Sign stippi

Praktikantochka came to us in the spring. We found a pancake when sending! And where. Who would studied there! In the latter a class! A praktikantochka was just super. And ass and tits - in short everything in it. And natural hair, brown are not in braided pigtail.
I look at the Tarantula - and in addition pants natural stake stick. Saliva is almost dripping. I told him blink, you type jaw hell, and he did not even react. Zyrly goggles - and only.
I change it to obstebal as he could.
- Che - I say - absolutely ale? Fuck on a old lady staring at? Got under way today at the club, there is a normal heifer, so guys like us will give for free.
- And old Nitsche, - laughs Tarantula. - I would have gone with her to the pension fund.
Until the end of the lesson is not dosidela, we broke down and went to "Bill White". There sidekick Tarantula, Seva, is armed, we know all there. The girls who work, also his - not vykobenivayutsya if that. I immediately taxied to Murko, dragged her into the office. She pobrykalas for decency, such as where the boss sees -dast head and Th-there yet, but I did not stand on ceremony with her, right into her mouth stuffed, she fell silent.
Finished, then it, and I leave the cabinets, look - Tarantula meet hobbling, his fly buttons.
- Opa! - He speaks. - Konchalka occurred simultaneously. You pulled someone, Murka, what?
- Well, like this! - Answer.
They drank a beer, scratched their home.
The next day Tarantula this praktikantochkoy our nose to nose collided. The doors are not missed. Well, it is clear that the Tarantula he clung to her, she already jumped.
- Zdrassti, Alevtina Stepan!
Aw, snap, even I remembered the name.
-Hello, boys.
And she went on, wagging ass. Tarantula behind her looks, feel -zakipaet guy.
- Well che do you get rolled up to it but to offer. Hooley of virginity itself to build? Well it over us for three years maximum.
Tarantula only shrugged. Well, it's up ... I do not want-not necessary.
But after a week, we did it all fucked. That's how it was.
They sent us to clean up the gym. The work is, in principle, dirty, but it's better than to rub the glass cloth. We do not rush it cleaned, we lay down on the mat, lie, smoke.
Suddenly the door she emerges.
- Well, what are you doing? Only cleaned - and garbage again!
Tarantula because it looked unkindly, but the voice said simply unctuous ...
- Alevtina Stepanovna, yes there is such a thing ... We've cleaned up and out in a corner, near the mats someone so dirtied everything, just do not know how to scour. Maybe, you tell me?
Well, it is, fool, of course, pochapala in the wrong direction. Tarantula bird darted to the door and locked. I followed our praktikantochkoy perched. I go, I look at her shapely legs, walking vraskoryachku, because my friend is already in full combat readiness.
Well, it fits to the mats, asks ...
- And where you find a mess?
- And over there, - I answered, - look for mats.
She just leaned over, as here, I it to the stack of mats and pressed skirt reached. She's vyaknut something tried, but the Tarantula came up to her, pulled out a member and put it in his mouth for the most eggs.
- Shouting will - profits, - said.
I pulled off her panties and tried to hand - well, already mokreet, and with all his might threw it.
No, well, who would have thought that in a normal school in the third year is still inhabited hymen ?! Those in the red book it is necessary to enter. I already roared high.
-Shit, yes it is not yet unsealed!
Such narrow chink in her, already a member of the move there closely. Alevtina sobbed, but too late - punch. I fucked her for long, for about three minutes, probably have more forces were not constrained. I finished so violently, fell off, slapped on the ass.
- A good bitch, I liked it.
Tarantula A long time member of her mouth on the skewer. I see - the pace accelerates, now, then, finalizes.
- Swallow, doll! You will like it, say ...
Where she was to go, all lapped, pohlyupala nose, tarantula on her cheek pat ...
- Normally, in the matriculation I passed!
Alevtina back to sitting mats, shudders. All right, I think it's time to dump, and the sooner the better, and that it now will cover hysteria. Somebody starts to break in the door.
- Yes, Che, fucking is!
A familiar voice. This bloke Petka, a class under our learning. Cool chuvachok sometimes throws us different funny things. Just a week ago brought three cassettes downhole homemade porn, there is such a nice group sex depicted, chick ass fucked negros. In, I think, now we'll have a guy in a movie kind.
The door opens, he enters. Well, chuvachok immediately kerf. what's what, nodding toward Alevtina ...
-A Th you did not undress?
Alevtina beginning to sob again.
-Che you Revesz? - Petya so sincerely surprised. - Take off your clothes, or I'll draw out itself today as birch autumn.
Alevtina, sobbing, pulled off her battered yubchonku, blouse, undid her bra. Just bomb! It should be in the middle of the gym naked young studentochki and her, grinning, staring three young Kobelkov.
- Come on, cancer becomes - Petka also undressed.
- And take off your footwear, Adds me. - I love it when a woman completely naked, to her it was nothing.
Alevtina already fell into a trance, it was all on the drum. Petka bolt stabbed her, she just cried a little, and then only stood up his ass a round, but he did not pyalil simply childish.
I look at it just stuck, I can see their little side - Review of Super, no porn was not near. Healthy stallion fucks chick and she bare feet rested in the mat, his head lowered, and only podvizgivaet sometimes, when he was already very zealously starts jumping on it.
It was then that I noticed that under her tit tattoo there. Looks like in his youth decided to try extreme sports, yes, judging by the hymen, courage is not enough. A tatuirovochka remained. Interesting this. I heard about it. it is called "stippi sign". This time type the Girl Scouts were trying to create a girls get-together, and so it did not leave anything. They say they have had serious complaints.
Khmyrov finished, then a member of it pulled, pushed forward.
- Well che, boys, let's take it all three of us now what?
I look at it - again excited. That same giperpotentsiya a man!
In short, we pyalili it even for half an hour. That in the ass, in the mouth, in the pussy just torn. They pulled on the full, I even tired. Then he pulled up his pants and left ....
Well, it is, of course, does not appear in the school or the next day or in a week.
This here was a nice deal. Well, we forgot about it afterwards - all began to turn, not before it.
A year or two, canoe started bad. Petka bloke - he had worked in the market - soaked. Enough of the evening ... no boyfriend. In the afternoon near his point was, and then some chuvikhi taxied to him, he rolled with it.
The people are not strained ... well, you never know who it might be the case for him. And only when the cashier to hand had become Khmyrov look - no. Vanished. First, the owner simply forgot pomateritsya market. The next morning already began to worry. A week later found Petka. He was killed in a vile ... dragged to an abandoned cottage and drowned in the yard there is a toilet.
We Tarantula then no longer communicate ... he was drowning in the army, and writing letters - so we're very young girls, or what? Well, only once I sent a telegram sends birthday greetings to me.
And when he muster up just a little bit left, he went AWOL. They say on a date was going. And in part it is not returned. We have not found him. They say nix was terrible ... there near the mountain, thinking that the local acting up. But all was hushed.
This is where I start and sausage. It is not good somehow their bony tidied. From the army I otmazatsya, he went into business, then protect yourself just in case started, a lot of idiots in the world.
But recently, Mishka, my, got the security guard. I'm out of the office - Min was on the ground, twitching in convulsions. This is me then knowing people said that it some chopped chemical garbage. Qualitatively so. I move out with the guy in the end coils. Was he had yesterday in the House, is just an amoeba, a damn does not think. And only on the side marker draws. And it is a sign malyuet "stippi".
Perhaps a coincidence ... But I now often began to look around. And at night I sleep with a lit light with "Beretta" under the pillow. And women shy away from so simple like the plague.
From each of them, you can expect a lot of things ...


Today, I came home in a bad mood. Arriving at work having fun looking at the secretary Ira. Blonde girl with big green eyes that were eager to see the world and have fun in life. Legs grew out of the molars, her chest heaving during breathing, hard nipples stood out through the open weave. The bust would not have attracted the attention of an inveterate playboy, but I like it. Always struck me Ira its obvoruyut-tive, and more than anything that had never experienced tightness. It was desirable for all the men in the office, but no one has ever been with her in the relationship. On it went gossip and stories. They said that in bed she's a real tigress. Smile golivudskaya with Russian grin was sometimes presented to me. Her long legs intrigued me when she went to the boss. The skirt is pulled unwrinkled pre-red clung to her gorgeous thighs.
Sometimes I can not help in our dining room go up too close to it. My younger brother is on guard and not a lot of pants bulge. I accidentally touch his hand on her ass. Usually it is removed. Today was different. As usual I was a little late with chores, I went into the dining room crowded fast confident step. Approaching the turn, I found friends and I had to stand up to the very end. Before me stood Lenka sub-Ruga my blonde. She was alone. It exchanged a couple of words, I stopped troika. It is not represented for the sake of la me. But she looked quite elegant. Lena dyed brunette, with enough of insulation, features-governmental figures. Her chest would interest many, especially because she wore a translucent things. With feet it was harder, but her ass compensated for all the shortcomings. For me, it was an ordinary whore though in my heart I wanted to sleep with her the more the stories of colleagues (it seems to not only sleep with me) in the on-Staley she got up such Pourchot-murshe not common to many ladies.


