I started masturbating in 5-6 years, and perhaps earlier. And I already at this tender age to bring the case to an orgasm, although it cost me a lot of effort and I could not catch my breath and recover from masturbation. I often indulged in this occupation, in spite of the strict prohibition of parents, because the pleasure that I received as a result of 10-15 minute sessions of masturbation, is more than compensated discomfort from the beating. I quickly gained experience to hide their antics, and the parents calmed down soon, thinking that repulsed me craving for masturbation and I secretly continued his studies - in the toilet before going to bed at night under a blanket, and just when I was alone at home. This continued up until my younger sister Sasha did not go to school.
I was only 9 years, 7 sister (she was younger than me for 2.5 years). We then for quite a long time played a couple of teachers, and we (perhaps it still when I insisted on vsnesenii this element in our game) According to married life well, could not do without sex. I climbed on top right clothes on, too, dressed and made her sister pelvis movement, simulating sex. Sister, I remember, it's a little like, and it is usually after a couple of minutes "sex" He asked me to get off it. I'm very excited by these games, and immediately after they lay down on the bed next to his sister and was taken to masturbate, does it not hesitating (and what I was shy - we grew up together and show the genitals of each other have not a bit embarrassed) .
Sister initially did not pay much attention to my studies, but soon, probably in imitation of me, she also began to massage the fingers themselves pussy, stimulating the clitoris and taking pleasure (of course, she herself to orgasm is not an argument). So we have, and happened - we masturbated together, often even in the same bed. Sister usually it took less time than me - she had wore shorts and waiting until I finish. She often hurried me words like"Yes, enough already" - Because she did not know that I'm hard I bring myself to orgasm, and will not give up until I get it (the sperm at the time I was not there, and my sister did not see, so to speak, "logical conclusion" a spray of seed). So we masturbated together about as long until I was 11, and Masha - 9 years.
In my children's company was a guy who was a year older than all of us, 2-3. His name was Sergei. As I realized later, he's a little behind from their peers in intellectual development and therefore was driven us youngsters. He had a sister, 5 years older than him. And once he told us his secret (he later renounced his words) - several times he fucked my sister! Seryoga could not describe my feelings, but it was very interesting. The only thing he said - a real sex drive is much steeper than the pelt. For me, that was enough, I hit on the idea, and on the same day offered Sasha "fuck really". Sasha was the first against (I told her honestly say that for the first time will hurt), but pretty quickly I persuaded her - because she took my proposal as a new game using our Pisek. I promised that once brought forth member of the vagina sister, if she could not bear the pain. Soon Sasha was lying on his bed legs apart, and I set up on her, trying to enter his penis into her vagina, but it was not so easy.
Finally, with your fingers sister that sent the penis where it is necessary, I felt my pussy start to sink into the pussy Sasha. The matter has been slow and tight, I closed my eyes and focused on the process of merging our genitals. I just stepped up the pressure, and then a member of the unexpectedly sharp slid into the interior, and in that moment, sister groaned. I anxiously looked at her and saw that her face was frowning clearly not by pleasant sensations. He waited until she wakes up, I started to slow motion and tried proanalizirovatsvoi feeling - it was something exciting in the fact that my pussy - in pussy sisters, is that our sexual organs so perfect for each other. It lasted three minutes our first sexual intercourse - sister said that she was very sick and I got off it was never going to end. We were unpleasantly surprised by the blood, which is abundantly natekla of pussy Sasha on the bed sheet and soaked. We are first of all washed their genitals, and then the rest of the day washing their bed linen.
The first time did not bring us anything except for a set of problems, and because my sister for a long time did not want to renew our sexual experience, thinking that it will hurt again and will again be flowing blood, but I finally prevailed upon her, and somewhere in a week after the first time I again he climbed onto his sister. We decided to play it safe and put under the oilcloth on the sister case of bleeding, but this time everything worked out and I got orgasm propotev 40 minutes with short breaks. When I get tired (and I was a skinny kid) is not taking out a member of the Sisters, I just stopped moving and lay on her breath, and rested renewed frictions (was such that during the rest member went, and I had it razdrachivat and only then, when he got up, I re-introduced it in his sister). 13-14 years ago (about as long as I have not appeared sperm), I very rarely reached orgasm is not resting on its way to him at least once, we often completed the interrupted intercourse and started masturbating. So, our second sexual intercourse took place normally and sister told me afterwards, that feeling like it - orgasm she had certainly not received, but it was obviously nice when my cock was moving in it - I saw it myself on her face. The blood did not flow over, which we were very pleased. It was the beginning of our long-term sexual relationships.
The first time we had sex quite regularly - could not fuck week could fuck every day, prisleduya with only one purpose - to have fun rather than stress relief. Basically, I offered "rub"(As we were called then) and sister rarely was against. We did this afternoon, when the parents were at work - just somewhere a year after the first time we are so brazen that they began to fuck the night in his room, when parents are asleep. Several times we even fucked a school toilet when it was absolutely unbearable. We very quickly learned minimalno noisy sex - on the new no creaking (unlike my own, which we avoided) bed sisters, no sounds, and trying to quiet breathing at night is that there is not any sort of sounds we steles on the floor mattress and making love On him. Everything happened in the classic pose - I was on top of his sister.
Pretty soon, we switched to a daily mode and only on weekends, we do not "Turley"Sometimes allowing themselves to it at night. We absolutely did not think of the moral and ethical side of our relationship - copulating we enjoy and that was what we thought. However, quite a few times we tried to throw a fuck, because it is very afraid that parents have somehow will catch this process, but every time frustrated after a week or two when bored to masturbate. Parents never have and have not been caught, they are not even aware until now! Until then, until I came sperm, we do not birth control, then they began to use cheaper Chinese condoms that are often torn. Constantly it happened that prezikov was not at home and go after them was broke, and I finished right in her sister, but she did not become pregnant. Gradually we moved back to unprotected sex and have 4 years, we are not protected at all. We think that one of us is fruitless (and maybe both), probably affected much too early sexual activity .... The mother found out that her sister was not a virgin only when Sasha was studying in the 8th grade, she was told the results of the medical examination. The sister then said that she only tried once, when resting in a pioneer camp, and her mother believed her. Oral sex we started just after 4 years after first sexual intercourse, but starting so we loved these classes, that somewhere about three months we have just been doing, sometimes fucking is normal. We do not really love me pose, I was almost always on top, but we are sometimes interchanged. Perhaps it is from the fact that we attached great importance to visual contact - during sex, we almost always look each other in the eye, so for some reason a child has become a tradition.
We soon developed a persistent habit - though, to be sure we had to have sex every 2-3 days, otherwise a growing feeling some discomfort. I when he could not see with Sasha (in the pioneer camp, where he had gone without a sister) relieves tension masturbation, sister of the same without me could not be satisfied with masturbation, she wanted more - she cleaned the cucumber peel, get into it condom and used as a dildo. She even several times changed me (said she) to relieve sexual tension, when we have not had a chance to have sex, but when I'm at home it will never I will not change - with this experience behind him, only I know her so well that I can give her the present udovolsvie. I've never cheated on her. Frankly speaking, I do not pull on the other girls, I most love my sister and part-time - the mistress. Now we live in another, is not that where the parents live, the city (we're both of learning), where they shoot us an apartment for two. We live here in fact, as a husband and wife and really uncollectible part. Why? Probably just attached to each other for 9.5 years of sexual life.
Why did I write all this? I wanted to pour out his heart anonymous, so to speak, means. It's hard to keep a confidence, but in fact in the face druzm not tell me what I am 11 years of sleeping with his sister. And the Internet can be everything.

About this

Shut my hole and throw me in the water
And just sing out of me
Do whatever you want
Just do not let go ...

