anyone else has got.
The noise of the water has hidden a quiet rustle of the car to open the door and they disappeared inside.
I helplessly looked at Starkova. He smiled at me and said:
- We are now with you kind of like brothers, and now they fraternized.
I nervously pulled the car door and got inside, too. Everything is shrouded in steam and I immediately saw what was going on, and everything looked as follows: my wife naked sitting in the corner holding his head with both hands, and the soldiers slowly undressed, discussing among themselves how they will fuck her this time:
-Give her all the way, at the same time, not to offend anyone.
-What is it like?
- The three holes. SchA show!
Pay lifted my trembling wife to the floor and crawled under her back. He fumbled a little and familiar way for him put his cock in her ass, she cried out with pain.
-Good yell! we have not yet begun. - He told her. - Karas, and you lie on top. Gelding - Sui her mouth. Then change it.
They hollowed my wife three bow without hitting the beat and interfering with each other and fairly tormented her. When it was over, Zhmerin, drawing attention to my presence, said:
- Well cho, Lieutenant, it's your turn dryuchit little wife? Karas Hey, call me old, too, even joins.
While I undressed, I went to Starks. He looked with interest at what is happening and skomandyval turning to me:
- Come on you in front, I behind.
We have come to lay on his back to Tanya and put her on all fours. ... I looked at her with lust languid eyes and said: "I'm sorry, darling"And put his penis in her mouth slightly open. Starks has pyalil it with the other hand. The rest of the wash in the shower, not paying attention to us.
Since then, things have changed in our relationship. Publicly everything happened the usual way: I - the commander - they are my subordinates, but as soon as the train began to move the door, then everything changed. They became masters of the situation, and my wife and I only occasionally joined to it with the permission of Starkov, who was asleep now on my site. It all ended only when our regiment arrived on the scene and all of a demobilization went home, and Starks began to live in the barracks. Tanya was pregnant, I think of him.