They say she once took in one night three. In the country at the boss. First, there were two other girls, but one went away to the chief, and second drunk to convulsions. Left alone with the men she tipsy without hesitation began their banter, then zadernet dress high, substitute your ass someone under his breath, then hand in the dance they put a hand on the groin. Her yellow shorts combined with translucent blouse looked at her bo-Lee than sexy. When they warmed Lenka dashing dance took off her blouse. From a tissue jumped two elastic ball. Matte color in the twilight night betrayed him even more sexy look. Already swollen nipples, as if talking to Michael and Yuri "What are you waiting for?" They do not have long thought, having seen through a drunken stupor that they will have a great opportunity to have fun with loud hoots rushed to Helen. Without waiting for a taco-th head she fell into the pool of fear. Warm water hugged her tender body and she calmed down. A moment later there was a splash of water and two strong husband! rank wrapped around her body and drowned in their passionate kisses. The pool was not deep and supported by two males Lenka lay quietly on the water. Taking off shorts, this con-quired no little time, Yuri pressed his lips to her black triangle, while a member of Michael's already being sucked this slag. Michael looked up to the sky and enjoy its encouragement "Comon baby let`s drive comon" All speeding up his pace, Lenka quite lowed. Its support for the head of Michael, while he rested his back against the wall of the pool, they were in the narrowest part, Lenka herself clutching hands of his Iago-ditsy, hips held her brisk. Lena was not quite comfortable, but do not forget the senses and interesting. Yuri already tried the taste of her shell, and your tongue makes its way into the depths of her further. Making circular movements of the tongue, he already strained its pearl and red with excitement when pea-attracted the attention of his spear. In another it is a formidable weapon can not be called, at length, he was definitely not less than two centimeters dtsati. Straighten and raise some ass Lenka above water, Yuri parted red lips and drove his banana into her vagina until it stops. Lenka did not expect such a hurried and initially Toli Toli pain from unexpected-isness inadvertently biting a member of Michael. This was the last point in a crowded pleasure Michael. Letting no articulate sound he poured out his mouth nectar in Helen. Aphrodite quickly became swallow your favorite drink. Exhausted Michael fell into the pool. Yuri is not very neatly turned out in the water to use his spear, he jumped out, it did not fall into the cherished slot. Then Yuri carefully picked up the Lenka and lifting it out of the pool carried to the couch. Putting her on her knees, he lay down on the couch. Lenka took in his mouth a little chilled flesh. First, slow movements, sucking the tip then gradually swallowing into all the spear, it seemed that such a resolution could not get into her mouth, but apparently not having little experience she swallowed him whole. Sucking and smacking it entered into a rage. Her cheeks were swollen she sent the second-deftly spear it into his throat, then on the cheek. Yuri moaned right was what. Looking out the window he saw his chief commercial director completely naked and one of his bookkeeper dealing with his cock. Posmot-roaring onto the bed where he slept with his beauty which he had just recently finished, the cartridge without hesitation perepryg zero-sill and a sports pitch in a robe toward sweet couple. Meanwhile, Lena has straddled Yuri and full jumped on it. At first she carefully sat on the one-quarter of his spear burning pro-possessed her body. His cock would not fit within it, in the pool helped him water, and there was nothing to be wet. There were hurt feelings and Lena-plus she immediately sat up to the stop on his penis. When the head of the penis touched her uterus delicious languor ran through her body. She carefully stood up with him and started the action again. At this time, the boss was standing near the couch and watched with interest this picture. The moonlight illuminated the pleased-ing face of our director. After a short while, choosing the most opportune moment, the chief came up to Helen with a given set her body on Yuri and thrust his cock into the hole of the sphinx. Tears came to the eyes of Aphrodite overpowering pain that does not scream it dug its claws into his chest Jyrki. Jura all this time was in the co-standing bliss, even in the swimming pool of his body under the influence of alcohol and charms Lena softened. He felt an irresistible desire to work with his spear in Lena depth faster and deeper. And when the claws Lena-led him to consciousness. He did not realize that they are no longer together, but I felt it on the stoop to his and others' Helen hairy hands myavshim chest Lena. The third was not much is not confused, on the contrary a new air jet flew into his body, and he with great zeal began to wield his spear into the depths of the Lena. All three of them formed a sandwich of living where Lena was a chop. Lenka has not once felt in his two aisles two guests curled up to the end.
She growled and clawed, sometimes rubbing his nipples. Operations continued relentlessly to make its way, with the strength of crushed elastic balls, skipping the nipple between your fingers and squeeze them in your thumb and forefinger. It did not last long.
The first finished brisk, with a cry of YES! Op-toshil their storage Kiselny liquid flooded vagina Lenka, issuing a second sound compassionate response stream poured Lenka twitching in consultative, she leaned back. Poor standing chef-you do not hold her weight, and fell to the turf. Getting up and turned to him Lenka saw his swollen member craving is about to pour out, without hesitation she threw herself at his feet and grabbed his flesh greedy lips instantly sucked in its entirety. A few seconds later with a strange sobbing sound finished chef.
Remembering told me in case I slowly moved ... to the checkout. Looking into the hall, I saw at the near-us-il. Irene his usual unhurried gait, wagging her hips came up to us. Smile flooded her face.
"Hi Len, and what are you Vadim secretive" - She asked her friend.
She opened her mouth to speak, but I was ahead of her. "Discuss adventure Lena " - With a smile, I said.
"Lena is not good you do to seduce men in their history gryaznenky"- Ira said with irony.
"Yes I do not seduce anyone, we told the truth about the life of Vadim"- Reproachfully looked at me Lena.
"You look out your bossy go, do not miss it, and then after dinner she goes to the bank"- I said to Helen.
"Oh, sure it is. Well I ran, the report will give you buy me lunch?" - Quickly threw it Irki and ran to the table gl.buhgaltera.
Staying alone with Ira was a pleasure for me. Not stretching pause I began to talk to her about the little things, chipping jokes. Her smile did not disappear from the face and delightful lips made me think not about the topic of conversation. Queue approached the box office, and I'm still looking for the reason to invite her at least in the cafe. Suddenly remembering about the coming day I realized the birth mother as I will act.
"Il you today are too busy, do not help me in the same case?"- I asked hopefully. She Atte-telno looked at me.
"You know I have my mother's birthday coming up, I'm certainly not comfortable about Sit-but can you help her choose a gift?"
"That's all"- Irene said with a laugh "I thought that you did something global ask". "Yes, of course I myself had to buy something, the two of fun."
"Well then after work I come around to you."
"O`k'll wait"


By the end of the day I was sitting on pins and needles. A couple of times to come to the reception, but I understood that this lake and the beginning of an open declaration of love, and the women do not like this. My thoughts flew far there in my death-stve, I remembered my first girl. She was not tall blonde with blue eyes, her legs were perfectly folded, eggs were not overweight, could not see any hairs on her prilesnyh knife-kah. Her chest was still not great, but saw the features of the future form of strawberry. She was always smiling and loved to go with her hair. Once I went to her house. Night was falling. She offered a cup of tea, I agreed. Julia sat across from me in one robe, legs crossed. Exposing pochtichto his foot to the thigh, her eyes staring at me, or rather did not see, and behold. I could not catch her eye, she looked me in the eye, but I did not feel it. A strange feeling embraces you when you can not build Ulo-glance beholding you. We chatted about everything from the weather ending sex. We are telling each other favorite pornographic films and describe your favorite poses. I looked at her much-th fief leg, she certainly noticed it, but I tried not to wrap it in a fluffy bathrobe. I could no longer tolerate, and made her a compliment. She smiled, stood up and said that I have not seen her other charms. Leaving me in the kitchen, she went to wash my question retorted that will soon run out of water, and she does not want me to stay every dirty. She asked me to wait for her to go to the dance together. I finished my cup of tea, sat alone and decided to join. I went into the bath with a towel wraps around my waist. At first she did not notice me, and continued to swim in Van. Its body is covered with a velvety crema was just great. Chest rise and fall smoothly over the water.
It is not well established and it shone pink tinge, her abdomen was soft and gentle slightly lowered in a fragrant foam. Bright triangle is not clearly distinguished in the opaque water. The left hand gently rested on her chest, and right down to the rock cave. I did not distract her, on the contrary I was very remarkable to see her charms. It was wonderful. Involuntarily, my hand dropped the towel and went down to the groin. Julia is gradually revealed his pa Covina and put your finger in there. At first cautiously, not to the end, then on and on. Her left hand crumpling and rubbing her nipples. They were already rosy and firm in appearance. I felt glad to have nothing further. Carefully kneeling down, so as not to interrupt her buzz ahead of time, I held out his arms to her. One I put on the chest and the other raised his head. She was frightened, and opened her eyes. Her face froze sudden fright. She made an attempt to move away from me, sit down, but my hand and bath soap wall prevented her. "Do not worry, everything will be alright"- She did not believe me, but it did not matter. Catching her lips, I kissed her hard. I lowered my right hand to her cleft. resistance decreased gradually. Soon she was sudovolstviem kissed me. I climbed into the bath, the benefit that it was great, we had enough space. In the water, I came upon her breast in his mouth. He lowered it into the abyss of kisses, little by little, I walked almost the whole of her torso slowly sinking to the coveted triangle. Julia softened in my arms. She stroked my back, trying to adjust my kisses putting his hands on my head.
Having reached its shell, I opened the labia took in her mouth Chaussures-well. Astringent taste struck my throat, swallowing saliva, I went on. Turning the language of straw, I paved the way deeper into her emptiness. Julia already felt pleasure and a bit of moaning from pleasure. She whispered "Enough, enough is enough". I myself have realized that there is nothing to hesitate anymore. putting it on all fours, I gently parted the sink and put his younger brother. He was tense and entered into its depths slowly. To make it more convenient Julia arched her back. First I checked the depth of her cave, she almost coincided with my member. Fully ejected his weapon again I introduced him to the quarter, led again but this time not to the end, then introduced the half, and so on. Gradually, I increased the pace, Julia began to help me wonderfully moving his hips. After a while I felt that I was tired and not up to the semi-denotes the end of the buzz that she wants. Then I lifted her to her feet, threw up the left, so that it uper-las in tile right hand she took hold of the handrail for towels. And we continued. Now my penis is not going to the uterus, and into the side of the walls of her backdoor. Do not forget the feeling. She is making strange noises, hocks-shaft, biting his lips. I eagerly began to kiss her neck. We had made love to suck and simul--same time. Kissing when your dick in it and when it is far from its depths - are two different things. I hardened my punches. After a few seconds, her teeth dug into my shoulder and she huddled in my arms. Instantly sticking his dick, I, too, was at the limit, and placing it in the bath, I finished it on his chest. My white streams down her young bust.
Eagerly she smeared them on its own, but has become a hot water rinse them. I fell in mut-water, and we are drowned in kissing each other.
The working day was over, tired, not only from work, but also from the doom on the beloved, I got up from the table. Confident movement opened the door to the reception, I was in the twilight of the cabinet. Blinds hinder punching-Xia warm summer rays into the room. Ira first did not notice me. Standing in profile to me she continued animated rummage in the cupboard. She bent down to the bottom of the cabinet. Her red skirt bared more slender legs. Red dress was quite challenging ... of course, that with a cut on his chest. Dress is surprisingly good figure highlights the beauty of this woman. Of course, the shoes were red and heels. Ira as I understood was without bezgaltera. Her breasts pressed on thick red cloth. Hair was closed most of the face, I could see only her chin and plump, red lips.
"Not earn more?" - I asked with irony.
Sharply raising his head and smiled at her famously retorted:
"Business before pleasure" - "Sit down sit down, I now find a folder?"
"Not about me, right?"
"Maybe about you. Should I know who spend tonight"
"Not bad" - I thought. We talked only about the shops, and has swung the evening.
The conversation went on. Coming out of the office, we found that each of us by car. I had to choose on which to ride. My Jeep was clearly not designed to travel on city traffic jams. Volkswagen Irene for that perfect fit. I offered to drive her car she agreed, not without fear. We drove. Heavyweight lo laughing and smiling
New trilyazhny table for mother's birthday was purchased. We Ira sat in a cafe in tsetre on Manezh. Finishing his second glass of cola we talked peacefully.
- "Interestingly, that if you slept with someone you would feel is not correct?" - With attention, I turned to Ira.
- "Well, you, of course not. One person is not worthy of that would be for him to stay forever."
With the philosophy, all right, I thought ya
- "Yes you are right. But on average, as one, that's like you?" - I asked cautiously
- With an enigmatic smile: "More than one".
- "Do not hesitate to tell me. From me you can not hide anything" - I insisted
- "Okay. The first - of course .... well, this is not easy zabyvaetsya ... anything so good. The second was for my birthday, my parents left, and ..." - She shook her head earnestly.
- Which birthday? - I asked with animation
- "On the seventeenth" - Modest answer was.
- "Wow...." - Involuntarily escaped me.
- "Well, I often lived in the village with my grandmother, there is hay, and of everything else .." shyly said Irene
- We had already zaburivatsya. "What stuff?" I asked naively.
- "Do not be silly - The boys and girls zanimayutsya after the first kiss"
- I was not shy in such matters, but porazoveli cheeks. "clear"
- Fifth - .... it was just a shock. Impotent full. Sixth - too sweaty. ... Seventh - from samooboro HN. Eighth - I was very drunk. Tenth very uncomfortable is better not to try. Eleventh - it was great. Twelfth, fourteenth - disappointment. In terms of sex unfortunate gag. Fifteenth he broke me heart. Sixteenth his father.
No shit myself, I thought that only we have so Lena could.
- Seventeenth - I fell asleep, it happens to me all the first time. Twentieth - oh God, it was the Scarecrow Nye error.
- "That you're wrong on the twentieth?" - C smile I asked
- "I screamed a little out of the window did not throw."
- "Twenty-second, well, so-so. That's all"- She has been.
Well, I can not boast of such modest I replied. I work, I work, sometimes even too much.
- She laughed: "You men are always in this matter just shy"
- "But, but poprashu not generalize." c feigned arrogance told ya
- "Yes?" She moved closer to me.
- "What did you think?"- I put my hand on her bare leg and reached for the bottle.
- "This is not thought of you" - Covered with soy, palm of my hand gladyaschiyu her leg she said.
- "People make mistakes attaches"- I otparirolval. Her black tights in diamond nice "pouring" hand. Padushichkami fingers I gently led her leg climbing higher and higher. For fingers went under the mini skirt.
- "Not here" - Ira told agitated
Flying on the wings.
Volkswagen with breakneck speed rushed to my house.
- "And you did. Strange that I had not noticed you." He spoke as if to himself, Irene.
- "Better late than never".
- "I think today is not too late?" I replied with a smile, my fellow traveler. Ira rastegnula pants and abs-Dila my flesh.
First quietly held two Maltsev up, then began to crumple. Of course it was nice, but I wanted more. Stroking rukopazhatie grew into friendship. She had nice hands, and most importantly they know how to use it. Putting her hand she began to masturbate tube. Nekoto-Roe time I held back.
"Maybe better in the mouth" - I will not stand vyhripnul.
With views of the pro-il he pulled away and looked in the shadows on my little friend. He was swollen like a ripe banana and straining at the leash. The dark red color of the flesh predovat more sexual in nature, as I understand it in the eyes of Ira.
Smacking lips Ira bent.
- "In principle, it is already possible" and her teeth touched my penis.
Of course I did a blowjob before, but in this environment .... for the first time. The car going at a speed under 120 km / h on Kashirskoye highway. Twilight cabin and desirable woman all predovat more erotic nature of the scene.
Her teeth gently walked through the head, and began to descend to the ground. Greedy mouth demanded the flesh, she is gradually gripping movements reached a little more than half. And it began to rise. Gently beating bridle small kisses, she touched her tongue to the head. My tension grew with every movement. As weary postanyvaniya and more uncontrollable movements, I realized that it is the NRA-curl. The second time she sucked in myself my whole body and a second ostanovilasyu. Apparently vomiting. I pochuvstvdval slight trembling back of your throat where rested my banana.
There was still just two centimeters. Overcoming vomiting confident movement she sucked in himself to the ground. No ordinary sense of rassableniya and fear I felt. Does she bit it to me, because the new will not grow? But the buzz that I got to this point, would be worth it. Her movements became chaotic and fast. My cock was and did not dare to even bend down from togogo enjoyment. Ira mechanically moved her head stubbornly. ... I feel like she is tired, and I can not finish. I began to help her lifting the pelvis. Tired housewife banana, did not control its movement and slowly biting flesh. My cock every once rested in the larynx, more often on his way to his cheeks. Ira did not imovernymi efforts tongue tube and increased speed to scrip-schedschey. One, two, three ..... I do not expect I turned the wheel to the left and we jumped into the oncoming lane .... Fear, pleasure, satisfaction, love for this woman - all united in this impulse. My body was SODRA-gatsya in agony. A warm wave of buzz swept over me. The powerful flow of sperm hit her in the throat. Ira quickly began to swallow her as if she was afraid of the jelly proranit drop due to it as a reward.