Have you ever poured the bucket of cold water? And three? If so - you know what I mean. Everything inside (and outside) is compressed at a second, then I want to jump wildly from scalding water, ... and, once again regain the ability to breathe, grasping at a rough towel. Finally, rasterevshis towel, cheerful like a thousand penguins, open the door and feel the air throughout the skin, which has only recently been stifling-hot, and now it seems pleasantly warming.
It is good that you can not dress up - you are at home. The free white blouse and long, long brown skirt tossed something in the pots in the kitchen.
My girl ... When I first saw you on the train, I still do not understand - you - my destiny. I do in such cases brake. But that's what these people come across very rarely occurred to me at once. And I realized that I will wait for our next meeting. Perhaps because I was with you just as easily as anyone and has never been easy not to?
I sneak up behind and embrace the greedy hands of your breasts. For a few seconds you do not react, and then turns around and reaches for our lips to each other ... it will end this time? I do not know, and this sweet uncertainty eternal game between man and woman hot blood again. My hands are already familiar climbed under her blouse, your body responds confidently and passionately, hugging me ... and you say vdug ... "You know, the guy reveals all that this girl - his girlfriend?" You unfold me, and the sweet bite of the shoulder near the base of the neck. I do not know how it acts on the girls, but I was sneaking in the entire spine. Growling in the shower, but do not forget to return your "Facilities mark", My lips kissing your face and neck ...
Have you pondered over in the expression "cover with kisses"? This is so no there is not one place, not caressed her lips .... Remember, we once started with this? I kissed your more awkward virgin body a thousand times. And a thousand and more ... all night. Now my hands and lips know many tracks your enjoyment. But this does not mean that I know everything - love with you every time a discovery that you want to accomplish. This theorem, which we have to prove it is a prayer, not yet reading by anyone any time ...
Under gentle pressure you post and almost sit on the kitchen table, but starting so uncomfortable, and I sighed in my heart, just back down and fall into a chair.
You gently tucked her skirt, under which, as always, nothing is put on top to attach. For the second time, gently oyknuv, you let me in until the very end and begin the swing. Faster, faster ... your body more responsive, we find ourselves in a uniform rhythm and keep it for a while ... and then I am broken on the mad dance, pronoshu your arms on the kitchen table and currencies on the old walls again hear your cries and moans. How I love this music!
This goes on for a long time .... Or a moment? Love is not a state, to feel time, it can not be in a hurry, and, feeling that this chord is over, we sever our subtle physical connection.
Longing strengthens desire. As if waking up and not noticing my body excited, you sit down on a chair near the table and pours himself a glass of water with lemon. Now you - Lolita, and not in vain in the spark in your eyes so rush, whether you like it or not, the middle-aged men. Green-eyed girl in a white blouse slowly drink the water and then, with a faint smile, or I, or your thoughts, put the glass on a white table and takes my flesh standing in his lips.
I love to look at it! But the spectacle is now obstruct your thick long hair, and you have to thinking the most. I'm starting to move forward, but the hair and interfere with you too, and you're asking them to hold. Not the first time - I did every day, keep their weight, while in the evening you wash. This ritual - one of many signs of lovers filled life.
Now you can watch without interference. Curious maximalist in everything you learn that the most experienced of my past women is able, from the beginning tried to take me in your mouth completely, to the very end. Now you do it easily and gracefully, with his left hand resting on the table, and another, tenderly hugging my hip. That pushing me in the throat, then playing with my flesh I am the tongue you turn me more and more. I see all my fifteen centimeters disappear between your desire nalivshihsya lips and remember ...
Whether you like it or not, but the light that illuminates everything around you is the light of passion. You are passionate in everything that you do - and when I got to know you closer I am very surprised that in his 19 years you kept your virginity. But soon I found out the reason - your female essence was hidden behind a barrier of pain and fear, manyachnyh looks and touches. In the simplest grip wrist could you fall for three hours in painful semiconscious state, each step along the path of rapprochement was accompanied by tears. You're constantly fighting with them, and I promised myself that I will help you in this fight. I felt great power in you .. and we were able to wake her. It is not yet up to the end, was only a year ... something will continue?
Remember how you embarrassed me to say it, and wrote in a note ... "I would like to deeply. Strong. You". Big-big letters ... That's what I want.
I came out of captivity caressing your lips and pressing a jerk you into the wall, I go into you. As a man into a woman, strong, deeply, passionately.
You're my woman. Now begins the moment - not a game, not a pleasure - we are open to each other completely. Nerve into the nerve - and all that is in us, splashed out in this wild dance. The most secret and forbidden dreams, what even itself can be difficult to admit that it does not turn to say the words, we give each other. And we accept it. Love is multifaceted, and now came this face. It seems that once it is called an orgy, and it was a rite ...
Now you will become a priestess of love. Vessel desires men point and infinite aspirations. To life, to death, to pleasure, to the knowledge, wisdom, beauty is the passion and this passion - you. And your body dissolves in my desire, you already can not keep your feet ...
Down with all the clothes! Truth comes naked. Down with all the restrictions. Only freedom!
I stand All-receiving tenderness of your body on a large bed - now you are ready
Your reddened lips softly and distinctly whispering ...
- All ... take me just the way you want, do not pay attention to my wishes ... I let everything ... and if something I do not let - take it myself!
I froze for a moment, enjoying the gentle stillness of your young body bends. Then, reaching out to a pain in the fingers squeeze the nipple soft large breasts. Your body is a forest nymph throws up, screaming either in pain, or passion fills the room. All it does not matter what I want - and you want to, we have long learned to read each other's thoughts. Whether kissing, whether bites are now plagued by you. The neck, shoulders, hips ... You languish, trembling and cries from my touch, my head dangle helplessly on the pillow, and you wait ... manish, but only played enough madness in your body, I will proceed to the main. I went with you - in a big way, with confidence, to the end - and you take me glad, as the sheath take the blade. Now a lovely butterfly firmly pinned the needle and trembling in the wind of my desire.
And you really want this. When I, as a host, breaks into your flesh, the impact force passes spasm around your gentle and strong body. It passes a wave along the spine, from her quiver, and revealed the thigh, bends toward me back, rolled her eyes and her mouth opens wider and wider, forming the letter "ABOUT". You crane your neck, licking his lips and seemed to caress someone invisible ... Continuing strikes I fill the void with his fingers and your lips greedily and eagerly take them, your tongue hastily caressing my fingers pushing them further into the depth of the throat ...
- Yes, yes, yes ... - whisper and scream you, when I give you that opportunity - I want the men went one by one, and take, take, take me ... I want to be a source of thirst-quenching. .. and that it's never, never, never end ....
I also want it - you know. And because your words very frustrating to me the remains of the roof - flying up, it seems, half a meter above the bed, whipping your soft whip of his body, I manage almost every time get in your wide-open womb. And my every hit is marked by a triumphant cry, and rare mistakes hurt your throat notes groan. You've uncovered so that in addition to taking my toys a four finger but we can not get enough proximity.
More, more, more ... Finally, I do not stand up and walk out. A few seconds of silence ... You lie calmly as if unconscious and breathing heavily only. But this calm is deceptive - a quick thrust his hand on your lower lip, and body obediently bends forward, and the sweet cry, think now collapse the walls. Interestingly, the neighbors behind the wall to hear this music frantic love? Another slap biting yet - now on the inner side of the thigh, the other, on the flushed cheeks, hard nipples on the chest ...
As a musical instrument I play on the body of the beloved, and it responds obediently my power, greedy and sonorous trembling girl's body ... I squeeze the wheeze to your delicate neck, I feel the power of your fingers on your, perfect shape, hips, trying to penetrate the softness breast iron finger ... you take all. Not as a slave - like a queen without a penalty - as an offering gifts. Because everything I do - I do only out of love.
My hands are tired, but you demand more and more. And who came up with that closeness continues eleven minutes? After resting in your, Dorval to the present case, the lips, I quickly run for oil and we are starting to storm next vertex. One finger, then another, finally ... your ass relaxes and lets me in only unexplored depth today. I wish you all - and you are completely mine. The body is bent down on my fingers of one hand inside you chuvstvoyut through the thin partition between the buttocks beating of passion, the other fingers caress your lips and tongue, I will fill you as soon as possible. But the tireless your body knows no limits, and when poured out, and happy, I stop the motion in the bed, you noticed ...
- Strange woman's nature to me now ... it seems that everything has just begun ...
I just smiled. Not because he was tired - they do not get tired of this work, and so it is impossible to get tired of this love. Yes, everything is just beginning!
Rite has come true and we are fresh and updated, go to our world forward.
And then, after a few days, you said ... "Of course, a third person with the camera, we probably would have prevented ... but then so eager, so that was not lost, preserved for the world. And then I wrote this story. After reading it, while I was at work, (and it was the first reading of this kind in your life) you signed the bottom of the ...
"I really liked it, most importantly realistic and not a drop of naturalism is true, I saw it in a different light, not as a ritual, but simply dissolved in the Divine ...
Thank you"

And if anyone understands love as well as we - write. And let the beauty of the world will be more. All you need is love!