p.s. above all you read was written by a virgin 10 years ago and since then has not korrektirova elk.

Oral lunch

I poznakoilas a new job with a very nice guy, Dennis. dating from the first second, I knew that sooner or later we will deal with sex. Two weeks passed. I sat him down on a chair and sat down on top of it excited every minute more and more. After a while it happens again, I felt that I fall in love with him.
It would have been ok, but it was a girl, they davolno serious relationship. Then we started to go to his house. At one of the meetings I have begun menstruating. I decided to offer him a blowjob.
She offered it me, because my love was very shy, all had the most to offer. Oral Denis terribly much. He began to ask me about it almost every day. And now, at work, at lunch, when everyone leaves, he lays down on my desk, I have included in its elastic member, well and in the end I'm doing him a blowjob, I know he is from this baldeet. Every time ending in my mouth, he says that he loves me. Perhaps, but I believe it! Because she love him very much! I know that he will not abandon his nag, but I'm really want it, it excites me so.

New Year's Eve in a hostel

Natasha was lying on the table with her legs spread, which kept Sanya and Vitka. She was exhausted after a grand fucked five boys with hefty batons tolschennymi. Victor picked up a bottle of wine and began to push it bottomed inside her vagina. Not to relax, so to speak. Then he took a stick sausage sausages and two fingers apart Natashkiny ass, he began to push her into the assholes. Ring anus does not budge, then he just pushed him one, a blow to the other end of the sausage. Natasha wailed and twitching legs. The spectacle was zashib. Paul even excited again, and, as the holes have more free Natasha was not, he shoved his dick in her mouth. His huge cock is not even got all in her little mouth. She pushed his tongue, but Paul grabbed her by the hair and began to stick her mouth on his penis. In general, she has not got anywhere, it is necessary to suck.
Then we went to Nadya. They put her on all fours and start forced her to masturbate. I almost obkonchalsya seeing how the juvenile slut fuck yourself banana. This bitch flowed and her red pussy, exposed us to the show was all wet and slippery. Yurik could not stand the first and Nadya pulled over on the eggs. It is unlike Natasha is not particularly resisted. Even podmahivala backwards and mumbling. I put her in the ass. It was warm and crowded, although it is obvious that to me there already plowed furrow not just one team. Then Nadya put on the table and made to dance. At the same time in the ass put in a Christmas candle. It was fun. Nadya funny ass and set aside raskoryachivala feet. Then we once again put her on all fours and blindfolded. Vitka's brought a bulldog and helped him insert a segment in Nadkinu pussy. Nadya twitched, as well as a hole she had a particular segment of males dropped from what the dog was furious. We had to hold Nadya until this zhiryaga hard vpendyurival its hefty eggs in it. Nadya cried, dog wheezed, we Figel.
The last was Julia. Julia we first made Nadya carrot fuck in the ass. Then I took a rubber Sanya hare pretty decent size and putting Julia back and parted her legs to push Getting rabbit inside. Julia often breathing and her eyes were big with terror. It has been seen that this experience is less than that of her friends. Bunny entered slowly into the small tight hole. The girl began to flow from the voltage. And the hare went all easy. He stayed there, and we turned the girl on his tummy. Sanya abruptly entered her anus with two fingers. The girl jerked booty up but a sharp pain in her pussy, which caused her hare, made her lie down again. Sanya regretted snot, and smeared his fingers with mayonnaise. Then he introduced them inside again. This time they entered more easily, although his face was clear that she was in pain. But Sanka did not care and he began furiously wield his fingers inside. Then, abruptly he pulled them up and put his dick reared there. Julia fainted and Sanya fucked her so seven minutes.
We smoked and then again once fucked by these sluts.
So slavnenko and entertained with the girls, neighbors on a hostel.

When sixteen guy, and a woman of thirty-five

I wonder what's going on with women, when they are thirty-five, and a little older ... when I was sixteen and tried for the first time sex with a beautiful and passionate woman of thirty, though no vulgarity and no dirt, to his amazement realized that none of the my peers do not guess with such a luxurious and an adult woman even close ...
Passion, experience and desire to herself, sometimes passing into such madness in sex when she wants me as much as her ... I always though, as if afraid of being late, that it does not have time to try and feel in this life.
Maybe women just like high brown-eyed brunettes, who are able to insert, and caress, and just listen and listen, what hurts and aches so much, when the husband to you has lost interest in his son and daughter about his own life and you do not need I do not need anyone, and every year gets you all the painful and terrible, that life is not over, but lived ...
And then it appears this still young, so gentle, confident, cute, friendly, caring and beautiful, so who knows how to love and admire you, and do what you were twenty years ago ... but then you were completely different and the other, do not understand and so inexperienced and notorious ...
And now, now everything is possible ... when he can so suddenly to take you by force, and then very gently, in the park, at home, in the elevator car, on the roof, in the entrance, in the office at work ... and even tried in the kitchen, in the room when my husband ... when ever such a time limit, and the pussy begins to worry from one of his attentive eyes, soon, bouquet of flowers, or just warm words ...
And when he was sixteen years old, I realized all of this - the roof has gone from me ... if women who are over thirty in half of his so unhappy and not satisfied, then what can you expect, instead, to give love in return many times more...
When the thought of the term in the pants hardens, and looking at a beautiful woman, there is a passion and excitement: I can or not ... when she is an adult, honest, correct, her son almost like me and I like the son in her eyes still just a child ... well, well ...
When the table at the bottom of the birth of your son, you are right in front of me ... and I think, confident and calm, straight as a man looks appreciatively and with passion on a beautiful woman in front of him, oblivious of the universal joy and sorrow sadness in such a beautiful and intelligent eyes, and jokes as I would for a son-in this younger daughter, it takes literally mean ... like ...
And of course your eyes stand at the table, and then translate it on your chest, and then again in the eye and see how embarrassed and breathed heavily as turned the conversation to another, trying to hide from all the feeling that gripped both ...
You know that I gave that first proximity ... I quite differently looked at older women - in the eye and the mind:"How beautiful you are ... I want you darling babe", A look on her lips - and imagine how this woman in front of you will look great on her knees and taking in my mouth already being strong and hard cock tearing the pants ... look at the chest - and how between these papillae can put your big dick and such adult and beautiful babe ... on a little bare knees - posing as a skirt is lifted up, exposing such a little stout hips and you will tremble and shudder in my hands, if between these legs I start to caress her lips and tongue you from kolenochki up for the most panties that will move the hell out of the side, and then of course take off ...
Then again, look confident and attentive brown eyes you again in the eye, mentally saying:"Come ... come with me my darling ... I'll give you such pleasure, which you can never forget ..."
And I already believed that people are able to read each other's thoughts, when almost every woman that is so considered - embarrassed, drew attention and began to worry as 16 not to me but to her, and to me as it is now - thirty, forty and even a little older ...
Bear in mind this was not now, but in the eighties, when the fact that the majority of women do not have enough tenderness, attention, affection and simply no sex out in the open to say and to write simply did not dare ...
Of course he took by the hand and led away I was by no means every ... honestly, did not dare head teacher with a beautiful woman, with family friend who was forty-plus, just below fifty ... but for some reason they do to me then was not treated so as early as before, gentler, more attentive, more softly, why then patronized, instructed, the more the parents live separately from me ...
And at the table ... an hour after start dancing ... I invite ... of course invite you and I will not even impudent immediately, pressing your confidence, but not quite brazenly, so that felt what was happening in the pants from you. ..
Feel, feel, especially when your so drunk that he is now we have to rest, to sleep, according to brawl, but the strength to do thee the guy just does not have ...
Feel when Push to whisper in your ear hot that you're lovely ... so insanely beautiful ... when the breasts begin to breathe more deeply, so sexy resting right in my shirt, and bare elbows lightly touching so innocent and begin to rub caressing each other as we are in this dance ...
And again in your ear that he could not take his eyes off you, as if accidentally touching the shell of your ear with his lips ... you have such eyes that can drown in them ... and discreetly between the words kiss such a beautiful and delicate eyelet and pull a little bit to myself when the bulge in full bump utknetsya you straight down the abdomen ...
And I will whisper and whisper, until I feel that you're losing your mind, when I saw you for the first time and considered ...
Then the ear try almost calm and firm voice to offer you:"Come on, get out here ... so stuffy ... I'll show you next is such a beautiful place ..." and hand and by dancing in the road, then into the elevator ... seeing as you're confused and trembling with desire, and the absurdity of the surging passion ... and hugging you by the shoulders, passionately and desperately pressed against the wall of the elevator, press the button"Stop" and grab your lips in his and kiss and kiss in the neck, on the lips, in the ear, squeezing tightly so resilient and mature breast and feeding, feeding from the bottom you stronger and stronger, and feeling like you give up and surrender to lose to me head, reason as long as this young man did what he so ardently want the wallpaper ...
How very aggressively begins to rub on the bottom of the hillock vengeance acting as helping me to screw up such a narrow skirt up ... what threw one leg, holding it my ass even tighter to himself, unbuttoning skillfully and quickly my pants ...
And how to get such a big and strong member of the youth - and pressed a hot pussy mokryuschey as flinch, groan, he began to kiss so how long nobody caressed ... and palm so decisively and skillfully lies with the member under the testicles, more ... and stronger bailiff on socks and even higher lifting one leg ... and a breaking of the voice of passion already asked in a trembling voice is not clear why:"You were a woman?" and so mysteriously smiled, flashed eyes and arched back, when I shook my head, so ... you picked up on hands and holding on weight as a baby, a child, forced against the wall of the elevator and rape as the last bitch that forgetting all .. .so loud for the entire elevator and staircase began to moan ... and cried when she finished second in front of me ...
And then ... it's a different story of Shakespeare's passion, when man and woman are in love, but they are so different and diverse ...

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An evening walk

It was a warm summer evening. I'm tired of sitting at home and watch TV, and I decided to walk the streets of the city. I touched up lips, make-up and adjusted proceed to the election "evening dress". She took out of the closet a long forgotten elastic pants, worn by another junior university courses. I suddenly wanted to again recall the fun days. When I wore them and turned to the mirror ass, I saw that they adhesive qualities it is so strong that even the barely visible thong visible through them. I decided that this evening you can do without panties. When I took them off and again pulled the pants, my eyes appeared the picture, which I sought. The elastic material pants tight-fitting my ass, emphasizing every hollow and hollow. Through them you can see how my pussy looks. Trim seam slightly penetrated between her jaws. I got beacons and put it on his naked body. Treacherous nipples once felt the touch of the material immediately stood out through the thin fabric. I looked at myself in the mirror and decided that I look too challenging. She took out a silk scarf and tied it so that it is slightly covered my chest. Looking at myself, I was pleased with his appearance, and went for a walk.
The streets were empty. Only in the distance could be heard the sounds of disco. I went and enjoyed the cool of the evening. Then I heard a voice that came from behind me. Then they became louder. This group of teenagers came back with some kind of celebration. When they approached me, cries subsided. I heard they started whispering. Before I could hear snatches of conversation: "A cool her ass :.". "Let's ask her:". "You go, we'll help if:".
I realized that mature some plans in mind those drunken teenagers about me. I quickened her pace. They did not lag behind. Behind already cries: "The girl, where are you?". "Wait a minute:". I realized that I will not be able to escape. On both sides of the street were the office space, which has long been closed. So scream or call for help there was no one.
I decided to stop. I stood up and turned to the teenagers. There were five. In view of about 17-18 years. When they came to me, I asked:
-What do you boys?
-Get introduced to want. - Said one of them.
He came close to me and said:
-Sveta. - I said - What's next?
-And then this:
He took a step towards me and grabbed me by the waist. I tried to pull away, but he held me by force to itself.
-You will twitch - will hurt, okay?
I shook my head. Satisfied grin appeared on his face.
- Come on let's go - he said, and pulled me by the hand towards the little park. I had no choice but to follow him. His companions went back and giggled. When we entered the park, he abruptly turned my back to him and began roughly kneading my breasts. Tore scarf. His hands squeezed my nipples. Then his hand went first to my stomach, and then lower. His fingers began to tear through the pants my pussy. The second hand was between my buttocks and strongly felt for the entrance to my ass.
Trousers are well stretched and almost never interfere with his fingers. He turned me to face him and stared at my lips. I just stood there and thought what can be done. When he looked up from my lips and went on his neck, I whispered in his ear:
-If you want to get a real pleasure, I am willing to do everything, provided that the other will go to you.
I decided that since rape is still not avoided, so let it be, he is one, and not all of his company. He pulled away from my neck and looked at me.
-Making way: I'll take you now, and if you're a good boy, I will send them, and we'll go and we will continue with you.
-Well, so be it. - I replied.
His hand again stepped between my legs. This time, I spread them slightly to the side.
-Umnichka, continue in the same spirit. - he said.
His cronies stood and watched him paw me.
-Do not get carried away, there's a waiting list. - They said.
-That's for me to decide. - He said.
Again he turned me around and pushed back by hand so I bent down. His hands gripped my chest. Mash them and began to move to the hips. He tried to pull off my pants. I at this time, and so was caved in. Tight pants, tight my legs did not want to slip. Then he grabbed with both hands over my ass and pulled so hard over my buttocks, the thin fabric is not sustained, and the seam of his trousers broke between my legs. The path to my hole was opened. His hand immediately began to examine my pussy lips for a sip and click on the entry. There was still dry.
-Something you're not trying. - he said.
I took his hand and raised it to his lips. My mouth opened and let a fingers that just paw my pussy. I moisten them with saliva and sent his hand to its original place. Wet your finger slid on my pussy. He drove up and down. As for the clitoris and held a finger up to the entrance in the ass. Slowly my pussy beginning to respond to his movements and flowed.
-Now well. - he said.
I heard he unzips his jeans. Then he sent his cock right into my pussy. I took his hand and began to help him enter into me. His cock was big, I felt how much he stretches my pussy. He entered me by a few centimeters, and left immediately.
-What happened? - I asked.
He pushed me to the bench.
-Come and upris in her hands.
I walked over to the bench, put her in her arms and arranged the legs. He came up from behind and sharply brought me two fingers, they did me a few moves. Moisten your dick my juice, I put a dick in pussy to the entrance, took both hands on my ass and a jerk inside me. Despite the excitement, I was very hurt. I could not help but cry. He came at me at full length, and began to go slowly. When his cock almost came out of me, he once again with a tremendous burst in me. This went on for some time. The pain between my legs gave way to pleasant sensations. Inside me, he felt some point every time you passed me came like a mini orgasm. My moan of pain gave way to cries of delight. I have wanted this to continue as long as possible. His hands that clutched my chest, then returned to the ass. When I began to feel the approach of orgasm, he suddenly made a sharp cry and stopped me going into the entire length. He came straight to me. After a moment, he began to slowly move inside me. I felt like the voltage decreases within me. And at that moment I felt a strong orgasm. In my body I ran cramp and if he had not held me, I'd have fallen. He came out of me and sat on the bench.
When I came to, I heard him say to his friends:
-Cost. Heifer mine enough for you and watching.
He kept his promise. After some wrangling, the offended cronies are gone. He came up to me ... and extended scarf.
-Tie belt, I do not want to all stared at "my" pussy until we go to you.
I got up, tied a scarf on her hips.
-Come to me and I will do what you just dreamed for you. - I said.
When we went to my house, by the thought that there is a happy couple. His hand holding my waist and then down below to squeeze my ass:

Our cobra

The team we have, though small, but fairly cohesive. Firstly, all about the same age - 25-35 years, except for the boss, Vera Ivanovna Shuya, matron 58 years. And secondly, to pick up all shobutnye, cheerful, fun-loving and who can do it.
On the day we celebrate the birthday of our Lena. As always celebrated noisily and in a big way. Ordered separately the cabinets in the restaurant and it came off in full with music and yelps of our girls. We would be even more dispersed, but when Vera Ivanovna has only to look in our direction, and the fun stopped. Then we have guys then decided it quick podpoit and send home. We did not leave her for a minute, compliments were thrown at her, thanking her for not getting it, and poured and poured. Half an hour later, when Vera Ivanovna decided to visit the ladies' room, her gait was already slightly unsteady, and on the way she grabbed at the wall, it seems, someone shook the floor.
Now is the time to decide who will carry her home. We decided to give up on matches, well, as you've probably guessed I went short. Guys sympathetic pat on the shoulder, say, today you, tomorrow we, and rushed to the fun.
When Vera Ivanovna came back, I asked how she was feeling, and asked her to take her home. She immediately agreed. I called a taxi, helped put Vera Ivanovna coat and dressed himself. The first bell rang concerns me when we started to descend from the second floor, I had to constantly maintain it so that it did not fly down. The street is already stood the taxi, without incident, we climbed in, she called the address, and we set off. Honestly, I had hoped for a rapid take Cobra home and go back to the restaurant, and there too I'll let Svetka to light ... In the midst of my sexual dreams suddenly collapses on me, I'm a little confused, but, looking at her face, I realized she just fell asleep. So we drove to her house.
Together with the taxi driver, we just shook her and brought out of the car. I asked the taxi driver to help me get her on the fifth floor, but he refused. Then I asked him to wait for me, but he just waved his hand and immediately left.
Epic climb the stairs I will not tell. Let's just say that while I dragged it to the desired floor was soaked with sweat, his legs trembling betrayed the strain, and his hands ached. And how "kind words" I said to address the Cobra is not counted. All the way up took exactly twenty-seven minutes. I sat her down on the floor near the door and a few minutes for breath. It is at this time just sleeping. I'm right coat pocket I found a bunch of keys, opened the door, came in and stripped from the beginning itself. When I went to the site of Vera Ivanovna, she was sitting, and lying. There is already my gentlemanly mannerisms changed me. Without hesitation, I jumped at the gate coat and dragged dragged her into the apartment.
About to go back to the restaurant, even the speech could not go. From then I smelled a mile away, and the time has passed decently, twenty on the road for half an hour here, thirty minutes for the trip, given what else you need to call a taxi. In general, I get to have closure. With anger I even kicked the wall.
"Well, all right, dragged to the home, lay on the bed already" - I decided to rip off and began with Vera Ivanovna coat and boots. A feeling that the doll vozishsya, turned on its side - is, turned on his stomach - lies. With a coat I coped without any problems, made her sit down, pulled off her shoulders, then simply pulled out from under it. But when began to remove boots, then there is, I will not argue, wanting her to give us something to annoy or humiliate her skirt threw her to the very stomach. Before my eyes appeared her legs, covered in nylon pantyhose, up to the top. One could even consider the pattern on her panties. I took off her boots and looked once more at her feet, and felt a wave of desire rises in me, decided not to tease himself, pulled her skirt down. Then I decided where her bedroom, grabbed her under the arms and dragged onto the bed.
Wanting some way to reward yourself for the work done, I decided to make coffee. In the kitchen, I quickly found a Turk, ground coffee and a minute later the aroma of freshly brewed coffee has spread around the room. I poured it into his cup, and wait until it cools down a bit, I decided to explore a bit of her apartment. Until I saw the book in her room and sipped coffee from the bedroom heard other sounds. I immediately went up to her, fearing that she became ill. Everything was much easier as I conjured with coffee and considered obstanovochku, Vera Ivanovna turned over on his back, his head was thrown back strongly, which caused the heroic snoring. My irritation vanished, even a little sorry for her was. How inferior to her tomorrow. I pulled it from the floor and covered her with a blanket on top. I myself went to get dressed. Pulling on his jacket and shoes, I decided to look lastly it there. Blanket lying on the floor, and Vera Ivanovna lying on the edge of the bed. I pulled her to the center and again hid blanket. But I'm even out of the room did not have time to go out, she began to move again and again threw the blanket.
At that moment I came the first time and thought it crazy to undress. Throwing off his cloak, I sat down beside her on the bed. To make sure that Vera Ivanovna did not wake up until I'm undressing her, I'm beginning shook her shoulder, then thoroughly tryahanulo, and then to be sure, even a little slap slapped. Only roofing past my actions have caused on the part of at least some reaction - she mumbled something and rolled over on its side.
Well, let's start. As she lay on her side, I easily got to the zipper on her skirt, unbuttoned and pulled it. Then I pulled off her jacket. He turned her onto her back and undid her blouse and pulled. Now she lay half-naked in front of me. White lace bra, black stockings and beneath white lace panties. And though I knew perfectly well that it is compared to me an old woman, and good to me except in my grandmother, but my dick demanded another, especially after the failed Svetka. To continue to be excited, I covered her with a blanket and went to the door. In the doorway, I stopped and looked back. She slept completely ignoring all the manipulations made to her. "Oh, it was - was not" - I decided to come back again and on the bed.
I put his hand under the blanket and stroked her stomach, then ran his hand over her pubis, and even a little finger pressed to her bosom. No reaction. I pulled back the blanket a little, just enough that would expose his chest. Due to the fact that she was lying on her back, her breasts have lost shape and little emerged from under her bra. Carefully, afraid of waking, I turned it on its side, undid the hooks, and then also cautious, back to back to back. I pulled her hands along the body and pulled her bra. White-coated stretch marks and spider veins pattern, her half-empty chest, parted to the side. The first thing that struck me was the size of her nipples. The halo of the nipple area occupied probably a third of the chest and was the size of a small saucer. All this is crowned by a pale pink nipples the size of my little finger phalanx. Since the beginning of one hand, then the two I began to stroke and knead her breasts. I pressed the nipples inside, bringing together both breasts, rubbed them together nipples.
The temples harder and harder pounding blood. After playing her breast, I decided to pay attention to her bottom. Not throwing a blanket, I ran her hands under the elastic stockings and panties and, as far as possible, I pushed down. Under my fingers were the curls of her hair. Just stroking crotch, I sent a hand between his legs, and a moment later felt her lips. Beware ... God forbid, not to wake up, I parted her petals and penetrated his finger inside.
If I had someone say that I will ever paw Vera Ivanovna, I would have laughed before losing momentum. It is necessary to come up, I and our Cobra, die or stand up. And now I simply poking her in the pussy and even feel the excitement of it.
I tried to push and a second finger into her womb, but her tight elastic shorts did not allow me to move freely. Then I threw the blanket and began to strip off her pantyhose and panties. First one and then almost immediately and the second, bummed arrow in her pantyhose, but I still could not remove them. And then my eye caught a small manicure scissors lying on the table. Grabbing them, I quickly shredded tights. Also I wanted to do and panties, but decided not to spoil a good thing and just pulled them.
Now Cobra was lying completely naked in front of me. Carefully, I made her a little dilute legs to open her womb. Hard, black, with a small gray hairs covered the entire pubic area to the navel, and even captured a little bit the inside of her thighs. I spread my hands hairs, exposing her petals. But, firstly, it was not so good visible due to low light, and secondly, somehow too low she was located. The first problem I decided quickly, including lamps and light weight pointing to her crotch. But the second had to tinker. As soon as I get her to bend the knees as she immediately tried to turn over on his side, and as soon as I bring her back, legs unbent. But I got his way, and now her bosom completely opened to me.
Her large lips were really great. They even hung a little down. With both hands I spread them apart to open the entrance to the cave. Leaving a half, I tried to introduce into the middle and index finger, but more than two phalanges I have not worked. Due to the dryness of her lips tucked did not give me to penetrate deeper. I wanted to moisten your fingers with his saliva, and only then noticed how the sugar in my mouth.
Leaving alone Vera Ivanovna, I covered her with a blanket, and he went into the kitchen for something to drink. In the fridge I found tetrapaket started with peach juice. Right with him, I came back. Quench your thirst, I thought about that and Cobra certainly feels terrible thirst. Fearing throw on the bed, I did not dare to pour the juice into her mouth, and just decided to moisten your fingers and then to moisten her lips. As soon as I held her lips, she immediately began to stir, licked his lips and, opening his mouth, kissed a few times. It was at this point and exploded in me a desire to play with her.
I pulled her so that her head was on the edge of the bed, freed his cock, already for a long time rvuschischiysya long been free, moistened his juice and began to drive them on the lips of Cobra. The reaction was instant, she immediately tried to catch him and lick his lips. Terrified, I immediately removed it. penis was engorged, as if ready to burst. It was so big, that the skin of a member of the secret of her only half. Slightly to cope with the excitement, I again moistened member of juice and started to drive on my lips. The truth this time, when she started licking it, I did not put it away, and tried to push into the interior. But I had only to penetrate between her lips as she immediately turned away his head. Leaving attempts to penetrate into her throat, I was amused by the fact that the thrust member of her cheeks, from what those funny stretched. After playing with the mouth, I for fun, patted a member of her cheeks, the reason for the eyes, and even presented as the fun would be over in her ear or nostril.
All these are my games have led to what appeared in the abdomen painful severity. It was necessary to solve something. The safest course would be Bugger, and even after it was possible to Cobra, but it seemed to me that is not enough. Having come so far, making it as hard asleep, did not want to stop. And then I decided.
As I quickly stripped to the goal, once again I spent a member of her face, poked head in her soft breast, and sat down between her legs. Again, bending at the knees, which would facilitate access to the heart, I moistened her petals juice and two fingers easily penetrated deeper. I rotated them in quite freely, scraped her inner walls, and even took the middle finger to the uterus. After playing for a minute, I decided it was time and my pal acquainted with his grandmother. To raise it slightly croup, I slipped under the buttocks of a small pillow. Then I threw her legs over his shoulders and sent a member of it. Wetted juice it without any difficulty penetrated her. Although razmerchik her hole was too big for me, I did not last two minutes. Initially, when I started to roll, I wanted to come into it, but at the last moment abruptly pulled and filled with sperm her crotch and abdomen.
The exhausted, I let go of her legs and just sitting around, watching the footy streams conveyed over her body, one in the abdomen funnel, a second on her shameless sponges. I stood up, I moistened the remnants of sperm on her nipples, and then shoved her on the cheek.
Well, now I've got and to grandmothers. But what's next. First you need to remove the sperm, and then it all stained bed. I took pieces of tights, wiped the sperm from the abdomen, spread her legs and began to wash her pubic area and the womb. It has already spread to all lips, and even soaked funnel anus. Do not resist, I played with her finger a ring, and then gently pressed with a finger. Surprisingly easily he got inside. I drove it as far as it was possible, and then began to drive it inside-out. And here the second finger I could not shove. Tolley has not allowed a narrow point, roofing felts grease over. But all these manipulations have brought me great. Never before have I have not tried in the ass, but here such a case.
I got up and went in search of cream. Surprisingly, but the bathroom is nothing I have not found suitable. Then I went into the hall, and the first thing that caught my eye I turned the camera. It has been used only six frames, and judging by the available marking film was thirty-six frames. Looking around on the shelves and not watching the cream, I began to open wide the door section. In one compartment was closed metal box. And although I was bursting with curiosity, what's inside, my cock reminded why I came here. "Hand cream". Will.
By capturing the tube and camera down, I returned to the bedroom. For a start I made a few general pictures, then separate the chest and her pussy. It is time for the compositions: my dick in her mouth, penis and breast, a member of the inside and outside of her pussy. Suddenly zazhurchal motor, all of the film is over. I took the film and the camera down on the back seat.
Now is the time to do her ass. By deploying it on its side, and even a little more, I made her a little squeeze feet to his chest. I myself at the back. A bit of cream right out of the tube at its ochechkah. So, now a finger deep into the well. Now try two. But when I stick in her tight ring two fingers she immediately began to move, trying to get rid of them, but when you do not work, then took his hand and pulled me. I lay neither alive nor dead. First thoughts were that all got now skiff. But a minute passed, then two, and nothing more happened. A little caressed her thigh, and even playing klitorkom, I was convinced that he was asleep it was still hard. Then again I smeared it with cream point and ran a finger. Penetration was even easier. Just playing, I decided to move on to more decisive action. Having greased head cream, I put a point each to her and grabbed her by the hips slightly pushed. With the interference fit, but penetrated inside the head. Cobra shifted slightly, but remained lying .... After lying quietly a few seconds, so she calmed down, I began to move, first a head, slowly pushing and penetrating deeper. After a few minutes I fell completely on how much allowed her buttocks. Froze for a moment, I began to drive the full length of his friend. Its dense ring gave me real pleasure. The temples harder and harder pounding, I felt like I was beginning to roll on a wave of lust, and nothing could stop me. Even the fact that Vera Ivanovna began to stir and even hand to push, could stop me. Grabbing her hips with his hands and clenched his teeth on the voltage, I continued to stick it furiously fast jerks, until the mind is something not exploded before my eyes and I jumped the sprocket had been poured into it.
As soon as I loosened his grip, Cobra turned, looked at me, and without saying a word, got up and left. "Now all" - Just flashed in my head - "spit, so good I have not been".
I got started collecting his scattered belongings. There was the sound of water drained, the door slammed. Not paying any attention to what I Vera Ivanovna lay down on the bed, he pulled the blanket and then passed out.
"Let's hope that tomorrow it will not be anything to remember" - I thought, and began to dress. I was about to leave, as the thought of a safe in the closet. I took a bunch of keys, and find the right opened. What I saw impressed me as if someone struck the club. From the edge lay some artificial dildo, balls, handcuffs, some belts. In the depths of a dozen cassettes lay. In a separate department were neat dad of two colors: pink and blue. I took the first available. It was pink. Having opened, I was dumbfounded. It was a dossier on one of our employees. Her passions: like food, clothing, work, and sex. The accuracy of all recorded its proven and unproven connection and vices. I took the blue folder. It was one of the heads of department. Again, all described in detail