The honeymoon, or group fuck my wife

My name is Anton, and my wife Kate. Us 35 and 27 years. I want to tell you a story that happened five years ago on our honeymoon.
We just got married and went to Turkey for a honeymoon. Since we both finished faculty of foreign languages, the wife of this year, and I'm in my 22, problems with communication we have not encountered, we fluent in English. We lived on the sixth floor, in a room for newlyweds with a beautiful view of the sea. No sooner had we properly arranged, they knocked on the door. It was room service, the guy brought the champagne and snacks. He was a tall, strong brown with cunning eyes. I immediately noticed his gaze, obscene assessor. He brazenly staring at my wife stripping and fucking her eyes. And she was not paying attention to my warning look, I flirted and spun in front of him in his new blue silk sundress, which due to its transparency over open than concealed. Through it can easily be seen standing erect small breasts with pink nipples, and her favorite little white, lace, tiny panties. While he was waiting for a tip, she clung to him with questions, yes, how and where to sunbathe. He slyly smiling, said, despite what she wants if you just swim and sunbathe, it is at the general big beach, and if you want to be alone on a deserted corner of the local coast it can show and even take us there. It was, he said looking at me with such a perverted smile that I even shiver ran. I looked at Kate and I gave birth to a brutal plan. We were familiar with Kate for three years, and before we met she was a virgin. During the time we met, we have tried almost all the poses with vaginal sex. I have a passion for her porn magazines and videos. And I notice that it takes more than just a swing and group sex. But as I have not tried to persuade her in the mouth and ass, she always refused. And so I decided, especially looking at her antics in front of this guy, revenge, or if you want to punish her, and give what it entails so. I decided to give her a group action. And this thought I was so hooked that I two days could not have anything else to think about. I got up at the thought of it. Especially seeing the lustful looks of men, eagerly devouring it on the beach.
Oh, and about us. I while thirty bank employee, with an increase of 180 is not very well developed musculature, (or when not like gyms, preferring larger volleyball, basketball), but quite strong. And she was 22 years old just graduated from university, a pretty blonde, height 170 classic waist 60, hips 86 narrowish little small, but firm breasts 82. In general, we looked good together.
And now I see how palyatsya on it guys, I remember her flirting with the guy, and thought how her fuck, brought a strange indescribable joy and excitement. When we returned to the hotel, I noticed the guy, he is showing towards us laughing, telling something to another guy. And I decided. After seeing Katya to number and saying that, right back, I left the hall. Immediately I find the look of the guy and went to him. Approaching, he decided to start his offer to take us on a deserted beach. He greeted me with a malicious smile, and my question is blatantly said he did not have one of my little wife. At first I was taken aback, even, and then decided to take the bull by the horns, and to realize our plans. And he asked, do you want her? On what he has pleased me - I'm not alone. I asked him when he is released, which would discuss the issue in detail. On it again, I was pleased, genuine surprise showed on his face. He said he was released after half an hour, and we agreed to meet at the bar. I went back to the room and found Katya's classroom, she was looking to hire a cassette with porn, where four men fucked in all cracks a pretty brunette, and with full masturbated. When he saw me, he began to beckon me to her, with frank desire to have sex. But as much as I wanted, I decided to get it. Therefore, ignoring her call, she went into the bedroom. Bathed, changed clothes and went to the meeting. Met at the door unsatisfied Katya, she gave me a disgruntled look and said she goes to the bath. And although I'm unsatisfied, but happy she went to carry out his plan.
When I went to the bar, it was not. I sat at the bar and ordered a drink. He was late, and I began to worry about his plan. But then he went in the company of a guy (with a rather imposing figure and muscles), which laughed at us. They came, and finally introduced, the familiar name Achilles, he was a Greek, and a second Pierre he was an Englishman. Pierre was just as insolent, he immediately asked. That's what you want, that would fuck your wife? I'm a little embarrassed, I said yes. Then Achilles took the initiative. He asked me how I wanted to fuck her. I wondered, and said he did not know what they want. They looked at each other with smiles and agreed. Pierre already impatiently began to find out how this can crank out. We agreed that in the evening I'll order dinner in your room, and it takes Achilles and remind uninhabited corners of the local beach and offer their services for the delivery, but we'll see. So we agreed. Back in the room, I started the alarm clock and went to sleep. Waking up, I washed, and came into a large room, Katya ran in his underwear (little white transparent beacons and the very tiny panties, which first appeared in front of Achilles) I even stood up. A T-shirt clearly viewed chest and panties were so transparent that through them could see the clean-shaven pubic and genital lips. She was obviously angry and therefore ignored me. I decided to make a surprise for both of them, and so quietly opened the door, so you do not make a noise. Katya went into the bedroom, and I made an order, so that she did not hear, and waited. After 10 minutes, came Achilles, correctly understood, seeing the open door. At first I looked to see me alone, quietly entered. He asked - where the wife, I showed the view of the bedroom and said that he will have to wait. Kate could not sit long in one place and do not make them wait long.
Since we were in a cavern near the front door Katya came out, we did not notice and went quite far from the bedroom. At Achilles's eyes widened, but he restrained himself, that all would spoil either. Noticing us, Kate, crying out, plopped down on the sofa, his legs drawn up to her chest, spreading them slightly at the bottom, revealing that even greater overview of her shaved pussy. I began, Achilles Online Time to discuss with my order, he at the same time brazenly stared at my wife. Katya, seeing my calm response to her half-naked appearance in the presence of a stranger, bolder, and maybe decided to annoy me. She got up and walked right up to us and began to examine the ordered me dinner. Achilles, as we agreed, to submit to it, began to ask her as rest, as the sea. Then he began to tell what is a beautiful place, and if they do not see the rest was gone for nothing. Kate immediately excited about the idea, cautiously looking at me and began to ask, when and who to contact. Achilles with a satisfied smile, still in focus looking at her, he said, do not be no one to look for, that he will arrange everything, will drive for the most uninhabited beach, especially since he day off tomorrow, and he was going to get anywhere. I'm making a sorry face, I said that tomorrow I can not wait for an important call at work. Kate pouted once and wanted to leave. But I quickly corrected the situation, saying that she could go alone and do not turn gray as her in the room. View neighborhood swim. She immediately vosprjala, however, twittered, you can! I was raised with a member of the answer, of course, have fun. We agreed to meet tomorrow morning at the marina. In the evening, Katia pestered me with questions, I will not be angry if she goes, I as I could, tried to convince her that I will only be happy if she will hold a good time. I even offered to buy her something new ... to relax. We went down to the shop on the ground floor of the hotel. She immediately forgot their worries and began to choose their own things: skirts, blouses ... I offered to buy her a new swimsuit, she complained that the old out of fashion, but we bought it before leaving. I chose a few frank bathing suits, which almost none of which did not hide the body and snug in the most explicit field. I thought it would be against such frank swimwear. But she gladly chose the most transparent of them. It was white with small triangles top and tiny, narrow front and rear hardly visible. At night, Kate tried to thank me for a swimsuit, but I am referring to the fatigue, turned away and pretended to be asleep. She, too, turned and fell asleep, muttered that the pace will soon begin to change me. And I did not sleep all night, thinking about tomorrow. In the morning we got up and went to the marina, where we were met by Achilles. He took us to the big boat, saying that she belongs to one of his friends, and sometimes he uses to relax. We got on board, there was even three guys in the words of Achilles team members. I immediately thought of what the team members, handsome well-dressed guys is not a bit like sailors. Kate or anything, not knowing greeted cheerfully and asked her to spend a tour of the boat. I'm saying that in a hurry, and departed. On a nearby quay in a small boat he was waiting for me, Pierre. We had to get to your first Gulf. Driven away the boat, for a near the rock and hiding so as not to be seen from the sea, in shallow water moved to a small beach.
At first glance, it was impossible to get out of here except the sea. On either side stood in the water leaving the rock, and behind a few trees were growing and dense bush. The beach was sandy, and we bathed in anticipation hid behind a bush. Soon the boat appeared on the horizon. I'm all impatiently pressed to the ground. Because of the shallow water yacht anchored in thirty meters from the shore.