Childhood Fame

It so happened that I was the father of one. My mother was a beautiful but windy woman left us when I was 10 years old. She has worked on one of the USSR's first joint ventures and there met the German engineer .u They had stormy love my father several times caught them. Fighting scandals ... One evening the mother left us and then to Germany with her Robert. Leaving a note, which asked for forgiveness and promised to write. After some time, began to receive letters and remittances. The father in a rage tore the message, but then came the grandmother and several aunts from the mother (I must say that the mother's relatives, almost all condemned the mother and father they had a normal relationship) and convinced him that foolish to give up the money (as my grandmother said - all for Slavik, ie me) .tak we spent a year and a half when we came to two weeks a 33 year old aunt Kate, younger sister of the mother. She has worked in his urban village accountant and come to the city for a refresher course. She did not want to live in a hostel, he came to us with brandy and a box of chocolates. They sat with his father reminisce old, and he graciously invited her to live with us. Aunt Kate was and is very showy woman not deprived of male attention. And I wonder how she dragged his father into bed. Or maybe that was something that I do not know. I grew slender and low, but began to masturbate very early age 9-10, and the first pictures I looked at were for the excitation of photos in a family album where Aunt Kate was present. Especially where she sat cross-legged in a short skirt or a dress with a slit. As it when I was 8 years old she spank me and I enthusiastically recalled the then helplessness and sweet languor. Needless to say that when the beloved woman I was so close to me came the turbulent times. I, when she was not at home spending time sniffing and kissing her shoes, indelible pants. When she was at home watching her carefully, for her legs behind her skirt. She did not notice anything like his father.
It was not until one fine evening, from which my father started the night shift .In the evening I planned to fulfill his dream - to see her naked. In our Khrushchev in the bathroom was a small window at the top, that went out to the kitchen. The kitchen is just under the window there was a table .On this table and I climbed that night before going to bed, Aunt Kate was taking a shower. I stood on tiptoe and almost to his knees could see it in all its glory. Of course, for 12 years it was a shock. I frantically masturbate, finished, and looked again and continued to fondle himself. But something happened that had to happen to me, she said. This nymph is already a big red towel wipes, becoming one foot in the bath when he accidentally glanced upstairs saw my head. The most offensive, that the glass misted by the time I could not see. The reaction was instantaneous. She jumped out of the bath, in the course of throwing a bathrobe. I do not even have time to put on his pants, my aunt pulled me to the floor and began to beat. From the excitement was gone, after a couple of slap buzzed head.
- Brat what you do! Yes, I love you now ... - from a series of very hlstkih spanking
bare ass I escaped screaming, tears already were before. Releasing steam t.Katya angry but more quietly hissed ...
- Quickly get up to the corner - and pushed me into the room
Scared and roaring, I stood in the corner. It was clear that there was something terrible,
I wanted to disappear somewhere, so as not to see any father or the damn aunt. These or similar thoughts swirling in my head when I heard footsteps approaching from behind. Aunt put close to me a chair, sat down and ordered to turn around. In one hand she had a glass of alcohol in the other a lighted cigarette.
- Well, what do we do, Slavchik? Tomorrow will come to your work folder, and that he will do with you? Oh you just cry! But this morning was a bold. Well, nothing strap is useful for you. - And a few minutes later, she enjoyed the situation suggested to forget my unworthy act for the fact that I will stay until the end of it we have to wash the dishes, floors, etc. in general, to carry out the duties that she assumed the arrival.
- Now ask Aunt Katie forgiveness! Yes, but not on his knees! - I later remembered that time is always exciting. I'm on my knees and mumble something before sitting cross-legged adult zhenschinoy.E foot almost touching my face and nose beats the flavor of the cream. In more recent furious face drunken smile .and suddenly Aunt looking into my eyes suddenly miss my pants leg .I inadvertently omit to hand but she odrgivaet me .Hvataet pisyulku my toes and strongly compresses .Nablyudaya for the grimace on my face says thoughtfully. ..
- Wow, this pod and already there too
After a week and a half left, Aunt Kate. Those days have passed almost without proisshestviy.Ya doing all household chores, she had not told her father. Our contract had been respected. I stopped "fetish" her things but at the last day, something that still happens. My father was in the kitchen, Aunt Kate sat in the hall on the couch and painted. I was sitting almost opposite in his chair, reading a book and suddenly noticed that the hem of her skirt rode up a little bit. A little bit. But in the long term its beautiful nylon thighs I saw white striped swimming trunks. I watched without stopping, heart pounding wildly and reared young member. Again she caught me. Seeing where I stared, slowly she straightened her skirt shook my finger and hissed ...
- Still need to take your education ...
It took three months. Everything went on as usual. The described events were gradually forgotten, excites me, only in the nocturnal emissions. Father a couple of times I almost married. It is beginning of the school year and I went to the sixth grade. And then something happened that determined my fate. Went in 1990, perestroika mess remember everything. One day, his father, a former sailor called army friend. This enlisted his colleague on a merchant ship and there they are just now was a vacancy. Time to make a decision and charges was given only a week.
In the evening my father asked my opinion. It was about the salary of 10 thousand dollars. I certainly do not fully understand but it's good money. But the main thing is that I have 8-9 months to live with someone from relatives. This I do not relish. In the end, the decision was made. After a few calls, and for some reason I "was attached" in urban-type settlement Aleksandrovka to ... Aunt Catherine ...
In principle, Aleksandrovka I liked. Nature, sky, forest and a river nearby. And as if it is taken at a local school well. However, the girls I have been in the spotlight as new, and it did not like boys. But while no one was going to beat me, even with some of the guys began a friendly relationship. But for Russian teacher took me cold and at the first lesson, dryly, that my assessment of the city still have to confirm. The next day I got a deuce for dictation ...
...I have half an hour on his knees with a bare ass. Aunt Kate went around me with a bundle of rods and the occasional gushing me - I'll bring up, you will be afraid to disobey me. Read it louder! - Blow through the tears I read the rules of the textbook lying on a chair.
I became really in awe of Ka (I called it to myself). He shudders at the slightest reprimand. And even when she was in a good mood, and she was taken to hug and squeeze me, I nervously zhilsya any second now ... waiting for a slap. In Russian, I began to know for sure the best in class, but what's the use. The teacher, with some sort of malevolent stubbornness put me three. Thus automatically sentencing me to flogging. How then I stayed late Ka. Close to midnight approached director's Volga, he slammed the door, and soon appeared on the threshold Ka, very drunk. I must say that it is often accompanied and hauled men. She walked unsteadily into the room just in boots and flopped into a chair.
- Bring dnivnik! - She ordered, putting his legs. Seeing triple against the habit did not scream - Come. Closer.
I stood with downcast head and involuntarily looked round her knees, covered with calf tights and buckles on his boots. And suddenly ...
- And you look at this boy ... - Ka hand slowly began to lift up her skirt. My eyes moved behind her lacquered fingers higher and higher between the thighs where soon seem strip of panties. My cock had already stiffened, I do not understand anything. And then the chair creaked from sudden movement. Her leg has shot up and pointed toe of his boot obzhg blow my scrotum. I collapsed to the floor, clutching his hands to his groin. Where there used to be my egg now was only a burning pain. While I was on the floor whimpering Ka calmly smoked a cigarette, stood up, lifted me by the ankles and vigorously tapped the soles of his feet. The pain immediately subsided ... Then I asked for forgiveness on his knees, she gave me a sip of wine. I took off her boots and massaged her feet and kissed them involuntarily. She smiled and promised to deal with the "this bitch in the Russian language". And I drunk from the smell of her feet, salty taste of sweat and tights on her lips finished right in the pants, never touching the penis. Ka had not noticed.
With Valeria Pavlovna, teacher of Russian language and literature Katia really talked. After a couple of days when we went out with the guys from school I saw Ka, going forward.
- This is your aunt? - Asked curiously Lenka Rybakova, with which we were sitting at the same desk.
- Yes! - I am proud to say was what. Children with interest turned around and stood aside seniors ambiguous giggled, looking at the tall, slender brown-haired woman in a short brown jacket, black short skirt and knee-high boots. She was walking, his head thrown back, leisurely confident gait.
- Hello ! Wait for me.
The Cabinet of the Russian language is on the ground floor and easily visible from the street. Valeria Pavlovna was there alone. That opened the door and entered the Ka. She went to the table where she sat, and that the teacher began to speak. It was evident that the teacher several times nervously adjusted her hairdo. Suddenly Ka leaned over the table and slowly ran her hand over his cheek Valeria Pavlovna, she nodded.
- She's my age, I used to dance on her pussy - explained Ka on the way home ...
Dragged days, we lived together aunt Katya. In its large log house gasified as most villagers had central heating and running water. So on the farm I was not busy. True, there were chickens, but caring for them is not difficult to nadvoryah Ka. Therefore there was no reason to punish me Aunt. But this woman was a man of moods, and from time to time for me something fell. In general everything was good, and so would have continued, if in our life has not appeared Uncle Stanislav. He appeared on the verge of a winter evening with a suitcase and some a song on their lips.
- Stas !!! - Ka screamed like a schoolgirl and hung on it. It turns out they had love, he sat for six years in the slammer, released a year ago, was wound around the country and now returned to his native village. Ka's like crazy. I squeal like a mother hen. They now and then kissed. Stas still stroking her everywhere and suddenly ... - To what I missed Katya! - Dragged Ka of laughing on the sofa on the move tossing her robe and pulling panties. I watched open-mouthed as he unzips his fly, his free hand touching the breast Ka. What should I do? Ka suggested ... - March on the street!
I'm making a snowman, and was looking for his nose for him when the street jumped Ka ...
- Slavets look for the kettle. I'll run to the store ...
Stas was one of those men that like women. Petite, bright green eyes, curls. A broad smile arrogant look. And as a member of a large banana. They Ka fucked six times a day. Most drunk. So it is not particularly shy of me. I went to another room, but the moans Aunt Katya freely distributed around the house. Of course, I was excited and masturbate. Just peeping cautiously.
Stas began to live with us. One day, Ka left for two days in the city with a report, and we stayed together with Stas. I was sitting having dinner and when I came out into the hall found Stas, sitting on the couch with an open fly and sticking member. He jerked his huinu lazily, glancing at the TV
- And, Glory, come here - he grinned, without stopping. - Who said, go! - More than tough.
- Katya said, you too love to drive pisyulku in his fist - he guffawed - Yes, you do not hesitate. This is normal. Do you want to touch Dyadkin fellow? On take - and is already with the cuffs and evil - take pizdnysh!
Frightened and crying, I obeyed.
- Like this. Move, move. Now kiss him. Take it in your mouth !!! - He grabbed my hair and "planted" my head on the penis - Get on your knees, Slavets, so it is more convenient to be. Like this. Well done. Come on, come on. About Teeth ... take away ... So, that's it ... - groaning and moaning, he soon finished - Thanks kid, go wash.
Since that day, Stas became often use me. It was very unpleasant, from his big mouth member was sick but I'm terribly afraid of Stas and something to tell Ka not dare. This felon was filled with energy. Sometimes during the day I was doing him a blowjob and they fuck in the evening with her aunt four times in a row.
As the Ka Stas came from the guests. I was sitting in the room watching television. They were already rather tipsy but decided " catch up " the kitchen a bottle of vodka. After my aunt ran out into the yard to check the gate and Stas went into the hall. He sat down on the sofa and suddenly grabbed me and forced to suck. Hearing steps in the hallway, I flinched but he only pressed my head tightly. I closed my eyes in shame and fear. Only when Kate sat beside squinted at her ... She knew everything! In her eyes it was all - excitement, curiosity, but not surprising. She hugged and kissed Stas and his free hand began to stroke my head. Then she began to set the pace, with a force pushing my head. Stas dropped his hands and began to knead her breasts. I almost choked, even Stas rested not so Katya. And she still threw a leg behind me, clutching my thigh ...
- That's sperm, and it is my mouth water - Aunt Kate drunkenly laughs and defiantly pushes the mouth saliva, which slowly stretching, falls on the head of a member Stas - And that you have to lick my boy - So, well done.
- Cach you a miracle! Well ka Slavets, caressed aunt.
Little broken ... Ka spreads legs and Stas pokes me in the face a warm wet womb. New waves of sensation. I quickly mastered, and even feel the bliss. That's the first time I knew a woman and not as a member of the lips and tongue. Aunt Kate has not been able to finish and when I had finished drowned in her secretions. The way to its release I have since formed a persistent erection, as well, and her urine. Coughs, they laughed. Then I was allowed to masturbate in front of them. I finished ten seconds behind, it amused them too ...
I began to regularly participate in orgies. In twelve years, for me no longer existed in the mysteries of sex. Of course with these two, I ruined his psyche. But everything turned out as things are. Stas each time required all new sensations. It is increasingly drawn to the unusual. One day, he read in the newspaper "YET" about the golden rain and demanded drunken Katie that she pissed him right in the kitchen. Ka wildly cheered and immediately fulfilled his request. I thus had to suck at lying on the floor Stas. Later, I was "slave" drinking the urine of their masters. They used to be to me severely. Now Stas wanted to Ka in his eyes tormented and humiliated me. Ten years later, Katherine tells me that he made it. What is she afraid of him. But I'm pretty sure - Ka itself was got from all these things.
A spring Stas suddenly disappeared. He left some note and left. Ka went upset, ripping off a couple of weeks on my anger. And then he dragged me into bed. Of course, I did meet her could not a small pod, but the language ... She is so loved that even coming home from another lover, demanded affection from me. I licked and felt the taste of another member in her pussy. As soon as no infected amazing.
Perhaps this is enough for a story. The academic year I finished well, soon his father came and picked me up. I made friends with rural classmates, and with a neighbor's party a few years later we met and even slept together. With Aunt Katya in subsequent years I saw frequently, and in the last two to three years is very common. She's as beautiful bitch, plus business vumen. We had a secret from everyone we meet. I have a fiancee, a normal girl who no clue that her fiance masochist. As with everything, except Catherine.

Me and my sister

I want to share with you the history of the relationship with his sister. Everything is narrated here - the naked truth.
My sister is older than me by 2 years (she is now 23, I'm 21). It is low growth, but very nice - dark red hair, large breasts, a good figure. We had all very close and similar - we have similar tastes, characters, almost telepathy - understand each other with the word sex.
In short - get down to business - we started it when I was 12 years old - we slept in the same bed, because then we have a place in the apartment was not particularly large. And of course at night we talked about anything - for example, my sister then told where babies come from and describe the process. We often touched and stroked each other - in intimate places as well. I loved the night when she was asleep, masturbating lying beside her.
But then we moved to another apartment, and each now had their own room (I was then already 13, she 15, respectively). I was beginning to miss the good old days when we slept together, and I began to spy on his sister while she was in the bathroom - once I saw how she masturbates, I had not known that girls, too, are engaged in this. We then went to school in the second shift - classes only an hour I believe, began.
The parents went to work, and my sister and I climbed on a bed, chatting about anything and simultaneously touch each other. I lay my head on her chest (already pretty good size) and slowly his hand slid down, or vice versa - began to massage her feet and slowly rising higher and higher, until her panties, put my hand, and gradually began to massage through the thin fabric of her genitals . She, in turn, played with my cock, stroking him through his pants. The two of us is, of course, very much. Over time, we began to move forward - it happened by accident, she accidentally stuck his hand in my pants and touched a member - I started in retaliation to ask to touch her genitals, she initially did not want to, but then resolved - and I for a moment entered her finger in the vagina. This greatly excited us both. Since then our game became more interesting - we could for an hour lying beside me with a hand in her panties (I then already had read Papa's books, and he knew where that she is) quietly caressed her clitoris, she, in turn, gently stroked his hand my dick. We are not adjusted to each other to orgasm, but very excited - until I suggested not to run to the toilet sister, that would finish there, and show me how she does it. She asked me about the same thing we are, in front of each other, have brought themselves to orgasm. I really liked the way finished, my sister - her whole body clenched spasm, she moaned loudly, and I approached closer, it would have to consider all the details of how contracts, expands her vagina, violently ended and watered the sperm of her naked belly. Although she spoke rather sharply about this, I could see that she liked. So we went - sit across from each other and masturbated. Then we moved on to the next level - she masturbated me, and I told her - just did not do it at the beginning, and in fact, to the end. I really liked the way the vagina sisters in the moment of orgasm squeezes my fingers as if thanks for the gift from the pleasure. Most interesting is that when I was only interested in the genitals of my sister, her beautiful breasts I later became interested - and begged her to undress completely - now in conjunction with the manual stimulation of the genitals I lips caressed her breast with large alloy tender nipples. We grew up, and when I was already 16, the first time we do this sex. It happened spontaneously - we thoroughly excited, and I forget everything, entered her - and deprived his sister virginity. We were very excited, and this continued for a long time it could not - we quickly reached an orgasm, and I filled to overflowing his sister with his sperm. Then we had a long yet afraid that she will become pregnant - but fortunately this did not happen.
That's actually since we are doing this on a regular basis (we are now, of course, are protected). We both are learning at a university in another city and shoot there one apartment for two, and often have sex - to do with it, and she has a friend, and I have a girl, but each other my sister is not jealous ...
Here's a story here, the truth from the first to the last word.

Married fun

Victoria, stretched out on his massive marital bed in the buff, here 10 minutes selflessly sobbed. What else do you want to do when the mother's husband, who lived with for 15 years, saw her flirty coming out of the bath in the best shorts from "Victoria's Secret" and with hope for the first time in the last five months, a good fuck, muttered: "Vicki, you would have covered herself with something - back hangs like a pear" and slammed the door, gone to drink beer. She sent the children to her sister, as hoped for pretty fucking, and then:
Yes, she was 36, and three children did not add beauty and elastic tits and ass, and to be frank, vagina, she was just great, my husband and previously complained that his hell - like a pencil in a glass, and only recently it and just stopped to fuck her. But her what to do? Experienced neighbor Mavis advised to masturbate shower, the water pressure to make stronger, and send it to the clitoris, but Victoria is all as it is distasteful, as well as advice to buy a rubber member more, and to scratch their pussy stagnant. It is all my 36 years lived in a small English town, and where it will buy a member? Yes, tomorrow, all the neighbors know about it.
She threw her so attracted dorogushchie panties in a bucket, and narevevshis, fell asleep.