It has been seen as a boat jumped into the water two men. First ashore Achilles got a big air mattress and a basket of some things. He lay down on the sand and watched the slowly floating Katya. She swam quite close to the shore and stood up. While she went to the shore, my jaw dropped lower and lower, and Pierre dropped his pants and grabbed already standing member. Achilles even up on his elbows and sat down. Katin already swimsuit transparent water just disappeared. It seemed that Kate goes completely naked. Coming close to the Achilles, Kate noticed his eyes and looked down. She looked at him dumbfounded and tried to hide behind. Achilles in a moment found himself beside her said something, took his hands and put them away. I did not hear what she said Achilles, but Kate stood meekly, allowing him to touch himself. Achilles first gently stroked her shoulders, stomach and, unopposed, has prudently took to his chest. He took the nipples clearly through vidnevshiesya swimsuit and pulled them. Then he took it off and become a force to crush his chest, delay and twisting nipples. Kate winced in pain but tolerated. And Achilles, which entered into the taste, still with one hand to pull at his chest, the other slipped between her legs. Kate automatically parted legs. And I could clearly see the hand of Achilles, pushes sponges, burns them, pulls to the side, his fingers penetrated her insides. Achilles pulled off her panties and continued to explore the rough Catino body. I shrank back into the sand, when Pierre, unable to stand, stood up, stepped out of the bushes and went to have fun Achilles. Katya, seeing Pierre, jerked back, but Achilles grabbed her with one hand on his chest, and the other for the crotch and said something. Kate meekly bowed her head and no longer twitching. Pierre like a hungry beast pounced on Kate. Crushed chest, pulling nipples, so I thought it would come off them, stretched labia, so Kate cried out, trying to get into it all pyatern¸y. Achilles smiled and popped it into his mouth with two fingers, who had wielded in her bosom. He tried to penetrate as deeply as possible into her throat. She felt uncomfortable, she choked, but tolerated. I did that, not realizing looked at his wife, who did not allow me anything apart from the usual caresses and missionary position. And now she submissively endured rough caresses and distortions of his own body. Then Achilles, looking at the bushes where I was sitting. Katka He turned back to me, and spread his buttocks apart, showing flushed vagina and the sphincter ring. Pierre took her by the hair and pulled him down. Achilles took her by the hips, bend down and made for those struck smack on the ass. Pierre at that time so I was evidently held Katya's head by the hair and poked a member in the face, falling on the forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin and lips. Achilles settled down, drove his club for the rest of no small length Katina crack. Pierre, not to be outdone, said that she opened her mouth. When she did, she drove not too small dick in the throat. They fucked her with gusto and at the same pace. At the same time almost completely pulling out the members, immersing them in a full-length. I saw the small twitch Katya's breasts as her Throat swells from penetrating into her monster. Achilles, fucking her in the vagina, thumb developed her anus.
With yacht sailors jumped imaginary and swam to shore. Noticing this, Achilles went out of her pussy, and something said to Pierre. He also stopped moving and his hair straightened Katya. She saw the water coming out of the three already naked men and did not move. Achille and Pier paw her, showing her charms all newly arrived participants. Trinity came close, something one asked Achilles, he replied, all five of them laughed. And five pairs of hands began to tear the body of my beloved little wife newly founded. I'm looking at all this, he jerked his standing member of the stake. Sailed trio quickly mastered, and a few minutes later, Kate was on her knees, and they in turn inserted into her mouth. Then she put on all fours and began to fuck again in two bow. They have changed around, trahnuv it into the slot, he shoved a member of her mouth. And it is already moaning, she, licked and sucked their wet limbs.
Achilles is it allowed in a circle, her ass bored already with two fingers. Soon tired of this pose, she turned on her back, legs bent to the stomach and continued to fuck around. By the shore, not openly, moored boat, jumped off his four healthy guy. They quickly undressed and come to rest. My jaw dropped when I saw a member of one of them. It was a giant, his whole body swell of muscle and protruding monster about twenty centimeters long and six in thickness between the legs. I could not even imagine how it will fit in Katina small hole. Now the circle was one of nine members. And when his turn came, the giant, I stiffened. He slowly put his head to the entrance and one powerful thrust entered her at full length. Kate cried out and clenched her teeth, waiting for this one, did not hold her mouth. I could not believe what he was fit. Perhaps it was part of the uterus. Several times he went slowly out of it, leaving only the head, and abruptly entered the most eggs. Then he began to hammer away like a jackhammer. Kate is not clenched teeth, and she again began to shove in your mouth one or the other, then just two members. Gradually they approached (I do not know accidentally or specifically) to my shelter, and I have already deciphered some of their phrases. Achilles said something, and they have changed position. Pierre lay on his back, Kate put him face to legs and do her mouth. Engaged in the truest sense seriously. Taking his head, fucked deep in the throat, not paying attention to her gag reflex. One is too long to pull out a member rotating on it's head Katina, and it vomited. All neighing, and the culprit is laughing bowed. His place was taken by the giant, and the words "see how Will you take it" slowly he began to shove a member of Kate in her mouth. She again began to vomit, but he is not paying attention to it, he continued, changing the angle somehow ... to penetrate deeper and deeper. The others stood and laughed. And entering completely, he gave her head and began to fuck slowly taking dick and quickly plunging back. Those standing demon business men began to be indignant, why are only two of its holes.
Achilles, without hesitation, changed posture. Place Pierre took a different man, and Kate has put a face to him and leaned forward. Denying her anal virginity took himself Achilles. I could not see, because Kate was sitting facing me, and his face covered one of the guys who fucked her in the mouth. I saw how moved forward Achilles, and how Kate twitched. Achilles oblivion on his face subsided then began to move slowly at first, then faster and faster. It was clear, he is constrained to not finish, but it is clear there were too tight. He stiffened, and pulled out a member, pushed aside all quickly ran to the face. His place was taken by another immediately. I saw a gaunt, but I seem pretty Catino face and poking her in the mouth dirty just visited her ass dick. She would not let him in and pressed her lips together. Achilles was at the limit and pulling his hair, forced open his mouth. He put his cock deep into his throat, causing Katya vomited again. Do not pay attention to it, Achilles took several deep penetrations and leaving only the head, he began to finish. Conchal it long, and had a lot of sperm, she did not have time to flow, and Kate had to swallow, so as not to drown.
When he finished, a few more times Achilles put his dick in her mouth and walked away satisfied. The vacant mouth immediately have buried several members. Katja obediently let them into itself, and the language worked as usual. Proceedings of Katina ass boyfriend lasted a little longer Achilles. And also ran across, began to cum in her mouth, falling on her face and hair. Then he said that she licked his cock. Kate has a big demon aversion to obey his orders. Thus, fuck her for a long time, only changed the bottom and ended some deep throat in the other open mouth and forced to lick her anal discharge.
The last came a giant and a sharp thrust drove did not expect such an attack Kate his dick in the ass to its full length. Kate screamed, but she immediately gagged to stop member entered. Giant, worked a little bit, so decided to change his position. He's not coming out of Katie, lay on his back and put it on top. The rest, without hesitation, lined up in her pussy and mouth. So it twirled a few hours, fucked in various poses, inventing their posture. Shoves in pussy just two members. Ends only in the mouth.
Kate was completely exhausted its head is just plain fun. But they did not stop, they took his head in his hands and "fucked", Finishing in the mouth. And finally it put on all fours and took turns fucking broken-down in the ass and cums on her ass, back. The last giant as always approached and began to go rapidly to the ground, completely remove the penis and back to the ground immersed in the anus. Having finished the giant, he took Kate in his arms and carried her to the sea. I put the water and returned to the others. From the cool water a little Katya woke up bathed wash off the sperm and came ashore. Guys still little discussed orgy occurred, and began to disperse. Four sailed on his boat. Pierre went to the rocks, where our boat was. And Achilles with three "sailors" We took Kate and swam to the boat. I quickly caught up with Pierre and we sailed at full speed to the hotel. He dropped me off at the hotel on the beach and swam away. I went into the room and waited. We had to wait for two hours, as it turned out, the men on the yacht decided a little fun. Achilles led Katia to your room. She is not looking at my face, I ran into the bedroom. Achilles all thanked me for having a great day and gave a bottle of excellent brandy. And, departing, he said, if possible, he does not mind one more time also to fuck my wife. I said that I think about it, and closed the door. Going into the bedroom, I saw Kate, she was lying on the bed, buried in the pillow. I said that to her. She turned, with tears rushed up to me and began to tell in detail what happened to her. While the story of her face changed, it is displayed on the pain, the joy, the languor of the feelings experienced. She then smiled, then began to weep, burying me in the shoulder. I silently listened to the story and then asked - "and you liked it?". She looked at me puzzled and perturbed at the same time. And then, embarrassed, he asked me why I thought so. I explained that the story was not a word about her resistance, and the face was visible, what pleasure delivered to her memories of this. Even more embarrassed, she asked "Are you angry at me?". I hugged her with a smile and said that if she liked it, some do not. Then we do the best sex during our acquaintance. I did all the things what so long dreamed of fucking her in the ass, mouth again and again in the ass in the mouth. It pleased me podmahivala and licking my cock. Then we were discussing and what happened to her event. I asked what she liked the most? She thought, kissed me and said "all"Be their toy to fulfill their whims. Then, confused and wary looking at me, she said she was not opposed to its more races so fucked. I smiled and said that if my presence is possible. And that I even ask myself about this Achilles. Thus began our ves¸lenky honeymoon. There were many more such adventures. But that's another story.

My wife in front of you

She sits in front of you on the edge of a wide bed of good rooms in the hotel, legs crossed, skirt tucked up, and you are clearly visible her knees obtyanytye Caproni, her boots to the knee, she was a little embarrassed, her cheeks flushed with embarrassment and drinking martinis. You turn on the camera and ask her to start.
- My name is Lana, I'm 35, I'm married, I have children, I really love my family, I love my husband, and yet I love sex,
I like when I caress a man, I love it. You begin to ask her questions.
- Do you like what you have sex not only with her husband?
- Yes, of course, every woman wants diversity in sex. And even if my husband and I are very good, it is still very nice to be given to new sensations.
You-you admit to yourself comparing bitch, slut, whore, or do you prefer that the gentle, for example, a female, nimfomanochka.
She-No, do not excite me rude expression, I like cat or a female.
You - you are a female?
She - Yes, I'm a female.
You - New sex partners you need for a comfortable sex life?
She - Yes, it is I need. But it's just sex, I love my husband, and very grateful to him that he does not mind that I have sex with other men. He is really like.
You - How often you need to change the new partners, once a week?
It - No, it's too much, I think once a month is enough.
You - In addition to this meeting with the already existing partners, we have two, three partners per month in addition to her husband?
She - I think three too much, although the mood. Two optimal, twice a month.
You - How do you prepare for the meeting?
It is - I'm going to shower, shave my legs and my pussy, men I meet, I love licking tongue, and I want that they were comfortable. Over time, perhaps there will make hair removal, but for now the razor. Then take a shower, use perfume and makeup, put on a clean beautiful clothes, take with condoms miromistin, sometimes sex toys, some like to watch me herself caress vibrator, some people like to do it yourself, I have and lovers strap, he mnya too, poeffektnee dress, skirt or a shorter dress, boots, trousers or a slinky, get in a taxi and go to a hotel.
You - you always meet in hotels.?
She - Yes, I really like the atmosphere of good numbers, where I fully relax, no one bothers, cozy, clean, soft, walking naked on the number, you look out the window at Moscow, and behind the pleasant man's hands caress me. In a strange apartment and the sauna of the meeting we had, but still in the hotel room I like best.
You - you do not feel a prostitute, when going to a meeting?
It - What is a groovy there, but I do not when I do not meet for the money, I'm a normal woman, a wife, a housewife, I do just need for good sex. If a man pays the money, so he calls the shots, and I'm very demanding in sex, I want it to all go just as it pleased me. Yes, I'll do my best for my partner, if I have well and expertly caressed, be able to perform many thanks to his imagination, especially if I'm in the factory, almost all, but if I do not like something. And he has paid, toy already can not give up, And it does not turn me. I am very selfish in sex, I guess. Although, as already mentioned, for a partner who liked me, in gratitude to do everything.
You - What you have tried custom, when we met with the partners in the hotel?
She - Many partners love to make gifts. One brought me to the store expensive clothes and there we bought them, what they like, and that they had sex with another more than once I went to a sex shop and there we chose the toys at his discretion, and of course then all tried. It turns me on. I am very happy when I give gifts, I'm even excited by this.
In the continuation of the previous question, I would say that if it presents something a little different, I like it a lot, I was, as I say, exciting, underwear, cosmetics, perfume, toys from a sex shop can be money, but only if it is for something specific then. At the beauty salon on the solarium, to cosmetics, besides the fact that my partner would like, but it's always at his request. Sex services and prostitution, I do not do it, I even paid for a taxi to take the shame sometimes.
You - and still come back to my question, that you try non-standard, please tell us. And clear, please, blouse and bra.
She takes a nice blouse, smiling shyly, removes bra.
She - I, unfortunately, a small chest.
You - No, it's very beautiful.
It is - as already mentioned, I tried Strap, rumpling it very start, I even surprised myself this. I am pleased to fuck man. Yet we often practice the golden rain on me.
You - you? Usually women refuse from it.
She - I think the thing in a partner. Not with all the partners I can do it. Only those who truly enjoyable for me, and who I want to bring pleasure.
You - And it gets you?
She - Yes, normally. But when I put a collar and chain, and fuck it, I was curious, but a little funny. Not excited.
You - And what excites you, what you want from a partner?
She - I love hard standing members, like when I fuck for a long time, without stopping at what would come, like being lick pussy and ass, if a member makes it possible, really love anal, I like it, but if not a big dick, with a large I quietly tried, but it's pretty intense. I really love to do minetik, I am excited by this. In general, I love that man would take me, strong and confident, but what would he do something like that to me. Here's me.
You - Let's see what you are. Remove the skirt and panties.
She stood up and began to undress. From the other room came two slender tanned men, they were just out of the shower. You see her undress in front of you. She took off her boots, kolgotochki panties. All this is neatly laid on the couch, and the embarrassed smile, turned to you.
You - Sit down on the edge of the bed.
It - And you can still Martini.
One of the men lifted her martini on the rocks.
You - Now we start, how you wrote your supervisor, your check, okay?
She's well.
You - Let's start with the legs.
You point the camera at her feet, and go on to comment.
You - Fingers are small, well-groomed feet, lacked a good pedicure, but very carefully made with their own hands. Now shin.
You spend a hand on her shin.
You - carefully shaved and groomed .... Go to the hips. Stand up please.
She gets up. Holding a glass of Martini.
You - Nice leather, very exciting little blond hair, impart silkiness. Guys try.
Man throws towels covering before their members.
She - UVAU, what a beauty.
Men standing members of one big, 22 centimeters, the other is clearly smaller. Members can see that well-groomed, trimmed, and shine. They sit down in front of her and start lips and tongue gently prikosatsya to her thighs. She stands with a glass of martini
It - How nice.
One of them said - Medoc, it is very pleasant to the touch on the palate.
Another, looking up from her hips - yes agree nectar.
You - Okay, write the category of Medoc. So, now pussy. Lie down.
It lays down, spreads the legs apart. One of the men is adjacent to her pussy, but licks and sniffs at first, and then begins to lick. Initially the top, on the lips, and then, spreading them with his hand, penetrates. We see that it is already wet.
He tears off his head and says:
- Bull's-eye, very nice, without sharp odor.
He gets up, and his place is taken by another. Also first a little sniffing her pussy, then starts licking. A minute later, he tears off his head, stands up and says:
- Yes, I agree, the bull's-eye. But with abundant after licking can not be very nice for those who do not like abundant juice, and it flows abundantly.
You - Now the external inspection it.
Muchina hands pushing her thighs, she did not resist, on the contrary, with a smile on his face embarrassment separates them, prikosayas glass to his lips.
A man takes his fingers over her swollen lips and expressed great.
You - Cupid's big pass on Koroleva.Teper category try it inside.
Man two paluami enters her vagina, and then stick to the third finger leads them there in a circle. She threw her head back, see how she spread her legs even shire.Ey well.
You - Are you pleased?
It is almost a whisper - Yes, very much class!
You - Got it recorded. Go ahead. Men are beginning to feel her breasts, sucking nipples, one left chest, the other right, and watch the reaction of the nipples, it's all you are recording on the camera, repeating to record their comments. She lies down on his stomach, and they explore her ass. Having greased with gel for anal sex fingers, they start to explore them carefully, her anal, discussing and commenting on the results.
You - While it is clear. Let us return to the ass later, when she is more horny. Now her mouth. Sit down just on the edge of the bed.
She wiped her ass from the gel with a towel and sat on the edge.
Do you - do you?
She - well, nice.
You - Well, well, prodozhaetsya.
Men with protruding members coming to her, and she begins to suck them one by one member. Three minutes later, they depart from it, and tell you my opinion:
- All very skillfully, gently, well modify the handle. I put Pyaterochka
You - Now depth. Initially rotik.Posmotrim how deeply you can take a dick.
Walks up to her at the kotorgo largest member, stands in front of her. She takes his pen and opened her mouth. A man, putting his hand on her head, slowly pulls her head to him. A member of almost all hidden in her mouth. But it takes poperhnulas.Muzhchina member of her, another man hands her a napkin. Man, with more wet with e rotika member tells you:
- Well, if my so well takes an, then you can safely put Pyaterochka.
You - Good. Now the depth of the vagina. Lie down on your back yet.
She lies on her back, legs and spreads itself in this position waiting. Male hangs over it, and smoothly enters it. First, he makes a few movements of shallow, then adjusting the condom, enters it and begins to gradually increase the depth of penetration force. She closed her eyes, holding handles a man's shoulders, and can be seen on her face gets pleasure. Man increases the strength of the entrance of his penis into her vagina.
It - All, all, quietly, more is not necessary.
Male and exits therefrom.
You - Now behind.
She gets up, turns his back to the man, and rests his hands on the bed.
You - How do you feel?
She-Well, all is well, still want to.
She laughed a little and pokrasnela.Muzhchina up to her, straightening the new condom, takes her by the hips and gradually enter into it. After a few shallow smooth inputs, it starts to deepen penetration, begins with the power to enter into it, increasing the penetration of each entry in a few seconds. It almost it freezes, and then begins to moan at each entrance.
You - Are you hurt?
She whispered - No, no, good.
Then she just starts screaming, moaning, and with the power of voice requests - More More! Her hands clenched fist in a sheet, put her head on the bed. She moans of pleasure, and now you see how it strongly entrance large penis in her vagina starts to cum. She twitches a few times, no longer groaning is now just rychit.Zatem she went limp and fell chest on the bed. A man comes out of it, it is suitable to the second, who had been watching and stroking himself on the penis, they take her by the legs and lay on the bed. She lies motionless. You pour cold martini, and come to her.
You - you?
She - / almost in a whisper / Super cool.
YOU, referring to a man - Well.
It - All good, Pyaterochka, suitable for deep penetration, there is still a lot of undeveloped sites judging by her reaction.
She - Yes, there you that I have touched something that just finished, I'm cool.
It - But she is not ready fisting, will not do, is too narrow, we have to work if it wants to participate in this.
It - No, I nelyublyu fisting.Mne do not like it.
You - Well, then do not budem.Vy ready to continue?
She - Yes, now.
She stands up, her eyes were dull, it takes a cold Martini takes a sip.
You - Now let's see the ass.
She - Oh.
You - Do not be afraid. It will be neat.
Walks up to her second man with a smaller member, who has put on a condom and smeared it with gel. She lies on her side and leg lifts. He lies down behind her, with a gel finger stroking her hole, and the other man, sitting in front of her, begins to stroke her clitoris. Man prikosatsya member to her anal and starts to go smoothly. After a few seconds of its member almost half therein. She closed handles help ... a second man stroking her pussy. Man accelerates in her ass, but she handed it stops.
It - No, so much do not have to, be quiet.
Man, slows movement. And coming out of it.
You - Well, how?
OH for members up to 18 centimeters, and only after a good warm-up.
You - in the shower until Ponyatno.Shodite.
She gets up and goes staggered into the shower. When she returned, the room just you and a man with a big dick.
It - And where is our friend, he's gone?
You - Yes, he basically checks to anal sex, more now we do not need.
She - Poor thing, he's not finished.
You - And you want that it is finished?
It - But what, in fact it will be difficult?
You - Thank you for such care. We take into account. Well, that will continue. She smiled.
It is - of course. And now.
You - We've got a light BDSM and domination over you as you dominantki.
She - Class! Let's start?
This is all. Who are interested in this topic, the topic when your wife exploring men, penetrating not only et holes, but also its secret corners sexual fantasies. Write on [email protected]

My wife and I

I'm not a writer, but still want to share a story that took place in March this year.
I will try as best I can to dilute the dry facts with beautiful details and feelings.

First, a little prehistory. My name is Alexander, his wife Natasha, I'm 28 years old, Natasha 25, married for 5 years.
My wife grew up in a strict family, and so I went to an inexperienced girl.
I, in turn shy and had never conducted before marriage is very stormy youth, as they say - is not considered.
Here love and marriage.
Only about six months later he became my wife relaxed in bed and started to get pleasure from sex.
And I was pleasantly surprised when, besides its beauty and character revealed in her temperamental woman,
I would even say lustful female. In her life, she remained as sensible and cute girlfriend, but in bed she lay out and demanded the same from me.

In the third year of marriage we tried anal sex. This happened in Sochyah on holiday, after a romantic evening. All day she, at my request, carried out without panties in a sarafan. Enthusiastic attitudes men have both her and me.
Another day she said that I was in for a surprise, but in the evening I have already forgotten.
The room we got in the 5-th hour of the morning, a little drunk and a very welcome one - a friend.

After a quick shower we obmyvshis snapped at each other as if had not had sex a week. I was lying on her back, she turned on me. I caressed her already wet shaved pussy, she was in that business play with sucking sound, my cock. When we could no longer put off the moment of copulation - she turned and gently planted itself in my number, and after several minutes of swinging movements (podmahivala her ass just perfectly), climbed somewhere hand - pulled out from under his pillow a jar of Vaseline.
- "You do this for a long time I wanted to know! About a surprise I remember?" - With these words, it is the beginning of a finger to lubricate his second hole. I was ready obkonchatsya only the thought that now shove it in there.
"Just do not rush, and then launched" - I asked.
A bit getting up and guiding member, she quietly sit down on my ass my rod. It turned out not once, and on it was clear that experiencing a little discomfort. After a while she sat on him completely and getting used to, gradually began to move. What I felt it did not pass. After a while she began to moan. I was even a little scared, asked if all is well, and he whispered, "Yes, yes dear". It felt that it baldeet with this more than me.
A few seconds later we were howling together. Slipping his arm, I thumb caressed her pussy lips slightly plunging inside. Then we started to finish. Such rapid orgasm we have not had. Then she whispered in tears that I was very fond of.
After lying a little bit so he popped my dick out of her and we ran into the shower ...
Since then, we sometimes indulged in her popochkoy. Often included a cassette with porn and fondling each other is adjusted to a high degree of excitement. Then, as a matter of steel during sex whisper to each - other different fantastic situation, as if we're doing something threesome with a girl then a guy. It turned out that my wife was excited not only the scene when the two of us have it in every one, but also the presence of the girl to force it in the least (she confessed that the kiss in 15 years with his high school girlfriend and tried each other masturbate, but far it has not come).
After some time in the sex-shop we purchased the silicone member, and it has added more new sensations. I was very excited when I was in pussy felt through the thin partition wall rubber member who could handle his wife pecked her accustomed to the anus. I could not assume that the wife can get multiple orgasms in a row. Often, especially drunk, we first jokingly, then seriously and talked how imagination can be done more even thought how it might affect the future life. But increasingly converge in the opinion that it is better to do it with than the sly change each - other. And so, in principle, we already knew that did it, but decided to postpone the issue until the summer - it will be easier to organize.