David, Vicky's husband, drank a beer in the pub with friends, as always in the evening. What else do you need somewhere to put it out until the little woman will not fall asleep. As usual, the friends began podnachivat it - that, Dev, again hiding from Vicki, well, you already fulfill the conjugal duty. He usually kept quiet and smiled, but today it went through dark beer, and unexpectedly open up:
-Guys, so if you saw her ass: this is a nightmare, shaking the fold and his legs - like an elephant, plus she did not shave, he says that she has an allergy from the razor and depilatory dry skin! Tits hang to the navel, blurred like jelly, five centimeters each nipple, I swear, I sometimes feel that they can be rolled up into a roll. But nothing of the pussy I do not say anything: fuck like shaving foam, after three births have it it was just a giant, three dick you can easily stick .. In the mouth, it can not take her sick: yah to the devil, I better beer here you popyu:
Friends sympathetically patted him on the shoulder and ordered another one. David did not notice that his story listened attentively sitting at the table next to an unfamiliar man, the evening dragged a glass of Guinness.
Thoroughly mustered beer, David went unsteadily to the bathroom cast. Facilitating long he splashed in the face with cold water, to recover myself. Behind the bathroom door opened and he entered the guy sitting at the next table. With a nod to David, he began loudly piss in the urinal. After graduating, he went to the nearby washstand and gradually turned to trezveyuschemu David:
-Man, I'm sorry that I climb into other people's business. I overheard you talking about my wife, I had the same problem, and I solved it. I can tell you, and options:
Intrigued, David, of course, agreed. They came out of the toilet alone, David referred to head off fatigue and crackled, and quickly retreated from the pub. His street was waiting for a new friend, with whom they went to sprinkle a meeting immediately. David longed to know what can be done with his dear little wife hateful.

Vicki was awakened by knocking the doors slamming and footsteps on the stairs. She fell asleep and naked, and the order is frozen. David certainly returned drunk now fall sleep in the children's room, so God forbid it does not stick to it with sex. Victoria stood up, gathered to change into a gown, and then she found that much wrong, believing that David goes to bed in the children's room - he went into their bedroom, spreading around him wave fume, but no one behind him loomed a complete stranger guy ! "David!!" - Vicki screamed, but then he sealed her mouth with his paws: "Hush, treasure, neighbors!" She immediately held her tongue, looking in amazement at the men who are going to do to her what is (what, my God?) Disastrous. The stranger, meanwhile, looked approvingly vast Teles Victoria that David commanded quietly, and the two quickly moved completely stunned Vicki their David seksodrom. Spore plugged her mouth, her crucified across the bed face down, quickly put it under the belly two huge bags, and tied his hands and feet to the bedpost as her silk ribbons. Moving away from the bed, David and Charlie (his new friend) is pleased to look at his handiwork - flattened by Vicki bed because of pillows under the abdomen Ass Zadran, and overgrown pussy perfectly visible, huge tits hanging and kolyshatsya with cushions - a dream and only. David sat down on the bed and patted completely Muzzy Vickie on saggy cellulite ass, she explained:
-Honey, you're wanted sex, right? And I have no means to you is not worth it, you're the one to blame, blossomed, not take care of yourself, and pizden your blurred, well, just like boobs: But Charles told me, how can I have the pleasure to receive, and you meet, well, no wonder if the guy? He promised to help the first time, and then you get used to it and itself vtyaneshsya. So far, we have you gagged her mouth, but if you do not scream, I'll get the gag, all for you, treasure.
Victoria could not believe her ears - but there was nothing, raising the cry - the next day she would die of shame of the questions the neighbors, therefore, have to endure
Meanwhile, David and Charlie went down to the kitchen, there pogremev bottles brought into the bedroom gin bottle, tonic and glasses. David began to mix drinks, and Charlie prudently went into the bathroom and brought out a razor and foam David, as well as a basin of water.
-Vicki, the old lady, well, you and overgrown, - he turned to the crucified Victoria - I have previously worked with you.
Charlie foam smeared on her legs, and dispute have accepted her shave. He then moved to the bush in the pussy, and he could not cope with them. But decently tipsy David brought out a children's room scissors, they are first trimmed garden Victoria, and only then all shaved clean. In the process of shaving Charlie and then touched the clitoris Vicki, from which it flowed as a result, so much so that both noticed it - smiled and rubbed his hands together, David said:
-Boy, yes you were right, let's have a little ka and start with my little wife tolstozhopye not take place and hour as it will be here to fight in ecstasy
Charlie wiped his shaven Teles Vicki towel, took all the shaving kit back into the bath, and came back completely naked. With him he brought a jar fat cream, which used to lubricate Wicca diaper rash in young children, and latex gloves.
- David, my friend, we have to warm up our beauty, otherwise it will be interesting.
David briskly undressed and began to knead huge nipples wife oglazhivaet her ass, then he switched to the clitoris and stroked it, rubbed his lips, then fell in behind and began vigorously licking wet pussy is already his wife. Shaved pizden it incredibly excited, and as he had not guessed her to shave?
Vicki, surging from her long-forgotten sensations, breathing hoarsely under a gag. Ooooh, David, my handsome, come on, come on, poking tongue deeper, yeah - but then kicks her words interrupted the hushed ... Charlie:
-Dev, you promised to give me mouth to play with your little wife - as a treaty in force?
Dev vlizyvayuschiysya a huge pussy wife, only mumbled something affirmative. Charlie put down his glass aside and went to Vicki, holding his cock and slowly poddrachivaya.
-Well, treasure, I pulled the gag, and you're good for it lick my dick, I realized, baby?
Vicki protested twitched and something moaned - David, licking her pussy, even when an unknown man - is one thing, but to take by mouth huische this guy - this is already too much, but she is a member of David took in the mouth for 15 years, only twice!
-Dev .. she does not listen, my friend, it turns out you did not keep his promises - Charlie stated.
David looked up from become so attractive to his wife's pussy and slapped her on the buttocks immense.
-Sunny, Charlie wants you well, how can you deny it? No riots, joy, otherwise I will have to punish you!
But Vickie continued indignantly turn his head and mumble something. Dev smiled and looked at Charlie and asked him:
-Friend, pull ka belt of my jeans. I'll show this pussy, who's the boss.
Charlie lightning gave Dev a wide leather belt with a massive buckle. David folded it and without much warning Vickie slapped on a huge ass. On the backside immediately zaalel wide pink scar. Vicki jerked from his eyes welled with tears.
-Well, to caress her mouth Charlie, huh? - Once again David asked
Vicki continued to rebel.
-Well if so - blame yourself, swallow, - he stated David and began a thorough spanking. He showered blows Victoria back from all sides, then moved on to the thigh, went back to the ass, which is already Alella as cap mushroom. David stopped and asked Vickie if she changed her mind, she stubbornly turned her head, tears flowed from his eyes even now flow rare strands on his head was wet with sweat. David began to smack it with the sling, and Charlie at this time, to pick up on the other side, Vicki rubbed clitoris in time with bumps. David struck her a couple of times a buckle, traces of these attacks on the eyes began to fill with blue, and then Vickie gave up - she nodded furiously.
- Well, so it's best treasure, and I'm afraid that you're sitting on the ass no longer able even for a week, and all because of your stubbornness, - said David softly and pulled out from the Vicki obslyunyavlenny mouth gag.
Charlie, going in front, admire the tear-stained, swollen face of his wife's new boyfriend, and she gently brushed her lips have long standing thick handsome. David went back to the way it attracts shaved pussy, continuing to wield it and lick it. Charlie took Vickie fetched, almost gently drove her dick in your mouth for the most eggs, and began steadily to have her mouth, pulling it to his magnificent cock. Vicki unaccustomed gasped, but a minute to adjust to his movements, and now had time to not only passively taking in the mouth member, and lick his nimble tongue.
-Yes it is you able to baby, David! Well, you can start all - as I taught you, - said Charlie in time with the movements of his dick.
Vicki, streamed without interruption from the unusual pleasure, stiffened and listened - David behind than the rustling, there was a click, then the sound of an openable cover, and wet cold fingers touched her pussy. Vicki struggled bevel, and finally found myself completely in a huge mirror that stood on the side of the bed. My God, she is the mother of three children, crucified on a bed, with sticking out of padded cushions ass and tits hanging out, sucks one guy, and her mother's husband, wearing a latex glove on his hand and brushing her cream, stroking her lips. Vicki closed her eyes and continued nalizyvat member of the new friend of her husband, focusing on the hand of David, touched her most sensitive places.
David, meanwhile, inserted into the vagina with two fingers of his wife. As he expected, they flew into almost whistling. With one hand he rubbed his wife's clitoris and the other gloved, lubricated cream, it does not even particularly trying to add up, and began to push through in the immense pizden his little wife. Vickie moaned painfully - and she could not think about these feelings - her pussy, so desire a huge hot dick, got more, oo, is many times greater. David shoved in the pussy Vickie's arm to the wrist, and there, inside, his fingers into a fist. Vicky with all the fervor, which was capable, became stone sucked dick Charlie and twisted ass, trying to take David's hand a little deeper. David began intensively gimlet her with his rather strong fist, Vicki grunted and rolled her eyes, before she was well. About this she could not even dream of.
Charlie pulled out of her mouth dick and quickly gagged.
-I'm sorry, honey, I'm going to prepare another your hole for your hubby, so it would be better if you keep quiet until
He climbed to the other side of the bed and fell in behind Vicki. Now, it did not obscure her view nothing, and she glared at the mirror. David fucked her vagina his huge paws, and the other hand to masturbate huek. Charlie took a jar of cream smeared its already high quality obslyunyavlenny Vicki member, and began to lightly lubricate the anus of Wicca. She guessed that he was going to do, but the buzz derived from David's hand was so strong that Vicki spat all the fears, and began to move the ass hard.
Charlie, meanwhile, stood so that Vicky was between his legs, and began poluprisel slow movements enter your dick in asshole Victoria. She absorbed ebley, not even paying attention to it. Charlie winked at David - just as he described it, and the process, and began steadily to tear ass Vicky, crouch and slapping eggs right in front of the eyes of David, the participation rate fucked. Very soon, Charlie has run in close ass Vicki, and slamming her ass frantically moving, pushed Deva. He even took off the gloves, which ran it stand zhopastoy little wife, without any equivocation threw her his dick to stagnate in its entire length.
- Look on, Charlie, and the ass at it - just like Manda virgin tight - hell, I will soon be over, which kicks !, - shouted David
Charlie also took place near Deva sucking pussy Vickie, and stuck it in his two hands folded in the lock, even without any latex and cream. To adjust to the rhythm of David, Charlie continued to tear Vicky in her huge insatiable pizden.
Vickie gets an orgasm after orgasm in front of her for a long time it was already dark, as she felt in a dream that her husband comes, pouring semen on her back, and Charlie pulled his hands out of her pussy and pinched her clitoris, from what she had finished the last, the most strong again and hung up.

Until limit tired Charlie and David, not saying a word, went to the toilet, piss loudly, and went into the garden to smoke.
-Well, Dev, now you have realized that he could do with a woman rigor and a good spanking? But this is only the beginning, when you find out how many devices have fucked for good - you will not believe your eyes.
-Charlie, my friend, I am so grateful to you - there are no words, we now show that cow!
And friends ... slapped each other on the back, neighing for the whole town of Sleep