But I could not rest, and secretly she began to look for the third. It is a story with jokes, but I miss her. In the end, after about a month of searching for the newspaper I met the man of my age, who was impressed by a respectable man. His name was Sergei, he was interesting to talk to, and only diluted in outlook on life was like me. In short, we agreed.
Match 8 March, and my head has matured plan. Again there was a conversation with Natasha - she did not mind. I said that would be a surprise soon.
After three days I was all arranged ...
The Sabbath day, I booked a table in a cozy cafe, we spent a wonderful evening, again and again confessing one - another in love. No matter how she tried to pull out of me that I had in mind. He said it's just that we do not spend the night at home and in the hotel.
And here we are already in place. Lounging in comfortable armchairs in the living room, sipping champagne with good music. Here I am saying that today evening of the fantasies I send her to the shower, and the call to Sergey, who has stepped up and is sitting in the cafe on the ground floor of the hotel, and say that we are acting according to plan.

Natasha came out of the shower and we went into the bedroom. Eagerly kissing, undressed each other and fell onto the bed. Sprinkling her with kisses, I moved to her already wet pussy. Stroking the inside of the thighs, I bit into the mouth from the opened bud sexual sponges. Wife moaning with pleasure, pulling me by the hair. Sitting up, I took beforehand laid up handkerchief and said that I wanted to tie her eyes.
- What is his name? - He asked his wife.
- Sergei.
- I'm so worried. - She whispered.
- Everything will be alright, do not worry. - I replied.
As it could be seen how much she is excited.
My touch caused a slight trembling and postanyvaniya.
Turning to the open door I saw Sergei, throwing off his clothes in a hurry to the shower. It turns out he was about a minute watching us.

Slowly, I was licking pussy juices expiring Natasha. (I forgot to tell us very much in love games to use swear words).
This excited the wife I have not seen. Then I saw Sergei, he came back and asked to move. I am on my knees with a standing member began to creep higher to Natasha's head. - Kotyunya suck my dick. She became eager to swallow my cock. At this time, Sergei kissed language pizdenke to my better half, and after some time out of her busy mouth began to heard moaning. The first could not stand it, I hit the sky .Strui wife and ingesting it reached his hands toward his crotch. Feeling, Sergei's wife's head start to finish. Fearing that she would suffocate ... I pulled her, still standing dick from her mouth and fell nearby. She bends and screaming experienced (as then she said) -Custom the most powerful and long-lasting orgasm.
I asked her - you unleash your eyes,
- it is not necessary now - she said.
- I want to try it out - she said.
- act kotik- I was certainly not against it.

Now my place went to Sergey. She groped his dick began to fuck herself in the mouth (otherwise it will not name), one hand holding his buttocks and the other is moving down the barrel, then massaging his balls. From this kind of blyatskogo my wife I had a few minutes stood still.
- Pussy let turn around - I asked. Now Sergei was reclining on cushions. His wife lifted up his ass and he caved sucked. Her pussy was open and wet as ever. I, in turn, came back a little bit about the language between her legs, although it was not required. In her wet pussy, I sank to the nose. With overclocking, I thrust his plunger into the wet abyss and began to tear up.
At this point, a handkerchief with his wife's eyes and slid it a few seconds considering the blissful face of Sergey and his dick, turned to me and said - "dear, I adore you". Languid and lustful eyes Natasha said that she is happy.

-Boys, do with me what you want.
I began to move the hand of his wife juice on her anus, and after a while fucking her in the ass without any problems.
-Pussy Come fuck Serge as best you can - I said just put on him this - I put out a condom. She did not have to repeat. Okkuratno pulling prezik and slightly pulling it under itself it eagerly sent him a member and plopped down on it. Bending down, she did not hesitate, and passionately kissed podmahivala ass. Reaching out towards me - she twittered invitingly - well, go well here.
I started to get a job behind. It was quite difficult. But after the general effort I managed to get by a dick in her ass. My attempts to move - forced down the general rhythm. We even laughed about it. But after a while his wife took full initiative. Meandering between us, she became my hand to slap myself in the ass. I certainly understood the hint and began to spank her like some kind of whore. Povyli three of us no more than a minute. Ending the steel at the same time. I even do not remember this moment. His eyes darkened and I took his and descend into her ass. Then we tumbled down about 10 minutes to recover.
Next was a shower, champagne for familiarity, a lot of compliments to each - other. And the bed again. That night I obkonchalsya 6 times, 5 Serge, and his wife, I do not know - do not count.
The next day we went back home and slept all day.
My wife said that now her turn to give me a surprise.
Well, Well, I'll wait.

About favorite (from short stories after separations)

We've known each other forever, and every time as the first, timid and beautiful in every way ....
After a short separations - our stormy meeting, we remembered very clearly.
The story first.
We separated for eternity ........ forgot about the time and expense of only the existence and longing ... broke into my life, moments when I feel reborn and a man - when I think of you, and my only love, my girl!
Who I remembered so delicious - somehow you in the kitchen to prepare something. I went with something to talk about. And then at me all you fuse ... My wife loves when lust in me wakes up at lightning speed, instantly, it is too strong winds. For example, it can deliberately (but as if by chance) to dress chic black panties - bird or cutoffs, but are cut off as high as possible to cut off - so visible was her beautiful round ass and punch out the hairs in the crotch, like the time, play housewife - wearing an apron to cook dinner, so that I saw her constantly from that perspective. She knows that I like very much the beauty of her round buttocks. And she otklyachila ass, then stoop for something, it will be on your toes to get something, his whole appearance making it clear - they say what I see a housewife, cook dinner ... with a soft, elegant, promiscuous and sing your favorite pussy who are always ready and waiting for you. I want you so much in these moments - you know how beautifully, in fucking, ass otklyachivat. Jumped to you grabbing the buttocks of balls, began to lick all that came under the tongue - ass, shorts, panties, push the tongue under her panties. And you tore off her shorts and panties, put her in the kitchen and one hundred and gracefully arched already free ass towards me. I indiscriminately, barely brushing spit a little wet slit, I love it when you have a little wet, but when the current, the bastard from this - it means he wants and is waiting when it tasteful and slop poebut to enjoy her mistress, went into you.
I do not come in, I flew swollen with desire by a dick in your pussy. Your half round, elegant priests began their dance, beating out a portion of my eggs warm sticky sperm. My hands catch your breasts, squeezed them, tweak the nipples, I zadalblivayu, trying to thrust deeper, to get up to the uterus of my girls. Zadalblivayu swollen head on the eggs to you and whisper:

- Do you want?
- Yes very!!!
- I also really want!!!
You're stronger than me lick nipples naslyunyavila his little hand and slide on swelling head. Do you feel? it poured and poured and fatter member force. He gave up the nipples and lips dug into the penis.
- You teat? - I ask.
- Yes, I nipple, I'm your huesoska, and I love to suck and suck your dick ...
Lick you beautiful, juicy, with a real desire to ...
- The most favorite, most coveted and the only ... - I whisper to you, you can hear and I can see the sense of feminine joy, pride, and a woman's happiness in your eyes.
Cock I had a stake worth. Squatting over me and graceful rippling its smart ass with lustful desire, beautiful, searching for lounging and slippery lips, penis, perching on my count.
After finding it, as soon as the head is sunk into the slippery lips with squelching sit down deep to the pubis his by a pussy on my dick, already feeling orgasmic contractions, even in this movement.
You start to ride like naeznitsa, but not fast, feeling every cell of your body to me.
Slowly rising and falling, I will help thee in time to the movements uphold the ass, holding and massaging the buttocks beautiful white balls, catching himself with his lips nipples of your breasts. I keep your hands round buttocks and massaging them in rhythm to your movements. Your ass is beautiful, it is especially beautiful, and look at it - when you sit well with me, but with his back to me, smooth balls, beautiful anus puckered circle, and with the moved apart, more precisely in the collapsed sides of his lips. Elegant it looks like when you climb to the member back to me - I stroked the beautiful ass and see how beautiful part dick, parting the lips of your divine pussy.
We all prefer to fuck you in the ass, first times did you get hurt, and now you're more often, and with the desire to give to plant my stake in this deity, but that's another story, and now you're throwing back his head, groaning and almost growling to finish, and I hear the head of orgasmic contractions of the uterus inside, you fly away fly away ... my favorite girl ....

What do I navigate ?!

Perhaps start with the history ...
Not to say that I know her well, but a couple of times to communicate in distracted-nye theme ... she was the wife of a friend of my brother ... we do not often combined on-remark holidays, it happened like that apart, I had my own company they have their own, but my brother's birthday we celebrated together. Nothing remarkable in it I did not see, and generally tried to keep quiet sobirushkah such, I was not interested in their fun ... I am often in "the internet"A couple of times to place ads on acquaintance type "She seeks Him", I communicated even met, but it was not what I wanted to really ... and at that moment I did not understand what I need to action-enforcement.
For a long time I liked only girls, I want to emphasize - like. I tried not to get close to more than communication ... After the meetings c guy, my feelings forked and I did not know what I was more deceived-a ... Because of the relationship with the girls, I only dreamed that a man was all awake and for a while I forgot about my "duality".
After several unsuccessful attempts to seduce his girlfriend, I have decided to advertise the acquaintance in "the internet"And delve into "offered" nominations. Much to my surprise I found an ad from a girl from my town. I wrote her a short letter because they do not know whether it is him or not respond. I was worried ... because it was forbidden fruit ... I waited impatiently for an answer ... but alas it was not. I ceased to hope, after the weekend, I opened my "box" and I saw her letter. I was horrified, but I wonder what is there ... We started writing ... and to my horror I-beginning of suspect that I know her. The more I learned about her, the less a-Tava hope that she is not the one on which I think. All agreed it PHOTOGRAPH-phy and my doubts were confirmed at 100% ... I decided to stop re-squeak day and did not respond to her letters, but then something in me turned upside down and I wrote it "farewell" letter. Explaining the inability of our relations-ny sanctity of friendship and trust, which I treasure. I do not know why but the letter got terribly melancholy, and my heart was rotten as ever. I lost my hope and can not answer it to me then I would always have to stop moving "female sex"...
To my surprise, she sent a letter. Where it not only exposed me-nya, but also offered to meet, appealing to those that she likes me as a devush-ka. I thought, but my curiosity got up, and we met ...
Our first meeting was like getting to know first-graders, I looked at it absolutely other eyes, she was beautiful !!! Meet the pro-emanated in my territory and probably why I did not feel embarrassed ne-ed her ... but she shyly blushed and averted his eyes .. I have a factory and inflamed. We talked to her about the main thing for us girls BI. Let someone thinks that the BBC is not something that a lesbian, so be it. But we know two beautiful fruit of love: between men and women and between women.
I like to talk to her, I do not need to hide that I'm Bi!
For each other we are now open, but all the others including my Rodi teley and brother do not know about my inclinations.
- I would prefer not to talk about it ...
- Well we all powdered brains and no one will know anything reassuring tale la It. - But that's not your brother a fool and quickly can all dogs, be given ...
- Yes of course, but I do not want to disappoint him, he sees me as one guise, but here know my other side, so shall pull time as far as possible ...
- Good..
The second meeting was in two days, I have again. I met her and helped remove outer clothing, and invited to drink tea. She agreed: After I asked her to go to the room, we sat on the sofa, which included the music channel and swing again: I looked at her and I covered the excitement :, firstly by the fact that she was not looking at me now focus her pupils of the convergent-were then expanded, and then the topic as it is moved to a "sex": At this point, I strongly feel like kissing her lips: I thought about it and race-scorching: I held back only one thing:
Before I could think about it, she said:
- I want to kiss you...
- And what hinders you ?! - I said in a voice not his feeling that blush terribly.
She scooted strongly to me and kissed my hoo-like ... I felt an extraordinary sense ... her lips were so soft and in datlivy. I felt dizzy, his eyes darkened, and a second display-out that the world stopped ... she was breathless and apparently felt the same. I looked into her eyes were full of tenderness, she again potselova la me, but now more confident, her tongue searched for mine, found, and again is-cal. Her saliva mixed with mine, and I felt the heady taste of passion. My pants ki "mokreli"And thoughts "bunch". But the one I still punched ahead, the feeling that now I finally kiss a girl - this is, as well, that there are no words to describe it.
She gently hugged my shoulders, trying to nestle tightly, I chuvst-Vova heartbeat, whose I could not understand at the moment, we have merged into a single ...
She pulled away from my lips and looked into my eyes, probably in a moment looked as my ... Her fingers "considered" every mil-limetr my face, they have a smooth transition from the forehead to the cheeks, eyebrows raised to, fingertips stopped for centuries, I melted ... and waiting for the touch of her fingers to her lips, but instead got a big, long, real kiss. She examined my palate, teeth, tongue, sometimes in a fit of passion biting her lip.
My hands went to her waist. I felt the fragility of her body, her body trembled, she enjoyed me and I to her. My hands stretched above, casually lifting her sweater. To my surprise, I discovered that there was no bra. She did the same thing and just stumbled on "unnecessary-ing" device deft movement of his fingers undid the clasp, I felt a kind of freedom, but now ... I did not care ... I rather Hoth elk to touch her breasts, her nipples were taut, chest fits in my palm, I caressed her nipples intuitively doing, then I would be very nice ... Her warm hands touched my breasts. She almost touching the nipples played with me, igniting my passion ... looking up from my lips she pro-bore - with the pace we have quickly become a mother lesbian.
A knock at the door brought us back to reality. We have as much as possible quickly brought myself up and I ran to open the door.
What he saw surprised me more than disappointed. There stood her husband, he cheerfully smiling, though it was evident his embarrassment, he marked time in the Horn of not daring to go ...
- Hello! - he said
- Hey, come
He undressed and went into the room, I was offered tea, they agreed. I Chuv-isting themselves beside him, to say the least embarrassing ... I do not share his views, did not understand his reasoning As has become clear he was aware of all the pro-outbound between me and her. And even more than that, he was instrumental in its search for a lover giving his smart tips. On the one hand, I approve of it vzglya-dy, on the other hand ... really do not doumevala.
But at that time I did not care as they have. The main thing I MOTOR yus to the cherished goal, it is very close!
They were gone, I was left alone. On my lips I felt her lips ... me me-reschilsya her scent, I was still there, not here ... I lay down on the bed before, but tossed a long time and could not fall asleep ... my thoughts kept returning to the tonight, for it. I opened my eyes. My sensations were unusual ... I'm really happy! I walked down the street and why it smiled, catching myself thinking about this at-rank. I wanted to tell the world that I have a girlfriend and we were kissing with her yesterday! CEE-LO-BA-were !!!! I and itself in this bad Veri-moose ... and what to say about the others? !!!
I thought all day about it. I would rather meet her ... But alas, today she was busy ... We met in secret from everyone. Usually, her husband came after her, and together they returned home. But once they gave me "surprise"Together with her husband came to my brother and say because we "They appeared before him as the - fact"... I was not nice ... it too, as it hesitated and did not know what to say ... but what to do ?! Life is going on.
It was different from all the example that thought wrong as usual and loved to listen to the singing - melting ice on the river. Have you ever listened to this ?! If the answer is no - I advise you to listen!
I was fine with it, but at first I upset that she is loved by me and my husband ... but then how it has changed. As time went on, our meetings continued.
I like to walk the city at night ... or afternoon in a secluded location, with which are usually parks ... As she invited me for a walk and we went. The weather was just lovely, mood, respectively, too. I felt a light scent of her hair, listened to her quiet voice, looking into her eyes, and flared up in me the desire, the desire to enjoy this wonderful creation. But, after all it was not so much the right people? We have chosen the path and began to recede into the park. She gently took my palm in his and like so der zhas hands we went on until we saw a bench hidden from the looks of strangers.
We sat opposite each other, and just looked in his eyes, like that in silence, enjoying the singing of the wind and the fact that at that moment was near. I Hoth elk touch her warm lips so soft ... Her hands roamed the mo im shoulders, neck, moving smoothly to face. It is clearly in no hurry to inflame my desire, and then suddenly a quick kiss on the cheek. At such moments I usually attacks stupor, I blush wildly and just do not know what de lat ...
Dream come with you by the arm,
In a quiet, verdant alley ...
Find a bench darker,
Dissociate itself from all around.
My dream is to hold your hand
And feeling the soft caress
Surrender sweet oblivion
At least in the allotted hour ... (12.04.2002 Aliche Dedicated to Xen)
to be continued.
P.S. interesting to read your comments, wait for them to e-mail: [email protected]


I died ... God knows what a nightmare it cost me! If not for my inner will, I would go crazy. But I just died.
...Waning sunset furious and bloody. Night fell, and painfully bright star Antares silvered sky, eclipsing the light of the full moon. I have not yet attributed to the chapel for the funeral, when I suddenly ponila that the strength of the magic and dark as night, I acquired in infancy is not lost, but instead found a new, more formidable force. She chained me to the world of the living, at the same time giving the power over others. I could not just walk away in death, while at the same time on both sides of reality. So, not having lived before the age of Christ, I was resurrected on the first day, but in a different way. Night, Shadow and crypt became my refuge. It is not true that it was someone else's pain is supportive of my immortality. The truth is that it allows me to live more fully and realistically, without fear in the mirror of life. Otherwise, my reflection would be too colorless and miserable. The weakness is not any good ..!
...I do not like the day ... I am not afraid of night ... Of course, the sun can not kill me, but I do not like bright light of day! And ordinary people do not like when they send sunbeams in the eye. Blinding Light to all distasteful. My usual time - Overnight as your - Day. The sun blinded me and can cause quite severe migraine. Fortunately with the artificial light is not the case, even with fire.
And now, Star Night and brought me back to life. I heard voices - snatches of other people's thoughts, which I read when I want to. I am filled with disgust when I immerse myself in their subconscious. How much dirt is contained in their hearts and minds. Give them a little, but the power that corresponds to their worthless mind and will, in return for the existence of the conviction on the floor between sleeping and waking - means to destroy not only them, but also many others. May God or the Devil will understand with their souls. I am neither one nor the other. My new life often seemed to me a terrible and senseless. The strange existence between heaven and earth has a lot of discomfort. But that was life. And I always loved to live!
Time passed, I discovered a lot of new, beautiful or hideous. I took control of my life. I made new friends. New hobbies. I went back to the people who lived and looking for love ... sometimes it seemed to me that I found it, at least I was not bored. I could find the death. But how could I be dead ..? ... Farewell, my dear! While you sleep, I am writing a farewell letter. I would like you to be a little understood me. However, it does not matter ... Your wife seems to have learned about us. I do not like unnecessary pain and death, and know how to appreciate life - although it is such a trifle! Therefore, we have not see each other again ...
Sorry dear, that hurts you. It will pass. I just wanted to know that you love me. Strange sentimentality ...
My feelings for you have not changed, and I would like to leave you these little "notes", Scribbled in haste, as the particle itself. Hardly ever, someone I will tell more. Although times have changed, and is changing lives ...

Cunnilingus Arts. Tips Lizunov - professional

1. The basic movements of the tongue
If you boast a lady that good command of technique, or rather the art of cunnilingus, make no mistake, at the first opportunity she will check it in practice. And if it is satisfied in your bankruptcy and lies, it is possible that you will quickly lose interest and credibility, and with it access to her forbidden fruit - the cherished clitoris. She is "You strike out of the list" kunnil¸ngerov their potential. (Kunniling¸r - orally caressing man Woman).
I do not think you want to hear - "Sorry darling, I have today is not my day!" Or: - "I can not, now the husband must return!" All this is one of the numerous and eloquent forms of denial you the pleasure! I do not advise to be in such a stupid position for you. At a meeting with the girl should come prepared and fully armed! Your weapon is for you (not a member), it is - your tongue! In the literal and figurative sense! Firstly: you should be proficient in them when meeting and communicating with the girl, and secondly: they know how to use a closer, intimate familiarity with your lady. at "this" acquaintance your girl will appreciate your sexual potential, practical knowledge and skills. In order not to hit the front of her face in the dirt, do not be shy! Shyness constrains action! Give her to feel what she is not felt. There are many possibilities and the ways it is given to you the head and the language (for example, relating to the language of her anus, etc.). But do not do what she does not expect! Tip - do not make unnecessary movements tongue!

2. How to win her trust
Again - the language! Yes Yes! If your girl is sure that you are not just a gossip, and are responsible for their own words (at least for some of them), it will like to you confidence. Promise everything you want! You talk a lot and beautiful. But to fulfill it at least something now! You can promise her vacation at the beach in Spain, say marry her, but then rewound it to the store and buy the most expensive for her pantyhose and panties! (Incidentally, cheap Italian panties are $ 90. I bought myself!) Toad scents! For myself as trying, after all! What could be more pleasant when you lifted up her skirt to see her panties, which you have presented. Or, at worst, to invite her to a restaurant. Do not delay the execution indefinitely, she will lose interest in you! A cute girl who clitoris I enjoyed great success and confidence, once said to me - I like men who promise! Though I know that, and half did not sing, but I trust them! Remember: woman cunnilingus to unfold in front of you is a jewel for the bees only when you enter into her confidence! Tip - get in trust women boldly and decisively, without delay. Girls like fearless men, capable to plunge into the world of her feelings, hopes and secret desires with his head. Do not forget to dip your same language!

3. Language is your friend, friend and foe
I do not think that she will trust you my treasure, if you tell her that you have no experience or knowledge in the practice of cunnilingus. Even if you are a beginner kunnilinger, do not talk too much tongue! Remember the advice - do not make unnecessary movements tongue! If you tell her that do not have experience, but want to learn, do not expect her favor! Clitoris you can not see as their ears! Would you like to have a job at his company secretary without experience? Probably not, unless of course she did not slender long legs. It will fill you with all the work will have to be dismantled. Similarly, a girl - with no experience (oral) work, you will advance no further interviews. The girl is looking for a professional in their field, able to feel the frequent changes of its secret desires, ready to fulfill any whim, always shall communicate his job until the end - to orgasm, which she gives for his hard work, and for which her orgasm is a high tribute to his professionalism! I understand that from a girl you do not ottyanesh the ears! Become a virtuoso in this business as a maestro Paganini in his difficult - but possible! The main thing is that your tongue was not on her clitoris as far as the Earth in July from the Sun at aphelion.

4. Put an end to her doubts! Pink!
You won her trust, and she made you their anallam. Do not rush to celebrate - everything can be solved is not the best way for you! The way you start and how to finish depends on many things. Create the right atmosphere to it, turn on soft romantic music. Press "repeat"Meaning "repetition"To the melody ended no earlier than has been your girl! Act boldly and skillfully, be gentle and affectionate. Take the initiative in their hands, (unless of course it gives you it), but rather give it to your language. It is he who must cope with its task - to please the girl. That he should bring you started to end - orgasm Girls! Orgasm - Women's secret, which you seek to unravel, experience for yourself, and if you're lucky - get a feel for the language. Otherwise, not worth to start, because there is nothing worse than to throw razomlevshie girl with her legs spread in the middle of the road with the words:
- You did well, my dear? - Silly while smiling.
If we had a girl you trust and took the pose butterflies, if you please, give it due attention! You yourself asked for it! No you did not pull the tongue! So pull it yourself and get to the moment a man's job! Rove, lick, look, penetrate into its secret cave, but do not get carried away, your task is to find the place through which to her is no turning back! This pink dot, called the clitoris, desperately hiding from your prying and curious eye works wonders with them! Find this point and gently communicate with it! Log in her trust! Find a common language with her! Assents and agree with her! Thanks to her, you can bring your girl to the point that in the mysterious drama called "point of no return". For all your efforts, it will repay you thankful orgasm! In just a few seconds before orgasm, I advise you to enter the language as deeply as possible into the vagina and waiting with open mouth! At the moment of orgasm, your tongue nervously waiting shrinks 5-7 times the walls of her vagina. You will feel the walls of the irregularities, the taste that came with your energy! You entered the holy of holies, the weakest and most unprotected place where denied access even to her own. Energy shoots, she yells, you feel like a winner! Describe it is useless, do try it! As the saying goes, better to see once! I promise you will not regret! unforgettable feeling! Pleasure is not for the faint of heart. Your language should put a fat point in her doubts about your abilities before she put her. Give it (the language), freedom and a little imagination, and he will lead you into the world of women's confessions and pleasures!

Hot Caucasians

I walked into the room naked, covering a little fear dick hands. Assad was sitting on the edge of the bed and motioned me to her. I went.
- Look, our girl is shy. Do not worry, we do not need your huek. Get up on your knees, let's do business.
I hesitantly sat down in front of him and started to unbutton his belt and pants, pulled poluvstavshy hairy cock and immediately felt his dirty tart smell. Assad immediately poked my head into his crotch and ordered:
- Come on, cocksucker, proceed.
Assad's dick in my mouth got up, he was circumcised and slightly bent to the right. Teymur and Azar were sitting on chairs behind us and watched in silence for a while, then I heard one of them undresses.
- Hey, bitch, get up-ka cancer - Azer said - I hope you are well washed point.
We moved on the bed, my mouth still was a dick to which Assad occasionally sit down with the force of my head. I myself have full standing, but when your ass Azer slowly inserted a finger moistened with saliva, my dick was the wood, and I began to suck with a vengeance.
Azer point I developed gradually. It was a little uncomfortable, he did it roughly and carelessly, and I started to squirm when I felt that already two fingers inside me. When he tried to enter just three, I was hurt, but nothing except muttered something unintelligible, I could not, for that immediately received a few strong blows on the ass:
- The bitch should be patient and do not whine, clear ?!
I agree mumbled, continuing to suck. Assad has tried as far as possible to push your dick in my mouth, from what I choked, and tears flowed from his eyes. From time to time he gave to lick his hairy balls that seemed really drove him crazy. He growled, mother and clutched my head.
I heard the Azer spat into his palm and a few seconds later had a wet head on my ass hole and teasing me.
- Arch your back as it should - he said - that ass was sticking out as it should.
He slapped my ass with both palms, stood me on bent legs and: sharply entered my dick in my point. Nobody has ever done that to me. The pain I arched and tried to jump off a member, but he grabbed my ass and started to fuck with a flourish. After a few minutes the pain was replaced by pleasant sensations, I felt that the rather big size of the piston goes in me.
- Like it?
- Yes.
- What "yes? Answer what you like!
- I like when I fuck your ass!
- Do you like when you have a dick in ochke?
- Yes, yes, fuck me!
- Shit, bitch ragged, I'll fuck you so that you will walk vraskoryachku week.
At this time, all of Assad's body severely strained, he squeezed my head and not giving suck more, I began to finish directly in the mouth. He was a little sperm, but very bitter and astringent. I swallowed all, he took out his penis and he patted me on the lips, then went a little farther on the bed and closed his eyes.
Dick Azera still was developing my point, I moaned with pleasure and podmahivat him.
- Well, fag, I have just received another batch! - he said.
I felt his penis become thicker, he drove it up to the stop and hot cum began to fill my hole. He finished and hit me in the ass, saying that such a hole you need to fuck and to fuck.
- The girl is ready - when he had finished, he turned to the Azer Teymur.
I turned around. Teymur does not manifest itself before, rose from his chair. Through the trousers it could be seen that he is. He looked at me with a grin and beckoned.
- Undress me - said in a calm voice Teymur.
Taking off his trousers and pants, I turned pale. Though my point type and a lot of cocks, so many members it has never promulgated. Teymur ordered me to lie on your back on the floor and put a pillow under your ass, then relish spat on his hands, rubbed the saliva on his penis and threw my legs over his shoulders. My cock sank with fear, and I myself was visibly nervous, expecting that I could easily break a club. Now I understand the meaning of words azerovskih "girl ready".
Noticing this, Teymur pulled me to him and began to gently introduce your dick in me. Despite fucking fifteen minutes before that, my point was still significantly unprepared for such dimensions, and each centimeter was given to the difficulty, the more lubricant that served only saliva and semen Azer. It was quite painful, frightening, that point does not break down and tear, then pleasant, but even more I began to feel a thrill when Teymur became literally peck me in the ass. His dick is almost completely out and then flew all the way to me.
It seemed that he would end quickly with such a pace, but everything went Fucking. In me for the first time was a member of epic proportions, I fucked a huge hairy man, rough, tough tearing my point. I touched his penis, and then richly finished. My sperm is literally shot out of the penis, the drops fell on my face and in the stomach. Behind me roared and Teymur finished, and then lay down on the bed with the Azer and Assad.
It took a half hour, I went into the shower. Follow me to the bathroom and went to al-Assad ordered me to turn on the water and get on your knees in the bathroom. He stood over me:
- Open your mouth wide, cocksucker!
Directing his dick at me, he began to piss on my face, on the body. Sometimes the jet fell into my mouth, I swallowed his hot urine and looked straight into his eyes. When finished, he slapped me on the cheek with his cock a couple of times, and ordered to stand with cancer. Assad fucked quickly, a member not fully introduced, and before the finish turned me to him, put on his knees and poured on the face, smearing the sperm with a familiar taste of my head on the forehead, nose and cheeks. When he finished, he left the bathroom.
I was left alone under a hot shower. I've just been fucked three Azerbaijanis, whom I met by chance a couple of hours ago in the hotel bar. Point does not close. From awareness experienced I got a member. One hand I touched his point, and with the other hand violently jerked and finished in just a minute.
Lying in a warm bath, I fell asleep and when I woke up and went back to the room, the next hot Caucasian simple Trinity.
Alex Fetch c 2005 You can contact me by e-mail: [email protected]